So,I have decided to nmake another hunger games,As I got bored. This is a quarter quell,and I need all the usual information and the relationship with the other perso from the same district of the same gender. They can not know eachother,be best friends,hate eachother,what ever

Quarter Quell

To show the rewbels that history repeats itself,this will be a combonation of the other three quarter quells. There will be 48 tributes,and they will fight to the death with a person of the same gender from the same district until one is left,the victor will go into the arena with the other victors.


District 1-Elviaalova

male Joo-Chan Park

male Jonny Wirt

female Yuri Blue

female Tessa Violet

District 2-Silveraqua16, Moviepopcorn123

male Mikie Gold

male Drake Merwin

female Sage Predioto

female Sapphire Suecra

District 3-Hungergamesfan

male Zane Waters

male David England

female Jaylyn DeMarco

female Tally Jenkins-

District 4- Panther12

male Ben Fisher-

male Connor Ripple

female Hope Sea

female Meggy Droplets

District 5- Firecatcher3,Teampeetaforever

male Gray Shadows

male Flynn Kallista

female Lark Tinder

female Belle Kallista

District 6-Totaldramarox97

male Hart Loknen

male Osien Hujo

female June Mayhem

female Kelly Buthon

District 7-Mockingjay5

male Thorn Ash

male Storm Woods

female Moss Twilight-Victor!!!

female Reed Twilight

District 8-Primrose1444

male Quest Concoction

male Benjamin Chance

female Anastasia Wings

female Miriam Foster

District 9-Silveraqua16

male Finn Abike

male Kian Antarig

female Gemma Revlis

female Blue Antarig

District 10- Moviepopcorn123

male Rush Leafs

male Halex Calf-

female Haley Winters

female Rena Gems

District 11-Racmany

male Oki Ossires

male Priapus Puta

female Flora Excavier

female Robigo Quinrus

District 12- Rosella6

male Vincent McCoque

male Hayden Hawkins

female Brekelle(Brek) Lynstrome

female Prett Willis


Ok,so,the arena in which the first fights occur,to decide the 24 going into the actual arena is just a white room. There are a few weapons located in the center of the arena,they must wait ten seconds instead of sixty to run.They will just fight until one is dead.

The arena in which 24 tributes will be fighting is divided into two sections. One is a canyon,with a few rivers,but many mutts. There aren't any edible plants,but there are some non poisonous fish in the rivers. There are some small caves scattered throughout,and there are 3 which lead to an under ground tunnel system. There is no light,and tributes must go with a flashlight or matches or something. There are mutts down there,but you are safe from anything happening above ground (wink wink)

the second part is an ocean. The water is salt,and there are 3 islands. they have fruit trees,but only one has a jungle. There are mutts,poisonous frogs,edible animals,etc etc. Those willing to dive under the crystal clear water will find a few chutes. The chutes can fit three tirubtes side by side.There are 5 of them. 2 lead to eel mutts,big enough to swallow tributes whole. 1 leads to a cave,but every twelve hours,it fills with lava. 1 leads to a secret tunnel,leading to the underground system in the canyon. The other one is a perfectly safe cave. There is a small river,the water is pure,but only runs for 2 hours at a time. You must bring your own food.

Round 1(one on one fighting)

President Leshawna and a few of her gamemakers, Rosella,Mockingjay,Firecatcher and Racmany are at a podium. The gamemakers are standing behind President Leshawna.

"And now,these Hunger Games shall begin! We shall have the females of each district go before the males. Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be Ever in your favor!!" The President says. The Gamemakers and the President leave,and as they do,Rosella falls off the stage. She gets up again,and the crowd laughs.

District 1


The first up are Yuri Blue and Tessa Violet. They are raised into the room,and all they see are a spear,two knives,and a sword. The two tributes rush towards the weapons. Yuri makes it first and grabs the spear. She aims at Tessa and it goes flies into Tessa's stomach. She falls,and her cannon sounds. Yuri cheers,being the first into the top 24!


The next two tributes, Joo-Chan Park and Jonny Wirt rise up. They rush to the weapons,and Jonny grabs a knife. He charges Joo-Chan and tackles him. Jonny laughs and says,"Thanks for playing" and shoves the knife into Joo-Chan's chest. Jonny gets up,but doesn't hear a cannon. He turns around to see Joo-Chan charging him with the knife. Jonny curses,picks up the other knife and throws it. It lands in Joo-Chan's neck,and he falls,his cannon sounding.

District 2


Sage Predioto and Sapphire Suecra rise up on their plates. Sage laughs and says,"Look at your hair,it's a mess! This should be easy." and they run towards eachother. Sapphire picks up a sword and charges Sage. Sage grabs the spear and charges. They are in heated battle,dodging parrying eachothers strikes,when Sapphire cries,"Your nailbeds are totally messed up!" Sage looks down,and realizes what has happened,but it's to late,the sword is already in her stomach. Sapphire laughs and walks back to her podium,to be brought back to her room,to prepare for the party with the other 23 surviving tributes.


