"To Remind the traitors of the power we have, four boys and four girls from each district will be sent to fight to the death, resulting in a Hunger Games of 96 tributes. May the odds be ever in your favor."



Why The Games were brought back

President Ron Halbriinger sips his tea. He dips a chocolate cookie into a mug of milk that sits to the side. After the Mellark's did so well pulling the nation back together, the districts were happy. The Capitol was no longer in control, but more of a place for vacations. All citizens of the Capitol were spread out amongst the districts. The only ones who stayed in the Capitol were politicians, the President, vacationers, and, for the richer families, vacation homes. Life was dandy for everyone. That was, until President Archie Halbriinger was elected. After corrupting all politicians, Pres. Halbriinger slowly began to tweak the law into his favor. There were no more terms, people could move back to the Capitol, and he started trying to take control again. Life was good for almost 60 years. Then, after President Halbriinger was voted in, the districts began to start uprising again. This, of course, evolved into an all out war. Rue and Finnick Mellark were the leaders of the rebels. After almost 5 years of war, The districts were beaten. All of the Mellarks other then Primrose Mellark were publicly slain. Primrose was young at the time and went into hiding. The Hunger games were brought back, but they were worse than before. 48 tributes are sent in every year instead of 24, and the games were brought back starting with the 76th Hunger Games. 7 generations later, the Halbriinger's are still in office with Ron Halbriinger. He has a special twist for this years 20th Quarter Quell.

I am still going with the 92nd Hunger Games, but I wanted to get this one started since it will take a long time to fill in the tributes. Each person is allowed to enter 3 males and 3 females. You can give me a certain district, or you can just say 'Any District' and I will put them where deemed fit. If there's a particular district you don't want them in, then say 'Any District but (whichever you don't want them in).

I will give it until september 10 to have all the tributes filled in. I will get back on when the 8th arrives and check to see how many tributes we have. If there are not enough by the time the 10th is here, this game will be cancelled. I do say, if this game gets all the tributes in time, it will have some wonderful potential.

The Bare minimum of what I need in a tribute:









That's what I need in every tribute, but you can give me extra like backstory and appearance and other stuff. Just a quick tip, around 50 to 60 tributes will die during the bloodbath so don't be mad if yours are amongst that. ALSO do not say, 'Get my D6 tributes off of my page,' Because I'm not. If you want me to have them, post them on my page. Anyways, I will be revoking my last comment about how I will only enter tributes on the 8th. Now it's first come first serve. You enter them, I will put them up ASAP. Also, no stupid info or names. If the tribute's info and name is too unrealistic, I won't put them in.

One last thing, I will not be doing the reaping or interviews. I would die of old age before I got all that finished. I may or may not do chariot rides, the training scores will be difficult but I do need those. I will gradually put them up.

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

The Arena

The Arena is in the ruins of a place once known as, 'Manhattan.' Many of the buildings are still in tact but the island is far too destroyed to be remade again. For this reason and for the reason of 96 tributes this year, the entire island will be used as the Arena for this years Hunger Games. Any and all ways off of the island have been severed and/or blocked by force fields. The Cornucopia is located on the top of one of the buildings. This building has multiple other adjacent rooftops that the tributes start on. Since there is a row of adjacent buildings, the tributes start on the farthest ones away from the Cornucopia and the distance is 200 yards. For that reason in particular, many of the tributes will try to survive without items from the Cornucopia. Little do they know that the island bares no other food. Their only hope is to get in and out quickly so that they may survive.

