Hi everybody! You have wandered onto the page,containing my newest Games! I basically abandoned my last Games. (Sorry to those who still had tributes in them). Anyways,I'm making these Games. I think I'm going to make the limit 2 tributes per person,for now. Reservations are for 2 days. The requirements for tributes are as follows.Eliminations are done completely randomly,I draw names out of a hat,and those tributes die each day. Any rude or mean comments on this page from people who's tributes are in this Game shall result in immediate murder of said tributes.









Disclaimer: Any tributes that clearly are not realistic,or otherwise not normal shall be killed in the bloodbath. I want tributes I can write for. I CAN write for somebody who has lost all of their family members,and has become mildly mentally unstable. I CAN NOT write for a tribute that does random stuff,or has an unhealthy obsession for one specific thing,and is completely insane/unrealistic. Also,while I do not mind tributes in love,I'd kind of like to keep those types to a minimum. They are in every Games,and I want selfish players, ones that won't go all sappy for their loved one.Thank-you! Lunaiis are only going to be put up if you make them,I lack the time and patience to make 24. I think I'll do chariot rides. Then Games,With final 8 interviews of family and friends.UPADTE:I've decided not to do chariot rides. I'll just do Games.


District 1

male:Skyer Greengrass

female:Iris Bloodworthy

District 2-Reserved for Totaldramarox

male: Alexander Sidorov female:Vanessa Jimenez District 3

Male:Steel Plate

female:Elixer "Lexi" Strong

District 4

male: Blue Sandshell

female:Coral Stream

District 5-

male:Tsawwassen Swartz

female:Lyse Kjeragbolten

District 6 male:River Rhodes female:Sutton Yates

District 7 male:Alec Lawrence female:Paige Bennet

District 8

male:Percy Keep female:Penny Bobbin

District 9

male:Markus Brown

female:Sheila Swift

District 10

male:Connor Skeet

female: Desi Loke

District 11

male:Kaden Mort

female:Bluedawn Opal

District 12

male: Kohl Cyphers

female:Willow Woods


The arena this year is a giant maze. the walls of the maze are made of different things,depending on the location. bushes,fences,grain,corn,if you're lucky. The cornucopia is in the center. Ponds and streams are scattered throughout. Trapdoors are in a few places,and they have one trail that will take you maybe a giant hole,impossible to get out of,another place in the arena or nowhere. Animals and plants are found in multiple places throughout the arena. mutts lurk,if you go to the wrong places. every 36 hours,a giant bird like mutt flies over the arena,and carries away the first tribute it sees. The maze is designed to make you insane. It is not for the weak minded. Good luck tributes,and may the odds be ever in your favor!


Day 1

24.Tsawwassen Swartz-Killed by the explosion

23.Steel Plate-Killed by the explosion

22.Willow Woods-Killed by the explosion

21.Vanessa Jimenez-Killed by Skyer Greengrass

20.Elixer "Lexi" Strong-Killed by Percy Keep

19.Percy Keep-Killed by Sutton Yates

18.River Rhodes-Killed by Penny Bobbin

17.Sheila Swift-Killed by Coral Stream

16.Markus Brown-Killed by Blue Sandshell

15.Alec Lawrence-Killed by Iris Bloodsworthy

14.Lyse Kjeragbolten-Killed by Paige Bennet

Day 2 13.Paige Bennet-Killed by Iris Bloodsworthy

12.Alexander Sidorov-Killed by the vines

Day 1-The bloodbath

The tributes rise up on their plates,quickly looking around. Tsawwassen of District 5 is growing impatient. The gong needs to ring now. He begins growing angry. Then he gets an idea,of how to kill tributes before the Games even start. He takes out his token,and prepares to throw it. But something happens. He drops it. He screams as it hits the ground,and he is blown to bits.

The gong,rings,but none of the tributes hear it over the screams of the tributes. The dust clears,and the tributes on either side of him,Steel Plate of District 3 and Willow Woods of District 12,lie dead on the ground,the only indication the tributes have that they can now run.

