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Hi.So,I've noticed lots of people have done their own fanfiction Games.I shall join that group of people. Read if you want to. My children are going to have to read it,or else NO DESSERT! Hee hee. These Games will be from multiple people's perspective(the ones with names are fair game.)

The tributes

District 1

Shining Starre,16,10

Famous Bren,15,9

District 2

Barley Whails,15,9

Diro Granite,14,7

District 3

Elly Velms,16,4

Charles Barkley,12,4

District 4

Kelly Vale,15,8

Stephen Erick,18,9

District 5

Menna Carp,14,5


District 6



District 7

Laila Tibber,16,7

Cedrick Pericles,16,6

District 8


Dave Sevill,12,2

District 9



District 10

Chesley Nova,17,5

Mark Staimp,18,6

District 11



District 12


Drew Craig,15,6


District 1

In Shining's perspective

It's that day again. I'm wearing my best dress,it's purple with no sleeves,made of silk,very slimming. Anyways, me,my mother,my older sister and my father head down to the square. My sister greets everybody,as I do. My sister is nineteen,she has nothing to worry about. I don't know how I feel. If I go in,I wouldn't mind.

I look up as the escort begins to speak. She's normal,with only neon green hair to show where she's from. She says cheerfully,"Ladies first!" I see all of the other girls stiffen. Some want to be chosen,others don't. What the other girls think isn't important,because when the name is called,the escort calls out,"Shining Starre!" I look to my sister. She says," Go on up,sis." And I do. I walk with my head high. No way are they going to see me not acting like I'm in charge of the situation. My blonde hair flows behind me. I stand up and listen as the boy is called."Famous Bren!" A boy,who looks about my age,but I don't see him at school. He must be fifteen. Famous walks up and stands there as the crowd cheers for us. My sister doesn't. She just looks at me.

District 5

In Menna's perspective

I'm in the square early,doing my usual. The stores are closed,so I can't get food. The square quickly becomes crowded,families huddling together. Except me. I'm alone. With bright Red hair and light brown eyes,I fit right in. The few people who do spot me give my dirty looks. They should. I'm a theif. I've been whipped more than once for stealing. But that's the only way for me to get food. The escort arrives,a man,looking bored. He begins immediately. He doesn't even say anything. He just pulls out the tributes names."Menna Carp." Everyone goes silent. I walk up to the stage. People stare. I catch quick flicks of emotion. Joy.Resentment.Hate.Relief. That's when I tune out. I don't need to hear anything. I need to begin planning for the Games.

The Train

In Drew Craig's perspective

From the Train,I watch the reapings. I'm alone. The girl from my district must be in her room. I decide to make one comment that somes up the tributes for each district. 1:Beautiful.2:Vicious.3:Shy.4:out-going.5:Sly.6:Unassuming.7:Strong,I noticed the Boy volunteered.8:Weak.9:Hungry.10:Scared,the tributes are holding hands. I stop then. I don't need to do this. These tributes look better than me in their own way.

Just then,the girl from my district walks in. She's from the Seam,like me. We both have Black hair and gray eyes. She looks at me. Her eyes are puffy,but her body language seems to be daring me to comment. I look away,and she leaves. I don't feel like doing anything,so I wait until the food comes. The girl arrives with the escort,a woman,with brown hair,blue eyes. She looks normal,until she speaks. She has two rows of teeth. The girl tries to stifle a laugh. I'm repulsed. She begins speaking,telling us all about how they're aren't any mentors for whatever reason. We're on our own,not that it matters. We will have stylists and prep teams and her,of course. I eat quickly and go to bed. I just strip of my clothes and lie down in my underwear. I have a dreamless sleep.

Chariot Rides

In Laila's perspective

My stylist has outfitted me in the strangest outfit.I looke like a bush. My oufit is just a green jump suit,covered in leaves. they're green,teardropped shaped. I have a little makeup on,my brown hair is let down,framing my tanned face.I just want to see Cedrick. I mean,I'm mad at him. He volunteered for me. I don't want him to be here. If it was just me,I could worry about just me. But now that he's here,I should just forgive him. The train ride was awful. The careers look strong this year.