Mikie Gold and Drake Erwin are brought up. Drake charges towards Mikie,ignoring the weapons. Mikie waits and sucker punches Drake right in the face. Drake falls,and Mikie walks towards the spear,blood still covering the tip. Mikie walks back to Drake and shoves it into his neck. Drake's cannon sounds,and Mikie celebrates.

District 3


Jaylyn DeMarco and Tally Jenkins are raised up on to the white room. Tally is terrified of being killed, but stands strong. Jaylyn rushes towards the the weapons. She picks up a spear and throws it weakly. It misses,and Tally knocks into Jaylyn. Tally has fear in her eyes as the takes the sword and shoves it into Jaylyn's torso. Jaylyn's cannon sounds,and Tally sobs.


David England and Zane waters are brought up. They both rush towards the weapons. David has the knives and Zane has the spear. They are fighting when David throws his spear. It lands in Zane's leg,and Zane throws his spear. It lands in David's neck and he falls. Zane has to be picked up by a claw and placed on his pedestal.

District 4


Meggy Droplets and Hope Sea are raised up into the white room. Meggy immediatly runs towards the spear,picks it up and throws it, Her eyes are full of hate as they spear enters Hope's body. She screams and falls down. Meggy Laughs and walks back to her plate.


Connor Ripple and Ben Fisher are raised up. They both charge,determined to win. Connor grabs the sword and Ben grabs the spear and they fight.The weapons are covered in blood,but they either don't notice or don't care/ Ben manages to stab Connor in the chest,and he falls. Ben then shoves the spear deep into Connor's torso.He celebrates while walking towards his plate. He also wonders who else made it,as they won't know until the party.

District 5


Belle Kallista and Lark Tinder are raised up and stare at eachother. They rush off their plates and Belle grabs a knife and throws it. It misses and Larkthrows the spear and picks up the sword. The spear misses,and Belle throws the other knife. It cuts the side of Lark's head and she falls. Belle takes the sword,mumbles,"Sorry." and shoves the sword into Lark's chest. Her cannon fires,but Belle doesn't celebrate. She's still worried about her brother.


Flynn Kallista and Gray Shadows are raised up and run towards the weapons. Gray grabs the knives and Flynn grabs the spear and throws it. It lands in Gray's arm,but he just rips it out and charges. he throws a knife,but it misses,and Gray curses. Flynn has grabbed the sword now and runs to Gray. In one swift motion,Gray is decapitated. Flynn walks to his plate.

District 6


June Mayhem and Kelly Button are staring eachother down. They both run towards the the weapons. Kelly picks up the spear,but June has already thrown her knife. It lands in Kelly's chest,and she falls. June walks over and plunges the spear into Kelly's eye,and her cannon sounds, June rejoices as she skips back to her plate. "I'm a cold blooded" June thinks to herself.


Hart Loknen and Osien Hujo are raised up into the room. Hart charges Osien with the sword. Osien runs away,but Hart is faster. three seconds later,Hart is on top of Osien,and he shoves the sword into the soft spot between Osien's spine and head. His cannon sounds,and Hart walks back to his plate.

District 7


Moss and Reed Twilight are raised up. Both are sobbing,because one of them is going to be dead in a matter of minutes. They run not towards the weapons,but towards eachother.They hug,sobbing. Then,Reed turns aroudn and picks up the spear. Moss shouts,"No! Reed,don't!" but it's too late,and Reed plunges the spear into her stomach. Moss cradles Reed in her arms. Moss asks,"Why would you do this Reed?"

The younger one replies,"I wouldn't have survived in the arena. You have a shot at it. Please Win,for me." Both of their eyes are filled with tears,and Reed's cannon fires. Moss doesn't let go,and people are sent in to pry her off.


Storm Woods and Thorn Ash run towards the weapons,determined to win. Storm has the sword and is slashing wildly. Thorn is deflecting the blows with the spear,but Storm breaks the spear in two.Storm quickly stabs Thorn in the chest,and doesn't make eye contact as Thorn's cannon fires. Storm silently walks back towards his plate.

District 8


Anastasia Wings and Miriam foster avoid eachother's eyes as they are raised up. They both run towards the weapons,and Anastasia takes the knives and charges. Miriam has the sword,and is chargin Anastasia. Anastasia quickly throws both knives. One hits Miriams neck,and blood pours out. Anastasia says,"Pretty is always dangerous....not like you'd know." and walks back to her plate as Miriam's cannon fires


Quest Concoction and Benjamin Chance are raised up. Quest still isn't sure what is happening,as he's lead a very sheltered life. Benjamin runs towards the spar and knocks Quest over. Quest stares at him with eyes full of confusion and pain,and Benjamin feels terrible as he shoves the spear into Quest's stomach. His cannon fires,and Benjamin goes to his plate.

District 9


Gemma Revlis and Blue Antarig are raised up into the arena.They are sobbing,as they are best friends. They hug. Gemma picks up the spear and quickly plunges the head into her stomach. She falls, and Blue screams. She sobs as Gemma's cannon fires,and runs back to her plate. She can feel her mind and heart breaking.


