The Hunger Games 92nd Arena Located at the edge of a forest, The cornucopia is piled on a sheet of frozen water. If there is too much pressure, the ice will break, plunging the tributes into below zero water. Tributes must approach the cornucopia with caution. After a number of yards, the ice turns back to regular snow covered ground and the tributes can sprint to the mouth. North is a forest, south is a series of mountains, and east is a lake, a few inches thick of ice. The arena is completely frozen, so night fires are almost a must. The higher they go on the mountain, the colder it gets, but the safer it gets.
Inside the Cornucopia
Sword 3x Bow 2x
Arrows 20x
Spear 2x
Knife 10x
Throwing Knife 20x

Axe 2x

Bladed Whip 1x

Short sword 4x
Small bag 6x
Med. Bag 3x
Large Bag 1x
Darts 15x
Medical bag 5x
Cold-safe Clothes 3x
Dart gun 1x

NOTE: The Arena is exactly 40 yards away from every tribute. Getting in isn't the issue, it's getting out.

everyone starts with $250

Sponsor Items:

Small food pouch- $20

Med. Food Pouch- $40

Large food pouch- $60

Small bottle of water- $30

Med. Bottle- $50

Large Bottle- $70

Matches 8x- $10

Jacket- $30

Tracker Jacker poison- $200 (Can be used to poison other tributes. Underestimated)

Scratch medicine- $30

Burn medicine- $60

Infection medicine- $100

Gash Medicine- $150

Sleeping bag- $20

Rope- $20

Bow- $80

Arrows 15x- $50

Knife- $50

Throwing knives 20x- $70

Sword- $100

Spear- $120

Blowgun- $80

Darts 15x- $50

D1 Female

Age: 16

Calopy Pierce

Personality: Vicious, Deadly


D1 Male

Age: 17







D2 Female

Age: 17

Jaha Rovoco

Personality: Snob, killing machine


D2 Male

Age: 16

Kyle Wilmot

Personality: Funny, Nice


D3 Female

Age: 14

Aurora Khone

Personality: Sweet, vicious in the games

Enemy: D3 male, D9 male, D2 female

D3 Male

Age: 15

Bolted Thunder

Personality: Cocky


D4 Female

Age: 18

Lucy Mullen

Personality: Caring


D4 Male

Age: 12

Dray Mullen

Personality: Caring


D5 Female

Age: 17

Jamie Carpenter

Personality: Against Violence


D5 male

Age: 17

Cornelius Craft

Personality: Quiet


D6 Female

Age: 15

Marion Wilkins

Personality: Smart, Friendly, Funny


D6 Male

Age: 17

Rafford Tyles

Personality: Friendly

Enemy: D8 tributes

D7 Female

Age: 13

Aspen Woods

Personality: Sweet, Innocent


D7 Male

Age: 14

William Silveron

Personality: Friendly, Bold, Wordy


D8 Female

Age: 16

Braide Reveller

Personality: Smart, a good friend


D8 Male

Age: 16

Zullom Greyberg

Personality: Kind


D9 Female

Age: 13

Aleyan Scott

Personality: Shy, Quiet, Kind


D9 Male

Age: 12

Wincet Cockfield

Personality: Obnoxious, loud, grumpy

Enemy: D4 male

D10 Female

Age: 16

Sonia Fay

Personality: Quiet, Shy


D10 Male

Age: 14

Rorrith Bageren

Personality: Anger management, friendly


D11 Female

Age: 12

Zora Kota

Personality: Friendly


D11 Male


Syrus Mangony

Personality: Quiet
D12 Female

Age: 15

Bedba Yotokia

Personality: Afraid, shy


D12 Male

Age: 15

Rolande Karepius

Personality: Kind, nervous

Weapons training
Sword Training Makes you better with swords Bow Training Makes you better with bows
Knife Training Makes you better with knives
Throwing Knife Makes you better with throwing knives
Spear Training Makes you better with spears
Throwing Spear Makes you better at throwing spears
Dart Gun Training Makes you better with dart guns

You can either pick two weapons to special in or just one that you pick twice to make you extra better with it.

Survival Skills
Knot Tying Makes you better at tying knots Fire Making Self explanatory
Edible Plants Helps you discover which plants are edible
Healing Herbs Shows you which herbs can help heal
Plant Identification Shows you which plants are poisonous
Trap Making Makes you better at making traps for other tributes

You can pick two different survival skills.

NOW I will explain how this system works. You pick two from each catagory such as:

Speed Training

Stamina Training

Sword Training

Spear Training

Edible Plants

Healing Herbs

Then pick which tribute of yours you want to apply these to. That means this certain tribute will be fast, have good stamina, are good with swords and spears, know which plants are edible and know which plants can heal. Now if you want, you can make both of your Weapons Training the same weapon so that instead of being good with a sword and spear, you are even better with only one. Make sense? If you have questions then ask me. NOW This doesn't mean your tribute is faster than all the others, or cannot be stopped with a sword in hand. This only means that you are somewhat fast, though other tributes may also be fast. You are good with a sword, but that doesn't mean you are unbeatable, it's just your prefered weapon.


Speed only makes you faster but it's really only like a 40 yard dash. After that, you slow down. Stamina makes it so you can sprint 120 yards without slowing down.

