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Wow. It has been a long time since I've been on here. Well, basically, I'm bored, and I want to write a story about Johanna Mason. I don't know how many users I know are on here,but if I don't know you,hello.

Part I:The Games

It's the day of the Reaping. I realize this as I wake up. I look to the bed across from mine, where my brother, John, sleeps peacefully. My parents thought they were so clever for naming him John and me Johanna, just because they're spelled and sound similar. I'm sixteen, he is nineteen. He is safe. I am not.

I walk past the stairs and into my parents bedroom. I smell the alcohol before I see their bodies, seemingly lifeless on their bed. But I know they're alive, at least physically.

I walk downstairs to make myself some breakfast. I take two slices of bread, then I see the time. The reaping begins in thirty minutes. Crap,I think. Im supposed to be at the reaping. I run up, shake John awake, tell him I'll be back in a few hours, then leave. I'm just outside my yard when he stumbles out after me.

"Wait, I want to come with you!"

I sigh."Fine, just try not to embarrass me."

"What? Me? Embarrass you? Never." We both smile, then head off. We make it to the square just in time. Livedia Xenel, our escort, is making a speech about how these Games, the seventy second, will be the best ever. I roll my eyes.

"Well, I think to shake things up, we'll start with the boys this time," Livedia chirps. "Fern Pericles!"

A boy, thirteen or fourteen,I think, walks up to the podium.

"And now,for the girls!" Livedia pulls out a slip of paper. "Johanna Mason!"

My eyes widen for a second, then narrow. I won't allow myself to show weakness. Fern and I are taken into the justice building. John comes in right away, but says nothing. We just embrace. As he's being lead out, he says,"I love you, You are fierce, cunning. You can win." The doors slam.

I'm taken to the train, where Fern sits, stoic. Smart boy. Livedia and our mentor, Blight Macentyre, enter, Livedia is chattering away, Blight silent. He doesn't do much of anything. He's pathetic. They sit down next to Fern, and we watch the reapings. The tributes from One are beautiful, as always. Two's are monstrous. The tributes from Four are hideous. I guess they can't all be Finnick Odairs. The boy from six is ginormous, a distinct threat. Something in his eyes isn't right. Titus, I think they said his name was. I see Fern get reaped, then me. My brother is in the background, crying. I've always been stronger than him. The girl from eight looks smart. The tributes from nine are siblings. The girl from twelve looks wily.

After the reapings,I go to my compartment and lie down. I don't know what I'm going to do,I just don't want to be with those three.

The next day,we get to the Capitol, in all it's hideous glory. Fern and I are taken to our stylists. My prep team are triplets. They are coated in one color. Trina is violet, Tyke is crimson, and Talula is forest green. They're bodies are just their colors, clothes,makeup,eyes,lips,shoes. They repulse me. My stylist, Alicia, is awful. She is ancient, and has dressed all of the tributes from 7 the same way. The only thing she says is,"You're a little one, aren't you?"

My costume is a tree. I hate my life.

The chariot rides are upon me, and Fern and I get in ours. The careers are eyeing everybody. Titus looks hungry. I make eye contact with the girl from Four, who stares me down. I hold my gaze, and eventually she looks away. Then the pair from District One is gone.

All the chariots leave. I look down at my feet the whole time. The Capitol doesn't deserve to see my face. Once we're out of the crowd's eye,I jump off my chariot, then head towards an elevator. Titus and the pair from Three are in it with me. The tributes from Three hop off, and then it's just Titus and I. I look straight ahead, but then he starts sniffing me. I slap him across the face. He grunts, then gets off the elevator. Freak.

When I get to my floor, Livedia is waiting for me.

"Training begins tomorrow. It's very important for you to have a strategy. I think it'd be best if you-"

I slam my door in her face. She's right, but I need time to think. I stare into the mirror. A tiny girl with brown hair and brown eyes stares back at me. I'm tiny. Alicia is right, I think. But then I know what my strategy is. All of these tributes are huge, but dumb. They'll target the biggest threats. I'll just pretend I'm as weak as I look.

The first day of training is uneventful, aside from Titus eyeing everybody like they're food. I just stick to survival stations, learning as much as I can. Some of the mentors and gamemakers watch. I see Finnick Odair staring at me. I turn back to the knot I was working on.

The second day is similar to the first. The tributes from 1 and 8 argue about a spear that landed in a trainer's thigh. I screw up every weapon's station I try. I hear snickering, but I'll be snickering in the end.

The third day we train privately. All the tributes are called one by one. When it's my turn, I just go in and throw a spear unsuccessfully at a dummy, then accidentally cut myself with a knife. Then I cry. The gamemakers fall for it hook, line and sinker.

That night, the careers all get between an eight and a ten. Titus gets a nine. I get a 2. I hear the crowds laughing. Fern gets a 5. The rest of the tributes get average scores. Mine is the lowest by far.

The next day Blight and Livedia train us for the interviews. I am told to act sweet and cute.

The interviews race by. All the tributes are trying to act differently. Titus just grunts the whole time. When I go up, Caesar smiles.

"So,Johanna, a two in training. How do you feel about that?" He asks.

"I...I don't know. I mean,I guess they know what's best, but still..." I babble.

Caesar continues,"Well maybe they made a mistake. Now, what is your favorite thing about the Capitol?"

"Um....I like the um... the buildings. We don't have anything like that at home, it's all forest." I stammer.

The audience laughs, Caesar does as well. "And what about the tributes? Think you got some competition?


"Yes. Oh wow, they're all so much bigger than me. I don't know what I'm going to do."

The buzzer rings. "Well,best wishes to you, Johanna Mason!"

I zone out for the rest of the interviews, I don't care what these people have to say.

I go to bed as soon as we get to our floor. It's important to get rest.

The next day,I awaken, and Alicia takes me to the hovercraft. My tracker is inserted, but I barely feel it. Then, down under the arena, I drink as much water as I can. I don't want to dehydrate. My outfit is a thick jacket, a t-shirt, capri pants, a tool belt, and a pair of sturdy boots.

A voice tells me it's time to get in the tube, and I do. Then I'm launched up.

It's cloudy in here. I look around me. The boy from 5 is on my left, the girl from 1 on my right. We're surrounded by mountains, the tops covered in snow. I know I need to get to the other side of them to survive. I see the supplies laid out before me. Items are scattered randomly. two packs are five feet from me.

The gong rings and I rush out to grab them. I see a knife and grab that as well. Then I pick up an axe and run towards a mountain.

Then I hear running behind me, and somebody grabs my long,flowing hair, and pulls me to the ground. The girl from 8 stands above me, poised to stab me through with a spear. Suddenly, somebody calls out to her, and she whips around. An arrow lodges in her eye, and she falls. I grab her spear and run into the forest surrounding me.

