Hey everyone! So I'm making another Hunger Games for the users. I need 24 tributes, 12 mentors, 12 stylists, and one sponsor per person only, please! So only 24 sponsors. You can sponsor anyone you want unless someone else is. No favoritism. Anyway I'll do the Gamemaking, so I need not any Gamemakers!










Name Age District Personality Token
Dawn Gold 16 1 girl Conceited A crushed diamond that she keeps in her pocket.
Gilroy Hamlin 15 1 boy Sneaky, quick, aggresive A dead rat skull.

Llewellyn Dorriane

17 2 girl Unusually likeable for someone from District 2. Can be sweet, but when she needs to, she can turn vicious. A family heirloom.
Nick Thunder 12 2 boy Athletic, cocky A dead mockingjay with a sword through its body.
Audacia Undersea 13 3 girl Shyish, loyal, smart, can get panicky sometimes A pin shaped like a lightning bolt.
William Undersea 18 3 boy Sullen, tricky, bloodthirsty, not exactly friendly, but can be likable A pin shaped like a lighting bolt.
Coral Anne 18 4 girl Athletic A fishbone necklace her sister made her.
Damon Rulfe 17 4 boy Cocky, protective of friends, nice at times A pistol bullet on a chain.
Zoey Kania 16 5 girl Shy and smart A necklace with a small heart on it.
Charles 'Charlie' Fuller 14 5 boy Timid at first, witty, charming, nice, crafty, humorous, caring A nut
Sabine East 16 6 girl Cold, quiet, confident A necklace made of the teeth fallen out of her parents mouths.
Keron Trey 16 6 boy Is free and fun-loving A bus token.
Mirror Lovet 15 7 girl Quiet, outgoing at times, skilled An anklet with wooden pine trees on it.
Hart Urade 16 7 boy String, tough, dumbfounded A redwood leaf given to him by the mayor.
Lizzi Magnus 15 8 girl Confident, smart A swatch of fabric from a dress her mother owned when she was reaped.
Mark Crow 16 8 boy brave, dumbfounded A smiley face button pinned to his shirt.
Azaelea Firethorn 15 9 girl Fierce, kinda sweet Her brother's old shoelace.
Ryan Herio 17 9 boy Very smart, can get confused by his feelings None
Katherin DeGrane 14 10 girl Determined, witty, stubborn at times, fast A necklace with a mother hen feeding her babies.
Triston Revalio 17 10 boy Smart, sneaky, funny, scary A small statue of a bull eating from a bush.
Sage Calun 13 11 girl Very intelligent, athletic None
Joe Johnson 15 11 boy Normal A silver broch.
Violet Willowshire 17 12 girl Athletic None
Falnal Telmen 18

12 boy

Fast, secretive, sometimes cocky A silver coin with bronze plating.


District One:

Girl: Her parents were both tributes in back-to-back years and they both died.

Boy: He was left by his family when he was 2. He lived on grass and plants.

District Two:

Girl: Raised as an only child, she was taught from birth to be a killer. Both of her parents won the Hunger Games, and she wants to make her parents proud. She volunteered. Has friends at home, but no one she really likes all that much.

Boy: He is related to Cato, and is Cato's younger cousin.

District Three:

Girl: Her father died after an explosion in the machine room where he worked. Her mother doesn't earn much (she works at a factory where wires are made). Her 18 year old brother, William Undersea, is almost always drunk so he's of no use. She doesn't understand electronics much. She found a way to get past the electric fence, so she sometimes bunks off school and hunts to provide for her family. Insult her family and she'll either burst into tears or kill you on the spot.

Boy: His father died after an explosion in the machine room where he worked. His mother doesn't earn much (she works at a factory where wires are made). His 13 year old little sister is the one who usually finds them a way to live. He's almost always seen with a bottle, and was expelled from school when he was 15 because he was caught illegaly selling alcohol in school. Underneath the layer of alcohol, he loves his family, his sister the most, and will go to any lengths to protect her.

District Four:

Girl: Is the oldest out of 3, she takes care of her 2 brothers and 1 sister after their parents died. She a good swimmer, and is good with knives. She has a fear of heights.

Boy: As an only child, his parents put the most pressure on him and forced him to train whenever he could for the games. He did not work, but did help his dad around a shop he owned that sold armor. He is naturally good with any weapon.

District Five:

Girl: Her mother and father live in the nicer part of 5, but that means them not being there as often. She's an only child. She spends most of her time doing schoolwork and reading, but she knows how to take care of herself. She has very few friends, but most of the others did not know who she was when her name was called at the reaping.

Boy: When he was younger he didn't talk to much of the kids and kept to himself. He was bullied because he was smaller than the others and seemed "weird". At home he tinkered with parts his father brought from work for him. His father repaired any machines that needed to be fixed and when he wasn't doing that, making parts for them. As he got older he became more social and is now a charming young man.

District Six:

Girl: Her family, including her two siblings, are morphling addicts. Living in poverty and abuse her entire life, Sabine volunteered just to get away from her family. If she wins, she vows to move to the victors village by herself.

Boy: He is a messenger for Panem. He delivers goods. He has a girlfriend in District 7 named Mirror. When he found out Mirror was in the Games he just... mourned... for the future...

District Seven:

Girl: Her brother, Lewis died in the Hunger Games when he was 13. She was 8 at the time, and became traumatized. When she was picked for the Hunger Games, her mother had broke down crying, not wanting to lose her last child. She also has a boyfriend in District 6 that is a messenger for Panem named Keron.

Boy: His father was killed in a tree accident (don't ask), and his older brother was addicted to drugs, and was killed in a car accident and he never knew his mother, so he had lived in the district orphanage for 6 grueling years.

District Eight:

Girl: Her parents were both 17 when she was born. Both were reaped in consecutive years, and neither won. Raised an orphan, she is determined to win for her parents.

Boy: None

District Nine:

Girl: Two years back, Azaelea's brother sacrificed himself at the end of the Games so a thirteen year-old girl could win. Azalea love him dearly and carries his old shoelace into the arena as a memory.

Boy: As a child, he was living in the poor side of District 9 but when his dad got a new job, they moved to the richer side. This change didn't do much since he was 14 when he moved. Still, Ryan loves to help others. His hobbies are carving sculptures of animals.

District Ten:

Girl: Her mother died in a bull stampede, and her father ran away out of devastation, was caught, and was killed so Katherin had to take care of her little brother, Thomas.

Boy: He has always been good with animals, but never had the heart to kill them. his family has relied on him to get food, so he foraged until reaping day

District Eleven:

Girl: None

Boy: Always was a very good farmer. Has a very normal life.

District Twelve:

Girl: None

Boy: Falnal's afther died in the same mining accident that killed Katniss's father. He was scared by his father's death. He took over the job at thirteen, and he hunted and gave some of the food to people of District 12 and to his own family.






