I'm making my new games. So submit tributes, I need Age,name,district number,skills,strategies,personalities,and FEARS. heehee heee. Also:I won't be making tribute pictures,SO much work,so if you want to make your own for these games,go ahead. I'm only putting them on these games if all 24 tributes have a pic,so...yeah.Oh,and Reservations are only for 2 days. No more. I will give away your district.


District 1-Totaldramarox97

male:Nicholas Chung-10

Female:Kourtney Rodriguez-11-VICTOR

District 2- Panther12

male:Connor Emeralds-11

Female:Lucy Sparks-10-.

District 3-Emily Nguyen

male: Patriot Deveau-3

Female:Orchard Agron-4

District 4-Insertrandomnesshere

male:Warren Zevon-9

Female:Ambrose Paniagua-8

District 5-Fidofiderson

male:Randy Archives-4

Female:Lucy Mifflin-7

District 6-JStech18

male:Mike Fallen-8-.

Female:Maria Crest-Fallen-7

District 7-Mockingjay5

male:Marko Flame-8-

Female:Snow Timber-7

District 8-Random weirdness,Firecatcher3

male:Jake Tucker-7-

Female:Tani Cuznic-8

District 9- Brony12

male:Sam Jones-7

Female:Spring Howards-6

District 10-Rosella6

male:Levan Troy-5

Female:Violet North-4-VICTOR

District 11-RueRose

male:Garrick Gardiner-7

Female:Issabella Stone-5-

District 12-Anon...

male:Birch Saunders-6-

Female:Beauty Swann-6


The arena this year is one HUGE building. There are many kitchens,bedrooms,bathrooms,a gymnasium,an audtiorium,a cefeteria,any room you can think of,there is. The kitchens have varying amounts of food. Only three bathrooms have running water. there are stairs that lead to nowhere,doors that are randomly in walls,crawl spaces,Doors leading downwards. All in all,A VERY confusing and big place.perfect for mutts to hide. There is woods outside,where you can hunt. there is a shed,a garden,3 pools,some gazebo's. The garden has fruits and such.


Day 1

24.Levan Troy-Killed by Spring Howards

23.Snow Timber-Killed by Warren Zevon

22.Patriot Deveau-Killed by Mike Fallen

21.Nicholas Chung-Killed by Tani Cuznic

20.Tani Cuznic-Killed by Connor Emeralds

19.Spring Howards-Killed by Lucy Mifflin

18.Beauty Swann-Killed by Kourtney Rodriguez

Day 2

17.Issabella Stone-Killed by Warren Zevon

16.Sam Jones-Killed by Garrick Gardiner

15.Randy Archives-Killed by Connor Emeralds

14.Connor Emeralds-Killed by Kourtney Rodriguez

Day 3

13.Garrick Gardiner- Killed by Violet North

12. Ambrose Paniagua-Killed by Marko Flame

11.Marko Flame-Killed by Kourtney Rodriguez

Day 4

10.Orchard Agron-Killed by Birch Saunders

9-Lucy Mifflin-Killed by Birch Saunders

Day 5

8.Mike Fallen-Killed by Maria Crest-Fallen

Day 6

7.Lucy Sparks-Killed by Warren Zevon

6.Warren Zevon-Killed by Jake Tucker

Day 7

5.Jake Tucker-Killed by Maria Crest-Fallen

Day 8

4.Birch Saunders-Killed by Violet North

Day 9

3.Maria Crest-Fallen-Killed by the explosion

Day 1-The Bloodbath

The tributes rise up on their plates,taking in the giant white room surrounding them. Their is a wodden floor,but no furniture,the roof is a dome,which is one big skylight. Their are thirteen hallways curving around,leading away. The cornucopia sits,with all the bounty surrounding. The gong rings,and the tributes rush out.

