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D10 Train ride

Lily's POV

I walk onto the train and am astonished by what I see. Pure beautiful. Isaac walks up behind me and smiles at me. "A little astonished aren't you, Bunny?" He says and I nod. We walk over to the couch and I lay my head in his lap. He smiles and strokes my hair. He pulls me up so I'm sitting on his lap and leans in, and I do, too. Our lips meet and I wrap my arms around his neck and he wraps his arms around me and pulls me in closer. He pulls away and then kisses me again, until we hear our mentor coming. We blush and he laughs at us.

Training Scores (Done by Random!)

District One

Girl: Lindsey Greene, 16

Score: 9

Boy: Arran Harthorn, 16

Score: 8

District Two

Girl: Malley Tan, 14

Score: 8

Boy: Oshie Gould, 18

Score: 10

District Three

Girl: Electra Volts, 14

Score: 5

Boy: Gorgon Wireless, 15

Score: 4

District Four

Girl: Nina Marian, 17

Score: 9

Boy: Nicholas Davenport, 17

Score: 9

District Five

Girl: Tressa James, 16

Score: 4

Boy: Ian Kerst, 14

Score: 3

District Six

Girl: Tamora Summers, 18

Score: 7

Boy: Mickey Malicaster, 17

Score: 4

District Seven

Girl: Tityana Jones, 15

Score: 5

Boy: Navy Wonders, 16

Score: 4

District Eight

Girl: Cirena Starford, 13

Score: 4

Boy: Alex Donaque, 12

Score: 3

District Nine

Girl: Dinah Blount, 12

Score: 3

Boy: Caleb Stoll, 12

Score: 3

District Ten

Girl: Lily Carter, 17

Score: 6

Boy: Isaac Sunday, 17

Score: 5

District Eleven

Girl: Rinni Macgreery, 18

Score: 7

Boy: Cody Skinner, 12

Score: 2

District Twelve

Girl: Marcie Redder, 16

Score: 5

Boy: Austin Lawerence, 16

Score: 5


Okay, it's now or never to request alliances, and owners of the Career tributes, please tell me if they are a Career or not. If they aren't, then tell me their other strategy please!!!!!!!!!

Alliance Chart

Name Age District Yes or No? Who with?
Lindsey Greene 16 1 Yes Careers
Arran Harthorn 16 1 Yes Careers
Malley Tan 14 2 Yes Careers
Oshie Gold 18 2 Yes Careers
Electra Volts 14 3 No
Gorgon Wireless 15 3 No
Nina Marian 17 4 Yes Careers
Nicholous Davenport 17 4 Yes Careers
Tressa James 16 5 Yes Cirena Starford, Lily Carter, Isaac Sunday
Ian Kerst 14 5 No
Tamora Summers 18 6 No
Mickey Mallicaster 17 6 Yes Navy Wonders
Tityana Jones 15 7 No
Navy Wonders 16 7 Yes Mickey Mallicaster
Cirena Starford 13 8 Yes Tressa James, Lily Carter, Isaac Sunday
Alex Donaque 12 8 No
Dinah Blout 12 9 Yes Caleb Stoll, Cody Skinner
Caleb Stoll 12 9 Yes Dina Blout, Cody Skinner
Lily Carter 17 10 Yes Cirena Starford, Isaac Sunday, Tressa James
Isaac Sunday 17 10 Yes Lily Carter, Cirena Starford, Tressa James
Rinni Macgreery 18 11 No
Cody Skinner 12 11 Yes Caleb Stoll, Dinah Blout, Alex Donaque
Marcie Redder 16 12 Yes Austin Lawrence
Austin Lawrence 16 12 Yes Marcie Redder

Okay, please PLEASE upload your tribute's interview by the second week of July.

Interviews (so far)





Ceaser: Please welcome Nina Marian of District 4!

Nina: *walks up and gives a twirl, making her dress look like it is bursting into water*


Nina: Thank you all! I love you all! I honestly have to thank my stylist, for without her, this dress would be nothing!

Ceaser: Of course, now tell me, what do you miss most about your home in District 4?

Nina: The beaches and oceans. They are so beautiful to watch the sunsets on and they are very beautiful at night, reflecting the sky.

Ceaser: Of course but I know that people love you.

Nina: Thank you *blushes a little*



Caesar: Let's welcome! The hunk of District 4.....Nicholas Davenport!

  • Nicholas winks at girls*

Ceasar: Hello, Nick.

