hello i am president Snow as always 24 tributes 1 male 1 female from each district.


district 1 male

district 1 female

district 2 male

district 2 female Mckenna Ecelinti 18 bow and arrows nice but can be arrogant lies a lot

district 3 male

district 3 female

district 4 male

district 4 female

district 5 male

district 5 female

district 6 male

district 6 female

district 7 male

district 7 female Skye hill skills healing tracking climbing okay knife skills weapon knifes quite deadly hates to kill kind clumbsy

district 8 male

district 8 female

district 9 male

district 9 female

district 10 male

district 10 female fallon marsop 14 weapon blowgun loves to have fun hates the capital

district 11 male

district 11 female

district 12 male

district 12 female


4 tributes allowed only

don't whine if your tribute dies

tribute layout





appearence picture or luanii


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