So,if you're reading this,you've stumbled upon the Big Brother Games! Since people are doing Survivor and The Amazing Race,I thought I'd make these! Enjoy


1. 12 people, 6 girls and 6 boys,will each compete in individual challenges.

2.Each person will play for themselves. There will be two challenges. the first is for HoH (Head of Household) This person is immune from elimination and puts two people up for elimination.

3. The second challenge is for PoV (Power of Veto). 6 people will compete in this challenge. the HoH,the two nominees and three random people that I'll select randomly. The winner of the PoV can save one nominee or not use it at all.

4. If the PoV is used on one of the nominee's, the HoH must put replacement nominee up.

5. Elimination will be done by polls and it will be done anonymously.

6. This I cannot stress enough:This game is not for the sensitive. I do not want people signing up then saying,"this is going to hurt feelings,i'm not doing this." You all know how this game goes,if you have read the rules. I don't want any whining,or complaining

7. There will be twists all along the way ;)

Boys Girls
Tommyboy Moon Beam
Luke Rose
Team Peeta Anna

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