Let the Thirty-first Hunger Games Begin! (Find all information on the other blog post)

The Reapings

District One:

A woman walks on stage wearing the strange Capitol clothes. "Happy Hunger Games!" she exclaims. The crowd remains silent. "We are here to accept one couragous young man and woman to represent District 1 in the annual Hunger Games." She tells them. They start to play a movie, but no one pays attention to it. It is always ignored. When the movie is over, the woman speaks again, "Now time to pick for the girls!" She exclaims happily. She walks over to the girls' reaping ball. Her hand digs inside. She takes one out, and walks back over to the microphone. She clears her throat. "Saphire Hyland." She says in her Capitol accent. A young girl with saphire blue eyes, and long flowing blond hair approaches the stage with a smile.

"I am very prepared." She says into the microphone.

"Okay then young lady. Now for the boys' turn." The woman says. She makes her way over to the tributes, and picks a name right on top. "Gleamer Juventus." She says, and looks out into the crowd. A boy walks up with blood red lips, blond hair, and clear blue eyes. He looks back at a girl in the crowd who gives him a dirty look. This only makes him smile.Dis

District Two:

The same woman walks on the stage in District 2. She says the same things, and goes right over to the girls' reaping ball. She digs her hand deep inside until it looks like she has touched the bottom. She pulls out the name, and wriggles her way over to microphone. She slowly opens the paper, and clears her throat. "Scarlett Strange." She says, and one girl steps out of her position and looks around her. She bobbles up to the stage happily. She remains silent, but everyone can tell she is happy. The woman without warning, hobbles over to the boys' reaping ball. She goes about wrist deep, and then takes one out. "Cato Junas." She calls out, and a brutally built strong boy makes his way through the crowd.

District Three:

In District 3, a woman named Effie bobbles onto stage in four inch black heels. Her smiling face makes everyone else seem mean. She speaks into the microphone words that no one listens to. She digs her hand into the girls' ball. She pulls one out. "Talia Viro!" A young girl makes her way through the crowd quickly with a frown on her face. Effie walks over to the boys' reaping ball, and pulls out a name immediatley. She hands it to Talia to read for no reason at all.

"Jack P-pearon." She studders into the microphone. She looks out into the crowd. Jack Pearson. Talia knows him. They are almost best friends. He walks up to the stage quickly as Talia did, and she winces.

District Four:

In District 4, people are rushing to get to the reaping. It isn't exactly a happy occasion, but it is exciting here. The woman from 1&2 walks on stage and greets everyone. For some unknown reason she skips the video, and walks over to dig her hand into the reaping ball. She pulls one out in the blink of an eye, and rushes back over to the microphone to read it. It seems like she is as excited as everyone else. "Kezaiah Bianca!" She exclaims, and a girl that most people know rushes up on stage with a huge smile.

"Go on. Choose the boys." She tells the woman, and she rushes over to the boys' reaping ball. She takes significantly longer for them for an unknown reason. When she finally decides she rushes over to the microphone, and calls the name.

"Ryden Ethfour." She says. A boy at the age of 18 walks up to the stage. He's smiling the whole time. He looks over at Kezaiah, and frowns. He knows she'll be a challenge. He tries not to show it, though.

District Five:

The boys and girls gather quickly so they can get the reaping over with. Effie Trinket walks on the stage again, discusted with the whole District. She straightens up her wig, and gets the thing on with. The movie seems to go on forever, but after about five minutes it's over. "Ladies first!" She calls into the crowd, and walks over to the girl reaping ball. Her hand digs down into it, and she pulls one out. She shows it to everyone. She bobbles over to the micrphone, and calls the name slowly, it may be hard to pronounce. "Abella Grace." She says simply, and doesn't even wait for her to come on the stage. She walks over to the boys' ball, and plucks one delicatly off the top. She goes over to the microphone, and calls the name out clearly. "Lukas Kovalsky."

District Six:

Effie walks on the stage, goes right over to the girls' ball, and takes a name out, not waiting for an invitation. "Rose Juna Ice." She calls out. A plain girl walks out of the girl section, and makes her way up to the stage. She seems small. When she arrives on the stage, Effie walks over to the other ball. She digs her hand in deep, and takes a specific one out. "Benjamin Woodrow." She says. She looks out into the crowd, waiting for a boy to come up.