Games Won:

Name Age District Games Won
Erron McCrea 40 1 51st Hunger Games
Iris Grim 18 2 77th Hunger Games
Brielle Moio 24 3 69th Hunger Games
Elizabeth MacKay 25 4 63rd Hunger Games
Oliviya Dayes 27 5 68th Hunger Games
Valeria Corke 30 6 61st Hunger Games
Doreen Travis 39 7 55th Hunger Games
Brendan Marcovich 19 8 71st Hunger Games
Annie Frias 19 9 73rd Hunger Games
Edward Longlerch 37 10 56th Hunger Games
Sihobhan Innette 18 11 72nd Hunger Games
Katniss Everdeen 20 12 74th, 75th Hunger Games





District you work for:

Cool fact:

Name Age District: Cool fact:
Gloss 25 1

Gloss won second place in Panem's Next Top Designer, next to Darius, who won first place.

Dan 45 2 He wears makeup when he is asleep and awake.


25 3 She hates her first name and so she goes by her middle name.
Mizu 19 4 She was named after the sea, and she's a transfer student from Japan. She just loves designing clothes, especially anything that has to do with water.
Alison 21 5

Just graduated from the Capitol University of Fashion Designs and this is her first year as a stylist. Her hair is black and white and it looks like she has been electrocuted.

Tara 19 6 None
Darius 28 7 Darius was the winner of Panem's Next Top Designer.
Katia 26 8 She is distantly related to Cinna.
Safron 25 9 She is obsessed with flowers, and she asked for District 9.
Erika 27 10 Erika is Portia's younger cousin.
Jannelle Maria 21 11 Jannelle Maria is originally from District 11, and so she dresses like a mayor's wife rather than a freak.
Portia 29 12 Portia was actually co-stylist with late Cinna in the 74th Hunger Games.



Tribute Sponsoring:


Username Tribute Sponsoring
Galefan Dawn Gold
Catnipkatniss Llewellen Dorriane
Catnipkatniss Nick Thunder
Dragon Thinker Audacia Undersea
Dragon Thinker William Undersea
Hollyshiftwell1 Damon Rulfe
Creatoroflocalcartoons Keron Trey
Dragon Thinker Mirror Lovet
Hollyshiftwell1 Azaelea Firethorn
Dragon Thinker Katherin DeGrane
Dragon Thinker Triston Revalio
TheKatnissEverdeen Sage Calun
TheKatnissEverdeen Joe Johnson

Chariot Rides

District One (luxury): Dawn is wearing a golden sparkly dress, with silver shoes, and a red feather hairpiece. Gilroy is wearing a silver shirt, black pants, and a velvet jacket.

District Two (masonry): Silver furry suits, orange shoes, faces plastered with makeup, and fire all around the chariot.

District Three (technology): Audacia is wearing a dress that is bright green and has a square design, her hair is down and has a hairpiece that matches the dress. Her shoes look like stained glass and are multicolored. William is wearing a suit that matches her dress and shoes that are basically flat and like Audacia's.

District Four (fishing): Damon is wearing a blue kimono that has embroided patterns of the sea. His fingers are coated with water. The ribbons on his back that tie up the kimono is rippling blur water, creating a fountain around him. His hair has many patterns of gel in light blue, any blue, except that some parts of his hair was left blond. Coral is almost the same as the boy, except that the water is pink and her kimono is pink. Her heels are very high and they are as sparkly as the sea. Her hair is tied up with a pelican hairpin, and it falls into a beautiful pattern, which at the bottom, her hair sparkles.

District Five (power): Zoe wears a blue sequens dress, and Charlie wears an indigo tux. They are both covered fully in light snow, hoping to gain respect from the President, and as it melts away, the water powers a windmill they are standing on top of.

District Six (transportation): Sabine is in a golden shimmery ballgown, and her hair is done in a braid with a feather in the back. Her nails are painted a color that matches her dress exactly and they are also shimmering. Her heels are so golden it almost hurts to look at them. She seems to be sparkling everywhere. Keron is standing next to her in a golden, sparkling tuxedo and his shoes are black, but sparkly. His hair is gelled back perfectly.

District Seven (lumber): Hart is wearing denim overalls, a black button down shirt, and no shoes. Mirror is wearing a brownish-reddish dress, black shoes, and a red and black bow.

District Eight (textiles): Lizzi is wearing a beautiful half blue and half pink sleeveless dress that falls just to her knees. Her heels are polka dot blue heels. She has a pink headpiece in her hair that was left down. The boy next to her is wearing a bright blue tuxedo and his hair is loose and flouncy.

District Nine (grain): Azaelea is wearing shoes that look almost like grain that is shimmering in the dim light. Her dress is sparkly, and the sleeves look like grain. There is hair braided into her hair, and it is in a fishtail braid. She is wearing her tribute token. Ryan is wearing a suit that looks exactly like shimmering grain. His shoes look almost like acient mocassins.

District Ten (livestock): Katherin is wearing a dress that has patterns from assorted animals. She is also wearing a sparkly brown headband and cowprint heels, and is wearing her tribute token. Triston is wearing a farming hat and wrangler jeans. He is also wearing a plain white t-shirt with a bull on it. He is wearing cowboy boots with gold tips.

District Eleven (agriculture): Sage is wearing a one-sleeve sparkly ball gown, that starts apple green at the top, but bleeds into scarlet as it gets closer to the middle, it is just solid scarlet nearer to the bottom. She is wearing a silver tiara with emeralds and rubies on it. She has silver sparkles in her long hair that they just let loose. She has brown paint that resembles apple trees on her arms, and neck. Joe is wearing a shimmering chocolate brown tuxedo, and he is also wearing a green shirt underneath the jacket. He has rubies and emeralds edging his coat sleeves, neckline and pant legs.

{C}{C}{C District Twelve (mining): Falnal is wearing red shoes, black skinny jeans, and a reddish-orangish button-down shirt. Violet is wearing a fiery red dress, black boots, and an orange headband.

Training Scores

District 1:

Dawn Gold: 8

Gilroy Hamlin: 9

District 2:

Llewellyn Dorriane: 10

Nick Thunder: 8

District 3:

Audacia Undersea: 6

William Undersea: 5

District 4:

Coral Anne: 9

Damon Rulfe: 10

District 5:

Zoey Kania: 7

Charles Fuller: 8

District 6:

Sabine East: 6

Keron Trey: 7

District 7:

Mirror Lovet: 9

Hart Urade: 5

District 8:

Lizzi Magnus: 4

Mark Crow: 5

District 9:

Azaelea Firethorn: 8

Ryan Herio: 8

District 10:

Katherin DeGrane: 5

Triston Revalio: 7

District 11:

Sage Calun: 5

Joe Johnson: 6

District 12:

Violet Willowshire: 8

Falnal Telman: 7


District One:


Caeser: Hello everyone and welcome to the 78th Hunger Games interviews! This year's tributes seem to be entertaining, so let's see what you think! Now, I'd like you to give a warm welcome to Dawn Gold from District 1!

Dawn: Why thank you Caeser! And might I say you look ravishing this year!

Caeser: And might I say the same about you! So, Dawn, who might be among you and the Careers in the arena? Hm?

Dawn: Well, my district partner of course, Llewellen, Nick, Coral, and Damon. We might just include a few underdogs, too, but that's a big maybe.