D5 Female

Tribute Skills
D1 Male Dylan Gossard

Skills: Speed 2x, spear 2x, trap making 2x

D1 Female Calopy Pierce

Skills: Throwing Knife, knife, Stamina 2x,

Edible plants, Healing herbs

D2 Male Kyle Wilmot

Skills: Throwing Knife, Dart Gun,

speed 2x, fire making,

Edible Plants

D2 Female Jaha Rovoco

Skills: Weapons defense, strength, spear,

throwing knives, Plant I.D, Knot tying

D3 Male Bolted Thunder Skills: Sword, Speed
D3 Female Aurora Khone

skills: Weapons defense, edible plants, speed,

knot tying, bow 2x

D4 Male Dray Mullen Skills: Plant I.D, Spear training
D4 Female Lucy Mullen

Skills: Bow, knife, Weapons defense 2x

trap making, fire making

D5 Male Cornelius Kraft

Skills: Strengh, Rock climbing, Spear 2x,

Healing Herbs, Plant I.D.

D5 Female Jamie Carpenter Skills: Knot tying 2x, stamina 2x
D6 Male Rafford Tyles

Sword 2x, rock climbing, weapons defense

knot tying, trap making

D6 Female Marion Wilkins

Skills: Strength, Rock Climbing, Knives

Throwing Spears, Trap Making,

Plant Identification

D7 Male William Silveron

Skills: Speed, Strength, Sword 2x, edible plants,

Fire making

D7 Female Aspen Woods Skills: Edible Plants 2x, speed 2x
D8 Male Zullom Greyberg

Skills: Speed, Stamina, Sword 2x,

Trap Making, Plant I.D.

D8 Female Braide Reveller Skills: Trap Making 2x, Speed 2x
D9 Male Wincet Cockfield

Skills: Edible Plants, Trap Making,

Knife 2x, Stamina, observance

D9 Female Aleyen Scott

Skills: Stamina, Weapons defense,

Bow, Throwing Knife, Edible plants,

Fire Making

D10 Male Rorrith Bageren


Speed, Stamina, Spear 2x

Edible Plants, Trap Making

D10 Female Sonia Fay

Skills: Knife, Edible Plants, Plant I.D.

Rock climbing, Observance

D11 Male Syrus Mangony Skills: Strength 2x, trap making 2x, sword 2x
D11 Female Zora Kota

Skills: Rock Climbing, Observance, Sword,

Knife, Healing Herbs, Edible plants

D12 Male Rolande Karepius Skills: Fire Making, trap making, dart 2x, stamina 2x
D12 Female Bedba Yotokia

Skills: Speed, Stamina, Bow and Arrow 2x,

Fire making, trap making

(None of the mentors are real except for Steven Huddeston from D7, who won my 91st Hunger Games. The rest were made up)

D1 Mentor Name: Silk Normand Gender: female Winner of: The 87th annual Hunger Games D2 Mentor Name: Ruban Hamanbold Gender: Male Winner of: The 90th annual Hunger Games
D3 Mentor Name: Naliaza Theede Gender: Female Winner of: The 89th annual Hunger Games
D4 Mentor Rob Colten Gender: Male Winner of: The 86th annual Hunger Games
D5 Mentor Isle Xorgmen Gender: Male Winner of: The 76th annual Hunger Games
D6 Mentor Thrace Nah Gender: Male Winner of: The 80th annual Hunger Games
D7 Mentor Steven Huddleston Gender: Male Winner of: The 91st Annual Hunger Games
D8 Mentor Morgi Hompston Gender: Female Winner of: The 77th Hunger Games
D9 Mentor Dale Mace Gender: Male Winner of: The 84th Hunger Games
D10 Mentor Ramona Langst Gender: Female Winner of: The 88th Hunger Games
D11 Mentor Sophie Hover Gender: Female Winner of: the 79th Hunger Games
D12 Mentor Tobias Forthe Gender: Male Winner of: the 85th Hunger Games

Tribute Info
D1 Female Calopy Pierce Training Score: 9 Fate: Alive


D1 Male Dylan Gossard Training score: 9 Fate: Dead
D2 Female Jaha Rovoco Training Score: 10



D2 Male Kyle Wilmot Training Score: 11 Fate: Dead
D3 Female Aurora Khone Training Score: 7 Fate: Dead
D3 Male Bolted Thunder Training score: 8 Fate: Dead
D4 Female Lucy Mullen

Training Score: 8

Fate: Dead
D4 Male Dray Mullen Training Score: 10 Fate: Dead
D5 Female Jamie Carpenter Training Score: 5 Fate: Dead
D5 Male Cornelius Craft Training Score: 6 Fate: Dead
D6 Female Marion Wilkens Training Score: 6 Fate: Dead
D6 Male Rafford Tyles Training Score: 7 Fate: Dead
D7 Female Aspen Woods Training Score: 4 Fate: Dead
D7 Male William Silveron Training Score: 8 Fate: Dead
D8 Female Braide Reveller Training Score: 7 Fate: Dead
D8 Male Zullom Greyberg Training Score: 5 Fate: Dead
D9 Female Aleyan Scott

