Welcome everyone to my second ever Hunger Games! In my last Games SuperTomato's Edmund Everton from District 7 was crowned Victor.  I hope you'll join as I plan on making these Games the best I can.


After much speculation President Striker has announced that The Hunger Games will now include the rediscovered District 13 and to every Capitolites' delight- The Capitol! That means there will now be twenty-eight Tributes competing!


1: There will be twenty-eight Tributes

2: You may have up to four Tributes

3: Each Tribute has $500 in sponsor money for their mentor (creator) to use as they see fit

4: I will write Reapings, Group Training, and of course the actual Games

5: I will not accept any Tributes that have been in my previous Games

6: Reservations last exactly 24 hours

7: The Capitol is a Career district in my Games and because this is their first year competing I'll only accept volunteers from there.

8: Tribute Form:












Bloodbath Strategy:

Alliance: (can be filled out later)

Training Strategy: (how they will behave in training)


District Gender Name Age Height Weapon User
Capitol Male Ramon Constancy 18 6'2 Bow and Arrows VinciusDeAssis1999
Capitol Female Shervert Wonkalandia 18 6'3 Blowgun, Crossbow hungergamesfanatic21
1 Male Dragon Lord 17 6'2 Katana, Spear Hybrid Shadow
1 Female Diamond Coman 16 5'6 Mace, Spear Wiressfan21
2 Male Damian Weatherby 16 6'0 Sword Weatherbyfalls22
2 Female Pansy Costella 18 5'7 Throwing Scimitar Axedfox
3 Male Marcio Redge 17 6'0 Bow and Arrow, Spear ViniciusDeAssis1999
3 Female Bethunia Underium 16 5'5 Sword, Wire hungerGamesFanatic21
4 Male Cody Freshwater 18 6'4 Bow and Arrows hungerGamesFanatic21
4 Female Wari Oceana 17 5'5 Trident, Bow WiressFan21
5 Male Watt Powers 14 5'4 Blowgun, Snares Attackcobra
5 Female Swift Twirpshkin 16 5'2 Club, Axe Andy1854
6 Male Xavier Woods 17 6'2 Spear Attackcobra
6 Female Luna Fern 14 5'4 Axe mistymolla
7 Male Ransom Overman 17 6'0 Axe, Hammer Hybrid Shadow
7 Female Nastya "Grind" Gushkin 16 6'3 Axe, Spear Andy1854
8 Male Josef Wilder 17 5'11 Crossbow, Machete Attackcobra
8 Female Cashmere Prada 16 5'2 Needles mistymolla
9 Male Mark Haulk 15 5'7 Sword HungryTeen
9 Female Perrie Grain 15 5'6 Sword mistymolla
10 Male Bronco Bagwell 18 6'0 Axe Attackcobra
10 Female Seeker Ameryllis 16 5'11 Scythe Andy1854
11 Male Darker Horrfi 18 6'2 Throwing Knives, Sword Wiressfan21
11 Female Flow'r Raspery 14 4'11 Slingshot, Throwing Knive Wiressfan21
12 Male Exolian Dynamite 12 4'10 Axe hungerGamesfanatic21
12 Female Regina Victorious 13 5'7 Knives Andy1854
13 Male Ice Hunts 17 6'3 Sickle, Crossbow Hybrid Shadow
13 Female Saidy Dantless 18 5'9 Knives Mistymolla


Careers: Dragon (1), Diamond (1), Damian (2), Pansy (2), Cody (4), Wari (4), Nastya (7), and Shervert (Cap), and Ramon (Cap)

District 5, 8 Alliance: Swift (5) and Cashmere (8)

District 3, 11, 12 Alliance: Marcio (3), Bethunia (3), Luna (6), Flow'r (11), and Exolian (12)

District 10, Cap Alliance: Seeker (10), Bronco (10), and Ice (13),

Alliance: Watt (5), Ransom (7), and Perrie (9)

Loners: Xavier (6), Josef (8), Mark (9), Darker (11), Regina (12), and Saidy (13)


Diamond: $500

Marcio: $375

Bethunia: $350

Cody: $500

Luna: $225

Josef: $500

Cashmere: $150

Mark: $500

Darker: $100

Ice: $250

Ramon: $500

Awl: $100

Axe: $150

Battleaxe $200

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Camouflage Paints: $100

Crossbow: $125

Crackers: $15

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $50

Dried Fruit: $50

Electrocution Trap: $250

Flail: $125

Hammer: $125

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400

Knife: $50

Mace: $125

Machete: $100

Matches: $75

Gasoline $100

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $150

Net: $100

Net Trap: $125

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $150

Painkiller: $75

Poison: $75

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

Raft: $250

Rocks: $15

Rope: $25

Scimitar: $150

Sickle: $125

Shield: $125

Sleeping Bag: $75

Slingshot: $125

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spike Trap: $200

Spile: $75

Sword: $150

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Water: $50

Whip: $75

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $100


District One: Diamond Coman

“Are you going to volunteer this year?” My father asks as I emerge from my bedroom and join him and my mother at the kitchen table.

“Of course she is!” my mother scolds him as I quickly shovel breakfast into my mouth. There’s no time to waste today. I need to be the girl who volunteers this year. I was going to volunteer last year as well but right as I was about to shout it out another girl did. She actually did pretty well, managing to place 6th but I know if it had been me, I would have won.

“I’m going to the square,” I say standing up and making my way towards the door.

“But the Reaping doesn’t start for another hour,” my dad begins to protest but I’m out the door before he finishes. I’m not going to let anyone volunteer before me this year!

When I arrive at the square the Peacekeepers are still putting up the stage and I sit around impatiently until they finally get around to taking my blood.

By then more people have arrived and after an hour or so the square is jam-packed with bodies as District One’s escort Puffy Heglow takes the stage. She’s wearing some sort of ridiculous bright pink costume that looks like some sort of deranged bird. Why do Capitol people always want to look so…different?

“I hope you’re all ready for some Reapings!” she shouts and the crowd claps and cheers as she begins to give an opening speech about how great the Capital is.

No way am I going to sit through that wondering if someone is going to volunteer before me! I stick my hands in the air and shout as loud as I can. “I VOLUNTEER!”

Everyone falls silent as I jog up onto the stage and stand beside Puffy expectantly.

“I…uh…well we sure have an eager beaver here!” she grins stupidly. “What’s your name dear?”

“I’m Diamond Coman!” I shout to the crowd and they cheer my name as Puffy waddles over to the boys bowl.

“And Diamond’s District partner will be…Dragon Lord!”

I look out at the crowd and see a boy moving from the 17 year olds line but before he can get up another boy sitting right beside him raises his hands in the air.


Puffy motions for the boy to come on up but before he could move Dragon slams his shoulder into him and tackles him to the floor.

Suddenly people start screaming and moving and my view of the boys is blocked. What’s going on? Is there really a fight at the Reaping? Soon, the crowd has all moved away from the boys and I see one of the boys lying on the floor with his neck horribly twisted, with Dragon standing over him.

“I think,” he says a maniacal smile forming on his face as he turns to face Puffy. “I would like to stay as Tribute”

Everyone falls silent, then three Peacekeepers rush out of the audience and one of them jabs Dragon with a tazer and the boy goes limp.

“Bravo!” Puffy claps as the Peacekeepers haul him onto the stage. “Wasn’t that just a wonderful show?”

District Two: Damian Weatherby

As I finish my fifth lap around my house, a light drizzle starts coming down from the clouds. It won’t affect me though. Today is the day I’ve been waiting my whole life for. Today I will volunteer for The Hunger Games. >

I take one last look at my house and smile as I think about how when I return my family and me will live in the Victor’s Village instead.

I arrive at the square and after getting my finger pricked, join the other sixteen-year-olds in line. No one seems the slightest bit perturbed by the rain and I feel pride for my District. Nothing stops us!

“Hellooooo District Two!” our escort Finch Filner says stepping onto the stage and as usual the crowd goes nuts, cheering and screaming as loud as they can. “Are you ready?!” More cheering ensues this time even louder.

He goes on to make the usual welcoming speech and then goes over our list of Victors, and I imagine how this will be next year when my names on that list. I think it will feel pretty great.

“Its time to find out who are Tributes will be for the 301st Annual Hunger Games!” Finch roars and walks over to one of the bowls. “Let’s see who are male Tribute will be!” he reaches his hand in and pulls out a slip of paper and opens it up.

“Oscar Flash!”

Everyone looks around and I see a boy in the 13 year olds line slowly heading to the stage, looking confused.

“I VOLUNTEER!” I scream and immediately the crowd erupts into a loud cheer as I rush for the stage. “And what is your name?” Finch asks a large grin on his face as he shakes my hand.

