Hello everyone! As i said in my previous games,I encourage new tributes! I don't like to have people enter tributes in two games and do good in the first and bad in the second. Enter appearance, personality,Skill,Strategy,history and Name,district number and age (obviously) Thank you! Also one quick Announcement : I will be doing POV's of characters throughout the games. It may just be part of a day or two days. The first day is my only exception cause it wouldn't be that good story wise



male:Finn Norecracni-8

female:Gemma Revlis-7

District 2

male:Greg Kiikikiiiku-9

female:Palette Willows-8

District 3

male:Xander Carrow-6

female:Blue Tobee-6

District 4

male:Splash Blue-9-Victor!!

female:Waterlily Wave-5

District 5

male:Lenekin Forters-4

female:Derena Lyad

District 6

male:Anton Wilhelm-4

female:Violet Milliak-5

District 7

male:Thorn Woods-6

female: Maple Shadows-4

District 8

male:Blake Canis-4

female:Natalie Gregg-6

District 9

male:Denyon Pierce-3

female:Emily Veela-2

District 10

male:Sean Jung-2

female:Mary Yoo-4

District 11

male:Aric Head-4

female:Diana Lehman-6

District 12

male:Drake Winters-7

female:Danielle Jones-8







Medical kit:400

Predator Urine (to stop mutts):450



sleeping bag:400




The arena this year is divided into two sections. The first section is all swamp. It has quick sand,alligators snakes willow trees, and plenty of water. There are a few birds for game as well as the snakes if the tributes get out the poison. The other is a tundra. It is a cold place,with plenty of rabbits,squirrels and foxes.It snows alot there,so any tracks could be tracked for about an hour before they are completely hidden.The mutt situation will be announced during the game ;)


Day 1

24.Blake Canis-Killed by Gemma Revlis

23.Denyon Pierce-Killed by Mary Yoo

22.Mary Yoo-Killed by Violet Milliak

21.Danielle Jones-Killed by Thorn Woods

20.Aric Head-killed by Maple Shadows

19.Lenekin Forters-Killed by Emily Veela

18.Greg Kiikikiiiku-Killed by Diana Lehman

17.Blue Tobee-Killed by Diana Lehman

Day 4

16.Anton Wilhelm-killed by Finn Norecracni

15.Gemma Revlis-Killed by Maple Shadows

14.Thorn Woods-Killed by Pallete Willows

Day 5

13.Natalie Gregg-killed by Derena Lyad

12.Violet Milliak-Killed by Sean Jung

Day 7

11.Emily Veela-killed by Drake Winters

Day 8

10.Finn Norecracni-killed by an alligator mutt

Day 9

9.Diana Lehman-killed by Xander Carrow

8. Waterlily Wave-killed by Drake Winters

Day 10

no one

Day 13

7.Drake Winters-Killed by Maple Shadows

Day 16

6.Xander Carrow-Killed by Palette Willows

Day 19

5.Derena Lyad-Killed by Palette Willows

Day 22

4. Palette Willows-killed by Maple Shadows

Day 25

3. Maple Shadows

Day 27

2.Sean Jung

Day 1-Bloodbath

The games have begun. The tributes are ready to run to the supplies at the cornucopia. The gong sounds, and tributes rush into ther blood bath. The tributes from 1 and 2 find eachother and realize That the tributes from 4 won't be joining them. They look around for replacements when the tributes from districts 3 and 8 walk up to them,asking to join. The 4 original careers tallk quietly for a moment. Then Gemma from 1 picks up a spear and launches it into Blake from 8's stomach. He falls,and they let the other three join.

Mary from 10 is sending a volley of arrows at tributes. Only one is a fatal hit. It hits Denyon from 9. He falls,and Mary smiles. The smile doesn't last though,as Violet from 6 shoves a dagger into her temple. Violet takes Mary's pack and heads into the tundra.Sean from 10 saw all of this and promises revenge as he heads into the swamp.

Thorn from 7 has been searching for Maple,also from 7 since the games began. He finally notices her,being chased by Danielle from 12. He charges towards Danielle and snaps her neck.Maple then notices Aric from 11 about to stab Thorn. She sends an arrow into his eye. Thorn runs over and they head into the Tundra.

Lenekin from 5 is heading towards the swamp when a dart enters his neck. Emily from 9 cuts away his pack and heads into the swamp,grinning.