After a few minutes,I'm released to the chariot docking station. I look around. The tributes are either alone or with their district partner. I see Cedrick,his dirty blonde hair bobbing. He's walking towards the horses. I walk to him. He turns around and sees me. His costume is like a tree. He stands there,summing me up with his dark blue eyes,and I hug him. He doesn't hesitate to hug back. I feel eyes staring at us. I turn around,and the girl from three is staring at us with her large green eyes. She sees me staring and quickly turns away. The girl from 2 says sarcastically,"Aw,look at the lovebirds." The careers laugh,except the girl from 4. She rolls her eyes and turns back to her horse. Daniel and I get on,and we're off. I hear "Oos"" and "Aahs" up ahead. We get out,and we roll around. We hear some boos,directed at us. I feel embarrassed. I hold Cedricks hand. then,out costumes light up. Our leaves begin to change. They grow blossoms,then fruit,which we pick off and throw into the crowd. then they turn green,then brown,orange,red and yellow. The crowd is cheering. Then,fans begin to blow as our leaves fall off. The leaves blow into a giant burst,and they rain down over the audience. Cedrick and I laugh,as we near our final bend.

The rides end,and we get out. We head to our floor alone in the elevator,except for the tributes from 3. The boy is small,and silent. The girl seems our age. Her black hair is cut short. She smiles awkwardly at us as she and the boy get off. Dan and I are in the elevator. We get to our floor. I kiss him goodnight and head into my room.


day 1

In Elly's perspective

It's the morning of training.Charles and I head down early,arriving ten minutes before ten. We sit next to eachother.I look around. Only the tributes from 2,10 and the girl from 5 are here. The girl from two looks usual for a career. Massive,strong,brutal. The boy looks scrawny. He lacks a lot of muscle that I've observed in previous Games.

The doors open,and the tributes from 6,7 and 11 walk in. Six minutes until ten. The instructor sits patiently. The tributes from 4,8 and a boy,I guess from 5, walk in. four minutes. I take all of the tributes in. The tributes from 9 walk in,leaving only the tributes from 1 and 12. two minutes. The tributes from 12 walk in. One minute. it's ten,and the tributes from 1 fail to make an appearance. The instructor begins her speech,but is interrupted halfway through by the door opening and the boy from 1 walks in. Behind him,the girl from 1 is being yelled at by the escort,whos saying,"-and you're hair is a mess! why can't you look more like your sister at the reapings?"

Something flashes in the girl's emerald green eyes. Anger,hate. The girl mutters,"I am not my sister." She walks over to the other careers and sits. Some of the tributes are stifling laughs. The instructor finishes her speech,and we're off.

In Chesley's perspective

Mark and I head over to the bow and arrow station. I need to decide which weapon is best for me. Mark stands behind me. I load my bow and let the arrow fly. It hits in target in the center. Mark claps. I've known him since I was five. He's my best friend. We were both reaped. We decide to move on,practice sword fighting.

In Diro's perspective

I decide to head over to the bow an arrow station,since it's empty. look around. The tributes from 10 are sword fighting. The tributes from 7 are practicing making fires. The girl from 5 is slashin at things with a knife. The boy from 12 is at the plant station.

I load my bow,and make sure the others are watching. I'm the smallest out of us all,so I need to make sure I'm perfect. The girl from 1 waves,which makes me blush. I accidentaly let go of the string,and the arrow goes flying. I look around before I see it. In the archery teacher's eye.

Day 2

In Dave's perpsective

It's day two,and I head out to of my bedroom and walk into a room where my escort sits with the girl from my disrict. The television is on,and it's showing the story of how the boy from 2 viciously killed the archery trainer in a fit of anger. And that didn't even happen. I was watching. It was an accident. He wasn't even watching where he was aiming. The escort notices me and shoos me down to training.

Everyone is there,except for the boy from 2. We don't get a speech,we're just let loose. I go to the spear station and throw a spear the entire time.

Lunch time arrives,and we're sent into the cafeteria. The careers sit together,the boy from 2 making an appearance. the tributes from 7 sit together,as do the tributes from 10. everyone else sits alone. Including me. They're are twenty four tables,each seating six.Seventeen of them are in use. I notice the boy from 3 take one bite and push his tray away,looking green. The boy from 12 is looking at the girl from his district. The careers ar laughing,the boy from 4 slapping the boy from 2 on the back. I guess he's congratulating him on killing the trainer. Which is odd,since,again,he didn't mean to.

In Charles' perspective

I can't sleep,so I slip out of bed and go to the elevator. I open the door and get in. I think my strategy has worked. Everyone just assumes I'm quiet and shy and weak. When I was reaped,I merely acted scared. Actually,I'm furious. Why should I be reaped? I don't want to die. I think I'm the youngest one here,except for the bo from 8 maybe.

Anyways,the elevator takes me down to the ground floor. I go back up to my room when I see the guards. I slip into bed and fall asleep.Just two more days left,I think.

Day 3

In Stephen's perspective

I wake up early,eat a quick breakfast and head down the elevator. We have half the usual amount of time to train,because we have the assessment after lunch. I sit down by myself.

An hour later,the other tributes arrive. Everyone heads to a weapon station to practice to show the gamemakers. Time goes by far too quickly,and the time arrives. We all head in,one by one.