Finn Abike and Kian Antarig run towards the weapons. They had fought the night before,and neither were feeling any sympathy as they fought. Kian has the upper hand,but Finn gets a lucky strike and disarms Kian. Finn's face remains stone cold as he plunges the sword into Kian's stomach. His cannon fires,and He walks towards his plate.

District 10


Haley Winters and Rena Gems run towards the weapons. Hayley grabs the knives and throws one. It hits Rena in the arm,and Rena throws the spear.It misses. Haley knocks Rena over and plunges a knife into her neck. Hayley frowns slightly as she walks back to her plate.


Halex Calf and and Rush Leafs are raised up. Halex grabs the spear and tries to get Rush,but he's too quick. He picks up the sword and throws a knife. It misses him,and Rush picks up the sword and lunges at Halex. He dodges,and throws the spear at Rush. It's a direct hit,and Rush falls. His cannon fires,and Halex goes to his plate.

District 11


Flora Excavier and Robigo Quinrus run towards the weapons. Flora takes the knives and immediately throws one. It's no contest. Robigo falls,her neck sliced. Flora walks to her plate and sits. Robigo's cannon doesn't fire,but Flora doesn't want to go back and finish her. She sits,and waits. Robigo's cannon fires,and Flora sighs with relief.


Oki Ossires and Priapus Puta race towards the weapons. They grapple for the sword,and Priapus kicks Oki in the stomach. He falls over,but grabs the spear. He jumps up,and tries to stab Priapus. He misses,and Priapus stabs Oki. The sword is lodged in his abdomen. His cannon fires,and Priapus walks back to his plate,panting.

District 12


Brekelle Lynstrome and Prett Willis are raised up and run towards the weapons. Brekelle is scared,she saw Prett in training and knows she's good.Prett grins when she sees the fear in Brek's eyes. She picks up the sword,now covered in blood and guts,and charges. Brekelle turns around and runs.She manages to pick up a knife and speeds. Prett chases. Brek slows down,allowing Prett to catch up. Brek then whips around and the knife goes into Prett's chest. She looks down in shock and smacks Brek as she falls. Her cannon fires,and Brek feels like crying.


Vincent McCoque and Hayden Hawkins race towards the weapons.Hayden has his hands on the spear. He hears a cannon and looks up. Vincent stabbed himself with the sword. He sighs as he falls. His cannon fires,but Hayden doesn't celebrate. He wants to know if Prett survived.

The Party

The tributes are all wearing fancy dresses and tuxedos and heels. The careers,districts 1 and 2,and Meggy from district 4 find eachother and start talking. The others are more quiet. Hayden from 12 is searching for Prett. He goes rigid when he sees Brekelle,wearing a lime green dress,with sequins covering it.He marches up to her and taps her shouder. She turns around and her eyes widen. She is about to apologize,when he says,"You're dead.I will avenge Prett if it's the last thing I do." and storms off. Brekelle tries not to cry. Hayden walks over to the careers and says,"I see you need a member.I'd like to join."

Sapphire looks him over and says,"What can someone from district 12 offer us?"

He replies,"I'll show you. Give me a target and I promise they'll be dead at the cornucopia blood bath."

The careers laugh,and Meggy says," Get Ben from my district. He's clearly not gonna join with us."


Mikie from 2 says,"You're all right,District 12."

Belle and Flynn Callista find eachother and hug. Belle has tears in her eyes,and they realize they can ally.

Blue Antirag is not so fortunate. She finds Finn,and she begins to cry and says," I'll get you Finn. I can't believe you would do this." and runs off.Finn sighs.

Tally is the first to notice.She looks around and says to Moss,who she was talking to about being allies,"Moss,the guards are gone." Moss looks around,and see's the doors and windows are closed. The guards are gone,too.

"Oh,you're right. What's happening?"

Suddenly,Gas fills the room. The tributes begin coughing,and one by one,they all fall to the floor,unconcious. President Leshawna and gamemakers Racmany,Rosella,Silveraqua and Mockingjay enter. the president grins and says,"Good. This is going all according to plan. All of you except Rosella,pick these bodies up and load them onto their hovercrafts. Rosella,I need you to come with me." The two of them leave,and as they do,Roslla trips over one of the tributes.

"Sorry!" Rosella cries as she gets up. Leshawna laughs as they leave the room.


Day 1

24.Benjamin Chance-Killed by Meggy Droplets

23. Haley Winters-Killed by June Mayhem

22.Flora Excavier-Killed by Moss Twilight

21.Zane Waters-Killed by Sapphire Suecra

20.Hart Loknen-Killed by Hayden Hawkins

19.Finn Abike-Killed by Storm Woods

18.Storm Woods-Killed by Mikie Gold

Day 2

17.'Priapus Puta-Killed by Ben Fisher

16.Yuri Blue-Killed by Hayden Hawkins

Day 3

15. Mikie Gold-Killed by Meggy Droplets

14. Meggy Droplets-Killed by Hayden Hawkins

13. Anastasia Wings-Killed by June Mayhem Day 4

12.Blue Antarig-Killed by Jonny Wirt

11.Belle Kallista-Killed by June Mayhem

Day 5

10.June Mayhem-Killed by Flynn Kallista

9.Jonny Wirt-Killed by Halex Calf

Day 6

8.Hayden Hawkins-Killed by the wolf mutt

Day 7

7.Halex Calf-Killed by Flynn Kallista

6.Tally Jenkins-Killed by Sapphire Suecra

Day 8

5.Ben Fisher-Killed by Sapphire Suecra

4.Sapphire Suecra-Killed by Brekelle Lynstrome.