Training Score: 7

Fate: Dead
D9 Male Wincet Cockfield Training Score: 8 Fate: Dead
D10 Female Sonia Fay Training score: 10 Fate: Dead
D10 Male Rorrith Bageren Training Score: 9 Fate: Dead
D11 Female Zora Kota Training Score: 8 Fate: Dead
D11 Male Syrus Mangony Training Score: 9 Fate: Dead
D12 Female Bedba Yotokia Training Score: 6 Fate: Dead
D12 Male Rolande Karepius Training Score: 5 Fate: Dead

The Fallen (In order of death):

Day One:

1: D6 Female

2: D12 Male

3: D8 Male

4: D9 Female

5: D9 Male

6: D5 Male

7: D12 Female

8: D2 Female

9: D10 Male

Day 2:

10: D11 Male

Day 3:

11: D8 Female

12: D2 Male

13: D5 Female

Day 4:

14: D3 Female

15: D4 Female

16: D6 Male

17: D4 Male

Day 5:

18: D1 Male

19: D3 Male

20: D10 Female

Day 6:

21: D7 Male

22: D7 Female

23: D11 Female


The Bloodbath Begins....

Everyone rises from the tubes. The arena is snowy, snowflakes fill the air. A snow covered forest surrounds the Cornucopia. Braide Reveller is the first to notice there is a sheet of ice below the pedestals. She is trying to signal to her district partner to tell him and others catch on as well. The Cornucopia is almost not visible behind the snow. The clock begins to count down and everyone is ready.












The Gong is loud. Everyone hops over the ice and sprints to the cornucopia. Aurora, Dylan, Aleyan, and Calopy are the first to get to the mouth. Zora, Braide, William, Aspen, and Jamie all run to the forest. Aurora grabs a black bag and sprints out in the same path as Rafford Tyles. He bends, grabs her legs, and flips her over his shoulder.

Dylan reaches in and grabs a sword out of a crate. It isn't his favorite, but it will do for now. Everyone else has reached the cornucopia now. Rolande Karepius grabs a knife and attacks a weaponless Cornelius Craft. Cornelius tackles him to the ground. Aurora hits Rafford in the face with her bag, making him stagger and giving her enough time to get up and run. Bedba and Marion are fighting over a black bag when Dylan jumps onto Marion and stabs her with his sword many times. Bedba cowers behind a nearby crate and Dylan doesn't see her. Bolted Thunder and Syrus Mangony are locked in a duel. Aleyan Scott spots a bladed whip in the back of the mouth and she hops to it. Her way out is blocked when Kyle Wilmot and Rafford Tyles begin fighting right in front of her. She drops behind a crate, the way out, blocked. Rolande and Cornelius are rolling around on the ground when Rolande tries to stab Cornelius. He smacks Rolande in the face, strips the knife from his grip, and lodges it into Rolande's throat. Zullom Greyberg is grabbing a crate when Jaha thrusts a spear into his abdomen. Bolted Thunder runs and escapes the bloodbath. Syrus also runs. Rafford Tyles punches Kyle Wilmot and runs out. Aleyan Scott stands and tries to make a break for it when Kyle grabs her head and slams her against the Cornucopia. She screames and sends a kick to his groin. A cry hitches in his throat before he snaps her neck. Sonia Fay has escaped with some supplies. Wincet runs into the cornucopia to grab a sword off of the back wall when Rorrith Bageren's spear enters his chest. Dylan has spotted Bedba and starts slamming her head against a crate. Rafford and Cornelius run into each other on the way out of the Cornucopia and Rafford jabs him with a blade. Neither of the Mullen's have killed anyone yet. Bedba's neck snaps from being slammed against the crate so much. The rest of the tributes escape the cornucopia other then Rorrith and the Careers. Rorrith stabs at Jaha many times until one finally enters her chest. Lucy Mullen uses a knife and begins maniacly stabbing Rorrith many times. The Bloodbath has ended and 9 lay lifeless on the ground. These bodies consist of:

Rolande Karepius, Cornelius Craft, Bedba Yotokia, Marion Wilkens, Aleyan Scott, Zullom Greyberg, Wincet Cockfield, Jaha Rovoco, and Rorrith Bageren.

The Bloodbath Ends

Time: Mon 7:57 PM

Aspen Woods, William Silveron, and Aurora Khone have become allies and are heading towards the mountains.

Time: Tue 12:53 PM

Syrus Mangony has teamed up with Zora Kota and are heading down to the lake. It's frozen solid, but that's the least likely place that other tributes will go.

Aspen Woods and her allies have reached the mountain. It's large, and no paths are visible.

"We're going to have to climb it," says Aurora. She reaches into her bag and pulls out a rope.

"What do you plan on doing with that?" Asks William. Aurora unravels the rope.

"As we Climb, we can tie it to things and tie it around our waists so we don't fall," Aurora answers.

Aspen taps her chin.

"But what about once we all keep climbing? How will we untie the rope?"

"We go in a single file line. The first person will tie it once we start climbing, and the last person will take the end of the rope and climb passed the person in the front and tie it!" Aurora says, though she's the only one who really knows what she's talking about. After glancing at the other two's expression, she sighs.

"C'mon, I'll explain as we go."

Aurora unravels the rope and ties it to her waist and tells the others to do the same. After seeing how aweful their knot tying skills are, she offers to do it for them so that no one falls. Aurora begins climbing. The ice on the mountain is going to freeze their hands. After making it a nice distance, Aurora ties the front of the rope to an oddly shaped rock.

