Hi this is lexi presenting you the second annual hunger games. There are 25 tributes. There are also two twist and a feast. 

1 more tributes! I'm so excited 


· 3 tributes for each user now 4 tributes per user

·No goddmoding

reservions last for 24 hours












Name district,Gender age weapon and User
Gamzee Makara 1,Male 17



Beemo Xra 1,female 14

spears and traps 


Kyle 2,male 14

sword,and bow and arrow


Rhine Ellery 3,female 16 

swords and knives


Blake 3,male 14

claymore sword,mace,throwing axe


 Kodai Hitogoroshi 4,male 14

Dagger,poison, sharp teeth


Mariah Blue 4,female 16


Iris Ruinthel 5,female 17 throwing knives


Shade Spectrus 5,male 15

Dagger and crossbow


Buck Rockwell 6,male 16





6,female 15

Spear and blowgun

USER: Blue-Ribbons

Rosette Lilith  7,female 15

Traps and strength


 Mist Scorchil 7,male 14

crossbow and dagger


Adding later

Dylan Evans 8,Male 13

Traps, and knifes


Paisley Swann 9,Female 13



Jacob Caesarus 9,Male 12 o.o

Sword, stealth


Kitty Mew 2,Female

12 (b-day on first day of games)

Claws or throwing knives


Amber Sunclair 10,female 14

bow and arrow


Eli 10,male 14



Reapress Misaki 11,Female 14

Throwing knives of throwing stars

USER:Darkened Shadow Puppet

Jeff 11,Male 16

Tridents,nets,spears, and bare hands

USER:wesly3016 I think




Throwing Knives,spear


Name district age USER and weapon
Lily Rec Capital  14

bow and arrow 



Name, district strengths weakness
Trent, D12 speed,talking,survival trusting mean people,killing, hiding
Kyle,D2 smart,fast,strong not a good swimmer, paranoid,can't easily trust other s
Eli,D10 strong, good swimmer,fast sometimes arrogant,has a temper sometimes, and wants to annoy people
Jeff,D11 good swimmer,good fighter,good fisher

scared of lightning,doesn't like to run long,too trustworthy to everyone

Blake,D3 fast,good communicator,sneaky weak,colorblind,paranoid
Gamzee,D1 strong,fast,adjustable to anything quickly climbing,swimming,being sober
Lily strong,daring,climbing swimming,too caring,and being targeted because her father
Amber,D10 has a lot of knowledge of plants and herbs, good at soothing and calming people not much strengths because of lack of protein, very bad at combat
Iris,D5 Very good at escaping from traps and avoiding tributes. She is very used to being on her own, Iris wont be scared to sleep alone at night in the arena No skill in martial arts at all. She can only use throwing knifes, everything else will be a struggle.
Paisley ,D9  Paisley is very aware of the danger of tributes. She will picture the other tributes as "bad guys" from her imagination. She knows alot about plant life. She refuses to kill any living creature. Views the games as a game. She believes she will not get hurt.
Dylan,D8 fighting ,creating traps and running. swimming, hunting small animals and climbing.
Reapress,D11 throwing far, and lifting heavy things slow, bad at making friends,and gets tired easily
Buck,D6 aim with spears, strong like cato, his high pain tolerance climbing trees ,doesn't like to  pursue targets that long, and too confident
Rhine Ellery,D3 smart,fast and great at lying

trust issues, hard time opening up to people, comes off a little rude (at first)

Mist,D7 good fighter, good dodger,sneaky  Can be a traitor, doesn't trust people, 
Kodai,D4 Fast, effective killer, hard to kill  Paranoid around strangers, would throw the first attack, insane
Shade,D5 strong(mentally and physically),alert,intelligent Stubborn, somewhat forgetable/dislikable, doesn't like following other peoples' orders
Kiara,D6  Aim, Swimming, Climbing, Sweet Talking Others  Camouflage,spiders,pain
Rosette,D7  Staying Strong, Getting Revenge, Climbing, Aim, Strength Romance, Deep Water, Falling, Friends Death


