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Well,If you're reading this,you're probably hoping for a Games. Well,it's not. I'm just bored,and procrastinating,and I've noticed some things. There have been four victors from District 12. No one ever focused on the first,the one before Haymitch. So,that's kinda what I'm doing. I don't expect anyone to read this,I really am bored. But a lot of the characters are/have been/will be inspired by some users here. Not all,but a few,if you're lucky. ;) LOL,I'm so mysterious. But the names won't be used. If you're name is used,lucky you.Anyways,um,enjoy. Or not. I don't quite care.Oh,and if I get one spelling suggestion,there will be heck to pay :). Just kidding. I could care less. I appreciate it,actually. Oh! And please don't be offended if the character I've based off of you dies. Odds are,all of them are going to die. Maybe some will survive. Who knows?

Chapter One-The Beginning

I wake up in the morning,and almost immediately want to go back to bed. It's that horrible day. I'm glad I can remember a time without the Hunger Games. I never really appreciated the things I cherish now. I remember when District 13 was still around. I miss those days. I miss my brother. One of the first victims of the Hunger Games. He placed 8th. I was only six. He was twelve. I can still remember the sickening thud of the axe entering his head.

I quickly rise after that thought enters my head. My straight blonde hair,which I usually keep down,is frizzy. My parents are already awake. The clock in our small house above the sweet shop,which my parents run,says it's noon. I've over slept. I quickly rush down the stairs and outside. He's waiting for me.


I turn around,and Dave's running towards me. He slips on some mud,and quickly gets up,blushing.I laugh. He finally gets over to me,and says seriously," Are you ready?"

I frown. He knows the Hunger Games are awful to me. I want them gone now,but I can't do anything about it. I reply,"As ready as I'll ever be." And we head to the square. The two hours pass quickly,and as more people gather, some older kids walk past us. "Nice pants,Davy. Even cleaner than usual!" They walk by us,laughing. I can see sadness and hurt reflected in his blue eyes. "Just let it go. Their oppinion means less than nothing. You can't help being poor. No one can."

The reapings start quickly. Salonna Wren,our escort, struts up to the stage,and says loudly," Who's ready for the Eighth Annual Hunger Games?!"

Nobody responds,causing her to frown. Her shoulders slump,and she silently takes out the slip of paper. I have no clue whether it's from the boy's ball,or the girl's. But the answer is known when she calls out," David Emery!" Dave freezes with panic.I imagine I do the same. The boys from earlier whistle. One of them even laughs. I grab Dave's arm and bring him to the stage. I whisper in his ear," No crying." And he gets on the stage. On the way back to my spot,I punch the boy in the stomach as hard as I can. He collapses. It's the girls' turn. My eye are closed. I don't want to see Dave's face. Unfortunately,I'll be seeing a lot more of it.

"Lilly Robins!" My eyes fly open. Me? It can't be me. My parents immediately begin crying from somewhere behind me.

I quickly regain my composure and strut onto the stage. The other tributes need to know I'm not going down without a fight. Salonna looks at us,then back to the audience and says," Happy Hunger Games everybody!"

I know I won't.

Chapter 2-The Trainride

Dave and I are quickly ushered into the justice building. We're separated,and I'm brought into a room. It's very fancy,compared to where I live.

My parents rush in five minutes after I arrive. We don't say much,we just hug eachother. The time passes quickly,but as they're leaving,I tell them that I'll win. They smile,but in that sad way when you know that as much as you want it to happen,it won't.

I have no other visitors,so I just sit and day dream. The guards come in and bring me to the train station. When I arrive,I notice Dave's been crying. I can't blame him. My eyes are glassy,but the tears haven't left my eyes. We're brought onto a train,and Salonna brings us to a compartment with a television and a couch. We watch the reapings. The tributes from District 1 strut onto the stage in a way that's even more confident than I did. The male from District 2 looks incredibly strong. He'll be hard to beat. The boy from 4 looks a lot like the boy from 2,and they have the same last name. Maybe they're cousins. The girl from 7 walks calmly onto the stage. A twelve year old from District nine is reaped. The boy from District 10's eyes are wandering in a nervous,twitchy way.