I don't stop running until I get to the mountain. Right as I arrive, the cannons fire. One,two,three... eventually 12 cannons have fired, half of the tributes dead. But I am not one of them. I see a path leading up the mountain. I begin to climb. About half way up, snow begins to fall, fast and heavy, and as darkness sets, I decide I need to find a shelter. I spot a cave, and carefully head inside it. Nothing jumps out at me, so I assume I'm safe.

I dump out my packs, and sort through the supplies. Two sleeping bags, some wire, four packets of jerky, two packets of fruit, a flashlight,a bowl, some darts, two half-full jugs of water, a pair of binoculars, and a hat. It's freezing, so I decide to put on the hat, but not before I take my knife and cut off most of my hair. I don't want anybody grabbing it again. When I'm done,I look at my reflection in the jug of water. My hair is about 3 inches long, jaggedly cut. Oh well, fashion doesn't matter in the Games. Winning does.

I hear the anthem and peak my head out of the cave to see who's died. The first one to appear is the boy from two. This is followed by both tributes from three, both from five, the girl from six,I guess Titus survived, poor,innocent Fern, the girl from eight, both tributes from ten and eleven.

I stay up a few hours before getting in one of my sleeping bags, later putting one inside the other, so I have double the warmth, and falling asleep.

I awake the next morning to the sounds of walking. I freeze. The boy from twelve walks right by me, not even noticing. I wait until I can't hear him walking anymore and begin to pack up, taking one piece of jerky out to eat on the way.

When I get to the top,I see the boy from twelve surrounded by careers. I have no idea how they got there without me noticing, must've walked by when I was asleep. I duck behind a boulder, and watch as the boy from twelve stabs the girl from 1 in the chest with his knife. Then the girl from 2 gets stabbed in the throat. But the boy from 1 ends it when he snaps the boy's neck.

The cannons fire, nine remain, and the careers begin to talk.

"How do we get down this slope? That's a narrow drop" the girl from 4 sighs.

"We can just slide down. We can't stay here, Titus is a beast." The boy from 1 says.

Then he disappears as he slides down. The other two follow him.

I step out of hiding and go to the edge. I valley lays below me, it looks abundant in food. I take a look through my binoculars. Fruit trees are everywhere. I take a look the other way, towards the cornucopia. I see Titus, and a pile of what looks like bodies. What is he doing? I think.

I see him walk over to the body, and swiftly cuts off an arm with an axe. He's eating the bodies. He is so weird, what's wrong with him?

I shake my head then turn back to the valley. Might as well head down. I sit down and push off. It's a whirl of color, then I'm at the bottom. I race into the woods.

That night, a cannon fires. The boy from 8 appears in the sky. I go to sleep.

The next morning I wake up to yells, and I'm surrounded by the careers. Crap.

They're all smiling.

"She's weak, I'm surprised she made it to the final eight at all," the girl from 4 says.

"Well, she'll be gone now," the boy from 1 grins.

Unforutantely for them, quick as lightning, I'm up and throwing my spear at the boy from 1. It lands in his stomach, and he collapses. Then I grab my axe and I slam it into the boy from 4's head. The girl from 4 runs off, screaming. I smile. Then look up at the sky. "Guess I don't have much competition, right,Caesar?" I ask.

The next day, a feast is announced. At the cornucopia. I have a day to walk back. I have to walk around to find a mountain with a trail, then ascend. When I get to the top,I sit. The fire at the cornucopia is gone, and using my binoculars, I can see Titus and the bodies are gone.

As I walk down, I smell something rancid. The farther I descend, the stronger the smell is. Then Titus leaps out from nowhere, his eyes wild. He slams his fist down right where my head was, smashing a hole in the mountain. He screams with rage. He grabs me by my throat. He's about to snap my neck when we hear a rumbling. I look up to see a wall of white snow descending down on me. I'm reminded of President Snow,descending on the districts.

I slam Titus with the side of my axe, and he falls down. I race down the mountain, desperately trying to avoid being killed by the avalanche. I hear a cannon, and know that Titus has died. I however, am still alive.

I get to the bottom of the mountain when the snow catches up to me. I'm swept up, tumbled around, and when it finally ends,I'm stuck. I don't know what direction is up, and I begin to panick. I need to think. How can I test which way is up? Then I think of something. I spit. It lands back on my face. I'm facing upwards. I begin to dig. My hands reach the surface, and then my face, and then I'm free.

I race to the cornucopia, my emotions changing quickly. I can win this thing. I almost died. I'm alive though. I'm about to kill some more people. I make it to the cornucopia as the table rises. The girl from twelve rushes out, grabs a whole chicken, and is on her way back when a knife lands in her back. The girl from nine and her brother rush out,grab more food, then disappear. The girl from four grabs some food, then leaves. Then I run out. The girl from twelve's cannon fires. I grab food, put it in my pack, and then am on my way back when I hear more rumbling. I look around me. All the mountains are having avalanches. I doubt I can make it back to the other side.

As I walk around,I eat. Then, I climb a tree as the anthem begins. I watch the Titus and the girl from twelve appear in the sky. It's just me, the girl from four, and the pair from nine. I know I'm going to win.

The next day I wake up as a cannon fires. Three left. Then a second cannon. I have one competitor. I stay in my tree all day, celebrating. That night, the girl from four and the boy from nine appear in the sky. I just need to kill the girl from nine.

When I find her, she's ready. It's a bloody battle. I have cuts all over, and so does she. I swiftly cut off her hand with my axe, and she screams in pain. Then I slam the axe into her head. I wait a few minutes after the cannon sounds. Panem must be in shock.

"Well? I've won,where are the trumpets?" I demand.

Then they sound, and Claudius Templesmith cries out,"Welcome the victor of the seventy-second Hunger Games, Johanna Mason!" The ladder descends, and I'm taken up. Then I'm quickly put under.

I go through a series of waking up and falling asleep again, the tubes attached to my body. When I finally wake up, Alicia is waiting.

"Chop chop, you need to do your final interview!"

I'm cleaned, dressed and pushed on stage. We watch my Games, Caesar commends me on my strategy, and I answer his questions loudly and confidently, but on the inside, I'm suspicious. I see Snow eyeing me.

When the interview ends,I'm brought on the train to go home. I walk into my compartment, ignoring Livedia and Alicia and Blight. They all disgust me. I don't even see the man lying half-naked on my bed until he calls out, "Hello,Johanna." I jump, then stare daggers at the man. "Finnick Odair. What are you doing in my bed?"

"Oh, just lounging. I missed my train back home, and President Snow put me on this one, so we could bond," Finnick says, the seduction oozing from his words.