Pet  tribute
Cuddles(dog) Trent
Marshmallow(dog) Kyle
Nokolia(dog) Eli
Richie(dog) Jeff
Jewel(kitten) Blake
Erisolspite(ghost friend) Gamzee
Dots(cat) Lily
Lady  amber
None  Iris
Imaginary unicorn friend ,Rainbow  Paisley
Rabbit, Cloth Dylan
The broken wheelchair with googly eyes Reapress
Rocky, A grey cat Buck
Snake Rhine
Fluttershy, the Pegasus Mist
A beast named Funch Kodai
Bubble  Beemo



·Great for water 

·Not great on food resources

·Animals that are poisonous 

·Good for hiding




·Not good for hidind




·Has supplies in them 

·Four houses in the meadow

·Two in the jungle

·The corn. Is next to a house 

Corn. Has all weapons

·Also a backpack for all tributes

·Food and water

·Pet stuff

·Anything you can think of tell me plz

SPONSOR +Each tribute gets 500 dollars HOW TO GET MORE MONEY

100 dollars for each kill

50 dollars for a training score 1-10

75 dollars for a training score 10-12

30 dollars for volunteering

60 dollars for best odds

35 dollars for your tribute being the leader of his/her alliance


throwing knive pack(14 knives): 15 dollars

ax:15 dollars

spear: 30 dollars

trident: 45 dollars

net: 15 dollars

bow with (15) arrows: 30 dollars

arrows(30): 10 dollars

throwing axe: 15 dollars

mace: 12 dollars

sword: 30 dollars


blanket: 5 dollars

apples (3) : 3 dollars

meat (raw): 10 dollars

matches (15) : 5 dollars

coat: 3 dollars

bread : 1 dollar water container with water: 10 dollars

water container without water: 5 dollars

juice in a container: 20 dollars

poison: 5 dollars (for small container) 10 dollars ( for a big container)

District 2 female sponsor

Kitty . .                12                2.                                500

Name age district sponsor money left
Gamzee 17 1 500
Beemo 14 1 500
Kyle 14 2 500
Lily 14 The capital 500
Blake 14 3 500
Rhine 16 3 500
Kodai 14 4 500
Mariah 16 4 500
Shade 17 5 500
Iris 17 5 500
Buck 16 6 500
Kiara 15 6 500
Mist 14 7 500
Rosette 15 7 500
Dylan 13 8 500 
8 500
Jacob 12 9 500
Paisley 13 9 500
Eli 14 10 500
Amber 14 10 500
Jeff 16 11 500
Reapress 14 11 500
Trent  15 12 500
12 500


