Ok,so I  lost my old account Lexis2685 so I will be continuing my current games in this page here.Ok the story is that after ten years when Katniss and Peeta die the rebellion dies with them. So the start the hunger games.

I Need Lunaiis and Real life pictures! 


The arena has a meadow, jungle, and a snow area.

There are 7 houses. One is right by the cornucopia. The others are all around.  There is a meadow that is good for finding fruits and Vegetables. The meadow is in plain sight of all other tributes. The jungle has all sorts of stuff and holds most of the houses. The jungle is one of the best place to be. The worst place to be would be the snow area. It's cold and there is only one house there. The houses have some supplies in them.



district Gender

weapon and age

pet User Weaknesses and Strengths
Gamzee Makara 1 Male



Erisolspite(ghost friend) Tehblakdeath

Strengths:strong,fast,adjustable to anything quickly

Weaknesses:climbing,swimming,being sober

Beemo Xra 1 Female

Weapon: Spears and Traps


Bubble( the bubble) Blue-Ribbionz Strengths:
Kyle 2 Male

Weapon: Bow and arrow,Sword


Marshmallow (dog) Ccmoco


Weaknesses: not a good swimmer, paranoid,can't easily trust others

Rhine Ellery 3 Female

Weapon: Sword, and Knifes


Snake (Snake) Arlenelove'sTHG

Strengths:smart,fast and great at lying

Weaknesses:trust issues, hard time opening up to people,Comes off rude (at first)

Blake Fenton  3 Male

Weapon: claymore sword,mace,throwing axe

Age: 14

Jewel( kitten) Tehblakdeath

Strengths:fast,good communicator,sneaky

Weaknesses:Paranoid, Weak, Colorblind

Kitty Mew  2 Female

Weapon:Claws or throwing knives

Age: 12 (b-day on first day)

Myth (Cat)  Blue-Ribbionz
Kodai Hitogoroshi 4 Male

Weapon:Dagger,poison, sharp teeth


Funch (A beast ) Mistfire333

Strengths: Fast, effective killer, hard to kill

Weaknesses: Paranoid around Strangers,Insane, and would throw at first attack

Mariah Blue 4 Female



Samuel (a fish) None

Strengths:swimming, fishing, fighting

Weaknesses: running, climbing, trusting in other people

Shade Spetrus 5 Male

Weapon:Dagger and Crossbow

Age: 15


Strengths: strong(mentally and physically),alert,intelligent


Iris Ruinthel 5 Female



Buck Rockwell 6 Male


Age: 16

Kiara Brazette 6 Female


Age: 15

Mist Scorchil 7 Male



Rosette Lilth 7 Female


Age: 15

Dylan Evens  8 Male



Lavender Morton 8 Female



Paisley Swan  9 feMale


Age: 13

Jacob Caesarus 9 male


Age: 12

Eli 10 Male



Amber Sunclair 10 Female



Jeff 11 Male



Reapress Misaki 11 Female



Trent 12 Male




Capital Female

Tribute gallery:

  • Gamzee ,District 1 tribute (Real Life)
  • Gamzee stoned, District 1 tribute (lunaii)
  • Gamzee Sober, District 1 tribute (Lunaii)
  • Beemo,District 1 tribute (Lunaii)
  • Beemo,District 1 tribute (Real life)
  • Rhine Ellery ,District 2 tribute
  • Blake,District 3 tribute
  • Kitty Mew ,District 2 tribute
  • Kitty Mew,District 2 tribute (real life)
  • Blake, District 3 (real life)
  • Kodai Hitogoroshi ,District 4


District 1- Gamzee P.O.V

Surprisingly I'm excited for these games. Last year it was super scary to me. I walk to the square in a red button up shirt and black dress up jeans. A peacekeeper walks past me. "Give me your finger" Another peacekeeper says as I reach the table shaped thing. I put out my finger and winch when the needle reaches my skin. It gives a little pinch and the Peacekeeper slams my finger to the thing. 

The mayor starts his speech "........ And for this year a little twist the capital will be having a tribute" He finishes off. The escort comes out of the Justice Building. "Welcome, Welcome to the 2nd annual hunger games!" She exclaims. She has a golden wig on, a dress that is so sparkly it almost blinds me. 

