Hello everybody! For these games, I need Name,Age,District,Appearence,Personality,Skills,Strategy. I also need new tributes,No resubmitting.And....yeah.Also,I have a condition about reserving. I will reserve a district for you,but for 2 days only. If you do not submit tributes before then,I am removing your name.


Hello everyone! This is where I will post If I need to tell you all anything.

The first thing you need to know,So I don't waste time later:If your tribute has a pack,Inside the pack they will find: One loaf of bread,one small canteen,half full with water,A sleeping bag,5 matches,one bottle of Iodine,and one spool of wire. Thank-you!


District 1

male:Eric Loree-9-

female:Carabella Button-8-

District 2

male:Fire Burner-9-

female:Lucy Sister-5-

district 3

male:Digit Tewk-4-Alone in the forest with two packs and a spear-400

female: Tiky Chip-3-

District 4

male:Crest Rain-11

female:Xyne Rain-10-

District 5

male:Lyon Fern-7Alone in the forest with two packs and an axe-400

female:Flame Sparrow-6-

District 6

male:Stanley Carmichael-3

female:Porter Loklin-2-

District 7

male:Blaze Ash-8-

female:Storm Reeds-8-Alone in the forest with two packs and a bow and arrows-400

district 8

male:Rikki Star-6-

female:Bailey Spatz-5-Alone in the forest with 4 packs,a sweashirt,a trident,two knives and two filled water bottles-400

District 9

male:Bob Hiajia-2-

female:Nancy Mokieah-3-

District 10

male:David Gale-2-

female:Meena Rosa-4-

District 11

male:Lightning Tree-7-

female:Krystal Glass-6-

District 12

male:Anthony Winters-6-

female:Lady Ghost-5-


The Arena this year is all forest. The forest is divided into two by a wide and deep river. Inide the river are regular edible fish,but also mutts. These mutts will jump out of the water in a group and eat the tribute,leaving just the bones.There is one,rickety bridge,about a yeard wide going across the river. There are a few loose planks. One side of the forest is cold,and freezing more each day. The other sid Gets Hotter each day. The cornucopia is surrounded by slippery rock. The way into the forest is to run across a plank,leading behind the tributes. There is plenty of game,but the water must be purified. There arwe a few scattered ponds around,but they have poisnous frog mutts.











sleeping bag-450




Day 1

24.Tiky Chip-Killed by Xyne Rain

23.Flame Sparrow-Killed by Xyne Rain

22.Nancy Mokieah-Killed by Lady Ghost

21.Bob Haijia-Killed by Lucy Sister

20.Meena Rosa-Killed by Carabella Button

19.David Gale-Killed by Porter Loklin

18.Rikki Star-Killed by Lightning Tree

Day 3

17. Fire Burner-Killed by Crest Rain

16.Lightning Tree-killed by Lucy Sister

Day 6

15.Carabella Button-killed by Bailey Spatz

14.Blaze Ash-Killed by Lady Ghost and Anthony Winters

Day 7

13.Xyne Rain-Killed by Lyon Fern

12.Lady Ghost-Killed by Storm Reeds

Day 9

11.Lucy Sister-Killed by Anthony Winters

Day 11

10.Krystal Glass-Killed by Eric Loree

9.Eric Loree-Killed by tracker jackers

Day 14-Feast

8.Stanley Carmichael-Killed by Lyon Fern

7.Anthony Winters-Killed By Bailey Spatz

Days 16-19

No one

Day 21

6.Porter Loklin-Killed by Digit Tewk

5.Crest Rain-Killed by Bailey Spatz

Day 1-bloodbath

The games are about to begin,and the tributes rise up on their plates. But already,The tributes want blood. Xyne,from 4, Takes her district token,a small ship about 3 inches across, and throws it as far as she can. It lands between Tiky from three and Sparrow from 5's plates. The bombs go off,killing them both. Thankfully,Their bodies land just as the gong rings,so their bodies don't create a chain reaction. Lyon from 5 promises revenge as he heads into the forest,already with a pack and two spears. The two tributes standing on either side of the tributes,Nancy from 9 and Storm from 7's ears are ringing. Storm stays on her plate,looking for Blaze. He runs towards her,already with supplies,and they head off. Nancy runs straight in the bloodbath,screaming like a mad woman. I spear strikes her temple,and she falls. Bob,seeing this runs towards her,But Lucy from 2 stabs him with a spear. She runs into the forest.Meena from 10 is looking for her district partner,David,when an arrow enters her skull. Eric finds Carabella,and they run off. David is running around,taking what he can,when Poter slams an axe into his head. Stanley runs up to her and asks," Allies?"