I see Dave being called,the fear on his face,me pushing him forward,then closing my eyes. Then my name is called,and the shock on my face is visible. The announcers say these Games will be the best yet.

Dinner arrives quickly,and the food is amazing. It's much better than what we have at home. It's very rich though,so I eat slowly. Dave get's sick and rushes away,leaving Salonna and I. Salonna looks around then says," Look. Your friend is weak. He's going to be seen as an easy target. I suggest you do the same."

I look at her face,which shows urgency. "If I'm seen as weak,they'll just-"

"Get rid of the other tributes before you,if you can survive the bloodbath."

I'm not going to be seen as weak. District 1 looks tough, and I'm not giving them the satisfaction of being stronger than me.

I'm about to reply,when Dave comes back in,looking pale. He sits next to me and grabs my arm. I look up at him,and his blue eyes show nothing.

"I'm not going to cry anymore. I refuse to."

I smile,stroke his black hair and say,"Good."

Salonna frowns angrily and walks away.

The night on the train is a restless one. I get no sleep,and in the morning,I gather by the window and wait until we see the capitol. The audience is waiting,and their grotesque features,horribly distorted by cosmetic surgery follow me and Dave. I smile my most dazzling smile and wave. Dave looks at me questioningly,and I say," We need to be capitol favorites if we want sponsor gifts." He nods,then smiles at the audience and waves,just as I do.

Chapter 3-The Capitol

Eventually,the train pulls to a stop,and we are escorted out. I smile and beam at all the camera's,and Dave does too. We are then brought inside and seperated.

I nearly laugh when my prep team comes in. LeSierra, who appears to be in her late forties, has yellow hair that goes down to the floor in a curtain,but it is all around her, So she looks like she has a yellow sheet over her. She pushes her hair aside to look at me, and I see neon green eyes. But the whole eyeball is glowing green. Its quite scary,actually.

Jameare, a man in his mid twenties, has one giant purple spike of hair on his head,and nothing else on his head. His skin is a mix of blue and red throughout his body. His fingers end in sharp,claw like points. He seems friendly enough,though.

Shaleen, who's in her twenties, is by far the leader. Her hair appears to be a natural midnight black. Her blue, doe-eyes look me over,and I can practically see her brain criticizing me. Her skin is very tan. Nothing seems to be unusual with her,though.

They look me over,and wax my eyebrows and scrub me with things that make my skin burn. I don't mind though,I've never been taken care of like this before. Shaleen does nothing though, she just sits and watches. Eventually,they finish,and Shaleen looks me over and says," Good. Now I can work with you." And LeSierra and Jameare leave. Shaleen looks me over and says,"I think this year, we don't have to do much. It's not like you and your boyfriend are attractive anyways."

I laugh,then stop immediately." Dave isn't my boyfriend. And look who's talking. You look like you just rolled out of a pile of cow crap from District 10."

Shaleen's eyes widen,then narrow. She then takes everything with her and leaves me,including my robe. I sit down and wait for her to come back.

A few hours later,and I'm panicking. The sky is getting dark,and the chariot rides will start soon. I don't worry for much longer though,because Shaleen comes in,with Dave following. We both immediately blush,and I practically shove him out of the room.

Shaleen says," Here you go." And drops an outfit,grinning. She leaves,and Dave is still outside. I quickly dress in the dress,which is just a miners outfit,but instead of pants and a shirt,it's a belt. Ugh.

Dave and I go outside to the stables,and I watch the competition. I see the tributes from District 1,2 and 4 talking. They're all much bigger than the rest of us, I notice. The I see them all quickly shake hands, then they all scurry back to their chariots. I look around. District 1 and 4 look best,by far. District one appears to be wearing gold. District 4 are wearing bathing suits,showing their bodies,which look as though they received a huge workout. I look around,and I see the girl from 9 looking at me. She quickly looks away. Whatever.

The chariot rides are about to begin,and we all get in our chariots. I just smile my most dazzling smile and blow kisses to the crowd. Our chariot looks like a lump of coal, but has red streaks,and looks like it's just dying. It must be symbolic of our lives.