Levan Troy and Violet North of District 10 are the fastest,and reach the supplies first. Violet grabs a pack and a knife and is off. Levan is circling around,looking for a jug of water,when Spring Howards of district 9 throws her spear at him. It lands in his chest,and he falls.

Randy Archives of District 5 rushes to the careers,who have already gathered. He asks to ally,and the careers accept. He smiles,now that his self appointed job is so much easier.

Marko Flame of Distrct 7 is looking for his district partner,Snow Timber, He spots her,and she looks at him. She gets out,"Marko-" before a spear lodges in her back. She falls,and Marko picks up two spears and one pack and is off.

Sam Howards of District 9 and Jake Tucker of District 8 grab whatever they can and leave quickly.

Patriot Deveau of District 3 is looking for his district partner,Orchard Agron. She spots him,and rushes to him. They turn around to leave,when Mike Fallen of District 6 smashes Patriot's head open with his axe,a wild look of rage in his eyes. The stress of the Games has pushed his bipolar disorder over the edge. He runs off as Orchard screams. She whips around and runs in the opposite direction of Mike.

Maria Crest-Fallen of District 6 looks over at Mike running away and has a pang of longing to run with him and ally,but she knows he would kill her as easily as he killed the boy from District 3. Instead,she turns around and runs,choosing a hallway at random.

The careers have surrounded Tani Cruznic of District 8. She knows she's as good as dead,but she won't go down alone. She Smashes her axe over Nicholas Chung of District 1's head,and is quickly speared by Connor Emeralds of District 2. Lucy Sparks of District 2 looks at Connor with a look of admiration.

Garrick Gardener of District 11 is racing away from the cornucopia,with plenty of supplies. He looks over his shoulder at the bodies of the dead children,and his smile grows.

The careers decide to give chase to Beauty Swann of District 12. They chase her down a hallway.

Lucy Mifflin of District 5 looks at the remaining three tributes. All of them would make a good ally for her. She walks towards Issabella Stone of District 11 and asks for an alliance. Issabella looks her over and races away. Lucy stamps her foot in frustration,and picks up a knife as she moves on to Spring Howards. Lucy once again asks for an alliance. Sprin turns around to run,but Lucy jumps on her,slitting her throat with her knife. She gets up and looks at Birch Saunders of District 12,as he walks towards her. "Allies?" He asks. Lucy nods her head and they head down a hallway.

The careers have caught Beauty,and Kourtney stabs her in the chest with her sword. They grin and head back to the cornucopia,then leave so the bodies can be collected.

Nothing else of interest happens on the first day.

Day 2

In Lucy S'. perspective

It is very dark in the house,as the lights all grow dimmer and dimmer as night falls,as if they were the sun. I'm awaken by someone shaking my gently. I open my eyes and slip on the night vission glasses nearby. It's Connor. He pulls me up and says,"I'm leaving. I never planned on being with the careers. I just didn't want to be their number one target when I was so close. Do you wanna come?" I'm not surprised by this. He didn't seem like much of a team player.I nod,and we grab two packs and weapons,leave a note promising death if we're persued and we leave.

In Ambrose's perspective

I'm awaken to a scream of rage. My eyes fly open and Kourtney is standing there,a piece of paper in her hands. Randy and Warren read it,then I do. District 2 left. This sucks. I was going to leave pretty soon. I can't just leave,now that the others will be completely alert.We decide to hunt,which I don't mind. We walk along for a while,opening all doors we pass. Some go a foot in,some lead to another hallway. This is all very confusing. Then,an arrow lands in the wall. A girl rushes away. We chase her down,as she flies into doors at random. Eventually,since I'm the fastest,I catch her and slit her throat with my knife. Her cannon fires,and just as quickly,we hear a second cannon fire. We around,the corner,and we see a boy,I think from district 11 standing over another boy. I don't know what district. I notice a girl ,I think from 6,huddled in the corner. The boy from 11 looks up and sees us. Kourtney,who I guess is our leader,walks up to him and asks,"Wann join us? We're in need of two more tributes."She looks at the girl in the corner."Your friend can join too." The girl blurts"That monster is not my friend!"The district 11 boy replies,"Sure,I'll join. And she isn't my friend. I caught these two,and killed him. I was about to kill her,but you guys showed up." Kourtney replies,"Whatever,we're looking for District 2.You guys know where they are?" The girl says,"I know where they are. I was following them until he caught me." I say,"Lead the way."