Hey everyone, click the arrow in the corner to view the rest of the info, sorry!----------------VVVVVVVVVVVV

District Name Gender: Age: Weaknessess: Personality: Skills
1M Flash Skylar Male 18 Temper, toys around Smooth and mean, vicious Adept, killing
1M Brad James Male 17 Swimming Always angry, lashing out Climbing, running
1M Toby Donovan Male 16 Loves animals too much Wild Killer Killing
1M Excalibur Rose Male 18 Bugs Bully, typical Career Scythe or sword
1F Lisa Silver Female 17 The dark Evil Throwing knives
1F Nescaliar Bohemia Female 13 Afraid of the dark Typical Career Whip or sword
1F Beth Wilson Female 17 Blood Spoiled brat Climbing
1F Emerald Firia Female 17 Dyslexic Sarcastic, sweet, cocky, sexy Great liar, smart, stealthy
2M Sammy Rewtro Male 18 Climbing Good looking, sweet, cocky Running, strong


Alexander Averin Male 18 Protective of Fox nice to sis but cruel to others Strong, smart, brutal
2M Cronus Addlevene Male 17 Cocky, cruel Typical Career Fast, agile, strong
2M Stuart Hummes Male 14 Not mature Typical Career Skills: Anything, preffered axe
2F Geneive Terrion Female 15 Her weakness is Stuart Typical Career Skills: Lots, mace
2F Fox Averin Female 16 Her brother Alex Sweet to sibling but deceptive, blood thirsty to others Edible plants, amazing aim with knives
2F Ivy Willik Female 17 Hot headed, ADHD, Softy for 12 year olds Mean, vicious, sexy, smart alek Bow, knives, strategic, smart
2F Kalisa Overton Female 14 Weak, has a bone brittle disease Isn't a career, kind and sweet Hiding, P.I., fast
3M Raden Harvestmoon Male 17 Too vicious for his own good Fiery, mean and spiteful Swimming, desire to kill others
3M Compton Onaway Male 16 Overconfident, speed Rude, arrogant, sly Intelligence, traps, trickery
3M John Carter Male 14 Swimming and Climbing Charming, intelligent Intelligence, strength, speed
3M Hundoor Hugletoo Male 17 Can't swim, afraid of heights Silly Can build techno, brilliant
3F Newle Harvestmoon Female 12 Can't swim, doubts herself Sharp and quick


keeps everything under control

3F Astrid Exilir Female 12 Plants, killing, storms Sweet, funny, outgoing Speed, aim, swimming, stealth
3F Ember Tantum Female 15 Weak Shy, genius, clever Smart, fast, clever, wire, poisons
(Izzy is a career) 3F issabella Electrode


18 Explosions Typical Career Skills: Throwing hammers ,speed sword
4M Jason Oceanwater Male Age: 14 Weaknesses: Climbing Personality: Fun, happy, down to earth Skills: running, stealth
4M Josh Eagleye Male 17 Climbing and swimming Funny and likeable Smart and cunning, good fighter
4M Richard Jackson Male 15 Doesn't want to lose D partner Sarcastic, ruthless when mad Smart, aim, fishing, swimming
4M Hail Destro Male 16 Dependable on others, Not good alone, slow Seductive, abusive Swimming, strong, H2H, Likeable
4F Marina Aquatics Female 16 Doesn't want to be loved Happy, lovable, Joyful Swimming, running, stealth
4F Tidal Fynn Female 17 not strong Sly and Smart Swimming, fast, stealthy
4F Rosalind Shimmer Female 15 Bad with any weapon but bow Mean, ruthless, Charismatic, brave Great with bows, beauty is an advantage
4F Amanda Hawkes Female 16 Bad temper, long distance running Funny, likeable, a good leader Sprints fast, sword and spears
5M Kirk Seacrest Male 15 Like a fish out of water Doesn't show it, so unknown Good swimmer
5M Colin Lyons Male 12 Climbing, running Nice, not one to mess with Smart and sneaky,
5M Magnas Velocity Male 18 Climbing Brutal, angry, serious Strong, fast, smart
5M Veto Magnate Male 13 Small, Scrawny Bully Climbing, good with tech
5F Illuminate Sensorium Female 15 Unable to swim Quiet, a loner Good arm, fast, nimble, intelligent
5F Cassia Slyara Female 15 Small, Boney, insomniatic Smart, intelligent, quiet Fast, agile, Stealthy, plants
5F Tressa Jones Female 16 Strength Sly, elusive, strange Stealthy, speed, agility
5F Lynmet Orchidkiss Female 15 Deep water Sweet, pretty, funny, eyecatcher Lots
6M Acrolerio Trans Male 18 Not good with allies Serious, aggressive Good with axes and knives
6M Michair Trans Male 15 Over protective Talkative, gentile Trap making
6M Mack Manera Male 17 Not fast, too friendly with females Funny, tough, brutish, romantic strong, lying, smart
6M Hensley Rockert Male 18 Loves Raell too much, short temper Protective, optimistic, loving strong and fast
6F Raella Katapodis Female 18 Weak, all weapons, pregnancy Sweet, kind, loving, can be rude Strong around BF, swift
6F Annie Rocque Female 17 Plant Knoledge, climbing, ADD Sweet, protective, easly angered


