Before you ask, yes, Andy gave me permission to do a Homecoming Dance! So I am. These will be held every two weeks.


Please post your nominations in the comments.

(If the category is in red, it is full)

(If the category is in blue, then please start to vote for it more)

Category Nomination 1 Nomination 2 Nomination 3 Nomination 4 Nomination 5

Nomination 6

Nomination 7

Homecoming King Wesiloni Oli AW3SOM3 SAMU3L ViniciusDeAssis1999 Andy
Homecoming Queen Lily Scarlett Everderp Abby District3Forever
Male Joker TheCoCoPuffsGuy DBD Abyss CallamD97
Female Joker Everderp Abby Lauren Rainfacestar Lily! (DUH)
Male Writer Luke Andy Vinny The Hungarian Games The Boy With the Pikachu Tatoo
Female Writer Rainbow Shifter LexiTheOneandtheOnly Katniss&PrimSisterhood Annamisasa
Hottest Male CallamD97 Oli Jsm13athone
Hottest Female RawrImmaEatYa Abby Cass (Nommy) ~PoundTheAlarm~ District1er
Quell Idea Andy Vinny EpicHobo Cloveismywife
Anti-King AW3SOM3 SAMU3L

DBD Abyss

DBD Abyss Luke
Anti-Queen Lauren Everderp Misty Rainfacestar
Personality Scar Raineh Asher Lexi Andy Lily! Abby
Best Couple Scandrew (Scar and Andy) Olidrew (Andy and Oli) Moli (Oli and Mia) Labby (Abby and Lily) Doli (Dani and Oli) Andabeth (Rainfacestar (Liza) and Andy) Caynny (Vinny and Caylin)
Banned King Andy
Banned Queen Rue D11 Misty GlimmernadSparkle



<poll> Personality Scar Raineh Asher Lexi Andy Lily! Abby </poll>

Best Couple

<poll> Best Couple Scandrew Olidrew Andabeth Moli Doli Caynny </poll>

Banned King

<poll> Banned King Andy </poll>

Banned Queen

<poll> Banned Queen GlimmerandSparkle Misty Rue D11 </poll>


Please post in the comments you are coming!!

P.S. For those of you that don't know, the person you are going with has the same color box as you.

If you don't have a date, then your box remains normal.

If you want an example, then look at the table.

Boy Girl
Andy Prose
Wesley LexiTheOneandtheOnly
Rockman117 Lauren
Oli ~PoundTheAlarm~
AW3SOM3 SAMU3L Necterine411
Beetee19 Everderp
Lee grimes Rainfacestar
AsherMizzou Asbfn
Jsm13athone Katniss&PrimSisterhood
VarinEgo RawrImmaEatYa
The Boy With The Pikachu Tatoo District3Forever
Fluffeh Kitteh Annamisasa
Deaphalia911 Lily!




People who bully others Have no life 00:33, September 12, 2012 (UTC)

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