In Maria's perspective

These stupid monsters. I don't want to be with them. My district must hate me. It doesn't matter anyways,I have a plan.I lead them to the room I believe they went in. I say smoothly," They're in there. I think you should all just rush in. I'll wait out here until they escape." The girl from 1 nods."Good idea. Everybody,lets go in." and she goes silent. She holds up her hand and then leaps in the doorway. The others follow. Once they're all in,I slam the door shut and saw through the doorknob. I hear alot of yelling while I do. The doorknob falls,and they can't get out without breaking down the door. I look through the whole and see the boy from 2 throw his spear into another boy's stomach. He falls,and the girl from two opens a hidden trap door in the floor and leaps through.I hear a thud,and the careers follow. None of them even notice the door. I decide to get a move on.

In Kourtney's perspective.

I leap through the trap door and nearly land on Connor. I don't even wait for the others to follow. I want revenge. And not for Connor killing Randy. For leaving. That idiot. Now they're going to pay. I race towards them and leap on Connor. I take him down and shove my spear into his back. Lucy screams and runs away. Ha. His cannon fires. The others catch up and I say,"Lucy's going to die on her own. Lets go back." No one objects. Of course they don't. I lead these people. We head back and relax for the day.

Day 3

President Leshawna and her assistant Teampeetaforever walk into the Gamemakers head quarters.

Mockingjay,Rosella,Firecatcher,Primrose and Raeoki all gather at the table.The President says," Everyone,we have a problem. I think some victors are joining the rebel cause. I want them taken into custody,quietly,then tortured. Got it?" They all nod."Good." I must leave now,I need my coffee. Teampeeta,you know what kind I like,go." Teampeeta hurries out of the room. President Leshawna follows.

In Violet's perspective

I wake up,and jump a foot in the air when I hear a noise. As it turns out,it was just a mouse. I wanted to kill it,but it was so cute. Instead,he rests in my backpack. I haven't named him,but I feel bad for anything that is forced to live in any arena. I'm hidden in a closet. It has lots of clothes,but the temperature has not been a problem in here. It's all very controlled. I open the door slowly and look around. I love this hallway,all the tapestries and carpet make no noise,so I can walk and not have to worry about being heard. I decide to go find a kitchen,see if there's any food. I pick a door at random and open it. It is just a door,and the other side is wall. I go to the next door. This leads to a giant room,with a door directly across from me. I walk towards it. I'm about to open the door when the knob turns. The mouse,which I have decided the name of,Jeffrey, squeaks as I turn around and race. The door slams against the wall and I hear shouts.The careers. Why,why now? I want to win. But panick is driving me random places. I fly open a door,run down the narrow hallway open the door at the end and run through a giant room with mirrors on the walls and bars attached. I open a heavy metal door and run onto a stage. There are many seats,and I look around and see a second level,look up more and see a walkway way at the top. I run to the other side of the stage. No door. There is however,a ladder. I try to scramble up when I'm grabbed from behind and thrown to the ground. I land on my back,and I hope Jeffrey isn't dead. I stand up and look at the boy. He's much bigger than I am. Garrick,from 11. I take my knife and try and stab him,but he dodges. I stab again and connect with his chest. He stares down in surprise then crumbles. I scramble up the ladder.