“Damian Weatherby!” I say and the crowd cheers some more as I raise my hands triumphantly.

“Now its time for the female Tribute!” Finch shouts and heads over for the second bowl.

Dang it. I wanted to soak in the crowds applause a while longer. Well, I guess there will be enough time for that when I win.

Finch takes a name out of the bowl and immediately reads it.



Finch smiles as he’s cut off and I crane my head to see a girl from the 18 year olds line making her way to the stage.

She has scarlet hair and is wearing all red. Not only that but when she climbs onto the stage beside me I see that her skin is also some sort of reddish colour.

“Uhm. What’s your name?” Finch asks obviously a little intimidated by all the red.

“Pansy Costella,” she answers and I catch a threatening tone in her voice. Finch simply nods and quickly turns away from her. I don’t blame him.

“District Two please welcome your Tributes for the 301st Annual Hunger Games!” The crowd screams our names and then Finch has us shake hands.

As we do, I stare into her black soulless eyes and feel a faint sense of dread as I realize winning these Games won’t be as easy as I had originally thought it would be.

District 3: Bethunia Underium

“Are you worried?” my mother asks me as we exit our house and start heading towards the square.

“No,” I answer. “Not really” She nods and hugs me as we reach the square, before moving off with the other spectators.

I get into the sixteen year olds line and calmly watch as they collect my blood. It doesn’t hurt me. I’ve had my blood taken loads of time as I work with my mother whose a doctor.

“Happy Hunger Games District 3!” Bozo Bernard our escort appears on stage. I hear several people snicker as they see him and I almost laugh myself. I mean he has a gigantic neon green Afro and wearing a tight bodysuit. Well, he’s trying to wear it. Most of his skin hangs out in folds of fat that jiggle as he walks around.

“I hope you’re all having as much fun as I am!” he shouts and stops to soak in the applause that never comes. Despite his comical appearance we all know that two kids will be going to their deaths soon.

“Let’s get to the fun part!” he says and then in a horrible falsetto voice, he begins to make cheering noises for himself. What the hell is wrong with this guy?!

“I’ll start with the girls!”

Perfectly calm, I watch him waddle over to the bowl. There’s no way that my name will be pulled out. There’s thousands of names in there and mines only in it a few times, while some kids I know have theirs in it dozens of times.

Bozo pulls the paper out and then takes one long look at it.

“Bethunia Underium!”

What?! No! How could it be my name?! I’m panicking inside but I know I can’t show that or I’ll be labelled as weak.

I make my way towards the stage and once I get there I glance over at my mother in the crowd. She’s crying into her hands and I feel like crying myself. But I don’t. I need to stay strong for me to win.

“And let’s see who the boy will be!” Bozo exclaims and pulls out two pieces from the bowl before tossing one to the floor. Whoever has their name on that piece must be very lucky. Unlike me.

“Marcio Redge!”

A blue-eyed boy who I’ve never seen before climbs onto the stage and he turns to smile confidently at the audience. Is he really that confident? Or is he doing what I am and just acting?

“I think we have two good Tributes this year!” Bozo laughs and begins to cheerfully pat his belly before ordering me to shake Marcio’s hand.

While we shake I look into his eyes and despite his confident exterior I see…sadness. I guess he’s a lot like me then.

Bozo then waves goodbye to the audience and leads us off to the justice building where I’ll get to say goodbye to my mother.

District Four: Cody Freshwater

As I join the other eighteen year olds in line to get our finger pricked I hear some of them whispering about the Games and how excited they were. They may have fond thoughts of the Games, but I sure don’t. A few years ago two of my stepsiblings were in the Hunger Games. And both died.

“This is going to be my year,” I hear a boy next to me say. I already know who it is. It’s Nick the self-proclaimed future victor from District 4.

It won’t be. I’m sure of that, because this year, I’m going to volunteer and avenge my dead stepsiblings.

I stare straight ahead as Starkly Moore our escort climbs up from the beach onto the stage. I like her because she’s different from most escorts as she’s the youngest one and not from the Capitol, instead she’s a former Victor from District 4.She’s also pretty hot.

“Are y’all excited?!” she yells out to the crowd and they cheer in response. “Cuz I am!” She goes on to talk about the greatness of the Capitol, our former Victors, and last years Tributes. One of them, Flick Rivers, was the runner-up very nearly becoming the fourth Victor from District 4 in the last ten years.

“Time to see who this years Tributes will be!” she sticks her hand into one of the bowls and before she even finishes reading the name a dozen girls volunteer.

“You!” Starkly points at a girl in the front of seventeen year olds line and as the girl makes her way to the stage I recognize her as Wari Oceani, one of the nicest girls I know. She’s always trying to help people out. I really don’t want to see her die.

“Now for the guys!” Starkly shouts and pulls out a slip of paper. “Kevin-“


I shout right before anyone else gets the chance to. Starkly motions for me to come up on stage and I head up as Nick glares after me.

“What’s your name?” Starkly asks and say my name, causing some people in the crowd to murmur. Of course.

I’m then told to shake Wari’s hand and as I do so she smiles sweetly. Already I don’t want to kill her…but that doesn’t mean I won’t if I have to.

District Five: Swift Twirpshkin

“Come on Swift. The Reaping is soon and we’re expected to be there”

Slowly I roll off of the bench I’ve been lying on and look up at my friend and caretaker Natasha.

I had a decent life for twelve years…but then my mother got seriously ill and soon died from it. Then my father started showing his true colours. He was always drunk and began beating me for just about everything, I couldn’t take it any longer and ran away.

I lived in poverty for years, just wandering the streets taking food wherever I could, then one day I ran into Natasha.

She took me in and gave me work at her very own clothing store. The only problem was none of the other employees liked or respected me and eventually they came up with a plan to get me fired.

They planted a bottle of wine in my bag and when Natasha found it she had no choice to fire me and once again I was out on the streets. But a month later Natasha soon figured out that it was a plot and she went searching the streets for me. When she found me I had taken up prostitution and District Five’s mayor forbade anyone from hiring prostitutes in their workplace. However, Natasha rehired me anyways knowing the risks. She would pay the price as one of the other employees then told the mayor who had her store shut down.

Now the both of us are living on the streets in poverty with nothing. Well, I do have one thing. Natasha. A woman who risked her business just to help me. My only friend.

“Then let’s go,” I tell Natasha and the both of us slowly head for the square.

When we get there I give her a hug and after getting my blood taken I get into the 16 year olds line. I can’t help but thinking how unfair it is when I look at the kids who are better off then me.

“Hello, hello, hello District five!”

Our escort Nampa Kumauni squeals stepping onto the stage closely followed by our mayor. I glare at him as he takes his seat. He’s the reason I don’t have a house…

Nampa begins to deliver some speech and I zone out until she starts heading for the boys bowl. “And District fives male Tribute will be…Watt Powers!”

A fat red headed kid waddles out from the 14 year olds line and slowly makes his way to the stage. Oddly enough he doesn’t look frightened like I would expect him to. Instead he looks more…confident?

Nampa looks at him weirdly then goes over to the girls bowl and I find myself holding my breath as she reads the name.

“Swift Twirpshkin!”

No! This can’t be happening! I freeze in place and Namba repeats the name several more times before my feet begin taking me up the stage.

“Well, uh…I guess this is your Tributes for the 301st Annual Hunger Games,” Namba shrugs and orders me to shake Watt’s hand but I’m too busy staring out into the crowd at Natasha who is staring back at me with a horrified look on her face.

“Are you an owl or something?” Watt laughs but I keep my gaze focused on Natasha. I need to win…for her.

District Six: Xavier Woods

I hurry into line behind several other boys and when it comes time to get my blood taken I don’t react and stare at my shoes. I don’t want to cause any trouble.

I watch our district escort, mayor, and some of the victors climb onto the stage and begin the usual speech. Even though I’m not really paying much attention I try to look like I am because I don’t want anyone to think I’m not taking this seriously. Who knows what they might do?

“I hope this years Tributes do better then last years!” our escort says as he reaches into the girls bowl. He pulls out a name then bellows it into the microphone.

“Luna Fern!”

Immediately a blonde girl exits from the fourteen year olds line and takes the stage. For some reason she looks like she expected this but that couldn’t be possible…could it?

The girl stares blankly ahead while she’s on the stage and the escort goes for the boys bowl and rapidly pulls out a name.

“Xavier Woods!”

Oh shoot that’s me!

I head for the stage but keep my eyes down towards my feet. Why did it have to be me?

“I think we have some decent Tributes this year!” our escort says when I reach the stage and then when he lowers the mic I hear him murmur something about “dying on the first day again”

I’m then told to shake Luna’s hand and I finally look up as I do so.