Day 9

3.Flynn Kallista-Killed by Moss Twilight

2.Brekelle lynstrome-Killed by Moss Twilight

The Games

Day 1-Bloodbath

The tributes wake up on their plates.They're wider this year,big enough for them to be lying down. They all wkae up at once,and the gong rings. Most tributes are disoriented. the careers form quickly,and the six of them begin to pick off the other tributes. Meggy from 4 throws a spear at Benjamin Chance from 8. It hits his chest and he falls. Anastasia from 8 already has a pack and a knife and heads into the canyon. June Mayhem from 6 throws a knife into poor little Haley Winters from 10's chest,and she falls. June takes her stuff and grabs one of the 4 boats. They are big enough for two people. She rows as hard as she can and gets away. Tally Jenkins from 3 finds Moss,who's fighting Flora Excavier from 11. Tally throws her spear. It distracts Flora long enough for Moss to send an arrow into her eye. They grab the second boat and row away. Sapphire Suecra from 2 easily kills Zane Waters from 3 with her sword. Hayden Hawkins from 12 is looking for Ben Fisher from 4 and spots Him,running towards a boat. Hayden throws his pick axe,but Hart Loknen from 6 gets in the way. The pick axe lodges in his head. Yuri Blue from 1 throws her spear at Belle Kallista from 5,but misses. Her and her brother Flynn head into the canyon. Storm Woods from 7 is battling with Finn Abike from 9. He throws his spear into Finn's stomach. He falls,but Storm is stabbed in the back by Mikie Gold.Blue Antirag from 9 sees this and begins to cry,regretting her last words to Finn. She heads into the canyon,as do all of the other tributes still eft at the cornucopia.

Day 2

In Tally's perspective

Moss has turned out to be a really good ally. My mentor,Hungergamesfan, told me to stay alone,and hide. But Moss is nice,but I know she's still very upset about her sister. She's quiet,which is fine,Because I don't really feel like talking. We're still in the boat,looking for a place to land. We see an island,but it's small,with not much jungle. We don't land. It's a good thing we don't too,because I could swear I just saw bubbles come up from an area close to shore. We keep sailing.

We've been sailing all day,and then we see another island. It seems good for now,and we wan't to land,but we hear a loud grumbling noise,and it sinks beneath the waves. We row away,because I know ifwe stay to close,We'll get pulled down too. We sail for another hour and find the perfect island. We find a river and travel up the stream. As we do,a parachute falls down. Moss opens it to find an axe and some apples. We hungrily eat an apple each. When we land,we to a quick scout of the island. There is nothing creepy now,but i still don't trust it.

In Ben's perspective

I've been sailing for a while along the shore,and I find a good place to land. a parachute awaits me. I open it and find a jug of water and a sword.I make camp here,and lie down. I must have fallen asleep,because when I wake up,the sunlight is fading. I hear a noise and whip around, A boy is stealing my pack! I grab my trident and launch it into his stomach. He falls,and his cannon fires. I take his stuff,an empty pack and two knives. I fill the pack with some rocks and the knives and throw them into the ocean.I go back to sleep.

In Flynn's perspective

Me and Belle have finally settled on a cave. We got no sleep last night,because she wanted to get as far away from the careers as possible. This involved crossing a raging river,where she was nearly swept away,and a close encounter with a rat. We are now in a cave. it goes around in a bend,so it gives us a good hiding spot. Belle shushes me,even though I haven't said anything, and says "I think I hear something." Suddenly,a scorpion jumps out of a crevice in the wall of the cave. Belle shrieks and slashes at it. It's in two peices,and after she calms down,I go to sleep.

In Hayden's perspective

I know my district must hate me,I mean,I killed another boy from 12,and now I'm a career,but I have my reasons. I finally get to show my district when we go out hunting. I decide now is the time and say,"Shh,did you hear that? One of you needs to come with me,I heard a noise over there,and over there!" The careers listen intently,and Sapphire,who's become somewhat of the leader,says,"Hayden,Yuri,go follow that noise. Meggy,Mikie,go that way. Jonny and I wil stay here. If you find tributes,lead them towards us.Got it?"

We nod and head off. I wait until we can't see anybody,and jam my knife into Yuri's temple. She doesn't scream,just says,"Damn it!" and her cannon fires. I make a few cuts on my body with my knife and run back.The others are assembled,and I say,"He came out of nowhere. He stabbed Yuri and cut me pretty good. I cut him though,I doubt it will be long before he dies." I'm wondering what's going to happen when there isn't a cannon,but fate is kind and a few minutes later,a cannon fires. We get back to camp and watch Yuri and the boy from 11 appear in the sky. They think I killed him,and I don't mind. We go to sleep,and I decide which career I'm killing next.

