Hi there are 24 tributes 

Um by the way these are rp/regular games

There was a twist and there are 25 tributes hehehe

Games= RP is in the lead!!!! 

Regular=training and reaping 


·Cursing allowed but not mirrored

·No fake deaths lol

No complaints

Yes more than one person  can win

Tributes age district weapon pet
D1 female:Tara :) 16 one mace,bow Mr.Whiskers
D2 female:Stacey 14 two mace ???
D3 female:Electra 16 3 electronics,daggers,snares none
D4 female:Ari 18 four trident


D5 female:lexi  14 5 bow  none
D6 female:Mia 13 6 throwing knifes
D10 female:Ivorie cross 16 ten swords or throwing knifes Milo
D8 female:Lily 15 11 swords none
D9 female:Rebeka 13 nine


D7 female:Lyssa 13 7 bow and throwing knifes missy
D11 female:Caritta Rake 14 11 mace none
D12 female:Arrastra Brooke 15 12 mallet none
D1 male:Zach 16 one bow coco
D2 male:Karkat 14 two sickle Kilo
D3 male:Joan :) 14 three axe and net mittens
D4 male: Reese 15 4 bow none
D5 male:Charles 17 five bow ??
D6 male:JB 18 6 horrible singer none
D7 male:Mist 14 seven axe and crossbow Lily?
D8 male: Connor 16 eight axe none
D9 male: Rede 13 9 axe none
D10 male:Eli 13 10 Ax Cuddles
D11 male: Kilo 15 11 throwing knifes
D12 male:Trent 15 12 sword Cuddles
D10 female:Deene 13 , ten, throwing knifes 
Images-9 Phoenix


Images-17 missy


Images-5 milo

Milo the catie

Images-16 zozo

Zozo the catie

Images-4 mittens

Mittens the catie


Mr.whiskers the smiley cat

Images-8 lily the dogie

Lily the dog

Images-2 coco

Coco the corgi dog I guess

Coco(dog): Zach 
Mittens(kitten): Joan :)


Milo(kitten): Ivorie
Guard pets: missy:Lyssa ,Phoenix:Boo,Mr.Whiskers:tara , Zozo: lexi
Cuddles(dog) Eli,Trent
Images-7 cuddles


Kilo(cat) karkat    
Images-5 kilo

Kilo the kitten

Frizzy(dog) Ari     
Images-6 frizzy


Pet supplies
CAT food packs(15):
Milk packs(14):
Dog food packs(15):
Dog water(14):
Bow and 20 arrows(3) lexi,lyssa

Knife packs(10)






Throwing knives(10 packs of 20):lyssa, Trent, mia

Backpack(15):lexi,Trent, karkat (2),lyssa
Medicine bags(14):
Food bags(14):Lexi
Cracker packs(4)
Extra arrows(5)


Four house two with gaurds and two without 


Rivers everywhere

Tara(alive) Rebekah(alive)
Eli(?) Trent(dead), Lexi(Alive), mia(dead)
Karkat(alive) Mist(alive) , Lyssa(Alive
Ari(dead) Reese(alive)
Arrastra(alive),Ivorie(alive) kilo(alive), Electra(alive)
Training scores district name odds
10 D1 female Tara 5-1
9 d2 female Stacey 7-1
12 d3 female Electra 3-1
11 D4 female Ari 4-1
9 D5 female Lexi 7-1
10 D6 female  Mia 5-1
10 D7 female Lyssa 5-1
11 D8 female Lily 4-1
12 D9 female rebeka 3-1
10 D10 female Ivorie 5-1
9 D11 female Caritta 7-1
11 D12 female Arrastra 4-1
11 D1 male  Zach 4-1
10 D2 male  Karkat 5-1
12 D3 male  Joan 3-1
11 D4 male  Reese  4-1
9 D5 male  Charles 7-1
0 D6 male  JB 1000-1
11 D7 male Mist  4-1
12 D8 male connor 3-1
10 D9 male  Rede 5-1
12 D10 male  Eli 3-1
12 D11 male  kilo 3-1
12 D12 male Trent 3-1


I'm walking up to my barrier looking around not seeing that many friendly faces. I stand in my barrier watching the crowd. Waiting for the video to play and for the reaping to be over so I can go home. When the video finally plays I suddenly feel scared. This year's escort is Kily I hear she's very nice but who knows."Now for the female, to represent district one" Kily says in a loud voice. She mixes the little white envelopes and picks one "Tara (her last name idk)" My hair stands up.


