Hullo, hullo! Now, this game probably looks crap from the title, but trust me - it's not :) Well, I hope not. These are my first games (I literally only just joined) and I had a brilliant idea. Hopefully it will take off. If you sponsor a tribute, please spread the word :)

I am SkyTimeGirl, and I may have used some of these names in other games. I like using my friends' names for tributes :)

The Plot

So, here are the Classroom Games! In my school, there are a lot of different kids - some smart, some thick, some rich, some poor, some cute, some absolutely terrible-looking. So basically, the tributes are my classmates! I went round and asked them what weapons they'd like to have and I already know their skills and weaknesses. I changed their ages cause most of them are in my year so we all have the same age.

Now, where do you participate, you ask? Well, you sponsor! You may sponsor any tribute/classmate you like, send them gifts, send them advice and warnings!

I need some help. I do not know wether I should write reapings, chariot rides, training etc. Do you think I should?

You can basically decide which way your tribute goes. You can't tell me to make them victor (obviously) but you can tell me if they fall in love, ally, fight or try to kill anyone.

The Arena

The arena is a very complicated design. Because of the tributes being classmates, there are twelve islands that each have a classroom setting, surrounding the Cornucopia Island.

The Cornucopia

The Cornucopia Island is the largest island in the middle, and is a school hall. The supplies are hidden in school daysacs and rucksacs, and there is a stage, chairs and a supply cupboard.

District 1 Island

The District 1 island is the Headteacher's Office. It has a desk, several chairs and supplies are hidden round here. The Careers often camp here.

  • The Cornucopia Island
  • District 1 Island/Room


District Name Age Appearance / Weapons Personality Sponsor
1 Leo DiMartino 18

Short blonde hair; twinkling blue eyes; pale skin and buff. Handsome.

Leo's weapons are sword, trident and non-throwing knives.

Leo is rather cocky and is very verbally abusive. He knows what he's saying and can cut people down verbally (and physically) very easily. He is a ruthless killing machine. Magsisnumber1
1 Pheobe Andrews 17

Curly brown hair with blonde highlights; small blue eyes; freckles; light skin and a large cut on her arm. Attractive.

Pheobe's weapons are throwing knives and bow and arrows.

Pheobe looks like your simple downtown girl who will get killed before she's even got off the plate, but she is highly lethal. One bad word about her and you'll be lying in a bloody heap on a backstreet corner where no-one will find you. Mysims
2 Morgan Rodgers 16

Short ginger hair that he often combs to one side; large green eyes (one darker than the other); ginger freckles; very pale skin and buff. Sort of handsome.

Morgan's weapons are hand-to-hand combat, wrestling and sword (sometimes).

Morgan is a lot like Leo, yet he softens when he makes a friend. He's been destined for a girlfriend and he's been unsuccessful so far. Will he get lucky in the arena? He is highly skills with his strength and can break bones easily with his bare hands.

Shadow Seer

Emily Knight


Long silver/platinum hair; large black eyes; pale skin; very small for her age; dangerously slim. Looks very cute.

Emily's weapons are throwing spears.

Emily is one of those girls who will stay in the background and freak if anyone comes near. Tons of boys have tried to get close but she runs away. She's happy being single. Katniss Jane Mellark
3 Thomas Coe 15

Short chocolate-brown hair; large blue eyes; red cheeks; tanned skin and rather buff.

Thomas' weapons are electric traps, field mines and throwing knives.

Two words: ladies' man! Thomas attracts girls left-right-and-centre. He is soft and calm, but can seriously get angry at times. Zakel
3 Isabel Rhodes 18

Curly blonde hair to her shoulders; black eyebrows (don't ask); light freckles; pale skin; rather small. Incredibly gorgeous.

Isabel's weapons are knives, throwing knives, axes and throwing axes.