The first thing I notice is that I’m almost a foot taller then her. The next thing is the grim determination in her eyes. “I’m going to win,” she says. “And I’ll stop anyone who gets in my way” She then turns away and follows our escort towards the Justice Building. She’s kinda creepy.

District Seven: Nastya Gushkin


Yeah?” I come out from the kitchen where I was about to start cooking the shelter’s morning breakfast for the final time. I see Louis the head of the shelter standing in the doorway with a clipboard in his hands. </span></p>

“No need to cook breakfast today,” he tells me. “The Peacekeepers will be handing out free food after the Reaping”

Oh right. I almost forgot they did that every year. I guess I won’t be cooking here ever again then.

Louis tells me to go get ready for the Reaping and I exit the shelter heading straight for the square, thinking about my life on the way.

Both of my parents committed suicide when I was only ten years old, leaving me alone by myself. I wandered the streets for a while, fending for myself learning how to live. Then, I came upon Louis’s Shelter and they agreed to let me become a cook there and before long I was the head cook.

I reach the square and file into my spot in line I briefly think about how the shelter will fare when I volunteer before shrugging the thought away. Why should I care about them?

I look up at the stage and see District 7’s escort Ebla Helms taking the stage alongside the mayor and last year’s victor, Edmund Everton.

The crowd cheers wildly as Ebla introduces Edmund and he waves to them before taking his seat. Next year, after I’ve won the reaction will be much bigger. I guarantee it.

“Lets all hope for a repeat performance this year!” Ebla screeches to the crowd and half of the crowd claps but the other half remain silent.

“Let’s see who will be competing for us, shall we?” Ebla goes to the boys bowl and snatches a slip out.

“Ransom Overman!”

A sigh of disappointment comes from the crowd as a boy from the seventeen year olds lines begins to head for the stage. Apparently he’s popular or something. Edmund gets up to shake his hand and then Ebla moves over to the girls bowl and I brace myself as she begins to read a name.



I run up the stage as quickly as I can and take the microphone from Ebla. “My name is Nastya Gushkin and I am the future Victor from District Seven!”

The crowd cheers for me as Edmund gets up to shake and my hand at the same time Ebla shakes me by the shoulders.

“I think District 7 has another Victor on their hands!”

I expect the crowd to cheer loudly again but only a few people do, the rest remain silent. <

I turn around and see Ransom staring blankly with his hand outstretched. What? Does he expect me to shake his hand? Yeah, no way will I’ll do that. Ebla then grabs our wrists and begins to literally pull us towards the Justice Building.

Soon, the entire world will my name.

District Eight: Josef Wilder

From my perch on the rooftop I carefully watch as the baker locks his door and strolls down the street, obviously headed for the Reaping like everyone else.

I smile to myself, because not everyone is headed there just yet.

I hop down from the roof and casually stroll over to the door and glance down sides of the street. Predictably they’re empty and I immediately use my lock pick to jimmy the door open.

Once inside I quickly snatch some of the fresh bread the baker finished cooking this morning and lock the door behind me before strolling out. Normally, I would have taken far more stuff with me but I won’t need any of it today.

I eat the bread on my way to the square and when I get there I get into the 17 year olds line and calmly wait as Keenly Kellogg our escort gives the opening speech and briefly talks about last year Tributes which both did terrible and died on the first day. I can guarantee that won’t happen again. Eventually, Keenly heads over for the boys bowl and pulls out a piece of paper.



I smile as I climb the stairs to the stage and when I look out into the crowd they all seem confused as to why I would volunteer. But why not? I don’t have anything to lose.

“What’s your name?” Keenly eagerly asks me.

“Josef Wilder”

“Well, Josef the odds will surely be in your favor” She then moves over to the girls bowl and pulls out a name.

“Cashmere Prada!”

“What?! No! You must have picked the wrong name!”

A girl begins blustering her way onto the stage and I can immediately tell that she’s one of those snobby rich kids. She’s dressed in expensive looking clothes, was surrounded by girls who looked exactly the same in the audience, and her name just proves it.

“Do you have any idea how many times my name was in there?” she growls at Keenly whose looking around rapidly like she’s expecting someone to help her out. "Umm. No”

“Its in there exactly…” she trails off and she begins to count on her fingers. Rich people aren’t very smart.

“I don’t know how many! I just know my name couldn’t possibly have been picked! Put it back!”

“That’s not possible,” Keenly stammers and Cashmere begins to throw a tantrum but thankfully Peacekeepers escort her off of the stage and towards the justice building.

I smile and slowly follow after them.

District Nine: Perrie Grain

I can’t stop squirming around as I stand in the audience. I hate being around people I don’t know, I've always have but today there is no way I can avoid it.

I glance up at the stage and see my father, the mayor speaking. At least I know I won’t be reaped. “Now let’s see who are brave Tributes will be!” our escort Silva Rica takes over for father and she pulls a name out of the boys bowl.

“Mark Haulk!”

A scary looking boy emerges from the 15 year olds line, he has black hair with a red front line and one of his eyes is completely white. I think he’s probably going to be a strong contender in the Games, he might even win which would be great for our District.

“Now for the girls!” Silva then plucks a name out of the bowl and reads it quickly.

“Perrie Grain”

The first thing I notice is that my fathers face goes deathly pale and then someone nudges me from behind and I slowly begin to make my ascent up the stage. How… The crowd is completely silent, as they all know I’m the mayor’s daughter.

“Congratulations on being Reaped!” Silva tells me and then I run straight for my father and embrace him in a hug.

This is a death sentence! How am I supposed to survive against kids like that Mark? Or the Careers who are bound to be even scarier and stronger?

“You’ll be okay,” my father whispers to me but I know he’s talking more to himself then to me.

“Uh. I guess this concludes our Reapings?” I hear Silva mumble through some words but I don’t listen and instead listen to my own quiet sobbing.

District Ten: Seeker Amaryllis

I watch the people of District Ten herd themselves into the square like a bunch of sheep. Why is everyone here so weak and stupid? Why aren’t more people like me?

“I hope I don’t get reaped,” I hear a girl in front of me whisper. Seriously? Like competing in the Hunger Games is going to be hard! When I volunteer in a few minutes, I’m going to grind every single Tribute up!

Up on stage our escort Schindler Vyborg finally finishes yapping and begins to head for one of the bowls.

“And the lucky Tribute is…Bronco Bagwell!”

A large, muscular, dark skinned boy slides out of the audience and comes onto the stage to some slight applause. Pah! He’s not impressive. I am!

Schindler heads for the next fishbowl but I jump to my feet and scream out “I volunteer!” as I rush the stage.

“And it looks like we have a brave volunteer!” Schindler exclaims and shoves the microphone towards me face but I move out of the way and slap it to the floor. “Don’t poke any things in my face!” I growl and then turn to the crowd to shout my name. “Seeker Amaryllis!” Absolutely no one cheers and I glare at them before turning to look at Bronco who is eyeing me warily.

“Whatcha looking at?”

District Eleven: Darker Horrfi

When I wake up in the morning I find myself staring at the sky. Today is Reaping day, I realize. That means today is the day.

I climb up off of the ground and think that one good thing in the world is at least District Eleven is warm enough for me to just sleep anywhere.  Last night I had fallen asleep in one of the fields, now I slowly make my way back towards town.

Life has been terrible ever since that fateful day when the girl I loved was Reaped. I thought of volunteering, I should have volunteered…but I didn’t. Instead some weak boy got Reaped alongside her and the both of them fell in love, and were then killed halfway into the Games.

By now I’ve reached the square and shuffle into line and get my blood taken. I don’t have anything to lose anymore. My love is dead; my entire family is dead as well. Why not enter the Hunger Games? If I win I’ll be rich…if I lose. Well, if I lose I doubt anyone will miss me.

“Welcome to District Eleven’s Reapings!” our escort, some weird green skinned woman shouts. Nobody reacts and I don’t understand why she thought they would, as they never do.

“Some people are a bit sullen today,” she teases and she’s greeted with more silence. She gives a haughty sniff and starts up on the annoying greetings speech again. Just get to the point already…

Eventually she does and takes a name out of the boys bowl. “I bet you all can’t wait!” she giggles and then opens the paper.

“Raymond Richter!”

I don’t even bother checking to see who the kid is before I shout, “I volunteer” and head for the stage.

“What a brave young man!” the escort screams into the microphone and I feel like punching her. I’m not doing this because I think the Games are some sort of honor. It’s all over for me.

“What’s your name?” she asks me and I purposely ignore her for a few minutes but then a Peacekeeper makes a threatening gesture and I know I have to answer.

