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    The Endless Games

    November 26, 2014 by Lexi142685

    Hey it's me! To those who don't know who this random 'me' is or who simply don't remember (which many of you don't -.-), I am Lexi! Bringing you a new games. I am discontining the old ones, by the way. 

    The Arena is made of ten sections. Each a different terrain. This includes a forest, a jungle, a meadow, a dessert, a snowy area, mountain ranges and other areas. Each section has five houses in it. Each house is located different in each section. The weather is different in each one also. All the houses have some sort of supplies. Twist: There is a tad problem, the mutts don't die, the people who do die turn into zombies, the sections each turn out to be endless. 


    Five tributes per user.

    Name: (Nothing like JJHIUGUH please)

    Age: (13-18…

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  • Lexi142685

    So since the arena dome forcefield is now down. 

    This is mainly what happened Lexi knifed the force field and it broke. Now there is another nation out by the arena nobody in Panem knows about. But the Capital will do ANY thing to get back their tributes. 

    5 characters each!




    Irl picture:


    Where you start at: (A district or Falens/New nation or the capital)

    Which side your on: (Capital or Districts) 

    President: The person who owns Panem, who calls the shots of what the people in Panem do but I control some of that too. 

    President for new nation: Mainly the same as the other president but owns the new nation Falens

    Survivor: Survived the User Games.

    Rebel:  A person who is against Panem


    Capital loyalast: 

    A citizen of …

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  • Lexi142685

    Ok,so I  lost my old account Lexis2685 so I will be continuing my current games in this page here.Ok the story is that after ten years when Katniss and Peeta die the rebellion dies with them. So the start the hunger games.

    I Need Lunaiis and Real life pictures! 

    The arena has a meadow, jungle, and a snow area.

    There are 7 houses. One is right by the cornucopia. The others are all around.  There is a meadow that is good for finding fruits and Vegetables. The meadow is in plain sight of all other tributes. The jungle has all sorts of stuff and holds most of the houses. The jungle is one of the best place to be. The worst place to be would be the snow area. It's cold and there is only one house there. The houses have some supplies in them.



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