Chapter One

Elizabeth Willow Mellark walked through the rustic streets of District 12, the home that she'd known and loved since birth. I'll miss this place, she thought to herself, her mother, Katniss, had told her that they were leaving soon. According to Elizabeth's father, Katniss wanted to spend time with an old flind of her's, named Gale Hawthorne. Elizabeth, of course, didn't believe her father. Katniss had always told her that Gale was a married man with a child of Elizabeth's age. "Hey! Liz, wait up!" Elizabeth turned her head, ever so slightly, her brown-black curls falling over her shoulder. She smiled when she saw her god brother, Teddy Odair.

"Hello, Teddy," she said as he jogged to keep up with her. Teddy was more like a brother to her than anyone else, her real brother, Cinna, had died of leukemia when he was thirteen years old, which was only a year ago, ever since then, Teddy had been there for her. Her mother had zoned out, and her father had become abusive, which was why Katniss had wanted to take her daughter and Teddy to go live with Gale for a while. Elizabeth had never met Gale, but she'd heard lots about him, things about how kind he was and his love affair with her mother. 

"What's gotten you down in the dumps today?" Teddy asked her, tilting his head to the side and raising an eyebrow down at her.

"Oh, Teddy, I'm guessing mom hasn't told you yet?" She asked and Teddy shook his head, stopping in his tracks, now suddenly worried.

"Teddy, we're moving to District 2 to be with Gale for a little while...or forever." She whispered, looking down at her mother's old beaten up combat boots. She heard his footsteps running away and she sighed, she should have known to let her mother tell him, not herself. She sighed as she continued to walk down the rustic roads of the District, nothing but empty thoughts in her head.

Chapter Two


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