Hello, and welcome to the 94th annual Hunger Games! UPDATE:

The Bloodbath is up and the games have begun!

I am in school so I will write whenever possible!

Guys I'm updating whenever possible but I have a lot going on in my life right now. There are things in my life that have been requiring much attention.


No tributes from past games, if you have been in any of them.

I have few rules, but here they are.

1. Only 1 tribute survives, don't bitch on me if yours doesn't.

2. Be nice :)

3. Please don't question what happens. The more you complain, the more likely I am to kill your character off to get you to shut up :D

4. Sorry if I make your tribute say or do something you didn't want but afterall you DID enter them into my games. I will do my best to keep their actions corresponding with their personalities, but don't flip if I mess up and don't.

5. I know that everyone else does reservations bonanza, but that isn't me. I will do a maximum of 2 HOUR reservations. If you don't have time to post your tribute because you have to leave and won't be back in time, LET ME KNOW so that I can give you a 12 hour reservation. If I find that you are on the site or you did not tell me you had to leave and wouldn't be back in time, I will either cut your reservation or move it back to 2 hours. 

6. The victor has not yet been decided and won't be for a long time, usually it gets down to the final 3 and sometimes even the final 2 before I decided the victor. I am NOT bias towards people that I know, meaning if I know someone who enters a tribute, I'm not going to let them win just because they're my friend. Get it? Got it? Good!

7. I will put a small amount of cursing during the POV's and game as well as maybe some sensual or sexual chatter or actions during the POV's. I won't go crazy, so I promie you your tributes will not be banging on the knot tying station every five minutes, but I will make some tributes fancy one another and stuff.


This years games, the pre-game consists of a few different sections. I will label them:

1. The reaping (I will not actually write about the reaping, I find that to be boring and pointless. The reaping means when YOU enter tributes).

2. Training and Skills.

3. Training Scores.

4. Odds.

5. Let The Games Begin!

Through all of this, I will be developing the character's relations with others. They can now communicate outside of traning and will be going through much story before we begin the games. 

The Arena

The Cornucopia is located in the center of a forest, but this forest happens to be extremely hot at all times. Dehydration is a serious danger for the tributes and water must be found at all times. Due to the heat, there is a severe amount of tracker jacker nests. The extreme dry heat also may start forest fires in a flash which can spread easily and quickly. East is a large river that cuts the arena in half but is all salt water.

District Name Gender Age Skills Personality Allies/Enemies Ht/Wt
D1 Golden Klein M 17 Sword, spear, dagger Short tempered, loud, rude, smart

A: Careers

E: Tributes with higher scores

6'1, 160 lbs
D1 Camryn Andrews F 14 Bow, T knives, quick, dodging Sadistic, seductive, sassy

A: careers

E: D12 tributes (vendetta)

5'2, 110 lbs
D2 Ash Krill M 17 All around weapons, strong Confident, but not cocky Careers, hates others



D2 Audrina Kindramos F 17 Melee and hidden weapons Short tempered, rude, hard to crack

A: Anyone she has time for

E: Will turn on careers later

5'5, 120 lbs
D3 Klaus Wippler M 16 Good with mechanics, fast, plans ahead Smart, condescending Allies: Smart tributes and D3 F 6"1, lean
D3 Karla Flake F 16 Intelligence Shy and untrusting but intelligent People who are kind 5"5

Neptune Shellbove

M 18

Good with tridents/spears

Can use sword/knives

Confident but not too Cocky Careers, but feuds with them ????
D4 Shelly Waters F 13 Fishing, swimming, trident Quiet, short-tempered, funny

A: Careers

E: Anti-careers

5'3, 114 lbs
D5 Shade Spectrus M 16 Dagger, crossbow, traps Quiet, cold, logical A: his sister or anti-careers 6'2, 148 lbs
D5 Sorcera Spectrus F 17 Dagger, crossbow, poison, knives Sarcastic, lustful, cunning, deceitful A: D5 partner 5'9, 169 lbs
D6 Toad Turner M 12 quick, knives Shy, loyal, short-tempered

Allies: anti-careers

E: careers

4'11, small
D6 Jeneva Warren F 15 Axe Hard worker, but sassy and rude

A: Wants the careers

E: Anyone who isn't an ally

5'6, 118 lbs
D7 Blade Spectrus M 12 Fast, agile, good with knives and sword Sadistic, Perverse but nice

A: his bro, maybe sis too

E: Careers

5'2, 107 lbs
D7 Jenna Coppa F 16 Axes, throwing axes Funny, loud, confident Enemies: Careers 5'5, 110 lbs
D8 Oscar Doskel M 15 Good runner, can fair with melee weapons Confident

Allies: D8 or nice tributes.

enemies: careers

5'4, 170 lbs (fat)
D8 Abbey Novara F 13 Swift, crafting, aim Kind, shy, quiet

A: Anyone nice

E: Anyone rude

4'10, 100 lbs
D9 Toby Rodgers M 18 Agile, quick, H2H combat Bipolar, sarcastic, can have mental breakdowns little to nobody 5'9, ???
D9 Lily Allison F 16 Good W/spear Lonely and Dark, rude or nice at times

A: None, Maybe D9 M

E: Careers, she hates them

4'9, 103 lbs
D10 Platon Hallomus M 15 Knows the Human body Quiet, smart, nice, geeky Anti-careers 5'10, chubby
D10 Hadley Newberry F 17 Trident Cute, Frisky, Wild Enemies: District partner 5'4, 125 lbs
D11 Patrick Young M 16 Bow, speed Outgoing, smart, protective over friends

A: D11 partner or anti-careers

E: careers

5'7, Av. weight
D11 Danika Ophiuchi F 13 Camo, intelligence, bow Shy, indecisive, doesn't know what is good

A: Not sure

E: None for now

5'4, Small?
D12 Shaft Coalman M 14 Fast and nimble Kind but makes bad choices No allies but hates careers 5'0, 120 lbs
D12 Lila Winston F 15 Good with bow Confident but noble and kind None as of now 5'11, 101lbs


The groups- Careers, Anti-careers, District Allies. 

