D1: Emily Hatches 16, Kevin Hern 17

D2: Demetrie "Ree" Jones 16, Trevor Lewis 16

D3: Redd Jones 12, Devon Crin 14

D4: Hylen Janerose 15, Wesley Assents 16

D5: Windelinne "Wind" Jamie 13, Isaac Berrow 13

D6: Lynnette "Lynnie" Handsows 16, Fellon Herrine 16

D7: Delena Alongi 12, Christian Jonas 15

D8: Joselyn Gregory 12, Derek Handle 12

D9: Daniella Valtas 17, Jones Kerronly 12

D10: Jane Herron 14, Wendell Myers 18

D11: Aarie Lydia 13, Gregory Kellon 13

D12: Andie Marr 16, Michael Lewell 18

Day One of The Games

Lynnie Handsows, 6

I look around me quickly. My District partner is a few people away from me. I have to ally with him, I have to. I watch him look around in the Cornucopia. His eyes lock on a case of knives. Oh no, he can't go into the Cornucopia, he'll get killed! Five seconds left, five seconds. I keep watching him, but I'm alert when the gong sounds to release the tributes. I jump off and see Fellon heading towards the Cornucopia. I'm faster than he is so I can stop him befor he gets there. I run in front of him, and push him to the ground. "Are you crazy? You'll get killed!" I yell at him. I help him up and take his hand and run into the woods.

"You need those knives, Lynnie! Their your best weapon." He says and I look at him like he's crazy.

"I can survive just fine without them, for now we just need to find a good source of water." I tell him and he nods.

Fellon Herrine, 6

I look at Lynnie shyly. She's so pretty. I've had a crush on her ever since we were little kids. I never got the nerve to talk to her, though. She runs really fast, and knives are her best weapon. I'm not that fast at all, and I'm not good with any weapon really. I think she has a boyfriend back home anyways. He's wanting her to come home, and so am I.

Aarie Lydia, 11

I sit huddled with Gregory in a freezing cave. He's keeping me calm by stroking my hair, but it isn't working very well. I'm scared he's going to die. That's what I keep telling myself. He's going to die. I finally figure out he loves me back and now we're forced to kill each other. Only one of us can win, and that one of us will be him. It has to be him. I look up into his dark eyes and he's gazing down at me. He kisses my forehead and I smile. I press my head against his chest and he rubs my arm. He uses his other hand to stroke my hair, and I must fall asleep.

"Aarie, wake up, Aarie." He wakes me in the morning. He caresses my cheek and I smile. I notice the blanket overtop of me and realize where we are again. In a freezing cave, but together. In the arena, but together. I reach up and kiss him quickly and he seems startled and I blush. Then he smiles and pulls me in close, and tucks a piece of hair behind my ear. I lean in and put my lips close to his. He puts his hand on the back of my head and the next thing I know we're kissing. Our first kiss, our first real kiss where he's kissed me back. We stay locked together for what seems like hours. When we break apart, I look into his eyes and smile. He kissed me. In the arena.

Wind Jamie, 5

I look around me. The Cornucopia, supplies. I need them. I run in and grab a small orange pack and escape before anyone even sees me. I look around me and see the boy from my District. I look a little bit closer and see he doesn't have a backpack. Or anything. I feel bad, I should really help him. I really should. I look in my backpack and find some special glasses that help you see at night, a can of broth, a blanket, and a water bottle. I throw the water bottle to him and the glasses. He looks over at me with a confused look and I smile. I never noticed it before, but he's kinda cute. I must look really shyly at him because he smiles. I immediatley stare at the ground and keep fluttering my green eyes back up to look at him every once in a while. I can't stand it anymore. I go over and sit next to him. He's shivering so I give him the blanket to cover up with. This year's arena is half frozen tundra, half forest. I hear someone coming and stand up. The Careers.