Caeser: Well okay then, so any family back in District One?

Dawn: No, my parents both died in the Games when I was a baby. I never knew them, and I never had any family. I'm an orphan. The only person I really trust is the woman back home who runs the orphanage.

Caeser: (sniffles by the intesity, but quickly regains himself.) Well I'm sure that the Capitol's hearts are with yours, Dawn.

Dawn: Thank-you Caeser.

Caeser: Ladies and gentlemen, Dawn Gold!



Caeser: Okay now, everyone, let's give a warm round of applause for Gilroy Hamlin!

Gilroy: Amazing might I say, I've never seen such a colorful crowd! (laughs from the audience)

Caeser: Well might I say, most of us are not colorblind! Now Gilroy, I was wondering, along with the rest of the audience, is there anyone special back home. A girl in specific?

Gilroy: I've had a few girlfriends, but I'm not dating anyone right now. I do have a crush on this one girl, though. She'd never go out with me, though.

Caeser: Well, now don't say that, she might if you win!

Gilroy: She's not like that, in fact she thinks I'm pretty conceited.

Caeser: Well, maybe her mind will change about you throughout the Games.

Gilroy: If I'm going to win, it's for her.

Caeser: Let's hear it for Gilroy Hamlin! Thankyou, young man!

District Two


Caeser: Now let's welcome to the stage, Llewellyn Dorriane!

Llewellyn: Why thank-you Caeser, I am very much pleased by the crowd. Might I say, you all look amazing!

Caeser: Why, don't we have a people pleaser on our hands!

Llewellyn: You just might! And might I say, I am very excited for these Games, I think they'll all do very well!

Caeser: Yes, now let's talk your score. That 10 is too impressive! Might I say I think you'll do very well this year!

Llewellyn: I really don't know, I was an only child and so I had a lot of pressure put on me, but I volunteered, so if I lose it was basically suicide, I'd have no one else to blaim!

Caeser: Why, that is all the time we have for you, and best of luck, my darling. Let's hear it one last time for the amazing Llewellyn Dorriane!


Caeser: Now let's welcome our next guest Nick Thunder!

Nick: Thanks Caeser. I am very happy to be here.

Caeser: Aren't we all. It must be such an honor to compete in these Games!

Nick: But of course, it's an absolute honor. Especially if you win.

Caeser: Isn't that what you're here to do?

Nick: Of course it is, I am a Career aren't I?

Caeser: Yes, yes you are. And I think we all go along with your self-confidence.

Nick: Yes.

Caeser: Now, we must have you go. Rules are rules and your time is up, young man. Now let's hear it one last time for Nick Thunder!

District Three:


Caeser: Now everyone please give a warm welcome to our beautiful tribute, Audacia Undersea!

Audacia: Th-thanks C-caeser.

Caeser: Now there is no need to be the least bit nervous, my dear! We are all your friends! Now, is it true that your brother is here with you?

Audacia: Y-yes, we both have t-to sign up for t-tesserae.

Caeser: I see. So who do you think you might be allies with?

Audacia: My brother, of c-course. I might j-join with the District 12 tributes, if they'd let me.

Caeser: I see, now I'm afraid your time is up, Audacia. I would like to hear one more round of applause for Audacia Undersea!


Caeser: William Undersea, everyone!

William: Hey Caeser.

Caeser: So, who do you think you'll ally with in the arena. It seems your little sis wants to be your ally.

William: Of course I'll ally with her. I don't know about the others, though.

Caeser: So, William, what was the most impressive thing about the Capitol since you've been here?

William: The people, really. You are all very. . . colorful.

Caeser: Well I do have to say, we all try! (laughs from crowd)

William: Well, I could've figured that out.

Caeser: Well, unfortunatly, it is time for your time to be up, my friend. Now let's give this young man one more round of applause!

District Four:


Caeser: Now it is time for one of my favorite tributes-Coral Anne from District 4!

Coral: Why thank-you Caeser, you are one of my favorite hosts! (crowd laughs)

Caeser: Well, I certainly hope so! Anyways, now your score, very, very impressive. Do you think you could've done any better?

Coral: I might have been able to do better if I'd have had more time. I have a lot of skills.

Caeser: I thought that was you, the skilled tribute.

Coral: Yes, that's me, and after all I was named after my grandmother. She won the Games a long time ago.

Caeser: Well, that explains it! And now, unfortunatly it is time for your time to end. We hope the odds are in your favor, my dear.


Caeser: Now we welcome the always handsome, Damon Rulfe!

Damon: Thanks, Caeser.

Caeser: So, Damon, which tribute has been your favorite so far?

Damon: Well, actually, Mirror Lovet the girl from District 7. She's the prettiest girl I've ever seen. I wish she was from my district.

Caeser: Well, she is a very attractive young lady, isn't she? (they show Mirror off stage and she blushes)

Damon: If we weren't in the Games I'd probably ask her out.

Caeser: If I were about fifty years younger, I would, too! (crowd laughs)

Damon: So now, I finally found a girl that's pretty, and now I'm forced to fight to the death in an arena with her. Nice.

Caeser: Well, Damon, I'm afraid your time is up. Let's hear it for Damon Rulfe one last time!

District Five:


Caeser: Now, give it up for the lovely Zoey Kania.

Zoey: H-hi.

Caeser: Don't be shy, we're all your friends! Right folks!

Zoey: I-I'm n-not v-very g-good a-at t-talking in f-front o-of p-people.

Caeser: So, Zoey, what do you think of the Capitol?

Zoey: It is v-very colorful. I also like the people. Th-they all seem p-pretty nice.

Caeser: Yes, very, very colorful indeed. If you haven't noticed, I just can't choose!

Zoey: (giggles) Y-yes, I not-ticed.

Caeser: Sorry, Zoey, but this is all the time we have for you! Best of luck.


Caeser: Now for a charming tribute, Charles Fuller!

Charlie: Oh, please. No need to be formal, Caeser, call me Charlie.

Caeser: Well alright then, Charlie. Now do you have any friends back home you want to give a shout out to?

Charlie: Yes, I do, I would like to give a shout out to my family. I promised I would try to come back for them. I love them very much.

Caeser: I love my family, too. Of course, I think their all out in the audience today!

Charlie: Mine are to, except for the fact that they're back in District 5, and not here.

Caeser: Oh, Charlie, it looks like it is time for this interview to end! Now let's hear it one last time for Charlie Fuller!

District Six:


Caeser: Now for Sabine East of District Six!

Sabine: Hi.

Caeser: Well, might I say you look lovely tonight!

Sabine: Thanks.

Caeser: Well, I see you don't like to talk much, do you?

Sabine: Nope.

Caeser: Well, okay then, that is all the time we have for you, let's hear it for Sabine East! (cricket in the background)


Caeser: Now, for the handsome Keron Trey, the male of District Six!

Keron: Why thank-you Caeser! And a shout out to all the girls out there! (winks)

Caeser: So is there a special girl back home?

Keron: Well, she's not exactly from my District. She's here, right now, from District Seven. {C}{C}{C Caeser: Well, I do believe you mean Mirror Lovet. Is that true?