Day 3

In Sapphire's perspective

In the early morning sun,we hunt. Mikie is being far too loud,snapping every twig,and I'm starting to get annoyed. Suddenly,a parachute falls down infront of Meggy, She opens the box under the parachute and we see it's a note. She reads it,crumples it and stuffs it down the front of her dress. "Ew," Jonny says. I can't blame her. We entered the arena in the clothes we wore to the party,and while the boys had pockets,the girl's dresses did not. We spent the first night making our dresses better. I cut mine in half,so I'm wearing the top as a shirt,and cut half of the bottom. Meggy and Yuri did the same. The boys just took off their jackets and let us wear them,as our dresses lacked sleaves. Anyways,Meggy says,"Mikie,can I talk to you for a minute?" Mikie nods and walks towards her. Suddenly,a spear is in Mikie's stomach. Jonny's eyes widen. Hayden stands still,waiting. I sprint the short distance to Meggy and slit her throat with my knife."Thank God I'm wearing flats," I think as I shove her body to the ground, the two cannons fire quickly,and the three of us head back to camp. It's already enough deaths.

In Moss's perspective

I'm dead inside. I realize this when three parachutes float down towards Tally and I. All together,there is some poison,an antidote to the poison,a scythe,some food and water and iodine.And I feel nothing. I should feel excited,people really like the two of us,I guess. But Reed is dead,and I'm alive. I would've killed myself on the first day if it weren't for Sky,my sister and Reed's twin. She needs at least one of us to come home. Tally is quiet alot,which I don't mind. I have nothing to say.

We hear the two cannons,and Tally asks,"Who do you think it was?"

I shrug,and she runs through who's left out loud. The boy from 1,both from 2,Tally,the girl from 4,both from 5,the girl from 6,me,the girls from 8 and 9,the boy from 10 and both from 12. It could've been anyone. I decide to rest. I close my eyes and let peace fill me.

In Anastasia's perspective

These games are awful!I haven't showered in like,three days. I've been searching for water to wash myself off with and drink. I haven't peed at all,which is bad. I have a headache too. Life stinks. I come across the ocean. I taste the water just incase. It's salt. I sink to my knees and close my eyes. I fall asleep,maybe for the last time.

In June's perspective

I'v been sailing for tree days straight.And it's hell. I've been following the land,looking for a good spot to hide my boat.

I've found the perfect space. I can hide my boat easily. I park it and walk out. I stretch my limbs when suddenly,I hear a noise. I whipe around and see a girl lying on the ground. I know it's my chance to show that I'm not helpless and take my bow and load an arrow. I fire the arrow in the girl's eye and her cannon fires. I leave her stuff with her and watch the hovercraft take her away. I decide to teach myself how to swim.

In Blue's perspective

I still feel awful for what I said to Finn. Now he's gone. So is Gemma. So is Kian. I begin to sob. I promise myself I will win for them. I have to. I'm in the the canyon,looking for a new place to hide. Last night,a girl walked by. She was from 12,I think. I let her go,but now I have to find somewhere better. Suddenly,I see it. I run towards the cave. It's deep,and narrow. I walk in and realize it slopes down. It's dark,so I take out my flashlight and shine it as I walk down. I decide to make camp in a small space to the left of the entrance. The flashlight is my only light. I fall asleep,to tired to care about what may be lurking in th darkness. That night,the ceiling lights up with the seal. The boy from 2 and the girls from 4 and 8 appear,and I fall alseep again.

Day 4-Day of Heart-break

In Ben's perpective

I wake up to a soft thud near my head. I nearly die of a heart attack,but see it's a parachute. Inside is a basket with 5 cooked fish,and a pair on nightvision glasses. That's so nice of the sponsors.

In Jonny's perspective

The three of us have grown pretty close over the past few days. And by close,I mean as far away as possible. Hayden and Sapphire keep looking at eachother with hate in their eyes. I don't know what's going to happen,but I don't like it. The three of us go out hunting.We head into the canyon,checking in the caves. We come across one that slopes down. We enter,and it's pitch black. We put on our night vission glasses and we see a girl,huddled in the corner. I take my spear and throw it at her. It hits,and her cannon fires.We are about to head back up when two holes in the ceiling appear.two parachutes fall infront of Sapphire and Hayden. they open it and read the note.They stare at eachother for a second,and lunge at eachother. I'm hoping Sapphire wins. At least then,I won't be killed. I take my knife and charge. I slash Hayden's leg,and he shouts in pain. He runs out of the cave and to who knows where.The two of us head into the light. We head back to camp and see a tent waiting for us. We smile and prepare for the night.

