Welcome, welcome!

Hiya! Welcome to the Element Games! Now, I'm sure several people are like, "What the heck? What are elements?" Well, my fellow tributes, all will be revealed. These are my second Games and I hope they are successful. I hope to see you submitting tribs.

So, let the first annual Element Games begin!

The Elements

Now, some of you will ask, "What are the elements?". The elements are fire, water, earth (plants) and air, the four things that make the earth and the four things we can't live without. In these games, your tribute will have the power to control one element of their choice.

The tributes control the elements using hand movements.


If your tribute is a Fire Tribute, they will have the power to:

  • Start fires/shoot fireballs out of their hands.
  • Heat things up.
  • Melt ice.
  • Cook things in an instant.

They can't control or end their own fires.


If your tribute is a Water Fire, they will have the power to:

  • Make it rain.
  • Shoot jets of water out their hands.
  • Control lakes, rivers, seas etc.
  • Freeze water.

They can't dry or melt water or ice.


If your tribute is an Earth Tribute, they will have the power to:

  • Makes plants grow.
  • Cause earthquakes.
  • Camoflauge plants (i.e. disguse a bramblebush as a patch of bluebells)
  • Regenerate damaged plants (i.e. bring a dead plant back to life, repair burnt leaves, etc.)

They cannot make plants disappear or control the way they grow.


If your tribute is an Air Tribute, they will have the power to:

  • Start winds and breezes of any power.
  • Cause hurricanes, tornadoes, sandstorms etc.
  • Move things without touching them using wind.
  • Clear pollution and smoke, purify the air.

The Arena

Arena Map

Basics: An island surrounded by a sea of salt water. There is one way to get to the sea - tributes must find it.

The arena is based on the four seasons. The Cornucopia is in the middle, and then, when you exit that section of land, you're in a large maze. A very large maze. The hedges are incredibly high to prevent tributes climbing them easily, yet with the right equipment, it could be possible.

In the top left corner, there is a sandy desert. The black dots on the map are cactus, some poisonous, some edible. The orange dots is quicksand that sucks up tributes slowly and painfully. There are two small lakes, one salty, one fresh and drinkable. In the day, this section reaches sweltering temperatures, and at night it is lukewarm.

In the top right corner is the Winter Wonderland. It is caked in snow, in some places it's knee-deep, some places are ankle-deep. There is a frozen lake there, and two gargantuan mountains. None of the tributes know that, at the foot of the left mountain is a secret tunnel under the ground to the Spring Meadow.

In the bottom left corner is the Spring Meadow. It is in two sections - one is an extremely large flower field, yet all of them are poisonous and, if in contact with bare skin, cause a painful and itchy rash. The other section is nice and peaceful with a fresh stream running through it. None of the tributes know that, at the bottom of the stream, directly under the bridge, there is a secret tunnel to the Winter Wonderland. It is extremely cold in the day, yet luke-warm at night.

Finally, in the bottom right corner is the Autumn Forest. It is miles of thick, dense forest and a floor of dead leaves. Plain and simple, it's a good hiding place.

Tributes (Closed)

Since there are 24 tributes, there must be 6 of each power. No 'on my page' tributes and one reservation each. No more than three tributes each.

So far, there are:

Fire Tribs: 6 (Full)
Water Tribs: 6 (Full)
Earth Tribs: 6 (Full)
Air Tribs: 6 (Full)

District Name Age Looks Weapons / Strengths and Weaknesses Power
1 male Lion Scrapes 18 Blonde hair, large green eyes. Very tall and buff, it makes other tributes fear him.

Lion's weapon is a mace.

Lion knows lots about poisonous and non-poisonous plants, and is a terrific swimmer, yet he's a daydreamer and likes the ladies.

1 female Tarelia Anderson 17 A beautiful girl, with blond hair and blue eyes. She is thin and can run very fast.

Tarelia's weapons are bow and arrows and knives.

Tarelia can run very fast and is handy with her weapons, yet she is extrememly arrogant and a flirty person.

2 male Braxton Flin 17 Blonde short, spiky, hair, green eyes and muscular,. Very attractive.

Braxton's weapon is a spear.

Braxton is a skilled spear thrower, can run very fast and is strong, yet his swimming isn't very good and he hates deep waters.

2 female Marla Kantoon 18

Marla's weapon is a sword.

Marla is strong and fast, yet she can scare people easily so she is targeted more.