Agilty, speed

6F Larina Fairchild Female 14 H2H combat Talkative, annoying Swimming
6F Miles Trans Female 13 Can't dodge ranged weapons Cute and funny Camo
7M Lucas Rayden Male 17 Swimming

Ruthless, manipulative,


Good sight and hearing, Manipulative
7M Shark Storms Male 18 Mean, loudmouth, not nimble Ruthless, know-it-all, dirty Strong, good reflexes, swimming, running
7M Jake Woods Male 14 Climbing vertically, can't throw Likeable, hates the games Swimming, running
7M Rye Woods Male 17 Cannot swim Serious Agility, Patience, hiding
7F Alice Wings Female 14 Hand-to-hand Combat Nice Skills: Climbing
7F Destra Trayala Female 16 Doesn't want allies, can't climb Comes across as rude but is really kind Strong, camo, speed
7F Nicole Hills Female 15 Cannot swim Confident Hiding, Camo
7F Mabel Okoinly Female 14 Speed and strength Sweet, shy, easily scared Stealth, aim, tree climbing
8M Xander Bolts Male 16 Climbing Funny, protective, smart Speed, stealth
8M Ben Hopton Male 16 Loud, not stealthy Funny, scary, friendly Can make poisons
8M Hoges Mase Male 15 Slow, cocky Cocky, rude, snide Strong, good with swords
8M Alex Robles Male 18 Cannot swim or kill Doesn't like games, hates Capitol Climbing trees
8F Tatiana Travis Female 16 Short temper, claustrophobic Can be nice, hates careers Healing, P.I. endurance, strength, speed
8F Kala Grace Female 15 Swimming, not very strong Smart and friendly Climbing, camo, Survival skills
8F Alana Tiles Female 16 Cannot swim or climb Shy, nervous, confused, happy Survivng without food, clothe making
8F Savanah Brown Female 17 Bad at hunting, doesn't like killing Loner, witty, can be mean Fast, good at hiding, running
9M Luke Knight Male 15 Running, swimming Sly, quiet Stealth, agility
9M Will Grain Horn Male 13 Climbing, heights Nice and funny Swimming, making friends
9M John Calico Male 15 Finesse, Can't swim, bows Confident H2H, fire starting
9M Gorp Loyrup Male Age: 16 Can't speak, won't kill young tribs Sweet and Vicious Katana, Fast
9F Sarah Silk Female 15 Not very strong, bad at H2H combat Nice and Caring Speed, intelligence
9F Jane Skye Female 15 Doesn't want to kill, dislikes using sword Clever, shy, sneaky, smart Stealthy, strong W/ Sword
9F Ebony Grenslev Female 16 Untrustworthy Archery, TK, snares, I.P. fast Fierce, smart, confident
9F Beth Powers Female 16 Running Caring, fearless Climbing, swimming
10M Colt Cook Male 15 Slow, too trusting Happy, nice, friendly Strong, climbing
10M Jake Lance Male 15 Swimming Tough, trustworthy H2H, Hunting, fishing
10M Patrick McCrimmon


