I am attempting to write my first games. Since they are my first. they will be a bit chippy, so bear with.


- Maximum of three tributes per user. (Maybe more if not a lot of people join.)

- First come, first served; no reservations.

- The alliances will be revealed after the third day of training.

- You may not sponsor your own tributes.

- No cursing or immaturity, or arguing in the comments thingy.

- Post your pictures on this wiki before joining.

- No over - powered or rubbish tributes. (Minimum of two weaknesses per tribute.)

- It will be based on a games two years prior to the real series, so I may include references to it, like characters' POVs.

- Due to this, some mentors or Escorts may be recognised.

- Do not get mad at me, nor the user of your tribute's killer, should they die.

- The arena will be revealed at the time of the games.

- I may include a few twists.

- Stay active. A few minutes to write a comment could mean the difference of life and death for your tribute.






Appearance: (If you want to post a picture, do not make it a real one.)


Backstory: (As detailed as you can.)



Preffered weapon: (I cannot guarantee your tribute will get this weapon. Some may get none at all.)

Preffered Alliance:



Everyone starts with £5,000. Only sponsor tributes if they really need it. Every day, each item will cost £10 more.

Food and drink

Small water bottle (filled) - £40

Small water bottle (empty) - £5

Large water bottle (filled) - £60

Large water bottle (empty) - £10

Bottle of milk - £14

Loaf of bread - £20

Any fruit (Apple, pear, banana, orange, grapes, berries etc.)- £5 each

Cheese - £7

Beef strips (10) - £15

Leg of edible animal (Cicken/Turkey/Goat etc.) leg - £15

Whole edible animal - £30

Fish - £15

Stew (Any type) - £35

Rice - £6

5 crackers - £2

Soup (Any type) - £30

Broth £30

Roll (Any type) - £15


First aid kit - £70

Bandages - £25

Small bandage/plaster - £10

Fever medicine/pills - £15

Burn ointment - £15

Sleep syrup - £12

Disinfectant - £20


Sword - £35

Dagger - £10

Machete - £25

Spear - £30

Bow - £35

Quiver of 20 arrows - £25

Axe - £20

Cleaver - £20

20 throwing knives - £25

Mace - £20

Trident - £35

Club - £10

Slingshot - £15

Whip - £15

Tools, gear etc. (Some may be used as weapons.)

Rope - £20

Hammer - £25

Spile - £20

Scissors - £12

Wire - £7

Body armour - £30

Awl - £30

Sleeping bag - £20

Empty backpack - £15

Needle - £2


Shirt - £10

Trousers - £10

Shorts - £7

Fleece/sweater - £7

Socks - £5

Shoes - £20

Hat - £7

Gloves - £7

Scarf - £7

Earmuffs - £7


Kill a tribute - £50

Injure a tribute - £30 (Only counts if they survive.)

Escape bloodbath - £40

Survive 3 days - £70

Survive a gamemaker's attempt to kill you (mutt, disaster etc.) - £100

Final 8 - £70

Final 4 - £140

Final 2 - £210

This year's tributes

Name Age District Gender Stengths Weaknesses User
Zaphire 'Zaph' Beux 17 1 M Strong, climbing. Swimming, plants. District3
Trinity Mace 17 1 F Swimming, knives, maces, beauty. Panics if under water for too long, hair getting caught and flowing into her face under water, hurting animals. YourFavouriteSalmon.
Daniel Halloy 18 2 M Strong, hand to hand, swordsmanship. Swimming, climbing, alliance. Xbilliex
Maylee Arms 15 2 F Never afraid, practical. hand to hand. Impatient, ADHD Yoonie
Lyno Nactuna 15 3 M Smarts, traps and snares, running long distances, climbing. Not strong, swimming. Keaghan-is-a-Tribute
Petra Mines 17 3 F Running, plant identification, cruel. Swimming, astraphobia. District3
Matthew Haper 13 4 M Aim, fast, sneaky. Curiosity, killing. Lexis2685
Mill Haper 13 4 F Sneaky, fast, hunting. Scared easily, curiosity. Lexis2685
Konami Arentino 14 5 M Swimming, strong. Climbing Tehblakedeath
Iris Ruinthel 17 5 F Escaping traps, avoiding tributes, being on her own, throwing knives. Other weapons, martial arts. Dedejacob
Buck Rockwell 16 6 M Strong, spears,  pain tolerance. Climbing, avoiding mutts and disasters, pursuing targets, over confident. YourFavouriteSalmon
Lana  Khloros 16 6 F Smarts, lying, stealthy, fast learner, climbing. Not very strong, swimming, hunting. District3
Brux Konin 18 7 M Calm Shy, protective of Janine. Yoonie
Janine Konin 13 7 F Spirit, never seems sad or scared. Short temper, hyper. Yoonie
Burgundy Anthrocloth 16 8 M Very strong, swords, meelee, pain tolerance. Mean to other districts, climbing, hiding. YourFavouriteSalmon
Rebekah Ure 12 8 F Allies, running, climbing, choking, biting, blowgun. Broken heart, crying, swimming, Blue-Ribbonz
Carosn Johansen 16 9 M Running, agile, intelligent. Swimming, not physically pwerful, unfriendly. RossInSA
Pharmacy Rivera 16 9 F Stealth, throwing knives, malipulating. Swimming, close range. PumPumPumpkin :3
Kwartz Diodin 12 10 M Good althete, sprints, long distances, climbing. Swimming, quiet. Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute
Amber Sunclair 14 10 F Knowledge of plants and herbs, soothing and calming. Not much strengths, meele. Dedejacob
Taytus Crem 16 11 M Fast, climbing, plant identification. Aesthetically pleasing girls, allergies to plants. Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute
Lexi Greenway 14 11 F Running, swimming, hunting. Quiet, standing up for herself. Lexis2685
Lucus Mines 18 12 M Strong in combat and weaponry. accuracy. Obnoxious, bad at desicions, climbing. Blistfully Mine
Leona Soleil 16 12 F Friendly; finding allies, durable, hard to take down, front line, strong.  Stealth, loud, swimming; drowning, unprepared. PumPumPumpkin :3