Pretty soon,my name is called. I head into the room. The gamemakers look me over. I just throw my trident around with flawless aim. Time quickly ends,and I leave.

I'm now sitting with Kelly,our escort and our stylists for our training scores. I score a 9. Kelly gets an 8. I decide to go to bed,think about what I'm going to do for the interviews.

The interviews

In Mark's perspective

We all file in for the interviews. The day went by quickly. Tomorrow,we head to the arena. Who knows what's going to happen then. I hold hands with Laila,and we sit. She looks stunning in her golden dress,very simple,but it compliments her body. The interviews go by. District 1 is sexy,2 is vicious,3,shy,4,kind and so on. Pretty soon,Laila is called on up. She sits,and Caesar says,"So,before we begin,I would just like to say how sincerely sorry I am about your family."

Laila looks confused."What? What about my family?"

Caesar says,"No one told you? There was,uh,an accident,and your family is dead."

Laila begins to sob,which makes me want to cry. Caesar drapes an arm across her shoulder and tries to comfort her,but to no avail. Her buzzer rings,and she races off stage. I pass her on the way up to the stage. I hug her,and continue. I make it on stage,and Caesar says,"So,Mark,I'm sure we're all sorry to hear about what happened."

I think for a moment,then say,"Yes,I'm devastated. Poor Laila.She's such a wonderful human being.She doesn't deserve that.Any of this."

My interview goes by quickly,with small talk,and I get up. I get back to my seat and hold Laila while she sobs into my shoulder. The interviews go by quickly,and we head back to our rooms. We're once again in the elevator with the district 3 tributes,and the boy still says nothing,he just looks at us. The girl says,"I'm very sorry." Before the door opens and they head out. We get back to our floor,and the escort and stylists say the usual,and she thanks them then pulls me towards her room. She lies on the bed,and I tuck her in and stroke her hair until she falls asleep. Tomorrow,we could both die. I don't want either of us to die. I head back to my room and fall asleep in my interview outfit.I have one nightmare,where the tributes from 3 rip Laila and I apart.

The Games

Day 1

In Cedrick's perpsective

When I wake up,I know the time has come. I could die today. I hop out of bed and open the door. My stylist is standing there. She leads me to the hovercraft. I grip the ladder and I'm pulled out. The tracker is placed in my body. I just sit on the couch with my stylist the whole way there.I get my outfit,a longsleeved linen shirt,with linen pants. We have soft leather shoes and a belt.I go into my tube. The door closes,and I'm shot up. The glass disappears,and I take in my surroundings.

We're on a mountain.It's rock,and the temperature is comfortable. I look behind me and see a river that must go under the mountain. One side is a snowy forest,the other is a desert. I see something in the distance of the desert. Maybe it's trees.

I turn my attention to the tributes and cornucopia. On my left is the girl from 6. On my right is the boy from 1. I look for Laila and see her a few tributes away,crying. I see the girl from 2 snicker. I see some long flanks of wood resting on the ground.Then,the gong sounds.

I race towards A pack. I scoop it up,and pick another one up nearby and run to Laila. She wandered a few feet in and stands there. I stand in front of her,but she doesn't seem to notice. I begin to shout at her,but to no avail. Then,I put a pack on and slap her. She looks shocked.Then looks around. Her eyes widen,and I hand her her pack. She puts it on,and I pick up a knife and an axe. I hand her the knife,and we race towards the side of the mountain. I see the girl from 3 grab two planks of wood and two poles,and she ges flying down the mountain. Laila and I do the same.

In Mark's perspective

Chesley. She's all I think of. I need to find her. I look around and see her. She's running towards me when a spear lodges in her head. She falls,and I know she's dead. I don't try to do anything,I just turn around and run.

In Menna's perspective

I pick up a pack and run towards the desert. The carnage is almost unbearable. I see tributes dead everywhere. There is one path down the mountain to the desert. I sprint down and see the boys from 3,8 and 10 standing there. They're watching the boy from 4 and the boy from 5 fighting. It's no contest. The boy from 4 sinks his trident in the other boy's chest. Then he sees us,and we run back up. This gives me the opportunity to pick up a water bottle and a knife. I wait until everyones gone and race down the mountain. I make it to the desert and don't stop running until the trees in the distance are bigger than the mountain. Then I hear the cannons. one,two,three....on and on until 8. Only 8 deaths. Wonder who they are. I make it to the trees. I quickly climb one and watch the fading sun.

At nightfall,the tributes faces appear. The first one is the boy from my district.Not surprising. Then both from 6. Then the girl from 8. Both from 9. The girls from 10 and 11. All were expected. They were all weak.

I decide to call it early,sleep to conserve energy.

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