Quick Note: Just because you said you wanted to be allied with someone doesn't mean you will. Only one alliance at a time, so if you put two then I'll pick one or the other. I may put you down by yourself if there are too many alliances. Maximum of 6 tributes per alliance, though I doubt I'll put that many in any of them except for the careers.

Careers- D1 M&F, D2 M&F, D4 M&F

Anti-Careers- Platon Hallomus, Toad Turner, Patrick Young

District Allies: D3, D5 (plus D7 M), D9

Death Chart
District Name Age Gender Killer Placing
8 Oscar Doskel 15 M Audrina Kindramos 24th
6 Jeneva Warren 15 F Shade Spectrus 23rd
10 Platon Hallomus 15 M Toby Rodgers 22nd
7 Jenna Coppa 16 F Blade Spectrus 21st
7 Blade Spectrus 12 M Ash Krill 20th
5 Sorcera Spectrus 16 F Cameryn Andrews 19th
4 Shelly Waters 13 F Golden Klein (accident) 18th
11 Patrick Young 16 M Neptune Shellbove 17th
10 Hadley Newberry 17 F Ash Krill (mercy kill) 16th
12 Shaft Coalman 14 M Toby Rodgers 15th
9 Lily Allison 16 F Toby Rodgers 14th
1 Cameryn Andrews 14 F Karla Flake 13th
1 Golden Klein 17 M Karla Flake 12th
3 Klaus Wippler 16 M Cameryn Andrews 11th

Being A Sponsor

Everyone is a sponsor, however, you must be logged in to sponsor or I will not count it. 

Every sponsor begins with $50.

Please let me know the tribute that you sponsor.

For everyday that your tribute survives, you gain $25.

Every time your tribute narrowly escapes another tribute, you gain another $30.

If your tribute kills another, you gain $50 for ever tribute yours kills.

If your tribute executes an action that is highly impressive or noteworthy, I will put a $ next to the sentence, meaning you gain another $30.

Obviously, you may sponsor your own tribute but YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN. Also, you must keep up with your own money. Meaning every time you sponsor, you must write down the tribute and how much money you have. I WILL NOT BE PUTTING A $ EVERY TIME SOMEONE IS KILLED, ONLY WHEN THEY DO SOMETHING THAT ISN'T UP ABOVE THAT IS NOTEWORTHY. YOU MUST KEEP UP WITH YOUR OWN MONEY AND WHEN YOUR TRIBUTE HAS EARNED IT. If you lie about your money, I WILL kill your tribute immediately and without warning. If I feel like you may be cheating, I will go back and count over the money you should have.

What you can buy and its price:

$10- Matches, sunglasses

$30- Small bag of dried fruit, tiny cantine of water, jacket, bandage, rope

$80- Med. bag of dried fruit, med. cantine, sleeping bag, tarp, antibiotics (if you're sick), 10 arrows, splint

$100- Dagger, 10 throwing knives, 20 arrows, open wound medicine, poison antidote, Tracker jacker antidote

$200- Axe, 10 throwing hatchets, instant wound heal, spear, sword, box of angry tracker jackers, giant cantine of water, gaint bag of apples

NOTE: Each item comes as a single! You do not buy the entire selection, just one particular item.

Mystery Bag- $50

The mystery backpack will have random items from the chart above in it. It could save your tribute with a great amount of expensive items or be a waste of money with a bunch of useless items that aren't for life or death situations. I would only suggest using the mystery bag if your tribute is dying and it's your last resort. The bag holds a maximum of 5 items and a minimum of 2.

Training Scores and Survival Odds

Training Scores and Survival Odds
District Name Gender Age Training Score Odds
1 Golden Klein M 17 11 5-1
1 Camryn Andrews F 14 10 7-1
2 Ash Krill M 17 12 2-1
2 Audrina Kindramos F 17 11 4-1
3 Klaus Wippler M 16 7 17-1
3 Karla Flake F 16 5 25-1
4 Neptune Shellbove M 18 10 4-1
4 Shelly Waters F 13 9 7-1
5 Shade Spectrus M 16 9 6-1
5 Sorcera Spectrus F 17 10 5-1
6 Toad Turner M 12 6 50-1
6 Jeneva Warren F 15 5 31-1
7 Blade Spectrus M 12 8 40-1
7 Jenna Coppa F 16 7 10-1
8 Oscar Doskel M 15 6 14-1
8 Abbey Novara F 13 4 60-1
9 Toby Rodgers M 18 9 7-1
9 Lily Allison F 16 5 50-1
10 Platon Hallomus M 15 6 14-1
10 Hadley Newberry F 17 6 14-1
11 Patrick Young M 16 9 8-1
11 Danika Ophiuchi F 13 10 6-1
12 Shaft Coalman M 14 4 20-1
12 Lila Winston F 15 11       9-1


Lila Winston's POV:

District 12 is the first to enter the training room. I step out of the elevator and find that almost the entire room is empty other than the trainers. Other than my own footsteps as I move closer to the briefing lady, it is completely silent. I look to my left and see Shaft a few feet behind, moving very gingerly. He must be just as nervous as I am. Who isn't nervous, really? I mean 24 kids going to fight to the death and only one comes out. I think everyone is freaking out inside right now. Shaft is very handesome. I mean he's way too skinny for me and I would never go after a boy who's younger than me. Also the fact that at least one of us, if not both of us will be dead in a few days puts a bit of a damper on it.