"I don't believe you. Why are you in my bed?" I ask again.

Finnick Odair sighs,"I was told I was yours for the night. You can do whatever you want with me. I even have a letter for you." He hands me a simple envelope. I open it, and read.

Dear Johanna,

Congratulations on the win. My gift is Finnick, you can have him for the night, until you get back to your home. Do whatever you wish, but learn from him. You may be staring at more than a man. Maybe your future.

Sincerely, President Snow

"What does he mean my future? I'm not going to whore myself out like you."

Pain registers in his eyes. "I didn't think I would either, but he..." Finnick looks around as we slow down to a stop. "Come outside." He grabs me and we leave the train. We stop a few feet into the woods.

"Snow sells me. I am his slave, unless I want my family to die. He wants you to do the same. To keep you in line."

"No. I'm not going to." And I pull him back to the train. Once we get in my compartment, I shout,"You listen to me, and you listen good, Snow. I'm not doing this. I've played your sick Game, now leave me alone!"

Finnick has a mix of fear and admiration on his face. "You're a brave one."

"I know. I did win these Games,after all."

"As did I. Now I have to play a new Game, to keep my family safe."

"Who is your family? I heard they all died."

"My mentor,Mags. And...Annie Cresta."

I know her, she won the Games two years ago. She wasn't right in the head. "Oh. Well, they're victors, they have to be kept alive."

Finnick laughs, a sad laugh. "No, they don't. Anybody is expendable to President Snow."

Part II: Nobody Left

I'm still not used to my new house. Living alone is a hard thing to do. I came home to find my parents dead, John crying. Alcohol poisoning was the reason, acording to the fancy Capitol doctor that was sent to do an autopsy. I never cared for them. They left me and John to fend for ourselves for years, it wasn't much different with them gone.

Three months later, John and I are living alone. But he hasn't come home today, and he said was going to be home hours ago. I'm starting to panic. I look all over for him, but can't find him. I go to Blight first. While he isn't much, he's always been able to calm me down when I was getting too emotional. I knock on his door. "Have you seen John? He never came home," I asked him when he answers.

He looks at me with sad eyes, confirming what I already suspect. He's gone. Snow is making me pay for not doing what he wanted. Blight is shocked when I lean on him and begin to cry. He holds me for a little, while I'm sobbing. I'm furious at myself for showing weakness, but I can't do anything else. I feel miserable. Blight sooths me, telling me the same thing happened when he won his games fifteen years ago. His eyes begin to grow glassy. I decide this is enough. I'm not going to have a pity party for myself. I'm going to get even with Snow. He wants to play this why, fine.

I called Finnick on the phone when I get back

"He was all I had left. Now I'm alone," I speak into the phone.

"Well,now you're untouchable. You don't have to do anything for him now."

I pause, then realize he's right. I'm free.

A few days later, Finnick sends me a package. It's just some pictures of him and Mags and Annie and District 4. I find a note inside one of the pictures.

Dear Johanna,

Don't read this note out loud. Leave right now, go back to your old house.

I quickly put on shoes and head back to my old home, devoid of anything, just an empty shell of a former life.

I continue reading.

I think it's time to tell you of the rebellion. We're dedicated to ending Snow and the Games. Plutarch Heavensbee, who's a Gamemaker, and a victor named Beetee are in charge. We're all waiting for a perfect time to strike. You have the potential to be an important member. You have nothing to lose. Please write back.

Yours, Finnick.

I immediately set a fire in the fireplace and burn the note. Then I go home, find a pen and paper, and go into the forest. I quickly begin to write.


Of course I'll join. Snow deserves to pay for everything he's done.


I hide it in some pictures I take of the forest and myself, so it looks inconspicuous.

A few months pass, and it's time for me to go on my Victory Tour. Alicia and the triplets come and make me over. Livedia and Blight come meet us at the station and away we go.

Much of it is a blur, my mind constantly thinking about the rebellion. I ask Blight if he knows, and he nods, but says nothing. District Twelve is covered in coal. Not many come to see me. I see a little girl, about nine or so, blonde hair and blue eyes staring at me as I give my speech. A girl, who must be her older sister, but they look nothing alike, comes and guides her away. A boy about the older girl's age stares longingly after her. I'm disgusted.

Nine is rough. The family of the siblings stare daggers at me. I don't give a single word of apology. I'm not going to apologize for winning.

Four is mixed. The tributes families shout at me, saying horrible things. I'm about to shout right back when I feel somebody pull me off the stage. Once I'm off-stage I'm put down and Finnick Odair hugs me.

"How have you been?" He asks.

"As well as I can be, I guess," I reply.

He smiles sadly, then cheers up and brings me on a tour of the beaches. He introduces me to Mags, who's extremely old. She compliments me on my strategy, and I thank her. Then I meet Annie Cresta. She's a year older than I am, but acts years younger. Finnick looks at her with adoration though. She often stares into space, stopping mid-sentence. She gives me a star fish. I'm about to throw it back, but Finnick gives me a look of warning, so I just say,"Oh wow... Thanks Annie."

When I get to the party thrown in my honor at the Capitol, I meet Plutarch. He's friendly enough, but I could care less about how he acts. Finnick is there, he comes to greet me with his hair tossled and lipstick stains on his face. I grab a cloth and wipe it off for him. Finnick has quickly become my new older brother.

The next sixth months pass quickly, and the seventy-third Games start. The girl tribute from 7 is a twelve year old I don't know. The boy is in my grade, but we've never spoken. We go off to the Capitol. I already know the girl is going to die right away. The Games begin, and just as I predicted, she dies in the blood bath. The boy does too. I'm stuck in the Capitol until the Games end, so I meet the other mentors. I meet Wiress and Beetee, who I immediately nickname Nuts and Volts, are strange, but essential to the rebellion. I meet Cecelia, who has three children. She's very nice. I meet Seeder from Eleven. She's friendly. I meet Cinna, who plans on being a stylist for the Games. He's apparently part of the rebellion. He shows me his designs. He's talented. I don't like anybody though,so I mainly talk to Blight and Finnick and Mags.

The Games end, and I go back to Seven with Blight. I spend the next year trying to keep busy. My skill is supposed to be photography, so I'm forced to take a million pictures of things I don't care about.

When the seventy- fourth Games start, I'm sent back to the Capitol with a girl I don't know. Her name is Maple. The two of us meet the boy tribute, Blight and Livedia and watch the reapings. I'm surprised when I recognize the girl and boy from District Twelve. Then I remember. The girl was the one who took her younger sister away during my victory tour, and the boy was the one who was staring at her. The older girl, Katniss, her name is, volunteers for her sister. Livedia says,"How sweet." I'm disgusted.