"Okay, now you climb pass us since your in the back, and take the lead!" She yells down to William. The blizzard around them muffles out most voices, but she yelled loud enough so he can hear.

"Are you crazy?" He screames.

"Yes, but that's not the point here! Just do it, you'll be fine! The rope will catch you if you fall!"

Aspen is clinging to the rope, holding her hands and breathing on them to warm them. William holds the bottom of the rope and climbs past Aspen and Aurora. Since Aspen is in the middle, she has to climb in front of Aurora but behind Will.

"Now, take the rope and tie it to something sturdy! Make it a good knot so that we don't all plunge to our deaths! No pressure!" Yells Aurora. William ties it to a rock and gives the okay. Aurora does the same that Will did and they continue this.

1:15 PM

Bolted Thunder is going deep into the forest. Most of the tributes will be going up the mountain, but staying in the woods is a better idea. His district partner, Aurora, annoys him. The first chance given, he will kill her. There's only one winner, right? Bolted finds a cave. It looks like it could belong to a family of bears but he needs shelter. Bolted trudges through the ankle deep snow and enters the cave. It's vacant, but he can't stay long. If another tribute finds it, it's exactly where they will go. Whether they are trying to find shelter or trying to find tributes, A cave is perfect for both.

The Careers have been sneaking through the snow. Dylan Gossard and Lucy Mullen have set up multiple traps along the way. They are camoflauged so a tribute won't be able to see the trap before they step in them. There isn't anyone in particular that the Careers are looking for, though Dray Mullen doesn't like the district 10 girl Sonia Fay. Lucy doesn't mind her, but will kill Sonia if they cross paths. Since Jaha was killed by the district 10 boy, Kyle wants revenge. The D10 boy is already dead, so he wants to take it out on Sonia. He was close with Jaha for the most part. He knew they couldn't both win, but would have liked it if she stayed alive longer. As they are speaking with each other, Sonia is hovering over them from a tree. She coincidentally ran into them, but is trying to find the direction the careers are going in so that Sonia can get as far away from them as possible.

Rafford Tyles and Braide Reveller have teamed up. He seems very interested in her. They are heading towards the lake to get away from other tributes. Braide has nothing and Rafford only has a med. bag and a sword. Braide is setting up traps near the lake so that they can save any food in the bag for later. Rafford doesn't make eye contact when he talks to her.

"We should hide somewhere and then collect any animals from the traps later," Braide says. Rafford agrees and they climb up into a large tree.

Jamie Carpenter knows where everyone is. She doesn't have anything, but she's been able to catch a squirrel. Right now she's hanging from a tree. Jamie knows that a few of the tributes are climbing up the mountain, a few are down by the lake, and the careers are hunting for all of them. She doesn't know where the D3 boy is, though. She never saw him.

1:36 PM

Will, Aurora, and Aspen have reached a fairly high enough part of the mountain. At least now there's enough of a path to stand instead of climb.

"So where do we go from here?" Aspen asks, untying her knot.

"We find somewhere for shelter. One of us should go searching for food and one of us should go searching for water while the other keeps a lookout," replies Aurora. "Also, we need to discuss the boundaries of our alliance."

From the expressions, everyone knows what she means.

"Okay, well there's 15 tributes left. How about if we are all still alive by the time it gets to 8, we split up. I don't want to have to end up killing any of you," Will says solemnly.

They all agree and start looking around for some sort of shelter.

1:42 PM

Aspen found a small cave that stretches back a few yards. The entrance is clouded by bushes. She found it by falling in. It isn't big, but it will do.

After putting all of their stuff down, they go out of the entrance.

"I'll stay here and keep a look out," Says Aurora. Aspen and Will exchange glances.

"Why you?" Aspen asks. Aurora purses her lips and puts her hands on her hips.

"Because it's my bag, and I only just met you all last night. Not that I don't trust either of you, but I trust myself much more."

With that, Aspen goes looking for food and Will goes looking for water.

1:55 PM

Syrus can hear footsteps on the other side of the trees that block his view. Zora is napping on the other side of the lake. He needs to keep her safe.

Syrus has his Sickle in hand, and he's crouching down to see if he can tell who's nearby. It's multiple feet. The careers.

"Hey, let's go check near the lake," says one of them. Syrus takes a few steps to the side and raises his hand, when the trees begin to rustle, he brings his sickle, hard, down on the tribute. There's a yelping noise and the D4 male falls down. His blood spurts on the snow, turning it scarlet red. He's still breathing. Just before Syrus delivers another blow, the D4 girl springs onto him and starts screaming. Syrus grabs her leg and throws her off just as the other careers become visible.

"Zora, Run! Run! Run!" He screames across the lake. Zora's eyes shoot open and she stands.

"Syrus!" She screames. The Calopy Pierce drives a knife into his ribs and turns it. Syrus yells and smacks her across the face. Calopy staggers back, then throws a half a dozen knives into his body out of anger. Syrus slumps over, lifeless.

"What are you doing!? Get her!" Screames Calopy, pointing towards Zora. Zora picks up Syrus's old bag and runs. It's only a minute before she outruns the D2 and D1 boys. Zora climbs into a tree and slips behind where the tree parts. She's out of view. A cannon fires, indicating Syrus Mangony from District 11 is dead.