I step close to the platform that holds the briefing lady (Who is very tall with jet black hair in a ponytail and pale skin) and hear the elevator doors open, followed by an eruption of chatter. I notice that it's the district 1, 2, and 4 tributes. They are all laughing and joking around with bright smiles on their faces. Hmm, it seems I was wrong about everyone being nervous. I turn to shaft.

"Hey, you okay?" 

He jerks slightly and then looks at me. I can tell I've torn him away from a deep thought.

"Oh, uh yeah I'm totally fine. A little nervous, I suppose..."

I place my hand on his shoulder. We became pretty close even in the past couple of days that we've known each other. I never met him before that. 

I want to say something comforting, but I don't know how. Everything that I can think of is a lie, and I'm not going to lie to him and tell him that he's gonna be fine because we both know the real answer to that.

The elevators continually open over the next couple of minutes, pouring in the rest of the tributes. The careers walk straight up to me and my heart skips a beat when the District 2 male makes eye contact with me. He's quite intimidating but isn't much taller than me. 

"You're District 12, right?" He asks. 

I open my mouth but I don't hear anything come out. He and the other careers chuckle. I force myself to nod.

"Alright then," is his reply and he steps right next to me, facing the briefing lady and brushing his shoulder against mine. My heart races, but I don't know why. He may be intimidating, but he isn't that much taller than me. True, he is cute, but he'll probably kill me first chance he gets. I know he's trying to make me feel uncomfortable by standing really close to me. I sigh quietly and pretend like it doesn't bother me and try to focus on something else. What should I do first after briefing? I eye all of the stations. Seeing that the careers are going to head to the fighting stations first, probably to show off, I should go to a station no one else will be at. I know I need to make allies but I also need to focus. Just as the briefing lady begins to talk, I settle my eyes on the Poisonous Berry station. I mean who is going to be at that one?

Golden Klein POV:


I can't help but chuckle to myself. This group of weasels are supposed to be my "Competitors?" I would have a more difficult time fighting real weasels. Briefing ended moments ago and so I'm headed to the Sword Fighting station with the rest of the careers. Once we get in line, I notice that Audrina, the District 2 career hasn't been able to take her eyes off of the D5 female, who is giggling with a group of boys near the rope-climb.

"Problem?" I ask her.

Audrina grits her teeth and sighs deeply.

"Look at that bitch. She walks around like she owns the fricken place! I'm pretty sure she's already flirted with every guy in here and we haven't even been down here for 20 minutes..."

I laugh and watch as Ash, the D2 career, completely owns the sword fighting trainer within a matter of seconds, distracting him with a far out swing with a sword and the elbowing him in the face, flipping him over Ash's shoulder and then finishing him when he is down.

"And why is that a problem? I didn't realize you were here to make friends. I'm here so that I can kill them, not become best friends with them."

Audrina takes her eyes off of the D5 girl and glares at me with soul burning eyes.

"I'm trying to be smart here. If she keeps getting every boy's attention with those giant watermelons posing as boobs, she's gonna have a boatload of allies and it's gonna be impossible to kill her."

I can't help but laugh. Audrina is right about that. Every guy in the room (even some of the trainers) seem to be ogling her. The boys she is chatting with can't seem to be smiling enough. Maybe Audrina is correct about that. If every guy in the room finds her attractive, there's no way any of them are gonna harm her. I, on the other hand, have no problem slitting that whores throat.

"No, you're right. Those boobs could probably be used as floatation devices, but do keep in mind that if we take her out as soon as the game starts, she won't be any trouble for us."

I'm up next for sword training. I have no issue here, taking the trainer out almost as fast as Ash did. This is childs play. It also seemed to have attracted some attention from the other tributes. I can see the look of fear in their eyes. Perfect.

Oskar Doskel POV:

   "Try to remember what our mentor said," Abbey tells me. "Make friends. It's the only way that we have a chance at survival."

I roll my eyes. That's the third time she's reminded me.

"Yeah, yeah I know! Why don't you go try to become friends with the D6 boy, he looks small and easily friendable!" I say, shooing her with my hands. 

Honestly there's no one here that I want to be friends with, but what choice do I have? If it's my only chance of survival...

I approach the D10 boy. He looks about the same age as me. He is standing with his District partner at the knot tying station. He is tying knots with the trainer while she is watching closely.

I run through a list of things in my mind that can be used as a conversation starter but I come up dry. It finally hits me when I see the D2 male staring at the D10 girl. I can't tell if it's a stare of hatred, admiration or competition, but it's good enough for me to start the conversation.

"Hey," I say to the girl. She turns from her District partner and towards me.

"Yeah?" She says very sharply.

"The District 2 boy can't seem to take his eyes off of you. Just thought I'd give you a heads up." Just as she looks up and they make eye contact, he turns away and gets back to another round of sword fighting.

"That was odd," she says, her tone now changed to a bit more kind.

"Have you spoken with him yet?" I ask her.

She shakes her head. 

"Well maybe he thinks you're cute," I say with a smirk.

The girl snorts. "Or maybe he wants to rip my throat out... I'm Hadley, by the way, and this is Platon." She points to the boy who is very intrigued by tying knots and doesn't even acknowledge her.

I stick my hand out and she shakes it. "I'm Oscar."

Ash Krill POV:

I can't take my eyes off of her. I know that I shouldn't be infactuated with a girl I'm going to have to kill but... My God, she's beautiful. Never have I thought a girl could be that pretty, yet, I'm proven wrong. Honestly... WHY? Why does the girl I find beautiful have to be the one I'm going to have to kill? Why couldn't one of the girls at home attract me? Then, when I win, I could go back and be a hero. But no, the girl I like is gonna die. 

"Ash," Audrina says, snapping her fingers. "You're up." 