The crowd seems to like us,at least. I grab Dave's hand and pull him through a crowd of the tributes from District 1,2 and 4. I feel a hand on my shoulder,and whip around. The girl from 1 is looking down at me. She's at least a head taller than I am,but she looks beautiful. "Watch it,runt. I'm pretty sure you want to make it through the first day,don't you?" I snort and roll my eyes. Dave pulls me away just as I'm about to start yelling at her. We get into an elevator with the tributes from District 9. I see Districts 2 and 4 walking towards our elevator. They get in,and the 8 of us begin our accent. The boys from 2 and 4 are talking,and the girl from 9 asks," Are you two related?" The boy from 2,the older one,snorts and says," Duh. We're cousins." The younger one laughs and nods,but says nothing.

The tributes from 2 get off,and I see the girl give me a dirty look.

District 4 gets off next,then District 9. Dave and I finally get up to our floor and Salonna says to us," We begin preparing for your interviews tomorrow,so get ready!"

Dave stutters," S-sure thing..." I ignore her. I bring Dave into my room, and we order our dinner from the mouth piece. We don't say anything though. Joking seems like an impossible feat at a time like this.

Eventually, Dave leaves, and I put on a nightgown and go to sleep.

Chapter 4-training

I'm awoken by a knocking at the door. I open it and see an avox. She gives me a note from Salonna saying that training starts at ten. Ugh. I quickly get in the shower,then spend a few minutes pressing all the buttons. One of them shoots some sort of shampoo in my eye,and I wash it out. I get dressed in something that will allow me to move and I leave my room.

I meet Dave at the elevator, and we go to the training floor. We step inside, and about half of the tributes are there. The tributes from 1,2 and 4 are together,laughing about something. The girl from 7 is eyeing that as if they have some sort of disease. I can't blame her.

at ten, A woman,who's name I don't bother to find out,tells us how training works. We're dismissed,and I go practice weapons. I discover I have a talent with swords and knives. Lovely. Dave throws an axe directly into the center of a target,and the girl from 1 looks as though she'd kill him right then.

We're eventually dismissed for lunch,and Dave and I eat together. The tributes from 1,2 and 4 eat together as well. Everyone else is by themselves.

The next two days of training are the same. I learn as much as I can about plants,animals,weapons, and the other tributes. Dave is far more friendly than I am,and he talks to the tributes. I listen intently. The girl from 10 has two younger sisters. The boy from 3 bursts into tears at the thought of his mother,all by herself. The girl from 7 is friendly,but quiet,she thinks the huge alliance of 1,2 and 4 is dangerous. "They're much bigger than the rest of us."

Eventually,it's the private sessions. The tributes file one by one,and eventually,Dave and I are left alone. I rest my head on his shoulder,and he asks," What are you going to do for your training session?"

"Throw some knives. I don't plan on doing anything special."

He nods,and eventually,he's called. He leaves,and I'm all alone. Ten minutes pass,and I'm called in. I walk in,and all of the Gamemakers are drunk or asleep. Sigh,who would trust these idiots to run a Games?

I just throw knives around,always hitting the mark perfectly. Eventually,one of them lets me go,and I walk away.

That night, Salonna,Shaleen,Dave and I watch the training scores. The careers get 7-10. The girl from one gets a 10,as does the boy from 2. The girl from 7 gets a 6,the girl from 9 gets a 4. The boy from 10,the weird one,gets a 5. Dave gets a 6. My face appears,then the number 8. Lovely! Dave and Salonna congratulate me. Shaleen just grins. There is something evil in the grin. I just go to bed quickly, the interviews are coming quickly.

Chapter 5- The Interviews

I wake up the next day, and find Shaleen staring at me. I start,which makes her laugh.

"Time to find out how you're gonna present yourself."

I roll my eyes,but say nothing.

"So,let's try confident,like you know you're beautiful." Shaleen bursts out laughing at her statement. "Just the thought of anybody saying you're beautiful is hilarious!"

Shaleen leaves the room,still giggling,and comes back with my interview dress. It's black and form fitting. It looks as thought somebody just painted my body black.

"What the Hell is this?" I ask. "I look like a slut."

Shaleen's doe eyes fill with resentment. "You need to look alluring for the crowds. I'm essentially giving you sponsors by giving you that dress."