“Darker Horrfi,” I mutter into the mic and stare at my feet. I bet the whole District is already judging me. Our escort then goes to the girls bowl and pulls out a name.

“Flow’r Raspberry!”

The effect on the crowd is instantaneous: Everyone starts shouting and several girls even shout, “I volunteer!” What are their problems?

I look over the crowd for this Flow’r and see a small girl climbing onto the stage. Why? Didn’t she accept the volunteers? The crowds still going crazy even though Peacekeepers are now attempting to restore order.

“Please!” the girl is on stage and addressing the crowd now. "This is my problem I must go through, not yours. Do not beg of me to stay, as you don't beg for the others. Do not weep if I don't come home, just remember, I'll always be with you.”

Suddenly the crowd stops the chaos they were creating and actually begin to cheer! What?! They cheer for this girl but not me? Not any of the other Tributes?

But…when we’re forced to shake hands and I see how small and weak she is I don’t stay angry at her because honestly, she’s probably going to die in the Bloodbath.

District Twelve: Exolian Dynamite

I slowly shuffle into my place in line and stare at my feet. I can’t believe it. My only remaining family member, my grandma, died last night. Two years ago my father died in a mine explosion, and then the year after that my mother disappeared into the same exact mien, never to be seen again. Now….<

“Hello everyone!” Ailsa Monroe District Twelve’s escort bellows from the stage. “Happy Hunger Games!”

Nothing happy is happening to me. Or my family. Every since that one time I accidentally threw up onto that house that was built on a cemetery I’ve felt something bad would happen. And I was right, as soon after my family started dying. Holding back my tears I look up and see Ailsa pulling a paper out of the boys bowl.

“Exolian Dynamite!”

That’s it. The tears I’ve been holding back since my grandmothers death spill out and as I make my way onto the stage I’m completely bawling as the crowd murmurs sadly. Why? Why does this have to be happening to me? To my family?

“Now for the girls!” completely obvious to my tears Ailsa moves over to the girls bowl and quickly snatches a piece of paper out.

“Regina Victorious!”

A girl comes out of the 13 year olds line and takes her place on stage. “Give your Tributes of the 301st Annual Hunger Games a round of applause!” Ailsa shouts and I’m glad when no one cheers.

“…Or not. Anyways let’s get moving,” Ailsa spins around and drags the two of us towards the Justice Building. Sadly, I realize there will be no one there to wish me goodbye.

District Thirteen: Saidy Dauntless

“You’re late,” a Peacekeeper tells me as I stand beside the blood-taking table.

“I think I’m right on time,” I say retort and after getting my finger pricked I shove past him and get into the eighteen year olds group.

I look around at the crowd and see that pretty much everyone is utterly tired and dejected looking. After all this is our first Hunger Games and every single kid has their name in that bowl exactly one time, unlike the other Districts.

Glancing up at the stage I see only a single man up there. Where’s our mayor, Adam Devils? I mean, isn’t he suppose to be here?

“District Thirteen,” the man on the stage speaks into the microphone and I give him a better look. He just looks like a plain, brown haired man in a suit. He goes on to say he’s our “escort” and then starts giving some sort of speech.

“You all thought you’d be able to escape the other Districts have been facing for decades,” the man continues. “You were wrong. The glorious Capitol found you, and defeated you once more”

Man, this guy is a real bore. I mean I can’t even bother listening to him any longer! All he does is brag about the Capitol!

“Now lets see who your female Tribute will be,” the man strides over to one of the two bowls set up on stage and plunges his hand in, taking one from the very bottom.

“Your female Tribute is…Saidy Dauntless”

What?! Me? Come on! Seriously?!

I stand there in shock, when I’m grabbed from behind and the Peacekeeper who had told me I was late hauls me up onto the stage.

“Do you believe you have what it takes to survive?” I look up and see the suited man staring at me like I’m some sort of freak. Well he’s the freak!

“I know I do,” I growl glaring at him he nods and walks over to the boys bowl. “We shall see about that” Just who does he think he is!?

“Now let’s see who your male Tribute shall be,” he removes a slip of paper out of the bowl but before he reads it someone shouts from the crowd.


A tall muscular, blue haired boy climbs onto the stage and walks up to the man.

“My name is Ice Hunts”

The man nods and looks Ice up and down for several seconds before turning to the crowd.

“Ladies and gentlemen lets have a round of applause for your Tributes of the 301st Annual Hunger Games!” The crowd begins to slowly clap and soon Ice and me are escorted off of the stage and towards the Justice Building.

The Capitol: Shervert Wonkalandia

“I can’t wait for the Reaping!” my mother says as we make our ways down the brightly lit streets towards the square just outside the Presidents Mansion.

President Striker has made grand celebration and held large parties all throughout the Capitol for the whole day that will conclude with Capitols own Reaping held at night. Pretty much everyone is as happy as can be.

Except for me.

Every day I get ridiculed by the other girls because of my appearance and weight, every day I have to try and hide from them. I just can’t take it anymore! Why bother living with this? I’ve decided that I’m not going to. I’m going to volunteer for The Hunger Games.

We reach the square and my mother waves goodbye before rushing off eager to join the other spectators.

I get my blood taken and shuffle into the eighteen year olds line hoping no one notices me.Luckily, no one does and I look up at the stage to see President Striker himself up there!

“Greetings to each and every one of you!” He says and the crowd roars its applause. The noise is so loud its almost deafening! “Are you all ready for this most remarkable occasion?” He pauses for more applause before continuing. “Then lets find out who are first ever Tributes will be!”

Someone pushes the girls bowl over to him and he deftly pulls a piece of paper out and slowly unravels it.

“Your female Tribute for the 301st Annual Hunger Games and the first Tribute ever from the Capitol is…” He then looks up smiling and drops the paper. “Any volunteers?”


I shouted it as quickly as possible and I hear the angry shouts of several girls who I barely beat out. Sorry, but this is my time to die.

I waddle up onto the stage and as I do so the crowd gasps in shock and President Striker winces as he looks at me, obviously shocked at my appearance.

“Your name?” he says and then hands me the microphone.

“Sh-Sherv-“ I break off stuttering. Why am I doing this?! Why did I decide to go to my death? Who cares what people think anyways? I stare stupidly into the crowd as I realize that I volunteered for nothing and that I’m going to die for it.

“Sherv what?” President Striker asks impatiently and I gape at him for a few seconds before recovering my composure

“Shervert Wonkalandia” I squeak out and he eyes me with a look of utter disgust.

“Very well,” he turns to the crowd. “Our Female Tribute…Shervert Wonkalandia!” no one cheers and I feel even dumber as I realize there were girls who actually wanted to compete.

“Now I’m sure there are some good volunteers out there for the males,” I cringe as he puts emphasis on the word “good”. That was obviously a barb towards me.

“So, let’s hear them!” he pauses as dozens of voices shout out “I volunteer!”

He points at a strong looking boy in the seventeen year olds line and the boy eagerly runs onto the stage.“I’m Ramon Constancy,” he tells President Striker and they shake hands as the crowd goes nuts and fireworks explode in the sky.

“Ladies and gentlemen your male Tribute in the 301st Annual Hunger Games…Ramon Constancy!”

The crowd starts wildly chanting his name and I stare at my feet, and feeling not for the first time, unwanted.

Training: Day One

Dragon Lord (District 1)

As all of the Tributes line up for the first time on equal grounds I glance down the line and look at all those soon-to-be dead kids. As I had expected, absolutely none of them look like any sort of threat to me at all.

“Keep this in mind,” the head trainer tells us. “If you completely ignore the survival stations you will suffer for it” Yeah right! I won’t need any of those stupid skills when I’ll have the whole Cornucopia to provide for me.

He lets us go and all of us Careers immediately head for the weapon stations but we all don’t start training right away, instead Pansy from District two tells us all to introduce each other. I take this time to examine my so-called allies. Diamond, my district partner, has a head that would look good on the end of a pike, Damian and Pansy are the stereotypical Careers and I know I’ll have no problem ripping them apart when it comes to it, the 4 pair don’t look threatening and neither do the Capitol kids. This shouldn’t be to hard to win. After we all say our names Pansy (2) shouts out that the Career tryouts begin now and a few Tributes start coming over. Heh. Does she think she’s in charge here? Well, she’s not. I am. However…I’ll let her play this her little game awhile longer before I step in and take over.

“Why do we need anyone else?” Diamond (1) whines. “Don’t we have enough?”

“We’re still outnumbered twenty to eight you dolt,” Pansy (2) growls and the rest agree with her. It doesn’t matter to me either way as they’re all going to die regardless of their alliances. And I’m going to make sure everyone has an extremely painful death.

