• LeJabberjay

    I am attempting to write my first games. Since they are my first. they will be a bit chippy, so bear with.

    - Maximum of three tributes per user. (Maybe more if not a lot of people join.)

    - First come, first served; no reservations.

    - The alliances will be revealed after the third day of training.

    - You may not sponsor your own tributes.

    - No cursing or immaturity, or arguing in the comments thingy.

    - Post your pictures on this wiki before joining.

    - No over - powered or rubbish tributes. (Minimum of two weaknesses per tribute.)

    - It will be based on a games two years prior to the real series, so I may include references to it, like characters' POVs.

    - Due to this, some mentors or Escorts may be recognised.

    - Do not get mad at me, nor the user of you…

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  • LeJabberjay

    Watch the games, yeah, but what about the other 50 weeks when the games aren't on? Have you ever thought about that? WHAT the heck do they do with their lives, besides eat and bathe in make up? o.o

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