Slowly,all the tributes head away from the cornucopia. The careers haven't done much killing,as they are more preoccupied looking at what they have to work with.Soon, only Splash and Waterlily from 4 and Diana from 11 are at the cornucopia with the careers. They split into two groups. The tributes from 2 and three head after Diana,as the tributes from 4 are heading towards the tundra. Diana sees them and calmly picks up two spears. She throws one,and it hits Greg from 2 in the heart. He falls over, and Palette, His district partner screams.Blue throws the spear back at her. It misses and Diana throws her last spear at Blue. It hits her in the neck.This time, Xander screams, saying, " You'll pay for this,district 11!" She is the last death.

The careers don't do any hunting that night,and nothing interesting happens.

Day 4

In Finn's perspective

The day has begun for us,and we immediately go out hunting.I don't know what Gemma and Palette were thinking,letting district 3 and the girl from 8 join. I would've killed them when they offered to join.We are all walking through the woods,not talking when I hear a noise,Natalie heard it too,and we look over and see a boy running away.We chase him,and I send my spear into his back. He falls,and we don't even bother taking his pack,We just keep on hunting.

In Diana's perspective

I just witnessed a boys death. I think he was from district 8, or maybe 9. No,Those boys were killed in the bloodbath.hmm...Oh! District 6! I don't know anything else about him though. I walk over,and take his knife and his ug of water. I'm surprised that i feel nothing about stealing from this boy. I also know that the careers are near,and I must be careful.That boy from three wouldn't hesitate to kill me.I scale a tree and watch the hovercraft carry away his body.

In Maple's perspective

Its official,Thorn and I are dating.I haven't been this happy in two years,since before Dawn was killed in the games.I still have nightmares about that,so I shove the thought out of my mind.Me and Thorn are in a tree,my head on his shoulder,and he's stroking my hair.He's just wonderful,and I really like him. Suddenly,he stiffens. I follow his gaze and see the careers coming.They haven't seen us yet,but i prepare my bow in case I need to fire.I'm watching them,and I see a girl,I think from 2,notice us. They all look up,and I can see their eyes brighten. Thorn grabs his knife,and gives me my first kiss. I blush,and he says " In case I don't come back,Happy birthday,I love you." And he leaps out of the tree. The girl from 2 says " Gemma,you stay here and take care of the girl,the rest of you with me!" and they begin to chace Thorn.I've never been this scared before.The girl,Gemma,grins and says "Why don'tcha come down here,and we can play a game?" I just look,to afraid to do anything. She smiles again and says" Fine,have it your way." And she throws a knife at me. I duck,and the knife lodges above me. I aim the arrow and fire. It's a direct hit into her eye. Her cannon fires,and I leap down and dive into the bushes to wait for Thorn.A few minutes later, I hear people running,I then see Thorn fall to the ground, and he is looking at me now. I begin to sob silently,while someone walks over to him. I then see another pair of feet run to Gemma.I imagine it's the boy from her district. The feet standing near Thorn say"Where's the girl hun?" He stays silent,and The girl says "Ok,and I close my eyes as i hear a sickening sound. I curl into a ball,and the careers leave.I begin to sob even more,and I feel something bite my arm,I look up and see a bug. I begin to feel drowsy,and try to cover myself with leaves,but black out.

In Natalie's perspective

That was a succesful day.Gemma finally died.She was such a pain. And those other two died,so today was pretty good. We arrive back at the cornucopia ad Xander says " Guys,We're missing a pack and a knife. I wonder how he knows this when I remember he took invetory of everything on the second day.Palette is furious,and promises revenge. We then come up with a brilliant plan for tomorrow.

What the careers don't realize is That Derena had stolen the knife and pack,and would have stolen more but was almost caught by the careers. She is laughing as she prepares to sleep.

Day 5

from Pallete's perspective

When I wake up in the morning,I wake up the others,and we put our plan into action to catch that damn thief who stole that stuff.We head out,leaving Natalie to hide and wait for the thief.We don't stay though,Finn doesn't want her or Xander aligned with us,and if she lives,great.If not,thats fine too. We head out to hunt.

from Splash's perspective.