Watt Powers (District 5)

When everyone was released I went right to the edible plant station and while I was there I met Ransom from seven and before long Perrie from nine had came and joined us. Now we are a three-person alliance and I feel pretty good about having these two as allies. Ransom is the strength of our alliance but he doesn’t stand out so the others won’t target us, and Perrie…well she’s not the strongest…or smartest but I’m sure she’s good at something.

“The Careers look tough,” Perrie (9) comments while we stand in line for the gauntlets. Seeker (10) is going right now and she doing pretty impressive.

“Yeah, with the addition of the Capitol there’s eight of them,” Ransom (7) grunts staring out at them. There are nine actually, since the girl from seven joined up with them but I guess some people are slow.

“Its your turn Watt”

Huh? I turn and see that I’m next to run the gauntlets but after seeing how tiring it looks I don’t think I want to.

“You know, I think I’ll just go wait for lunch

Cashmere Prada (District 8)

Ugh! I can’t believe they actually expect me to break a sweat doing any of these things! I watch in the disgustingly fat girl from the Capitol lifting some weights and shudder. How such a creature exists is beyond me.

“Shouldn’t we be training?” Swift (5) suddenly asks from behind me.

“What?!” I spin around and glare at her. Even if she’s my ally she shouldn’t be interrupting my thoughts like that! “And risk breaking a nail or getting sweaty, or touching something one of those losers touched?" No way will I do that!

“Your…right” Swift (5) looks dejected and turns around to watch the others.

Of course I’m right! I’m right about everything. Isn’t that why she asked to be my ally?

Josef Wilder (District 8)

As all of the Tribute go to eat lunch I watch them quietly from the corner. Already scouting their weaknesses, their strengths. Knowing your enemies makes defeating them that much simpler.

I can already tell which Tributes are going to be major threats. Of course every Career is a threat, but I can tell the toughest ones are going to be Dragon (1), and Pansy (2). Then there’s the large alliance, which may be a threat when they’re grouped up but I’m certain I could defeat them all individually.

I stop my gaze on the district 10, 13 alliance. I’m not sure about them. Ice (13) certainly looks tough and he has a demeanor about him that makes me think he knows what he’s doing. The other two are wild cards.

I feel a tap on my shoulder and spin around to see Regina (12) staring right back at me.

“What are you doing?” I demand.

“The same thing as you. Scouting the competition”

I glare at her and when she doesn’t move I get up and stalk away. I don’t like her attitude and I don’t like how she snuck up on me without me knowing. At least now I know she’s one of the Tributes I should keep an eye on.

Training Day 2: Wari Oceani (District 4)

The elevators come to a stop and me and Cody (4) exit and head over to where the other Careers have gathered around the weapon stations.

“About time you got here,” Pansy (2) says as we reach the group. She then begins to address all of us. “Now as your leader I think we should-

“What did you say?”

Dragon (1) shoves Nastya (7) out of his way and stands right in front of Pansy (2) with a fierce look in his eyes. Uh oh. This may not end well.

“I said as your leader-”

“You’re not my leader!”

“Wait!” Damian (2) steps between them waving his hands in the air, looking foolish. “I thought I was leader?” Immediately the three of them begin pushing and shoving each other. This can’t be good and obviously the training staff realizes it too as they immediately descend upon us and all three of them are separated and taken away from training.

“Wow,” Ramon (Cap) says watching them being taken away. “I guess they really don’t want any pre-fighting this year”

Marcio Redge (District 3)

I watch the staff remove three Careers from the rest and escort them into the elevators. I briefly wonder what they did but then I shrug it away. Doesn’t matter to me right now.

I take a deep breath and aim my bow at the target and release: The arrow whizzes through the air and hits the target right on the edge of the bull’s-eye.

“Nice shot!” Bethunia (3) cheers from my side.

“Really??? That was a nice shot?”

I spin around and see the boy from four taking aim with his own bow. He must have made his way over here while I was shooting. “I’ll show you a nice shot!”

He then sends an arrow straight into the center of the bulls eye. But he doesn’t stop there, he fires off two more arrows, both of which hit just inches apart from the first arrow.

“Now that was a nice shot”

He drops the bow at my feet and stalks off back towards the other Careers who are all laughing. Great. Just great.  Now this is like my life back home. I use to be the best and most liked until someone better came along and I kept dropping down the totem pole until I reached the bottom.

I just want my life to go back to the way it was.

I turn and run for the elevator, trying to hide my shame.  On the way I see Bethunia (3) following me but I when I get in I quickly press a button and the doors shut her out.

Ice Hunts (District 13)

“Nice moves,” Bronco (10) tells me as I step back from the dummy I’ve just absolutely demolished with a sickle.


The both of us step back and watch Seeker (10) as she moves forward to try. Being with these two reminds me of Fang and Fur…How are they getting along without me? I hope Adam is taking good care of them. I’ll be back soon though. I’ll win these Games and get vengeance for my parents while doing so, and then I’ll go home.

“I grinded that dummy up!” Seeker (10) grins stepping back and jolting me back into reality.

I nod approvingly. She did a decent job, not nearly as good as me but I’ve been in tough training.

“Let’s head to lunch guys”

Luna Fern (District 6)

While I run the gauntlets I purposely let myself fall and bounce off one of the obstacles and roll onto the ground. Ow. That hurt more then I thought it would. I look up and hope someone saw all that but, just my luck, no one is even looking at me. I hope that means no one thinks I’m a threat.

I’ll need more help then that to help my mother though…just thinking about her makes me want to cry but I know I’ll have to be strong for her sake.

My mother was arrested me Peacekeepers for killing my father, a fellow peacekeeper, when he attacked me. She was going to be sentenced to death but I intervened and begged for them to spare her. They agreed…but only on the condition that I have to enter and win the Hunger Games.

If I fail…If I fail not only will I be dead but they’ll kill my mother as well.

I look up and see Mark (9) standing right in front of me. He has a knife in his hand and I can see that he’s cutting himself with it. < Horrified, I back up and he dips his hand into his own blood and begins to spell something out on a nearby dummy.

Laughing hysterically he runs off and I can see he spelt the word “Die”

And that’s just what will happen to twenty-seven of us.

Training Day 3: Pansy Costella (District 2)

That Dragon (1) really, really, irks me. I swear, if attacking him wouldn’t get me killed like it would, I’d so stick a knife in him.

“Let’s just all try to get along, okay?” Wari (4) mediates as all of us are in a group again. Dragon (1) snorts and walks over to the sword station. Good. Now I won’t have to deal with that arrogant --- and focus on prepping myself for the individual training sessions that will take place tomorrow. I know I’m going to get a high score, but hopefully it’s the highest one.

I begin to walk over to the scimitars when I notice the two Capitol kids talking quietly to each other. I don’t like or trust either of them. Sure the girl is so fat and out of shape that she can’t possibly pose any sort of threat, but the boy, Ramon, could cause me trouble in the Games if he decided to.

Well, I really shouldn’t be worrying too much about them yet. It’s Dragon (1) who I’ll have to keep a close eye on. Yes, I’ll have to keep a very close eye on him.

Darker Horrfi (District 11)

Only a few more days until the Games begin and I’ll probably die. Sure I’ll fight to survive but the odds aren’t exactly in my favor.

I throw a knife and it hits the dummy right in the heart. It’s odd since I’m the only Tribute to even practice with the throwing knives so I’ve just spent my entire training time over here perfecting my aim.

Hopefully I’ve managed to look like a threat to the others; otherwise I’ve pretty much failed in my attempts. I guess I’ll just have to try and get a high training score to prove my skills.

Ransom Overman (District 7)

“Only two more days,” I murmur as me and my two allies sit at the lunch table. Only two more days until the Games will begin and all twenty-eight of us gathered here will be attempting to kill each other. <

It’s a little sad thinking about if I am to win, that means Watt (5) and Perrie (9) will have to die. I guess that’s just the Hunger Games.

“I’ll miss you two,” Perrie (9) says and I nod understanding. I haven’t known them very long but already I know that if and when they die, that I’ll miss them as well.

“Are you saying we’re could die in the Hunger Games?!” Watt (5) blurts out and we all start laughing despite the seriousness of the whole thing.