District 12 - Leona Soleil's POV

After I get my finger jabbed for the tesserae, I find myself walking rather quickly - almost jogging - to the girls' section of the square. I guess I want this to end quicker than I thought. I really want to see Dylan's face when that huge bucket of mud falls on his head. That'll teach him to take Elsa's dolls. After everyone is accounted for, the mayor reads out the long, winded boring passage they call the "Treaty of Treason," like they do every year. We've heard it so many times already, why do we have to hear it again? I've practically memorised the whole thing. After he's done, our escort, Effie Trinket, finally daintily walks onto the stage in here massive, swirly silver dress, dotted with silver stars made out of ribbon and silver glitter. She wears earings with huge stars like the ones on her dress, only these are blindingly light. And of course, silver. She has her typical afro/wig, died in a somewhat deep, depressing grey, risen by a small white butterfly coated in ribbons. Even her skin is in a cloud - white tone.

"The time has come," her ridiculous accent exclaims, "to pick one courageous yound man and woman to represent District 12 in the 72nd Hunger Games!" As she says that last bit, she raises her arms in joy, revealing the star shaped diamonds stabbed into her arm. "As usual, ladies first." She makes her way to the as usual, almost over - flowing girls' reaping bowl. I suddenly feel a huge amount of tension and heat around me as she plunges her hand into the slips of paper, plays around for a few seconds and picks one out, heading back to the middle of the stage. "Leona Soleil!"

My name. She just said my name. Everyone turns to stare at me. All looks of either empathy, or empathy and relief. One of them even looks awkardly jealous. I make my way out of this crowd of relieved and empathetic girls and walk down the aisle, and trudge next to Effie to face the crowd. I see my siblings at the back, Elsa and Bernilius, their deep grey eyes staring at me in grief, filling with tears.

"Hello Leona!" Effie says. "And now, for the boys." She walks to the opposite over flowing bowl of slips, and picks one out quicker than she did mine. Lucus. Lucus Mines. He walks out of the front crowd of boys. He looks out of place with them, being so muscular, tall and handsome when every other boy could easily pass for a skeleton. Maybe we could be allies? I'll just have to see after I charm him with my well - known bubbliness.

District 11 - Taytus Crem's POV

That "exciting" time of the year again. The time when we find out who the lucky two kids are from 11 who get thrown into a wood or a mountain or whatever and die several minutes later. It's really been the same cycle for the past four years. Get your finger stabbed, walk into a crowd of other guys from the district, see two random kids get reaped and leave. I don't know why kids worry so much. They always end up 19 years of age and are left to pick vegetables and starve to death in peace.

I soon find myself in the middle of the hundreds of boys, parallel to the hundreds of girls. Our escort, Gallery Clauda, walks onto the stage, in her green, fluffy stripy dress with a collar that goes up to her chin, and high heels - emphasising the word "high" - of the same colour. Not to mention her emerald hair that reaches her thighs even in a braid. She must use fertiliser.

After the mayor reads out the Treaty of Treason, the reaping finally gets underway. Without a word - since is weird because she's usually going on and on about how "excited" she is, she makes her way to the girls' reaping ball. She digs around the slips for a few seconds and soon takes out a slip of paper and reads out the name. "Lexi Greenway," she exclaims, somewhat bored. Lexi comes out of the crowd of girls nearer to the back, around where the 14 year olds are. She is obviously terrified, her red eyes flooed with tears. She walks to slowly, so peacekeepers have to half - jog behind her to speed her up. Gallery then goes to the boys' ball, again, without a word, and mixes the slips around. The kid to my right is exhilerating, panting like a dog. I expect her to read out a name I have never heard before. Someone who might go to the school on the other side of the distirct. But it's not like that.

It's no where near like that.

"Taytus Crem!"