The games have been pretty easy for Waterlily and I.We haven't seen one tribute since we arrived.We are stationed near a frozen pond,and we cut a hole in the ice and we fish.We decided to go walking,just to escape dying of boredom.We are walking when Waterlily stiffens.I then see a hand sticking out of the bushes.We ready our tridents and walk over.I kick the hand,but it doesn't move.I look farther into the bushes and see a girl.I don't know anything about her,except that she must be young,maybe twelve or thirteen.Waterlily then says" Maple,from 7.She can use a bow and arrows well,but not anything else." I then remember she memorized every tribute.She has no visible wounds,and I haven't heard a cannon,so she must be alive. I call out " Maple?" she doesn't move.I then see a bump on her arm. It looks like a bug bite,but it's pretty big.I then put together a bug bit her and she passed out. I then see Waterlily getting out her trident.I'm shocked,and ask, "What are you doing?" She says " What does it look like? She's a tribute,a dangerous one at that.Its the Hunger games,we are supposed to do this. I reply, " You're not killing her.I'm taking her with us." and I pull her out of the bushes.and give her stuff to Waterlily.She stamps her foot,and I smile. We head back to camp.

in Derena's perspective

The careers are out now,and I'm determined to steal more stuff.I head in,and start to choose what I want.I take two loafs of bread,two packs of jerky and 3 jugs of water,and a pack of fruit. I'm about to leave when a girl jumps out of the cornucopia,swinging a knife.I'm not afriad at all,and I say " Becareful,you could kill somebody." and I laugh. She jumps towards me,cutting my laught off.I stab her stomach and ask,"Where are the careers?" She says,"Tundra." and her cannon fires.I grab the food and water and head off,taking two more knives.

from Sean's perspective

I've been hunting for that girl for five whole days now.Where could she be? I hear a cannon,but don't care.I then hear a rustle,I whip around just as the girl I was looking for flies at me. I've never been this lucky.I easily stab her,And she screams,I take her stuff and run as far as I can.

from Palett's perspective

We hear two cannons,ten minutes apart.We head to the cornucopia,where we find blood on the ground and more supplies missing. The anthem plays,and we see the girl from 6 and Natalie appear in the sky.I'm furious.This is the last time I let someone else do a job meant for me.I immediately go to sleep,making Xander stay up incase we are attacked.Yeah, right.

Day 7

In Maple's perspective.

I wake up slowly,at first. I can't move,so I take in my surroundings. I'm in a tent,which is strange,because there was only one at the cornucopia,so I know some tribute has me. I wonder who it is,and why they didn't kill me.Maybe its the careers,and they wanted me to feel the pain. A girl walks in,and I scream a raspy scream. The girl jumps,and looks at me. She says cheerfully " Well finally! We've been waiting for you for two whole days.Splash,she's awake!" and a boy walks in. I'm struck by how attractive he is. She is too. The boy,Splash,says " Hey. Waterlily,get Maple some water." Waterlily takes out a water bottle,and I drink it thirstily wondering how he knows my name. The boy laughs,and suddenly everything floods back. I remember the careers, killing Gemma,The careers killing Thorn while he just looked at me. Tears stream down my face, and the tributes,( I think from 4,I'm guessing by their names) look concerned.Splash sits me up, and they both hug me. I just cry into their shoulders,and when I stop,We begin to talk.I learn about district 4,and how they found me. I realize I'd been asleep since day 4. they tell me that the girls from 6 and 8 died.We begin to bond,which is great,But I quickly realized that I can't kill these people.

Drake's perspective

On day 6, I recieved a note,saying I had to ally with someone. I've been searching but haven't found anyone.Suddenly,I spot a girl in a tree. I call out "Hey,wanna be allies?" The girl looks down,and she jumps down,shooting darts at me.None hit,so I pick them up and throw them at her.One hits and she falls to the ground. she says "I can't believe you killed the Night Prowler!" and her cannon fires. I think "Night Prowler" is a stupid name to call yourself. I take her stuff,and make camp .

Xander's perspective

While at the cornucopia, Finn recieved a sword. He immediately began practicing. I notice Palette is furious at him for getting something. I say " Envy's a sin,you know." Palette just glares at me. We hear a cannon,and that night,we see the girl from 9 in the sky.