If only my life was as good as I try to make everyone think it was…

Scores & Odds

Tribute (District) Score Odds
Dragon Lord (1) 11 3-1
Diamond Coman (1) 9 8-1
Damian Weatherby (2) 9 7-1
Pansy Costella (2) 11 3-1
Marcio Redge (3) 7 19-1
Bethunia Underium (3) 6 26-1
Cody Freshwater (4) 9 9-1
Wari Oceani (4) 8 16-1
Watt Powers (5) 4 46-1
Swift Twirpshkin (5) 5 34-1
Xavier Woods(6) 7 22-1
Luna Fern(6) 7 24-1
Ransom Overman (7) 7 20-1
Nastya Gushkin (7) 8 15-1
Josef Wilder (8) 9 9-1
Cashmere Prada (8) 1 99-1
Mark Haulk (9) 9 12-1
Perrie Grain (9) 5 36-1
Seeker Amaryllis (10) 6 27-1
Bronco Bagwell(10) 8 15-1
Darker Horrfi (11) 8 17-1
Flow'r Raspberry (11) 3 55-1
Exolian Dynamite (12) 4 48-1
Regina Victorious (12) 7 23-1
Tribute Name Score Odds
Ice Hunts (13) 10 4-1
Saidy Dauntless (13) 8 17-1
Ramon Constancy (Cap) 10 5-1
Shervert Wonkalandia (Cap) 5 33-1


Flow'r Raspberry (District 11)

I’m woken up in the morning by District Eleven’s escort and taken into the elevator. Today is the day the Games begin. I can’t stop worrying about what will happen in just a few hours. Will my allies and me be dead? How will District Eleven react if I die? I glance at Darker who is in the elevator with me and wonder what he’s thinking. Even though I hardly spoke with him I don’t want him to die. I don’t want anyone to die even though twenty-seven of us are going to.

Mark Haulk (District 9)

The elevator finally reaches the bottom and me and Perrie (9) climb out and are escorted into a hovercraft. The other Tributes are already taking their places in seats and I do so as well. I can’t wait for the Games to finally start so I can kill someone again. I haven’t killed anyone since my parents and that was two years ago! I need to kill someone.

And soon I’ll be able to do just that.

Regina Victorious (District 12)

I grimace as they implant the tracker into me and look around. The Careers are all laughing and joking. Well, most of them. Dragon (1) is staring at everyone like they are steaks and the fat girl is gazing at her own shoes. “Hey!” Damian (2) shouts at Exolian (12) who is visibly shaking in his seat. “You’ll die within the first few minute, so don’t worry so much!”

This causes them all to laugh and I silently note that they’re all far to overconfident for their own good.

Ramon Constancy (Capitol)

I’m led out of the hovercraft and into some dark corridors. Wow. This would be a perfect place for bats to live.

I eventually reach the end of the corridor and I step into the Launch Room where my stylist hands me the Arena outfit. The capitols light blue hooded jacket, a matching plain shirt to wear under the jacket, cream colored cargo pants, and a pair of leather boots.

“Good luck,” my stylist tells me. I don’t need luck but I appreciate the sentiment. Soon it’ll be time to enter the launch pad. I take this time to think over my training score. I’m pretty stoked that I got a 10. Only Dragon (1) and Pansy (2) got a higher score then me! But I know I need to be careful in the Games because just about anything can happen and if I’m not careful I could wind up dead.

Bronco Bagwell (District 10)

I take a deep breath and step into the launch pad and it slowly begins to raise me up. I don’t know what the Arena will look like and I don’t know exactly what I’ll do yet but I do know I’ll have to be quick in doing whatever I decide to do.

Suddenly bright lights blind me and I hear trumpets followed by an introduction from the announcer.

“Ladies and Gentlemen let the 301st Annual Hunger Games begin!”

The Games

Day One/ Bloodbath

Ransom Overman (District 7)

I squint in the new sunlight and as my eyes adjust I make out the golden Cornucopia lying forty feet away from me. I think we’re in a wall less shrine of some sort. There’s s roof over my head and a large bell hangs directly over the Cornucopia.

I immediately look around for my allies and see them both. Watt (5) is only a few places down from me and Seeker (10) is a few more from that. I should be able to reach them before too much happens. Hopefully.

Diamond Coman (District 1)

Everyone is staring out at the Cornucopia and all its glorious items but I’m taking my time to scout out the terrain surrounding us. I’ll have plenty of time later to check out the supplies.

Directly behind me to the north across some grassy plains a lake shines in the distance. To my west is a forest, and to my east some sort of fields.

So, those will be the places the other Tributes run to. Good to know.

Regina Victorious (District 12)

30…29…. 28…

I lock my eyes onto a dark blue backpack that is propped up against one of the four pillars holding up the roof. If I can get to it I’ll have supplies and I won’t have to put myself in too much danger. A win-win situation for me! As long as no one else runs for it of course.

Exolian Dynamite (District 12)

I’m terrified and I don’t think I can do this. My feet are shaking and I’m afraid I might fall off of my platform, which would be really, really bad.  I don’t think I can even risk running out there. Pretty much every single Tribute is able to kill me and I don’t want to take the chance of dying this early.

Looking behind me I see an empty plain, which only stretches for a few feet before a forest springs up. That would be good place for me to go.

Dragon Lord (District 1)

Finally! I’m grinning with excitement as I wait for the gong to sound. I’ll finally get to kill all of those stupid, pathetic, weaklings!


My platform has me placed right between Seeker (10) and Regina (12), both of who are staring out at the Cornucopia and its supplies. One of them will be my first kill; all I have to do is decide which one it will be.


I turn myself to face Seeker (10) and smile as the countdown reaches its final few seconds.


Seeker (10) begins to move but before she is even off her platform I slam into her and tackle her to the ground. She attempts to squirm away but I punch her in the face and as she stops moving I place my hands on her neck and quickly twist. I grin as her neck gives a loud Snap! And she goes still. Dead as a board. Getting up I look out at the Cornucopia where some of the others Tributes are already fighting. This is going to be fun!

Ice Hunts (District 13)

As I reach the Cornucopia I swing a backpack over my shoulder and pick up a sickle as Josef (8) flees with a load of items in his grasp.

“Look out!” Bronco (10) shouts and I turn just in time to see Saidy (13) charging me with a knife in hand.

Quickly, I sidestep and as she blows past me I hastily swing my sickle across her neck causing her to fall to the ground with blood bubbling out from her throat.

I motion at Bronco (10) that its time to run off when an arrow zooms past my ear and slams right into Bronco’s (10) chest, taking him to the ground.

Damn it!

I dive to the ground and wait to see if another arrow comes. It doesn’t and I get up and sprint away as fast as I can.

Marcio Redge (District 3)

The first thing I do when I reach the Cornucopia is look around for Bethunia (3) and spot her on the edge of the shrine with a duffel bag in hand. I would pick up a weapon but I’ve already checked the area and all the weapons are further in.

“Let’s go!” I shout at her and she nods as we both take off running for the forest leaving the shouts and cries of the other Tributes behind us.

Darker Horrfi (District 11)

Emerging from the Cornucopia with a backpack around my shoulders and throwing knives in my hands I take a step forward before a fist slams into my jaw and I fall to the ground with Damian (2) standing over me, sword in hand.

“You can’t escape,” he says forming a grin on as he picks up a sword that was lying beside his feet.

Before he can take another step, I shoot my leg out and catch him right between the legs. He shouts in pain before collapsing to the floor and rolling around in pain. Oh? I can't escape, really?

I should finish him off but I have no time to. Already the other Careers are heading this way and I’m not staying here another second.

Running straight towards some sort of field, I don’t look back.

Wari Oceani (District 4)

Nastya (7) and me are standing at the front of the Cornucopia watching all the action take place. I watch as Luna (6) picks up an axe and immediately Nastya (7) springs forward to give chase. I have to admit, she was a good addition to the Careers despite of what some others think about her.

Watt (5) is digging through a crate and lifts my trident, before sending it flying through the air and into his skull. This just goes to show that fat boys don’t belong in the Hunger Games!

Mark Haulk (District 9)

I look around and spot Wari (4) standing triumphantly over the fallen Watt (5). Now’s my chance! Grinning, I sidle up behind her and as she turns around I shove my sword straight into her heart.

Removing the blade I watch her slump to the ground and turn around to examine the battlefield. Most of the Careers are chasing after Darker (11) except for Damian (2) whose rolling around on the ground and Pansy (2) who is on top of Flow’r (11) stabbing her repeatedly. The Bloodbath is just about over so I dash off laughing manically.

Day One/ Aftermath

Ramon Constancy (Capitol)

“How many are dead?” Cody (4) asks Diamond (1)as she goes around counting the corpses. I’m happy that I managed to get a kill. And it was Bronco (10) too, a pretty big threat.

“Six,” Diamond (1) answers Cody. “And one of them is Wari”

“That bitch wasn’t good at anything anyways,” Pansy (2) spits and savagely kicks a crate, causing several items to spill out. “We don’t need her”

I narrow my eyes as the others agree with her. I’m not too sure about that. There are plenty of strong Tributes out here and having an extra ally could be a big difference if and when we fight them.