District 10 - Kwartz Diodin's POV

My first reaping. I'm terrified. My mother says I won't be reaped. She says there's no chance because my name was only entered three times - tesserae for me and my parents. She must have forgotten about those few other years when kids my age were reaped, and they had their names entered either as many times as mine or less. My father says there's nothing really to worry about if I do get reaped. He says I run as fast bull after he sees red, and I can climb as if I run up what I'm climbing. They say there's nothing at all to worry about, but there's no guarantee of that. Right?

Our escort walks onto the stage. Zenithar Bawls. He walks on almost tripping on the fat ribbons coming from his shoes. His hair is shaped like a huge, sky blue cannonball he's balancing on his head. It even looks as if he is, because of the ribbons on his shoes making him wobble like a mad man. His suit is what a typical Capitol person would wear, with the hideous floral patterns that make him look like he's been tangled in blue, fat vines from which mushrooms are growing. Or maybe they look like onions. "Ladies and gentleman!" Zenithar exclaims into mis microphone. "This morning, one young man and woman of high courage and bravery shall be chosen from the ever so fine District 10," he is rather reluctant to call 10 "ever so fine" as he reacts to the smell of cow dung. "to participate in the 72nd Hunger Games!" With that he strolls across the stage to the girls' reaping ball. They all suddenly go red and start to breath heavily as he does. His hand dives into the bowl, fishes around and picks out a slip. Back in the middle of the stage, he shouts, "Amber Sunclair!"

Amber comes out of the crowd of girls from the ones two years older than me. I instantly recognise her. A sweet, caring, sisterly girl who would do anything for an animal and would never hurt a fly. Everyone seems disgusted or grieved as she reaches the stage. The most sweet, amazing, kind, innocent girls in the district just got reaped for the games. She reacts to, shivering all over, a huge frown on her face. Zenithar, however, is still smiling. As he walks to the boys' ball, everyone around me is suddenly red, shivering, almost crying. It's their first reaping too. But all this fear, worry, and shivering disappears suddenly. Well, from them, anyway. But I'm still on the edge of bursting out crying when Zenithar exclaims, "Kwartz Diodin!"

District 9 - Pharmacy Rivera's POV

For the past two years, life has been ridiculously boring. Same old school, same old home, same old smell of bread. But the reaping, the reaping has given me an idea. Why do they hold the reaping? To pick two kids to fight to the death wih 22 other kids. In a vast, outdoor area that holds nothing but horror. Horror that kills. They are given the ultimate test of life. And I want that test.

I took tesserae even though I don't need it just so there's more of a chance of me getting reaped. Five tesserae. It seemed enough. It'll save me the breath of shouting the world 'volunteer.' The mayor reads out the long, twisted, boring old passage of which's name I forgot, and then our escort appears on stage. Short, fat man, purple shiny shirt covered in pink dots made of cotton that stick out way too much. What's on his hat, however, is way more eye catching. Massive top hat that is almost taller than him. It has the sticking - out dots on his shirt, only on these stems there are purple ladybirds crawling all over. Ew.

"Hello, people of District 9!" His deep, booming, awkward voice says. "I am Jury Tedioc, and today, two children of this Dist -"

"Yeah we know the stupid drill, get on with it already!" I shout, losing my patience.

He sighs. "Very well, then..." He wobbles to the girls' reaping ball. I keep him from digging around for 51 years in the ball with an intimidating glare, so he just picks one from the top quickly. "Adrianna Sal -"

" I volunteer!" I start walking before I exclaim so. Jury gives a little "of course..." expression to the crowd. Hah hah. I get to the stairs of the stage and he's already making his wobbly way to the boy's ball. I don't have to look at him to make him pick one from the top in a second and read out: "Carson Johansen!" This Carson comes out from the crowd of sixteen year old boys. His skinnyness is supported by his height, nevertheless a 'pretty' boy. He seems quiet, and pretty bored like someone else got reaped, someone he doesn't know at all. He isn't very muscular either. This basically shouts out for him, "vulnerable."

District 8 - Burgundy Anthrocloth's POV

I'm ready now. I looked at myself in the mirror, and what I could see was not a small, weak kid who would come 23rd in the games. I see a tall, muscular, strong man who is ready go into the arena and come out in one peice, after two weeks of tearing other kids' limbs appart.

I get my finger stabbed for the tesserae and push my way into the crowd of every other 16 year old guy in the district. Once everyone has arrived, the mayor reads out the Treaty of Treason and our escort swiftly strolls onto the stage. Silky, pink short hair that reaches her chin and goes inwards at the end with white streaks. Her cheeck is florally tattooed, and she wears a candy pink dress that looks as if a ton of air has been pumped into it. She struggles to walk in those bright pink shoes that make it look like she's rolling around in two huge balls. And it doesn't help tthat there is tassle coming from her dress reaching these shoes. I suddenly remember her name. Chennenne Toffee.