The Games begin quickly. Maple and the boy from our district die on the first day, I couldn't care less.

Then Katniss and Peeta pull that trick with the berries. Finnick finds me and tells me that Katniss is going to be the face of the rebellion. I'm immediately angry. That could easily have been me. Whatever.

Part III: Quarter Quell

I stand in my kitchen, waiting for the President to announce the twist for the third Quarter Quell. Suddenly he's there, hideous as always, his lips puffy as ever. A little boy is with him, holding a wooden box. He tells everybody of how the Games were started, as if we didn't already know.

"On the twenty-fifth anniversary, as a reminder to the rebels that their children were dying because of their choice to initiate violence, every district was made to hold an election and vote on the tributes who would represent it."

Ouch. That must've sucked for whoever had to compete that year.

"On the fiftieth anniversary, as a reminder that two rebels died for each Capitol citizen, every district was required to send twice as many tributes."

Yes, we all know, what is the twist this year?

"And now we honor our third Quarter Quell. On the seventy-fifth anniversary, as a reminder to the rebels that even the strongest among them cannot overcome the power of the capitol, the male and female tributes will be reaped from their existing pool of victors."

I realize immediately that I'll be going back in, I'm the only female from District 7, that part is fine, I'll have no problem winning. But this just seems too perfect. So many of the Districts are rebelling, killing their victors is killing their hope.

A week later, I receive a package from Plutarch. It's chocolate from the Capitol. There must be something else, this is completely random of him. I dump out all the candies, then find a note hidden carefully on the bottom of the box. My house is bugged, so I quickly tuck it into my shirt and leave the house, pretending to go on a stroll into my old home, which has been vacant since everybody died.


I'm so terribly sorry. You must understand I had no clue what the twist was. I've contacted all of the victors from the rebelling districts, three,four,six,eight, eleven and Haymitch in twelve. All of us must protect Katniss Everdeen at all times. Haymitch said he will try to keep Peeta on the outside of the arena, but if he is reaped, Peeta will immediately volunteer. Katniss Everdeen must be kept alive, she must be the victor. She can lead the rebellion. More information will be sent when we know who has been chosen to compete.

Sincerely, Plutarch

I'm immediately filled with jealousy and anger. Why is Katniss so important? I could easily lead the rebellion. Finnick could too. Katniss, the girl on fire. I'm supposed to protect her, sacrifice MY life for her? Disgusting.

It's reaping time. Livedia wastes no time picking my name out, and then Blight's. We're brought into the train without being allowed to say goodbye to anybody, not that it matters. I have nobody to say goodbye too.

On the train, the three of us watch the reapings. Cashmere and Gloss, beautiful siblings have been reaped from One. Enobaria, a woman who's ambition I've admired, is reaped, and I see her golden shark teeth as she grins. Brutus, a middle aged loser who thinks he's amazing because he won the Games, volunteers. I see Wiress and Beetee get reaped from Three. Finnick is reaped, then Annie, who screams hysterically, but then Mags volunteers. I feel terrible for all three of them. Two morphlings who's names I don't bother to memorize are from six. Cecelia and Woof are reaped from eight. Chaff and Seeder from Eleven are reaped. Then I see Katniss reaped, and Peeta volunteers. They disgust me. A door opens, and an avox enters, holding a piece of paper. She hands it to me then leaves. It's from Plutarch.

Blight and Johanna,

The plan is in action. You two are going to need to find a way to ally with Katniss and Peeta. Keep them safe at all costs. Kill anybody not in on the plan.


The next day we're at the capitol, and Trina, Tyke, Talula and Alicia greet me fondly, as if it's been years since they've seen me, when they saw me two and a half years ago. I can barely manage to say hello, I've never tried being friendly. I get the same costume I got in my first Games, a tree. I wonder why Alicia hates me.

I get out into the stables, where Finnick bounds up to me and hugs me. He is one of the only people I genuinely enjoy being around. Mags hugs me too. I see Katniss petting a horse. Finnick turns around and says,"I better go start getting her to like me."

"Good luck." I reply, the sarcasm oozes from my voice.

Mags mumbles something, but I can't hear it. I don't want to talk to anybody, so I go and wait by my chariot. Everybody stares at me at some point, but I don't care. Katniss and Peeta look like lumps of coal, but I know Cinna is going to do something amazing with it. Then we all get in our chariots and parade through the crowd. I just stare ahead. I'm not going to return any kisses. A rose lands on my head. I quickly swipe it off.

As soon as I can,I hop off. We all go towards the elevators. I see Katniss and Peeta go in one, and because my death is imminent,I decide I deserve to have some fun. Katniss is so innocent, I'll love the look on her face. I quickly get into the elevator with the couple and Chaff and Seeder. Time to put my acting skills to the test.

I roll my eyes and ruffle my hair," Isn't my costume awful? My stylist's the biggest idiot in the Capitol. Our tributes have been trees for forty years under her. Wish I'd gotten Cinna, you look fantastic." I can see how uncomfortable she is. Ha.

"Yeah, he's been helping me design my own clothing line. You should see what he can do with velvet."

I'll play along, even though I know she has no clue what velvet even is. "I have. On your tour. That strapless number you wore in District Two? The deep blue one with the diamonds? So gorgeous I wanted to reach through the screen and tear it right off your back."

Along with a few inches of your skin.

Now the real fun begins. I unzip my tree and let it fall to the ground, then dramatically kick it away. Now I'm only wearing my shoes. "That's better." Then, just to anger her, I begin to talk to Peeta about his paintings. He only stares at my eyes. He must really like Katniss. Then we get to my floor and I get off.

The next day training begins. Blight doesn't even bother to leave the room, he knows he's going to die, he doesn't want to even put on a charade. I go down by myself. I see training has begun, and so I walk around, Beetee comes over, and he tells me about poor,poor Katniss and how her new avox is her old friend from twelve. She deserves it for not realizing what happens after you win. I then go to the wrestling station. I've discovered that being naked makes me feel free, so I strip down and start oiling up my skin. I see Finnick staring at me from the archery station, and I wink. He seductively licks his lips, which makes me laugh. At lunch, I go and join a group of victors, including Peeta. Katniss is with Beetee and Wiress.

"Hey Lover-boy, what's your wife doing with Nuts and Volts?" I ask.

He glances over. "Oh, she's just very selective about who she talks to."

"Oh, so we aren't good enough for her?" Finnick teases. We all laugh, and then Finnick has the bright idea of pushing all the tables together, so we have to all sit with each other. He's trying to make me have a break-down. After lunch we go back to training. I just stay with Finnick, then when he goes to introduce Mags to Katniss, I practice knife-throwing. I do pretty good, considering how long it's been.

