Ok, so, I already have a game that's going right now (The Element Games) and Mysims is taking care of the Color Games, so here I'm gonna put some ideas for my future games.

If anybody - ANYBODY - uses these ideas without asking, I will go crazy. Maybe, if you ask nicely, you can use some of these games. But if you don't ask...let's say, you'll be entering a world of pain... *maniac laugh*!

The Sporty Games

So, these are the Sporty Games. Here, more than 24 enter the games. A lot more than 24. You'll see why in a minute.

The Arena is huge, and I mean huge. The Cornucopia is in the middle, and full of food and medicine, yet no weapons. Once a tribute leaves the Cornucopia, they are faced with a collosal maze. It is full of dead ends and mutts, and they must find their way around. However, in different sections of the maze are the Sports.

The Sports are various different sports (i.e. running, swimming, pole vault, rowing) that take place in the arena. Once a tribute is in a sport area, they are trapped there until four other tributes enter the same section. Once there are five tributes, they are forced to take part in that race. The winner stays alive and is released. Second place to last place - the mutts are set on them. They will be dead by dawn.

The Remaining Five are all guided towards to the remaining sports (once a sport is used and four die from it, it clears out) and they take part in them all. The last place in each sport is killed until one remains. They are obviously the victor!

The Cornucopia Games

So, these games aren't really that strange...well, yeah they are...I'll let you be the judge of that.

The tributes are not launched in a circle around the Cornucopia; they are launched in random places in the Arena. Also, there is not one Cornucopia - there is one for each district (so there will be 12...duh). The tributes must find their Cornucopia. They can also take things from other districts Cornucopias.

The Ambush Games

So, these games are incredibly unique. There will still be 24 tributes, they they are split down the middle. 12 will be the Ambush Tributes, and the others will be the Victim Tributes.

There is no Cornucopia. In these games, the Victim Tributes are launched in random places in the arena and the Ambush Tributes are all launched in a circle (the Ambush tribs are allies). There are backpacks hidden round the arena (i.e. in trees, behind bushes, bottom of ponds) that contain supplies. The Victim Tributes must find these. They may carry around as many as they wish.

Now, this is where the Ambush Tributes come in. If an Ambusher catches a Victim who's carrying supplies, they shout their victim's name and district. If they get it correct, the Ambusher takes the supplies and kills the victim. If they get it wrong, the victim will kill the Ambusher and take all the Ambusher's supplies.

Once all Victims have been killed, the remaining Ambushers are split down the middle - half become victims, half become Ambushers. It carries on in that pattern - victims killed, split down the middle - until it reaches 2-1 for Ambushers and Victims. Then, they all become normal tribs and hunt each other down.

Confused? Yeah, I was too.

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