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    So, I am extremely bored and this is a little game I came up with.

    So, these are the Picture Games, or the Caption Games. Each couple days, I will post a random picture from the wiki, and you will add a caption to the picture. The winner will get a certain number of points.

    So, everyone starts at the Cornucopia. The 'arena' is four sections - summer (1st place), spring (2nd place), autumn (3rd place) and winter (4th place). If you are below 4th place, you stay at the Cornucopia. If you stay at the Cornucopia for over three tasks, you will be killed/out the competition. Understand?

    • No using captions from other competitions and other people. If I find out, you will be automatically killed/disqualified.
    • If you use language in the captions, it wil…

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    My Games Ideas

    August 9, 2012 by Lead The Careers

    Ok, so, I already have a game that's going right now (The Element Games) and Mysims is taking care of the Color Games, so here I'm gonna put some ideas for my future games.

    If anybody - ANYBODY - uses these ideas without asking, I will go crazy. Maybe, if you ask nicely, you can use some of these games. But if you don't ask...let's say, you'll be entering a world of pain... *maniac laugh*!

    So, these are the Sporty Games. Here, more than 24 enter the games. A lot more than 24. You'll see why in a minute.

    The Arena is huge, and I mean huge. The Cornucopia is in the middle, and full of food and medicine, yet no weapons. Once a tribute leaves the Cornucopia, they are faced with a collosal maze. It is full of dead ends and mutts, and they must find t…

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    Hiya! Welcome to the Element Games! Now, I'm sure several people are like, "What the heck? What are elements?" Well, my fellow tributes, all will be revealed. These are my second Games and I hope they are successful. I hope to see you submitting tribs.

    So, let the first annual Element Games begin!

    Now, some of you will ask, "What are the elements?". The elements are fire, water, earth (plants) and air, the four things that make the earth and the four things we can't live without. In these games, your tribute will have the power to control one element of their choice.

    The tributes control the elements using hand movements.

    If your tribute is a Fire Tribute, they will have the power to:

    • Start fires/shoot fireballs out of their hands.
    • Heat things up.
    • Me…

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    Okay. Has anyone heard a song called This is War by a band called 30 Seconds To Mars? If not, the video is here. Anyways, if you listen to the song, the lyrics say "A warning, to the people, the good and the evil," then it carries on warning a whole bunch of people, i.e. Pariah, Leader, Messiah etc. I was thinking, as a game, which Hunger Games characters name these people as?

    I.e. I would put D12 as the Good People, Capitol as Bad People, Rue as the Victim, Snow as the Leader etc. Get the idea?

    So, put in the comments who you think :)

    Good People -
    Bad People -

    Soldier -
    Civillian -
    Martyr -
    Victim -
    Prophet -
    Liar -
    Honest -
    Leader -
    Pariah -
    Victor -
    Messiah -

    Good People - District 12
    Bad People - Capitol

    Soldier - Gale
    Civillian - The people of District 12

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    Hullo, hullo! Now, this game probably looks crap from the title, but trust me - it's not :) Well, I hope not. These are my first games (I literally only just joined) and I had a brilliant idea. Hopefully it will take off. If you sponsor a tribute, please spread the word :)

    I am SkyTimeGirl, and I may have used some of these names in other games. I like using my friends' names for tributes :)

    So, here are the Classroom Games! In my school, there are a lot of different kids - some smart, some thick, some rich, some poor, some cute, some absolutely terrible-looking. So basically, the tributes are my classmates! I went round and asked them what weapons they'd like to have and I already know their skills and weaknesses. I changed their ages cause…

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