Isabel is the sweetest girl you will ever meet, yet one wrong move can stop her talking to you for a very long time. She knows who to trust and who not to trust before she's even met them, and she'll act first and think hours later. Eleni12
4 Charlie Smith 17

Short bronze hair; twinkling blue eyes; bronze skin; rather small and incredibly thin. Actually rather cute.

Charlie's weapons are hand-to-hand combat, sword, throwing darts.

Charlie is incredibly protective of his loved ones and friends, and will fight to the death for those he cares about. He can also get obsessed with someone a couple times and follow them around. Probably why he hasn't got a girlfriend. Ms.finnickodair
4 Ella Hogan 14

Long blonde hair that curls at the ends; large brown eyes; very pale skin; slim; pink cheeks. Very beautiful.

Ella's weapons are bow and arrow, throwing darts and trident.

She's your classic you-either-love-her-or-hate-her. She's incredibly judgemental - well, she appears that way. She'll call a random guy walking down a street a criminal, then you'll see his face in the paper the next day after he's been put away for murder. Ms.finnickodair
5 Nathan Barnett 12

Incredibly small for his age; large head and short (very short) blonde hair with patterns tattooed in; light skin; blue eyes.

Nathan's weapons are snares and poison.

Nathan is very quiet and in-the-background, but he can snap when provoked. He always carries round a bottle of gasoline in his backpack (don't ask) and he never speaks.
5 Olivia Beckett 16

Long brown and blonde hair to her elbows that she wears in two braids; large twinkling blue eyes; very freckly; tanned skin; very tall for her age.

Olivia's weapons are slingshot and throwing knives.

Olivia is basically the tomboy. You'll always see her hanging out with boys, yet she's never had a boyfriend. Sharp, awake and always armed with an insult, you really don't want to catch her on a bad day. Mysims
6 Harry Dyson 15

Curly rich brown hair; large twinkling turquoise eyes; dark freckles; pale skin; a little on the podgy side (no offence to Harry. Just fact.).

Harry's weapons are swords, spears and non-throwing knives.

Harry is the joker, always laughing and fooling around. He'll a brilliant friend and you can always rely on him. Readwritelivenikki
6 Sian Dowsett 18

Long blonde hair with brown highlights; tiny blue eyes; light skin; about a foot taller than all of the other tributes (seriously, she's tall!); very slim. Rather attractive.

Sian's weapons are physical strength, throwing axes and snares.

Sian is a bitch. Straight up. She'll lash out at people for no particular reason, she'll swear and insult anyone who gives her a dodgy look and she has threatened to kill many people many times. One person did end up in hospital for a couple weeks after he called Sian a name. Annamisasa
7 Connor Revill 15

Short black hair; large, round green eyes; dark skin; very, very buff and scary-looking.

Connor's weapons are hand-to-hand combat, maces and creating fires.

Connor is the guy who makes people laugh but gets in serious trouble for it. He swears, he does incredibly stupid dares but he'll do anything to make people like him. SkyTimeGirl
7 Alexandra Chari 18

Long black hair; large black eyes; very dark skin which she makes paler with make-up; rather small for her age.

Alex's weapons are blowguns and batons.

Alex is a musician and is singing under her breath all the time. She is also incredibly friendly and sticks up for her mates. SkyTimeGirl
8 Jake Watson 17

Short blonde hair; large green eyes that twinkle; light skin; large freckles; incredibly buff. Very handsome.

Jake's weapons are physical strength, spears and throwing spears.

Jake knows what he wants and when he wants it, and he do almost anything for it. Which sounds good for girls, and his allies A Wikia Contrib
8 Jessica Jagger 13

Curly maroon hair to her shoulders; large brown eyes; very pale skin; frail and small. Quite cute.

Jessica's weapons are escaping and bow and arrows.

Jessica is the cutest, sweetest girl you will ever meet, and she will always protect anyone from harm, even if it meant herself getting hurt. Annamisasa
9 Owen Brown 12

Short blonde hair; an incredibly large head; large blue eyes; black glasses; pale skin and rather frail.

Owen's weapons are speed and escaping.