I make it up the ladder,and to my relief,I hear a squeak. I look down at the stage. The other three careers are standing next to eachother. Ambrose looks up and notices something,and her arm is moving up to point when a spear lands in her chest. It sort of defeats the person up there's plan,because the other two look up and run to the ladder. I make it to a second,shorter ladder. I climb down and open a door. I run,and turn and see a boy staring at me. He has dark red,almost brown hair and brown eyes. Marko,District 7. He pointsto a door and says,"Go." I run towards it,but don't actually leave. I watch as the other two careers open the door. Warren has tears in his eyes,and Kourtney has rage in hers. She lunges at Marko,taking him down. She takes out a knife and slits his throat. Two cannons fire,which means one of the three is still alive. No,nevermind,a third cannon fired." Warren and Kourtney leave,and I run to the Marko's body. I take his pack,and scurry down the ladder and take Ambrose and Garrick's pack. I stab all the weapons into ther bodies,so I'm left with some food and water. I decide this will be my home. I stay up in the catwalk and let Jeffrey out. He squeaks,and I smile. I decide to call it early and fall asleep just after the anthem.

Day 4

President Leshawna walks into a pure white room. In the middle is a table. There are 5 seats. Sitting in four of the seats are Kasel Vorinn,Sapphire Rowland,Splash Blue and Lyon Fern,all in various states of mental sanity. Splash sobs at random times,mourning the death of his girlfriend,Waterlily and his ally,Maple. Kasel acts normal,but still cries at night for her Games to end.But for Victors,they never do. Sapphire is the closest to normal,and sits,her lips pursed. Lyon suffered from amnesia,and can't remember the end of his Games.When he was shown the tape,he began to sob. The President sits at the head of the table,and begins to speak. "Hello victors. Congratulations,you are the survivors of the second Victor's purge. The first occured after the rebels war in which the rebels,lead by Katniss Everdeen, managed to kill President Snow. Katniss and her family are in custody,and I took over.The other Victors have been killed,as they were dealing with rebels. You were not suspected,and are the most popular. But,just in case,I am going to show you something." The door opens,and an emaciated Ilenia Copeland is brought in. She is covered in cuts and bruises,and looks down as the President stands. She takes out a gun and sends a bullet through her head. Ilenia falls,and Kasel screams. Leshawna rolls her eyes and sits."The same will happen to you,but much slower. Do we understand eachother?" Lyon nods his head first,quickly followed by Kasel and Splash. Sapphire nods last. "Good." and Leshawna leaves the room.

In Birch's perspective

Lucy has turned out to be a great ally. She sends me out hunting alot though. I haven't found anybody,so it hardly matters. I still have an uneasy feeling,like she might be plotting something,but I'm bigger than her. I could kill her easily. As I walk along,I eat some dried fruit. That's when I hear a door shut quietly. I whip around and see a girl rushing away. I decide to chase after her,earn some sponsors. I'm faster than the girl and eventually grab her hair and throw her to the ground. I stab my spear into her chest,and her cannon fires. I take her stuff and head to camp.I make it back to the kitchen we call home. Lucy is lying on the counter,throwing an apple up in the air and catching it. She looks over and notices me and asks,"Who died?" I reply,"A girl. I killed her. I don't know which district. I think 3." She smiles."Good.You're a great ally." I decide what I'm going to do. I walk up to her,and swiftly stab my spear into her chest. She gasps,stares at me with surprise,and goes limp,her cannon firing. I pick up her body and set it outside the room,not taking the spear out. I have enough weapons.I just spend the day in the kitchen,not doing anything.


Kourtney Rodriguez

Kourtney's mother and two sisters Alicia and Chabela are onstage. The interview has no major problems,and her family is very sure Kourtney will be win. Chabela begins to cry,but they're fake tears. She's doing it so Kourtney will get more sponsors. Who wants to see a teenage girl crying? The President,with her amazing acting skills,knows she's faking,but says nothing.