I shake my head and snap out of it. No, I don't really like her. Maybe it's just temporary. I mean during the games I'll be so busy trying to win I probably won't think twice about chopping her head off. I turn back to the rope climb and clear my mind of the girl. She's temporary in this world. She probably hates my guts for being a career anyways...

I grab onto the rope and look at Audrina. "Ready?" I ask. She nods and I pull myself up as hard as I can, straining the muscels in my arms. It burns like fire throught my upper body but I ignore the pain and continue, pulling myself upward quickly. I finally reach the top and yell, "Done!" Audrina replies immediately with, "16 seconds!" I slowly slide back down, silently admiring my own abilities. Behind Audrina is a young kid, one of the two 12 year olds. His training shirt says 'D6'. I glance from him back to the rope climb and release a hardy laugh.

"Shortstack, you really think you can climb that? I bet you have the upper body strength of a 2 year old!" My laughter alerted the others from D1 and D2 who join me in mocking this little wimp.

The boy frowns and looks away from me.

"Don't talk to me," he growls.

Golden, standing next to me with his arms crossed, snorts.

"Oh, the little rat has an atitude! You know what, maybe I'll kill you first in the arena," Golden hisses.

Audrina comes down off of the rope.

"Ash, what was my time?" She asks, out of breath. 

"Oh, sorry. I was talking with my new friend here from District 6." Audrina smirks at the sight of him. The kid was up next and all of the careers are watching, District 4 came over from the archery station.

Shelly Waters and Neptune Shellbove stand next to me. Shelly isn't much bigger than the D6 boy so she doesn't have much room to mock.

"What the hell is this?" Neptune laughs as the boy begins climbing the rope. His movements are slow and even from the start he is seriously struggling, his face bright red from straining. He makes it about a half of the way up and then completely stops.

"What's wrong? Aren't you gonna show us how big and strong you are?" Audrina yells up at him. The boy says nothing but it's obvious that he's stuck. After a couple minutes of laughter, Neptune finally says, "Guys, this has gone on long enough." He steps underneath the boy and reaches his arms out.

"Kid, let go. I'll catch you."

There is no response.

"You can stay up there all day or you can let me catch you, your choice," Nep says. 

"Okay, I'm going to let go!" The boy yells down. I watch his fingers peel off of the rope and he drops on a flight path straight for Nep's arms. Then, last second, Nep withdraws his arms and the boy slams into the floor with a loud 'THUD.' We all lose it and cry because we're laughing so hard. Nep pulls the kid to his feet who has tears welling up in his eyes.

"I'm so sorry! I did not mean to do that!" Nep says sarcastically. He pulls the kid close and whispers something into his ear before releasing him and coming back to the pack.

"I have to admit," Shelly gets out between her gasps for air. "That was the funniest thing I think I have ever seen!"

Jeneva Warren POV

   I watch him run off and I can see the tears begin to stream down his face.

"Toad!" I yell for him and run after him. At the sound of his name, the careers burst into another round of obnoxious laughter. Toad runs to the bathroom and I pause just before following him in.

"HEY, JACKASSES!" I scream at them, anger coursing through my veins. The careers pause from their laughter and look at me.

"Why don't you pick on someone your own size? What the hell is wrong with you?" 

The District 4 boy steps toward me.

"Look, bitch, we do as we please. Why are you defending the little toad anyways? He's gonna be dead in a few days, just like you."

I give up and follow Toad into the boys bathroom (honestly I could care less that it's the boys room). There's no use arguing with an insane bunch.

As soon as I step in, I can hear Toad sniffling. He is in the first stall and locked himself in. I tap on the door with my nails.

"Don't listen to them. They're jerks," I say softly, trying to comfort him. I've never been too good at it though.

"No, they're right. I'm a weasel. I can't do anything and I'm gonna die."

I hurry quickly to mend the situation. If he goes in with no confidence then obviously he won't live very long.

"Don't you dare. I've seen you, you're fast! And you're really good with knives! Don't let them get you down. You have just as much of a chance as I do," I assure him. With no response, I head back out to the training yard. The D4 boy is waiting for me as soon as I leave the bathroom, his female counterpart beside him.

"Hey, asswipe," He snarls. I don't even bother to act intimidated and walk right past him. He grabs my arm and jerks me back with force and I stumble backwards, slamming against the wall.

"don't walk away from me when I talk to you. Anyways, remember who you're dealing with. I Won't hesitate to chop your head off in the arena," he barks into my face and then leaves. I stand back to my feet and begin to walk. Where? I don't know. I can't concentrate on anything except for what he told me. I guess making enemies on the first day isn't a good plan.

Shade Spectrus POV

Day two of training has already begun and there's nowhere I want to be less. Going into day two of listening to the careers abuse every tribute in here is becoming annoying. I'm the only one they haven't gone after yet. Even Sorcera has been picked on by the D2 girl, Audrina, I think it is? 

I really have no idea what the station I'm at is called. I haven't been paying much attention to that, I'm more interested in doing it well. I'm lined up with a quarter of the other tributes at what seems like a test of dodging and agility. It's like four platforms going up and four coming back, each a little higher than the last. There are two trainers standing in the center on either side with large padded batons. From what I can tell, each tribute has to make it down and back, jumping from platform to platform without getting hit by the trainers. It looks easier then it probably is considering that almost 18 out of the 24 tributes have attempted this course over the yesterday and today and so far I've only seen 6 tributes make it across. The District 1 tributes, the District 2 tributes, the D4 male, and the D8 female, Abbey, make it across. The District 4 girl would have made it, but she tripped on the last platform going up and fell over all the way to the floor. Actually we all got a good kick out of it. In line with me is the District 11 tributes, the District 7 boy and girl, Toad Turner from D6 and Klaus Wippler from D3.

