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  • LightStone123

    Welcome everyone to my tenth ever Hunger Games! Since the War of the Hunger Games is still ongoing, these Games will be running simultaneously alongside those. As such, I'd advise you to read both, as events that take place there may influence these, and vice versa. I've decided to create and host these Games for both storyline reasons and because of popular demand. Keep reading for more information!

    While a bloody and costly war still wages on in the country of Panem, President Leopold Stryker has decided to hold the 401st Hunger Games many months early to build up support for the Capitol and entertain it's citizens during the hard times of war. Whether this will prove to be a wise decision remains to be seen...

    1: There will be thirty-two …

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  • LightStone123

    The White Games

    August 31, 2015 by LightStone123

    Hello everyone and welcome to another Games created by me. These Games will not be apart of my main series and will take place in an entirely different universe then them. Before I continue though, I will address the elephant in the room. Yes, I know that my War of the Hunger Games has just recently begun and is still in the very early stages, but while lying awake at night, I thought of a great idea for a Games that I just couldn't wait to use. Now, with that out of the way, I shall explain these Games more thoroughly.

    The White Games will be taking place in the modern-day world. The tributes competing will be 24 ordinary people from the regular world between the ages of 12-18. These teenagers have been kidnapped by unknown forces and depo…

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  • LightStone123

    Welcome everyone to my tenth entry in my Hunger Games series! In my last games, The 400th Annual Hunger Games, Caspian Mahoney from District 3 and created by Can't Think on a Decent Username Right Now was crowned victor. These will not be a normal Games, but read on to learn more.

    After the events of the 400th Annual Hunger Games, Panem has been thrust into a war between the Capitol and a mysterious organization known as Those Who Don't Exist. Now embroiled in a costly and bloody battle, the District's and their residents must fight to survive...and determine the fate of world along the way.

    Unlike all of my past Games, which have taken place in and around the Hunger Games, this blog will not focus on or even contain the Hunger Games. Instea…

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  • LightStone123

    Welcome everyone to my ninth ever Hunger Games! In my last games, The 399th Annual Hunger Games, Anais Morrisa from District 1 and created by Pippycat was crowned victor. These Games have a special twist added to them as well, a very special twist that will make these my biggest, boldest, and bloodiest Games yet!

    This year the Hunger Games will be a Quell, a very special Quell at that. This year the Games will contain ninety-two tributes. Yes, ninety-two! Thirty-two of them will be Reaped from District's 0 through 14 and the Capitol, another thirty-two will be voted upon by citizens of the Capitol. These tributes will be tributes from the 327th, 398th, and 399th Hunger Games. The tributes with the most votes will be revived and and sent bac…

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  • LightStone123

    Welcome everyone to my eighth ever Hunger Games! My last games, The 398th Annual Hunger Games, are still going on but they're ending soon and that's why I'm making these now. I hope you'll join as I plan on making these Games the best I can! 

    Following the 398th Annual Hunger Games the Rebellion that was stirring in the District's seemed to lose its steam and President Stryker's forces brought "peace" back to Panem. However this peace did not last long. Soon, rumours of mysterious figures lurking around the District boundaries soon began to spring up and high-ranking Capitol officials began dying off in puzzling ways. In addition, a few more eager rebels began revolting once more, further frustrating the Capitol. Despite all of these on goi…

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