Bossy, moody and mardy, Owen isn't a great friend. He's always shouting at the top of his voice, and his whisper can be heard from a mile away, which won't help when he's hiding. He's basically an opponent-magnet. Don't ally with him.
9 Georgia Law 14

Curly brown and blonde hair with a flower in it; large dull brown eyes; tanned skin; incredibly small for her age.

Georgia's weapons are bow and arrow and tracking.

Georgia is the girly-girl of the tributes. Always covered in flowers or lacy dresses and draped in chains of metal (they can't afford gold). She's sarcastic, and will turn her back to anyone she doesn't like. Storming out of alliences is her speciality. TheOneandOnlyDistrict3
10 Levi Hancols 16

Very curly brown hair; small black eyes; very freckly; pale skin and rather buff.

Levi's weapons are speed, charisma and maces.

Levi is humble and down-to-earth.
10 Nikita McDonald 18

Long, light brown hair in a braid; large dark-brown eyes; a black birthmark on her left cheek; covered in moles and freckles and spots. A little on the podgy side.

Nikita's weapons are throwing knives, bow and arrow and throwing axes.

Same as Levi. Readwritelivenikki
11 Sam Botham 16

Short blonde hair; small brown eyes; rather large head; tanned skin and freckly.

Sam's weapons are knives (both throwing and non-throwing).

Sam is sarcastic, cocky and unpleasant to be near. He's always going for girls he can never get and it feels weird to be near him.
11 Keely Beck 12

Long brown hair to her waist that she often ties up in a bun; very large dull blue eyes; light freckles; tanned skin and incredibly slim. Rather cute.

Keely's weapons are field mines and electric traps.

Keely can hold a grudge for a while, and is a bit of a bitch as well. She's got a stare that goes right through you and can rip you up with her bare looks (not literally...). A Wikia Contrib
12 Lewis Smith 18

Short brownish-greyish hair; large brown eyes; dark, tanned skin; very, very buff. Incredibly handsome.

Lewis' weapons are hand-to-hand combat, physical strength, throwing darts.

Lewis is cocky, and can always embarrass people by picking out their weak spots and playing to them. Yet he will go soft on people he loves, although it's a rather rare moment. Shadow Seer
12 Lucy Millward 18 Long brown hair to her waist that she ties in a braid; large twinkling brown eyes; large freckles; very pale skin and rather tall for her age. Actually very attractive. Lucy seems sweet, but she possesses a sharp tounge, a backlash and can scare people with her faces and threats. Magsisnumber1


Anybody can sponsor. You start with $500, and you cannot sponsor your own tribute. You may only sponsor one tribute, and all items regenerate the Health bar. The price goes up $5 every day, so it's best to send the parachutes when it's early, and new items will be added occasionally.

Ways to get money:

  • Kill: $25
  • Top ten: $50
  • Top five: $100
  • Top three: $300


Name Current Price Regeneration
Bread $5 + 5% Health
Whole Chicken $15 + 7% Health
Fruits (two apples, two oranges, two bananas and a handful of grapes) $20 + 10% Health
Water Bottle (2 litres) $20 + 10% Health
Water Bottle (5 litres) $30 + 15% Health
Anti-biotics $30 + 15% Health
Painkillers $40 + 5% Health
Burn Cream $60 + 20% Health
First Aid Kit $100 + 50% Health


Name Current Price Regeneration
Blanket $20 + 10% warmth (5% Health)
Normal Sleeping Bag $30 + 20% warmth (8% Health)
Body-heat-reflecting Sleeping Bag $35 + 30% warmth (10% Health, depending on the weather)


Name Current Price
Rocks (x10) $5
Knife $30
Slingshot $25
Mace $65
Axe $70
Throwing Knives (x10) $60
Throwing Axes (x5) $150
Bow $50
Arrows (x10) $50
Blowgun $100
Trident $150
Throwing Darts (x5) $25


Name Current Price
Advice sheet $5

If you want to sponsor a tribute/classmate, just tell me in the comments :)

You may sponsor no more than two tributes,

Once you have sponsored your tribute, please message me saying if (and, if yes, who with) they will alliance; their bloodbath stradegy and if they are going to fall in love or target any other tribute. I have not decided wether to do reapings and chariot rides, but if I do, please send me their chariot and interview costume and their interview questions. They will be killed by Random.Org.