Careers: Kitty Mew

D1 male+D5 male+D7 male+D4 male alliance :Shade, Kodai, Mist and Gamzee



LILY, the capital

My dad walks in all happy. "Why you so happy dad" I say. "No reason" he says "but I have something to tell you" he smile fades. "What" I say and I can hear my voice shake. "I want you and your going to be in the games"he says and his smile returns. "What!" I say. "Yep and you have no say"he says back. "Was this your plan all along make me kill people" I say "am I one of your toys". My dad's face turns bright red " don't talk to me that way"."you know dad I'm going to be targeted because of you" I say "they all hate me because of you I'll die in the first few seconds" . He says "hate you why is that because of me you you brat". " I'm your daughter and if I get a decent training score they'll think it's because of you,dad ill be daddys little girl and im not daddy's little girl I wish you were never my father" I say. "You are going and that's my final word, missy" he says ." Well dad don't call me missy" I say. I hate him I think. I sigh and I mumble "why dad why do I have to go". he turns and says "what did you say, lily" ."Nothing at all maybe because im mumbling about getting sent to my death by my father who probably doesn't care anyway its just entertainment for the capital and you cant just use me for for your own reasons we are people too, dad" I say."i know you are people and its not true what you said about it being for entertainment even tho it is and last year you watched them so don't go crying to your mother either" he says." my mother is not alive and you know why she isn't its all its all because of you" I say. "hey I didn't kill her she killed herself" he says. " she killed herself because she didn't want to live with you an evil twisted man" I say. he says " what are you talking about". I say "don't talk to me". really hes coldhearted and twisted. One thing I want is him died that one thing will live forever. I wish he was truly I want him died and my mom alive that would be awesome. I would be happy again. I want to be againist the capital not with it honestly. I just relized I don't have to travel at all but there is only supposed to be 24 tributes where will I be staying. My dad explains it all by simply saying "you'll be staying with district 4". Look at the bright side ill be out of this jail. My dad brings me to the apartment of 4.As we walk I blurt out "why with four". he says " I randomly chose". Perfect that explains it perfectly im not going to puss his buttons anymore. I am going to be brave at least try to live. We walk in silence all the way there. Questions full my head how will I survive im just..just me. I'm probably too weak but like I care I will fight but then I relize something I really don't want to win ill still have to be in the same exact place. Ill figure something out later.

District 1-Gamzee

I walk to the square.The wind is blowing my hair. I do the usual prick my finger and walk to where all the 17 year olds are .I'm calm so I'm stoned.

The mayor makes his speech and says something bout a capital person joining. I wonder who? I mean what the heck is up with that the capital loves it's people.

"Ladies first" Our annoying escort says "Beemo Xra".I see a girl come out of the crowd. She has blue hair and glasses. She walks up being slow .

"Now for the Male tribute" The escort says sighing. What does she have against us? Probably being a girl and alone forever alone." Duo Kilo" she says.

He is right next to me he looks at me terrified . "I VOLUNTEER FOR TRIBUTE" I shout. What did I just do?

Ill win too I know I can .Duo looks at me and lips the words out   'thank you'. I lip out 'your welcome'.

"What's you're name son" The escort says sighing.

I sigh also "Gamzee  Makara" I say.  Beemo and I shake hands. I laugh and Beemo stares.Sure I'm weird but no need to stare. 


I walk to the square quickly and quietly trying not to bring any attention to me. The mayor gives his speech and walks off the stage. "Welcome,Welcome to the second annual hunger games" Our escort says excited. 

"Ladies first" She says smiling eager to know this year's tributes."Kitty Mew" She says looking around unfamiliar with the name.

A girl walks out the crowd that looks like a cat I guess."Now for the male tribute" she say then reaches into the reaping ball. It makes me nervous and I know I have a bad feeling about this. "Kyle Busch(made the last name up)".My stomach twist at the mention of my name. 

I walk up and I hear some giggles in the crowd. "Kitty and Kyle the tributes for district 2 for the second annual hunger games!" Our escort says.

District 3-Rhine 

"I'm going to get ready" I shout to my  'mother'. I wasn't going  to get ready I was going to. I'm going to figure out something better to do like run around or something. I run out the front door in my everyday clothes. By the time I get back I have to go to the Reaping."What are you wearing" My foster mother yells."Clothes" I say. She sighs " Well you have no time to change now" she says calmly.

I walk to where I get my finger pricked and get it pricked then I walk to my barrier. The mayor makes his speech blah blah blah 25 tributes. That catches my attention theres only supposed to be 24. I let it go trying to not to worry about it.

"Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the second annual hunger games" Our escort says surprisingly not annoying. " First ladies" she says as she picks a paper out. " Rhine Ellery" she says my name why my name. "Come up Rhine Ellery" she says I can win this I'm strong and fast. I walk up but it's more like a run. " Now gentlemen" she says putting her hand into the reaping bowl and pulling out a slip. " Blake um I can't read this". A boy comes out of the crowd he is kind of cute in my words

District 4-TBA  

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