Lucy Sparks

Lucy's mother is the only family Lucy has,and thus is the only one their. Nothing unusual happens until the end. Her mother freezes,then rests her elbows on her knees and her head in her hands,eyes clenched tightly,her whole body so tensed she's shaking. Caesar doesn't know what to do,and the President orders the camera to show her mother. The camera focuses,and then in a minute,it passes,and she rushes off stage.

Warren Zevon

His father,Trace and his little twin brother and sister,Sebastian and Ciel are there. Ciel begins crying immediately. This makes Trace begin to cry,Leaving poor little Sebastian to answer. He answers everything calmly,trying to ignore his family. He makes it to the end,then brakes down and joins Ciel and Trace in an embrace as The President says,"Cut."

Mike Fallen and Maria Crest-Fallen

They have no family,so what is shown is the district shouting encouraging words.

Jake Tucker

Jake's father and two younger brothers,Sam and Kyle are there. They answer the questions calmly,without expression,which annoys the President. Finally,Sam begins to sob,and Leshawna smiles. This begins a chain reaction,which has everyone crying. Rosella has tears in her eyes as she trips over a chair. Sam runs off,and His father chases,leaving Kyle to answer the remaining questions.

Violet North

Her younger brother is her only family,and he is frowning as he is onstage. Caesar asks him multiple questions,but he seems distracted,looking around he studio,deep in thought. Leshawna doesn't like this,but decides killing him because of a presumption would not be a good idea. The interview ends,and Violet's brother walks quickly off stage.

Birch Saunders

Birch's parents are the only ones to show up. Only the President and her inner circle know what really happened to his sister,a victor. It appears to have a been a tragic accident. His mother is crying hysterically. His father is comeforting her. He answers all of the questions. Then,the lights shut off. The studio is dark,as there are no windows. The President realizes what's happening as a gunshot is heard. She hears a thud and takes out her gun. She fires at the gunman. She hears a yelp,mixed in among the screams of everyone. The lights turn back on,and The camera man next to The President is on the floor,dead. Violet's brother is on the floor,gasping for air. Leshawna walks over and Violet's brother says,"You should be dead right now.You're awful! worse than President Snow!" Leshawna smiles and says,"I know." and fires another bullet into his chest. He dies,and The interviews end.

Day 5

In Mike's perspective

These games are terrible. I hate myself. I should end it right here. But he comes back. What are you doing?Killing yourself? I won't let you. You listen to me.

"No!" I shout."This is my mind. You killed my family!"

No. We did. I can't wait to see Maria's face when we kill her. My mission isn't over."

I'm about to reply when I hear a gasp. I whip around. Maria is standing there. And I know right then what I must do.

"NO.You won't say a word until she's dead!"

"You can't control me!" I turn to Maria."I killed our family. Shoot me please,get rid of the demon inside of me!"

Her face turns to surprise,then shock,then anger,then rage. I smile as He shouts. NOOO I will not be killed!"

But it's too late,the arrow is whizzing towards me. I smile as the arrow enters my eye,and I fall,fading. He is screaming terrible things.Then nothing.

In Maria's perspective

I finally did it. I avenged my family. I always knew Mike was insane,but I didn't know he was that insane! I take his pack and leave. I don't need his weapons. I'm heading back to the archers station I found,where I have been honing my skills,when I sense something behind me. I whip around and see a boy and a girl. The girl was the one from 2. The boy seems plain. He speaks," Hi. I'm Jake,this is Lucy. We aligned to help bring down the careers. You want to help?" I think. Maybe. I send them in,then kill the careers. If they get killed,no problem,I've been fine alone. I answer"Fine. Lets head back to my camp so we can plan." They nod,and follow me. Lucy must not have noticed it was me who lead the careers to her,resulting in her boyfriends death.Good. We make it and begin.

Day 6

In Jake's perspective.

I wake up to the sound of Claudius Templesmith's voice."Attention tributes! There will be a feast in 12 hours at the cornucopia. Show up and claim some neccesary prizes!" Then static,then nothing. Lucy wakes Maria up and we head down. We make it,when I realize we can put our plan into action. We're hiding inone of the hallways,waiting to walk out.

