District One

Name: Callam Delaney

Gender: Male

District: 1

Age: 15

Appearance: Brown hair, hazel eyes and 6'0 Not good looking but not ugly

Backstory: Callam was different from birth, he always had an exceptional mind, anything he saw he remembered with extreme precision. He spent any time that he had when we wan't practising with his favourite weapon (War-Axe) he would be in the library learning about things. He read a book on 'Parkour' or 'Free-Running' and he is now a master at it. He had a typical careers upbringing despite his talents

Personality: Callam is very quiet and tends to back down when he shouldn't, he is very analytical and always has a plan, he also is very cute when he wants to be.

Weapons: War-Axe

Skills/Strengths: Exceptional traceur, amazing at climbing, swimming and accurate with all polearms. Tactician.

Weaknesses: Callam has trust-issues


Name: Katelynn Huxley (female)

Age: 14

Appearance: Long blonde and brown hair, often t

up; green eyes with deep red eyeshadow, bright freckles. Very beautiful.

Backstory: Katelynn was orphaned at a very young age when disease spread through District 1. An old blind woman named Beatrice, whom her father hated, took her in and helped her rebuild her strength and courage. She attended summer camp and found she had a real talent for knife throwing, and she almost always hit the bullyseye. Also, she realised her skills as an escape artist and asked Beatrice if she could go in for Career training. Reluctantly, Beatrice agreed, and ever since she was twelve she has been training and waiting to be reaped. If she doesn't get reaped, she'll volunteer on her last HG.

Personality: Katelynn is a flirt, often using her looks to seduce innocent victims then killing them when they don't expect it. Everyone thinks Katelynn is a sweet, butter-wouldn't-melt little stunner but really, she is a ruthless killing machine. Weapons: Throwing knives Skills/Strengths: Katelynn is brilliant at knife throwing and is an escape artist pro. She also has physical strength and can hoist herself up large things like mountains and icebergs. Weaknesses: Katelynn, whilst being sweet, has serious anger issues. She is also incredibly untrustworthy.

District Two

Name: Johnathan Tanks (male)

Age: 17

District: 2

Weapon: spiked mace

Appearance: brown hair, blue eyes, and chiseled featurers, fit

Strengths: maces and spears


.Name: Evanesca Harlow

Gender: Female

Weapons: Swords, daggers

Strengths: Hunting, climbing

Weakness: Swimming

District Three

(Male) _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Name: Delilah Woods

Age: 17

District: 3

Weapon: Sword and mace, talented with a spear as well but finds it hard to use anything she must throw.

Personality: Sweet and sensitive, but she is a feisty girl, who will fight for what she wants. She can basically flip her top in seconds and go back to normal just as fast. She tends to be motherly and friendly towards younger people. Yet she will easily sock someone her age in the jaw without hesitation if angered.

Appearance: Long blonde hair that falls in choppy waves to her shoulders. Light green eyes with flecks of hazel through them. She has flawless white skin and a small, perfect nose. She has pink lips that are full and flawless, she has a fit body, and seems to have kept in good shape for someone from her district.

Height: 5'6

Backstory: Delilah was from a pretty moderate family. They didn't have too much, and they didn't have too little to go on. Her parents were both employed and she was an only child, so she basically got all the attention. She was blessed with looks, something many in her district don't have. So all the guys threw themselves at her, she rejected each one. With her heart only on one male.

Strengths: She is fast and strong, very pretty and could easily sprint 100 meters in under 30 seconds, she is athletic and can easily take down someone her age in a fight, unless they have been trained.

Weaknesses: She is secretly insecure about how she looks, and can't kill anyone around the age of 12.

District Four

Name: Apollo Elto

Age: 16

Height: 5'9"

District: 4

Gender: Male

Family: His twin sister and parents

Friends: He has a gang of boys who beat up on the poorer people in town and wimpy small kids at school

Strengths: He is always second best at everything his siter does but he is an amazing wrestler besides that he plays foot ball, and rugby but he seconds his sister in swimming and running

Weaknesses: fear of animals unless he is eating thema nd they are dead he hates living things and he likes to eat nothing but meat


Name: Artemis Elto

Age: 16


District: 4

Gender: Female

Family: Her twin brother and her parents, her dad is the major and her mom his secretary

Friends: She has a really cute boyfriend Brandon Marko. Who is really in love with her. But she made him not volunteer for the boy position by giving him a sleep tonic. She hopes he forgives her she doesn't want him to die for her.

