District One

Girl: Lindsey Greene, 16, Ms.finnickodair

Boy: Arran Harthorn, 16, Mysims

District Two

Girl: Malley Tan, 14, AshtonMoioLover

Boy: Oshie Gould, 18, Micberg1234

District Three

Girl: Electra Volts, 14, Wikia Constributer1

Boy: Gorgon Wireless, 15, WikiaCostributer1

District Four

Girl: Nina Marian, 17, Rainfacestar

Boy: Nicholas Davenport, 17, FinnickForever

District Five

Girl: Tressa James, 16, CloveJohanna

Boy: Ian Kerst, 14, Dedejacob

District Six

Girl: Tamora Summers, 18, AshtonMoioLover

Boy: Mickey Malicaster, 17, 2legit2quit

District Seven

Girl: Tityana Jones, 15, Theworldscolliding

Boy: Navy Wonders, 16, 2legit2quit

District Eight

Girl: Cirena Starford, 13, Rainfacestar

Boy: Alex Donaque, 12, Mysims

District Nine

Girl: Dinah Blount, 12, WikiaConstributer2

Boy: Caleb Stoll, 12, CloveJohanna

District Ten

Girl: Lily Carter, 17, Rainfacestar

Boy: Isaac Sunday, 17, Jsm13athome

District Eleven

Girl: Rinni Macgreery, 18, 50thGamesFTW

Boy: Cody Skinner, 12, Rue district11

District Twelve

Girl: Marcie Redder, 16, Ms.finnickodair

Boy: Austin Lawerence, 16, Ms.finnickodair

Thank-you everyone who submitted a tribute, the next part will be up soon!!!!!! Thank-you!!!

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