Katniss and Peeta

Peeta is better than Gale because. . .

  1. He's cuter
  2. He actually didn't kill Prim
  3. He cares about Katniss
  4. He loves Katniss
  5. He survived the Hunger Games
  6. He saved her life (the bread)
  7. He is way nicer
  8. Katniss loves him
  9. He is soooooooo much more charming than Gale
  10. He saved Katniss from Cato

Peeta is better than Gale because he actually cares and loves Katniss. I know because at the end of the movie she told him to forget what happened in the arena, and he said I don't want to forget. He is sooooooooooo sweet!

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