Strengths: She is the best swimmer for her age group in District 4 and is better than most adults. She is also trained with very many weapons. She is a super fast runner and can climb trees quicky. She is very smart and is a few grade levels ahead. She is also a skilled gymnast

Weaknesses: She is afraid of dying so she has been training for teh games her entire life just in case and she has a very sensitive spot on her upper right thigh from a training accident, allergies

District Five

(Female)- Reserved- 2 days left to submit tribute.

District Six

Name- Jone (pronounced Yo-Neigh) Depaul

Age- 18

Weapon- Screwdriver (uses for stabbing and throwing) and Bow

Appearance- Long dirty blonde hair. Deep blue eyes. Medium height 5'5. Decentley muscley, worked in a garage with her dad.

Personality- Bitter but Likable. Very sarcastic but quite funny

Strengths- Speed and Hand to Hand combat

Weaknesses- Epilepsy and Swimming

District Seven

name- Pamline Falcone

Age- 17

Weapons- Axe and Mace

Strengths- Very strong and a great tree climber.

Weaknesses- Swimming and he isnt the fastest.

Personality- He is silent and likes his own company. (Female)- Reserved- 2 days left to sumbit tribute.

District Eight

Name: Shila Willerton

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Weapon(s): Needles that she can throw, and a bow and arrow.

Appearance: "5,5" pretty, long raven black hair. Slightly tan skin. Dark brown eyes.

Weakness: She's not all that fast.

Personality: Rude, arrogant, and very Career like.

Strenghths: She's very strong and smart.

Backstory: She grew up in a rare Capitol friendly, Games- loving family and was told to volunteer when she turned 16. So she volunteered for another girl to try to win the Games.

District Nine

Name: Lexeline 'Lexi' Whittle

Age: 12

Weapon: Knife

Personality: Ambitious and creative, hates the outdoors. She prefers to sit in her room and draw and think than be outside running around. Pretty much the opposite of Hanna.

District: 9

Appearance: Red hair, hazel eyes. She is very small and is very pale. She has a small nose and very full lips. She looks quite cute.

Height: 4'10

Strengths: Small and quick, can dissapear into the woods in a matter of seconds. She is very easily found, but could easily get away in a matter of seconds.

Weaknesses: Has a bad left eye. She also isn't strong at all and could be blown over by a strong wind.

District Ten

Madeline James



She is quiet and is the girl you would never expect to be good with a weapon.

Her favorite weapon is a dagger, but she also likes to through them and is okay with a sickle.

In District 10, she worked on the farm, she herded all the animals to where they would be killed, she knew them best out of anyone. At the Reaping, she was indeed reaped.

District Eleven

Carter Evans



She is shy yet caring and brave.

Her favorite weapon is a bow and arrow, but she has many other good weapons, short and long distance.

In District 9, she and Max are twins. They live with an older sister who has yet to wed but shall soon. At the Reaping, she was reaped but tried to stay calm.

District Twelve

Blaze Caroll

Age: 15


Weapon(s): Sword and knives.

Appearance: "5,9" absolutely gorgeouse even though she's from the Seam. Blue eyes and porcelain skin.

Weakness: She's very forgetful and nervouse.

Peersonality: Sollemn, silent, and kept to self .

Strenghths: Self-perservation and extremely stealthy.

Backstory: She grew up in the Seam and both her parents died in s mine explosion. She tried to learn to hunt,but couldn't. Every Reaping she somehow managed to skip the blood check and one time she even kept herself hidden well enough that when her name was called a year ago , no one could find her and someone else was Reaped. She almost did the same this year,but they grabbed her when she first arrived.

Tribute Gallery


1. Two tributes per person.

2. Reservations open two days.

3. If I don't put your tribute up ASAP, then leave a message on my page and I'll get right to it.

Alliance Chart

Name District Alliance
Callam Delaney 1
Katelynn Huxley 1
Johnathan Tanks 2
Evanesca Harlow 2
Delilah Woods 3
Apollo Elto 4
Artemis Elto 4
Reserved 5
Jone Deapaul 6
Pamline Falcone 7
Reserved 7
Shila Willerton 8
Lexeline "Lexi" Whittle 9
Madeline James 10
Carter Evans 11
Blaze Caroll 12

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