Keron: Yes, I am a messenger for the Capitol, and I was devastated when I heard the news she had gotten reaped.

Caeser: I'm sure you were.

Keron: Yes. I pretty much sat there the whole train ride here.

Caeser: Yes, and well that is all the time we have for you, Keron! Let's hear it for Keron Trey!

District Seven:


Caeser: Now let's hear it for Mirror Lovet!

Mirror: Hello, Caeser.

Caeser: Why hello Mirror, now Keron told me you two are in love, can you confirm that?

Mirror: Yes, I love him dearly. (crowd sobs uncontrollably)

Caeser: Well, I guess being in the Games together isn't the best outcome for you two, then, eh?

Mirror: No, it honestly is horrible, I can't kill him.

Caeser: Oh, well that is bad, now let's hear it one last time for Mirror Lovet!


Caeser: Let's hear it for Hart Urade!

Hart: Hello Caeser! (stares off distantly)

Caeser: Hello Hart. How are you?

Hart: I'm good.

Caeser: Do you not talk much?

Hart: I do at times.

Caeser: Okay. Well, that's all the time I have for you today, Hart. Ladies and gentlemen, Hart Urade!

District Eight:


Caeser: Give it up, for Lizzi Magnus!

Lizzi: Why hello Caeser!

Caeser: Hello to you, too! So, Lizzi, what do you like the most about the Capitol so far?

Lizzi: Defiantly the food! It is so much better than what we have back home! (crowd laughs)

Caeser: Why I certaintly would think so! Anyways what tribute has made the biggest impression on you yet?

Lizzi: None of them really. I haven't talked to them much.

Caeser: Well, this is all the time we have for you, sorry! Let's hear it for Lizzi Magnus!


Caeser: Now for the boy from District 8, Mark Crow!

Mark: Hello, Caeser!

Caeser: Hello! So Mark what is the most impressive thing about the Capitol so far?

Mark: I love all the beautiful colors, it's like a human rainbow!

Caeser: That is what we go for! (crowd laughs)

Mark: I could've guessed.

Caeser: Well, my apologies, Mark, but this happens to be all the time we have. Ladies and gentlemen, Mark Crow!

District Nine:


Caeser: Let's see if she can live up to her name, ladies and gentlemen Azaelea Firethorn!

Azaelea: Hello!

Caeser: Hello to you, too! So Azaelea is there anyone special back home at all?

Azaelea: Nope, I don't have anyone special back home. Caeser: No family to give a shout out to?

Azaelea: I have a mom and dad, but my brother died in the Games, and I've hated them ever since.

Caeser: Well okay then, this is all the time we have! Azaelea Firethorn!


Caeser: Now ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Ryan Herio!

Ryan: Hello Caeser!

Caeser: Hello! So what do you like most about the Capitol?

Ryan: The food, I'm defiantly not starving here!

Caeser: Well, they usually give me more than I can stand to eat here!

Ryan: Oh really?

Caeser: Really. Sorry but this is all the time we have today! One last time for Ryan Herio!

District Ten:


Caeser: Give it up for the lovely Katherin DeGrane!

Katherin: Hello Caeser, how are you tonight?

Caeser: I'm good, and you?

Katherin: Oh I'm just perfect.

Caeser: So, a lovely young girl like you, is there any special boy back home?

Katherin: Well, he's not exactly at home anymore.

Caeser: Oh really, then where is he?

Katherin: H-he's here.

Caeser: Triston?

Katherin: (nods slightly)

Caeser: Well this is all the time we have, one more time for Katherin DeGrane!


Caeser: Give it up for the handsome Triston Revalio!

Triston: Hi.

Caeser: So, Katherin just told me she has a crush on you. Would you share these feelings?

Triston: Yes, I don't know how I couldn't, she's the nicest person I've met here so far. And she's really, really pretty.

Caeser: Yes, indeed she is very pretty, and nice at all costs.

Triston: Yes, pretty much, and now I know why she was being so nice.

Caeser: Well, this is all the time we have! Ladies and gentlemen, Triston Revalio!

District 11:


Caeser: Let's hear it for Sage Calun!

Sage: Hello, Caeser.

Caeser: Hello, Sage! So what is the most impressive thing about the Capitol?

Sage: Well, I certainly love all the colors, and the food is very good!

Caeser: Well I hope it is, the cooks work hard enough on it!

Sage: Well I'm sure they did.

Caeser: I'm afraid this is all the time we have! One more time for Sage Calun!


Caeser: Now, time for the male tribute of District 11, Joe Johnson!

Joe: Hello.

Caeser: What is it you like most about the Capitol, Joe?

Joe: The food, it's amazing.

Caeser: Well the food of the Capitol seems to be a tribute favorite!

Joe: It certainly is.

Caeser: Well, my apologies, but your time is up. One last round of applause for Joe Johnson!

District Twelve


Caeser: Let's hear it for the striking, Violet Willowshire!

Violet: Hello, Caeser, might I say you look very colorful tonight!

Caeser: Thank-you, Violet! Your dress is very pretty! Can you twirl for us? (crowd cheers)

Violet: Sure, I'd love to! (gets up and twirls for about a minute)

Caeser: Wow! Your stylist sure did a great job on that stunning blue dress!

Violet: I know!

Caeser: Well, folks, this is all the time we have for Violet! Let's give her one more round of applause!


Caeser: Let's hear it for Falnal Telmen!

Falnal: Hi.

Caeser: Do you not talk much?

Falnal: No, I do.

Caeser: So what was the most impressive thing since you came here?

Falnal: The people, of course. They are all so colorful, and a little nice!

Caeser: Well we try to exceed in both of those categories!

Falnal: I've noticed.

Caeser: Well now it is time for these interviews to end! Ladies and gentlemen, Falnal Telmen!

The Hunger Games!!!!

Name Place District Status
Dawn Gold 6th 1 Dead
Gilroy Hamlin 5th 1 Dead
Llewellyn Dorriane 14th 2 Dead
Nick Thunder 12th 2 Dead
Audacia Undersea 9th 3 Committed Suicide/Dead
William Undersea 10th 3 Dead
Coral Anne 13th 4 Dead
Damon Rulfe 4th 4 Dead
Zoey Kania 21st 5 Dead
Charles 'Charlie' Fuller 23rd 5 Dead
Sabine East 3rd 6 Dead
Keron Trey VICTOR!!! 6 Alive, allied and in love with Katherin DeGrane
Mirror Lovet 20th 7 Dead
Hart Urade 18th 7 Dead
Lizzi Magnus 17th 8 Dead
Mark Crow 24th 8 Dead
Azaelea Firethorn 7th 9 Dead
Ryan Herio 8th 9 Dead
Katherin DeGrane VICTOR!!! 10 Alive, in love and allied with Keron Trey
Triston Revalio 22nd 10 Dead
Sage Calun 19th 11 Dead
Joe Johnson 11th 11 Dead
Violet Willowshire 16th 12 Dead
Falnal Telmen 15th 12 Dead


  • Katherin DeGrane and Keron Trey

(Also remember you can request for an alliance to happen, or for one to break apart. As of right now I just put the Careers together as usual, the two pairs of lovers, and a random boy and girl who is about the same age.)