Dray Mullen is alive, but he has bad wounds. The sickle cut through his skin and he will bleed out soon.

7:43 PM

A beeping sound awakes Lucy Mullen. She looks up and sees a parachute as it lands next to her. She frantically opens it and reads the card:

Apply this to Dray's wounds and keep him out of danger for the next 24 hours.

Good luck,

Rob Colten

Lucy opens the jar and gets a finger full of a slimy clear substance. She gets as much as she can and slaps it onto Dray's wounds, snapping him awake. He lets out a whining sound from his throat as Lucy rubs it in. Dray is snoring a moment later. Lucy smiles and lays back down.

Zora sits quietly in the tree, going through most of the stuff in her backpack. She's stricken from Syrus's death. If he hadn't tried to protect her, he'd be alive. Inside the bag is a pack of crackers, two apples, a rope, matches, a cantine filled with water, and what looks to be a short sword. Zora neatly places everything back into the bag. She has no intentions of killing anyone. She didn't even spend much time at the weapons stations in the training center. Only a little bit with knife training. Zora peeks around the tree and sees the district 1 and 2 boys camping out. She isn't sure where the D4 tributes or the D1 girl is, but if any of them catch her then they catch to kill. Just for curiosity, Zora grabs a rock that is lodged into the crack that splits the tree from one of the arms and chucks it to behind a tree near the D1 and D2 boys. They both bolt upright, weapons in hand.

"C'mon out, 11. We know you're back there," says the D2 boy, Kyle.

"We won't hurt you. We just want to talk. We think you may have skills that we could use, what do you say?" Says D1 boy Dylan.

Their drawn weapons suggests otherwise. Zora isn't buying it and rests her head against the tree. After the career boys realize no one is back there, they sigh and sit back down next to their fire. If it was any other tribute, a fire would be stupid, but no one is going to hunt the careers.

"Where is that little twerp!?" Snarls Dylan.

"We have until tomorrow morning to find her. If not, then we keep heading towards the mountain. I doubt that little munchkin could catch any food anyways. I was keeping an eye on her during training and she didn't spend any time at the snaring station. She'll starve to death if we don't kill her," says Kyle.

Zora seems slightly offended by their remarks. She knows plants, though it might not help very much since all plants are frozen. Maybe it would have been a good idea to spend more time at the snaring station. Zora eavesdrops on most of their conversation until they stop talking and she falls asleep.

8:14 PM

Rafford and Braide know that someone died, and they'll find out tonight when the faces are shown. They know it was one of the D11 tributes since both of them screamed just before the cannon fired. It's obvious that Rafford and Braide's alliance is only temporary, but neither of them mention it. Rafford finds Braide attractive, and he's ashamed he couldn't hold his grudge towards the D8 tributes but Braide is too interesting. They rest in a tree, Braide's head on Rafford's chest.

Will gathered enough water to fill Aurora's cantine but since neither him nor Aspen went to the cornucopia, neither of them have cantines. Aspen was able to find a berry that thrives in winter and snow. She picked the whole bush clean and filled Aurora's whole bag with them. She spent much time at the edible plants station during training and found that the berry is called Tabble Berry. It's seasonal and only grows during winter.

"I wonder if the careers left anything at the Cornucopia?" Asks Aurora, popping a berry into her mouth.

"Likely, the careers are probably hunting down the tributes like they do almost every year. If we wanted to get anything from the Cornucopia, now would be the time," replies Will. They all exchange glances and Aspen sighs.

"Oh c'mon! We just climbed all that way! My hands are still numb!"

"Then climbing down won't be a problem. Unless you want to stay. Me and Will can go," Aurora says.

"Yeah, but we take the bag. We will portion you out some food and water and will be back before dawn. If wearen't back by tomorrow night then we probably got held up. And if you hear cannon fires then you know to just carry on without us," Says Will.

"How will I know when it's noon?" Aspen asks. Will shrugs.

"I don't know. After you wake up and eat, the second time you get hungry would be about right."

They say their goodbyes and Aurora and Will begin climbing back down, using the same method they used to go up.

8:45 PM

The anthem starts and Zora stares into the sky.

Name: Syrus Mangony

District: 11

Fate: Dead

Cause: Calopy Pierce, D1 Female

That's the only face shown tonight. A tear runs down Zora's face but she makes no sound. She can't let the careers know where she is.

9:34 PM

The beeping parachute catches Bolted Thunder's attention. He can hear it from outside the cave. Bolted runs out and opens the parachute quickly and before the beeping alerts anyone. He opens it, inside is a package of dried fruit (Small) and a vial of tinted green liquid. He opens it and takes a whif. He knows immediately that it's poison.

Zora hears the beeping. She stays put, knowing it's loud. The careers hear it and go open it. They see the food and the note:


I'm sorry about Syrus. Maybe this will cheer up! I am sending you a small food pouch, and a sleeping bag, i know you need food, and it is cold out their. Don't trust the careers! You have to stay put until they leave.

Good luck and feel better,

Sophie Hover

"That little-" Cries Dylan.

"She's still around! Start searching!" Yells Kyle. They start looking around everwhere, and Zora stays frozen to the tree.