3 male Callam Delaney 17 Short brown hair, glistening brown eyes, tanned skin and angry looking.

Callam's weapons are traps and spears.

Callam is very strong, a good climber and a skilled wrestler, yet he has serious anger issues.


3 female

Willow Mist 16

Willow's weapons are wire, axe and sword.

Willow can heal and has charisma, and can be a ruthless killing machine to someone she doesn't like, yet her temper is very short.

4 male Quinn Tide 16 He is "muy caliente". He is around 6'2 and very muscular. He has the perfect tan and deep sea green eyes. His hair is reddish-brown with streaks of dark gold. And he has a winning smile.

Quinn's weapons are most things, yet he prefers a trident.

Quinn excels in all water-based activites (fishing, swimming etc) and knot-tying. He can wrestle, is a gifted liar and is incredibly seductive with both genders. However, Quinn is rubbish at climbing, has a terrible attitude and is very bold-headed.

4 female Emilia Puddles 18 Curly bronze hair and blue eyes.

Emilia's weapons are throwing knives and the bow and arrows.

Emilia is handy with her weapons, yet she's a little too confident.

5 male Jake Swikofort 18 Dark reddish long hair that is tied up, purple eyes and muscular.

Jake's weapons are an axe and a spear.

Jake is a brilliant swimmer and can jump incredibly high, yet he is allergic to all medicines. Not good if he falls ill.

5 female Rose Violette 17 Beautiful Dark Red/Brown Hair which is always down, pale pink lips and Dark Green Eyes.

Rose's weapons are throwing knives.

Rose can make things out of almost anything she can find, yet she is claustrophobic.

6 male Brann Clatch 16 Brown hair with brown eyes and a very nice smile. Has many muscles and is tall. He has strong legs.

Brann's weapons are all kinds of swords.

Brann is strong and smart, yet a rubbish swimmer and a little scared of the dark.

6 female Lillian Fitzgerald 14 Short, dark-blonde hair, large green eyes, a slim, pale face and a tattoo on her cheek.

Lillian's weapons are spear and camoflauge.

Lillian is a skill spear thrower and artist, yet she is not very strong.

7 male Jason Neel 17 He has really dark brown hair, and bright chocolate eyes. He is tall and has tanned skin. Since he chops trees down every day he has huge biceps and a muscular upper body

Jason's weapons are an axe and pure strength.

Jason is strong, handy with an axe, fast, smart, knowlegable with plants and is a decent swimmer, yet he is far too loud, a mediocre hunter and hider and he doesn't know how to use any other weapons.

7 female Maple Tree 15 Long, curly brown-red hair and green-blue eyes.

Maple's weapons are the blowgun and an axe.

Maple is very smart and good at camoflauge, yet she is a little shy.

8 male Marina Doscher 18 Long braided black hair and emerald green eyes.

Marina's weapons is a sword.

Marina is a brilliant tree climber, yet he is a terrible swimmer.

8 female Eyla Zafire 13

Eyla likes all weapons, but probably the mace.

She's very fast and a skilled artist, so she is good at camoflauge, yet she is not strong at all.

9 male Rackard Relise 18 Rackard has dark turquoise hair and strange purple eyes that many think are contacts when they're real. He's dangerously gaunt for his age, but he doesn't care.

Rackard's weapons are snares and knives.

Rackard is very good at dodging attacks and weapons very well, yet because he is so small, he is not very strong. He is fast, though.

9 female Robyn Glaze 13 Long dirty blonde hair which falls to her upper back. Bright blue eyes with flecks of hazel. She has a perky nose and small, yet attractive lips. She is pretty small at around 5'0. She isn't too skinny, but she isn't too fat either.

Robyn's weapon is a knife.

Robyn is very cunning and mathmatical. She is creative and head-strong, but no psychially-strong. Yet, she can barely run and is crap with weapons.

10 male Andrew Blackwood 13 Short blonde hair with parts slightly in the middle. Light blue, almond shaped eyes. Small nose and small lips. He is around 4'11.

Andrew's weapons are the sword and bow and arrows.

Andrew is strong and good with his hands. He's attractive, charming and charasmatic, and makes girls fall for him easily. He can convice people into not killing him pretty swiftly. However, he isn't fast, and has a rather short temper.

10 female Chloe Cutter 15 Long dark brown hair, which is usually up in a bun, large grey eyes.

Chloe's weapons are chains.