In Lucy's perpsective

Finally. Time to avenge Connor. Kourtney and Warren deserve worse than death by far.

In Maria's perspective

I'm starting to have doubts about this alliance. Should I fight anyways? Decisions,decisions.

In Kourtney's perspective

They're all going to die. I want this to be the end of the games. I want to kill Lucy. She'll be my first target.

In Warren's perspective

Kourtney has a crazed look in her eyes. She concerns me somtimes.

In Birch's perspective

I've made it! I'm out of breath but here.

In Violet's perspective

I'm in a hallway,after searching forever for the way back. I found a corridor made of stone,which lead to an elevator.It took me under the cornucopia area. I found a moveable tile,but The two careers almost saw me. I waited until they went into a hallway and I rushed out. Then,the table rises,and an alliance of Jake,Lucy and Maria come out. Why they aligned,I don't know. But Lucy says,"Violet and Birch,We will let you get what you want and leave. We just want the careers."I trust it right away and I'm rushing out. I grab two packs and run back to watch the carnage. I check to make Jeffery's ok.He's really grown on me. I see Birch run out,grab two packs and run away,leaving eight packs. Then,Kourtney and Warren run out,and without a word,Maria grabs a pack and takes off. Lucy's shocked,and is easily stabbed by Kourtney. Kourtney shouts,"HA.I win!" The smile doesn't last though,because Jake shoves his spear into Warren's chest,and he falls. Jake grabs a pack and runs off,leaving 6. Kourtney screams in frustration and leaves so the bodies can be collected.I rush out and open the hatch.I drop all of the remaining packs down and leap down,puttin the tile back into place.I hear Kourtney's scream a minute later. I take my time bringing all of the packs to the elevator. I put them all in, and get in myself. I'm halfway up to the fourth floor when the elevator stops. I draw ,my knives as a precaution,but nothing happens. I decide to take a nap.

Day 7

In Maria's perspective

I can't believe it's only been a week since we began and there are only 5 tributes. I've lost far too much weight. I hate this feeling of being hunted. I'm always on the move. It's a good thing I am,too,because I always feel like somebody's watching me. And I have no privacy. I wonder if anyone in the capitol watches me. I think the careers are the favorites. In fact,I feel like they must hate me. I killed my own step-brother. But I don't like thinking about that. I still want to win. I decide to find a better room to hide in. I get up and walk in a random direction. Unfortunately,I chose the wrong one. Ten minutes later,I'm sprinting through doors,as Jake chases me. I knew I should have stayed at the feast and killed the survivors. I'd rather have Lucy and Warren alive than Jake and Kourtney. But I really can't think right now. Jake is fast,and I'm reckless right now. I fling ipen a door and I'm halfway across the room before I realize I'm sinking. The purple transparent goo that is sucking me in is more consistent than water,but I'm sinking. I see Jake walking around the edge of the pool,while I'm flailing around. Then,I stop sinking. The goo is hardening. I'm stuck.Thank goodness I have everything above the goo. I load my bow and try to twist around. I am not going down without a fight. Jake throws his spear,but I bat it away. I fire an arrow,and it lodges in his arm. While he pulls it out,I grab a second arrow and fire. I get a lucky shot into his eye. He falls,and his cannon fires. Now,I can assess the situation. I'm stuck here. I have enough food to last me a while,since it's apparent I won't be moving,using energy. These Games suck.

In Kourtney's perspective

I just heard a cannon. I don't mind,it saves me from doing too much. I want to be in top condition for the finale. I know I'm going to win,I just don't know when.

In Birch's perspective

I made it to the final four. I can't believe it. I want to win. Badly. But I have fierce competition. That girl from 1,Kourtney,is a huge threat. She's vicious. The girl from 6 seems pretty good witha bow and arrows. The boy from 8 must be angry,since he has no alliance. The girl from 10 is small,but I can tell she's smart. But I heard a cannon. One of them is dead.

