Reason: Not enough Tributes

Welcome friends, users and people I don't like. Welcome to my first ever games, warning they will suck... me thinks. I promise to finish these games. These games will have twists, the name kinda gives it away but meh. So at the start 48 tributes will be put in 1vs1 showdowns and only one will survive for the arena. There will be one winner as usual and 4 tributes per district. So again Welcome to Dystopia where nothing is as it seems. May the odds be ever in your favour.

Rules of The Games

  • It´s as always three tributes per user, reservations of any kind lasts for one day and Wikia Contributors are not allowed to join these Games.
  • No cussing out here or being mean to other users, I want this to be an organized, civil Games where nobody is being harrassed or similar. If you begin to argue with someone, do so politely and don´t attack the user personally. Just because someone has a different opinion on something doesn´t mean he/she is dumb or inferior to you.
  • If your tribute dies, don´t be mad at me. This is the Hunger Games, almost everyone dies, what did you expect? I will not tolerate any kinds of mean comments to me for killing your tribute(s).
  • You should also not tell me rude things about how and what I write. Spelling mistakes are fine to correct me with (though I do have those a lot), but rude criticism is not appected. If you want to criticise my writing, do it constructively, not destructively.
  • Please dont go overboard with info, as I dont read though backstories which are 7000 words long. That´s just a bit too much. I dont need too much in a tribute, but tributes with more info may live longer in the Games just because of the amount of detail. But still, please don`t go completely crazy. I do NOT need family members, favorite color or clothes style. Seriously.
  • Follow the template below to the best of your abilties. The sections in bold are requirements. The italics sections are just suggestions that I would like if you included, but you don`t have to.

Appearance (Real life picture, Lunaii or description)
Weapon of Choice
Alternative Weapons
Interview Angle
Bloodbath Strategy
Games Strategy

Tributes for The Dystopia Games




Name Age Weapon



Name Age Weapon
1 Alric Gould 18 Sword 1 Terra Preature 16  Knives

Panther Doom

18 Anything 1 Valeria Hart 18 WIP
2 Arpeggio Decibel 18  Khopesh, schimitars 2 Same here
2 Zaphire 'Zaph' Beux 17 Spear 2 Metallix Gleam 16 Bow and Blowgun
3 Reserved for Kekai 3 Same here
3 Sam McSamSam 15 Sword 3 Ruby Hyrglass 15 Throwing Knives
4 Walu Escolar 14 Trident 4 Lucy Perch 15 Trident
4 Dune Glade 16 Trident and Spear 4 Eaux Obruo 16 Net and Trident
5 5 Detria Glace 14 throwing knives
5 5 Alexa Knight 17  Traps and knives
6 Yuna Besaid 15 Spears, awl 6 Skylar Andronicus 12 Sword
6 6 Reserved for Draggy
7 7 Clarabelle "Clare" Resule 14 Axes
7 7 Camellia Winchester 16 Axe
8 Whisper Raleigh 15 Sling shot 8 Shea Summerfield 15 Blowgun
8 8 Niky Mynaj  18 Hammer
9 Axel Jessuah 16 Sword 9 Sadira Cerresal 17  Battlefan
9 Patchouli Levi 15 9 Saguna Isola 15 Pickaxe
10 Resreved 10 Aurora Mendoza 15 Bow and arrows
10 10 September Rollo 18 Claws and Bow
11 Reserved for Wes 11 Same  here
11 Reserved 11 Rayleigh "Leigha" Fosic 13 Throwing Knives
12 Kohl Cyphers 15 Bow and Quivers 12 Vixen Ice 16 Knife
12 12 Reserve for Emma


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