Chloe is an extremely fast sprinter, yet she is scared of snakes and spiders.

11 male Rion Felliter 17

Rion's weapon is the ability to taunt people, so they weaken and leave him alone.

Rion is surprisingly agile, and can cheer people up, yet he's far too relaxed and laid back!

11 female Poppy Sills 15 Soft Sea Green Eyes, Light Brown Hair always added to by a pink ribbon headband.

Poppy's weapons are bow and arrow and throwing knives.

Poppy can befriend animals, use nature to her advantage and is a good climber, yet she isn't very strong.

12 male Pamline Falcone 17

Pamline's weapons are an axe and a mace.

Pamile is very fast and strong and a great climber, yet he is not very easy to get along with,

12 female Mhairi-Ann Sway 13 Long dark brown eyes and ice blue eyes. She has a small nose and full lips. She stands at around 5'2 and has pretty much no upper body strength. She is very, very skinny.

Mhairi-Ann's weapons are the spear and knife.

Mhairi is extremely fast, has sharp vision and is a great judge of character. She not very strong though, and can't take off an attacker at close range.



Anybody can sponsor. You start with $500 and you cannot sponsor your own tribute. You can sponsor two tributes. The price goes up $5 every day, so it's best to send the parachutes early. New items will be added occasionally.

Ways to get money:

  • Kill: $25
  • Top ten: $50
  • Top five: $100
  • Top three: $300

This time, the items are different. Way different.


Name Current Price Regeneration
Bread $5 + 5% Health
Whole Chicken $15 + 7% Health
Fruits (two apples, two oranges, two bananas and a handful of grapes) $20 + 10% Health
Water Bottle (2 litres) $20 + 10% Health
Water Bottle (5 litres) $30 + 15% Health
Anti-biotics $30 + 15% Health
Painkillers $40 + 5% Health
Burn Cream $60 + 20% Health
First Aid Kit $100 + 50% Health


Name Current Price
Rocks (x10) $5
Knife $30
Slingshot $25
Mace $65
Axe $70
Throwing Knives (x10) $60
Throwing Axes (x5) $150
Bow $50
Arrows (x10) $50
Blowgun $100
Trident $150
Throwing Darts (x5) $25


Now, since the powers come from a medicine that the tributes are injected with, the tribute may buy a power that they can use for the day.

Item Price Info
Syringe $100 The tribute needs a syringe to inject the power!
Fire Power $200 Gives the tribute the powers of Fire for a day.
Water Power $200 Gives the tribute the powers of Water for a day.
Earth Power $200 Gives the tribute the powers of the Earth for a day.
Air Power $200 Gives the tribute the powers of Air for a day.

If you want to sponsor a tribute/classmate, just tell me in the comments :)

You may sponsor no more than two tributes,

Once you have sponsored your tribute, please message me saying if (and, if yes, who with) they will alliance; their bloodbath stradegy and if they are going to fall in love or target any other tribute. I have not decided whether to do reapings and chariot rides, but if I do, please send me their chariot and interview costume and their interview questions. They will be killed by Random.Org.

Tribute being sponsored Sponsorer Money Left


Alliance Name Members
The Careers

Lion Scrapes (1) (Leader); Tarelia Anderson (2); Emilia Puddle (4); Braxton Flin (2); Quinn Tide (4)



Poppy Sills (11), Willow Mist (3), Rose Violette (5), Maple Tree (7)
Wanted alliance Jason Neel (7); Brann Clatch (6) (possibly)
Glaze-Sway-Blackwood-Delaney Mhairi-Ann Sway (12); Robyn Glaze (9); Andrew Blackwood (10) and Callam Delaney (3)


District 1 - Lion's POV

I strolled casually through the collosal crowd of teenagers, forcing my way through the kids to the front row. I stand between one tall, acne-covered boy and another chubby one with a long scar running down his nose. Our escort stands on the fancy stage, hidden behind one of the silky violet curtains; you can see his ridiculous, spring-green curls from a mile away. After literally ages of standing for so long my legs ache, the escort finally emerges from behind the curtain.

"Hello, children of District 1. Welcome, and happy Hunger Games! Now, I'm positive we'll have so many eager volunteers like we did last year..." I nod to myself. I tried to volunteer last year but some stupid kid with a squeaky voice beat me too it. He came 23rd - serves him right, the prat. "...But remember, only one boy and one girl may enter the arena. Now, let's get on with the reaping," he wanders over to the ladies' bowl. "Ladies first..." His pale hands ruffles the slips as his long, painted nails clasp a slip. He unfolds it slowly, trying to raise the tension. Epic fail.

