Chapter One

I walk through the woods with Gale at my side, and my loaded bow pointed toward the ground. I've had to hunt and cook for the past five months. My sister died, and my mother went into so much grief, she won't even move. Gale's been helping a little, though. Peeta, too, his family's been giving me some bread. I look over at Gale, and he's setting snares. I smile, and hear a faint noise. I turn around, and see a deer right in front of me. I raise my bow, and hit the deer straight in the heart. Gale comes over, and takes it. The winter cold makes my bones tingle wildly. But the only way to get food is to hunt, and exchange items in the Hob. The victory tour is in a few hours, so I have to hurry back home so I won't leave my team waiting.

"Gale, go down to the Hob and give a little bit of the deer away. I've gotta go." I tell him, he nods, and I go through the fence. I run home, and change out of my sister's old hunting clothes. I take a shower, and when I get out, they start working on me immediatly. They tell me I'm supposed to look a little older, so they dye my hair a plain brown, and add highlights. They make my fingernails perfect ovals, and send me on to Cinna. He has a blue sweater that matches my eyes exactly, and jeans. I quickly put them on, and then he puts a white scarf around my neck. I walk out into the winter cold, and see all the cameras. Peeta's standing over on the other side of the street. I run over to him, and he wraps me in a hug.

"Have you been hunting?" He mouths, and I nod. He smiles, and releases his grip on me. He runs a lock of my brown hair through his fingers like he did in the arena. Effie takes us to the Capitol train where we're fed the colorful food that they get in the Capitol. We are taken to District 11 to honor Rue, who's name I just learned, and Thresh. We get there, and there are festive decorations everywhere. Peeta and I wave as we get off the train. Peeta helps me down, and the crowd goes wild for the brother-sister duo. We walk onto the stage, and give our speeches about the tributes. It's harder to do Thresh, because after all, I am the one who killed him.

We go to the District 11 Justice Building, and have the special ceremonial dinner. Peeta, of course, is wonderful. Making others laugh, he's the only reason we had sponsors last year. He looks over at me, and nudges my shoulder. I still don't say anything. I'm too shy to say something. Afterwards, Peeta and I are taken back onto the train. He shakes his head at me. "Why didn't you say something?" He asks me. I feel so confused, how does Peeta not know that I'm too shy to do anything like he does.

"Because I'm not like you, Peeta. I can't get people to like me with just one word." I tell him. He comes over to me, and squats down to look me in the eyes. He hugs me, and I look out the window. He kisses my forehead, and then lets me go.

"Prim, I'm not like that. Besides, all the people in the country love you. Can you blame them? You're adorable. And sweet. You saved my life in the arena, too." He reminds me, and he makes me smile. He cups a hand around my cheek, and I take his other one. I shed a tear, and he wipes it away with his thumb. I know he must know what I told him is true. He's as likeable as a newborn puppy.

"You are like that, Peeta. You have to know it." I tell him, and he shakes his head no. He picks me up, and carries me to my room. He lays me down on the bed, and strokes my hair as I fall asleep. This victory tour would be better if only Katniss could see it. I wish she was here. I know Peeta loved her, he must have if he was going to protect me. He was doing that for her. And for me, I'm not like his little sister anymore, I am his little sister. I don't really have a mother anymore, and Gale is more like the person that protects me. But Peeta gets me, and the though makes me smile.

In the morning, I am woken up by the sound of train wheels squeaking to a stop. I get up, and shower. I almost forget they died my hair brown so when I look in the mirror I think I see my sister. I put on an outfit that was layed out for me on the bed. A sleeveless light pink silk shirt, a knee length white flowing skirt, and a pair of black sandals. I look in the mirror and smile. It looks stunning with my dark hair. I walk out to the dining cart, and see Peeta sitting at the table by himself. He looks like he has a bruise on his cheek.

"What happened?" I ask him and quickly rush over to him. He tucks a strand of hair behind my ear, and ignores my question.

"It's nice to see you." He tells me. I touch his bruise once, gently, and he winces. I jerk my hand away, and put it behind my back. I look at him, and try to give him a concerned look, but it doesn't work. He just laughs, and makes me blush. He gets up, and gives me a hug. He strokes my hair, but my mind is still focusing on the bruise.

"Peeta, what happened? Why do you have a bruise?" I ask him. He pulls away, and looks me in the eye.

"Haymitch. Who else?" He asks me, and smiles, but I don't. I want to storm into Haymitch's room, and scream at him for hitting Peeta. He had no right to. Maybe he did, now this question lingers in my mind. What reason?

"Why?" I ask him, and he looks out the window. I try to get him to look at me, but something's really interesting outside in the window. I remember I heard the wheels come to a stop. I follow his gaze, and see nothingness. Just nothing. We aren't in District 10. Then where are we?

Chapter Two

"Prim, I have to tell you something." He explains to me. He takes my hand, and walks me over to the couch. He sits down, and I sit down next to him. I lean my head on his shoulder, and he strokes my hair. "We aren't going on the victory tour." He admits. I take my head off his shoulder, and look him in the eye. Not one sign of lying. Just pure truthfulness.

"Then where are we going?" I ask him. He takes my hand, and kisses my forehead.

"We're going back into the arena." He tells me. I feel so much pain and betrayel. Why do we have to go back into the arena, just us. So why should we? Can they really make us? Or can they only threaten?

"They can't make us!" I yell at him. He nods his head. I look out the window. This is why all I see is nothingness. Nothing but dirt, and a few blades of grass. I run back to my room, and change into jeans and a t-shirt. I throw on my sister's old hunting jacket, and zip it up. I put on her old boots, too. I run out of my room, and off the train. Peeta follows me, and I see what they have created. A barren place, nothing but Peeta and I. I look around, and see the Cornucopia. Wait, someone's coming out of it! A young girl. About my age. She has bright red hair, tan skin, and deep brown eyes. She scans over Peeta and I, and starts running faster. I run over to my right, and down to the Cornucopia. I wonder what else, or who else is in there? I peak around the corner and see all other 21 tributes in there. This must be the Quell. A surprise Hunger Games. How did Peeta know?

"Prim, come back over here!" Peeta insists and I run over to him. I see a bow and arrow sitting there. I try to run for it but Peeta grabs my arm. The others tributes are released one by one, and then approach certain positions. Wait a minute, I've seen all of these people before. They are all from my school. Then I feel a hand on my cheek I look around but no one is there touching it. All of a sudden everything goes black. I shiver as I wake up. A nightmare. A dream, I don't what you would really call it. I look around and I'm in my bedroom on the train, Peeta is testing my cheek for a fever.

"What happened? Are we in 10 yet?" I ask him. He shrugs. I look out the window and it hurts. I lift my hand up to my head. There is a huge cut.

"Haymitch got drunk, and well, don't let him fall asleep with a knife at the dinner table." Peeta tells me and I laugh.

"Oh so he sleep throws? I didn't know that was possible!" I exclaim making Peeta laugh, too. He leans down and kisses my forehead. I feel sleepy again. Man this is bad. I want to sleep, but I'm afraid of having a nightmare.

"Go to sleep, Prim. I'll see you tomorrow when we're in District 10. Okay?" He inists and I nod. I lean my head back and fall asleep instantly.

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