Oh and remember this:

If your tribute dies I'm really sorry. I don't really want to kill them or anything, it is just the HUNGER GAMES!!!! Peoples got to die in order for them to work. Oh and I forgot to say that there might just be more than one tribute that can win. I haven't decided yet. You'll just have to wait and see. I will, too I guess! So as of right sit back, relax and read!


This year's arena will be divided into four different sections.

  1. Beach
  2. Deciduos forest
  3. Arctic coniferous forest
  4. Mountains, and tons of 'em!

Day One

Katherin DeGrane, 10, (Platform)

I stand on the platform and there are only twenty seconds left until they release us into the arena. I think I'll head towards the fourth with the deciduos trees, plenty of places to hide there. I hope Triston and I can ally, I'd say that's what people are expecting. I look over at him, he's only three platforms away, which is three yards away. Each platform is at least a yard apart. I follow Triston's gaze, he's staring right at a clump of spears. Oh no, he can't go into the bloodbath, he can't die! I look at the timer, five seconds. It's a good thing I'm fast. Two seconds, one second, JUMP! I tell myself and run over to Triston. Before he can run near the Cornucopia, I take his hand and run towards the forest.

"Katherin, we need supplies if we want to survive!" He yells at me. I look into his silver eyes and he looks kind of scary as of right now. I look around for a good tree and start climb up to a high, thick branch. Triston follows me and we sit waiting for someone. After a while I loose interest in watching and turn to watch the bloodbath. The Careers haven't killed anyone yet, but that's only because we're five minutes in the Games. I watch as the girl from District Two stabs a knife into the boy from District Eight. I start to cry a little, and hear a cannon.

Ryan Herio, 9, (Bloodbath)

Dawn Gold from District One stabs a knife into my side and I rip it out and find some cloth in my backpack that I suceeded to get. I wrap the cloth around my stomach which staunches the bleeding and run off into the mountain terrain. I haven't seen anyone come over here yet, but I know someone else is, even if they aren't human. I climb up a mountain and stop when I reach a cave about halfway up. I hear a branch break and turn around. I see two snakes and I immediatley know their mutts. I jump out of the cave and start to climb up higher. I reach the top and look down. It a volcanic mountain. I wonder if they all are? I turn around and see that the snakes are at the edge of the cave and are hissing at me. I can't help but laugh. Those snakes can climb, at least not this rugged mountain.

Dawn Gold, 1, (Arctic coniferous forest)

I sit next to Gilroy on a blanket, he has his arm around me to keep me warm, and the jacket is helping a lot, too. I smile at him and lean my head on his shoulder. I fall asleep and when I wake up it looks like it's about noon, and Gilroy isn't there. I look around and no one is there. Did they leave me here? Gilroy wouldn't do that would he? "Gilroy! Where are you? Gilroy! GILROY!" I scream his name. I grab the blanket and run around calling his name. I look up a tree, and there isn't anyone. I run over to the deciduos forest area and start looking up trees there. Then I realize a note taped to the blanket. I take it off and read it carefully.

Dawn, stay. The Careers turned on me, stay put and I'll come for you in a few hours. Just wait. -Gilroy

The note breaks my heart. I run back to the arctic forest and go under the tree I was under. I sit freezing and waiting for him. I can't believe they turned on him. I wait for an hour and no one comes, I wait for another hour and no one comes. Then the third hour comes and I hear footsteps. "Gilroy?" I ask and they come out of their hiding place. It is Gilroy, and I run up and hug him. He strokes my hair and I cry.

"It's okay, Dawn. I'm right here. The Careers are in the mountains, so we can stay here." He says.

"Okay, but I'm really tired. I want to go to sleep." I tell him and he smiles. He lays the blanket down and brushes some of the snow off the ground. I lay down and he lays down next to me. He pulls me in closer to him, and all I can think about all of a sudden is what he said during the interview.

"I have a crush on this one girl, but she'd never go out with me." He had said. Who did he mean? Me? Not me. Of course it wasn't me. He's too good-looking and nice. He would never like me. But I still have to ask.

"Who did you mean in the interview?" I ask him and he looks me in the eyes. "When you said you had a crush on a girl back home?" I ask him again and he smiles and I must blush because he scoots in closer and takes my hand.

"You still haven't figured it out, because everyone else has." He says and rubs my hand. Then his other hand makes its way to my cheek. I feel the tears coming on, and he must notice because he leans in a little.

"I obviously don't know. So how about you tell me." I tell him and he smiles.

"I meant you, Dawn. I love you. How did you not realize it? I know you think I'm conceited and mean and awful, but I meant you." He tells me and I start pour out tears, and smile.

"But, I don't think that, Gilroy. I think you're wonderful and amazing and handsome. You've never made me think one bad thought about you since I met you." I tell him and he leans in more. His hand drops from my cheek and I wrap my arms around his neck. He pulls me in close and I kiss him. I feel this warmth in my chest and it feels so good. So incredibly good that I feel like I love him even more than I ever did before. When we break apart, we're pressed against the other and my head is on his shoulder. He looks me in the eyes and caresses my cheek, then my hair, then my hand. I smile in disbelief, he loves me. He loves me. He really does. His hands rub over the places on my hands that are bruised from the cold.

"You really don't think I'm horrible?" He asks and I nod. We lay down on the blanket and I lay my head on his chest and he strokes my hair as I fall asleep. I fall asleep knowing that he loves me. Gilroy Hamlin loves me.

(End of Day One!)

Day Two

Ryan Herio, 9

I look around me and see a girl named Violet Willowshire. I run over to her and ask for an alliance and she smiles. "Sure." She answers and I give a sigh of relief.

"Good, I need one." I say and she laughs half-heartedly.

"I do, too. And the boy from my district won't ally with me. So I'm glad to have one." She says and I smile.

"Yeah, I don't even know where Azaelea is. I really hope she's okay, I kinda like her. . ." I trail off.

Azaelea Firethorn, 9

I look around me and there is almost nothing but beach and water. I walk over to it and the water splashes through my fingers. It's fresh water, and I know how to swim. I hear footsteps and turn around suddenly. The boy from District Twelve. I get up and run. He chases after me, and then I realize he has no weapons, but he's still strong. I jump in the water and swim. He yells something that I can't hear very well at all. I come up from the water. "What?" I yell back, and he jumps in the water and swims toward me.

"I said, alliance." He tells me and I nod. I hear another splash and turn my head. One of the Careers is swimming after us. Falnal (I think is his name) propels me up with one of his arms and swims with the other. I swim, too, but he's much faster. When we finally get out of the water he takes my arm and we run. When we reach the mountains I see Ryan, the boy from my district with Violet Willowshire, the girl from Falnal's district. I've never been able to admit it to anyone, but I've had a crush on him forever.