She looks him over distrustfully,but agrees,and they run into the forest. The last death is Rikki Star,who is killed by Lightning tree as they head off,running away from the careers, which consist of The tributes from 2 and 4,and Bailey from 8.

Day 3

In Crest's perspective

I wake up in the morning,and find Fire with matches. He's running towards a tree and throws it. The tree lights up,and I realize he's stupid. Stupid people are dangerous,so I take my trident and chase him down.I tackle him and Stab my trident into his throat. His cannon fires,and The girls wake up.We decide to spend the day relaxing.Bailey recieves a sword.

In Carabella's perspective

I wake up and don't see Eric. I panick for a minute but see him below me,climbing the tree. He makes it up and I ask," Where were you?"

"I was getting some berries." He replies.

"Well...don't do it again without telling me."

He smiles,and I scowl.

"Yep. You're sugar sweet alright."He thinks it's real clever.

In Porter's perspective

I have to admit it,I like Stanley. He's just so nice,and doesn't judge me. I haven't felt this way since before I committed murder. We spend the day hiking,looking for a better water source.I've noticed the heat has increased,but I decide to ignore it.

In Lucy's perspective

I'm almost out of bread,and I need more supplies,thankfully,I come across two tributes, I don't know their district,but I do know they have stuff I want. I sneak up behind them,since their cuddling,which is gross,and throw my spear. It lands in the boys neck,and he falls. The girl screams,and I rush in,Grab their loaf of bread, and run away. The girl grabs the blanket and both spears and runs away.

In Lady's perspective

We've been wandering around for a while,and eventually find a pond. We purify some water and make camp.

Day 6

In Xyne's perspective

I wake up in the morning,and see the other two are already up. I rise,and we take our weapons and head out to hunt. We hunt for a few hours,and then we come across district 1.

We boldy walk up to them,and they rise up. Before I can say anything,a knife hits the girl's chest. She falls,and the boy yells "You'll pay for this,I promise!" He grabs his stuff and runs,but we don't chase. We just head back to camp,laughing the whole way.

In Storm's perspective

I've decided today's the day to confess my love to Blaze. I'm not sure how he'll react,but I hope he returns my feelings.I walk up to him and say,"Blaze,can I talk to you for a second?" He looks up and nods,"Shoot." I reply,"We've been friends for a while,and I....I like you,more than friends." He looks down and blushes,and says,"Storm,I don't know how to say this,but...I don't like you like that."

I can feel myself blush,the tears are coming to my eyes. I grab a water bottle and the spear and say," Oh..I'm going to hunt." and I run off,leaving him alone. I can't believe I was that stupid! He liked that girl what was her name...Oh yeah! Dawn,She died two years ago in the hunger games,But I don't think he ever got over her! I can't believe I just did that! I don't even hunt,I just climb a tree and cry. an hour later,I head to back to camp. Then see carnage. I see two tributes fighting Blaze. I think they are from 12. The girl throws a spear at the Blaze. It lodges in his chest,and he falls. They then steal our stuff! They run away,and I run into camp. I see him,just as his cannon fires. I sob even harder now,gather up what is left,my water bottle, and two spears,and head out,vowing to kill the tributes from 12 at any cost.That night,I don't even look at the sky,I just go to sleep.

Day 7

In Lyon's perspective

I'm still furious that Flame died. I know it was that girl from 4,but i've done nothing yet. Now I decide the time is right. I make it to the cornucopia and watch them. there are two girls there,I don't know where the boy from 4 is,but I know this is good. I bet he's out hunting or something,and I decide the time is right. I burst out of the trees,over one of the planks and raise my axe. I slam it into the bigger girls head,and she falls down,the other girl screams,and runs into the cornucopia. I grab another axe,a sword,replace my nearly empty pack,and grab two packs of dried fruit and run away,smiling.

In Crest's perspective

When I get back,I see blood on the rock. I then see Bailey sitting,sobbing. I know that the unthinkable happened,that that cannon belonged to Xyne,but can't believe it. I wait until night,saying nothing,grab alot of stuff at random,and run into the forest,leaving Bailey alone

In Storm's perspective

I've been hunting down the tributed from 12 for a day now,and I've finally found them. I'm hungry,and I know I can take their stuff after I kill them. I jump out of the bushes I'm hiding in,and throw one of my spears,it lodges in the girls throat,and the boy grabs a pack and his knife,and runs away. The girl's cannon fires,and I grab the stuff and head out. I begin shivering heavily when I realize It has become drastically colder since when the games began. Uh-oh.