Suddenly it goes quiet. I look to where all the faces are looking and see Katniss take down five birds in a row. I hate her. I hate her,hate her, hate her. I am not giving up my life for her. The next two training days go quickly, I usually stay alone, but Katniss comes to talk with me while I'm at the edible plants station. I'm pretty good, but she is flawless. I try to have a normal conversation, and I think I succeed. The last day, our private sessions, I just throw axes with perfect aim. This, besides acting, is the one thing Katniss can't beat me at.

That night, I get a 6. I'm furious, I deserved a ten. Then Katniss and Peeta get a twelve. I know immediately that all of the tributes not in the rebellion will target them.

The next day, Alicia hands me a bark colored dress. I roll my eyes, then quickly get dressed. I go out and socialize with some of the victors, mainly mags. Then Katniss and Peeta enter, and we're all angry. Snow is making Katniss wear her weddding dress. Some of the victors pat her on the shoulder. I straighten her pearl necklace for her. "Make him pay for it, okay?" I say. Then we all need to sit down. Then the majority of us begin digging at the Quell, Cashmere and Gloss do it selfishly, talking about how the capitol will suffer and miss them, Enobaria and Brutus don't partake. Beetee questions if the Quell is legal. Finnick reads a poem he wrote for his on true love in the Capitol, but I know it's for Annie. Women begin fainting, and I roll my eyes. They're such ditzes. Eventually I'm called and I dramatically ask if something can't be done, because surely the creators of the Games didn't anticipate such a bond between victors and the Capitol. How cruel could somebody be to seperate that bond? Seeder digs at Snow, which makes me giggle. Then Katniss goes up and everybody loses it seeing her in her dress. Ugh. Then, instead of her doing anything,it's all Cinna's work, as she becomes a mockingjay. The face of our rebellion. Then Peeta comes and drops hims bombshell that he married Katniss and she's pregnant. I know it's a lie, but it's best not to share that information. Then all the victors hold hands.

The next day it's time for the Games, and Alicia and I say our good byes, and I'm sent up the tube and into an ocean.

Part IV: The Return

I quickly take in my surroundings. It's ocean. The cornucopia is infront of me. To my left is a strip of land that leads to the cornucopia and the jungle surrounding us. To my right is Gloss. The gong sounds and I see Gloss dive right in. I follow suit and begin swimming towards the strip. I get up and pull myself off. I need to find Katniss and ally with her. Haymitch told me that my best bet was to find Nuts and Volts and bring them to her. I see Nuts on the other side of the spoke of land. She's just standing there, probably can't swim. I jump in and swim towards her. When I reach her, I say," Come on Wiress, I'll help you get to land. We're allies now."

She looks uncertainly at me. "I guess I could try..." she replies as she slides into the water. Her eyes widen and she says," The belts..." I don't know what she's trying to say, but I begin pulling her with me. When we get onto land once more, I say," You stay close." We run towards the blood bath.

Blight is standing there, waiting for us. "Allies?" He asks us.

"Yup. Now we just need Volts."

"He's not Volts, His name is...." Wiress says angrily,well,angrily for her.

My eyes narrow. "Shut it. I can still kill you."

Blight rolls his eyes, and the three of us go to the cornucopia.

"It's just weapons." Blight confirms what I already know.

Then I see Beetee, running towards the cornucopia, and then I see the woman from Nine slash his back with a knife.

Wiress lets out a screech. I pick up a knife and throw it at the woman. It lands in her back as she tries to run away. Blight runs towards Beetee, who's trying to get up on his own. He throws him over his back and the four of us run into the jungle.

We don't stop running until the cannons sound. Eight in total. We're all thirsty, but we haven't seen any water. Beetee has essentially shut down, and hasn't said anything. Wiress is in shock, singing about a mouse and a clock. We decide to settle down for the night when the anthem begins. The first one to appear is the male from five. Then the male from six, the morphling. Then Cecelia and Woof from eight. Both from nine, the woman from ten and Seeder from eleven. I run through who is left from the rebellion. Finnick,Mags. The female morphling. Obviously Blight and I, Nuts and Volts, Chaff. Katniss and Peeta. But they don't know anything.

I decide to try and sleep, but then I hear a bell, it tolls twelve times. This sets Wiress off. "Tick,tock. Tick,tock.!"

I end up slapping her. "Shut up! We don't know what you're saying." Then I feel a drop of rain on my head. Finally,water. It becomes a down pour of warm rain. We open our mouths, but it isn't rain. It's blood.

We can't even see anymore, it's too thick. We stumble around, I'm trying to find a way to get out of this place, Nuts is still saying,"Tick tock", and Volts can barely walk. Then I hear a zap. I can't see anything, and I don't know what's happened until a cannon fires a few minutes later. Eventually I just give up and sit under a tree, where I don't get completely covered in blood. Volts drags himself over to me eventually, and the two of us wait until the blood stops falling.

When it does, we go out into the now red land. Everything is covered in blood. We see a hovercraft appear, and I dash towards it to see who's died. I arrive to see Blight's body being picked up. He left me. He left me with Nuts and Volts. Neither of them can do anything. I would just kill them, but I know it's important to ally with Katniss, no matter how much I loath her.

It takes me a long time, but eventually I locate Wiress, walking in circles, singing that song again. I take her hand and bring her back to Beetee, who's either asleep or dead.

"Go to sleep,Nuts." I say as I lie down. She settles down next to me, and we fall asleep.

I'm awoken at some point during the night by a cannon, but I need to sleep, so I ignore it. The next morning,a second cannon wakes me up. Nuts is already up, urgently tugging at Volt's arm. "Tick,tock!" Is all the says. She points to the beach. I know we need to get out of the jungle anyways, so I get up and begin to begin to drag Volts out.

We get out onto the beach eventually. Nuts is walking in loops. Beetee isn't even trying to walk anymore, and collapses. I'm so sick of both of them,I stamp my foot and shove Nuts, who's two seconds away from being strangled. Then,suddenly, I hear,"Johanna!"

"Finnick!" I send back, suddenly so excited that I don't have to deal with these two alone. He runs over to us.

"What happened? Why do you have these two?" He asks, gesturing towards Volts,who's still on his back, and Nuts, who's walking in circles again.

"Oh it was awful. I saved both of them from the cornucopia with Blight and then we ran into the jungle. Then it started pouring. We thought it was rain, you know, because of the lightning, and we were all so thirsty. But when it started coming down, it turned out to be blood. Thick,hot blood. You couldn't see, you couldn't speak without getting a mouthful. We just staggered around trying to get out of it. That's when Blight hit the force field." I tell him.