Violet Willowshire, 12

The sight of Falnal, my crush, and Azaelea as alliances makes me mad. Without even thinking I lean in and kiss Ryan, and I know Falnal can see it. When we break apart it's been at least a minute and I allow my eyes to flicker over at Azaelea and Falnal. Azaelea's crying and she runs in the other direction. Ryan looks back at me and then her with a lot of worry in his eyes. Falnal shakes his head at me and runs after Azaelea. Ryan scoots over closer to me and puts his lips close to my ear.

"Why did you do that? You know how I feel about her." He tells me and I can't help but feel bad. I shouldn't have kissed him. Besides, I should know there isn't anything going on between them. Ryan gets up and runs after her and I stay put, knowing he probably doesn't want to see me right now.

Falnal Telmen, 12

I try to comfort Azaelea, but it isn't working very well. I know how she feels. "Azaelea, stop crying. It isn't that big of a deal." I tell her, but it only makes her cry harder. I don't know how to make her feel better. I put an arm around her shoulder and stroke her hair. This seems to calm her down. She pulls away from me and I frown. She must think I was trying to make a move on her.

"I was so stupid. I knew he'd never like me, Falnal." She tells me and I shake my head.

"He does like you, he seemed worried after Violet kissed him." I tell her and she nods.

"Yeah, he was worried whether or not I saw it." She says and I shake my head.

Ryan Herio, 9

I still can't believe Violet kissed me, and for no reason, there was nothing between us. And now I'm standing here listening to Azaelea and Falnal's conversation. She thinks I don't care for her, but I do. I come out of my hiding spot and sit down next to Azaelea I take her hand and rub it. She looks me in the eyes and she's still crying. Why does she care if Violet and I kissed? I stroke her hair and look over at Falnal and he gives me a thumbs up. I look down at the ground and back up at her with my head still tilted down and she laughs and pushes my shoulder. I smile and take hold of her hands again and brush over her fingers with mine. She brushes the hair off my forehead and I press my forehead against hers. I let go of her hands and put them on her cheeks. She blushes and smiles. I lean in and kiss her.

Keron Trey, 6

I look across at Mirror, she's panting from the running. We climbed up a tree in the forest part of the arena. She's in my arms and then we both hear a cannon. Then three more. We don't know who's dead. The night is coming and we'll know soon enough. Mirror leans down against the back of the tree and I see an arrow in her stomach and look down. The Careers, how did I not notice them?

Mirror Lovet, 7

I'm dying and Keron is comforting me. Stroking my hair. Caressing my cheeks. It isn't working too well. He needs to know that when I go, he can win. For both of us. He puts his hand on my cheek and leans in. He kisses me and I feel the warmth in my chest that I always feel when he kisses me. "Come here, Keron." I command him and he puts his ear closer to my lips. "I love you. Don't forget it, please don't." I tell him and he nods.

"I wouldn't for the world." He tells me and a ghostly smile creeps onto my lips. Then everything goes black and I let my head fall back. The last thing I see his Keron holding my hand.

Katherin DeGrane, 10

The Careers, they killed Tristan, and now I can't move, I can barely think. I loved him so much. I hear a branch break and come to my senses. I turn around and see the boy from District Six, he isn't with his girlfriend, Mirror. Did they break up? Or was she one of the cannons? BOOM! I hear another cannon. I run over to Keron and he grabs my shoulders.

"Mirror died, what happened to Triston?" He asks and I start to cry again.

"He died, too." I say and he nods. I sit down on the dirt, and Keron sits down next to me. He pulls my head down on his shoulder and we fall asleep.

(End of Day Two)

Day Three

Gilroy Hamlin, 1

I sit hand and hand with Dawn. She leans her head on my shoulder and I rub the bruises on her fingers from the cold and she smiles. I look over at her and we press our foreheads together. 5 tributes dead in the first two days. Not too many. We hear footsteps and get up and run to the deciduos forest. We climb up a tree and sit there for a while and I wrap my arms around her and she falls asleep. When I wake her up she looks startled. I put my hand on her cheek and stroke her hair to keep her calm.

Keron Trey, 6

When I wake up I look over and see Katherin. Her head is resting on my shoulder and she looks so innocent when she sleeps. I look down and see I'm holding her hand. She must wake up a little and flutters her eyes open. I smile and she blushes. I hear a branch break and get up to run, but Katherin won't come.

"Just leave me here. Whatever it is will kill me. Just go." She tells me and I grab her hand and pull her up.

"No, Katherin, I'm not leaving you here." I tell her and she shakes her head. "Stop being so stubborn, please come on. I know you loved Triston, but we need to go now." I tell her and she starts to cry. I pull her into a hug.

Azaelea Firethorn, 9

I sit next to Ryan on the beach. He's been wounded badly by one of the Careers and nothing can stop my tears. He's tried everything. Stroking my hair, whispering calming words. Rubbing my hands with his fingers. BOOM! We both hear the cannon. At least it wasn't his cannon. He lays down and pulls my head down to his chest and we hear another cannon.

Audacia Undersea, 3

William and I are in the coniferous forest and nearly freezing to death. We don't have any supplies, and we haven't found a source of water yet. We'll surely die if we don't move. "W-we need to g-get a move on." I tell him and he nods. We get up and run over to the beach where it'll be a whole lot warmer. The heat of the hot sand on my skin feels so good, and I almost bathe in it. The water, I wonder if it's fresh or salty. I walk over and cup it up in my hands. Fresh water. I put the water top my lips and drink thirstily. Oh it's so good. So very good. BOOM! I hear another cannon.

William Undersea, 3

I hear a branch break and turn around suddenly. It's just Audacia. The water is fresh. I smile and cup my hands so they can get some water in them and bring it to my lips. It's refreshing, very, very refreshing. I jump in and the water is warm and it feels so good on my freezing skin. I grab Audacia's hand and pull her in and she laughs. We swim around for a while. When it's probably late afternoon we get out of the water and I tell Audacia to lay down and I keep watch.

Ryan Herio, 9

My side hurts so bad, but I have the cloth so I don't have any blood loss. Azaelea is crying into my shoulder and I have my arms wrapped around her. Nothing has stopped her crying. Not even kissing her. Nothing has stopped her crying. Nothing will I'm sure. I pull her in closer to me and stroke her hair again. I think of soothing words to say, but I can't think of anything. I wonder if. . .

"I love you." I tell her and she looks up at me unexpectantly. I take her hand and rub it and she looks down at our entwined fingers and then back at me.

"I love you, too." She tells me and I smile. Her crying has died down a little and if I tell her certain things at just the right time she calms down a whole lot.

"Shh, Azaelea, please calm down. Shh." I say to her and she wraps her arms around my neck and presses her ear against my chest.

Llewellyn Dorriane, 2

I look around the mountains. I'm the one keeping watch. We ditched that little brat Gilroy and his little girlfriend Dawn, too. Gilroy may be strong, but he's a little too nice for the Careers. Same for that little Dawn Gold. She pretends to be so innocent and sweet, but I can swear it on my life that she'll kill him. As far as I know she hasn't killed anyone yet. I don't know if she will or not. I've killed the girl from 11, the tributes from 5, and the tributes from 8 just by myself. Nick, the boy from my district has killed the tributes from 7. I know the girl from 10 and the boy from 6 are allies. It's been three hours and I'm starting to get really, really tired. I walk over and wake Coral and she jumps.