I watch Tara go up. "Now for the male tribute to represent district one " Kilo says. Mainly the same thing she said early but with "male".She rolled her fingers around and picks a envelope and open  the envelope and says "Zach come up ". I went up and I shake Taras hand. We go in the justice building.


I walk up to the 14 year old barriers. I see my friend Val. She yells "hi". I yell back "hi". Then this year's escort comes out it's Sally again. She's very strict she yells" watch the video. After the video she says there's a twist "this year's twist is two boys will be going in but girls and boys can volunteer". She pulls the envelope out. "Danny" she says . Omg that is my brother he is only 12 I got to volunteer but.... "I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE" I yell. Val looks at me like I'm crazy. "Now come up " Sally says. 


I look at Stacey I see her at school all the time. "Now for the second tribute" Stacey says. " Karkat come up" Stacey says looking straight at me like I'm a criminal or something. What did I do to her . I go up and shake Staceys hand . She looks straight into my eyes. Like she knows me but doesnt.


So I walk up to my barrier looking around to see the boys that might be in the games this year. That's when Mili our escort comes out . We watch the video . She says" Now we are doing the male tribute first" she says. I look up at her I see her eyes look straight at me and pull an envelope "Joan" she says smiling. I think she set me up but I smile back . Going up and mumbling "wow "


I look at Joan I remember him from school but maybe he wants nothing to do with me. "Now for the female tribute" Mili says sounding annoyed."Electra" I look around and walk fastly up . As I shake Joan's hand he looks at me with promising eye


I walk up to my barrier looking straight at my mother. We watch the video. Den walks out and says " The female tribute is" he says pulling the envelope out "Ari". I walk up scared to death. I look at my mother she looks straight back worried.


I look at my best friend walk up . I'm mentally freaking out . "Now for the male tribute" den says. I hop it's me . "Michael Jackson" he says. No no I want to go in with Ari not him. " I volunteer as tribute" I scream. Every one looks at me. Michael looks at me like I've saved he's life.I just walk up and shake hands with her. She says simply "why".


I walk up to my barrier looking at the ground not talking to nobody as usual. I stand there watching the video."Now I'm going to pick the female tribute " Dante says. "Lexi " he says I look up and realize everyone doesn't know who I am. I walk up. Everyone is looking at me. I'm hopeless.


I watch the girl I didn't know until now go up. "Now for the male tribute " Donte says. " Charles "  he says. I walk up next to lexi and we shake hands.


I walk up to my barrier . When the video comes on I stop paying attention. " Now for the female tribute" Geno says as he picks an envelope. "Shaly" he says ." I volunteer for tribute " I yell. I have no idea why . I didn't even know her but what the what the heck who cares. I walk fastly walk up." Now for the male tribute" he says. "JB"

Eww I have to shake this annoying hand. 


I walk to my barrier skipping . I yell out to my friend  "hi". She yells back " hi". I spaced off during the video.  "Now for the female tribute". "Lola" Shim said . Omg I was just talking to her. "I volunteer for tribute" I say lowly. "Now state your name dear" he says. "Lyssa" I say 


I watch Lyssa go up. "Now for the male tribute" Shim says. He says " mist"  I run up. Lyssa and I shake hands. I give her the evil eye. 


I walk up to my barrier and wave to my friend. We watch the video. "The female tribute" Doase wants this over with." Lily" my eyes get wide. I walk up looking at the ground.


I watch Lily walk up. I notice she looks sad. I know Doase wants this over with." Now for the male tribute" he says quickly." Connor" he says. I want to scream and shout and let all out (lol). I walk up quickly.


I walk up to my barrier not caring. I watch the video it's so boring. 

"For the female tribute" I don't pay attention to the escort. "Rebeka" I run up. 


Rebeka is running up. She looks excited. I wonder as I space off."For the male tribute " the escort says " Rede" omg it's me. I walk up scared. And I know everyone knows it.


I prick my finger and run to my barrier. I'm scared someone might run after me. The escort says" Now for the female tributes" the s catches me . "Ivorie and Deene" she says. " for the male tribute " she says as we are walking up.


I watch the two girls go up. They look terrified. "Eli " she says. I walk up. We three do the weirdest handshake.


