So, I am extremely bored and this is a little game I came up with.

So, these are the Picture Games, or the Caption Games. Each couple days, I will post a random picture from the wiki, and you will add a caption to the picture. The winner will get a certain number of points.


So, everyone starts at the Cornucopia. The 'arena' is four sections - summer (1st place), spring (2nd place), autumn (3rd place) and winter (4th place). If you are below 4th place, you stay at the Cornucopia. If you stay at the Cornucopia for over three tasks, you will be killed/out the competition. Understand?


  • No using captions from other competitions and other people. If I find out, you will be automatically killed/disqualified.
  • If you use language in the captions, it will still qualify, yet I will change the words.
  • I am judging, so don't go ape-shiz if you don't win.

Tributes (Full)Edit

User Current Position in the Arena
Thena.airice14 The Cornucopia
Scandrew The Cornucopia
EvilhariboMadness The Cornucopia
Robin040197 The Cornucopia
Annamisasa The Cornucopia
Mysims Autumn (3rd)
FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne The Cornucopia
Flowers101 The Cornucopia
AW3SOM3 S4MU3L Spring (2nd)
~PoundtheAlarm~ The Cornucopia
Nommyzombies Winter (4th)
66mc The Cornucopia
PeetaPancakes Summer (1st)
Rueforever The Cornucopia

Task One (14th August - 18th August) (Closed)Edit

So, here's the first task!



Captions Edit

FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne - "Peeta, I love you." "What? I'm Gale." "Oops, should have gone to Specsavers!"

PeetaPancakes - "Gale, it's gonna happen someday... Those eyebrows can't stay like that forever you know"

Robin040197 - "Gale, you know? I really love... pancakes!"

Mysims - "Gale... I think I want to kiss yo- Oh! OH! What is THAT smell?!"

~PoundtheAlarm~ - "Gale, I stole your Klondike Bar."

Nommyzombies - "Gale, I wanted you ask you something very important...what the hell is that on your face?"

EvilhariboMadness - "Gale, you'll never be Batman."

AW3SOM3 S4MU3L - "Gale, oh sweet Gale...I don't like you. Byeeee!"

66mc - "Gale, however hard you try, you'll never be like Peeta."

Flowers101 - "Hey, Gale, why don't you and me go get some pancakes at IHop?"


User Place
PeetaPancakes Summer - 1st
AW3SOM3 S4MU3L Spring - 2nd
Mysims Autumn - 3rd
Nommyzombies Winter - 4th

Task Two (17th August - 21st August)Edit


Mysims - "Guys, I'm a man, I don't have to shave all the time. And no my breath doesn't stink!"

66mc - (Haymitch) "Hey, is that a tatoo on my wrist? Peeta!?"

EvilhariboMadness - (Haymitch) "What IS that?!"

FinnickIsTheAwesome - "Both of you, meet me in my room in 5, no questions and bring the whipped cream."