Age: 15 Overly aggresive, arrogant Rude, loud, smart Survival skills, sword fighting, smart
10M Ryan Steven Male Age: 15 Works alone, Doesn't trust others Determinated, serious Strong, H2H combat, daggers
10F Miley Ficktor Female 17 Not sneaky or nice Rude Swimming
10F Taera Opapa Female 17 Getting allies Bi-Polar Climbing, swimming
10F Raquelle Macelain Female 18 Arrogant, not smart, aim, plants Mean, rude, sly, brutal Speed, agility, strong, hearing
10F Cheyenne Winston Female 17 Easily scared, underestimating others Mature, Romantic, rude Hunting, climbing, agility, patience
11M Spruce Allinwood Male 18 Agility, strength Vicious brute Super strong, endurance, climbing
11M Allec Foredean Male 15 Hatred towards others, ranged weapons Rude, deadly Melee weapons
11M Jaxon Keller Male 17 Shy, opinionative Funny, Smart Strong, loyal
11F Gerith Yurb Female 14 Has weapons that are hard to kill with Silly and sweet Fast, plant I.D.
11F Lily Piper Female 16 Easily scared, homesick Cute, Immature Intelligent, fast, Flexible
11F Hailey Ricktor Female 16 Long runs, swimming Upfront, won't kill unless necessary Straight shooter, Strong, tracking
11F Dharna Macedo Female 18 Not a quick thinker, weak Shy, kind Hiding, running
12M Onyx Gray Male 17 Doesn't think things through, swimming Quiet, Angry about the games H2H combat, Tolerable to pain
12M Carclaud Mortod Male 13 Scaredy cat, won't ally Smart, clever, lovable Climbing



Sam Devito Mike Shades

Male Male



Not strong, can't do much WO his weapon Not sneaky, can't swim

Friendly, Trust issues, underestimated Strong

Adaptable, manipulative Swift, healing, animals

12F Ellie Nightshaft Female 16 Candy Pink birds Popular, Quiet, Wary Hiding, camo
12F Laea Rail Female 14 Doesn't want to kill Sweet and Daring Observant, edible plants



Lock Kavara

Katrina Edenor

Females _-__-_-_-__________________________>>>>>>>>>>>




Doesn't like blood

Silent, thoughtul, smart

Brave, courageous, outgoing

Accuaracy w/ throwing knives, fast

throwing knives, live longer without food

Arena Items (Each sponsor may only send 1 per tribute. All of the items are scattered across New York City, which is the new arena. There will be no 'Life Or Death' items that you can send. Only stuff like small packages of food and water, etc.):

Small rations of food

Small cantine



Sleeping bag

Cantine of gatorade

sun glasses

Training scores
District Name Score 1 Flash Skylar 11
1 Brad James 9
1 Toby Donovan 9
1 Excalibur Rose 10
1 Lisa Silver 10
1 Nescaliar Bohemia 10
1 Beth Wilson 9
1 Emerald Firia 8
2 Sammy Rewtro 10
2 Alexander Averin 12
2 Cronus Addlevene 9
2 Stuart Hummes 10
2 Geneive Terrion 9
2 Fox Averin 11
2 Ivy Willik 9
2 Kalisa Overton 4
3 Raden Harvestmoon 8
3 Compton Onaway 7
3 John Carter 7
3 Hundoor Huggletoo 5
3 Newl Harvestmoon 5
3 Astrid Elixer 6
3 Ember Tantum 5
3 Issabella Electrode 9
4 Jason Oceanwater 9
4 Josh Eagleye 10
4 Richard Jackson 8
4 Hail Destro 9
4 Marina Aquatics 8
4 Tidal Fynn 8
4 Rosalind Shimmer 11
4 Amanda Hawkes 10
5 Kirk Seacrest 3
5 Colin Lyons 5
5 Magnas Velocity 7
5 Illuminate Sensorium 11
5 Cassia Slyara 2
5 Tressa Jones 6
5 Lynmet Orchidkiss 10
6 Acrolerio Trans 10
6 Michair Trans 8
6 Mack Manera 6
6 Hensley Rockert 8
6 Raella Katapodis 4
6 Annie Rocque 6
6 Larina Fairchild 4
6 Miles Trans 7