Day 8

The tributes rise with the sun,and Claudius Templesmith's voice echoes throughout the arena. "Prepare tributes,there will be a feast tomorrow at the cornucopia." Nothing else is said,and all of the tributes basically ignore it,waiting until day 9 to do anything.The careers do some hunting in the swamp.

in Palette's perspective

Hunting has not been going well.Walking with these two is like being chased by two cows. We haven't found an evidence of tributes.We are walking down a path when I hear a noise. I whip around,expecting a tribute. I see an alligator. But it doesn't look right. It's huge,and red,with yellow eyes. I run,instead of trying to fight. I see Xander doing the same. Finn is readying his spear,and charging the thing. Anyone who does that is obviously not worth saving. Xander and I run. We hear a cannon when we reach the cornucopia. I see him appear in the sky,and we prepare for the feast.

Day 9-Feast

( I know I changed the date of the feast)

In Waterlily's perspective

When I wake up, I walk outside the tent and see Maple's already up. She notices me and says in a monotonous voice, "It's my birthday today."

I say " Happy birthday. Sorry I don't have a gift." She laughs,and Splash emerges from the tent. He looks very cute with his hair messed up. He gives me a kiss,and we begin to prepare for the feast. We decide that Splash is going to stay at camp,even though he doesn't want to. But I'm the fastest runner,and Maple can shoot anynone that chases me. Maple and I head out,after a group hug.

In Drake's perspective

I head out to the cornucopia early, and climb a tree to wait. I don't see any other tributes.

In Diana's perspective

I make it to the cornucopia, and hide in some bushes. I'm starving.

In Sean's perspective

I think and hope I'm the only tribute not going to the feast. I don't need anything right now, and I don't want to risk it.

In Xander's perspective

Palette and I are hiding in the cornucopia,a genius idea on my part. We don't need anything,but we both want as many tributes dead now as possible.

In Derena's perspective

I've been hiding in these bushes for a while now.I need supplies badly. I don't know how many tributes are here,but when the table rises,My heart sinks. There is only one pack. Attached is a spear. I guess there is food and water in it. But this means only one of us is getting that pack. And I want it.

In Waterlily's perspective

The table rises, and the careers stroll out of the cornucopia. I feel like slapping them. They do NOT own this place. I'm about to rush out and stab them when a girl beats me to it. She is close to the pack when The boy whips around and throws his spear. It lands in her ribs,and she falls. A cannon fires. That starts a stampede,and suddenly every tribute is rushing out onto the plain,except Maple,who is making sure I'm safe. The careers panick,I can see it in the boy from three's eyes. He flees,and the girl from 2 follows. The rest of us struggle for the backpack. The boy from 12 has a strap,as does the girl from 5.I grab the strap at the top,and pull.We are all grappling for it,When an arrow lodges in the boy from from 12's arm. He instinctively releases it.I lossen my grip in surprise, and the girl from 5 yanks it out of my hand. She sprints into the swamp,and the boy from 12 and I head into the forest in different directions. Maple and I head back to camp. We tell Splash what happened.We prepare for sleep,and I volunteer to stay up and watch for intruders.

In Drake's perspective

Im furious. I can't believe some kid shot me with an arrow. I need that pack. I spend the night searching. I come across a camp. I walk in to steal some stuff. when a girl launches out of the tent. I give a small yelp,and launch several darts at her. Two hit,and she falls,screaming. I grab a cooked rabbit and run.

In Splash's perspective

I'm woken up by Maple sobbing. I rush out of the tent,and see her holding Waterlily's head.I see a dart in her neck and her leg. She looks at me. Her eyes go dead, and a cannon fires. I can't think. I want to cry,scream,punch something. I then notice Maple,and I'm furious with her for some reason. I shout " Why didn't you save her?!? She could still be with is right now!"

Maple is sobbing harder now,but I don't care. She says, " How could I? I came out and the damage was done. I'm so sorry you had to go through this."

I'm even angrier now,and pick up a trident and chuck it at a tree. It lodges in it,and I storm off.

Day 10

In Maple's perspective

I wake up from my small nap,since I had to watch the camp by myself. I spent the night bringing everything inside the tent,and in a tree waiting to see if Splash would come back. It's now morning,and I haven't seen anyone. Last night,When I rushed out and found Waterlily,She was very panicked. She said quickly "Drake Winters,District 12!" She went silent,and I couldn't handle it. Then Splash came out and screamed at me, for no reason. I don't even know if he's coming back. I get all of my kills from yesterday and cook them. I'm eating a squirrel when Splash comes back. His eyes are wet,but his face shows nothing.We just look at each other,and I begin to say, "You don't have to apologize,I know wh-" He interreupts,saying,"I'm so sorry I acted like that last night.I was just so upset Waterlily was gone,I just couldn't help it.He hugs me,and I flinch at first,but eventually hug back.We spend the day hunting and fishing.