"Tarelia Anderson!" he calls, and my head immediately turns to the girls. A girl from the front steps out, her face straight and emotionless. She's very pretty, with long blonde hair in a complicated braid and large blue eyes. She walks up the stage and, to my surprise (and the escort's), no one volunteers. All the girls are staring at each other, some trying to push their neighbors into the empty aisle. Still, nothing happens. Oh well.

"Well, that does surprise me. Last chance for any volunteers... no one? Ok, now for the boys." His hand dips in the ball and he grabs a slip from the top. "Russell Walker!" I take a deep breath. This is my time. This is my time.

"I volunteer!" I screech at the top of my voice. This is my time. I'm going to win these games.

District 2 - Marla's POV

It's time for the Hunger Games already? Blimey. Seems only yesterday when our district's female came 2nd last year. Stupid landslide. What a weird place to put a mountain.

I'm in the second row, staring up at the diamond-studded screen with the small rip in the corner that no one's bothered about fixing, despite the fact it wrecks the quality and makes everything blurry. Incredibly distracting when a twelve-year-old is being brutally murdered by one of the eighteen-year-old Career tributes. The escort stumbles onto the stage in her ridiculously-high, six-inch heels of flaming orange. Her tight, glittery dress doesn't even reach her thighs - you can clearly see her underwear beneath a feeble attempt to hide them by fraying the ends of the dress. She knows it too - her long, pale fingers are trying to cover her legs.

"Hello, my fellow children of District 2, and welcome to the Hunger Games! Now, this year has a special twist, and the only way to find out what it is, is to volunteer!" bellows the escort into the microphone, obviously dropping hints that she wants someone to volunteer. You will NOT catch me taking the place of some unfortunate sod whose name has just been picked. Hell to the nah!

"So, let's not beat about the bush. Ladies first..." her long legs strolled over to the clear bowl labelled 'Females'. There were loads more girls than boys for some reason. Her fingers are long and bony, and bruised around some places. They dig down into the paper slips, clawing at them, stiring them round the ball. Finally, she plucks one from the very bottom.

"Could Marla Kantoon come up to the stage, please?" she calls in her high voice. I freeze. No, there has to be another Marla around here - it's a popular name...isn't it? Obviously not, I think as the escort's brown eyes scan the crowds in confusion. I take a deep breath and step into the aisle, and (legs shaking like jelly) I creep up onto the stage. All the other girls are looking relieved. "Any volunteers?" It's silent.

The escort immediately picks up a slip from the top of the pile from the boys' bowl and unfolds it. I can read the name. I know who it is.

"Is there a Braxton Flin here?" A boy steps from the 17-year-olds, his face straight and emotionless. He stumbles up the stage and, as he stands next to me, he squeezes my hand. He seems nice. But that's how they all seem at first. I guess I'll have to kill him before he does any serious damage.

District 3 - Callam's POV

I stand in the fifth row from the front, on my tiptoes in an attempt to see in front of the fat-headed tall person in front of me. The stage is painted a quaint shade of blue, which is metallic and reflects back, almost blinding the people at the front. I can see the escort balancing the six-inch heels she's wearing - she's wearing almost nothing. I swear that outfit can pass off for some kind of bikini.

Our escort isn't the type to go on with the whole 'Welcome, welcome' and 'Happy Hunger Games!' crap, she just picks two names and gets it over with. I guess that's why I prefer her to the one we had when it was my first reaping day - he was a real creepo. Always looking at the girls a little funny. The escort, whilst tripping over her own feet, casually ambles over to the girls' bowl and claws at the strips with her lengthy, painted nails. She scoops a couple up in her palm, then picks one from the pile. My eyes automatically divert to the girls.

"Willow Mist!" her sharp voice bellows into the microphone, and I recognize the name. A young girl steps from the 16-year-olds. She's a little scruffy looking, yet she is pretty; a look of pure and sheer terror inhabits her face. I can't blame her - she does look like she'll blow over at the slightest breeze. The stage is senile and creaks a little as Willow steps up and stands to the left of the microphone stand.