"I'm sorry, Johanna." He says.

"Yeah well, he wasn't much, but he was from home. And he left me alone with these two." I tap Volts with my foot. "He got a knife in the back at the Cornucopia. And her-"

Wiress is looping, muttering,"Tick tock,tick tock."

"Yeah,we know. Tick, tock. Nuts is in shock." I tell them, since Katniss and Peeta are listening. They all look atrocious, covered in gross ointment and covered in lumps. Mags isn't there. Finnick wouldn't have just left her.

Then Wiress comes and knocks into me. I don't need this, so I shove her to the ground again. "Just stay down, will you?"

"Lay off her." Katniss demands. Katniss. How dare she.

"Lay off her?" And then I give her a slap she'll never forget. "Who do you think got them out of that bleeding jungle for you? You-" I'm momentarily interrupted by Finnick throwing me over his shoulder, but I'm not done. I let out a string of swears as Finnick dunks my head under water. I want her dead, and I'm sure to let her know.

Eventually the lovers begin to clean Nuts and Volts. I'm still covered in dry blood, so I begin to wash myself off, trying to calm down. I practice my swimming, while Finnick instructs. I then get out of the water and inspect their camp. I didn't realize how hungry and thirsty I was I saw the food. I begin stuffing myself with shellfish and drinking as much water as I can. Finnick tells us about the monkeys and the fog, but it doesn't tell me what happened to Mags.

We all volunteer to stay up, but in the end, I have to guard with Katniss. Ugh. I need to play nice for a little though, I want to know about Mags. I look over at Finnick to make sure he's asleep, then I ask.

"How'd you lose Mags?"

"In the fog. Finnick had Peeta. I had Mags for a while. Then I couldn't lift her. Finnick said he couldn't take them both. She kissed him and walked right into the poison," she explains.

I'm so angry. Mags gave up her life for her and Peeta. Apparently so did the morphling from six. We're all supposed to die for them. Finnick doesn't deserve the pain of losing her.

"She was Finnick's mentor,you know."

"No, I didn't," she says.

"She was half his family," I say, softer,less bitter. Annie is all he has.

"So what were you doing with Nuts and Volts?" she asks.

"I told you- I got them for you. Haymitch said if we were to be allies I had to bring them to you. That's what you told him,right?"

"Thanks. I appreciate it."

"I hope so," I say as I stare daggers at her. I wonder if this is what it's like having a little sister than annoys you to death.

"Tick, tock." I hear behind me. I can't stand being with her any longer, so I say,"Oh goody, she's back. Okay, I'm going to sleep. You and Nuts can guard together." I quickly fall asleep.

I'm awoken by Katniss. "Get up. Get up - we have to move." She explains how the arena is a clock. I naturally don't believe her, purely because she's terrible, but I know it's best to be safe. I get our possessions. Volts begins throwing a fit about his wire.

They others are being stupid thinking he means Nuts.

"Oh I know what he wants. This worthless thing. It's some kind of wire or something. That's how he got cut. Running up to the cornucopia to get this. I don't know what kind of weapon it's supposed to be. I guess you could garrote somebody or something. But really, can you imagine Beetee garroting somebody?"

Of course I know he's really going to use it to blow up the arena and get us all out of here, but it's best to play dumb.

"He won his Games with wire. Setting up that electrical trap. It's the best weapon he could have," Peeta says.

"Seems like you'd have figured it out. Since you nicknamed him Volts and all," Katniss says, clearly suspicious.

I narrow my eyes at her. "Yeah, that was really stupid of me, wasn't it? I guess I must have been distracted by keeping your friends alive. While you were...what again? Getting Mags killed off?"

I see her grab her knife and I nearly laugh. "Go ahead. Try it. I don't care if you are knocked up, I'll rip your throat out."

"Maybe we all had better be careful where we step," Finnick interjects as he shoots Katniss a look. " There's your wire,Volts. Watch where you plug it."

Peeta asks,"Where to?" as he picks up Volts.

"I'd like to go to the Cornucopia and watch. Just to make sure we're right about the clock," says Finnick.

We all seem to agree, or at least nobody's refusing, so we walk down the strip to the Cornucopia carefully, in case the careers are lurking about. Peeta puts Volts down in some shade, and gives Nuts the blood-covered wire. She practically skips to the water and dunks it, and starts singing again.

"Oh, not the song again," I say as I roll my eyes. "That went on for hours before she started tick-tocking."

Then,as if on cue, She stands and points to the jungle. "Two."

"Yes,look, Wiress is right. It's two o'clock and the fog has started," Katniss says.

"Like clockwork. You were very smart to figure that out, Wiress," says Peeta, as if she's a child being praised.

As Nuts goes back to singing, Beetee, who's apparently still alive, says,"Oh she's more than smart. She's intuitive. She can sense things before anyone else. Like a canary in one of your coal mines."

"What's that?" Finnick asks Katniss.

"It's a bird that we take down into the mines to warn if there's bad air," she replies.

"What's it do, die?" I ask.

"It stops singing first. That's when you should get out. But if the air's too bad, it dies, yes. And so do you," Katniss answers.

Everybody begins doing their own thing. Katniss and I look through the weapons. I haven't touched one since I threw that knife at the woman from nine. I find my weapon of choice, two axes. I take careful aim and throw one as hard as I can. It lodges in the Cornucopia. I still got it. Of course.

Peeta's been drawing a map of the arena, labelling the wedges with the horrors inside. I continue throwing them, while Katniss and Peeta talk. Finnick is doing something with Beetee, and I'm certainly not going to talk with Nuts, so I'm left to my own devices.

"Did you notice anything unusual in the others?" Katniss asks Beetee and I.

"No, just lots of blood." I answer.

"I guess they cold hold anything."

"I'm going to mark the ones where we know the Gamemakers' weapon follows us out past the jungle, so we'll stay clear of those," Peeta says. "Well,it's a lot more than we knew this morning, anyway."

Then we notice. Nuts has gone silent.

Quick as an arrow, Katniss has lodged one of her own into Gloss' temple, right after he slits Nuts' throat. I quickly send my axe into Cashmere's chest. Finnick saves Peeta from Brutus' spear and get's stabbed in the thigh by Enobaria. Three cannons fire, and as we begin to chase Brutus and Enobaria, the cornucopia begins to spin.

All we can do is hang on for dear life until it stops without warning. I stand up quickly. I see Finnick,Peeta and Katniss. We're missing somebody.

"Where's Volts?" I ask.

We spot him out in the ocean and Finnick goes to retrieve him.