Emily Hatches, 1

I see Windelinne Jamie from District 5. She's so pretty, and she seems nice enough. Kevin hands me a bow and arrows and I aim for her heart. I am about to release the arrow when I realize I can't. I can't kill her, she didn't do anything to me. She takes her District partner's hand and grabs their stuff and they run. I turn around and see they are all staring at me, Kevin's spear is aimed at me and before I know it their all stabbing me, and tears are pouring out of my eyes. Kevin stabs my heart and smiles. Then everything around me goes cold. Then I see fog. Then nothing. And I know I'll- BOOM!

Kevin Hern, 1

Emily deserves to die, she didn't kill that little brat, Windelinne. She should've. We all ignore her cannon's boom and run to the forest area where it'll be a lot warmer. Demetrie and I kill at least three people each on our way to



our next campsite. The boy from 7, the tributes from 3, and the tributes from 8. I smile as we set up our camp and wink at Demetrie, she rolls her eyes and laughs. I lay down next to her and she must like me more than her District partner because she rests her head on my chest and pulls my arm over her and falls asleep. Trevor gives me a dirty look and I shrug. He must like her, too.

"Go to sleep Demetrie." I say as I stroke her hair. She looks up at me and smiles.

"You know, my friends call me Ree. You can call me that if you like." She says as she snuggles up closer to me. I tighten my grip around her and she wraps her arms around my neck. She's at least a year younger, and three inches shorter but she's beautiful, and as of right now she's nice. I put a hand on her cheek and she blushes so I pull it away. Then we both fall asleep with my arms wrapped around her.

Deaths on Day One

D1: Emily Hatches


D3: Both




D7: Christian Jonas

D8: Both





Day Two

Lynnie Handsows, 6

I wake up after dreaming about Ben. He's my boyfriend back home and I need to get home for him. So he can have a better life. I'm wrapped in Fellon's arms and I feel a little better. I look him in the eyes and smile. He kisses my forehead and then I frown. He frowns, too, remembering about Ben. But who cares, maybe acting in love can help get us sponsors. Besides, I'll never see Ben again, I'm sure. I lean in and kiss his passionatley, the way I would if I were kissing my boyfriend. When we break apart he's smiling. I put my hand on his cheek and he strokes my hair. I can feel Ben watching us from District 6. If I do make it back he'll hate me. But I know I won't make it back so I kiss Fellon again without thinking. He's stroking my hair the whole time.

Isaac Berrow, 5

I sit next to Wind in a tree. We agreed to be alliances last night after the Career girl from 1 almost killed her. Wind's head is resting on my shoulder and I'm smiling. I kiss her hair and she flutters her eyelashes open revealing her beautiful green eyes. Her long hair is a little tangled from where it was braided, but I brush it out with my fingers. Just kiss her, you dork! I think to myself, but everytime I want to, I just can't. She scoots in a little closer to me and wraps her arms around her neck. She seems a little confident. I pull her in closer, and we press our foreheads together. I touch her cheek and she smiles. She finally leans in and we share our first kiss. I touch her cheek while we're kissing and she tightens her grip on my neck pulling herself in closer. When we break apart I still have a hand on her cheek. I start to draw away, but she takes it and holds our entwined hands close to her heart.

"You don't have a girlfriend, do you?" She asks me and I shrug and the worried look on her face makes her even more adorable.

"Well, I actually do." I say and she starts to cry. I know I just shattered her heart into a million pieces and I have to bite my lip to keep from smiling.

"Oh, well, I should. . . I should. . . bye." She says and I grab her arm before she can jump down from the tree. I look her in the eyes and wipe her tears away.

"No, Wind, wait. You don't even know who I mean." I say and she gives me a confused look and I smile. "I love you." I say and she starts to cry again. I lean in and kiss her again before she can say anything else, but then we're interrupted with Claudius Templesmith's voice.