Tribute you're sponsoring:
Fall in love?:
Reaped or volunteer?:
Chariot/interview outfit:
Sponsor Sponsoring Funds

Leo DiMartino

Mysims Pheobe Andrews $500
Shadow Seer Morgan Rodgers $500
Katniss Jane Mellark Emily Knight $500
Zakel Thomas Coe $500
Eleni12 Isabel Rhodes $500
Ms.finnickodair Charlie Smith $500
Ms.finnickodair Ella Hogan $500
Nathan Barnett $500
Mysims Olivia Beckett $500
Harry Dyson $500
Annamisasa Sian Dowsett $500
SkyTimeGirl Connor Revill $500
SkyTimeGirl Alex Chari $500
A Wikia Contrib Jake Watson $500
Annamisasa Jessica Jagger $500
Owen Brown $500
TheOneandOnlyDistrict3 Georgia Law $500
Levi Hanscol $500
Nikita McDonald $500
Sam Bothan $500
A Wikia Contrib Keely Beck $500
Shadow Seer Lewis Smith $500
Magsisnumber1 Lucy Millward $500


Alliance Name Members
The Careers Leo (1), Morgan (2), Olivia (5), Jake (8)
Alliance 2 Lucy (12), Lewis (12) hopefully, Keely (11)
Alliance 3 Harry (6)
Hancols-MacDonald Levi (10), Nikita (10)


District 1 - Leo's POV

I look up at the escort almost falling flat on her face in those ridiculous heels. Her bright purple hair waves round her bulbous head, falling to the top of her ears. Behind her is a large screen which we'll watch the Hunger Games on. However, I won't be watching it. I'll be in it. Being part of the Careers, I want to be in the arena. I want to run into the Bloodbath. I want to drive my sword and spear into a young tribute's stomach and listen for the cannon. A death wish. Yes. But not for me. Because I won't die - I will return home as victor.

The escort dips her hand into the boys' names and draws out a name. "For the boys...Twister Loopin!" A young boy, probably twelve or thirteen with ginger hair and scruffy clothes steps up. "I - I volunteer as tribute!" shouts a boy from the front, but just as he is about to get up on the stage, I race forward and pull him down. Twister looks relieved and the boy looks dead pissed, but I leap up the steps two at a time and shout. "My name's Leo. Leo DiMartino, before you ask." The escort looks satisfied as I make my way up onto the stage.

"And now, for the girls..." The escort dips her hand into the girls' names and her bright green nails draw out a slip of paper. Being so close to the front, I can almost see through the paper. Someone who's last name is Andrews. "Tia Andrews!" the escort yells and a young girl makes her way to the front. Then someone walks out, shrieking Tia's name. She's tall, my age, and (I have to say it) dead fit. "I volunteer! Tia, come here! I volunteer as tribute!" She runs to who I presume is her sister and wraps her arms around her for what seems like ten minutes. Then, as Tia shrieks, she makes her way up the stage. "Pheobe. My name's Pheobe Andrews," she whispers. "Ladies and gentlemen, our tributes for this years Hunger Games!" I hold out my hand and she loosly shakes it. I give her a reassuring smile before we are both led away.

District 2 - Emily's POV

I streak through the crowds, pushing to get to the front of the 13-year-old's row so I can get a glimpse of our prat-of-an-escort with his black-ink-covered skin, his lime green hair and tattooed kiss on his cheek. Why the hell did they hire this guy? "Welcome, welcome!" he says, trying to sound masculine. Huh, epic fail. He sounds like a cat having its tail ironed.