District Seven:

A different woman walks up on stage, and smiles. She greets everyone cheerfully. "Come on, smile! It isn't that sad!" She lies to eveyone. The movie starts playing, and a few girls and boys near the front start crying. One specific girl, almost faints. "Lila Woods." The woman says. The girl who nearly fainted walks up on stage. She stares at her feet the whole time. The woman walks over to the boys' reaping ball. She neatly plucks the one off the top, and bobbles over to the microphone happily. "Kevin Mass." She says, a boy walks up to the stage, and stands there panting.

District Eight:

A woman happily trots on stage, her strangly tinted orange skin makes her stand out enourmously in the district. She greets everyone, and tells them to point their attention to the movie, but instead they all stand there wondering the same thing, will it be me? The woman waits for the movie to be over, and all you can hear is the loud tapping of her shoes on the stage. She walks over to the girls' reaping ball. She smiles, and digs her hand into the bottom of the ball. She takes one out, and scurries over to the microphone to read it. "Marina Milker, you're the lucky tribute!" She calls out. A girl who seems to be pretty and young rushes up on stage. She blushes, and a few girls snicker. "A few words, Marina?" She asks her.

"I'll honestly be gone soon." She says truthfully. Her mother collapses to the ground, and Marina has to grab the woman's arm in order to keep steady.

"Boys, it's your turn!" She exclaims. She wobbles over to the boys' reaping ball. She plucks one delictatly off the top. She hurries as fast as she can to the microphone to call the name. "Nidio Lavand!" She calls out, and a strong looking, tall eighteen year old steps out of the audience. He makes his way up to the stage, and stands there.

District Nine:

Effie Trinket walks on stage in a bright green wig, and a pitch black suit. She waits for the video to be over, and then calls out the words, "Ladies first!" Like she always does. She walks over to the girl ball, and plucks a name off the very top. She smiles and walks over to the microphone. She neatly unfolds the paper, and clears her throat. "Audacia Undersea." She says, she looks out to the audience, waiting for this girl to come forth. After five minutes, a girl steps out of her position, and walks up to the stage. Then Effie trots over to the boy ball, and neatly plucks one off the top. She hobbles back to the microphone. "Bernn Benede." She says, and a boy immediatly steps out his place, and runs up to the stage.

District Ten:

A woman named Genio Vivire walks up on stage, she is reluctant to everyone. Even she picks the names in disgust. She has plucked a name off the top of girls' ball, and walked over to the microphone. "Lydia Browne." She calls, a girl who looks to be twelve steps out of the audience. Another girl's mouth drops. It is her sister. She runs out of her place, and runs up to the Peacekeepers.

"I volunteer for tribute!" She calls out. The crowd grows into a panic. The girl named Lydia walks back to her mother, and waits for her sister to tell her name to everyone.

"What's your name?" Genio asks politely.

"Krista Browne. That was my sister." She tells them, and everyone can see the resemblence. The same beautiful green eyes, the same stick straight red hair. It isn't hard to see. Then Genio goes over to the boys' reaping ball, and plucks a name off the top in disgust. She tiptoes over to the microphone. Genio unfolds the paper, and reads it clearly. "James Usaiss." She calls.

District Eleven:

A woman bobbles on stage joyfully, in her home this is a happy occasion. She waits for the movie to be over, and then greets everyone. She walks over to the girls' reaping ball, and calls out a girl whose name has been entered over seventy times. "Sage Calun." She says, and a girl who appears to be very pretty walks on stage. Her dark hair pulled back in a braid. Her dark brown dress matches her eyes perfectly. Her tan skin is beautiful in the sunlight. She isn't smiling, but she's trying hard to be brave. The woman waits for her to come onto stage, and then walks over to the boys' reaping ball. She plucks a name delicatly off the top, and walks over to the microphone. "Gregom Jaonsah." She says, a boy with light blonde hair, dark eyes, and a sturdy figure steps out of his position. He walks up to the stage.