“We should start hunting down the others immediately,” Dragon (1) says suddenly emerging from inside the Cornucopia. “They can’t be too far”


Shervert (Cap) rises from where she was resting on the floor. Man, she looks absolutely tired.

“No way! I’m not going to trek through the Arena searching after all we just did!”

“Oh? Really?”

Uh oh. Dragon (1) strides forward until he is nose to nose with Shervert (Cap). An evil glint is in his eye and I know this won’t end well for anyone.

“You're denying an order, are you?”

“Yeah,” Shervert (Cap) sticks her hands out and gives him a hefty push. “I am”

Suddenly, Dragon (1) whips a dagger out from his belt and before anyone can even react he throws himself forward and plunges it straight into Shervert’s (Cap) mouth.

Cody (4) gives a shocked shout and everyone backs off from Dragon (1) as he pulls the dagger out and unleashes a fountain of blood. What in hell is wrong with this guy?!

“Anyone else have something to say?” He grins and spins around looking at all of us. None of us say anything. Not even Pansy (2) whose usually trying to challenge him.

“No one? Good! Now lets go hunt down those damn Tributes!”

He takes off and after a few uneasy looks we all collect our weapons and follow him. I don’t think the Careers will be the best place for me.

Xavier Woods (District 6)

Whew. I’m so glad I got out of there before the fighting even started! I was the first one to the Cornucopia and managed to snag both a spear and a backpack before fleeing.

I lean against a tree and stare out at the nearby lake. It’s a good thing that plenty of undergrowth is by the shore because that means I can get water without the risk of anyone spotting me.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Seven? Seven deaths. So that means there’s only twenty-one Tributes left in the Game. How many of them are Careers? I all of those deaths were Careers but that’s impractical and impossible.

I guess I’ll find out just who those cannons were for tonight.

Swift Twirpshkin (District 5)

“Wow! A barn!”

Cashmere (8) and I come to a stop just outside of a large barn that’s just sitting in the field surrounded by cornstalks. I’m used to sleeping in rough places so I wouldn’t exactly mind sleeping out in the field but I know having a roof over our heads would be very helpful.


Huh? I turn to stare at Cashmere (8) in surprise. She sure has been acting different today. First she actually runs out for the Bloodbath and now she thinks a barn is great?

“This will cover us in case it rains or something like that”

Was her whole performance in training an act? She goes to push the doors open and I have to wonder if I can still trust her. What else has she been hiding from me?

The barn is mostly empty except for a ladder leading to a small loft and a few piles of hay that look like they could be used for sleeping materials. I was really wishing there would be some sort of water in here as neither me or Cashmere (8) got any from the Bloodbath. In fact I myself got nothing at all.

“Its dark,” Cashmere (8) comments looking around and I feel a little better that she sounds more like her old self. “But we can make it do”

We both push the doors shut behind us and after counting our supplies we climb up to the loft to wait out the day.

Exolian Dynamite (District 12)

“What does everyone have?” Marcio (3) asks as the four of us crowd around a tree. As soon as the gong rang out I ran straight for this forest and luckily Marcio (3), Bethunia (3), and Luna (6) all had the same idea and now the four of us are planning what to do next.  I’m not sure where Flow’r (11) is but I have this dreadful feeling that she’s dead…

“I have an axe,” Luna (6) quips answering Marcio’s question.

“I have a rope, some bread, dried fruit, dried meat, and a knife,” Bethunia (3) answers. I know she and Marcio (3) both received this together. At least we’ll have food.

“I have nothing, “I murmur and the others nod understandingly.

“We should search for water,” Marcio (3) speaks and soon the four of us are carefully making our way through the forest in search of water. I can’t help worrying that someone will find and attack us but no one does and we eventually come across a small pond where we decided to stay for night, which should be coming soon.

“Won’t someone find us if we just sleep out in the open?” I ask nervously. I’ve seen on TV that in old Hunger Games people would get axed in the face while they slept. I don’t want to get axed in the face.

“We can sleep in the trees,” Bethunia (3) suggests. Ohh. I’m not too good at climbing but the others all think it’s a good idea so I think I might have to give it a shot. At least it’ll keep me safe for tonight.

Josef Wilder (District 8)

I sit beside a tombstone in the cemetery I’ve decided to stay in. I’m fairly certain no one else will even think about camping out here because they’ll be too frightened. What a bunch of babies.

So far into the Games I am well set. Not only do I have both a crossbow and machete but I also have a ton of supplies. I would think that only the Careers have more supplies then me at present.

The sky is darkening and I know night will soon be here, which makes it that much unlikely that anyone will come upon me today. Heh. This will be easy.

Ice Hunts (District 13)

Bronco (10) is dead and I have no idea what happened to Seeker (10) yet so I’m all alone in the forest. Night has fallen and it’s only a matter of time before the Anthem starts and I’ll find out just who died today.

Just as I thought the Anthem starts playing and the sky lights up with the seal, which is then replaced by Wari’s (4) face. Huh, a Career, that’s good for me. She’s followed by Watt (5) before I see the faces of both Bronco (10) and Seeker (10). Damn. Both of my allies were killed on the first day!

Next is Flow’r (11), which I expected, then my district partner Saidy (13) and finally Shervert (Cap). So, two Careers are dead, two weaklings, my two allies and Saidy.

The sky goes dark again and I go lie in bush covered by a blanket, sickle at hand. Tomorrow I’ll think of a plan but right now I need to get some sleep or I’ll be too tired to do anything.

Day Two/ When flowers attack

Cody Freshwater (District 4)

Dragon (1) wakes me up in the morning and informs me that the Careers will be sending out a hunting party of four while also leaving three of us to guard the Cornucopia.

I’m not so sure I can even trust Dragon after that stunt he pulled yesterday but I definitely can’t argue with him or I’ll be the next one to end up dead.

“Who’s staying?” Nastya (7) asks as we all gather around the front of the shrine. I notice that there’s a ladder leading up to the top. That would be a great position for someone to stand guard on.

“The people guarding will be Pansy, Ramon, and you,” Dragon (1) grunts addressing Nastya.. “The rest of us will have fun killing some people”

The four of us chosen to go hunting start walking for the forest and I slide back to be beside Damian (2).

“Do you trust Dragon?” I whisper making sure to keep my voice low.

“Hell no!” he whispers back but then a grin forms on his face. “But I do like how he makes all of us focus our attention on him. None of the others are even thinking about how big of a threat we can be”

He’s right. I’m going completely under the radar, which may just be the best thing for me.

Luna Fern (District 6)

From my perch in the tree I see Exolian (12) begin to wake and slowly make his way down from his tree. I’m glad the others are still asleep for two reasons. One: none of them saw me get water from my sponsors I won’t have t share when we move away from this pond and Two: I can kill Exolian (12) without them seeing.He’s the weak link of our alliance and I can’t let him stay around or he’ll get us all killed. I can’t just kill him outright though or the others will never trust me. No…I need to make it look like an accident.

I grab my axe and ready it as he finally reaches the ground and stands just below my tree. Bethunia (3) and Marcio (3) are both on the other side of the pond and we’re well out of their sight.

I take a deep breath and let the axe drop, watching as it falls straight into Exolian’s (12) skull.


Immediately I let out a fake scream as he drops to the floor and I slide down from the tree and drop to my knees.

“No! Exolian!”

The Marcio (3) and Bethunia (3) soon arrive and I tell them about the terrible “accident”. They both seem to believe it and I’m happy. I’m one step closer to saving my mother.

Ice Hunts (District 13)

Careers. Damn. Can’t I catch a break?

I’m crouched behind a large rock as the four of them pile into the small clearing. I can’t just attack them. They have me outnumbered. No, I need to wait this out.

“How come we haven’t found anyone yet?” the girl from one, Diamond, moans. “We’ve been at this since dawn”

“Stop bitching, bitch,” her district partner snaps and the two boy snickers at this as he casually sits on the rock I’m hiding behind!

Shoot. If he just turns around I am so screwed…

“Well someone has been killing,” The boy from four, points out. Obviously he's referring to the cannon that rang out earlier today. “Maybe someone strolled by the others at the Cornucopia?”

A plan begins to form in my head and despite its risk I know I have to do it. I’m going to be found either way…

I quickly pop up and as the Careers give shouts of surprise I slam my sickle into the back of the two boys head. Boom! And take off running into the woods.

“He’s getting away!”

I can hear them shouting and fumbling with their weapons. Smiling, I know they won’t catch me. I’m too fast for them.

Perrie Grain (District 9)

“These plants are really beautiful,” I say to Ransom (7) as we move through a gorgeous meadow. Why isn’t there something like this back home? Everyone would love it!