"Ladies and gentleman," she wobbles in those two ball - shoes as she speaks, jerking her voice. "It is now time, to choose one honourably brave young man and woman to participate in the 72nd -" She screeches as her shoes roll to the side and she falls flat on her voice. Everyone laughs hysterically. I give a small smirk myself. After two peacekeepers stand her back up, she rolls over to the girls' reaping bowl. Once she gets there she holds onto it to prevent her from falling again and picks one out after a few seconds of mixing the slips about. She picks one, and reads out, "Rebekah Ure!"

You'd think a twelve year old girl would tear up after being reaped. Instead, she giggles as she dashes down the aisle. "Squeeze!" she exclaims as she jumps to grab Chennenne's neck and squeezes it like a teddy bear. Chennene falls back again onto her back. Everyone is again greatly amused and all you can hear is laughs. Chennenne is on the verge of sobbing as the two same peacekeepers stand her up, and grab Rebekah's arms to restrain her from squeezing any more necks. Chennenne rolls over to the boys' ball, picks out a slip, and reads, "Aiden Mars!"

Then I exclaim, "I volunteer!"

District 7 - Brux Konin's POV

My final reaping. Finally. If I can get through this reaping, I won't have to worry any more about being thrown into the arena and dying a bloody death for the Capitol's entertainment anymore. It's more than I can say for Janine, though...

I'm simply terrified for her. For this year and the next four, there is a brief chance expanding each year that she'll be thrown into the arena. If she's going to be reaped it had better be this year. At least I'll be in there with her. Janine wanted to take tesserae just so I didn't have to. She's way too brave. I didn't let her though. Of course I didn't. I never will. Our mayor reads out the Treaty of Treason, and then the reaping gets under way. I can see Janine at the back. She's terrified, as much as myself. Not that her name will be fished out of the reaping bowl, but mine. She's never afraid for herself, of course she isn't. It worries me sometimes. She might try to do something crazily dangerous, like maybe with an axe while we're in the woods. Or say things in school to the older kids that gets her on their blacklist. Or maybe look at the prize of a victor before the reaping, and get whole different ideas...

Our escort, Erimecs Star, strolls onto the stage. Spiked up green hair, a suit that's more like green armour that has intimidating spikes all over it, not to mention his shoes look razor sharp. Even his nose is sharpened upwards at the end, and his fake eyelashes could easily stab him in the eye. He looks like a walking green procupine.

"It is now time," Erimecs announces, "to pick from District 7, one young man and woman with corageous hearts," he reveals his razor sharp, green dyed teeth as he speaks, "to enter the arena of the 72nd Hunger Games!" When he starts walking to the girls' bowl, a sudden hush falls on the square. It's the same old, same old - plung in your hand, fish around a bit, take a slip out - and then he reads out the name. "Janine Konin!"


Her name was entered twice. There were only two slips of paper in that whole bowl that read her name, and yet hers was the one picked. The hush cast upon the  square disappears as everyone is talking among themselves. Talking about how wrong this is. A thirteen year old girl in the games. But then, how it was this particular thirteen year old girl. Janine Konine. One of the two sibling survivors of the fire of the lumberjack barracks. Maybe her name was entered more than twice, they whisper. Because everyone in those barracks was suuposed to be engulfed in flames. She cheated death.

She cheated the Capitol.

"Calm down now, District Seven!" Erimecs booms into the mic. "It is time for the male to be reaped!" He walks to the bowl, clickety - clocking in his spike bottomed shoes and picks a slip. But it makes no difference when he exclaims, "Loqueris Daimon!" Because I only save Loqueris from the arena when I shout, "I volunteer!"

I need to protect her.

District 6 - Lana Khloros's POV

After I leap down the windows of one of the buildings near the square, I let the head peacekeeper jab my finger and make my way to the sixteen year olds' part of the girls' crowd. For the past weeks, I've been considering volunteering. I'm an excellent climber, and invisibility is like a power I have. And I'm the smartest person in my part of the district. But then I decided I shouldn't, because who needs riches when you have the smarts of myself?

The mayor reading out the Treaty of Treason is worse than the reaping itself. I cannot stand the boredom, and the infinite repeats of words I don't know what mean. But then I notice the mayor's reading way quicker than she ever has. She must find it boring too. Tablet Erga - something jogs onto stage. Our escort. Everything about him just screams out, "Capitol guy!" Golden shirt splattered with jigsaw peices with some crazy weird symbol on each one. His afro is not an afro, it's a sick, curly bush from which bells grow. And his shoes are not shoes, they are trains. Enough said.

He gets to the middle of the stage and his ridiculous voice starts to speak. "Ladies, gentleman, boys and girls of District Six!" It's obvious he can smell all the morphling when he scrunches up his golden nose. "This morning, the immensley brave young man and to participate in the 72nd Hunger Games, shall be chosen!" With that he awkwardly swings his arms back and forth while walking to the girls' reaping bowl. He takes out a slip of paper and reads out the unlucky name. "Lana Khloros!"

Oh. I didn't need to volunteer.

