Philomena "Mena" Goldburg, 14, Alfonso Soltes, 18


Sybil Letteny, 18, Phylis Rhym, 15


Marleen Danford, 16, Hiroko Nachmias, 16


Merecedez Ebey, 13, Ashton Cyrnek, 14


Lottie Munford, 17, Genaro Matts, 14


Lynnette "Lynnie" Handsows, 16, Benjamin "Ben" Woodrow, 17


Charity Zemlicka, 15, Sorocco Helscher, 12


Verona Fogel, 12, Darrin Sparks, 18


Caprice Arrand, 14, Arnulfo Canning, 14


Armandina Serasio, 16, Wade Suddreth, 16


Sun Ferrall, 13, Efren Trapper, 18


Maybelle "Belle" Weisford, 16, Kris Kolthoff, 16

The Games

Day One

Maybelle Weisford

I look around me at all of the tributes. I see Kris Kolthoff, the boy from my district and smile. I like him so much, but he doesn't know. No one does. He catches me staring and I flicker my bright gray eyes back to the timer. I see we only have twenty seconds left, and I get in my ready position. I look back at Kris and he's smiling at me. I smile back and then scan the other tributes. I see the small girl from District 8 crying, and I silently curse the Capitol in my head for doing this to the little kids. I look over at the timer. Five seconds.







I jump off the platform and run towards the Cornucopia, but someone grabs my hand and stops me. I turn to see who it is. Kris. I smile at him as he pulls me away from the Cornucopia. That's one of the things I love about him, he's always so protective of his friends. Especially me since I am his best friend. We run into the woods and he helps me climb up a tree.

"Belle!" He yells at me using my nickname. "Are you crazy? You won't last a second if you head straight into the bloodbath! I thought you were smarter than that!" He yells at me again, and I blush and lean up agains the trunk of the tree. He scoots over and puts an arm around my shoulder. This is probably the closest we'll ever come to being more than friends.

Philomena Goldburg

I got a few spears from the Cornucopia, and I'm sitting next to the boy from District Two, Phylis. He's nice enough for a Career. He's good with a machette is what he said, which wouldn't surprise me. I've never used one but my friend told me that you had to be really strong in order to use one. It's Phylis's turn to keep watch so I get to sleep. Since we only got four sleeping bags we each have to share one with each other. I have to share one with Phylis, which doesn't surprise me. We're about the same age, so we all thought that it wouldn't be as awkward. I crawl into the sleeping bag next to him and he crawls in next to me. I turn to face him and he smiles at me with a smirk and I roll my eyes.

"Oh come on. Don't roll your eyes at me!" He says and I turn back to face him.

"What do you want?" I ask him. He scoots over closer to me and puts an arm around me.

"Just one little kiss, Mena." He says seductively.

"Fine." I say and lean in. My lips touch his and I slink my arms around his neck. He pulls me in closer and fireworks explode in my head. His hand comes up and caresses my cheek, and then he pulls away. "Happy now?" I ask him.

"Very." He replies, and he sits up and leans back against the tree. I rest my head on his lap while he strokes my hair.

Arnulfo Canning

I look around for Caprice. We made a pact we'd be allies after the interview. "Caprice!" I shout her name in a hushed tone.

"Arnulfo?" I hear someone ask. I turn around and see someone up in a tree.

"Caprice, is that you?" I ask and they laugh. They jump down and come out into the full moon. BOOM! I hear a cannon and look at the sky. The boy from District Seven.

"Yes it's me, silly." She says and I look back at her. I kiss her cheek and she hugs me. She looks at me with those big gray eyes and I blush a little. She laughs and hugs me again.

"We should go up the tree." I say and she nods. We climb up and find the biggest branch up there. I sit near the trunk of the tree and Caprice sets her head in my lap and looks up at me while I brush her curly hair out with my fingers.

Day Two

Kris Kolthoff

I look over at a sleeping Belle. She looks so innocent in the moonlight. I scoot over a little closer to her and shake her shoulder. I'd really like to kiss her awake, but I can't, she only thinks of us as best friends. She pops her eyes open and sits up suddenly and I laugh a little.

"Are you okay?" I chuckle. And she gives me a deadly stare with her big gray eyes and I laugh again.

"I'm fine, but next time you wake me up, be sure to do it more gently, please." She says and I find this as a chance to kiss her.

"How would you like me to wake you up?" I ask and scoot in a little closer to her.

"I don't know, just don't scare me half to death. Remember we are in the Hunger Games." She says and I laugh a little.

"Would this scare you?" I ask her, and then gently press my lips against hers. She seems shock at first, then kisses me back. I caress her cheek and she wraps her arms around my neck. I pull her in as close as I possibly can and put my arms around her. When we pull apart she's smiling the brightest smile I've ever seen her smile.

"No, but it might make me overflow with happiness." She says and I smile. Does that mean she likes me back? "Look, Kris, I have to tell you something." She says as I pull her into my lap.

"What is it Belle?" I ask her and she rests her head on my shoulder.

"I really, really like you. . ." She says but then she trails off.

"What? I mean, you do?" I ask her happily, but she remains sad.

"I do, it's just, I can't like you anymore." She says.

Lynnette Handsows

I lay next to Ben in a sleeping bag. He has his arms around me and my head is on his chest. Neither one of us was keeping watch until I woke up about five minutes ago. I shake Ben's shoulder to wake him up. He won't wake up and I know he's not dead because I would've heard a cannon. I lean down and kiss him gently and his eyes open suddenly and I giggle a little. He sits up next to me and pulls me in close to him.

"Now, Lynnie, what was that for?" He asks and I giggle my little girlish giggle again.

"Well, you wouldn't wake up." I say and he laughs.

"If I don't wake up again then just shake me till I do, you scared me." He says and starts to tickle me. I start to laugh and squeal and swat at him.

"Ben, please, please, stop!" I say making him laugh even more. Then we both hear a branch break and he stops tickling me and pulls me back in close to him. I start to cry a little and wimper and then an arrow flies out of the brush near our camp, hitting me in the arm. Ben yells and and takes the arrow out of my arm and rips a shirt sleeve off his jacket and ties it around my arm.

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