In Stanley's perspective

Today,Porter and I talked more. I learned she killed her ex-boyfriend,but I still like her. She begins to cry,and I can't watch it,I wrap my arms around her and kiss her. She's startled,but kisses back. We spend the rest of the day with my arms around her.

Day 9

In Bailey's perspective

That ass left me! Seriously,Just because Xyne died. He left me in the middle of the night. I'm glad I wasn't killed. Well,I'm vulnerable now,so I gather up a bunch of stuff and leave. I notice how much hotter it is in the forest. Maybe It's the sun,It's shining over here,But on the other side It looks different. I walk over there, and it's freezing! Then it dawns on me. This is something the gamemakers have done. I go back and grab two sleeping bags,and a sweatshirt and head into the colder section.

In Anthony's perspective

I've been hunting for that girl from 7 for two whole days now,to finish what I started. Since we're both even now,and I have no one to protect,I can do whatever I want. I hear a rustle in the bushes and turn my head to see a knife flying towards me. It lodges in my stomach,and I lose my breath.I tear the knife out,wincing,and throw my knife as a girl rushes out.It isn't . It lands in her arm,and as she looks down to look at the cut,I throw my other knife.It lodges in her head,and her cannon fires. That night,I curl into a ball in my sleeping bag,and watch the girl,who was from district 2,appear in the sky.

Day 11

In Digit's perspective

These games aren't as bad as I thought they would be. I haven't seen anyone since they began.I'm running low on supplies,but I guess that's fine,I know some berries. I decide to go find some now.

I've found some black berries. I'm picking them when I hear a twig. I see a girl chargin towards me.Then I hear something behind me. A boy lunges out. I dive in the bushes and watch. The boy is saying "Stop,stop ,stop! Do you want an alliance?" But the girl doesn't care. She charges towards him,spear ready. The boy picks up his sword and holds it out defensively.The girl has a crazed look in her eyes,and she is runs right into the sword. It goes straight through her,poking out her back. The boy's eyes are wide. The girl's cannon fires,and the boy is mad.His face gets very red,and suddenly,he shouts "Doesn't everyone see why the Capitol is awful?! The capitol just forced me to kill a girl I don't even know! The game makers and the president are twisted and sick,and I'm done being a part of their entertainment." There is silence for a moment,then the forest comes alive with buzzing. a whole swarm of tracker jackers attack the boy. He stands there,and doesn't make a noise as they kill him. His cannon fires,the tracker jackers fly away,and I gather up the black berries and take a sword from the boy and walk back to my tree.That night,The boy,who was from district 1,and the girl,who was from district 11,appears in the sky.I go to sleep,trying not to think about what I saw.


Digit-Noone shows up for Digit's interview.

Crest-Crest's parents come. They says "Honey,We are so sad about Xyne. You need to win for both of you,and for us too! We miss you!"

Lyon-Lyon's mom and sister come. They say "We miss you so much! come home please!" His sister begins to sob and says "Lyon,I need you! Please come back."

Stanley-Noone shows up for Stanley's interview

Porter-Noone shows up for Porter's interview

Storm-Her sister comes. She says "Storm,Dad is getting better! He went back to work today for the first time in weeks,so he can't come. He sends his love! Please come home for both of us,we love you!"

Bailey-Bailey's dad comes. He says"Darlin,I miss you! Please come home for me! You've been doing so well!"

Anthony-Anthony's mom comes. She says"Sweetie I miss you! I'm sorry about Lady but you need to win for her and me! I love you!"

Day 14-Feast

In Crest's perspective

I kinda feel bad about leaving Bailey. She's been all alone for a while now. But she must be doing alright. I went back to the cornucopia and she wasn't there,so she must have taken alot of stuff.Suddenly, Claudius Templesmith's voice rings out,following the trumpets. He says,"There wil be a feast tonight,just after the anthem. I hope you all come."

That's not fair! They give us nine hours warning. Good thing I'm close to the cornucopia now anyways.

In Stanley's perspective

We immediately head towards the cornucopia. We are so hungry,and really want food.

In Lyon's perspective

It's dusk now,And I've made it to the cornucopia. I hide behind a large tree to wait

In Storm's perspective

I'm still about half a mile away from the cornucopia and it's almost dark. I run the rest of the way,and climb a tree to wait.

In Bailey's perspective

I've made it,But I don't need supplies. I need more kills.

In Anthony's perspective

I'm bored. I need supplies,but I can't decide when to run out. Should I do it first,or when everyone else is gone.

In Digit's perspective

I'm in a tree. I've decided to wait,and see what I can scavenge.