After his long and boring speech, he strolls over to the boys' tribute bowl almost casually, as if he doesn't care that we're all probably going to die. His long, bruised fingers dip into the paper slips and he mixes them up before grabbing a snowy-white slip from the very bottom. "Hmmm... our male tribute is... William Varney!" A young boy with long, brown hair flowing down to his shoulders, large specs and freckles the size of footballs. "Oi! I volunteer! Did you hear me! I VOLUNTEER!" I turn my head to see a tall, buff ginger from the front row storming past William. William places his hands onto the volunteer's chest and shoves him backwards so hard the crowd has to support him. He springs back up, grabs William's shirt with one hand and chins him with the other. As William cradles his bleeding chin, the volunteer runs up the steps. "My name's Morgan. Morgan Rodgers." The escort gives his chilling smile then strolls over to the girls' names.

"And now, for the girls..." My heart pounds inside my chest as the escort's hand dips inside the girls' names. My best friend Silver is in the 11-year-olds row, and I can see her. She's a nervous wreck! Then again, despite the fct we live in District 2, she's probably had more tesserae than all the districts combined; she one of eleven children. Her name must be in there at least fifty times, which sounds a bit extreme but there are literally thousands in that ball. Finally, the escort catches a slip and raises it into the sunlight. "Silver Vinel!" Why am I surprised? I was expecting it really. Silver hasn't stepped out the crowd yet.

She's my best friend. I can't let her die. "I volunteer!"

District 3 - Thomas' POV

Awaiting the reapings.

District 4 - Ella's POV

"I'm telling you, Panem effin' sucks! Who the bloody hell came up with the Hunger Games? What were they on?" I ramble on and on to my friend Ryan before we are forced to separate and split boy-girl. I am pushed into the 14-year-old's row, hidden behind a fat girl and another so tall I can't see past her watermellon head. Our escort gives her warm smile, her teeth large and square and pearly white. I actually like her - she isn't one of those ridiculous ones. Though you really can't stop yourself taking the piss of her Capitol accent. She sounds so stupid.

"Welcome, the fellow tributes of District 4, welcome to the reaping! The time has come to select one boy and one girl to participate in this year's Annual Hunger Games. So, let's not beat about the bush and get straight to the point. Boys..." I don't care about the boys - our district's boys have come 23rd in the past seventeen Hunger Games. I think someone's been jinxed here. The escort pulls out a slip of paper nestling on the top of the pile. "Huh...Declan Fitt!" I can only see a shadow making his way up the stage before I hear that unmistakable word: "Volunteer!" My head cranes to the row for 17-year-olds. A tall boy with bronze skin and hair and absolutely gorgeous eyes runs up the stairs. Huh. Why the hell was I impressed? He looks like he'll blow over at the tiniest sneeze! He's gonna be killed 24th, not 23rd! I don't catch his name.

"And now, for the girls..." My heart pounds as her painted hand ruffles the paper slips. After a few seconds she draws out a name, unfolds it and opens her mouth. I clamp my hands over my ears and the name she reads out is muffled. When I take my hands away, everyone is staring at me, no one blinking. Oh crap. "Ella Hogan? Is Ella Hogan here?" Trying to stay in the background, I slip down the gap, everyone's eyes fixed on me and buldging to twice their natural size. The steps are uncomfy beneath my feet - I must get used to it, it's the last time I'll feel them. The other tribute is probably the only one who doesn't look astounded. "Okay, guys, shake hands." I reluctantly hold out my hand and he awkwardly shakes it.

Why didn't anyone volunteer?

District 5 - Nathan's POV

District 6 - Sian's POV

District 7 - Connor's POV

District 8 - Jessica's POV

District 9 - Owen's POV

District 10 - Nikita's POV

District 11 - Sam's POV

District 12 - Lucy's POV

Seriously, I'm getting flamin' sick of these Hunger Games! What's the point? We might as well all commit suicide, as these games are going to kill us all. We haven't had a victor for over a hundred years ever since Everdeen and her husband cheated, and no one DARES to volunteer. As we walk, we dodge the showers of ash and coal flying over our heads from the mines, but one unfortunate kid gets struck on the head. Oh well. At least he's not gonna be reaped.