In Violet's perspective

I'm still stuck in an elevator. Jeffrey seems not to mind. I don't either. I have plenty of food and water,and I'm out of the other tribute's way. Maybe my competition will just starve.

Day 8

In Violet's perspective

This elevator is getting hotter. This is worrying me. I don't want to be cooked. Maybe I should cut a hole in the top and climb away. Just as I get my knife,the elevator starts moving. Jeffrey squeaks with what I can only assume is surprise. The elevator is going upwards.I move all my supplies to the back and pull my knife out. I stand and prepare for whatever lies out there. I can feel the elevator slowing down. It stops,and the doors begin to open. I lunge out and plunge my kinfe into the chest of Birch Saunders. He looks shocked. I can't blame him. He falls,and his cannon fires. I'm also shocked. He was my...second kill. I feel bad. I don't know what his family was. Wait,I think he had a sister. She was a victor. She'll hate me for killing him. But I can't help it. I did it to survive. I decide to get back into the elevator. I throw out all of the empty packs,which was only 2. I go back down to the second floor. I get out and quickly fly into a bathroom. It has a bathtub. I decide to make that my new bed. I lock the door and fall asleep.

Day 9-The finale

It is the end of the Games. However,the tributes don't know this. Kourtney is out hunting for Maria and/or Violet. She heads into a small room with only one door,and no furniture. She turns around and is about to leave,when the door closes and locks. Kourtney bangs over and over again and shouts," ¡No me gusta! ¡Ayuda me!¡Sáquenme de aqui!" She's becoming frantic,when Claudis Templesmiths voice comes from the walls,"Attention tributes! These Games are coming to a close. We would like all three of you ladies to come down to the cornucopia. Expect a surprise when you arrive!"

The door unlocks,and Kourtney flies out. She heads back towards the cornucopia.

Maria,who up until this time was still trapped in the pool of goo,is freed as the goo turns back into a liquid. Maria swims to the edge and hoists her self up,awakens her limbs and runs off.

Violet's elevator begins to move. It transports her to the second floor. Violet dashes off towards the cornucopia. It takes her a while. She makes it to the balcony over looking the cornucopia.

Down below,Kourtney emerges. She looks around,waiting for the big surprise. It appears the same time Maria does. A ladder falls down. All you have to do to win is get on the ladder. But Maria and Kourtney are down below,and have to fight. Kourtney dashes to the ladder,but Maria fires an arrow at her. It lodges in her back,and Kourtney screams. She whips around and throws her spear. It lands in Maria's thigh. Maria rips it out with a grunt and drops it. Kourtney takes her sword and throws it. It lands beside Maria. Kourtney takes out her last weapon,another sword,and runs at Maria. Maria drops her bow and picks up the sword. They then begin slashing at eachother.

Violet is still stuck up above,debating whether or not she should leap for it. She could make it and win. But,she could also fall to her death. She shakes her head and backs up. She counts to three and charges. She makes it to the rail and jumps on it. She uses it as a spring board and kicks off. Time slows down for Violet. She sees Kourtney and Maria fighting,and sees the ladder,a foot infront of her. She makes it closer and closer....and falls. She screams,as she plummmets. Violet thrashes wildly,trying to get the ladder. And to her immense surprise,she finds it. She wraps her hands around a rung,and the current freezes her.

Maria and Kourtney stopped fighting when they heard Violet. The see her on the ladder. Maria is in shock. Kourtney is furious. She whips around and slams Maria's head with the side of her sword. Maria falls,and Kourtney dashes to the ladder. She leaps on as it begins to move. Maria sees this and screams with absolute fury. The hovercraft glides up to the open roof and heads away. Kourtney and Violet can't look back but hear the explosion as the house is blown up,killing Maria.

The Games end with Kourtney and Violet being brought up into the hovercraft.

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