Hello, I'm making another hunger games, I need, Skill,Strategy,History and other obvious things.Also, I would rather have new tributes,not the same ones if you have already had entered them in my other games.


district 1

male:Eric Green

female:Alice Sparkle

district 2

male:Fire Ranchfire

female:Jade Hazel

district 3

male:Harold Booma

female:Elizabeth Erye

district 4

male:Mark Hughes

female:Larissa Johnson

district 5

male:Echo Stone

female:Sapphire Rolland-VICTOR!

district 6

male: Jakob Larson

female:Angelia Nox

district 7

male:Stone Thorn

female:Dawn Shadows

district 8

male:Fill Derpil

female:Jane Derpil

district 9

male: Arbin Jett

female:Evelyn Sing

district 10

male:Vlad Gears

female: Julianna-Beth Singleton

district 11

male: Kimmt Cotwright

female:Raeoki Cotwright

district 12

male:Polaris Weasley

female: Helena Blackmore


The Arena this year has two parts. To the north and west,There is a snowy forest. The snow varies in depth but in some places,it can be hiding a mine and if a tribute falls in,they would either die on impact or slowly die of starvation. There is plenty of game. The tracks are plainly visible. Which means tributes tracks are visible.To the south,lies a desert. There are some rock formations which a tribute cold hide in.There is small game and a few trees where there are massive birds nests. However there are cobras could be hiding. To the east is a giant lake. It goes on for a few miles. It is the only water source in the arena aside from snow and water at the cornucopia.The cornucopia is on a plain of grass. There are a few mine shafts there too.


basket of food-$150

Knife- $150



Bow and arrows-$400$



Medical Kit- $400'


Day 1

24.Polaris Weasley

23.Jakob Larson

22. Raeoki Cotwright

21. Fill Derpil

20.Julianna-Beth Singleton

19.Harold Booma

18.Vlad Gears

17.Angelia Nox

Day 3

16.Alice Sparkle

15.Mark Hughes

14.Fire Ranchfire

13.Helena Blackmore

12.Dawn Shadows

Day 6

11.Jade Hazel

10.Arbin Jett

Day 10

9.Eric Green

8.Larissa Johnson

Day 13

7.Elizabeth Erye

6.Jane Derpil

Day 15

5.Echo Stone

Day 19

4.Evelyn Sing

Day 21

3.Stone Thorn

Day 22

2.Kimmt Cotwright

Day 1

The games have begun and the tributes have entered the arena. Their eyes either go to the cornucopia or the forest. The gong rings and the tributes are out. The career alliance of districts 1,2 and 4 have formed quickly. They are picking weapons. Helena from 12 is heading towards Polaris from 12,as they had a pre-made alliance. She is a few feet away when a spear enters Polaris's head. He falls and Helena looks over and sees Jakob from 6 preparing to throw another spear. She picks up a spear as well as a pack and runs away. She looks back one last time to see an arrow enter his temple. Sapphire and Echo from 5 have grabbed a bunch of stuff at random and are heading towards the desert. Dawn and Stone from 7 are heading towards the forest.Kimmt and Raeoki from 11 have met up and are selecting items. They have turned around when they see Alice from 1 standing a few feet away. She smiles and throws her knife. It misses them and they run. But Alice follows and jumps on Raeoki's Back and slices her back open. She falls and Kimmt turns around and sees Alice running. He then sees Jane and Fill Derpil from 8 running towards him but not in an offensive way. He then sees Fill fall and Jane sees the dart in his neck and she screams. She falls to her knees in despair and Kimmt approaches her. He says "We both need to avenge our siblings. Align with me,and we'll have a much better chance at winning. Jane looks up and nods,grabbing her and Fills stuff and they run into the forest,Parralel to the lake.Back at the cornucopia, Jullianna-Beth from 10 is standing over Harold from 3. She is about to stab him when a dart enters her neck. She knows she has lost and whips around and stabs Harold in the chest. They both sink to the ground. Elizabeth from 3 is running away from the cornucopia towards the desert when Vlad from 10 steps out. He is about to kill her when she takes out a bow and an arrow and fires it into his eye. He falls and dies and she cuts away his pack and runs off.The final death of the day is Angelia from 6 who was stabbed by Larissa from 4. Evelyn from 9 runs into the forest.Arbin from 9 heads into the forest. The careers stay at the cornucopia.

Day 3

The careers haven't found anyone since the bloobath. They decide to split up. Eric,Larissa and Fire head into the desert and Jade,Alice and Mark head into the forest. They are just looking around when they see a figure run straight past them. They quickly follow. They discover the figure is Evelyn. She scales a tree and prepares to send darts into their necks. The careers are taunting her now. Alice is about to throw her spear when an arrow entes her neck. She falls and drowns in her own blood. Jade and Mark see Arbin preparing to shoot another arrow. It hits Mark in the eye and he falls down. Jade doesn't want to chance it and runs back towards the cornucopia. Evelyn can't see who shot the arrows and then sees The boy from her district appear. She knows he wouldn't kill her so she climbs down and says " Lets split the packs."