With the fact that all cameras are on me in mind, I stroll down the aisle, my head high, arms at my side. Inside though, I want to punch Tablet in the face. When I get to the stage, he says, "Why, lucky you, Lana!" Shut the heck up. Thirty seconds later he picks out a boy from the boys' bowl - Buck Rockwell. He comes from the crowd of guys the same age as me. I instantly recognise him. He beats up all the bullies in the school and leaves them crying. He even gave his own brother two black eyes - and he's twice as strong. Damn it, I'm in trouble.

District 5 - Iris Ruinthel's POV

Reaping time. Oh, how "terrifiying." Who knows maybe I'll be reaped and taken away from my "beloved" district. What does it matter? My mother is dead. My father is dead. My siblings are dead. I've been stripped of all my money. I now live in a dirty orphanage with fifty other kids. Dying in the games will only put me out of my misery.

I take the tesserae, of course I do. The oil and grain given by the Capitol is better than the junk they give us at the orphanage. I'm pretty close to the front this year. Only a few kids away from the eighteen year old girls. Once everyone's here, the mayor reads out the Treaty of Trees or whatever it's called, and then Solita Demtos finds the middle of the stage. Bronze hair reaching her shoulders, decorated with clips of flowers. Her puffy brown dress is plain, apart from a small floral pattern at the side. Her face makes her look like she fell into a mud puddle, and her high heels are covered in small flowers of paper tissue.

"Greetings, District 5!" She booms. "It is the time of year once again, during which one young man and woman as brave as can be shall be chosen to compete in the 72nd Hunger Games!" She swiftly moves to the girl's reaping bowl and plunges in her hand, and soon enough takes out a slip of paper - "Iris Ruinthel!"

Everyone turns to stare at me. What is it with these people? Don't they realise dying is way better than suffering here in this ditch of a country? I push my way out of the group of girls, climb the stairs to the stage, and turn to face the bewildered crowd. "I shall now pick the male!" Solita says and moves to the guys' bowl. Soon enough, she booms, "Tamriel Chariel!"

"I volunteer!" The squeaky voice comes from the crowd of fourteen year old guys. Konami Arentino. Looks pretty strong for a fourteen year old. I hear he trains too. But still, fourteen? This kid is plain mad.

District 4 - Mill Haper's POV

My first reaping, it wen pretty well. I got my finger jabbed, joined a crowd of girls, watched some other unlucky girl get reaped and left. But still, there's no guaranteeing what will happen this year. I could get thrown into the arena and get slaughtered, but no one will care. Including Matthew. It's not like he cared when father died. 

After the mayor reads out the long, winded boring passage they call the Treaty of Treason, the reaping gets started. Out escort, Serena Glass, daintily walks to the stage, in her orange high heels that are curved upwards at the end. Her dress of the same colour is way too thrilly, with silk curls reaching her shoes, and her hair is a frantic, wavy sea of gold. "The time has come, District 4," she slightly raises her arms as she speaks, showing her nails curved inwards. It would be painful if they weren't so long. "To select one young man and woman to courageously compete in the arena of the 72nd Hunger Games!" her 'curly' tongue is hidden when she moves to the girls' bowl, plunges in, swims around a bit and comes out with a fish. "Mill Haper!"

My eyes suddenly flood as everyone turns to stare at my crimson face. I get out of the crowd, and when I walk too slowly down the aisle peacekeepers have to walk behind me to speed me up. When I get to the stage, I see Matthew with his petrified expression. Serena goes to the guys' bowl and does the same as she did with the girls', although it's more of a lazy float than a swim. "Cod Lenear!"

"I volunteer!" Matthew's hand shoots into the air.

Matthew, are you crazy?"

District 3 - Petra Mines's POV

I am going to volunteer. I'll step into the games and step out. People will call me crazy, suicidal, mad. These people need to take a mile's walk in my shoes and see I need to avenge my best friend somehow.

Once everyone's here, the mayor reads out the Treaty of Treason and our escort arrives on stage - Joel Shedrese. He's not a human, he's a giant blue porcupine who walks on his hind legs. His hair is spiked up with gel, and it almost reaches the 'ceiling' of the stage. His suit is dotted with giant saphire spikes, so anyone who came near him would easily be impaled. His shoulders awkawrdly look like walky - talkies with spikes for buttons, and his shoes are but huge spikes his feet rest in, and he balances in. He must have had them for a while - he's pretty good in them. "Many greetings, citizens of District 3!" he reveales his spike - tipped tongue and blue dyed 26 canines as he speaks. "It is now time to choose two immensely brave people, one young man and woman, to participate in the 72nd Hunger Games!" He strolls to the girls' reaping bowl, and everyone around me is suddenly terrified, When he takes out a slip of paper, he reads out, "Joanna Tile!"

"I volunteer!" I exclaim, and I start walking to the stage, everyone glaring at me with disbelief.

"Oh, how enthusiastic!" Joel says, and he moves to the opposite bowl. Once he pick out a slip of paper, he reads out, "Lyno Nactuna!"

