About the story


What if Annie had another little child when Katniss had her children? What if Annie moved to District 12 so she could be with her friends? What happens when Annie's and Katniss's kids meet?

(All in Viridi Odair's POV unless said otherwise)


Viridi Odair

Age: 16

Original District: 4

New District: 12

Best friend: Avis Mellark


Finnick Odair, dad (deceased)

Annie Odair, mom

Finnick Odair Jr., 18, older brother



Avis Mellark

Age: 16

District: 12

Best friend: Viridi Odair


Peeta Mellark, dad

Katniss Mellark, mom

Primrose Rue Mellark, 18, older sister




Chapter One

I look at my mother on my right, then my brother on my left. We're leaving District Four today to go to District Twelve. I guess my mother wants to go there so she can be with her old friends Katniss and Peeta Mellark. She says they have a son my age and a daughter Finnick's age. I don't want to make new friends, though, I just want to stay here in District Four with my best friend Shella. I'll never see her again, though, but my mom says I'll fit in better here. I doubt it. I've only met Avis Mellark once in my life for a Victors' Reunion in the new Capitol. Did I mention that there are no more Hunger Games?

"Viridi!" My brother's voice snaps me out of my daydreaming. I look over at him and he's laughing at me.

"What do you want, Finnick?" I ask him and he laughs again. He points out the hovercraft window and I see we're about to land in District Twelve. I must've fallen asleep or something. I unbuckle my seatbelt and stand up along with my brother and my mother. We walk off the hovercraft and I see the bright sun in my eyes and slip my sunglasses on. Viridi's outfit We walk to a place with a big sign that says VICTOR'S VILLAGE. My mother pushes the gates open and we walk in she comes up to a house and knocks on the door. Avis opens it and smiles.

"Mom, dad, they're here!" He calls back inside. I can't help but notice how cute he is. Unlike the cocky ten year old I met six years ago. I guess we've both changed quite a bit. He's defiantly taller and he looks stronger. He turns back to us and smiles at me with those bright white teeth, and I blush. Avis Mellark just smile at me. I swear I almost melt inside. An older looking man whom I'm guessing is Peeta, walks up behind him and smiles at us. Now I know where Avis gets his smile from.

"Come on in!" He says cheerfully and we all walk inside. It's really nice, it's kind of like what we have back home., but it looks more polished. They probably cleaned it because we were coming over. Our bags should probably already be in our rooms because we sent them here before us. "Avis, why don't you show Viridi to her room." Peeta says, and Avis takes my hand and pulls me away from my mother and my brother.

"Your room is really nice, Viridi. It has it's own bathroom and everything. It's right next to mine.":He tells me and I smile at him. I feel so small next to him.

"Cool." I say and he laughs.

"You look really pretty." He says. It catches me off guard and I trip over my foot. He laughs as he helps me back up and smiles at me. "Are you okay?" He asks still laughing a little.

"Yeah, thanks." I say and he nods. We stop in front of a door that must be the door to my room. He opens the door and we walk in. "Whoa, this is awesome." I say as I examine the room. A queen-sized bed. Pearl colored walls. A cherry wood chest of drawers. Then I realize the giant cresent moon on one of the walls and run up to it. It looks just like the one on my necklace.

"So you like it?" He asks and scratches the back of his neck.

"Yes, I love it!" I exclaim as he walks up to me.

"Wait till you see the bathroom, Viridi." He says and leads me to the bathroom off to the right. I look inside and see one of those fancy Capitol showers and gold walls with cresent moons all over them. How did they know a cresent moon was my lucky charm? "Oh, Viridi, by the way, we're going to a really nice restraunt for dinner to welcome you guys in fifteen minutes. So wear something nice, please." Avis says as he gently touches my hand. I blush and he laughs.

He walks out and I walk over to the closet and pull out my favorite outfit. Dinner I curl my hair and then walk downstairs. Avis greets me and smiles.

"Wow, Viridi. You look really nice." He says and I blush. Avis gently touches my hand and I blush even more.

"You do, too, Avis, thank-you." I say using my best manners. He takes my hand and pulls me in a step closer to him. I smile at him and look him in the eyes. He pulls me in a step closer and our toes are touching.