"Ladies first" she says reaching her hand into the girls' reaping bowl. "Beemo Xra". A girl with blue hair comes out of the crowd. She walks up fast. She is a little small and I think she has glasses. "Now for the male tribute" she says"  Sickem Drain". The guy next to me shifts and looks me straight in the eye. It's him and I am a little stoned right now. I don't want to make a wrong decision. "I volunteer as tribute" I yell. Dang it I made one of those wrong decisions. 

"Come up here and state your name" The escort says. I walk up " Gamzee Makara"  I state. "Have you been drinking?!" The escort says very loudly. The crowd laughs rudely. "Yes ma'am" I say. "Well okay Gamzee" she says "The tributes from district 1 for the 2nd annual hunger games!". Beemo and I shake hands and go into the justice building. 

District 2- Kyle  P.O.V 

Another one of the Capitals' entainment Games. I hate watching people kill each other. There was a rebellion a long time ago. Katniss and Peeta survived. It has a whole lot of history into it. I feel so paranoid right now. I might just throw up. I walk up to the square. A few 12 year olds walk by me and, they giggle. One looks sort of like a cat. She's sort of small and has claws. Sharp claws. She could totally win this year's games if she wanted to. 

The mayor starts his speech ".............. and that concludes for a twist this year there will be a tribute from the capital". The annoying escort comes out of the Justice Building. He is wearing a double-zipper jacket with pants with a number 2 all over it. "Welcome to the 2nd annual hunger games" The escort says dull. "Ladies first" He says and grabs a slip and pulls his hand out "Kitty Mew". The girl I saw earlier comes out of the crowd. Her Sharp claws and braid down her hair makes her look innocent but some what has a chance in these games. 

"Now for the male tribute" The escort says "Kyle Dillion(made it up again). I look up at the familiar name. It couldn't be me. Dang it it was. I walk up and surprisingly everyone laughs. I'm just a joke. But I will try to win these games I will. 

 District 3- Rhine Ellery P.O.V

I run out of my small little grey house. I lied to my foster mother about where I was going. She looked suprised when I said I was going to the Justice Building early. I just wanted to get away from all this Hunger Games thing. I wish there was another rebillion so President Rec could pay for killing off innnocent people. I sat by the factory wall. I sure do wish that I didnt have to go to the Reaping at all. I walk to the Justice Building just as people are coming. I wear a regular pair of denim jeans and a pooofy shirt with my favorite headband. "ladies and gentleman the mayor!" the escort bleamed.

The mayor came out and says his speech. I didnt hear a single word he said. "Ladies first" The escort says her blue wig almost coming down to the floor when she reaches into the girls' reaping bowl. " Rhine Ellery" she shouts. I look around and step out of the crowd onto the stage. I look at the escort with an evil eye. It must of made her scared because she goes up the male reaping bowl and says "The male tribute will be". She grabs a slip and unfoldes the peice of paper. It says 'Blake Fenton'. "Blake Fenton come on up" the escort bleams then smiles. Blake and I look at each other. Sort of cute I think to myself.

District 4- Mariah Blue

I walk to the square. My legs fell like water by the time I get to pricking my finger. I walk to the 16 year old section. "Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the 2nd annual hunger games" The escort says after the mayor says his speech. "Ladies first" She says. She wears a bright blue dress and wig. "Mariah blue". The crowd makes their way for me. I  gasp and walk up. 

"Now for the male tribute" She exclaims. "Kodai Hitogoroshi".  

A boy with blue hair comes up exicted. "The tributes for the second

Hunger Games!"


(I was wondering if you wanted me to do train  rides or go straight to Chariot rides)

But I'm going to Lily Rec's reaping. 

Lily Rec- The Capital

My father sits next to me , watching the reapings going on. My father looks at the screen blankly. He doesn't care about any one. He doesn't care

about me nor did he care about my mother.The reapings go the same as usual tears, volunteering,tears.

"I'm going to bet on you this year!" My father says. I hear the mayor's speech that includes a twist;

that a capital person is coming in. It scares me at first but then I get angry.

"What ?! I don't want to" I say. "Your going to now shut up" He says. "Where would I stay?" I say. 

"With four" He says "My favorite district I will send you later".

The Chariots

(Should I do this in P.O.V.s or by a citizen) 



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