(NOTE: I wrote what happened with Zora last night but I guess it didn't save so let me redo it)

9:38 PM

The Careers are getting frightningly close to Zora. They left the food on the ground, though. All she has to do is cause a distraction. Zora picks up another two rocks and chucks them as far as she can. They land near a tree a ways away. The careers instantly hear it.

"She's making a break for it! Get her!" Screames Dylan. They both run out of sight and Zora climbs out of the tree as fast as possible.

"Where'd she go?" Says Kyle's distant voice. Zora grabs the food out of the parachute, but the careers see her. They sprint after her, and Zora tries everything to confuse them. A knife whooshes past Zora's face, cutting a strand of her hair. She's small but not as fast as them and they're gaining on her. Zora finds the largest tree she can and starts climbing it. The careers lost sight of her and by the time they find her again, she's fifty feet up in a tree. Dylan starts climbing up after her, spear in hand, ready to stick her with it.

"You won't be able to win this, you know! You're just prolonging what's inevitable!" Dylan says.

"Maybe, but I'm smarter than you!" She says back. Dylan growls as he continues climbing. Zora has reached the peak of the tree and is climbing off onto a small branch. She knows Dylan is too big and the whole branch will snap if he tries to come on. Dylan reaches the top and pulls a knife out of his back pocket.

"Are you sure about that?"

He starts cutting the branch. Zora lifts her feet up and kicks him in the jaw. He retreats his hand from the branch and when she does it again, he is prepared this time and latches on to her leg. Beneath Zora is another branch. It will hurt, but she knows what she has to do. Zora wraps her legs around Dylan's neck and releases her hold on the branch. They both fall, screaming. Zora outstretches her arms and takes hold of the branch beneathe her. The pointy branches and sticks impale her forearms when she hits, but she ignores all pain. Dylan is still on her legs. They are only about twenty-five feet from the ground and Zora starts flailing her legs spastically. Dylan loses his grip and hits the ground with a thud. Zora pulls herself back up on the branch.

"Yes, I'm sure about that," She finishes, and begins jumping from tree to tree until the Careers are out of sight.

Wed 11:53 AM

Aurora and Will are already on their way back from the Cornucopia. They aquired two more backpacks, a bag of pure food, and a couple of knives. They didn't take enough to make a difference, and that's how they wanted it. They are at the foot of the mountain already. They start climbing again.

Bolted Thunder has a nastily devious plan. He left his cave a while ago and is near the River that everyone has been getting their water supplies from. He takes the vial of poison, Tracker Jacker venom to be exact, and pours it into the water. Just as he had hoped, the venom is corrupting the water so quickly that it's working it's way back upstream. In no time, this water won't even be consumable. And for anyone who does, they won't be around very long. Bolted smiles and turns, heading off towards the mountain. To where he knows his district partner will be.

12:00 PM

No one has heard much about Sonia Fay. Even the cameras haven't spent barely any time at all on her. She's the only tribute that has not been seen by others since the Cornucopia. She is East, as far East as she can go. That's the farthest away from the mountain and forest. After going so far, Sonia started throwing rocks out in front of her to make sure she wouldn't run into the force field. Eventually one hit it, springing backwards. Sonia has been camping there ever since and has been getting her food from a berrry called Tabble Berry. She has passed many of these plants but she has also passed many Nightbreace plants, the almost identical twin of Tabble Berry. It smells the same and even tastes the same, but it's poison will put you into a coma in less then a minute. You then stay alive until you starve to death or freeze to death, but you can't move or do anything about it. Sonia can tell which is which. Nightbreace has a red vine that it's attached to and Tabble has a green vine.

2:49 PM

Will and Aurora have long since made it to the cave. Aspen was running low of food.

9:00 PM

Bolted sees Aurora. He knows where the cave is and he's been watching them. Three people is way to much so he needs to lower the number before he can kill his district partner.

Zora has been staying in a cave that she found. She only plans on staying in it for a little bit and then moving on.

Rafford Tyles is searching around for food. He has wandered off to where Bolted's cave was. The one that Zora is now in. He spots a parachute that is open and laying on the ground. After reading the card, he knows it belonged to Bolted Thunder and what was in it. He steps into the cave and holds his weapon up just in case Bolted is still there. After going on a few feet, he sees something bolt out of the cave. Rafford grabs the figure and throws it to the ground. Zora Kota stares up at him, big eyes filled with fear. Rafford raises his weapon, but lowers it last second.

"Get out of here, 11. I see you again, you can count on having your picture shown at night," Rafford snaps. Zora wastes no time and sprints away. Rafford goes back to the Lake. He steps on something that shatters beneathe him. Rafford bends down and sees a little vial. There is a hint of green on the vial and the smell makes it obvious. Bolted used his poison to contaminate the water. Anyone who drinks that will die. Braide Reveller was going down to refill the cantines only a while ago. Rafford sprints to the tree where they've been staying.

"Braide! Braide!" He starts screaming. After a moment, they smash into each other.

"What's your problem? Anyone nearby is going to hear you!" She says to him. Before Rafford can explain, he sees the D2 boy running at them. Rafford throws Braide to the ground and dodges the knife that comes his way. He runs at the D2 boy and dodges more knives, swinging his sword and chopping Kyle's arm. He wails in pain and stabs Rafford in the thigh. Rafford drops to the ground.