He says "What? No way,you did nothing to help. I'm taking them." Evelyn replies " No. I'm taking one. You're lucky I don't take both." And she cuts away a pack and runs away. Arbin takes the other and heads in another direction.

The other three careers have returned to find Jade alone. She tells them what happened and they immediately go hunting for Arbin. They don't find him though. They do find Helena. She gets up and runs quickly away. They follow. She knows that their is a camp nearby as she saw a fire the night before. She runs straight through Dawn and Stone's camp. Larissa jumps on Helena's back and they begin to wrestle. Fire takes out his bow and arrows and aims one at Dawn, while Stone aims one at Eric. Stone quickly moves his bow towards Fire and releases the arrow. Fire does the same. The arrows hit Dawn and Fire. They both fall and Larissa slits Helena's throat. She gets up and her and Eric leave. Stone is holding Dawn now. She mumbles " You need to win now. Go home and take care of my sister. Please." Stone replies "I'd do anything for you. I love you" Dawn smiles and says " I know. I think I love you too." And she closes her eyes and smiles. Her cannon fires and Stone is trying hard not to cry. The rest of the day is uneventful.

Day 6

Stone has been wandering around recklessly since Dawn's death. He is just walking when a spear attacks flies at him. He ducks and it lodges in a tree. He looks over to see the three careers running towards him.He takes out his axe and throws it and runs away. The axe bureis itself in Jade's chest and her cannon fires. The two remaining careers head back to camp.

It is now dusk,and Elizabeth has been wandering the desert for a while when an arrow buries itself in her leg. She cries out and then sees Arbing running towards her. He says " You district 3's are so easy to kill. I bet the boy from your district didn't even put up a fight. And now you're gonna die.Any last words?" He smirks. Elizabeth takes out her knife and throws it at a blinding pace.It buries itself in his chest and he looks down in surprise. He looks up and sinks to his knees. His cannon sounds and Elizabeth takes his pack but leaves his bow and arrows with him to be collected. She hides in a rock formation and goes to sleep.

Day 10

Sapphire and Echo are running out of food now, and they havent found any animals in a while,so they head towards the cornucopia, As they travel,They hear a cannon. they make it to the cornucopia to see Eric lying on the ground. They also see Larissa battling Evelyn. Evelyn sees Sapphire and Echo and points. Larissa turns and Evelyn runs away with two packs full of supplies. Larissa throws a spear but misses and The tributes from 5 burst out of the snowy forest. Echo charges Larissa and Sapphire goes to the cornucopia. Sapphire has a bunch of supplies and turns around with a bow and arrows when she sees Larissa stab Echo with her trident. Sapphire launches an arrow into Larissa's head and she falls. Sapphire runs over to echo who is on the ground. They decide to stay at the cornucopia and set up a tent. Sapphire puts Echo inside and they go to sleep.


Elizabeth-Elizabeth's mother comes she says " sweetie,The whole district is so proud of you! come home please!" and walks away

Echo- Echo's father comes. He says " We are so proud of you. Please get better and win." and he walks away trying not to cry.

Sapphire- Saphire's mom comes. She says " I love you so much! please just kill Echo. He is suffering and you can't protect both of you at the same time." and walks away.

Stone- Stone's mom,dad and brother come. They say " We love you alot,please come home. We are sorry about Dawn but you need to win for her."

Jane- Jane's parents come. They say " We love you,and need you home,we don't know what we would do without you"

Evelyn-Evelyn's Brother comes. He says " I love you! please come home and i will never do anything mean yo you again!"

Kimmt- Kimmt's grandparents come. Both of them are crying. they say " We know how sad you are about Raeoki,but you need to win for her. Be safe!"

Day 13

The day begins, and the tributes are all very caucious emerging. Nothing happens for most of the day, but in the afternoon, Evelyn sees Jane and Kimmt's camp. She walks over to it and says " Do you mind having a third alliance member? Jane and Kimmt talk for a moment before Jane says "Ok, fine,you can join." And they all quickly bond. Meanwhile,Echo's condition is getting worse. His stab wound is getting worse,and Sapphire is getting worried. She searches through all the supplies at the cornucopia and finds a medical kit. She cleans the wound and bandages it and waits to see if anything changes. Evelyn,Jane and Kimmt are heading towards the cornucopia to get some supplies,as they know the careers are dead. They make it their and see Sapphire.They all begin to argue about whether or not they should attack her. The decide not to and instead head into the desert. They find Elizabeth,who gets up and throws her knife. It gets Jane in the chest and she falls. Evelyn fires a dart at Elizabeth,and it lodges in her neck. Her cannon fires and Kimmt and Evelyn surround Jane, She's breathing heavily,and She says " One of you need to win. Avoid the district 7 boy,and that girl from 5,They are both extremely dangerous. I think that the tributrs from 5 are alligned,and the boy is in the tent,He saw us and tried to get up,but he must be injured. Goobye." and she dies.Nothing else happens for the rest of the day.