Nick: Hello, Caesar.

Caesar: How was your reaping?

Nick: Well I volunteered to become a winner, and I trust myself and my skills that I will win this 79th Hunger Games! And plus, my advantage! I am a career! WOO!

Caesar: Very well, Nick. So, do you have some love ones?

Nick: Yeah, my family!

Caesar: No, I

Nick: I'm sorry, Caesar. But no, I don't have one. I don't like them. And if yes, if my love one died then it is sad for me! Plus, I hate lovelifes!



Caesar: And now we welcome the elusive Tressa Jones! (Tressa looks at the crowd mysteriously)

Caesar: Well Tressa, you have been very sly throughout these few weeks.

Tressa: Really?

Caesar: Yes. We want to know more about you too. So, do you have any hidden talents?

Tressa: Wouldn't you like to know.

Caesar: Ooh, very sneaky. Do you have any tricks that we can expect in the arena?

Tressa: Only if you watch carefully.

Caesar: Do you really think you can win?

Tressa: Yes.... I do. I think I'm smart enough, but I don't want to die because someone killed me out of cold blood. I want to die..if I die... because I wanted to. Does that make sense?

Caesar: It does and I believe that you might win. But secretly of course. (chuckles)

Tressa: Of course.


Caesar: Thank you Tressa. Once again the sly, elusive, enchanting Tressa Jones!!




Caesar: Hello big boy! The macho man from District 6...Mickey. *Applause*

Mickey: Hello Sir Caesarton. *Laughs*

Caesar: Sir Caesarton, I like that. *Laughs* Well let's get to buisness, what is your plan when you get in there?

Mickey: The less you know the better. *Long Pause* I'm kidding! * Laughs* I'm going to do everything i can to get back home to my family.

Caesar: That is very good son and I wish you a lot of luck.

Mickey: Thank you. And for my jokes, all be here all week! * Laughs* No I'm actually going to be fightong to my death. *Silence* Same thing right? *Laughs*

Caesar: Well let's give it up for him. *Crowd roars with approval*




Ceaser: And now time for Cirena Staford from District 8!

Cirena: Hello Ceaser *waves to crowd*

Ceaser: Aren't you nice? Well, what is your favorite thing about the Capital?

Cirena: All of you people. If it weren't for you I would be able to survive.

Ceaser: No doubt! Now tell me, are the rumors true? Are you the mayors daughter?

Cirena: Yes, I was suppose to come mayor after my father. But then I went into these games. I wish I didn't have to be here but District 8 was to shy to volunteer for me or Alex, who has gotten good allies.




Ceaser: Next up is Dinah Blount!

Dinah: Hi Ceaser!

Ceaser: So Dinah what have you been doing hear in the Capitol?

Dinah: Well just working on my strategy and playing rock band with Caleb.

Ceaser: So Dinah what do you think of Caleb?

Dinah: One word HOT!!

Ceaser: I knew it! Well that was Dinah Blount!!



Ceaser: Next up is Caleb Stoll!

Caleb: Hi Ceaser!

Ceaser: So, Caleb do you think you can win these games?

Caleb: I know I can, I have the skills, and I can only get better.

Ceaser: Well that's the spirit! Caleb one last question, you seem to be hiding something about Dinah?

Caleb: *Eyes widen* Well we are close friends, but-


Ceaser: And that was Caleb Stoll!


Ceaser: We are down to the last three districts! Please welcome, Lily Carter!

Lily: Hi.

Ceaser: Now, Lily, are your rumors true? Are you and Issac a... thing?

Lily: *blushes* Maybe.

Crowd: *guys whistle while girls aw*

Ceaser: Lily, come on, speak the truth. We all heard about you two on the train, kissing.

Lily: Okay, so? I guess we are a thing *blushes again*

Ceaser: Thank you. Now, what do you miss about District 10?

Lily: Ummm... Nothing? I honestly was not one with the cattle. Maybe with the horses, I guess I might miss them. I would go horse-back riding every Wednesday.



Ceaser: Now for Isaac Sunday, the second lover of District Ten!

Isaac: *scratches back of head* Oh, uh, Lily told you, about us, didn't she?

Ceaser: Yes, I believe she did. Is it true?

Isaac: Yeah, I really love her.

Crowd: Aww's.

Ceaser: Well, she is a beautiful young lass isn't she?

Isaac: Yeah, but that's not the only reason I love her. I love her because she's sweet and kind. She amazing.





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