"You need me to keep watch?" She asks.

"Yup." I tell her. She rolls her eyes and goes back to where I sitting. I lay down where she was and fall asleep.

Katherin DeGrane, 10

Keron and I ran away from where we were because we think we heard a mutt. I didn't want to go. I wanted the mutt to kill me so I could be with Triston, but Keron wouldn't leave without me. He nearly had to drag me all the way to the mountains. We climbed for a while and found a vacant cave. Now we're sitting here and his arm is around my shoulder. He's holding me close to him and I can't help but feel comfortable. He's been so nice to me even though I've been crying over Triston. His hand slips down my arm and to my hand. He entwines his fingers in mine and I blush. He turns to face me and presses his forehead against mine. I feel an unexpected warmth rush through me and I feel shy, His hands go up to my cheeks and leans in. Why is he kissing me? I thought he loved Mirror. Maybe he loves me. Maybe I remind him of Mirror. He's stroking my long blond hair and when we break apart I find myself looking into those big dark brown eyes I can't help but feel loved. He runs some of my hair through his fingers and smiles. I smile back and he hugs me.

"What about Mirror?" I ask him and he shakes his head.

"She's dead, besides, I have you know, Katherin." He says as he takes my hand again and rubs it with both of his. I lean my head on his shoulder and fall asleep.

(End of Day Three)

Day Four

Keron Trey, 6

I look over at a sleeping Katherin. Ever since I kissed her last night she hasn't let my hand go. I don't want to lose her, and I know she doesn't want to lose me. I touch her cheek and she flutters her lashes revealing those beautiful blue eyes. "Keron!" She screams as she is fully awake. I pull her in closer to me and stroke her hair.

"I'm right here. Katherin, I'm all right. You're all right. Just calm down, just calm down." I tell her and she stops crying for a minute. She takes her head out of my shirt and her blue eyes sparkle like two bright saphires.

"Why did you kiss me?" She asks, and I give her a confused look. "Not that I didn't like it. I was just wondering." She tells me and I laugh.

"I don't know, it seemed like it would make you feel better, so I went for it. I know you needed to feel loved. That's what I want for you. I want for you to be happy. I want for you to win. Even if you don't think there's anything between us." I say and she starts to cry. I take her hand and rub it. This always seems to calm her down. She rests her head on my shoulder and I stroke her hair with my free hand.

"I don't want to win." She says almost so quietly even I can barely hear it.

"What?" I ask her and she shakes her head to blow it away. I hear a branch break and am about to get up, but then I hear a bow release an arrow, and I know immediatley. It's Violet. I take Katherin's hand and jump out of the cave right before she can shoot me with an arrow. I don't know why she's doing this, and I didn't even know she had any weapons. Maybe she got them from the Careers while they were asleep. Katherin stumbles over a rock, and I pick her up almost as quickly as she feel down. She's unconsious so she must have hit her head. I run up the mountain and Violet finally loses her breath and falls to the ground. I lay Katherin down on the ground and shake her shoulders, hoping to wake her, and all of a sudden I smell smoke. I look up and see slow moving lava pouring out of the mountain. I pick Katherin up and run down the mountain and into the forest. I hear a boom and know it was for Violet. When we reach the beach, the farthest point from the mountain I lay her down on the warm sand, and lay down next to her. Even though she's unconcious, I pull her in close and put her head on my chest and stroke her long blond hair waiting for her blue eyes to return.

"Triston?" She asks as I see her blue eyes returning. I touch her cheek and she gives me a confused look. Oh no, she lost her memory and doesn't remember we're allies. She doesn't remember the kiss. She doesn't remember Triston died.

"Katherin, he died, remember. We're allies now. I kissed you last night. Remember, Katherin, please remember." I tell her and she nods.

"Did I kiss you back?" She asks me and I look puzzled.

"I think you were too confused." I tell her and she laughs.

"Well, I know if you kissed me now, I'd kiss you back." She says and I know her memory's back. I put my hands on her cheeks and lean in, and she told me the truth. She's kissing me back.

Damon Rulfe, 4

I wake up and turn around. We moved down the mountain after Llewellyn smelled smoke. We're sitting in the warmer forest now and I'm using some bark to sharpen my knife. Llewellyn is furious because someone stole her bow and arrows. I walk over and shake her shoulder. She opens her eyes instantly and I laugh and she pushes me down. Now she laughs and I look at her with a deadly stare and she looks down at the ground. I laugh and keep sharpening the knife. She comes over and sits next to me.

"You aren't doing it right, Damon. You're supposed to go down and up, not up and down." She says and I laugh. Like she knows anything about sharpening knives. She barely ever uses them.

"How do you know?" I ask her and she rolls her eyes.

"My dad taught me. Now do it the right way or I'll do it for you." She says and I hear a noise from behind us. I turn my head and see Falnal Telmen from District Twelve. I throw my knife at him and he drops to the ground dead. Llewellyn smiles and runs over and gets it. She wipes the blood off the blade with her hand, and cuts it.

"Yeah, next time use some cloth." I say as I get up to get a bandage for her hand. As I wrap it around her hand she smiles in Falnal's direction.

"You got him good." She tells me and I nod. When I'm done wrapping her hand she scoots over closer to me. I look at her and she smiles.

"What's wrong?" I ask her and she shakes her head.

"I'm just cold." She says and I know she's trying to make a move on me. But I know it's only so I'll be an easier kill.

"I'll get a blanket." I say and she frowns. I get up and walk over to our pile of supplies. I grab a blanket and walk back over to where she is. She's gone. "Llewellyn?" I say and she screams my name.

"Damon! DAMON!" She screeches. I run in the direction of the noise and when I arrive she's already dying.

"Llewellyn! What happened?" I ask and take her hand. I help her sit up and she puts her free hand behind her.

"Joe Johnson, the boy from 11. You have to kill him. Kill the others, too. Don't trust them, but you can trust me. I promise. Just win and you'll be doing me a favor. And remember to sharpen your knife down and up." She says and I laugh. I lay her down and kiss her forehead and she smiles. "Thank-you. And remember, if the others ask I never said this. I'm betting on you." She tells me and I shed a tear. She sheds one, too and I wipe it off her cheek. She closes her eyes and smiles, and then I hear a cannon boom. I know it's hers. I run back to the others and none of them are awake. I stab them all with my knife following Llewellyn's request.

"That's for her." I say and look to the sky.

Joe Johnson, 11

I killed Llewellyn and now I'll kill her stupid excuse of a friend, too. That's what they get for killing Sage, just an innocent little 13-year-old girl. I hear footsteps and I know it must be him. I turn with my bow and arrow ready and pointed in that direction. Damon jumps out of the bushes and throws his knife at me. I fall to the ground and all I see is black. And all I hear is nothing. BOOM!