Day 15

The day begins, and the first thing the tributes hear is "There will be a feast tonight beginning at dusk at the cornucopia. I know that a certain few of you need something desperatley. You should know that what you want might be there."Sapphire has mixed emotions. she doesn't know how she can move Echo without hurting him. She goes into the tent and says "We have to move you,now." Echo tries to get up and leans on Sapphire. She brings him into the forest and hides him in a cluster of bushes. she gives him a spear to defend himself with and gathers up a bunch of stuff she wants and spends the rest of the day throwing everything else into the lake.

It is now dusk, and all the tributes are hiding,waiting for the games to begin. the table rises up and Evelyn immediately rushes out onto the plain,quickly followed by Kimmt. She gathers up two packs and sees the small pack and is going to get it when an arrow lodges in her hand. She screams and runs away into the forest while Kimmt stares. he yells " Where are you going?" she shouts back "leaving,nice knowing ya,bye!" and runs into the forest. She stops running after a while. she sits down to look at the contents of her packs. She has opened one when she hears a noise in the bushes. she looks over and sees a leg. The girl from 9 gets out her blow gun and fires a dart into the bushes. She hears a boy yelp and sees Echo crawl out, with the dart in his arm. He shouts "Sapphire,I love you! Win for us!" and falls down. His cannon fires.

Back at the feast,Sapphire is running out on the plain,knowing only the boy from 7 is left. She grabs the bag of medicine when she hears Echo's shout. She grabs some stuff and runs towards the bushes. She then sees Evelyn sprinting away. She shouts "I'll get you,district 9! You'll pay for this!" and runs to Echo's body,sobbing as hard as possible. She gathers up her stuff and climbs a tree.

Kimmt has gone into the desert,contemplating what to do now. He sees a giant birds nest,and shoves his spear into it. He spears to birds and rejoices,knowing he won't have to immediately break into his supplies.

Stone has gathered up everything remaining at the cornucopia,and heads into the desert,still mourning Dawn.He opens up one of the packs and sees a picture. He looks at it closely,and sees its of Dawn. He cries alot,and then falls asleep.

Day 19

As the day begins, Sapphire goes hunting for game and Evelyn. She easily shoots some squirrels. she sits down to skin them and sets up a fire.

Evelyn is at the lake,replenishing her water when she sees something out of the corner of her eye. She looks up and sees bear. but it wasn't a normal bear. It was running on two legs and ws very fast. Evelyn dives into the lake and swims to an island. The bear dives in after but isn't as fast as her. She makes it to the isnald and fires a dart into the mutt. It lodges in its skin but the bear isn't bothered. The bear has almost made it to the island when it is pulled down under the surface. Evelyn knows she is trapped on the island with limited supplies.

Sapphire heard the thrashing in the water and went to the lake. She now sees Evelyn and shoots a volley of arrows at her. two hit her. One in the heart,and her cannon fires. Sapphire says "Told you you'd pay." and walks back into the forest.

Day 21

The sun is high in they sky and Stone in lying down,dehydrated. He knows he has to get up and sear h for water,but he can't. He thinks about Dawn,and realizes the idea of seeing her again is more tempting than living. He takes out his spear and plunges it into his chest. He doesn't die though.

It's later in the day,and Kimmt has been walking back towards the forest when he sees Stone with the spear still in him. Kimmt walks over and notices he is still alive. He debates whether or not to leave him and hunt for Sapphire,leaving an easy kill for last but decides it would be cruel. He takes out his knife and plunges it into Stone's neck. His cannon fires and Sapphire and Kimmt know the end is coming.

Day 22

The day begins,and Kimmt and Sapphire begin heading towards the cornucopia. On the way, Kimmt recieves a bottle of water. He drinks it fast and makes it to the cornucopia. He takes 2 spears and a bunch of food and water and hides in the cornucopia. He eats a bug breakfast.

Sapphire has made it to the cornucopia and doesn't see Kimmt. She shoots some arrows into the surrounding forest and in the cornucopia. Kimmt is hit in the arm. He takes his spears and rushes out. He throws one at Sapphire,and it hits her in the thigh. She falls,and Kimmt stands over her. Sapphire launches an arrow into his eye. He dies,and Sapphire rejoices,

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