"Attention tributes, there will be a feast at noon tomorrow, and I can assure you if at least one of you out of each of your alliances doesn't go, then you both die." He says and I look over at Wind and she's shaking her head. I know what she means, she won't let me go unless she comes, too.

"No, Wind, I'm going, that's it. Final. You aren't going into a bloodbath. I swear it on my life you will not die. I love you, and you are not going to die." I tell her and she shakes her head.

"No, Isaac, please, let me come with you. I know you want to protect me, but if you die then I don't know what'll happen to me." She says and tears are pouring down her cheeks. I reach out and pull her in close. She cries into my shoulder and I stroke her hair. She wraps her arms around my neck, and I pull her in closer.

"Please. Wind. You need to calm down. I'm not letting you go. I love you, and I'm not letting you die." I tell her and she cries even more.

Kevin Hern, 1

I wake up and look down at Ree and she's still sleeping. I take my arm off of her and she grabs it and pulls it back over her. She must be awake. I rub her arm and tighten my grip around her. "Ree, you need to wake up." I tell her and she flutters her eyes revealing those beautiful blue eyes that I love. I reach down and touch her cheek, and she smiles and blushes. I start to lean in, but Trevor interrupts us.

"One of us has to go to a feast. And since Kevin's the oldest I think he should go." He says and Ree tightens her grip around my neck.

"No, Kevin isn't going." She says and I look down at her and she nods. I shake my head but she tightens her grip on me even more.

"I'm the oldest, I should be the one to go." I say and she shakes her head. She rubs my hand and Triston keeps giving me dirty looks.

"I agree. He's the strongest, too." Says Hylen, the little girl from District Four. She's so sweet. And even though we all know it would be best for me to go, Ree won't agree unless she goes with me, too.

"Fine, Ree, you can go and watch, and help me if I need it, but that's it." I tell her and she nods.

"Thank-you." She says and rests her head on my chest again. I stroke her hair and she looks me in the eyes and smiles.

Andie Marr, 12

I look around me. I have no alliances. No one to protect me. I wanted to ally with the tributes from 3, but the Careers killed them. Maybe I can ally with the pair from 11. They seem to like each other, though. They wouldn't let me in. I should just stay by myself. I run to the tundra and climb up the mountain and find a cave. It's so warm in her that I fall asleep. I wake up to find someone else is in the cave with me and a bolder is blocking my way out. I don't know how but I have a lot of tracker jacker stings on my arms.

"Hi Andie." A young boy's voice says. I know it's the boy from 9. He is the youngest out of all of us. I smile and hold out my hand.

"Alliance?" I ask and he nods and shakes my hand.

Fellon Herrine, 6

I don't get it, Lynnie has a boyfriend, why would she keep kissing me? Not that I have a problem with it, but I just don't get why she'd keep kissing me. I look over at her and touch her cheek and she smiles shyly. I lean down and put my lips to her ear. "You remember Ben, don't you?" I ask her and she gazes at me lovingly.

"Yes, but it's not like I'll ever see him again." She whispers back and I frown. She wraps her arms around my neck and leans in to kiss me. I stroke her hair and when we break apart I feel a little hurt. How if she does get back then Ben will hate her for acting like this.

(End of Day Two)



Day Three

Wind Jamie, 5

I look over at Isaac and he's sleeping. I lay down next to him and run my fingers through his hair. His eyes open and I smile. He sits up and puts his arm around me and I lay my head on his shoulder. He strokes my hair and kisses my cheek. I turn to face him and tilt my head to the side. He leans in and kisses me and I feel this warmth in my chest and it feels so good. I love him. I know I do.

Day Three The Feast:

Kevin Hern, 1

I have hold of Ree's hand as we walk towards the Cornucopia to the feast. I know she's scared because she doesn't know if I'll make it out alive, but I will. For her. I see all the backpacks and the ones marked with 1, 2, and 4. I let go of Ree's hand and she shakes her head, but I give her a hug and run out to get the packs. I grab the ones marked with 1 and 2, but can't get 4 before the girl from 12 pushes me to the ground. I look over at Ree and she takes her knife and runs toward me. She throws it at the girl from 12, and she falls on top of me. I kick her off and Ree squeezes me tight.