Shark Storms

Lucas Rayden



7 Jake Woods 6
7 Rye Woods 6
7 Alice Wings 5
7 Destra Treyala 7
7 Nichole Hills 6
7 Mabel Okoinly 6
8 Xander Bolts 7
8 Ben Hopton 8
8 Hoges Mase 8
8 Alex Robbles 5
8 Tatiana Travis 8
8 Kala Grace 7
8 Alana Tiles 4
8 Savanah Brown 5
9 Luke Knight 5
9 Will Grain Horn 3
9 John Calico 7
9 Gorp Loyrup 7
9 Sarah Silk 4
9 Jane Skye 7
9 Ebony Grenslev 4
9 Beth Powers 5
10 Colt Cook 6
10 Jake Lance 7
10 Patrick McCrimmon 6
10 Ryan Steven 8
10 Miley Ficktor 3
10 Taera Opapa 6
10 Raquelle Macelain 10
10 Cheyenne Winston 6
11 Spruce Allenwood 7
11 Alec Foredean 8
11 Anthos Probany 7
11 Jaxon Keller 6
11 Gerith Yurb 5
11 Lilly Piper 6
11 Hailey Ricktor 7
11 Dharna Macedo 4
12 Onyx Gray 9
12 Carclaud Mortod 5
12 Sam Devito 3
12 Mike Shades 5
12 Ellie Nightshaft 7
12 Laea Rail 6
12 Lock Kavara 8
12 Katrina Edenor 7

Death Chart and Placements
 Colt Cook Status: Dead- 1st Anthos Probany 2nd
Cheyenne Winston 3rd
Mack Manera 4th
Laea Rail 5th
Gerith Yurb 6th
Sam Devito 7th
Alana Tiles 8th
Kirk Seacrest 9th
Cassia Slyara 10th
Alex Robbles 11th
Miles Trans 12th
Marina Aquatics 13th
Sammy Rewtro 14th
John Carter 15th
Kalisa Overton 16th
Toby Donavan 17th
Lock Kavara 18th
Tressa Jones 19th
Compton Onaway 20th
John Calico 21st
Shark Storms 22nd
Magnas Velocity 23rd
Alec Fordean 24th
Hail Destro 25th
Alice Wings 26th
Lisa Silver 27th
The Bloodbath Ends
Beth Wilson 28th
Richard Jackson 29th
Mike Shades 30th
Taera Opapa 31st

---The Bloodbath Begins---

Savanah Brown of D9 rises in her tube. The blaring sun disorients her for a moment, as she glances around frantically. Her vision finally comes to, and she now sees what the Arena is.

A CIty. A broken, destroyed, old city. Buildings are so high. The place looks so big. Savanah almost loses her balance but regains it just in time. She stares down at her pedastal. Behind it, nothing. Ground, but no less than a hundred feet. If she falls, she will most assuredly die. The other tributes are on their pedastals. So many of them. She had never really realized how many there were until now. After a couple more seconds, the clock above the cornucopia begins to ding as the number drops from 1:00.

Lucas Rayden from D7 sees the cornucopia. The cornucopia along with the tributes must be on a building. A large rooftop to hold so many tributes from so far away. The cornucopia's items are stacked high. The mouth isn't even visible through the luggage piled almost 20 feet high. Most of these tributes, like the pregnant girl from D6, Lucas thought, would either have to run, or die.

Alexander Averin from D2 isn't worried. This will be the perfect time for him to kill off tributes and get the sponsor's attention. He will kill anyone that get's in his way, even the other careers.