This Lyno Nocturnal or whatever comes out of the crowd of guys about three years younger than me. He doesn't really qualify for skinny, and this is a supported by his height - only a little though. He looks like someone from the people from the rich/moderate part of the district. However he doesn't look too strong. No where near, actually.

You're dead, Lyno.

District 2 - Maylee Arms's POV

Once I reach the square and walk past the short line of tesserae kids, I join the crowd of 15 year old girls around the middle of the square. I'm not really thinking of volunteering. Yes, I'm amazing with a crossbow and could shoot everyone in the district down in a second, but I think I'm a little young, and maybe brush up on other skills.

Our mayor reads out that awkward, long speech they call the Treaty of Truce or something which really annoys me with its length, and then our escort finds the middle of the stage. Picallo Irewell. His gelled-to-the-side blue grey hair is much too tall, and his blazer reaches the floor, covered in loose threads that are all tangled with eachother. His shoes are practically the same, with stems coming even from the bottom, and his tie/rope coming from his collar reaches his ankles. "Ah, hello District 2!" he exclaims. "I trust, as always this district will be very enthusiastic with volunteers for the 72nd Hunger Games, as it always is!" his greeting seems different from the other disticts' escorts, as always. He then moves to the girls' reaping bowl, and digs in his long - nailed hands into the slips of paper. I'm pretty sure this year's theme is long. The slip of paper he picks out reads, "Demi Holmes!"

When Demi shakes out of the crowd of girls, I recognise her straight away. She is from my old school - she used to be one of my closest friends. I remember all the laughs and smiles we had shared, all the help and hugs we exchanged. That was all before it all changed. Before she turned on me. Before she turned school into hell, just because I have a trait I was forced to live with.Oh damn it Maylee, I tell myself. So what if she picked on me because of my ADHD? She was still my friend. We would do anything for each other. I still would.

"I volunteer!" I exclaim. Demi is relieved when I volunteer, but also confused as I walk to the stage. She knows she was one of the reasons I left school. She must have expected me to laugh at her in one of the private - goodbye things. 

"Ah, I guess the enthusiasm just keeps on growing in 2!" Picallo says, as he strolls to the boys' bowl. When Sigar Tolley is reaped, a muscular arm is forced into the air in the front of the guys' crowd and with it, a deep - ish voice exclaims, "I volunteer!"

"Two volunteers, how exciting!" Picallo booms, as Daniel Halloy climbs the stairs to the stage. I've seen him at the Careers' academy. He's amazing with a sword, can practically turn invisible when he wants and has the speed of light. He could chop me into peices whenever.

District 1 - Zaphire Beux's POV

I'm ready now. I'm stronger than a career should be, and could climb a whole cliff without one small slip. I'll go into the games and win, and prove everyone in this damned district there's more to me than difference they don't agree with.

I get to the square just in time - one more second and peacekeepers would be banging on my door - for the reading out of the Treaty of Treason. After that, our escort finds the stage - Dorothy Encardle - getting there in her scarlet red flats which seem to be supported by springs. Her bright, huge dress follows the springy trend with the things bobbing out all over the ends, including the collar. Even her hair is a curdling sea of blood, and her blusher is somehow arranged to show swirls of red. "As always, a great pleasure to be with you, District One!" Dorothy's silly Captiol voice exclaims. "It is time to decide on who will be the two corageous young people, a young man and woman, to compete in the 72nd Hunger Games representing this District!" When she shows her side as she walks to the boys' ball, she show her springy, cirmson earings. The small slip of paper she picks from the bowl reads, "Globe Eastras!"

"I volunteer!" I exclaim it at the exact same time as a kid several metres behind me. and it's pretty awkward when we walk out at the same time.

"What the hell are you doing?" he sneers.

"Going to the stage, I just volunteered."

"No you didn't - get back in the crowd, creep."

"You get back. Don't get all peed just 'cause I'm in the games."

"Why would you want to go in?" His voice is getting louder. "It's not like anyone's cheering on you and your homo -"

"Calm down Onyx," a kid from the girls' crowd exclaims. "You have a year more than him to volunteer. And anyway, the gay retard's probably gonna be lured off of his plate at the countdown by the guy from 12 and explode." everyone laughs, and Onyx goes back, leaving me to go to the stage.

"Ah, the enthusiasm!" Dorothy exclaims, and goes to pick the girl. "Trinity Mace!" Trinity turns out to be the same girl who called me a retard. She doesn't seem too upset about being reaped, but her huge wet eyes partially covered by her curled, glowing blonde hair show the opposite. Serves her right.

The Tribute Parade - Seshia Tomser's POV

Seshia Tomser is a specatator of the parade.

"Hah, and you said it wasn't worth coming here at 4am to get a front seat!" I giggle to Jasara.

"Have you not been paying attention to the last five hours? People have been staring at us with our sleeping bags and bed-heads, and I'm aching all over!"