I roll my eyes and go outside,to find Dave wearing a simple tuxedo. His eyes practically fall out of his head when he sees me. "Um,you look...Um." I grab his hand and pull him with me.

We finally reach the interviews,where they other tributes have already assembled. The girl from 1 looks stunning in her navy blue silk dress. The boys are all wearing some form of a tuxedo. The girl from 7's forest green dress brings out her eyes. The girl from 9 looks adorable wearing a light pink dress that goes down to her knees.

The girl from 2 notices me and shouts out,"Look at the little tramp! and look at the little girl following her! Ridiculous." The other careers laugh,and Dave looks hurt,but I march right up to her and slap her.

"If you ever say anything to me again,you'll get much worse." The girl from 1 looks amused,while the boy from 1 looks like I just assaulted royalty. "How dare you touch your superiors!" He cries.

I look at him,and the look in my eyes silences him. "You're going to die,little runt." the girl from 2 says.

I laugh.But now,we have to go to our seats. The interviews go quickly,and I pay little attention. Then,my name is called,and I walk up.

Caesar Flickerman's eyes widen when he sees my outfit.

"So,uh,Lilly,what's your favorite thing in the capitol."

"The showers,definitely."

"Ah yes,they are something incredible. I don't even think I've pressed all the buttons yet!"

I giggle,but inside i'm annoyed. He is SO fake.

"So, what do you think of your fellow tributes this year."

"Well looking at them,some of them are okay people. I'm definitely better than every one of them,though. I'm confident I'll be twelve's first victor."

"What a remarkable young woman. I certainly wish you luck."

The buzzer sounds,and I strut off the stage. I walk past Dave on his way up,and I smile a little. He manages a feeble grin,but it looks more like a grimace.

"So,Dave,how does it feel being here,with a chance to win fame and fortune?"

"Um-uh,I'm sorry,I'm a little n-nervous,it's incredible...the people here are so kind."

"Indeed they are. And what about your fellow tributes? Any friends?"

"Just Lilly,we've been friends for years."

"Oh,that's lovely,I hope to see you two work together in the Games. And do you have any special person back home?"

"N-no,nobody's really interested in me."

"Oh,come on,a boy as handsome and likable as you,there must be someone you're in a relationship with."

"N-no,sir,sorry." And the buzzer rings,and he practically bolts off the stage.

We hop into the elevator,and I see the girl from 2 give us a murderous glance. The girl from 7 looks us over and smiles a bit. The girl from 9 waves. Then the door closes,and we are shot up to our rooms,and we collapse in a bed together,my head on his shoulder,dreading tomorrow,when the Games begin.

Chapter 6-the Bloodbath

I awaken after a restless night to find I'm alone,Dave left sometime during the night. Shaleen walks in and says," It's a big day. Ready to die?"

I ignore her as I get dressed,then follow her into the hover craft. The tracker is placed in me,and we're quickly ushered into the launching room. I drink as much water as possible,as I have no clue what the arena will be. A voice announces it's time to get into the chute-type thing that will bring me into the arena. I turn around and ask," Can I get a hug?"

Shaleen looks baffled but walks towards me to oblige. Before she an embrace me,I punch her in the face.

"You deserve a lot worse,you filthy mutt." And I quickly hop into the chamber. Shaleen get's up and bangs on the glass,murder in her eyes,but it's too late,and I go out of the fire and into the frying pan.

The first thing that hits me is the smell. it smells damp and soggy. Then I see the arena,a swamp. The trees look twisted,the ground looks deadly. The sky is cloudy. I see the tributes all around me,eyeing the cornucopia. I look around for Dave,and see him about 6 tributes away,staring at me. The girl from 2 is on my right,and she looks delighted at how close she is to me. The boy from 10 is on my other side,muttering to himself.

"Let the eighth Hunger Games begin!" And the countdown begins.

We're all poised to run,and when the gong rings,run we do. I quickly pick up a backpack and some food that I stuff into the pockets of the camoflauge jacket that is part of my outfit. the shirt and pants are also camoflauge, the boots are brown. I pick up a knife and look around for Dave, but instead find the girl from 2 running towards me, spear raised. She launches it at me,and I dive to the ground. The spear flies over my head and I get up and charge the girl. She loooks surprised,but prepares. I then feint to the left and come up at her side. I plunge the knife into her abdomen,and she falls down.I grab the knife and stab her in the chest twice.