In Drake's perspective

I awaken to find a water bottle and a note,saying to ration my supplies. I fully agree. But I'm impressed with myself. I've killed two people,and I've showed not all of District 12 is weak. I wonder what I should do now,but just spend the day in my tree.


Palette-Noone showed up for Palette's interview,as her friend was in school.

Xander-Xander's parents show up. His mother is sobbing,so his father says," Son,We both love you. And although you can't hear this,I think you should kill that district 2 girl." And they leave.

Splash-Splash's parents and sister come. His mother says, "Sweetie,I am so sorry about Waterlily,your interview was so sweet! Please come back,We all mis you!" and they leave

Derena-Derena's dad shows up. He says "Derena.I love you. I need you to come back,I'm getting lonely.I'm so proud of you." and he leaves

Maple- Noone is alive to go to Maple's interview,except for her friend,who is in school.

Sean-Sean's parents come. They say "We love you! Please come home!" and they leave,sobbing

Drake-Drake's father and two younger brothers come. They say "Drake,you need to come home,we miss you!" and they leave,

Day 13

In Drake's perspective

I wake up to find another note on an adjacent branch. It says to find food and water. I think to myself," What do you think I've been trying to do?" I spend the day saving my resources in a tree.I then get up and walk around for a while.

In Derena's perspective

Isn't life great? I'm totally gonna win this thing. I've spent the last few days walking towards the swamp. I still cannot see it,and suddenly it begins to snow. It quickly evolves into a blizzard. I climb a tree,knowing I would easily die if I kept walking.

In Maple's perspectiveit

I'm in a tree right now and very cold. I was hunting when the blizzard began,so all I have is my bow and arrows. Im huddled in a ball when I hear a noise down below.It's ver quiet,due to the wind but I hear it. I then feel the tree slightly move and I realize someone's climbing the tree! I don't know if it's Splash or not. The odds are agaisnt it being him,but what If I shoot him? I'd be all alone! I hear the person getting closer,so I knotch an arrow and shoot. I shoot two more a second after eachn other.I hear the person fall,and a cannon fires. I'm so scared I killed Splash. I wait an hour. The blizzards stops all together and I don't want to look at the body. It's covered in snow anyways. I race back to camp,and when I get back I don't see anyone. "Oh my god I killed him!" I think. I begin to sob when Splash comes out of the tent. I nearly bring him to the ground when I hug him. He says "What's going on? I heard a cannon an hour ago,who was it?" I reply,"I don't know,I shot a person climbing the tree I was in." That night,the boy from 12 appears in the sky. Splash is very happy.I am,too. We sleep well that night.

Day 16

In Xander's perspective.

I have to say, I'm liking the games alot more than I thought I would. I really feel like a career. I know I'm stronger than everyone hear. My biggest challenge is that boy from 4.The two of us haven't gone hunting in a while,which I enjoy. I love just relaxing. I decide to take a nap.

In Palette's perspective

Xander sucks. I cannot stand him any longer. All he wants to do is stay at the cornucopia and sleep. He's sleeping now,and I decide I don't need him anymore. I take an axe and walk over to him. I quickly decapitate him. I grab everything I want and set fie to the rest. I laugh as the flames burn everything. I then walk into the swamp,find a tree and go to sleep.

Day 19

In Sean's perspective

I wake up in the morning to a noise close to my camp. I freeze,and a girl walks past,I don't know what district though.It suddenly begins to rain,and the girl curses. "Thank god I didn't start a fire," I think as the girl runs away.

In Palette's perspective

Of course it begins to rain right when I begin hunting. I've made it to some Willow trees. I then notice the rain stops a few yards away. I run and realize I'm in the forest. I decide to continue hunting.

I've been hunting for hours and haven't found anyone.Fortunatley, someone manages to find me.A girl,I guess from 5,since the the girl from 7 is alligned with the boy from 4. She's charging me. "Wow,She's stupid." I think to myself as I get up and charge her with my swords. I know it's just a matter of who has the strongest will. We both do apparently,because my sword is in her stomach.She falls,and I take her stuff and climb a tree and sleep.