"Attention tributes, attention. The Gamemaker decided it would be... Curteous of him to inform you that the cornucopia will be the only source of food and water that any of you will find. If you're lucky, you might run into a loaf of bread around the Empire State building, but I wouldn't count on it. That is all."

To Raella Katapodis from D6, that was like a punch in the stomach. She was too slow. If she tried to get to the bloodbath, she would most definately die. Her only hope was running.

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, GONG!

Mike Shades from D12 is the first off of his pedastal and the first to the cornucopia. He barely has time to grab anything before Lily Piper, Gerith Yurb, Cheyenne Winston, and Rye Woods hop onto the pile. Anthos Probany and Colt Cook are battling it out before they even make it to the cornucopia, Throwing punches and kicks.

Anthos tries to tackle Colt, who won't hit the ground. Anthos get's him from the waist and tries to throw him to the ground. Colt won't take it, but before he can throw another punch, his foot slips off of the edge of the building. In a last attempt to save himself, Colt locks his hands around Anthos' arm, not realizing Anthos wasn't strong enough to hold them both up. They both go off of the edge, still trying to hit one another even seconds before they hit the ground. (95, 94)

Excalibur Rose and Nescaliar Bohemia are at the pile with Flash Skylar and Sammy Rewtro. There are no weapons on the pile, so they have to climb over it. Cheyenne Winston gets over just after Mike Shades, but doesn't have time to react. Just as her feet hit the ground, a blade swings around, crashing into her face. (93)

Everyone other then Cassia Slyara, Miley Ficktor, Raella Katapodis, Will Grain Horn, and Newl Harvestmoon are at the Bloodbath.

Beth Powers strikes Illuminate Sensorium In the gut with her fist. Emerald Firia from D1 has started throwing the piled up equipment onto the ground, along with most of the other tributes. Finally, they break through and hop over the pile and sprint into the mouth. Mack Manera is gutted by Ivy Willik (92), Laea Rail has her neck slashed by Josh Eagleye's blade (91), Lucas Rayden is battling it out with Kirk Seacrest, both of whom have spears.

Sam Devito is pinned down by Rosalind Shimmer, who has a bladed whip clenched in her hand. Gerith Yurb tries to ambush Rosalind, who sees this and snaps the whip in Gerith's direction. In a flash, Gerith's bloody body is twitching on the ground. Rosa flings her whip at Sam, wrapping around his neck and strangling as well as cutting him. Rosa jerks the whip back, slashing all the way around Sam's neck, taking off all of the skin and leaving him to bleed out (90, 89).

Alana Tiles has her neck snapped by Michair Trans before she can reach a weapon (88). Katrina Edenor, Dharna Macedo, Ryan Steven, John Calico, Savanah Brown and Ebony Grenslev all escape with minimum food, weapons, and/or bags. Ellie Nightshaft has tossed a knife into Beth Wilson from D1 as she ran off. Tatiana Travis shoots Sarah Silk down with her bow and arrow. Jaxon Keller throws Kirk Seacrest off of the building, near the first ladder that everyone has been climbing down to get away. Kirk grasps Jaxon's hand as his body whips through the air. Jaxon jerks his hand back but Kirk's grasp is too hard and dislocates two of Jaxon's fingers. Kirk screames as his body flies through the air just before it hits the ground. (87, 86)

Cassia Slyara thinks she has a straight shot out of the cornucopia. She has a black backpack, another black pack full of only food, and a dagger hanging on her side. Alexander Averin spots her and chucks his spear at her. It misses, barely, and takes Cassia's supply bag off of the building. The color drains from her face. It's a mericle that she's even alive. Cassia takes off running towards the ladder with Alex hot on her trail. It will take far too long to get down that ladder, in which time Alex will have already gutted her and moved on. Cassia sees another rooftop that's only about five feet away from the current rooftop. It's surprising no one has seen it yet, but that isn't a concern right now. With her bags, Cassia might not make it. She drops her bag but before she jumps, Alex snatches her hair and tugs back. Cassia yelps and is slammed back to the ground.