In Flynn's perspective

I have a bad feeling about today. I don't want Belle to go anywhere.We just sit in the cave. Belle is getting frustrated and leaves the cave without a word. My heart stops when I hear a thud and a cannon. I rush out and see Belle,with an arrow in her eye. I look around for the killer and see a girl,I think from 6,above us. She turns around and walks back to wherever she came from. I run to Belle. I rip the arrow out of her eye,close both eyes,kiss her forehead and walk back to camp.

Day 5-The second Bloodbath

It's early morning in the Capitol. President Leshawna and her assistant Teampeetaforever walk to the gamemakers building. Rosella trips over a chair trying to greet them.Silveraqua and Mockingjay help her up. Leshawna rolls her eyes and takes a seat at the table in the middle of the room. The others also sit.

"These games are boring.It's time to release the first natural disaster. Try not to kill the tributes. I want them to kill eachother. Teampeetaforever,I want you to go to the mentors with enough money to send them flotation devices. Got it?" The President asks.The gamemakers and Leshawna's assistant nod.Leshawna leaves the room,a sly smile on her face.

In Brekelle's perspective

It's a few hours past noon,and a silver parachute falls down in front of me. I open it to find a vest of some kind. I don;t know what it's supposed to do,but It must be to help me,so I put it on. Suddenly,I hear a noise, I turn around and look up and see a wave of water. I can't swim,so I turn around and run.The water's too quick,and I'm swept down stream.

In no ones perspective

The wave cam from all sides,sweeping every tribute on the mainland. Moss and Tally were not affected,and do not know what is happening. All they felt was a tremor. They could not see the water from where they were in the jungle.

the other eight tributes were swept down stream,all wearing their life vests. They all land on a small island type thing. The river deposits them on it and goes around. They all land at the same time. Sapphire and Jonny stand quickly and ready for a fight. Brekelle sees Hayden,injured. A silver parachute lands infront of him and he opens it. He puts the contents,some bandages and something to clean the cut, in his pack. Brekelle is scared he's going to kill her.She jumps up and wades through the river as quickly as possible.

Flynn is standing still. He has a vacant look in his eyes. June stands,her bow ready.Flynn notices her and recognizes her as the muderer of his sister and charges. She releases an arrow,but it lands in his arm,not doing much damage. He catches her in a headlock and snaps her neck quickly and easily. Her cannon fires,and Flynn wades across the river,which has calmed down a little,and runs away.

Sapphire is in a batlle with Ben. She tries to stab with her spear,but he continues to dodge. Ben is slashing with his sword,but doesn't land a hit.

Hayden manages to wade across the river and limps away.

Jonny throws his spear at Halex. It misses,and Halex stabs Jonny in the chest. He falls,and his cannon fires. Sapphire notices and screams in rage. She leaps in the river and sprints away. Ben and Halex ignore eachother and leave in different directions.

The day ends,and President Leshawna is smiling."They have no idea what I'm planning," She thinks with a smile.

The Interviews

Ok,I have taken my inspiration from Purplexmuffin (hope she doesn't mind) and it will be an interview,instead of just them saying messages to the tributes.

Sapphire Suecra: Sapphire's mother,father and 4 siblings show up. They answer all of the questions Caesar asks swiftly,with a tone that says,"We're better than you." When asked about Clove,Sapphire's aunt,Sapphire's mother says sharply,"She was an amazing sister. Sapphire will do what Clove didn't and win." The interview ends with the family walking off stage.

Tally Jenkins: Tally's parents and her friend Shay come. Shay is silent most of the interview. Her parents answer everything smiling,as they are very bubbly. At the end of the interview,her mother breaks down. she starts sobbing,and Shay demands of the capitol."Do you see what the government does? They cause so much pain and suffering! We need to start over with a new government and no Games!" Suddenly,Shay's falls,a bullet lodged in her head. President Leshawna says calmly off stage,"End it."

Ben Fisher: Ben's father and brother,Sam are on stage. Sam is quiet,and his father answers everything,both trying not to cry. Nothing goes wrong. and both leave stage,silently.

Flynn Kallista: Flynn's mother and girlfriend,Lydia are interviewed. Both sob alot throughout the interview and when asked about Belle,his mother runs off stage,sobbing. off stage,some swear they hear President Leshawna snicker. Lydia wants to say burning things about the capitol,but refrains,instead she says,"It's a tragedy that Belle died,and I just want my Flynn back. I love him." and the interview ends.

Moss Twilight-Moss's mother and sister,Sky,who was Reed's twin are there. Sky has to answer the questions,Moss's mother is trying to not cry. Sky answers with no emotion. President Leshawna's assistant Teampeetaforever mutters,"She's broken." Sky finally sobs when questioned about how life was with Reed and Moss. She says,"I miss them so much. Reed's dead. Moss,I need you. Please come home." There isn't a dry eye in the country.

Halex Calf-Halex's parents and five siblings come. They are all sobbing,and answer each question one by one. Finally,his little sister,who is four says," Hale,I want you to come home. I miss you alot,and don't want you to die." Everyone else cries,and Teampeetaforever lets out a sob. President Leshawna glares at her. Rosella's eyes are teared up and she trips over a cord,which snaps,and the lights all turn off. The family is sent off stage.

