Okay. Has anyone heard a song called This is War by a band called 30 Seconds To Mars? If not, the video is
File:Thirty Seconds To Mars - This Is War
here. Anyways, if you listen to the song, the lyrics say "A warning, to the people, the good and the evil," then it carries on warning a whole bunch of people, i.e. Pariah, Leader, Messiah etc. I was thinking, as a game, which Hunger Games characters name these people as?

I.e. I would put D12 as the Good People, Capitol as Bad People, Rue as the Victim, Snow as the Leader etc. Get the idea?

So, put in the comments who you think :)

Good People -
Bad People -

Soldier -
Civillian -
Martyr -
Victim -
Prophet -
Liar -
Honest -
Leader -
Pariah -
Victor -
Messiah -

Lead The Careers' Choice

Good People - District 12
Bad People - Capitol

Soldier - Gale
Civillian - The people of District 12
Martyr - Cinna

Victim - Rue
Prophet - Not sure...
Liar - Peeta (he lied about him and Katniss)
Honest - Katniss
Leader - President Snow
Pariah - Haymitch
Victor - Peeta
Messiah - Katniss

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