District Twelve:

Kater Niomah, a woman from the Capitol, walks up on the stage. She greets everyone, and then they all point their attention towards the Capitol movie. When it's over, Kater walks over to the girls' reaping ball without warning. She walks back over to the microphone, and calls the name. "Rose Parker." A weak looking, small twelve year old walks out of her place in the audience. Then all of a sudden you can see a tear in her eye. She continues to walk until she reaches the stage. Then it is time for the boys. Kater has already plucked the name, but has not called it yet. "Marthus Agus." She says, and then a boy walks up to the stage.

Let the 31st Hunger Games Begin!

All the tributes stand side by side in a frozen wasteland. Each wears a genetically engineered jacket that keeps body warmth inside it. Under it they each wear five undergarments to do the same. They wear plain black pants that are lined with pockets. All the girls were required to leave their hair down to help keep warm. Everyone knows that the Careers will be in the big bloodbath in the Corncucopia. Most of the tributes from the same districts will probably form alliances with one another. Claudius Templesmith's voice booms throughout the arena as he counts down from ten. All the tributes get in their ready position. All of them are show on the screen. Five, four, three, two, one.

Sage Calun's POV:

I look around me, Gregom is about two tributes away from me. He jumps off, and starts running toward the pine forest. I jump down, and chase after him. He is the boy from my district, and he's very strong. With his strength, and my intelligence, we should be an unbeatable team. Our mentors were nice. They helped me by telling me to run away from the Cornucopia. I can steel from the Careers later. I run and run, and finally find Gregom in a tree. I don't know if he can see me, so I start climbing. He sees me, and starts climbing higher. "Gregom," I start in a whisper, "I'm not going to hurt you." And he stops climbing. After I can reach his hand he helps me up.

"Listen. Sage, the Careers are coming." He warns me, he takes a couple of knives out of under his sleeve, and hands me one. Now I remember, he grabbed a few knives right at the edge of the Cornucopia. I laugh, and accept his offer. I'm best with a bow and arrows, but I'm good with knives, too. I see one Career, and am about to throw the knife, but she sees me.

Saphire Hyland's POV:

Sage is just about to take me down with a knife, but I aim my spear at her, and throw it before she realizes it. The boy from her district pushes her out of the way, and takes the spear himself, but sadly, it misses him, too. They both laugh at me, and I feel anger flush my face. I grab another spear from my backpack that I got at the Cornucopia, and aim for Sage, I throw it, and it barely misses her eye. She laughs and grins. "Thanks for all the spears!" She says jokingly. Then I realize it, she'll just get my spears, and take me down with one.

"We'll see who's laughing in a minute." I tell her, and she just laughs again.

"A monkey could throw a spear better than you." She insaults me. I yell something at her, but it's not even a language. It's gibberish. The other Careers laugh at me, and I threaten to take them all out with a spear. Before I can I feel a blade in my back. I turn around, and see Sage laughing at me. Before I'm too weak, I take a spear, and throw it at her leg. Let's see how she likes that. It barely gets the edge of her leg, but she's bleeding badly. I get out a laugh, and then fall down to the ground. Cato leans down next to me, and whispers something in my ear.

"We'll get 'em. Trust me." He assures me, and I laugh. I hand him a spear, and he throws it, hitting Sage's leg again. Surely she'll die of blood loss. . . wait! A parachute is floating down near her. Gregom reaches over and gets it. He hands it to Sage, and she opens it. A bandage! I hear footsteps, and turn around. Rose Parker from 12.

Rose Parker's POV:

Oh no! They all see me, and I'm so small that surely they'll kill me. I turn around and run as fast as I can. Gleamer is right at my tracks! I'll be dead for sure. For some reason, no one went to the Cornucopia except for the Careers. I run in that direction, and find see a bow and a quiver of arrows sitting there. If I hurry I can get it. I run a little faster, and then grab the bow and arrows. I load the bow immediatly, and aim for the Career chasing me, I let it fly straight into their heart, and they die instantly.

End of Day One:

Deaths on day one
Deaths Killer How Killed Saphire Hyland Sage Calun Knife in back
Cato Junas Rose Parker Arrow in heart
Bernn Benede Jack Pearson Spear in lungs
James Usaiss Marthus Agus blood loss

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