Hayden Hawkins-Hayden's parents are on stage. His mother is sobbing,and his father has to answer all of the questions. It all happens without a problem,but back stage,President Leshawna is not seen. The gamemakers are also gone. Only Teampeetaforever remains. Hayden's family is worried,causing Mrs.Hawkins to sob even harder.

Brekelle Lynstrome-Brekelle's adopted father show up. He is trying not to cry and answers all questions without a problem, President Leshawna returns,a slight smile on her face.

Day 6

(Hello everyone!!! I'm going to try and write more,but don't be surprised if the updates aren't in a set order,to hard working on being famous,singing songs from Annie,Wicked,Rent. Anyways,back to the games)

In Brekelle's perspective

I wake up,and it must be about three in the morning. Nothing in particular wakes me,but I'm awake. I don't know what to do,I can't see anything,the moon is behind a thick veil of clouds. Suddenly,I hear a noise that sends shivers up my spine. A howl. Another howl shines through the night. Then I hear rustling,and suddenly the moon is shining brightly,the clouds have dissappeared. Then,a figure steps out into the night. The first thing I realize is that it's an animal. It is small,and very skinny. It's fur is platinum blonde,and it's eyes are light blue. It looks just like me. I'm immediately terrified. And here I am,on the ground,the nearest tree ten yards away.The thing would eat me in the time it takes to get their. I stand up,ready my axe,and charge. The wolf leaps out to the side and pounces on me. It's about to bite my throat out when it goes rigid. It falls over,and standing above me is Hayden Hawkins. I'm terrified.I kill Prett,which I still feel bad about it. I make it to the final eight,I survive the wolf mutt,just to get killed now. He's standing over me and says,"I forgive you."

I flinch and raise my arms before I realize what he said. "What?" I ask.

"I forgive you."

"But...I killed Prett.I should be dead right now."

He says nothing,just offers his hand. I take it and sit up. He smiles slightly and walks away. I'm still in shock,when I hear the scream. I race through the woods,and see a wolf,standing over Hayden. It looks just like him,with blue and green eyes,dirty blonde fur. I raise my axe and silently get to the wolf. It's dead ten seconds later. Hayden smiles and says,"Hello Prett." and his cannon fires. I take his things,and walk away.

In Sapphire's perspective

That flippin' wolf bit me! It caught me by surprise,and knicked my arm,but I killed it. It doesn't even hurt much,but I don't think it's safe. I dip my arm in the salt water. The pain feels good,helps me focus. I need to win these things. I just have to. I fall asleep in the cornucopia.

Day 7-The Feast

The day begins,and President Leshawna sits down with the gamemakers,awaiting the feast.

In Ben's perspective

It's mid morning when the Feast is announced.I can't wait,I'm out of food and water.I head towards the cornucopia.

I make it to the cornucopia an hour before the feast begins,as Claudius said dusk. I settle down behind some bushes to wait.

In Sapphire's perspective

Those weaklings don't have a clue that I'm here,in the cornucopia. I know I'll make a kill. I think I'll dedicate it to my aunt,Clove,who died at her feast. I won't.

In Tally's perspective

Moss and I have rowed over to the island. the sun has just started to set,so we get out and run to the cornucopia,I'm hungry

In Halex's perspective

I'm in a tree awaiting the feast,awaiting the bloodbath. I need supplies.

In Brekelle's perspective

I'm here.I want to win these games,but I need to survive this,first. I go through who's left. The girls from 2 and 3. The boys from 4 and 5,the girl from 7, the boy from 10 and me. I prepare my axe.Suddenly,thick fog sets in. I can only see ten feet ahead of me.

In Moss's perspective

I think I hear something. It sounds mechanical,then a gong. I know the feast has started,but I can't see. I think I hear feet,then I see a beam from a flashlight. I see a second. A third. Tally pulls out hers and she says,"I'm going in.Try not to shoot me." and she's gone into the fog. I run in,my bow ready,when I hear the first cannon. I have no clue who's it is,and continue running. I see the table,and I see a boy and a girl fighting. I run towards the table when I trip. I look over and I see a boy,lying on the ground,a spear in his chest. I grab a pack and try to locate Tally. I hear footsteps and I see Tally running towards me,horror on her face. Then I see a boy following her. His eyes are filled with rage,and he tackles her. He makes asound similar to a bear about to kill it's prey and he slams his sword into Tally's head. I scream and turn around and run a random direction. It's the right one,because I see the forest. I race to my boat,tears streaming down my face. I get in the boat,the cargo being me,my bow and arrows and the pack I got,as we left our supplies on the island.

I make it back two hours later,still sobbing. I take count of our supplies and wait until night. Night falls and Tally and the boy I tripped over,who was from 10 appear. I go to sleep,trying not to lose my sanity.

