You've found my Games! You know the drill.Submit the following. Oh and 2 TRIBUTES PER PERSON.Reservations last 2 days.








volunteered or reaped?



District 1

male:Balcony Frocket,10

female: Sparkle Hinsy,7

District 2

male:Sendoa Reffel,10

female:Cymbeline Boyet,11

District 3

male:Crick Storm,9

female:Liliana Jones,4

District 4

male:Ganber Vulsin,9

female:Aqua Luzil,7

District 5

male:Chase Muddler,4

female: Mary Scully,3

District 6

male:Raman Log,6

female:Lesli Jones,6

District 7

male:Emrick Oak,6

female:Airiz Dahliam,5

District 8

male:Ryan Trust,3

female:Kristina Rivoli,4

District 9

male:Macbeth Jordanian,5

female:Starlin Kilp,6

District 10

male:Vulcan Olympus,2

female: Venus Olympus,5

District 11

male:James McAterth,6

female:Starlily Weaver,4

District 12

male:Arizona Evergreen,6

female:Alice Castle,4


The arena this year is an island. The island is shaped like a square with the corners cut off. it's 10 miles across. However,the island is an abandoned town. It looks as though it's been a hundred years of stormy weather. The houses and stores are in various states of being destroyed. Some have collapsed,but some look like they were just built. Fish are abundant if you know where to look. You can travel to the sand bars a few yards from the ocean. But look out,crabs like to pinch. Also,the weather changes rapidly. The climate is hot,but onlyt sometimes humid.During the day,the sun can shine brightly and make the woods scattered throughout the island look beautiful. But at night,the island comes to life. The people return,but somethings wrong. They mentally isane. They fight the tributes and eachother to the death. But at sporadic times. No one knows what will tick them off. There are about 300 of them. They can't move at all unless they walk,if they haven't lost a limb fighting.


Day 1

24.Liliana Jones-Killed by Crick Storm

23.Raman Log-Killed by James McAterth

22.Alice Castle-Killed by Lesli Jones

21.Aqua Luzil-Killed by Sendoa Reffel

20.Ryan Trust-Killed by Venus Olympus

19.Macbeth Jordanian-Killed by Balcony Frocket

Day 2

18.Airiz Dahliam-Killed by Kristina Rivoli

17.Sendoa Reffel-Killed by Kristina Rivoli

16.James McAterth-Killed by Mary Scully

15.Mary Scully-Killed by Starlin Kilp

Day 3

14.Ganber Vulsin-Killed by the hurricane

13.Venus Olympus-Killed by the hurricane

Day 1-The Bloodbath

It is mid morning in the arena as the tributes rise up on their metal plates. The cornucopia is in the serf. Some tributes are on dry land,others in two feet of water. Many tributes prepare to run into the bloodbath.

The gong rings,and the tributes all rush out.

Liliana Jones of 3 is grabbing a back pack when she spins around and sees Crick of the same District throw a spear at her. She has time to curse before she's stabbed. She falls down,dead.

Crick takes this opportunity to grab a pack and another spear and run off into the woods.

An alliance has been formed. So far,it consists of James McAterth of 11 and Chase Mulder of 5. Raman Log from 6 approaches them.

"I want to join your alliance. I'm a great asset. My goal is to get rid of the careers. You'll be safe with me."

James looks the boy over and says,"Liar." He throws is sword into Raman's stomach.James rips it out and continues to grab supplies.

Lesli Jones from 6 is in a battle with Alice Castle from 12. Lesli quickly stabs Alice in the heart with her knife. James and Chase approach her."Do you wanna join us?" She looks them over and says,"Fine. Lets go quickly." And the alliance runs off.

Mary Scully of 5 is skirting around the edges,avoiding conflict. She quickly gathers her supplies,smiles and runs off into the town.

Starlily Weaver of 11 is doing the same thing. She knows that she'll survive,she's forseen it. She also knows how fickle the future is,and doesn't want to risk it. She grabs her supplies and leaves quickly.

Airiz Dahliam of 7 has skipped the battle. She grabbed a jug of water and a knife and went to a tree where she could see the cornucopia,but they couldn't see her. She feels she has a fool proof plan.

Aqua Luzil is standing at the edge of the woods. She doesn't know if she should run,or if she should stay with the careers. She never gets to make the choice,because Sendoa Reffel of District 2 notices and launches an axe at her. It's a perfect hit. Sendoa smiles and runs back.

Kristina Rivoli of District 8 is upset. She was going to join the alliance of James,Lesli and Chase,but a fight between Emrick Oak of 7 and Arizona Evergreen of 12 seperated them. She watched as they ran,and as the boys fight ended,and they ran off. Kristina just decides to grap some supplies and leave.