"Stop being so negative. It's about to start!" I don't know what he's saying about bed-heads. The new bright, glossy pink butterfly I put in my hair looks perfect!

"Ladies and gentlemen!" Claudius Templesmith booms. "Please welcome the tributes of the 72nd Hunger Games!" The huge wooden doors at the end of the road slowly open and I find myself cheering and roaring with the crowd as beige horses trot down the path, decorated with dozens of ribbons in amazing bright colours.They even wear glamarous masks, dosed in gems. The one on the right's mask has diamonds and rubies to create a bright pink flashy affect, and the one on the left wears a mask of saphires. The girl looks astonishing with her bright pink, flowing, flowery dress and pink glitter is sprinkled in her golden hair. The male also has glitter in his jet black hair only it is blue, and his glossy suit of the same colour reflects the sun in an amazing way.

Oh my, he's handsome.

"Ah, has there ever been a time when we couldn't rely on District One to blow us all away?" the crowd cheers in agreement, and the tributes from two come behind them. The horses pulling their chariot seem pretty much the same as the tributes, who are armed and armoured to the teeth in large, iron, spikes that reach out of their chariot which adorns silver chains. Even their eyelashes seem like little pricks, and the both hold two sword - like weapons from which more spikes shoot out of. "I better not go near them. My nails are highly rippable!" Claudius says, and everyone around me is either giggling or laughing so hard they're choking on their own laughs. I'm one of them.

The two from three come next, a little similar to those from two although they wear mostly chrome and silk. Their horses are in costumes which make them look like robotic stallions, with little lights and buttons scattered all over them. The tributes are robots too, with little satellites on their heads, and it's amusing how they are waving at us with stops every second just like the machines. Their eyes are lit up rectangles with LED lights in the middle of them that shine red. "Hey, something to check on your therapist with!" Claudius laughs, and I don't almost fall over the fence and into the road until I see the screens slightly sticking out of their chests.

The horses pulling the District 4 chariot are dressed as huge, sparkling sea horses. Haha, clever. They are connected to the chariot which is more like a moving sea of crashing, bright blue waves with emerald sea weed. The female is quite like the chariot aswell, with thrills in her saphire blue, glowing dress -  which is dotted with gold, pink, and bronze sea shells  - that resemble the huge waves. The male is in a scaly, golden suit and is tangled in sea weed. His tie is a net which he takes off and whips the crowd with, while they try to catch it.

"The eye - catch of the day, eh?" Jasara says it in sync with Caeser, and everyone around us reacts. 

The beige - golden, glamarously lit up chariot of District 5 comes behind them, which is pulled by glittery horses of the same colour. Their eyes have a distinctive tango colour to them too. The tributes both have furious expressions, and are are in identical outfits - tango, shining bodysuits that are dotted with foam yellow lightning strikes.They both wear sorts of crowns that also have these strikes - very eye catching. There is some sort of box in between them from which they take these lightning strikes from - attatched to nothing - and jolt them at the crowd, starting a wave of colourful hands shooting into the sky trying to catch them. When one comes my way, I can't resist but to dive to the side on top of a shocked Jasara to get it. I screech "YES!" when I do.

"Boys, don't bring your third wife the wrong shampoo." Caeser sets off an explosion of giggles particularly from women.

I don't know how they did this, but the horses pulling the District 6 chariot almost exactly look like bright red, black - windowed cars! - It's unfortunate the clickety - clock of the horses ruin it. The tributes are waving at the crowd from the open sun roof of a jet black limo. The female is in a long grey dress with sorts of platinum, glossy wheels all over it - she's even wearing one on her head. It's pretty funny to be honest. But I'm not as bemused at her than I am at the male, who is a large, bright yellow bird with an orange beak the size of a particularly large or old baby a few months before becoming a toddler. He's also flapping his wings, waving off loose feathers. No more distinctive features on him. It isn't really the best District 6 have done - the crowd think so too when they don't particularly roar like they did then that Finnick guy from 4 won seven years ago. But they give them some credit for the car horses, as well as the fact they were pretty smart to make one of the tributes a bird.

The bronze and emerald chariot of District 7 is pulled by chestnut brown horses with green manes. They are decorated with tree grains made of a dark yet silky material I can't lay my finger on. The female is in a long, mahogany, shimmering dress that rustles like a bunch of leaves when she moves. It is also decorated with the grains on the horses, and her green hair is tied up some how like an afro, with leaves dotted all over. Even her arms look like branches with the huge thrilly bracelets at the ends. It doesn't help that she's quite small, not really as tall as a tree, but you couldn't say the same for the male in a bodysuit similar to her dress, only it is more chocolate brown than mahogany. He also has the afro, and the bracelets. Brother and sister trees, they shout. Quite a site.