Patrick Young from D11 is up first. He hops onto the first two platforms with ease. The trainer swings at his feet and Patrick hops over it, dodging a second swing to his chest. He makes it over the third and fourth and moves onto the coming back platforms. He barely makes it to the second before he takes a baton to the face and falls off.

Danika, his partner goes next. She is a little smaller. Danika doesn't make it very far, getting knocked off of the fourth platform face first towards the ground. 

Toad is up next and I'm right after. I take his shoulder and turn him towards me.

"Do it. Show them you have a chance."

He nods and takes off. Speaking encouragement isn't usually my strong suit but he definitely deserves some encouragement.

Toad dodges all of the the batons on his way up, hopping from platform to platform with little to no struggle. On his way back, the trainer grazes his arm. Toad looks off balance for not a short second before ducking under another swing and jumping over the last platform to the ground. 

I know it's a fight to the death, but I can't help but clap. My clap is the starter followed by others and the look on Toad's face is sheer shock. His face is copied by the careers who look with the same shock, but I don't think their faces are fueled by the same feelings. Toad stands tall, beaming, looks to the careers and yells, "TAKE THAT, BITCHES!"

Everyone in the training yard bursts into a laughing frenzy. The look of humiliation and anger on the careers only makes the moment that much sweeter. Toad passes by me and I give him a high five. He deserves it. 

Karla Flake POV

The final days of training have been completed. Tomorrow is it. Tomorrow is the day where we fight to the death.

I stare out off of the terrace as a cold breeze lightly tickles my face. It's cold tonight. I have my night clothes on as well as a jacket and a fuzzy blanket wrapped around me. My head is resting on the marble half-wall that protects me from the large fall. I shouldn't be out here alone, contemplating about tomorrow. I should be chatting with Klaus or something, telling jokes and trying to keep my mind away from the only thought that I have not been able to shake since day one.

Am I going to die?

I want to believe that I can go home, see my family, my friends, and be able to do things like get married, have kids, grandkids, and actually live my life. As much as I want all of this, the facts are stacked against me. Facts. The one thing that sepparates dreaming from reality. It keeps us grounded in what is going on right in front of us and can be cruel in the face of something like fighting 23 other kids to the death. I wholeheartedly believe that there is a chance that I can survive, but nothing more than a chance. The facts suggest that I will die within a few days.

I stare down at the crazed fans of The Hunger Games having parades, dancing, chanting and singing in front of the countdown clock. They're a long ways away but their chanting is so loud that it feels like they are just below me. I wonder what must be going through their heads and how it differs from what is going through mine. I never have understood how someone can find something as gruesome, barbaric and disgusting as The Hunger Games entertaining. I wonder how they would feel if it were them having to kill each other. I wonder if they feel sympathy towards us, or if they can't wait to watch us bleed out.

The sliding door shuts and I hear footsteps come out onto the terrace with me. I'm too lost in thought to care about who it is, though the quirky rhythm of the footsteps suggests it's Klaus. His footsteps are very distinct, as he drives his heels into the ground before he places the rest of his foot, making it sound like two quick footsteps instead one. 

"Hey," he says quietly, joining me. We don't talk for a couple of awkward minutes. Finally I decide to break it. I've never been particularly comfortable around people. They generally make me nervous, but Klaus never has. Yes, he may be factual and condescending but I still feel comfortable with him.

"I'm scared... For tomorrow. I can't help but think how the others must be feeling and... You know, how long until each of them are dead."

Klaus grabs my arm and I flinch. My heart races and I don't really know how to react or respond. This isn't normal for me.

"We'll be fine. Don't think too much about what the others are thinking. We will stick together."

His hand slides down my arm and I hold my breath when it interlocks with mine. I'm glad it's dark because I can feel my face becoming red.

"You know, during the legendary 74th Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta from District 12 were the final two. They couldn't kill each other so they gave the gamemakers an ultimatum. Either they both live, or they both die," Klaus informs me. It's nothing I don't already know but I'm still only paying a half a mind of attention, mostly focused on our interlocked fingers.

After thinking over what he said, I can't help but wonder...

"Are you suggesting that if we are the final tributes, you'd rather die than kill me?" That may not be what he was suggesting at all, but I couldn't refrain from asking.

"Do you honestly think I'd be able to kill you? Wow, you're even more unintelligent than I thought!" He says with a snort. I giggle a little, knowing his last remark was a joke. I'm actually probably smarter than him.

"Well I'm going to bed. You coming?" He asks me, releasing my hand and slowly making his way to the door. I'm at a loss for words. I try to speak but a strange gurgling sound is the only thing that comes out.

Klaus's cheeks turn bright pink.

"I didn't mean it like that! I meant- You know I was saying... Ugh never mind. You know what I meant."

I laugh again. 

"I mean... It's a really huge bed. Maybe it would be easier to sleep if I knew there was someone next to me..."

No words come to mind, just my heart jumping. My mind has no idea what to do or what it's doing but apparently my body does because I stand up and go with him. Who knew Klaus Wippler would ever ask to go to bed with someone beside him. Who knew Klaus Wippler needed anyone but himself.

Sorcera Spectrus POV

I stand in front of the hovercraft with Shade. This is it. That hovercraft, 50 yards away on a platform is about to take me and my brothers to the arena. The sun is blaring down onto us and I have to cover my eyes.

Right now, I have no emotion. No thoughts are running through my mind nor any feelings coursing through my veins. I know I should be nervous and scared but for some strange reason I'm not. I'm confident and prepared. Shade isn't showing any emotion either. I look at him and he looks back. I shoot him a devilish smile for an unknown reason (I just feel like it) and we make our way to the hovercraft and on board. The first step on sends a shiver up my spine as I stare at the rest of the tributes, some already being strapped in. I step over to the nearest seat, buckle the seat belt and pull my chest bar down. I glance around at the nervous faces of the other tributes except the District 1 and 2 careers who look filled with excitement. Even the D4 tributes have a sense of nervousness etched across their faces.

