After winning the Hunger Games (Hey, Copper5, is this in the future of past? Past? Hmmm. 40th? 57th?) Jordan returns to his district after all the interviews. His family is in shock that he survived, except for his older brother, Philip, who knew that Jordan was a fighter and could make it back home. Ok, so, put what district you represented and when we start with Distict Twelve when everybody's here!

District One- ScienceChibi

District Two-

Dictrict Three-

District Four-

District Five- Copper5

District Six-

District Seven- Leopardkit- WINNER

District Eight- Leopardkit

District Nine-

District Ten-

District Eleven-

District Twelve- ScienceChibi

District One

Parents of Shining Perfection's: "At least her death was bloodless. It makes me sad to know that she died, anyway. Somehow, sometime, I will have revenge on Jordan Clements. Even after I die, my hate for Clements will never end. Why couldn't my baby have won? Why not my first-born, my precious pearl? Why? Why?" *starts crying*

Songbird Gems' parents were unable to speak, consumed by woe and grief.

District Seven- WINNER

The first victory in 19 years, District Seven celebrated happily. With gifts from the Capitol to survive the year, Jordan moves into Victor's Village, with the 3 other victors, along with his parents and sister (his brother has a house of his own). His talent is writing. In the future, his writings would appear (after being censored by The Capitol) in Capitol citizens homes.

Avery Sander's family grieved for their loss, but learned to move on with the help of other families who lost children to the Games. She had two sisters, an older and a younger.

District Twelve

Mr. Wing and Mrs. Wing, Parents of Rafael Wing: "Avery Sanders was insane. I yelled for joy when she was killed by Kiro, and rooted for Kiro for the rest of the Games. Rafael was a smart young child with a bright future, and when he was chosen, my heart literally did a 360, I was so surprised and angry."

Bluejay Willow's parents and little sister had committed suicide at her death, so we will not get a reaction.

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