Day 8-Final Four

In Moss's perspective

I wake up mid morning. I look around for Tally,until I remember she's gone. Just like Reed. I'm about to cry when trumpets sound. I wait for Claudius's voice,but the voice surprises me. It's the President. She says curtly,"All of the tributes on the islands have an hour to leave before all life is wiped off of them.Good luck." and the voice is gone. I take in what she said,and begin panicking. The island was the only protection from the other four. I know it's no use complaining,so I get up and put everything into the boat and row away. That took me half an hour.I row away. Half an hour later,I hear a loud explosion. I look around,and the islands are bare of life,just as the President said they would be. Just the pure white sand. Two hours later,I make it to land. I go through my supplies. I don't want to be tethered to the boat, so I take all of the stuff I need and put the rest in the boat and push it out to see. All I have left are my bow,my dozen arrows,the biggest pack filled with the fish I caught,the crackers still from the cornucopia,my jug of water,a sleeping bag and some iodine. I head into the woods.

It's about four in the afternoon, and a crash makes me scale a tree. I look down and see the boy who killed Tally. He has a crazed look in his eyes,and he's crawling with his knuckles on the ground. I remember he was the one who lost his sister here. That's why he's gone insane. It's also the only reason I let him go.I stay in the tree.

In Brekelle's perspective

It's almost dusk when I see her. The girl from 2 is charging towards me,two swords in her hands. I whip around,my axe in my hand and run as fast as I can. She keeps up,the same distance behind me. I see a clearing up ahead. If I make it there,I can make it into the trees and hide,then jump out and kill her. But when I make it,I see a boy. I also see the clearing clearly. I see a square in the sky above the trees,which is odd. The boy is standing,blocking my escape that way, and the girl is behind me. The only way I can get away is down the side of the canyon. I rush forward. The girl steps in and notices the boy. Her eyes fillwith anger and she says," The fight at the feast was just the beginning. You're dead now." Then I notice his arm. He's missing a hand! He holds his trident in his other hand,but he's shaking and pale, The girl rushes forwards and stabs him. He falls,and I'm shocked. She just killed him without emotion. This angers me. She's doing what the Capitol wants. I rush to her while she's freeing her sword and slam the axe into her head. She falls,her cannon firing. I begin to cry. I'm an animal. She was my first kill. Besides Prett,of course,but I block that battle out of my mind. I'm turning into an animal. I just walk away,taking nothing. I've done enough.

Day 9-The Finale

President Leshawna and Teampeetaforever walk into the gamemakers room. The President has an annoyed expression on her face,and Teampeetaforever is silent,with a slight frown. The gamemakers gather at the table. All of them,Rosella,Primrose,Elviaalova,Mockingjay,Racmany. Elviaalova is wondering where Silveraqua went,and as if she was reading her mind,Leshawna replies,"Silveraqua is gone,obviously. She said being a gamemaker was despicable. You know what happens when those comments are made." The gamemakers nod."So, her new replacement is Klaxman." He enters the room quickly and Rosella squeaks with excitement. She runs up to hug him,and trips. He catches her though,and you can practically see the hearts coming out of her eyes. The President rolls her eyes."Yes yes,love is so wonderful. Sit down." The love birds sit down,holding hands."As I was about to say, these Games have come to a close. I want the three tributes sent to the cornucopia." Teampeeta says quietly,"Go Flynn." Rosella and Mockingjay stand and Rosella says,"Brekelle will win." Mockingjay says,"Moss will win,she's the best." Leshawna is losing her patients and shouts,"Shut up,all of you! Klaxman,keep your girlfriend in control. Mockingjay,You've been here the longest,you know better. Teampeeta...You're lucky you make good coffee. I'm leaving,I want this ending to be full of blood." and she leaves,Teampeeta scrambling to catch up. The Gamemakers do as they are told.

From no ones perspective

The three tributes are told to go to the cornucopia. Brekelle makes it first,and ducks into the cornucopia. Flynn arrives second,walking with his knuckles on the ground. Moss arrives last,her bow ready. Brekelle runs out of the cornucopia,which upsets Flynn. He makes a sound similar to a growl and rushes at the girl. She screams,and runs to the other side of the cornucopia. Flynn loses sight of her,and thus his anger. He goes back to rummaging through the supplies. Brekelle sees Moss and holds up her hands in a gesture of peace and walks towards her. Brekelle asks,"What's wrong with him?" Moss replies,"He's insane. It'd be the nice thing to kill him." Brekelle replies,"I can't. It's like killing a dog,he doesn't know he's doing anything." Moss replies," Fine,I'll do it." and she raises her bow and fires an arrow. It lands in Flynn's shoulder,and his eyes widen with rage. He rushes towards the girls,who scream. Brekelle takes out her axe as Flynn launches himself at her. He knocks her down and starts slamming his fists all over her. He rips out her hair,gives her black eyes,and Brekelle is screaming bloody murder. Moss takes out her knife and stabs Flynn over and over,until he falls over. His cannon fires. Moss looks down at Brekelle,who's unconcious. Moss sighs as she takes her bow and loads an arrow. She fires the arrow into Brekelle's eye. Brekelle's cannon fires, And Moss's eyes fill with tears as the trumpets sound and the ladder falls down,and she is carried into the hovercraft.

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