After the peacekeeper places the tracker in my arm, the hovercraft lifts off and the lights dim. I glance over at my brothers and see their faces with no emotion. Maybe it's a Spectrus thing.

The Hunger Games

The pedastals raise up through the tubes and push all of the tributes into the arena. Sunlight burns everyone's eyes as the hot air burns as it goes down everyone's throat. The sun is scorching hot and it is obvious that its taken its toll on the arena. What would usually be a beautiful, quiet forest during the winter is now a brutally hot woods where all of the grass is dead. 

The tributes surround the cornucopia in a U shapes position, everyone facing the mouth of the cornucopia which is stacked very neatly and organized with black boxes, some displaying weapons and others closed off. Several backpacks lay out on the dead grass. The closer towards the cornucopia, the more stocked up the bags look. 

For instance, in front of Blade Spectrus is a tiny zip-lock bag with a half a loaf of bread and some sunglasses inside. 

Most of the tributes are already sweating (except for the girls, because girls don't sweat ;)  ).

The clock begins to count down from 10 and it catches everyones attention. They all look focused and ready. Whatever nerves that had are either gone or suppressed.












Everyone is off like a flash, wasting no time because there is no time to be wasted. Everyone runs towards the cornucopia except for the District 12 tributes, Danika Ophiuchi, and Abbey Novara, who all turn and run in the opposite direction, scattering from each other during the process.

The first tribute to make it to the cornucopia is Blade Spectrus, followed closely by Toad Turner. The two show no interest in fighting as they glance at each other and then moving away from each other. 

Klaus Wippler, Toby Rodgers and Patrick Young are next. Klaus makes a last second turn, picking up two yellow bags and running away from the mouth and towards the trees as Karla Flake decides to ditch the cornucopia all together and runs after Klaus. Toad is already away with sufficient items.

Everyone else makes it at around the same time and they plunge into chaos. 

Oscar Doskel and Audrina Kindramos both have their eye on the same spear. Audrina, being the quicker of the two, sends a kick to Oscar's knee. There's a snapping noise and he yells out, falling to the ground. She picks up the spear and thrusts it into his chest.

All of the careers grab their weapons and begin to go after the others.

Sorcera Spectrus grabs duel daggers off of the back wall and turns around to face Jeneva Warren who has her axe. Sorcera slashes as Jeneva who dodges and returns with a swing to the face. Sorcera ducks and kicks her opponent in the stomach. Jeneva stumbles back for a moment but regains her step and charges at Sorcera, knocking her to the floor. Jeneva lifts her axe to deliver the final blow just as another blade enters her stomach from behind. She spurts out blood and crumbles to her feet as Shade Spectrus pulls his knife out of her and helps Sorcera to her feet.

Hadley Newberry is running away when Cameryn Andrews tosses a knife at her and buries it in her calf.

Jenna Coppa is thrown over a crate by Ash Krill and Toby Rodgers slashes Platon Hallomus's throat with a sword before grabbing a bag and leaving, Lily Allison following shortly behind.

Jenna Coppa manages to escape from Ash and grabs a small bag, running away. Just as she does, she's hit in the back by one of Blade Spectrus's crossbow bolts. When Blade turns around and reloads, he's hit in the face by Ash Krill's new mace.

Shelly Waters is charging at Blade Spectrus, but she is tackled to the ground by Patrick Young.

Sorcera Spectrus grabs what she needs and jumps past the other battling tributes, making her way out. Her path is blocked by Cameryn Andrews who in one quick motion, thrusts two throwing knives into Sorcera's chest. Sorcera falls back against a crate and drops all of her equipment.

Patrick Young is wrestling with Shelly Waters just as Golden Klein comes around, bearing a long sword. In his attempt to stab Patrick, who rolls over, Golden accidentally (but not really caring) stabs Shelly in the gut. Patrick then jumps on Golden and tackles him to the ground. He begins punching Golden in the face.

Neptune walk over and grabs Patrick's head, putting a knife to his neck. He takes very little time before slitting Patrick's throat. Blade is hit in the thigh with one of Cameryn's throwing knives as he escapes the cornucopia, broken-heartedly leaving his deceased siblings behind. 

The only tribute left is Hadley Newberry, who is crawling away, whimpering. Ash walks over to her and flips her onto her back.

"Please, end it," She sobs gripping his hand tightly. Ash lays down his mace and lifts her into his arms. He looks into her eyes, a girl he barely knew but felt like he knew her for years, and did it quickly. There was a snapping sound, but Ash had his eyes closed. He didn't want to see the life leave her.

Ash closed her eyes and laid her body down gently before making his way back to the cornucopia where his fellow careers were waiting.

The cannons begin firing and everyone counts 9. 15 tributes remain to die another day.

Day 2:

The careers have gathered all of the equipment that they need to go on a hunt. By now, most of the tributes are miles away. Little do they know that Danika Ophiuchi is hiding inside of the trees, waiting for them to leave. She originally escaped from the cornucopia to ensure her survival and now is severely overheated and dehydrated. If the careers don't leave soon so that she can snatch some aquipment from them, Dani won't be in the games much longer.

Toby Rodgers and Lily Allison are far from the cornucopia. They headed east and have stopped at the large river. The water seems to be moving quickly and powerfully down the stream. The sun is blaring and with two large cannisters of water that were in Toby's bag. They are already almost empty and they should have lasted longer than that.

Lily collapses to the ground with a sigh, taking a big gulp of water and Toby checks the speed of the stream.