I watch the tatty, splintered stage and bad-quality screen get covered in coal, and our escort forcing a sick smile on her face. Uh, why doesn't she just say that this district has gone to shiz? It's pure fact. We're so poor. I'm also pretty sure the family next door to me is so poor they've been drinking their own piss for the last few days. That must taste disgusting! The square fills up by the second, and it gets harder to move as I push myself to the front row of the girls. Our escort with her lavender wig and ashen skin and tight crimson dress which shows all the nooks and crannies streaks over to the boys' bowl. I'm surprised she didn't do the whole speech - maybe she just wants to get it over with. Her hand dips in, her scarily-sharp false nails literally slicing some of the slips in half. Finally, she picks out some paper. Haha. That's the one her nails cut! "Oh...oh dear. J - just a moment, dear children!" She turns away so her back is to the audience. "Oh, shiz, who's this bloke? L...Lew...Lewis. S - smi... Oh, I give up!" She faces the audience again, places her lips to the microphone and hisses, "Lewis S!" About five boys step out from the crowd, one of whom I recognize. "Hmm... Lewis Sm -" The moment that 'm' leaves her lips, four boys slip back into the crowd, relieved. One doesn't. A look of sheer terror inhabits his face as he slowly trembles and makes his way to the stage. One thing swims round in my mine. Holy shiz, he's HOT! His eyes meet mine and I instantly drop my gaze, blushing and embarrased. He gives me a smile before he jumps up onto the stage. "My name's Lewis Smith."

I cannot stop staring at him. I'm so caught with him I don't even notice the escort pick a girls' name. She unfolds it in her long, gaunt fingers and hisses into the microphone, "Lucy Millward!" Yeah, right! There must be another Lucy Millward somewhere in this district. I wait patiently for the reaped person to take the stage. Then, after a few minutes, I realize. Oh, sh-

"Get up there, wimp!" someone pushes me up the steps, and I slowly but surely stare at my name in neat handwriting on that paper slip. Oh crap. I'm gonna be killed. Lewis looks dead sympathetic and holds out his hand for me to shake, but I decline, still studying my name. Come on, volunteer! Someone, please, volunteer! No one steps forward.

I'm going into the Games.

Train Journey

District 1 - Pheobe's POV

District 2 - Morgan's POV

District 3 - Isabel's POV

District 4 - Charlie's POV

District 5 - Olivia's POV

District 6 - Harry's POV

District 7 - Alexandra's POV

District 8 - Jake's POV

District 9 - Georgia's POV

District 10 - Levi's POV

District 11 - Keely's POV

District 12 - Lewis' POV


Chariot Parade

Current Status in the Games

District Name Health Location In need of
1 Leo DiMartino 100% In the tube
1 Pheobe Andrews 100% In the tube
2 Morgan Rodgers 100% In the tube
2 Emily Knight 100% In the tube
3 Thomas Coe 100% In the tube
3 Isabel Rhodes 100% In the tube
4 Charlie Smith 100% In the tube
4 Ella Hogan 100% In the tube
5 Nathan Barnett 100% In the tube
5 Olivia Beckett 100% In the tube
6 Harry Dyson 100% In the tube
6 Sian Dowsett 100% In the tube
7 Connor Revill 100% In the tube
7 Alexandra Chari 100% In the tube
8 Jake Watson 100% In the tube
8 Jessica Jagger 100% In the tube
9 Owen Brown 100% In the tube
9 Georgia Law 100% In the tube
10 Levi Hancols 100% In the tube
10 Nikita McDonald 100% In the tube
11 Sam Bothan 100% In the tube
11 Keely Beck 100% In the tube
12 Lewis Smith 100% In the tube
12 Lucy Millward 100% In the tube

And Let the Games Begin!

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