I get my finger prick and run to my barrier. Waiting, I look around nervously. The video comes on."The female tribute is" the escort says " Caritta". I walk up scared.


I watch Caritta go up not a worry in the world." For the male tribute" the escort says " kilo". I didn't think this would happen but I run up smiling like a freak.


I walk to my barrier. Watch the video, and wait."the female tribute is" the escort says"Arrastra". I walk up. 

Trent (wrote by Trent)

I storm out of my home and say"F you two mom I am going to volunteer #####". I just tone out the rest of her nonsense screaming and run to the sqaure. I get my finger pricked and get to my barrier. I don't know who the escort is but she looks retarded. She picks the female I don't care then she picks the male this gets me excited. Before she can even pull it out I go " I volunteer". I run up there and say " My name is Trent Greer and let's go".



I have to show off my skills. I know I do, I need a good training score. I run out of the elevator. I look around the training room. A few stations for natural stuff like making a fire. A lot of weapon stations of course.I wait for everyone to arrive.


I don't really know what to do. I'm going to not show my skill. I'm going to go with D5 girl at the poison plant station thing. "Hey" I say." Hi" she says softly scanning the bottons. Trying to figure out she says " can you help"."Yah sure" I say.


I throw a knife and it hits the arm of the dummy. Everyone is looking at me and laughing but two aren't the girl  D5 and the boy from D12. So that I don't look helpless, I throw a knife again it hits straight in the heart of dummy.


Here I am focusing on poisonous plants. Then I hear Justin singing I want to go over there and punch him in the face. But I just go over "I'm trying to focuse will you please stop singing " no " he says " it's my weapon". " I get it instead of killing with kindness you kill with annoyingness" I say under my breath. I go to  making a fire. I can't seem to master it when Trent comes over and helps.


I run to the poisonous plant station. As I run I run into Mia. "Sorry" she says. We try to get around each other but we keep going the same direction. She giggles then I laugh. The gamemakers are looking at us. We run to the stations we were going to. 


I want to go in the arena right now. I go through all the stations. I don't know what to do so I try to make alliances. It fails but I think I might alliance with karkat,and lyssa.


I train less on weapons but more on plants and making fire. I wonder who I'm going to alliance with or I'm I going to be a loner.Ari walks over as I'm trying to make a fire. She tries to help but it doesn't work. She sighs " sorry can't help" she says as she walks away. "Wait" I say running after her. 


Reese is running after me and I'm running away laughing. Then we stop because everyone is staring at us. We talk and decide we are now an alliance.

Training sessions 

Tara- I walk in to the room in front of the Gamemakers. All I do is shoot an arrow into the heart of the dummy. 

Zach- I walk in the room and shoot an arrow. Nothing big but I have to do something

Stacey- I don't use weapons I want to do something else. Big what should I do? When I walk in I decide I want to do something bad very bad. What should it be? I finally say my name and district then I walk up to the dummy and instead of mace I use a knife and stab it. Then I yell " I wish this was you guys" pointing to the dummy, I giggle. 

Karkat- Stacey did something bad I can tell.From the shock on the gamemakers face I can tell. I just do what everyone does weaponry. It sort of works. I sigh and walk to the elevator.

Electra-I walk in and just use weapons nothing big but it's something.

Joan- I can see tension on the gamemakers faces. So I decide to just use weapons it's probably the best I can do. 

Ari- I walk in and I decide to make a weapon with wire and string.its a sling shot but I don't care. It works fine and I put a knife in it and shoot. It hits the dummy. I'm proud but not very confident about my score.

Reese-I walk in and just shoot an arrow into the dummy.

The rest are classified info. So let the games begin 

Death chart

Name cause
Deene mist
JB Trent
Trent mist
Carttia lyssa
Mia everlasting sleeping 
Ari Karkat
Eli Mist
Joan Rebekah
Stacey Rebekah
Rede lyssa
Name active or not 
Mist active
Karkat active
Lyssa active
Trent DEAD
Reese active
Kilo active
Lexi active
Rede active 
Stacey active 
Deene DEAD
Tara active
Rebekah active
Joan active
Electra active
Carttia DEAD

Twist- supposedly dead tributes rise again as humans. Chocolate and candy is sent to all the tributes  


5 morning

the feast will be on day 5 we need comments for days to pass 

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