"It's moving too fast. If we try to cross, there's a possibilty that we could drown," He says very monotone.

"Yeah well if we stay here then we're bound to run into someone who wants our heads rolling. I think we should take a chance," Lily replies. She has a point but Toby isn't convinced.

"No. Let's stay here for a while. If we go now I know we will drown."

Abbey Novara has taken refuge under the shade of the trees where the sun can't reach as well. The heat is still blistering but isn't as bad.

She may not have a bag, but she has fashioned a spear out of wood and has also found a small pond of fresh water. She may be alone, but Abbey is doing well by herself.

Cameryn Andrews has decided that it's time to take out her anger on the D12 tributes. Along with Golden Klein, she is off to find them. The careers figure they have a bigger chance of killing everyone faster if they split up and then meet back at the Cornucopia later. Neptune Shellbove has been given the task of guarding the cornucopia but from a distance.

7:48 PM, Day 2

The sun is staring to go down now.

Dani is still watching the cornucopia but Neptune won't move long enough for her to get there.

Karla and Klaus have been camped out somewhere in the woods. They are a couple miles north of the cornucopia and have set up neatly. Karla has fashioned a shaded area out of sticks, branches and leaves that block them from the sun's rays. The heat is finally starting to settle and Klaus is on the lookout. His bag had 10 throwing knives in it but that's all he has for weapons. Throwing knives aren't exactly Klaus's strong suit but it'll have to do.

Karla reaches into a bag of dried fruit and pulls out a piece, slowly chewing on it as she watches Klaus draw in the dirt with his knife. He's intriguing just by being himself. At first he was rude, cold, logical and condescending but now he's completely changed. She thinks he hangs the moon. Still, her heart aches knowing that one of them if not both of them will die.

"I wish- I wish I'd never met you," Karla says quietly. Klaus looks up at her and stops fiddling in the dirt, confused.

"I don't. I'm glad I met you." His expression turns happy again. It seems like he understood on his own.

"I know but-" Karla starts. Klaus cuts her off.

"No. Don't go there, not yet. We can both survive this. Remember about Katniss?"

Karla stops and drops her head down, praying that he's right.

Toby and Lily are still waiting by the river.

"That's it, I can't do this. We HAVE to cross," Lily says, standing up. Toby snorts and shakes his head.

"Fine. Go ahead and cross, see what happens. When you drown, I won't be there to save you."

Lily frowns. Suddenly her face turns bright red and Toby knows something's up.


She gingerly points away from the river, towards the trees. When Toby looks, all he sees is a guy running towards them. There isn't much time to react, so Toby scrambles for his knife. When the D12 boy reaches them, he has no weapons on him.

"Don't kill me, please! I have nothing!" Shaft screams, falling to his knees.

"What are you doing here?" Toby says, his knife raised.

"I got sepparated from my district partner. Please, I just need some water!"

Toby lowers his knife. Shaft's lips are all dried up and he looks terribly dehydrated. Toby wonders how long it's been since the poor guy had some water.

"Fine. There's a stream of water behind us. We have no cantines to give you, but drink what you can from you hands," Toby informs him. Shaft's eyes widen with joy as he sprints past Lily and Toby and over to the stream, losing all sense of self defense. Toby can't help but smile to himself. He takes a look at Lily, winks, and then follows Shaft over to the stream. While Shaft is bent over, gulping the water out of his hands, Toby comes up behind and gives a light shove, pushing Shaft into the stream. He screams as he slips and dives in head first, coming up for air immediately and being pushed down by the stream. 

"Help!" He screams out again. Not only is the current much stronger than Toby even thought it was, but also it seems like the D12 boy doesn't know how to swim. He struggles to stay above the water as it forces him under. After another couple of minutes, Shaft is out of sight from being pushed so far down the stream.

Lily stands there with her mouth gaping in shock.

"What the hell was that? He was just trying to survive!" She yells, obviously infuriated with Toby's actions. 

He just smiles. 

"Sorry babe, there can only be one winner though."

Her eyes narrow on him for a second. By the time she realizes what he meant, it's already too late. He jams the knife upward, into Lily's gut. She gasps for air as Toby twists. He then withdraws the knife and throws her to the ground.

"I really am sorry..." He says with a fake sad face. He lays down and hovers over Lily for a moment, inches from her face.

"Really, you have such beautiful eyes," he tells her, planting a long, wet kiss on her lips. He then stands up and packs up his bag just as a cannon fires. With Lily still gasping for air, he knows it must be Shaft from D12 who just drowned. Toby lifts his bag and walks back towards the woods, waving at Lily's dying body.

"Bye baby, I had a wonderful time being allies!" He blows a kiss to her, laughs, and then vanishes into the trees.

Lily holds on for a few more minutes until she bleeds out, then the cannon fires.

Day 3:

The careers have spread out. Ash and Audrina have moved east while Cameryn and Golden moved west. They all decided they can cover more ground.

Cameryn shoves a branch out of her way.

"I can't believe the District 12 boy died by another person's hands. I was gonna kills him!" She yells angrily, stomping around.

"May I ask why you hate D12 so much?" Golden asks as the branch that Cameryn releases swings around and hits him in the face.

"It's a long story, but at least the girl is still alive. I can't wait to watch the life leave her eyes!"

Golden stops for a second, smiles, and keeps moving.

"You have got to be the most sadistic girl I've ever met... Isn't it great?"

Karla and Klaus are running on the last few drops of water. 

Karla opens up a cantine, sighs, and then puts the top back on. She knows the water has to be savoured.

Day 5

There has been a gap in the games. No one has died for the past couple of days.

Klaus and Karla have kept moving, constantly packing up and on their feet every new day to make themselves less vulnerable.