"Please, please let me go. Please don't kill me. Give me a chance," She chokes back tears. Alex looks saddened for a second, stroking her face with his hand just before he thrusts a knife into her chest. Tears drain from Cassia's eyes as life leaves her. (85)

Alex Robbles is slashed down by Flash Skylar's new axe, being burried in his chest. Miles Trans is stabbed in the neck by Tatiana Travis' short sword seconds before Tatiana escapes from the bloodbath. Marina Aquatics, Sammy Rewtro, John Carter, Kalisa Overton and Toby Donavan have all been cut down by Illuminate Sensorium and Acrelio Trans, who seem to have formed an alliance. (78 tributes left)

Jake Lance, Jane Skye, and Xander Bolts have all escaped with minimal injuries and have formed an alliance.

Ivy Willik scrapes Lock Kavara across the face with a blade. (77) 

Tressa Jones, Compton Onaway and John Calico, who returned for better aquipment, were shoved off of the rooftop by the Averin siblings. (74)

Shark Storms is stabbed by Magnas Velocity with a spear, shortly after Magnas is stabbed by Stuart Hummes. (72) Alec Foredean is killed by Emerald Firia, Hail Destro is killed by Raquelle Macelain, Alice Wings is killed by Hensley Rockert, and Lisa Silver is killed by Amanda Hawkes. (68)

With that, everyone else manages to escape the bloodbath. Many tributes run into each other, but are too worn down to attack. most of the tributes escape from the five ladders on different sides, or by jumping onto nearby rooftops. Not even a single item is left at the Cornucopia.

Tribute info

1:20 PM- Thursday

The remaining careers have joined together for the time being. They are putting all of their stuff together on the 15th floor of a building.

Amanda Hawkes, Issabella Electrode, Lynmet Orchidkiss, Hoges Mase, and Onyx Gray have all joined up and are at the edge of the city, staying as far away from other tributes as possible.

Astrid Elixer and the Harvestmoon siblings have teamed up.

Raella Katapodis and Hensley Rockert have found each other.

Ellie Nightshaft, Katrina Edenor, Hundoor Hugletoo, Dharna Macedo, Hailey Ricktor, Luke Knight, and Patrick McCrimmon have become allies and are hiding out at the Cornucopia.

1:46 PM- Thursday

The Trans siblings have teamed up with Annie Rocque and Jake Lance.

9:03 AM- Friday

Taera Opapa has teamed up with Mike Shades.

1:23 PM Sunday

Ebony Grenslev and Amber Tantum have teamed up.

Tributes POV

Astrid Elixer

I seriously don't know why I chose to team up with anybody, especially since in the end I'm probably going to end up being betrayed. The Harvestmoon's seem alright to me, I guess. I need to make sure I can trust them, though.

Newle seems to be pretty distrought about all of this.

To be honesy, I am very uncomfortable in this big city but I can't let my weakness show.

"We need to keep moving. We've all seen this game before. The Careers will hunt us for the first few days, and we need to make sure all of us are as safe as we can be," I say.

"There's buildings everywhere. If we find a large one, maybe we can hide in it. I doubt the careers will be able to find us all, especially with such a big arena," Newle says. She looks to her brother for his opinion. Raden nods.

I can tell he doesn't like me. I'm not worried about Newle. I've seen what she can do, and she doesn't look vicious. It's Raden that I need to look out for. I have a hunch that as soon as I close my eyes, I'm dead. I know Raden discards me as a liability since I'm young, but according to my family I've always been very mature for my age. I'm keeping a close eye on him. Newle seems nice. I'm sad that all three of us are most likely dead.

We set off for the building Newle had in mind.

Acrolerio Trans

I prepared myself for it. I told myself that they would die. There was no way they could live, and my heart still aches for the loss of my sister. I swore to be strong... It isn't working. I feel vulnerable and weak. I have to protect Michair. He is all that's left.