"And now..." Kyle flings a knife at Braide. She dodges the first and second, but a third buries itself into her chest. Rafford slashes Kyle in the chest with his Sword and hobbles over to Braide. He drops to her side and pulls the knife out gently.

"Braide, stay with me. St- stay with me. You- you can do this. C'mon," Rafford whisperes.

"There can only be one winner. Win for me," Braide whispers back. A cannon fires after her breathe stops. A second fires a few seconds later. Braide and Kyle are gone.

9:54 PM

Bolted hears the beeping. He catches the parachute while it's still in the air and opens it. Inside is a note and a small bottle of water:


You're doing great. Here's some water.

Naliaza Theede

Bolted smiles. He is unbeatable. He has enough food and water to last another two or three days. He has the greatest chance of winning.

The Anthem starts.

Name: Braide Reveller

District: 8

Fate: Deceased

Cause: Kyle Wilmot, D2 Male

Name: Kyle Wilmot

District: 2

Fate: Deceased

Cause: Rafford Tyles, D6 Male

Jamie Carpenter is another one that the camera hasn't spent any time on. She has been living off of squirrels that she caught and water from the lake.

10:42 PM

A cannon fires. Jamie Carpenter drank the poison water from the lake, though none of the tributes know this.

Thurs 10:26 AM

Zora is awoken by beeping. She knows what it is as the parachute lands in the tree. Zora climbs up and grabs it. It's much bigger than most of the others. Zora opens it and pulls out a sword. The note says:

Do what you can to stay alive.

Sophie Hover

Zora looks and and mouths, "Thank you," into the sky.

Aurora, Will, and Aspen are going back down the mountain. They've already started climbing when there's a loud rumbling noise.

"What is that?" Asks Will. Before anyone answers, they see it coming over the side of the mountain.

"Avalanche!" Cries Aspen. Aurora, who is the highest up, releases her grip on the rock and drops beneathe them. Aspen is in the middle again and when Aurora drops, so does she. The knot Will tied is sturdy so it keeps them all hanging on. Aurora ties her side of the rope and signals for Will to let go. He does. Just before they get to the bottom, a huge pile of snow lands of them, taking them and all the ropes with it and burying everyone. A moment later, everyone knocks snow off of them.

"That's one way to go down a mountain..." Says Aspen. They let out a half hearted laugh and begin walking to the Cornucopia for more supplies.

Bolted already made it down the mountain and he's following Aurora.

11:48 AM

Aurora and her allies are watching the careers at the Cornucopia. They need to get some supplies.

"Maybe I can help you with this prediciment you are in," Says Bolted from behind them. Aurora and Will pull out their knives and point them at him.

"I know how to lure them out so that you all can get in."

"Why should we trust you?" Says Will.

"Because, without my help you will never get any supplies." replies Bolted. They agree and let him in.

"It's risky, but it will work. Two people need to go off into the distance and act like you're fighting. After screaming a couple of times, the careers will come after you. If you start running, they won't catch you and the other two will run out and grab some supplies. I vote me and my district partner stay here. I trust my life in her hands will keep me alive longer."

They argue for a minute but eventually, Bolted wins. After Aspen and Will run off, they are left alone.

"i don't trust you," Aurora says.

Bolted pats her on the back.

"Ditto, my friend."

After a moment, there's a scream. Then another, and another.

"Hey, you guys hear that?" Asks Dylan. The Careers run off but leave Lucy Mullen back. After the careers disapeared, Bolted and Aurora jolt to the cornucopia.

"We can take her," Bolted says. He runs into the mouth and stabs Lucy with his sword before she can act. He starts grabbing supplies with Aurora and then they run. After making it back to the trees, Aurora turns to him.

"Why are you doing this? I thought you hated me!"

Bolted puts his supplies down.

"I do."

He thrusts his blade into Aurora's gut. She opens her mouth but nothing comes out. Aurora falls over. Bolted picks up some of his stuff and runs. There's a cannon fire. It's Aurora's since Lucy is still breathing. Will and Aspen come sprinting back. Once the second cannon fires, they know one of their friends was killed. They see Lucy's dead body inside the mouth and spot Aurora's just on the tree line. Will bends down and covers her wound, then closes her eyes to make it look like Aurora's sleeping.

"I'm gunna kill him." Then he takes Aurora's old supplies and runs off. The careers return in time to see Lucy's dead body. Dray sprints over to her and cradles her dead body. Only 9 tributes remain during the 4th day.

7:25 PM

Will and Aspen have been searching almost the whole day for Bolted. He seems to have escaped and hidden somewhere. The crowd of Panem seems to be very intrigued by this years games.

"Will, we can find him later. I know you're upset but we are just going to waste all of our energy looking for District 3," Says Aspen. Will is about to counter her comment but is interupted.

"Attention tributes. Tonight, there will be a feast at the Cornucopia. Before you decline this invitation, think hard about what you need. For some of you, it may hold an item of revenge, and for others, it's your last chance to survive. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!"

Will's eyebrows raised at 'Item of Revenge'.

"C'mon, we're going to wait by the Cornucopia."

He begins walking in the opposite way they came.

"Will I want revenge too but we can't be blinded by hatred!" Says Aspen.

He doesn't answer.