"Come on, Ree, let's get out of here before anyone else comes." I say, and she takes my hand and we run back to our camp. I sit down and lean against a tree. She comes over and sits down next to me. Trevor sees this and frowns. I put my arm around Ree and pull her in close to me.

"Ree, why don't you go help Hylen get firewood." Trevor says and she frowns and stands up and walks back with into the woods with Hylen.

"You know Trevor, she doesn't like me." I lie to him and he smirks at me.

"No, you're right, she loves you." He says.

"Why do you care?" I ask him and he shakes his head.

"If you haven't noticed she's beautiful. Long light brown hair that she lets you stroke every night, crystal blue eyes that she only looks at you with lovingly, and her freckles that give her that kind of genuine sweet look that she only lets you count while you fall asleep with your arms wrapped around her. And her peachy pink lips that she only smiles at you with." He says.

"I never knew you liked her that much." I tell him as I see Ree and Hylen coming out from the woods.

"That's because he doesn't. He's only trying to make you think that, Kevin." Ree tells me as she sits down next to me. I put my arm around her and she leans her head on my shoulder and gives Trevor a dirty look.

Ree Jones, 2 (after the feast at night)

I look up at Kevin and he's smiling down at me. Trevor is asleep and we're the two keeping watch. I straighten my posture a bit and he pulls me in close. He touches my freckled cheek and leans in a little. I wrap my arms around his neck, and lean in, too. Next thing I know we're kissing. His hands are on cheeks, and my arms around his neck. And each second this warmth inside me gets warmer and warmer. When we break apart I smile and he lays down. I rest my head on his chest and he strokes my hair.

"You know, Trevor's just pretending to like me because we dated once, but I broke up with him. He was mean to me, and he acted like he hated me." I tell him and he laughs. I walk over and shake Trevor's shoulder and wake him up.

"What do you want?" He asks me meanly.

"I want to sleep, now keep watch for a few hours while Kevin and I sleep." I tell him and he snickers. I walk back over to Kevin and lay down with him. His arms wrapped around me and my head on his chest.

Deaths on day three:

Andie Marris, 12

Michael Lewell, 12

Day Four

Hylen Janerose, 4

I wake up to the sound of a boom. I look over and see Wesley's awake, too. I look over and see blood pouring out of Kevin's chest and close my eyes. Wesley takes my hand and squeezes it to try to make me feel better. I scoot over closer to him and rest my head on his shoulder. I open my eyes and see that Ree is awake now and tears are pouring out of her eyes. I know why, she loved Kevin, she really did. Trevor killed him I know, he's gone.

"I'm sorry Ree." I say and she comes over and hugs me. I look over at Wesley and he frowns.

"Where's Trevor, I need to kill him." She says and I shrug.

"I think he headed east." Wesley says and Ree gets up and heads in that direction. Wesley comes over and puts an arm around me. He rubs my arm and I feel a little uncomfortable. We shouldn't act in love, Ree just lost the boy she loved, but she isn't here. Wesley leans down and kisses me for a second and I smile a little.

"Thanks." I say and he nods. I hear a boom and know it was either Trevor or Ree. I see Ree coming back limping a little.

"I killed him." She says as I help her to the ground.

"He deserved it." I say and she smiles. Her leg is bleeding badly and Wesley gets up to get a bandage. He wraps it around her leg and she winces. I shed a tear and see her arm is bleeding, too, and we don't have any more bandages, she'll die of blood loss anytime soon.

Gregory Kellon , 11

I look over at Aarie, she looks like a little angel when she's sleeping, anytime really. I go over to her and sit down by her feet and stroke her hair. She flutters her lashes open showing her wonderful dark eyes.