Annie Rocque has been staring at me ever since we came into contact with her and Jake. It's making me uncomfortable.

"What do we do now?" Says Jake.

"Find high ground, get as far away from everyone else as possible," replies Annie.

"I agree with Annie. It's a big arena, and it would take way too long for the careers to find us," says Michair. I step up and lightly push Michair to the side.

"No, a tall building is exactly where they would look. We need a short building," I say.

Mike Shades

We picked the right building. It's tall, and we are on the top level. Taera is standing by the window and keeping an eye out. She has a bow, and I'm praying to God that she can fire that thing as good as she says she can.

"I see someone!" Taera hisses. We both duck and Taera inches back up to the window.

"It's careers! Not all of them, though. Just a few from 1 and 2."

A curse flies through my mouth.

"They're splitting up to find us! What do we do?"

Taera slides back down to the floor. "I don't know. If they find us they will kill us. I could try to shoot them...."

Before I reply, Taera slides an arrow into the string, stands up, and fires. I hear screams from the ground and I walk up to the window. One of the tributes in a green jacket.... District 1, a female, with blonde hair.... I think her name is Beth Wilson has an arrow in her chest. Taera fires another arrow, but everyone dodges and it hits Beth again. (67)


The careers see us and run into the building.

"What do we do!?" I scream at her.

Taera tosses me my sword and we run over to the staircase. It's a spiral straight down for about thirty floors. I hear the door slam open on the bottom floor and see glimpses of the careers running up. I see the D1 Male, Excalibur Rose, has a bow aimed at us. It flies up faster than we can react, but thankfully doesn't make it all the way up. Taera fires another arrow and barely misses a career. I can't believe she's that good with an arrow. I run passed Taera and attempt to meet the careers on the fifteenth floor.

I meet Richard Jackson from D4 first (And Taera said there was no D4 tributes here) and swing my sword at him. He reacts too late, and my sword wipes his hand clean off. Blood spurts around and Richard yelps. I drag the blade across his abdomen. I regret that, since his guts spill out. The D2 male behind Richard, Cronus  Addlevene, throws Richard's body over the railing and his body soars to the ground. (66)


Cronus has a knife and thrusts it into my chest. Pain shoots up and down my body like I've never known and he throws me to the ground.

"Leave him. I have an idea," Cronus says. They run up the stairs as my vision blurs. I hear a scream and I know it's Taera's. A moment later, they come down the stairs with Taera over Cronus' shoulder. I am lifted up and thrown carelessly over another shoulder who I don't have a chance to see. I black out, and come to my senses again outside, sitting on my knees in the middle of the road. I see Taera out of the corner of my eye, and I can see she is alive, which almost saddens me. Whatever they are going to do, I know it isn't going to be nice, and I know it's going to hurt.

"This is a message to all tributes who can hear this. Come on out and we'll end this quickly, or else we will make you suffer," Cronus yells. There's no reply.

He aims us at a camera that he sees in a lamp post and does Taera first. He shoves a knife into her chest and throws her backwards onto the ground. Then he walks over to me.

"Any last words?"

I spit blood out of my mouth.

"Go to hell."

The knife digs into my chest, but it doesn't hurt. I fall back on my own and my head faces Taera. The vision slowly fades as I draw my last breath. (65, 64)

Ebony Grenslev POV

Out of all the games I could have been reaped to go in, I get picked for the game that has 96 tributes. Thankfully, no one has died since friday. For some reason that only makes me more nervous.

Me and Amber stand staring at a gigantic tunnel.

"Oh my..." I say.

"I read about this in the library in district 3. It's called the Lincoln Tunnel," Amber pipes. The tunnel looks pretty dang big.

"Should we hide in here? Is it too obvious?" I ask.

Amber shakes her head. "No, I think it's perfect. But we need to be cautious because I have a hunch the force field will be in here somewhere..."

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