Meanwhile, Bolted is back in his old cave. He is glad that Aurora is out of the way and the others will be a piece of cake to get rid of.

Zora is along the tree line of the Cornucopia. The Careers aren't there anymore, maybe because they know they aren't allowed to be there when the hovercraft comes to set everything up. She can see Raffor Tyles along the tree line at the other side. It's a good thing he doesn't see her.

Sonia Fay sees the D11 girl and the D6 boy. Her plan is as soon as the hovercraft places everything, She's going to immediately run out and get her bag. She already knows what's in it. Food and water. She has been unable to drink from the stream after watching Jamie Carpenter drink the posioned water and has run out of food.

The careers wait. The best plan is to stand guard over the feast to keep everyone from getting their stuff. Maybe even stealing it from them.

8:15 PM

The bags just landed. Sonia Fay is about to run out when the careers get there first. They throw all of the bags into the mouth of the Cornucopia and stand out front. She exasperates. That was her last chance, and now it's gone.

Rafford Tyles is done. He's sick of being shoved around by the careers and runs out. He raises his sword and runs to the careers. His sword collides with that of Dylan Gossard's. Calopy Pierce slashes his back with a knife and then flings another into him. Rafford drops to his knees.

"What were you expecting?" Says Dylan just before he beheads Rafford. The cannon fires immediately.

A hint of guilt wells up in Zora. He let her live, and now he's dead. There has to be a way to get rid of the Careers.

8:28 PM

The beeping parachute lands just to the right of Sonia. The careers don't seem to notice. She opens it and finds a pack of throwing knives. There's no note. She isn't the best with throwing knives, but it may be enough. Sonia runs off into the woods as a new plan starts blooming.

9:13 PM

Zora gets a parachute. The beeping doesn't bother the careers. Inside is knives and a note. She doesn't read it because she knows what it will consist of.

Sonia Fay started a fire in the distance to catch the careers attention. The D1 tributes see it and tell Dray to stay where he is. They know it's a diversion but they need a way to get rid of him without causing a stir. They run off. Zora and Sonia both run to the Cornucopia at the same time but freeze once they spot each other. Sonia nods to the cornucopia, suggesting a temporary alliance. Zora nods and they both go. Dray sees them and tries to stab Sonia with his spear. She sidesteps and Zora throws her knives. They are awry and all over the place but eventually one hits him in the ribs. They both grab their stuff and run in different directions. Zora runs back to where she left her sword and other stuff.

Bolted jogs to the cornucopia and leisurly takes his bag.

Will and Aspen come a minute later to do the same. The D1 tributes come back after the cannon fires and the hovercraft takes away Rafford and Dray's body.

Fri: 11:02 AM

Will and Aspen stopped looking for Bolted. They now are in a cave at the foot of the mountain.

Calopy and Dylan are hunting down the D7 tributes.

Dylan looks up at the sky. It's... Red? Something definately is. What's red? It's getting closer. Dylan grabs Calopy and runs, seeking refuge in the cave that Bolted is in. What's red happens to be fire. As it starts hitting the ice covered ground, the snow begins to melt. It's raining fire.

Dylan and Calopy enter. Bolted is stuck to the wall. He sneaks up behind them and, at last second, slits Dylan's throat. Dylan chokes as blood spurts in all directions and he sinks to the ground. Calopy, horror stricken, grabs one of her knives and stabs it into Bolted's left eye. He screames in pain and drops to the ground. Calopy jerks the knife out and stabs in into the other eye. He screames louder. She then takes one of her throwing knives and stabs in up, through his jaw, piercing his toungue. Calopy takes the knife out of his eye and shoves it into his chest. A first cannon sounds for Bolted.

Calopy lays her hand on Dylan's chest and closes his eyes. The second cannon fires. Only one male tribute remains.

Sonia does not reach refuge in time. The fire engulfs her shirt, burning through it and onto her skin. She wails until the end, rolling around on the ground, trying to pat the fire out. After her body goes motionless, the cannon fires.

Zora made it to a cave. It happens to be the same one as Will and Aspen. They are snuggled up in the corner and don't seem to notice her. Or if they do, they purposefully don't acknowledge her.

Sat: 11:38 AM

The fire stopped raining. Everything is burned to a crisp. What was inside the bags consisted of a one day supply of food and water. After that, no more. The games will end soon. Calopy has been searching all night for them. She finally found the other tributes, hiding in a cave. Zora steps out of the cave to see the burned land when a knife enters her gut. She pulls the knife out and collapses. Will sees, running out to meet Calopy. Aspen comes too, with a knife in her hands. Calopy flings another knife, hitting Will in the forehead. He falls and the cannon Fires. Aspen, weary and distrought, chucks her knife at Calopy. She dogdes, spins, and throws another at Aspen. She dodges, but a second is thrown, hitting Aspen in the thigh. She screames in pain and hit's the ground. Calopy stands over Aspen, and slashes her neck. Aspen struggles a moment until the cannon fires. But no one comes to pick Calopy up. She remembers only hearing two cannons, Will and Aspen's. She kneels next to Zora, lifts the knife, and lets it drop. It drops into Zora's chest. She takes a final deep breath and the cannon fires. Calopy Pierce has won the 92nd Annual Hunger Games.

I will Put the statistics up later!!!

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