The careers have ultimately failed at finding other tributes and have all gathered back at the cornucopia.

Dani was able to get a bag a couple of days ago and lives a half a mile from the cornucopia. 

Lila Winston is cold and alone. She is in a cave that was found a long ways away. After the death of her partner, she is sad and lonely, knowing death is eminant.

Toad and Shade have allied up and are moving in the same direction that Klaus and Karla are in but they don't realize it.

Day 6

Toad and Shade as well as Cameryn and Golden are all moving in the same direction, which just so happens to be the place that Klaus and Karla have set up camp. Karla is on watch while Klaus rests his eyes for a few minutes. She hears a snap of a twig and jumps.

"Klaus! Get up!"

He shakes awake and opens his eyes. She is about to tell him about the twig when there's a crunching of leaves.

Klaus grabs his knife and stands up to see Shade and Toad. They both spot him and run towards him and Karla. Toad is an easy target, and Klaus swipes his knife at the boy and he falls over in a gush of blood. An arrow flies from the opposite direction and hits Toad just as he's falling to the ground. He was gonna die anyways so the arrow must have missed it's real target.

Cameryn and Golden are running over. Shade takes this a cue to leave and bolts away as fast as he can.

Karla jumps behind a tree and Klaus dodges another flying arrow. With Golden coming around, and swings his sword at Klaus. It knicks his arm and Klaus gasps. He returns with a knife swing and it catches Golden's chest but just barely. Golden staggers back and Karla runs up behind him bearing a large, sturdy tree limb that looks unbreakable and nails him in the back of the head with it. Golden falls over and the first cannon fires for Toad. Golden is still moving.

Cameryn fires another arrow, which misses to a tree only about a foot to the left of Karla. Klaus dives behind the tree with Karla and waits for a moment because no arrows are firing. He barely peeks out to see Cameryn when another arrow flies and buries itself into his shoulder. He screams out and stumbles to the ground.

Cameryn throws her bow to the side and draws out her knives. Klaus stands up but only to find two knives aimed for his chest. They hit and he falls. Karla screams out, not knowing what else to do. She remains behind the tree for a second and then leans down and picks up Klaus's knife. She grips it tightly and then turns and throws it with all the trust she can muster for it. The knife looks as if it's going in slow motion, on a trajectory for Cameryn's face. Karla doesn't watch when it makes contact, she only hears the boom of the cannon a few seconds later.

Karla lifts up Klaus in her arms. He is breathing, but just barely.

"C'mon, you can do this. We can win together, like you said!" She tells him, choking back tears. He just looks at her peacefully and with a small smile, like everything she is saying is going in one ear and out the other.

"You're the only person that never hated me. Thank you..."

"KLAUS! DON'T YOU DARE!" She screams at him, tears now streaming down her face.

"I love how you always liked me. I love you..."

His eyes go blank and his head rolls over to the side. Another cannon fires. Karla doesn't know what to do. She rocks him back and forth for a moment and then closes his eyes and pulls out the knives from his chest as well as the arrow from his shoulder. He can just be sleeping now. Karla lays him down gently and stands up. She can hear Golden trrying to get back up.

"Not this time," She hisses, grabbing one of the knives that she pulled from Klaus and thrusting it into Golden. She doesn't wait around and grabs the knives from Cameryn's dead corpse, Golden's sword, and Klaus's dagger before leaving without anything else. She will win for him. 

The final cannon fires, marking another four tributes dead.

Final Day:

Karla moves toward the cornucopia, leaning on a tree. There hasn't been a death in a long time, which is why the gamemakers set up a feast. Problem? There's only one bag and the gamemakers drained all of the freshwater over night. This bag is everyone's last chance. Without it, the tributes will die within the next couple of says. 

The coast seems clear right now but the odds that there are no one else in the trees is highly unlikely. Karla crouches. Someone is waiting, out there, she can feel it. Therefore she isn't going to be the bait.

Dani is the first to bolt. As fast as she is, she reaches the bag before anyone else even jumps out. Then comes both from D2, Neptune Shellbove, Shade Spectrus, Abbey Novara, Toby Rodgers, and Lila Winston. 

The careers don't seem to be on the same side anymore. It becomes obvious to everyone when Neptune Shellbove stabs Ash Krill from behind. Ash yells out and grips his side. When he falls, Neptune moves forward to the others. BOOM!

Dani doesn't make it very far before she is grabbed by Shade Spectrus. He doesn't have time to do anything before a knife goes through his chest from Toby Rodgers, who then slits Dani's throat as soon as Shade falls over. 


Toby picks up the bag and begins to run but is tackled by Audrina.

Abbey Novara is stabbed in the gut by Neptune. BOOM!

Lila Winston hits Neptune in the back of the head with a big stick and hits him over and over until a strike to the neck breaks his neck. BOOM!

Karla Flake finally runs out, sneaking up behind Lila, and swings her sword. Karla closes her eyes and hears a chopping sound. She barely glances but runs around the headless body.


Toby Rodgers throws Audrina off of him. She screams furiously and jumps back on him. Toby is prepared this time though and she jumps right onto his knife. BOOM!

Toby throws her body off and stands up to face Karla. She looks at him fearlessly as he picks up the bag.

"You know what? Lets not run and get this over with!" Toby smiles and tosses the bag to the side, out of both of their reach. He charges at her, knife first, and Karla narrowly dogdes. She spins, swinging her sword. He ducks underneath and rises up, slashing her in the side. Karla screams in pain and punches him in the face. Toby spits out blood and faces her again. When he does, she swings the sword. He throws his hands up and grabs her hands, snatching the sword from her. Karla reaches swiftly around and pulls out one of her knives. She then thrusts two of them into Toby. He gasps, looks at his wounds, and collapses. 

Karla Flake has won!

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