"I knew I would beat you." I snicker. Then I feel a tap on my shoulder,I whip around and find the girl from 4 staring me down,her trident aimed at me. But then she falls,a dart in her neck. I look around and see the girl from 9 wave,then disappear into the swamp.

I hear my name being called, and see Dave,waiting for me,sword in hand,carrying a backpack. I pick up two knives and an axe and race towards him. Then,together, we race into the swamp. we sprint until the cornucopia is out of sight,then we alternate between running and jogging. The hours pass with us saying nothing,just getting away from the others. Then we stop for a moment and decide to go through our things. My backpack has a canteen half full of water,two packets of beef,one packet of pasta, some crackers and a sleeping bag. Dave's has a sleeping bag,some rope,iodine,a bowl and a book of plants. These things are now the most important tools in our survival. We quickly pack everything up and continue on. Then the cannons begin. one,two,three... eventually,the cannons stop after twelve shots have sounded. Twelve tributes dead. We continue walking,and quickly drinking the water already in my canteen,and filling it up and and purifying it. Dusk falls,and we make camp. We have yet to have a real conversation,I feel we're still in shock because of all that's happened.

The anthem sounds,and the faces begin. First up is the girl from 2,my kill.Girls from 3 and 4. Both from 5. Boy from 6. Boy from 7. Both from 8. Boy from 9. Both from 11.

I run through who's left. Both from 1, the boy's from 2,3 and 4. the girls from 6,7 and 9.Both from 10, and Dave and I. I push them out of my head,and when Dave volunteers to keep watch,I merely lie down and fall asleep.

Chapter 7: Day Two

Edit: Wow It's been almost a year since I wrote this. Well,I'm bored, so I shall indeed continue it.

I'm awakened by the sound of a cannon. "Who do you think it is?" Dave asks.

"Could be anybody. All that matters is that it isn't us." I reply.

We decide to pack up our things and move into a better hiding place, since we essentially passed out right in the open. We're lucky that alliance of districts 1-4 didn't come and attack us. I lead the way through the swamp as Dave trails, constantly looking around. At one point we hear a splash in the bogs surrounding us, but I ignore it and continue walking.

We finally find a clump of willow trees, which create a nice cover for us to rest under, unseen by anybody that walks by. "I'm going to go find some food. We need to save all the food in our packs for later." I say.

"I'm coming with you. You aren't going out there alone, who knows what's lurking out there!" Dave shouts.

"You're so dramatic. Fine, if it means that much to you, you can come."

Dave smiles as we leave the shelter. The day is growing hotter, so I take off my jacket. Dave and I freeze, we hear rustling. Then, I see some strange animal. It has a large head, but small legs. It's covered in hair, and squeals and snorts. "Is that a pig?" I ask Dave.

"It looks feral." He whispers back.

I take careful aim, then quickly throw my knives into it's skull. It squeals and runs around for a little bit, then falls over.

"How are we going to carry this back?" I ask.

"We'll just drag it." Dave replies as he grabs the pig by it's hindlegs and pulls.

We're almost back when an arrow shoots past Dave and lodges in a tree. I whip around and see the girl from 6 preparing to shoot another arrow. I grab one of my knives and throw it as hard as I can. The girl looks down in shock at the knife, now lodged in her chest. She falls, and her cannon fires. I cut away her pack, but leave her bow and arrows, so they'll be taken out of the Games as well.

We spend the rest of the day skinning,gutting and cooking the pig. We then roast it over a fire. It tastes delicious, and it could feed us for the next week. I hear the anthem begin, and we peek our heads out to see the girls from six and ten appear in sky. Dave and I lie down, my head on his chest. I feel something in my stomach,like butterflies.

"Hey Lilly?" He asks.


"I just wanted to let you know, I've always liked you."

"I should hope you like me, we've been friends for a long time."

"No, I mean, I really like you."


I quickly sit up. "We can discuss this later, Dave. Emotions have no place in these Games. I just want to go to bed." I use my back pack as a pillow and fall asleep.

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