In Porter's perspective

The table rises,and Immediately,Stanley is out there,running towards the food. He has grabbed quite alot,when an axe lands in his head. He falls,and I scream. This is awful! No.No,no,no! This can't be happening. I rush out onto the plain,grab the stuff and make it into the forest,dodging an arrow.I stop at some bushes and watch. A boy,I think from district 5,runs out and grabs the axe. He laughs,and I know he is my next target. I don't dare charge out though. Instead,I see a girl run out. The boy runs into the forest. The girl is gathering supplies calmly and then another boy runs out. The girl yells "You abandoned me! I hate you!" and throws a knife at him. He dodges it,and grabs a pack and runs away,dodging two more arrows. Suddenly,three more tributes rush out,nearly simultaneously. The girl who was already at the cornucopia throws a spear. It lands in a boy's throat,and he falls. The other two are already gone,and the girl gathers up more stuff and walks away. I go to sleep in a tree,crying.

Day 16

It is dawn on day 16,and the trumpets sound. Claudius's voice tells the tributes "These games are obviously in their slow period. We have decided to make things interesting. The six of you must align with another tribute. It must be boy-girl alliances,and their can only be two of you. You have today,tomorrow and the next two days until dusk of the final day to find another person.Good luck,and happy Hunger Games!" Their is a short burst of static,and then silence.

In Storm's perspective

This sucks. I don't want to make an alliance with anyone,particulary a boy. I run through the remainders. The boy from 3,the boy from 4,and the boy from 5. Which one should I align with? Hm....Maybe the boy from 3,since if we had to fight,I could take him easily. Or maybe the boy from 4,since he'd be a strong ally. I have no idea.I don't feel like searching today,I'll begin tomorrow.

Days 17-19

Day 17

In Porter's perspective

I've been looking for a male tribute for a while now,but haven't found anyone. I don't know what will happen if we don't find anyone,but I don't want to find out. I spend the day searching,but find noone.

It is dusk now,and I'm in a tree. I'm starting to get worried that I won't find anybody.I don't want to die, I'm trying not to cry,but I fail,and tears fall from my eyes. Suddenly, I hear foosteps. I look downand see a boy,he's small,but He's better than dying. Then,A male voice calls out"Hey,wanna be allies?" I climb down the tree,and I say,"sure." He doesn't notice my tears. We get to know each other Hs name is Digit.He's from District 3. I kinda like him,He'd be a better choice than that stupid boy from 5 or the career. We go to sleep in the tree.

Day 18

In Bailey's perspective

I'm not worried at all. I'm just lounging in a tree,waiting for someone to find me. I look down and see a boy staring at me. Then I realize it's Crest. That ass! He wants to be my alliance member after he left me! I calmly climb down the tree and slap him. His face is red,from the slap and anger and he yells "Why the hell did you slap me?!" I reply "You abandoned me! You left me all alone!" He says "I know,and I'm sorry,I was just sad,my sister had died! I couldn't protect her!" I'm taken back by this. He apologized. I feel awful. I hug him and he hugs back,trying not to cry. I say, it's ok,We're gonna win this thing. This has to be why they brought us together,right? Two of us can win this year." I hope he doesn't here the lie in my voice. It is not ok,but I can't let him know that,We spend the rest of the day sleeping,we're both exhausted.

Day 19

In Storm's perspective

I'm so worried now. I haven't found anybody! What happens If I don't find anyone? Nothing?Alot?Death? I don't know,But I need to find someone quick. I'm in a bush right now,and I see a pair of feet. I then see a boy. I'm about to jump out when a girl joins him. I curse. I wait for them to leave then run around recklessly,looking for for a boy,

In Lyon's perspective

I need to find a girl. It's almost dusk,and I don't want to be punished. Suddenly,I see her. She's running. She's pretty I think. I call out to her,and she sees my. She runs towards me,and we talk. At dusk,Claudius's voice says to us "Congratulations tributes! All of you have a partner. We have plenty of for you tributes to play. But now,we'll give you some peace."

Day 21

In Crest's perspective

I wake up,and Bailey's already awake.She's sitting next to me,and Claudius's voice rings out again."Greetings tributes,hope you are all happy with your alliances,because We need you to kill eachother. You're new friend is now your enemy. Enjoy!"


The first to react is Digit. He throws his spear into Porter's stomach,and runs away with two packs and a spear.

Bailey and Crest are fighting. Bailey tried to stab Crest with a spear,but failed,and now they are in heated battle. Crest slices Bailey's arm with his trident,but Bailey slams her knife into his temple. He falls,and she laughs,says"Leaving me was unforgivable,tell your sis I said hi!" and runs off with plenty of supplies.

Lyon and Storm remained seated. They did not fight. They took half of the supplies each and walked off,making the Capitol mad.

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