"Wake up, Aarie. We need to-" I start to say but I'm ineturrupted by a cannon. I don't know who it was, though. I put an arm around her.

Wesley Assents, 4

I have my arm around Hylen who's sobbing widely. Ree just died, and she was basically Hylen's best friend. I feel so sorry for her. "Hylen?" I ask her and she looks up at me with those beautiful blue-green eyes that remind me of the sea. They're a little red from her crying, but she's smiling slightly.

"Yeah?" She asks.

"You know in the interview where I talked about the girl I liked." I say and she nods. I take her hand and entwine my fingers in hers. She squeezes my hand, and smiles a little more.

"Yes." She says and I scoot over a little closer to her.

"Well, I meant you." I tell her and she blushes. I put my free hand on her cheek and lean in. The kiss makes me feel a warmth in my chest that feels so good. I can't let go. My hand runs up and down her back and my other hand is on the back of her neck. When we break apart, she's crying a little, but I can tell by the smile on her face their tears of joy.

"Gosh, really?" She asks and I laugh. Her shyness makes her even more beautiful than she already is. I just hope she isn't too naive, because I know she is.

"Yes, really. Why else would I kiss you?" I ask and an immediate frown comes on her face.

"To take advanatage of my being naive. That's why you did it, isn't it? To make me an easier kill?" She says and I shake my head.

"Never, Hylen. You know me, I wouldn't do that. I'm not like that, especially not here." I say, but she's already on her feet and facing the forest. I take her hand and turn her around. I pull her in close to my chest and she presses up against me. I love her, I know I do.

"So you love me?" She asks and I laugh.

"Yes, that'd be true." I say and she smiles.

Fellon Herrine, 6

I wake up and Lynnie's gone. I jump up and scream her name as loud as I can. She doesn't answer, though. I run through the woods and call her name again. I hear my name called in return, but it's a jabberjay. It's her voice. Her beautiful voice.

"Fellon! Help!" She screams, and I know it's really her. I run in the direction I heard her voice and see she's caught in a net. Probably one of the Career's. I run over and kneel down beside her. I cut the rope away with the knife I got yesterday at the feast. I help her out and she clings on to me. I take her hand and pull her up and into my arms. She has a knife cut over her forehead, and I take some of the cloth from my jacket sleeve and wrap it around her head.

"Are you okay?" I ask her and she nods. I pull her head down on my shoulder and she starts to cry.

"Thanks, Fellon. You know you're amazing." She tells me and she cries a little harder.

"Kiss me." I tell her and she reaches up and kisses me.

Isaac Berrows, 5

I wake up to a sudden cannon. I look across and see Wind laying her head on a limb of the tree. As small as she is she is pretty lethal. Pretty. The word comes to my mind. She's beautiful. I shake her shoulder and remember what I did while she was asleep last night. I went to the feast without her. She's such a heavy sleeper she didn't notice I wasn't there. I didn't get wounded surprisingly, though. I got food and a few spears, which are her best weapon.

"Isaac?" She asks when she opens her eyes. I help her sit up and put an arm around her. I brush some of the loose strands of hair out of her eyes and she smiles lightly.

"Yeah?" I ask and she leans her head on my shoulder.

"Did you go to the feast last night?" She asks just as we hear another boom. I nod and she looks to the ground.

"I'm sorry, I know you didn't want me to go, but I had to." I tell her and she looks up at me again.

"I told you not to without me, Isaac. I'm just glad your alive, alright." She laughs.

Deaths On Day Four

Delena Alongi, 7

Daniella Valtas, 9

Day Five



Jane Herron, 10

Oh no, where in the world is Wendell? I need to find him, he promised me he'd protect me. I hear a branch and turn around, and my black hair whips me in the face. Wendell comes over and scoops me up. I squeal and he laughs and pecks my lips with his. I jerk back, surprised, and happy at the same time. I lean in and kiss him again, but longer. He sets me down and wraps his arms around be and strokes my long, long black and blonde hair. When we pull away I smile, and twirl a piece of my curly black and blonde hair around my finger. He pulls out two knives and hands me one. We both nod, and stab ourselves. We can't be together, so we'll die together. BOOM! BOOM!