"So do you want to sit by me at the restaurant, Viridi?" He asks me and I nod. He smiles and takes a step closer to me. "You know, they have a karaoke club on Friday nights at about nine. Do you wanna come with me?" He asks me and I blush.

"As your date?" I ask him and he chuckles a little.

"Well your coming as my date to this dinner aren't you?" He says and I nod a little.

"I guess. Have you ever been on a date before?" I ask him and he shakes his head no.

"Well I know they dance sometimes." He says as he puts his hands on my arms and puts them around his neck. He slips his arms around me, and pulls me in close. I rest my head on his shoulder as he rubs my back. I look at him and he starts to lean in. I lean in a little, too. He pecks my lips with his and I smile and pull him back down. We press our foreheads together, but then I hear footsteps and we jump away from each other. I look away and cross my arms across my chest. This should be the most awkward dinner of my life.

Chapter Two

We all walk in the restraunt and Avis walks beside me he reaches over and takes my hand. I smile and we sit down next to each other. He scoots over a little closer to me and I blush a little. I see the waiter come over and look back over at Avis. He squeezes my hand from under the table and I smile at him.


We get out of the restraunt and we go back to the house. Avis walks me up to my room and I smile at him. Before he lets me go he pulls me in for a kiss. I wrap my arms around his neck and he wraps his arms around me. We stay locked together for a minute and then he pulls away. He smiles at me and I smile at him. He lets go of me and I walk back into my room. I wave good-bye and he waves back and smiles at me.

I sit in my room, sleepless. I can't sleep and I don't know why. After an hour I can't take it. I walk out of my room and downstairs into the TV room. I lay down on the couch and stare at the ceiling. I hear someone come down the stairs, but I ignore it.

"Viridi, are you okay?" Avis asks me and I sit up. He walks over and sits down next to me. I lean my head on his shoulder and he strokes my hair.

"I just couldn't sleep at all." I tell him and he nods.

"What usually helps you sleep?" He asks me and I smile at the thought.

"When I was four and five my mom would come in my bed and sleep with me when I had nightmares." I say and he smiles. He takes my hand and pulls me off the couch. He walks me upstairs and we go into my room. He lays down on the bed and I lay down next to him. He pulls me in close to him and I rest my head on his chest. I finally fall asleep in his arms.

"Viridi! Wake up, Viridi!" Avis calls down to me and I snap my eyes open and he laughs a little.

"What happened?" I squeal and he pulls me out of bed and back into his arms.

"Well, you couldn't sleep last night. I found you downstairs on the couch, and you told me your mom used to sleep with you when you were little and had nightmares, so I came in and held you while you slept." He says and pulls me in closer to him. I kiss his cheek and he smiles.

"Missed." He says and pecks my lips.

"I guess I did." I say and he laughs.

"Excited for the club tonight?" He asks and I nod.

"Yes, I've never been to a dancing club before." I say and he chuckles a little.

"Really? I thought you would've been." He says and takes my hands in his.

"No, I don't even know how to dance." I tell him and he smiles a little.

"Okay, then time for dance lessons." He says. He drops my hands and I giggle a little. "Okay, step one. Put your arms around my neck." And I do as he says. "Step two. I put my arms around you." He says and slips his arms around me. "Step three. I pull you in close. Step four. Kiss me." He says and I look up at him in surprise. He leans down and kisses me as he pulls me in closer. He pulls away and I smile at him.

"Avis Mellark, you may be the nicest boy I've ever met." I say as I rest my head on his shoulder and we turn in little circles.

"Viridi Odair, you are the most beautiful girl in the world." He says and I smile. "Okay, now go wear something pretty. We have to go to breakfast soon." He tells me and I nod. He releases me and goes out the door. I put on some jeans a a black t-shirt and walk downstairs, braiding my hair back in the process. I look down and realize the shirt I'm wearing is a little oversized. I roll my eyes and continue walking down the stairs. I see Avis there waiting for me and he smiles. His smile always lights up a room.

"Breakfast ready?" I ask and he nods. I slip on my combat boots and walk over to the door.

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