Katniss says,"Cover me." As she dives into the water and swims towards Wiress' body. It takes me a few seconds to realize she's getting Beetee's wire. Finnick hauls Volts back to shore, and Katniss returns with his wire. Katniss goes and hugs her lover. Finnick and Beetee are just sitting there. I'm in no mood to watch any of this.

"Let's get off this stinking island," I say.

Katniss helps Volts up so he can walk, and then Peeta, Finnick and I all head in different directions.

"Twelve o'clock right? The tail points twelve," Peeta says.

"Before they spun us,I was judging by the sun," says Finnick.

"The sun only tells you it's going on four, Finnick," Katniss interjects.

"I think Katniss's point is, knowing the time doesn't mean you know where four is on the clock. You might have a general idea of the direction. Unless you consider that they may have shifted the outer ring of jungle as well," Beetee says.

"Yes, so any one of these paths could lead to twelve o'clock," Katniss said, as if Beetee's speech was exactly what she meant.

"Let's just follow Brutus and Enobaria's tracks," I say, but they've been washed away.

"I should never have mentioned the clock, now they've taken that advantage as well," Katniss says bitterly.

"Only temporarily, at ten we'll see the wave again and be back on track," Volts says.

"Yes, they can't redesign the whole arena," Peeta says.

"It doesn't matter. You had to tell us in the first place or we never would have moved our camp in the first place, brainless. Come on, I need water, anyone got a good gut feeling?" I say impatiently. We're wasting time.

We choose a random path and look into the jungle, trying to see what is waiting inside.

"Well it must be monkey hour. And I don't see any of them in there. I'm going to try and tap a tree," Peeta says.

"No,it's my turn," Finnick says.

"I'll at least watch your back," Peeta suggests.

"Katniss can do that. We need you to make another map. The other washed away," I tell him. I yank off a leaf and give it to him. Volts,Finnick and I know we can't let them go off on their own, in case they run away, and I don't want to be stuck with Katniss, so in she goes with Finnick.

Peeta and Beetee go to work recreating the map. I sit with my feet in the water, bored. Then we hear it. A scream. It can't be anyone in the arena, it sounded like a young girl.

"Who's screaming? Can they shut up?" I ask.

Peeta looks alarmed. "It's Katniss's sister."

"Prim? She can't be in here. She can't be screaming," Beetee says.

Peeta runs into the jungle, but his shoulder slams against some sort of invisible border. Peeta begins pounding on it. "Katniss! Katniss!"

"Quit it. There's no point in trying, she can't here you," I tell him. Then we see Katniss and Finnick running towards us. They run straight into the wall. It takes a lot of willpower to not laugh. Finnick's nose is gushing blood. Peeta and I try to break the barrier with our weapons, but it doesn't do any good. Finnick crouches down, covering his ears. Eventually Katniss does the same.

The barrier soon fades, and Peeta runs in and hugs Katniss. Ew. I give Finnick some moss to stop the bleeding in his nose.

"She'll be the first one they interview, won't she? First Prim. Then your mother. Your cousin, Gale. Madge. It was a trick, Katniss. A horrible one. But we're the only ones who can be hurt by it. We're the ones in the Games. Not them," Peeta tells her.

"You really believe that?"

"I really do."

"Do you believe it, Finnick?" Katniss asks.

"It could be true. I don't know. Could they do that Beetee? Take someone's regular voice and make it..." Finnick asks.

"Oh yes. It's not even that difficult, Finnick. Our children learn a similar technique in school," Beetee answers.

This is pointless, but I'm so angry that they hurt Finnick by using Annie's voice.

"Of course Peeta's right. The whole country adores Katniss's little sister. If they really killed her like this, they'd probably have an uprising on their hands. Don't want that do they?" I say, turning my head to the sky. "Whole country in rebellion? Wouldn't want anything like that!" I shout. Their warning. If they hurt any of us anymore, they know what will happen. Take that, Snow.

"I'm getting water," I say, since the shock on everybody's faces is irritating me.

"Don't go in there. The birds-" Katniss says to me.

"They can't hurt me. I'm not like the rest of you. There's no one left I love," I say as I shake off her hand and walk into the jungle. I think of how true this is. The Games caused my parents to become alcoholics. They were dead long before they died. John, killed because I wouldn't play Snow's game. Blight, my mentor. Now I can do whatever I want. Snow can only kill me, which would fuel the rebellion even more.

I collect water and bring some back for Katniss. Then I go into collect her arrows and fill more shells. Eventually a cannon fires, and all five of us congregate on the beach. A claw dips down five times to retrieve a person, ripped to pieces. We settle down and as we begin eating, the anthem begins and the faces appear. Cashmere, Gloss. Wiress. Mags. The woman from 5. The female morphling. I close my eyes when Blight's face appears. I don't want to see it. The man from 10. We're down to 8 people.

"They're really burning through us," I comment.

"Who's left? Besides us five and District Two?" Finnick asks.

"Chaff," Peeta says quickly. a parachute comes down with bread. Our signal.

"These are from your district, right, Beetee?" Peeta asks.

"Yes, from District Three. How many are there?" Beetee asks.

"Twenty-four," Finnick answers.

"An even two dozen, then?" Beetee says.

"Twenty-four on the nose. How should we divide them?"

"Let's each have three, and whoever is still alive at breakfast can take a vote on the rest," I say. Katniss begins to laugh, and I look at her, pleased that she finds me so hilarious.

The wave comes, and we go to that beach, since we should have twelve hours of peace. Peeta and Katniss volunteer to guard, which is fine with me, I'm happy to rest.

I wake up, and see Finnick and Peeta are already awake. I drink some water and wait with them while Katniss and Volts sleep.

"Johanna, how many kills did you make in your Games," Peeta asks.

"Hm. There was the boy from One, I killed the boy from Four. I knocked Titus down, and he got killed by the avalanche. Then the girl from Nine. Four," I answer.

Peeta just nods.

"Finnick here killed seven people," I say.

Finnick gives a slight smile.

"I killed three," Beetee says, apparently awake. "It took me so long to set up that trap, we were at the final eight. The girl from Six ran into my trap. Then the two careers at the end, when they tried to kill me."

"What about you Peeta? How many kills last year?" I ask.

" I killed the girl from Eight. She was half dead anyways. I put out some berries and the girl from Five ate them accidentally. I felt so bad."

"Of course you did. These Games I've only killed two, I'm losing my touch. Cashmere and that woman from Nine."

"I killed the man from Five," Finnick says.

"So I'm in the lead right now,am I?" I tease.

Then Katniss wakes up as a parachute descends, bringing more bread. It's the same thing as last night. District Three, twenty-four rolls. So tonight at midnight, Finnick,Beetee,Chaff and I put our plan into action.

Katniss takes Peeta into the water to teach him how to swim. I watch them, because I feel like they'll run off together and get killed. But I get bored and decide to take a nap.