Vanessa and Alexander of District 2 quickly find eachother,and grab their weapons. They decided that they needed to get rid of their biggest competition,the other careers. Alexander runs towards Iris Bloodsworthy of District 1,while Vanessa throws her spear at Skyer Greengrass,also from District 1. Skyer ducks,then charges Vanessa. He knocks her over,and plunges his sword into her chest.Skyer mutters,"Stupid girl." As he walks away.Alexander sees this and quickly grabs a pack and heads into the maze. Elixer of District 3 is battling Percy Keep of 8,over a backpack. Percy swiftly stabs Elixer with a knife,and she crumbles. Percy smiles,then coughs,blood spurting out of his mouth. He falls, and Sutton Yates grabs the backpack. She turns around just in time to see Penny Bobbin of District 8 kill her district partner,River Rhodes. Penny notices her and says," It's only fair." Then laughs and runs away. Sutton whips around and runs the opposite way.

Some tributes have already left the Bloodbath. Kaden and Bluedawn,both from District 11 are already gone,as are Conner Skeet and Desi Loke from District 10.

Sheila Swift from District 9 is gathering supplies,when Coral Stream grabs an axe and buries it in Sheila's head. Markus Brown of District 9 throws his spear at Coral,but she dodges,and Blue Sandshell,also from District 4 stabs Markus in the back with his trident.

Kohl Cyphers from District 12 grabs a backpack and swiftly runs into the maze.

Alec Lawrence of District 7 is in the fight for his life with Iris Bloodsworthy. She has a bow and arrows and is aiming arrow after arrow at him. He dodges most of them,but one hits his calf. He freezes,and rips it out. As he gets up,an arrow pierces his eye,and he falls.

Lyse of District 5 is running away from the cornucopia,and away from Paige Bennet,from District 7. Lyse stole her pack,and Paige wants it back. Paige is quick,and when she gets close,slams her axe into Lyse's back. She grabs her pack and axe,and runs away.

The cannons begin firing. 11 cannons total. That night,everybody settles down,and watches as the 11 tributes appear in the sky. The careers high five when the ones they killed appear.

Day 2-The Alliances

The sun rises quickly,faster than it would outside of the arena. The careers wake up,and immediately decide to go hunting,armed with weapons,they head into the maze. It's Coral's idea to leave a trail,incase the leave. they make small holes in the shrubs as they pass.

Kaden Mort of District 11 is hiding in the hedges,after spending much of the previous day digging a hole,then making it invisible to the other tributes. he can see outside though. And what he sees as he looks out is Desi Loke of District 10,speed walking,tears streaming down her face. She turns a corner, and disappears. Kaden hears a a cry of frustration,followed by a sob,and he sees Desi come running back. She stops where she is and begins to sob. Kaden can't help notice how pretty she is. But no,he didn't want to form attachments to anybody,but she looks so weak and helpless. She probably couldn't hurt a fly. Kaden feels a sense of safety,and he makes up his mind. He steps out of the shrubs,and calls out," Um...Excuse me..." Desi's head shoots up,and seemingly takes her body with it,because she's already on her heel,about to run,but Kaden says," No! Wait,I was wondering if you wanted to be allies?" Desi looks him over with her bloodshot eyes,before replying,"Sure." Kaden smiles,and shows her his little home in the hedge. They sort out all of their supplies,before Desi takes a nap.

The Careers have been huting for a while now,and still haven't found anything. That changes quickly,as Blue sees a quick glimpse of a girl running. The careers follow her,and see Paige Bennet. Blue deflects the knife she throws at him,and Iris and Skyer charge her. Skyer knocks her down,and Iris decapitates her with Paige's own axe. Her cannon fires,and the careers high five before leaving,in search of new prey.

Bluedawn Opal turns around a corner and sees Paige's body. The cannon sounded,but her killer is nowhere in sight. Bluedawn runs to Paige's body and takes her supplies,then quickly departs.

Meanwhile,over on the other side of the arena,Alexander Sidorov,Kohl Cyphers and Sutton Yates have all found eachother. Alexander raises his spear when they hear a rustling in the hedge. The all look behind Alexander,and see vines creeping out. The vines quickly lunge at the three tributes,who turn on their heels and run full speed. Kohl Cyphers is leading,with Sutton Yates behind,and Alexander is last. Alexander still has his spear raised,and is deciding who to throw it at. Sutton turns her head back and sees this. She stops so suddenly that Alexander runs straight into her,knocking them both over. Sutton leaps up and kicks Alexander in the head. Disoriented,Alexander can't defend himself as the vines grab him and pull him back to the original hedge. Kohl and Sutton hear the cannon,then look at eachother. "Allies?" Asks Kohl. Sutton thinks a moment before saying,"Yeah,sure."

Penny Bobbin settles down in a tree,and watches the anthem. She laughs when the Alexander and Paige appear. Thirteen down,Penny thinks, ten to go.

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