Lynnie Handsows, 6

I'm really, really falling for Fellon. I feel awful, but he loves me, and I know Ben does, too. I don't know what to do. I might as well kill myself. I look over at Fellon, and shake his shoulder. He wakes up and wraps his arms around me, and then looks at the knife in my hand and back to me.

"Fellon, before I go. I need you to know something." I say and he shakes his head and caresses my cheek.

"No, Lynnie, please, please, please don't. I love you, okay. I'll admit it. I love you more than my mother, more than my father, more than my life. I know you don't really love me back, but I'll love you more than Ben does. You're the most amazing person in the world, and now you're ridding the world of the most amazing person in it. No, I will not let you do that. I am not going to let my life slip away. Lynnie, you are my life. I love you, Lynnette." Fellon tells me, and I know he means everything he just said. He used my full name, he never does that unless he's dead serious.

"No, Fellon, that's what I need to tell you. I do really, truthfully love you. I love you more than I love Ben. You've saved my life more than once, and the way you've kissed me here, I mean, Ben never kissed me like that. But you did. You saved me, not him. And Fellon, you're my hero. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me. And don't argue with me, because you are. I love you, I love you, I love you. Now I have to say goodbye." I tell him, and tears are pouring out of both of our eyes. I see a little parachute coming down with a note attatched. I take it and read it.

We're through, Lynnie. Go ahead, kill yourself, I don't care!


I cover my mouth with my hand, and hand Fellon the note. He looks at me with those big, golden eyes, and shakes his head. He comes over closer to me and sits back down next to me, and pulls me onto his lap.

Wind Jamie, 5

I'm still a little angry with Isaac for lying to me. After I told him not to go, he still did. I look over at him sleeping, and shake his broad shoulder. He wakes up and smiles at me. I smile back down at him and he strokes my hair. I scoot over closer to him and lean my head on his shoulder.

"Are you still mad at me, Wind?" Isaac asks me.

"A little." I mumble.

"Why?" He asks me, while pulling me closer.

"I don't know, I just trusted you." I mumble even more quietly.

"What's going to make you forgive me?" He asks me. Then I turn my head to face him, and he leans in just a little.

"I don't know?" I say.

"How about this." He says and leans in a little more. He puts a hand on my cheek, and just before his lips touch mine, he whispers, "I love you." He says and kisses me. When we break apart, I look him in the eyes, and start to cry, we still can't be together. I pull out of his grasp and look down at the ground. I look back at him, and he has sorrow in his eyes. I jump down and run away and I know he's chasing after me. I feel a hand grab my wrist and I stop. Isaac turns me around and pulls me in close to him. His free hand caresses my cheek. "Please, Wind, please love me." He says and I look at the cliff in front of me, and back up to him, and he tightens his grip around me.

"Isaac, we both can't win. I don't know if I can love you. Isaac, I'm so, so, so sorry." I tell him and he starts to cry.

"No, Wind, I won't accept that. I want you to love me, you have to love me, I'm begging you, please!" He says and pulls me in even closer.

"I do love you, Isaac. We can't be together, though. I need to jump off that cliff, Isaac, you have to let me!" I tell him and he shakes his head.

"I won't let you. You mean the world to me, Wind. If you jump off that cliff, I'll kill myself." He tells me and I struggle out of his grip, and walk over to the cliff, I look back at Isaac, and blow him a kiss, and sit down at the edge of the cliff. "No!!" Isaac screams and runs over and comes and pulls me back up. He pulls me in for a kiss and it makes me feel a warmth in my chest that feels so, so good.

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