Finnick wakes me up, telling me that Beetee's explaining his trap.

"We need to act like we know as little about it as Katniss and Peeta," He says.

"Duh. I'm not stupid, Finnick," I reply.

We go on over.

Beetee goes on to explain his plan, and I have to pretend that I'm interested. I just interject when I feel that Katniss and Peeta are being to stupid. We head over to the big tree in the twelve o'clock wedge. We all divide up duties, and I'm left to tap for water. We all head back to the tree when the wave strikes. We then begin to hear clicking in the wedge next to us.

"It's not mechanical," Beetee says.

"I'd guess insects. Maybe beetles," Katniss says.

"Something with pincers," Finnick adds.

"We should get out of here, anyway. There's less than an hour before the lightning strikes," I tell them.

All we do is go to the tree in the blood-rain section. Everything is red, and I have flashbacks of zapping noises and cannons. I shake my head.

We go back to the beach where the wave hits. Finnick,Peeta and Katniss go diving for shellfish while I watch. I close my eyes and relax for a few seconds while Peeta tells Finnick something about coal and pearls.

"The locket didn't work, did it?" Peeta asks Katniss. "Katniss?"

"It worked," She replies.

"But not the way I wanted it to." He says. Ugh. This love story is making me sick.

Once again a parachute descends with twenty-four rolls from Three, although this time they add sauce for the shell fish. It's nice, the five of us sitting down and eating our meal. It could be our last.

The anthem begins, but nobody has died today. At around nine, we go to the lightning beach and hike up to the tree. Beetee and Finnick begin to wind the wire around the trunk. Beetee's making some intricate pattern. Then Beetee tells Katniss and I that we need to take the wire through the jungle, unwinding it. Then we need to throw the spool into the ocean, with whatever wire is left.

"I want to go with them as a guard," Peeta says. Like I need a guard.

"You're too slow. Besides, I'll need you on this end. Katniss will guard. There's no time to debate this. I'm sorry. If the girls are to get out of there alive, they need to move now," Beetee says as he hands the wire to me.

"It's okay. We'll just drop the coil and come straight back up." Katniss says.

"Not into the lightning zone. Head for the tree in the one-to-two-o'clock sector. If you find you're running out of time, move over one more. Don't even think about going back on the beach,though,until I can assess the damage."

Katniss murmurs what is most likely disgusting words of love to Peeta then turns to me. "Ready?"

"Why not? You guard,I'll unwind. We can trade off later," I tell her.

We begin our trek. Then we hear the clicking.

"Better hurry. I want to put a lot of distance between me and that water before the lightning hits. Just in case Volts miscalculated something."

"I'll take the coil for a while." She says.

"Here," I say,passing her the wire.

Then we feel the golden wire spring down at us, tangling around our wrists. Katniss and I look at each other. Someone's cut the wire. They'll be on us at any moment. I need to think quickly. I need to keep Katniss alive. I know what I'll do.

I slam the cylinder into Katniss's head. She falls and I sit down on her chest so she doesn't struggle. I take her knife and dig into her arm, trying to tear out the tracker. I take the blood that rushes out of the wound and splatter it on her face.

"Stay down!" I whisper. Then I run off.

I don't stop running until I'm in a different sector. I don't know what to do. Then I hear a cannon. Somebody has died. I run back, fearing the cannon was for Finnick or Katniss. I hear a second cannon, and then I see Peeta. He's running towards me, knife bloody and raised towards me.

I hear the explosion before I see it. Then I'm on my back and paralyzed. Peeta is next to me. I hear him breathing. I see a claw descending to pick us up. It picks Peeta up, then myself.

When I reach the top, I'm put on a bench, and then I'm staring into the eyes of President Snow.

"Congratulations,Johanna. You completed your mission. But now, unfortunately, your time is up," he says. I can't say or do anything, just watch out the window as we fly back to the Capitol.

Part V: Torture

Peeta and I are flown into the Capitol. By the time I'm able to move, I've been tied down. Peeta is fighting the constraints, and eventually they knock him out. I see Enobaria, freely walking with some Capitol people. She doesn't even glance at us. The Capitol comes into view. We land, and Peeta and I are brought into what appears to be a prison. We're taken into an elevator, and we go down for about a minute.

The elevator opens, and we go past cells, most of which have skeletons in various states of decomposition. Eventually I'm brought into a cell. They let me go, which is their mistake, because I launch out of my chains and grab one of their guns. I shoot them both in the head. More guards come, and I simply throw the gun to them. There's no point in fighting them, I'll lose. They close the cell doors, and I hear the one next to me open. There's a door connecting the cells. I look through the tiny window and see Peeta being placed on the bed.

"Psst. Johanna!" I hear. I look into the cell across from me and see Annie Cresta, waving.

"Annie? What are you doing here?" I ask her.

"Oh, they came and collected me. I just...," Annie fixates on a random spot in the air. She's a freak.

The Capitol guards yell at us to shut it. I just go and lie down on my cot.

People sometimes pass by, I see some victors being taken prisoner. I see lots of prep teams. Alicia, Trina, Tyke and Talula just stare at me as they pass by my cell.

I don't know how much time passes, there are no windows or clocks. At one point, armed guards enter my cell, Alicia, and the triplets follow. They're forced to kneel as I watch. They're all shot through the head. The guards seem slightly baffled when I don't even blink.

Two naps later and Livedia is brought into my cell.

"Please don't let them do this,Johanna. Please," She begs.

"I'm sorry," is all I say.

Her lifeless eyes seem to stare at me as her body is carted away.

3 naps later and I begin to hear Peeta screaming. I look through the tiny window in the door and see him watching something out of my view. People in lab coats are giving him shots of something. I hear my cell open, and people enter carrying buckets of water and a chair with wires attached. The people drench me in water then force me to sit in the chair. They hook me up and begin to shock me. The pain is blinding.

Every time I wake up, they're there, shocking me. I begin to mentally check out, I can't handle it anymore.

Peeta screams. I look across from me and see Annie, prancing in her cell like a kitten. I envy her, as not a singke guard has done anything to her.

I see two red heads being brought into Peeta's cell, I hear screaming.

Then, one day, I hear gunfire. I see people running by my cell. Then I see somebody I recognize from somewhere. He's about eighteen, looks like Katniss. Gale. Her "cousin". He opens my cell and pulls me out. "We're leaving," He says. Annie is being let out too. Peeta is unconscious, being carried out. We begin to run through the corridors, and eventually, for the first time since I got here, I see sunlight. We get on the hover craft. I feel a needle, and I immediately get drowzy. I try to fight against it, but I lose, and fal asleep.

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