William Undersea, 3

I sit next to Audacia and keep guard. She's sleeping and I have my hand on her chest ready to wake her at moment's notice. I hear a branch break and press down on her chest and she wakes up immediatly. I look over and see Ryan Herio from District Nine, with Azaelea Firethorn. He's helping her walk, obviously. I throw a knife at him and he falls to the ground. Azaelea kneels down next to him crying. Does she like him? She leans down and kisses him on the lips and I shudder. She glares at me and takes the knife out of Ryan's stomach just as I hear a boom. She throws it at me and it hits my heart. I lay down and Audacia takes the knife and stabs herself in the heart, and we both die instantly.

Azaelea Firethorn, 9

"No, Ryan, please stay. Don't go. I love you." I say and a ghostly smile creeps onto his lips.

"I love you, too." He says and takes my hand.

"You can't die." I say.

"I'm going to." He tells me and I lean my head down on his chest and cry harder than I've ever cried before. Here this boy I love, is dying on me. I can't let it happen. He strokes my hair and then I hear his cannon and I know he's dead. His fingers are still and I get off of him and kiss his cheek. I touch his cheek and get up and run. I see Damon Rulfe from District Four. I run over to him and grab his shoulder.

"Damon, give me a deadly wound. Hurt me, kill me. Do it! NOW!" I yell at him and he stabs my legs twice and cuts my face. I fall down to the ground and know I'll be dead by morning. He kneels down next to me and smiles.

"Why?" He asks.

"Thank-you." I say. BOOM!


Day Five

Gilroy Hamlin, 1

I look over at Dawn. I have to tell her that we need to split up because only one of us can win. Only one of us can survive. I can't kiss her anymore, I can't tell her I love her anymore. I can't even show her any kind of affection. I shake her shoulder and she flutters her eyes open and smiles at me. I start to smile but catch myself. She tries to look me in the eyes but I won't let her.

"What's wrong?" She asks me and I'm reluctant to answer for a while. She scoots over closer to me and I scoot away and she frowns. "Gilroy?" She asks me and I don't answer her again. She reaches out to take my hand but I pull it away before she catches it. "I thought you loved me-" She starts but I interrupt her.

"Well you thought wrong." I tell her and she gets up and starts to cry.

"What are you saying?" She asks me and I stand up with her.

"I hate you." I say, regretting every word.

"What?" She asks and I can hear the tears in her voice.

"I hate you, Dawn! Get out of here! I hate you!" I say and she starts to pour out a billion tears.

"You lied to me. You said you loved me." She reminds me.

"Well forget what I said. I was only trying to make you feel better. So forget all the kisses and the love and all that it wasn't real." I tell her.

Dawn Gold, 1

I was right, he'd never love me. He just shattered my heart into a million pieces. I run and find the boy from the Career pack, he's the last one left.

"Where's Gilroy?" He asks me and I start to cry.

"He lied to me. He said he loved me, but he doesn't. Just do me a favor and kill me. So I don't have to worry about it anymore. If he doesn't love me then I can't live. I love him. So just kill me." I command him and he stabs his knife into my heart and I fall to the ground.

"I'll kill him for hurting you." Is the last words I ever hear. BOOM!

Damon Rulfe, 4

I look around for Gilroy and see him crying. I throw my knife in his back and he falls down the tree and lands on the ground. Good he needed to die. For hurting Dawn, she was my friend. I was against taking Gilroy with us and ditching her. It made me mad, but now he hurt her and now he's dying. I walk over to him and squat down next to him.

"Why did you hurt her, Gilroy? Huh? Why?" I ask him loudly.

"We couldn't be allies anymore, and-" He starts but I interrupt him.

"So you had to break her heart! You screamed at her and she loved you! You lied to her, but she loved you!" I yell at him.

"No I do love her, Damon. But I knew she wouldn't leave me." He says faintly, and then I hear his cannon.

"Yeah, how stupid do you think I am?" I ask his dead body.

I run around and see the girl from District 6. She has three knives and throws one at me. I fall down from where it hit my leg. She runs over and stabs another between my eyes and I start to get dizzy. The next one she stabs in my stomach and smiles. BOOM!

Sabine East, 6

Now all I need to do is kill Keron and his little ally, Katherin. And the sooner the better. I know they were in the mountains, but the volcano erupted and I saw them run to the beach. I'll head over there. I run over and see he's stroking her hair and she's crying. Don't they know their in the final three. Keron must hear me because he turns his head a little and sees me. He grabs Katherin's hand and runs to the warmer forest. They climb up a tree and I start to climb up after them. When I reach the branch beneath theirs, I ready my knife. Keron cover Katherin up so no one could get to her.

"Please, Sabine, leave her alone. Please." He says and I shake my head. Then the next thing I know I'm falling. Falling 100 feet. I'll be dead for sure as soon as I hit the ground. I look up and see Katherin's leg is slightly extended. She kicked me off. Then I hit my head and everything goes completely black. And then I can't think. BOOM!

Keron Trey, 6

I look over at Katherin and she's crying. I put my hands on her cheeks and lean in. I feel this warmth in my chest and it's the best thing in the world. I love her, I can't kill her. I need her. I already lost Mirror, I can't lose Katherin, too. When we break apart I take her hand and rub it. What can I do? This unexpected fate. I never thought I'd love her as much as I do now.

"I love you, Katherin. I can't kill you. I need you, I can't loose you. You have to be here with me. I promise you I won't let you die. Just stay here with me and we can stay in here together." I tell her and she starts to cry again I jump down to the branch below us and stand up. It's only about two feet under us so I can see Katherin clearly. I stroke her hair and she looks me in the eyes.

"I want to get out, Keron. I want to get out and be with you and wherever you want to go. District Six, District Ten. I don't care. I love you. I love you." She tells me and I help her down. we climb down the tree and sit at the base of it. I rub her cheek with my knuckle and see a big shadow come over us. A hovercraft.

Katherin DeGrane, 10

I look at Keron and laugh. We did it, we won the Games. He pulls me in close to him and kisses me, when we break apart, we run over to the hovercraft and each put one foot on the ladder. The electric current runs through us and freezes our muscles in place. Keron's holding me close to him and I'm looking up at him. His hand was on my hair and I can see we are about to step off the ladder. When we're in the hovercraft we're taken apart and into two rooms. They give me a shot that knocks me out and I know that their fixing me up. Taking weight off. Making my hair feel like silk. Making my teeth straight. Brightening my blue eyes. Their doing the same thing to Keron, too, I know. Their fixing him so he's perfect. Not that they need to. He's good enough. When I wake up my hands go straight up to my hair. It feels like silk. There isn't a metal bar on my stomach, and there's the outfit all the tributes wore into the arena cleaned and new. I throw it on and walk out hoping to find Keron. He's standing there waiting for me and I run to him. He takes me and scoops me up. I lean my head on his shoulder.

"There you are. Beautiful as always." He says and I blush. Our mentors aren't there, neither is our escort. But I'm alive with Keron. He loves me just as much as I love him. I wrap my arms around his neck and he pulls me in closer. Here we are. No one ever saw it coming. Not even us. But it doesn't matter what we think.


Congrats to the victors of the 78th Hunger Games!!! I hope you like the Games, I really hope so! I hope you join my other Games!!! Now give it up for the Victors of the Seventy-Eigth Hunger Games:


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