Vulcan Olympus from District 10 is still on his plate. He hates water,and his plate was at the deepest part. Ryan Trust of District 8 notices,and runs to kill him. Vulcan notices and makes a split decision to run towards land. He screams as his feet hit the water. He sprints and makes it to land. Meanwhile, Venus Olympus from District 10 and Vulcan's Aunt is battling with Ryan,to keep Vulcan safe. She easily stabs him in the neck with her knife. She looks around but Vulcan is gone. She heads in the direction she last saw him.

Starlin Kilp of 9 is heading into the forest. She has a pack,but doesn't want to see what's inside. She runs faster when she hears a yell from behind.

Suddenly,the bloodbath is at a close. Macbeth Jordanian is fighting with the careers,but it's no contest. He is easily speared. The careers high-five and head off into the woods to let the bodies be collected. Six cannons fire.

Day 2-The surprise

Airiz is very upset. The careers didn't do anything. She spent the night in her tree,terrified of the animal-like noises below her. The noises stopped at the first light of the morning. She then watched as the careers rose out of their sleep and prepared to hunt. She watched them leave, waited a half hour and ran to the cornucopia. She Looks through all of the supplies,fills two back-packs, and turns around to find Kristina staring at her.

Airiz doesn't want to risk it. She throws a spear at Kristina. Kristina ducks and charges Airiz. Airiz freezes and Kristina stabs her in the stomach with a knife. Kristina smiles and says,"Nice try though." She then hears a snap behind her.

Sendoa Reffel charges Kristina. The boy from 2 tackles Kristina. She bit his arm,which surprises him and she manages to kick him in his soft spot. He falls over. Kristina has a spear aimed at his heart. She looks up to find the remaining careers staring at her. Balcony looks at Kristina and says,"Do it." She doesn't need to be told twice. She stabs Sendoa quickly. His cannon fires. Kristina looks up and says,"I need an alliance. I can easily replace him." The careers look around and say in unison,"Sure." They all walk into the woods so the bodies can be collected.

Mary Scully walks into the woods. She doesn't trust the food in the pantry of the house she's in. She needs somebody to try it for her. However,she doesn't know she's being hunted. James,Lesli and Chase are following her.The alliance of three charges her. Mary whips around just in time and sends a knife into James' chest. He falls over. Lesli and Chase don't know what to do. Even in this short time,he was established as their leader. Chase can't kill his district partner. Lesli is timid. If Mary could kill James, she could easily kill Lesli. But as it turns out,she doesn't have to.

A dart lodges in Mary's neck. Mary just lies down and closes her eyes. twenty seconds later, her cannon fires. Chase and Lesli look over at where the dart came from. Starlin Kilp winks and sprints away,laughing.

Day 3-The Storm

The day begins as usual. The tributes rise. The careers leave early to go hunting. They head into the woods.

Starlily Weaver senses something. Something dangerous. She heads into a house for shelter.

Just as Starlily closes he door,it begins raining. Then the wind picks up. Most tributes ignore the changes. It's been cloudy all morning. The careers head into the town to hunt. The wind speeds up, and the rain pounds harder. Sparkle doesn't trust it and wants to head inside. Kristina agrees. But Ganber won't let them. He says,"Stop being such babies. We've dealt with much worse back in 4. You'll be fine." Then, a piece of wood that must have come from a house lodges in his neck. The other careers scream. Kristina grabs Sparkle's hand and pulls her into a house. Balcony and Cymbeline try to open the door,but Kristina locked it. They rush to a different house, but that door is also locked. They make a mad dash back to their base.

Lesli and Chase head into a house. They head into the basment,and see Starlily. Lesli takes out her sword,but Chase stops her. She's beautiful, Thinks Chase. He says," Wait. Would you like to join our alliance? We're down one member." Lesli looks at him with a mix of shock and devastation. She secretly had feelings for him,and what he just said made her feel worthless. Starlily is also surprised,and that never happens. She had no feeling this was going to happen. She stutters,"S-sure.Chase sits right next to her,and Lesli sits next to her. They huddle together.

Venus is worried. She knows Vulcan hates rain,and knows he went into a house. She heads into the town,and hears a door slam. She runs to the door and opens it carefully,her knife ready. There,she finds Vulcan,in a tight ball,whimpering. She runs to him. Just as she hugs him,the roof flies off of the house,and the chimney collapses on the tributes from 10. Venus throws her body over Vulcan,making the ultimate sacrifice. Vulcan can feel his aunt's body go limp. He hears a cannon. He begins to cry.

Cymbeline and Balcony are hiding in the cornucopia,with most of their supplies. Any supplies that weren't in the cornucopia are now gone. Cymbeline is on the edge,and a massive gust of wind catches her. She is lifted high up into the air. Twenty,thirty,forty feet in the air. Then,the storm ends. Cymbeline screams as the plummets to the earth. She lands with a thud on her back. She can't move,the wind is knocked out of her. Balcony rushes out to see the extent of her damages. She's fine,except for a sprained ankle.

Arizone Evergreen watches the sky that night. He was clinging to a tree,and managed to keep hold. He watches Ganber and Venus appear in the sky. He counts on his fingers. 12 left. The Games are half over.

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