Day 22

In Splash's perspective

I wake up in the morning and I don't see Maple. I go outside the tent and still don't see her.I'm starting to get worried. I start walking around,searching. I then hear a cannon,begin to panick. I run around.calling her name. I'm just about to give up when I see her. " What the hell were you doing?" I ask.

"I Was Hunting.Then the girl from 2 found me. I ran up a tree. She followed,so I shot her."

I reply, " Well...Don't leave again without telling me."

We walk to a pond,and begin to swim,

Sean doesn't do much,not knowing Maple and Splash are allies.

Day 25

as the tributes wake up, they hear Claudius Templesmith's voice ring out through the arena "Greetings, final 3! These games haven't been...satisfactory. So All tributes must be in the swamp. Should any of you not make it in time,You will be killed immediately. You have 5 minutes,also,we will show where all of you are on a screen. Do what you would like,and happy Hunger Games!"

In Maple's perspective

Splash and I waste no time. We only take what is absolutley neccesary. We end up leaving two empty packs and the tent. we then see the sky get dark. We look up and see three dots,and A line. "The line must be the line between the swamp and forest" Splash says. I nod and we run. We stop for 30 seconds,the swamp is in sight. We then see the other dot rushing towards us. We run into the swamp and prepare for a fight.

In Sean's perspective

I'm running towardss the other two dots,even though I now know they are allies. I stop when I see them. I duck behind some bushes and watch them. They are looking up at the sky,then looking around for me.I decide to throw my sword at the boy from 4,since he's bigger. I get up and throw it. Then I see the girl leap in front of him. I don't wait any longer,I run as far and fast as possible.

In Splash's perspective.

I can't believe Maple did this. I'm cradling her now,and I say,"Why did you do that?" She replies weakly,"I've done alot of thinking since Waterlily died,and I realized,if I go home, I have noone. Dawn,Thorn,my parents, They're all dead. If I went home,I'd be all alone for the rest of my life. I don't want to live like that. So,I gave you the chance to live for me and Waterlily. Win please." The gash on her chest is gushing blood,but I don't care. She closes her eyes,and I lean down and kiss her forehead. She smiles,and goes still. A minute later,Her cannon fires. I try not to cry as I gather all of the stuff I need. I then walk away,and make camp.

As her face appears in the sky,I vow to avenge her and Waterlily.

Day 27-Finale

It's the end of the annual hunger games,and the final two can feel it. They don't do much in the morning,besides eat.Suddenly,Claudius Templesmith's voice announces to the final two," Congratulations! We will now do something we've never done before. We will show you your families interviews."

The final two watch the screen intently.Splash's interview is first,then Sean's.Both boys remain stone faced the entire interview. Then,they hear a noise. The Arena is shrinking. Both boys can see the swampland going behind the forcfield. Both boys run,knowing they have to head to the cornucopia. Sean makes it first,and a parachute glides down to him. He opens it to find a knife. He smiles and prepares to fight. Splash bursts through the trees and charges towards Sean. Sean stands his ground,and launches his knife. It lodges in Splash's Abs.He continues to run,ripping out the knife and throwing it back. Sean doges it and grabs it again. Splash throws a trident,and it misses. Sean grabs it,and charges. he throws the knife,which slices Splash's arm. It gushes blood,and they both know He will die soon. Splash qucikly grabs his last trident and charges. He manages to Stab sean in the stomach. Splash says " You deserve this." and stabs the trident into his neck. He falls,and a cannon fires. Splash falls,and blacks out.

After the Games

In Splash's perspective

In the blackness,I find a light. It glows brighter and brighter,and suddenly,There isn't any darkness.Instead,There is Maple and Waterlily. I know this must be a dream,but It seems so real. They both greet me,and Waterlily says " Splash,I need you to go back. You have to live for Maple and me.We both love you,but joining us isn't the right thing.She kisses me,and it feels real,and I begin to say something,when I fall back into blackness. I wake up in the hospital bed,and I can move,and I look better than I've ever looked. I get up,and prepare for the inter view with Caesar. I watch the games,and I do so silently.

The victory tour is the worst,I aplogized to Every family of the tributes I killed,and nearly cried during Maples,becasue noone was there for her.I return home,and We celebrate,but I'm not in the mood.

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