The horses that pull the chariot of District 8 are draped in scarlet red, shimmering silk robes and leave behind a trail of golden glitter from their spongey hooves. Their masks are seas of colourful threads, and their manes are the saphire manes the waves crash upon. The female is in an amazing, thrilly long dress which is coloured every colour under the sun. She wears a scarf that reaches out of the chariot, a waterfall of emeralds and ambers from her neck. Her gloves reach her elbows, covered in feathers of silver and bronze. The male is just as eye - catching as his partner - but he's not exactly soft as my friend Elara's hair, which I am still so confused about. An array of needles, the small platinum pointy sticks sticking out from all over him. Each of the needles' eyes has a different colour thread hanging from them, making him lethal and a rainbow. When he waves his arms, he displays the flying sticks of platinum that seem to be attatched to the other ends of the threads.

"No loose threads here!" Claudius booms.

Of course, there's always a really sad attempt to pull off something amazing in these parades. In this case it may easily be District 9. The tributes are in the same, ridiculous outfit - two large loaves of bread. Both of them are covered in fake breadcrumbs, and are steaming like they've just been pulled out of an oven. The horses are a similar colour and are also covered in these crumbs. They didn't cover these horses really well - they are black in patches like they're burnt. The tributes look so stupid, expecting people to dive upon eachother to catch the giant plastic bread crumbs they're jolting at us.

You'd have to say that District 10 are way more than enough to draw our gazes from the bemusing District 9, when the crowd roars in amazement at them. The horses are astonishing, bright snow white stallions that gallop with their heads raised proudly. There are blobs and patches of what seems to be black paint all over them that make them look a lot like cows. Some sort of cross breed. The curly haired, beaming female looking lovely with her smile is in a long shimmering black and white gown with the black patches all over it. Like the horses and the male, she wears a necklace of onyxes and diamonds in the centre of which is a magnificent golden bell ding-a-linging heavenlily. Her curly hair is dyed white like her gown and the horses, and black glitter seems to be sprinkled all over it. I didn't even know black glitter was a thing. Her partner, however, seems to be dressed completely different. His cape of pitch black leather which is made to seem like only patches of leather on a great cloth of white silk flies from his shoulders. That is, however, the only white there is on him. He is dressed in a suit, a mix of leather black and brown. He holds in both of his hands two large bells which alert us all with the sun reflected off of it. I have to look closely to see that the cape isn't the only place where white is - his tie is of a black and white cow print as well.

The District 11 chariot is tangled in olive-ish vines, from which beautiful flowers of all colours blossom.The horses are like moving orchards, with the berries, grapes, apples, cherries and any other orchard fruit you could find on them. A rainbow of birds surround the whole thing, revolving around the tributes. The female is in a long, emerald green dress, flowering with plants and crops and - if you look closely - small trees. She wears an amazing crown of leaves, and her cape of vines flies behind her magnificently.  When she gracefully waves you can hear the distinctive rustle of leaves. Her partner is in a similar bodysuit, a marvellous forest of fruits and flowers the same tiny trees. He also wears a crown of leaves, although his is dotted with small, silver objects that seem to look like spades and rakes that dig into the chestnut brown base.

Not really 11's best work, but they would've been a much better ending than 12. I don't really know what I see until Jasara tells me - two massive black blocks of coal. You can see the coal dust scatterd all over the tributes and horses, leaving a trail of black powder on the road. But that's all there really is to see. Both tributes - who don't look too thrilled to wear what they are - are massive blocks of coal covered in coal dust. Some grand finale.

The chariots circle round the end of the road for a few seconds, each of the tributes either waving at us or glaring viciously at each other. They then position themselves infront of the mansion, and look up at President Snow at the balcony. Everyone silences.

"Many greetings, tributes of the 72nd Hunger Games!" he begins. "We all honour you, for your courage to step into the arena, your ambition to claw your way to victory," he pauses for a bit. "And your sacrifice!" The crowd pauses him with a roar, and then he carries on. "Happy Hunger Games to you all. Fight well, never lose your hope," we all know what comes next. "And may the odds be ever in your favour."



Janine Konin's POV

Thump! That's the third time I fell of that stupid wall, onto this cold marble floor. The careers just stupidly laugh at me on the floor - well it's not like those fatsoes could do any better.

"Janine, I told you not to leap..." Brux says as he comes to retrieve me.

"But it could be useful!" I debate. "What if we were being chased up a cliff and we had to climb it, and the person who was coming after us was getting closer and the only way to gain speed was to leap?"

"That won't happen because we're staying well away from the other tributes. Remember?" He pulls me up. The careers are still laughing, even if there are only two of them and it looks pretty sad.

"Why don't you try to climb my -"

"Why don't you learn to stop scoffing other people's food at the table instead of just your own? You look like an elephant on morphling." I really can't stand that D6 guy.

"Janine, don't anger them more." Brux says, grabbing my arm and leading me to the edible plants section. I'll anger whoever I want. I hope those twats explode out of anger and they have to scrape their body parts off of the floor like that other girl from Seven.

Daniel Halloy's POV

"Hey, District One dude!" I call out. Buck and I have been warching him. He's pretty handy with a spear - he just bolted one right in the bull's eye of a target.

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