The escort then makes her way over to the boys' bowl and everyone around me tenses up. The boy in front of me is quivering like mad and his head his moving - finally, I can see. I have no clue how many times my name is in that bowl - I've had tessera a couple times, but that's only when we hit rock bottom. I'm not gonna get picked. I'm not gonna get picked. I'm not gonna -

"Callam Delaney!"

Oh crap.

District 4 - Emilia's POV

My legs are shaking like mad and I can't stop them. I've tried everything - excersises, pills, running after the dog who nicked my sheath of arrows the other day. We buried him yesterday after he stabbed himself through the roof of the mouth with one of the arrows whilst chewing it - serves the little sod right. No, it's not illness. I'm a nervous wreck; I'm making my way to the reaping with my best friend, Gwen. She's been battered by her boyfriend again. I think I just talked her out of volunteering to escape the pain. I'm gonna have words with Hard-Nut Harry one day then pummel him - he's a coward. He deserves to feel the pain.

She's standing next to me in the front row, and my slim arm's around her shoulder. I examine the large, scarlett cut on her cheek from where he threw her down onto the sidewalk during an argument. "Gwen, please don't volunteer. Please. Just tell your parents," I whisper to her, yet she shuffles away. God, that boy needs to be shot. The escort's small figure is adorned in a navy silk suit, and his hair is curled and dyed bright pink. God, he looks female from the back.

"Welcome to the Hunger Games!" shouts the escort. He lacks a microphone, or even a cheap plastic megaphone. His voice is the only masculine thing about him. "Let's get on with the reapings! So, ladies..." He goes over to the girls' bowl and begins stiring the paper slips round the glass sphere. My grip on Gwen's hand tightens. "Milly Trotter!" A young twelve year old steps from the crowd and begins to walk up the aisle.

I can feel Gwen fighting my grip. "No, you can't risk your life!" A sudden pain shoots through my wrist. It burns so much I have to let go. I look down at my flesh - a sharp stone has buried itself in my skin. Blood's pouring from the wound, so I instantly clamp my other hand over the cut. "No, Gwen!" Gwen steps out into the aisle.

"I volun-"

"No, she doesn't! 'Cause...'cause I do! I volunteer as tribute!" I step into Gwen's path, and the escort's eyebrow arches. I feel her grab my shoulder and I spin round to see her terrified face, her quivering lips, her eyes inhabiting a look of fear. She shakes her head a little, and I nod. The cut on her face has begun bleeding again, and it drips onto my hand. I stare at the liquid on my hand.

"We have a volunteer!" shouts the escort, obviously as a hint for me to get my ass onto the stage. With one final glance at my friend, I take to the stage, still clutching my injured hand. Gwen's still standing in the middle of the aisle, emotionless and still, like a statue. The escort picks a name from the boys bowl, yet I'm not concentrating. I don't catch his name. I don't even know he's there until I feel him squeezing my right hand. Gwen's still in the aisle. I'm several metres away, yet I can see the tears spilling from her eyes.

I almost cry myself.

District 5 - Jake's POV

I had nightmares last night. I had a nightmare that I got reaped. And I never have nightmares; babies have nightmares! I'm embedded in the second row between two fat kids who will probably get killed first 'cause it'll take an hour for him to run a yard. The escort waddles out in her lime green knickerbockers and her hot-pink crop-top that actually makes her look pretty hot. She's only about twenty, and is incredibly skinny and pale as if she came from District 12. She probably is. Whatever, she's hot.

The thing is, she never talks, so her reading out the names is barely audible and someone at the front has to shout them out. Her long, gaunt fingernails grip a slip of ripped paper from the very top of the girls' bowl and holds it up in front of the girls' chunk, watching them all hold their breath. She unfolds it slowly then reads the name. No one can hear. I give a slight groan.

"Excuse me," I hiss, pushing my way to the front. I stand up on the stage and gently take the slip of paper from her fingers. "Erm...Rose Violette!" I read aloud, and I see a young (well, I say young. She's seventeen) girl emerge from the crowd, shaking crazily. She's pretty - actually, really pretty. She's wobbling as she stumbles up the stage, and I place my arm around her waist in order to stop her falling flat on her face. The escort nods and dips her hand in the boys' bowl and grabs a slip. She hands it to me.

It's not gonna be me. I've got my name in their eight times. There are over one thousand names in there.

I take the paper in my hands and read.

"Jake Swikofor -"

Oh crap.

Train Journeys

Chariot Parade

Training Days

Current Status in the Games

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