“I guess,” he mutters as we continued down a small dirt path towards a looming forest. We both certain that we would be better able to protect ourselves from in there, so that’s where we’re headed.

I see something moving out of the corner of my eye and as I turn to look at it a large green tentacle-like thing springs out from the flowers and whips me across the face.


I scream and hit the dirt as a giant flower creature raises its head out from the flowers. A mutt!

“Ransom!” I scream and begin crawling backwards as the roots converge towards me.


Just as the roots begin to fly towards me, Ransom (7) jumps forward and with a slash from his axe he slices them clean in two!

“Get up already!” he grunts and I scramble to my feet and run for the woods.

Wait! I can’t leave Ransom to be killed by that flower!

He’s still swinging his axe at the roots, which seem to be endless. No way can he fight them all off.

Suddenly, one of them grabs him by the ankle and yanks him to the ground. No!

“Ransom!” The other roots immediately grab him and I scream as he drag him right towards a giant flower mutt that has a large gap in its head which resembles a mouth and has dozes of sharp teeth.. He gives a horrible scream before he disappears into the mouth and I turn to run into the forest, his cannon sounding behind me. Boom!

Cashmere Prada (District 8)

I climb down from the top of the barn where I’ve been standing guard all day long and knock twice on the barn door. I’m so glad that my sponsor sent me this crossbow along with some water. <

Swift (5) pulls the door open and I come inside.


“Not a soul”

The two of us go sit at the back of the barn and I look at Swift (5) who is staring at the barn doors blankly.


“Um hmm?”

“I…want you to know that I’m not really the bitch I was in training and that…uh…that I do have a heart,” Ugh! This sounds sooo weird to say aloud! “I myself didn’t even know this until I got into the Arena. When I realized that my life was at risk and that I may never see my family or friends ever again. That I might die”

She turns her head and looks straight at me, sadness shining in her eyes. “I’m the same way. I’m afraid I won’t have what it takes to win…that I’ll fail Natasha…”

We both fall silent and the only noise is the sound of wind rattling the barn windows.

“You know…” I break the silence and take a deep breath. “If I don’t win, I hope you do” That may have sounded obvious but before this talk I would have rather my District partner win for district glory. But now I have my priorities straight.

Swift (5) begins to climb up to the loft and after sitting by myself thinking for several minutes I move to join her.

Darker Horrfi (District 11)

I love this cornfield. I’m right at home here, I have a free source of food, and I doubt anyone will be able to even find me!

I sit on a small rock and rip open an ear of corn right now as I wonder who died today. The sun is setting right now and its still hours away before the Anthem begins.

The most likely thing is that the Careers have been out hunting, which fills me with dread. Are they still sore about me getting away? Are they planning their vengeance right now? I take a bite out of the corn just as the cornstalks swish apart and Mark (9) steps out, standing only a few feet away from me, sword in hand.

The corn flies from my mouth as I bolt to my feet and reach for my throwing knives before remembering I’ve left them in my backpack at my feet.

“Great day isn’t it?” Mark (9) asks before he bursts out laughing like he said something funny. He’s insane. “Its also quite a nice day to die”

“I have to disagree with that,” I growl and without taking my eyes off of him I bend down and pick up my bag. Oddly, he doesn’t react to this. Does he have some sort of plan?

“You’ll be my fourth kill,” he says and I take this opportunity to reach into my bag. If only he keeps talking long enough… “The first two were my parents. They so deserved it. Always nagging me about killing animals”

My fingers wrap around the hilts of two of my knives and I slowly begin to remove them. “And the third was the girl from four. A really disgusting thing if you ask me. Now for you!” He suddenly takes a step forward but as he does so I whip out the two knives and send them both flying right at him.

I expect them both to hit but to my shock he sidesteps the first one and deflects the second with his sword.

“Nice try”

I pick up the rock I’ve been sitting on and hurl it at him before spinning around and sprinting off into the corn. I don’t stop moving until I barrel out of the stalks and right into the plains. I can see the shrine and Cornucopia in the distance.

Have I escaped him? I didn’t hear him chasing me…

I don’t have time to lag about like this. I heave my bag over my shoulder and run off into the enveloping night.

Regina Victorious (District 12)

I’m betting most people would be frightened of lying in an open grave in the middle of night, but not me! I think this place is pretty cool. My only real worry is a lack of food, which is beginning to really get to me. I don’t like going hungry but I can chug through it.

The Anthem blares up and I smile. Finally, I’ll find out who the unlucky saps that died were.

Soon enough the seal is replaced by the face of the boy from 2. Wow. I hadn’t expected a Career to die today but I guess we got lucky. Next is Ransom from seven and that’s also quite surprising. I thought he’d last longer. And lastly is the frail boy from twelve, which isn’t exactly a shock. Actually, I’m surprised he made it to day two.

Eventually the sky goes dark again and I close my eyes. I really need to find some food tomorrow…

Day 3/ Inferno

Pansy Costella (District 2)

I’ve had enough of Dragon! I’ve been plotting his death ever since I met him in training and now is the time to make it happen! He thinks he’s invincible and tough but I’ll show him what he really is. A pathetic, sad, weakling who has no idea who he’s up against!

I look out of the Cornucopia and I see him talking to the others right now. Casually strolling out I grip my two scimitars in my hand and smile as he locks eyes with me.

“About time you woke up,” he growls and I eye his weapons. A spear and a deadly looking katana.

“I think its time you learned your place Dragon,” I say menacingly. “We’re all tired of your antics. Aren’t we?” I address this last part to the other four. They all look around uncomfortably except for Nastya (7) who steps forward. Good! I knew at least one of them wasn’t a spineless coward.

“Yeah!” she speaks. “Your not our leader Dragon!”

“Oh?” he lifts his spear up and begins to walk towards the two of us. “And what are you going to do about it?”

Just as he finishes I send one of my scimitars flying towards him but it only hits his spear, cutting it clean in half.

I may have missed but at least I have another scimitar. All he has is a sword!


What the hell?! I spin around and see Nastya (7) lying flat on the ground, Diamond’s (1) spear shoved into her skull.

“What are you doing?!” I scream at her and when I turn back around I see Dragon’s (1) katana slam into my stomach.

Ramon Constancy (Capitol)


Dragon (1) grins as he removes his katana from Pansy’s (2) chest and pulls out a dagger. Oh god what has he planned now? It can't be anything pleasant.

I'm shown to be right when he begins to cut at her face and I look away in disgust. This isn’t how the Games are supposed to be played. He’s not playing honourably.

I turn back and my stomach tightens as I see that Dragon (1) is holding Pansy’s face. It’s been cut completely off of her face and he now has it in his hands! I glance at the other two. Cody (4) looks like he’s going to vomit but Diamond (1) doesn’t seem fazed at all. She even looks like she respect Dragon or something. What’s wrong with this kids from District one?

“Anyone else think I’m a horrible leader?” Dragon (1) asks a cruel smile on his face. Of course no one says anything, even though I know we all think he’s a complete and utter psycho who we can’t hang around too long or the same thing that happened to Pansy will happen to us.

Darker Horrfi (District 11)

After the two cannons that sounded earlier this morning, I know there’s only sixteen Tributes left in the Games. That means only fifteen more people have to die before someone wins.

I make my way down to the lakeside and cup my hands to get some water when I see out of the corner of my eye, someone on the other side of the lake doing the same thing. It’s defiantly a male and judging by the purple jacket it’s the six boy. I think his name was Xavier.

Well, this is great for me. So far in the Games everyone has been getting the jump on me and now the shoe is on the other foot.

I carefully make my way around the lake and when I get to the other side I crouch in the bushes as he makes his way back from the lake shore.

He has a spear in his hands and I know I’ll have to get him before he even sees me or I could have yet another rerun off my last encounters with other Tributes.

I ready one of my six throwing knives in my hand and when he turns his back to me I spring out and let it fly.

My aim couldn’t have been any better: the knife catches him right in the centre of the back and he flails forward as his cannon sounds. Boom!


I rush forward and remove my knife from the boys back. I don’t feel bad because this is the Hunger Games and its kill or be killed.

His backpack contains some bread, a canteen of water and some sort of cream that I reckon is used for burns. It could come in handy later on. I don’t have any need for his spear, so I decide to simply chuck it into the lake where it’s doubtful any other Tribute will be able to find it.

Today has been a good day.

Bethunia Underium (District 3)

“Do you trust Luna?” I ask Marcio (3) as the both of us examine the sword I just received from a sponsor. I don’t trust her completely and I even suspect that her “accident” with Exolian (12) was on purpose. I don’t exactly blame her though. He was weak and if she didn’t kill him someone else surely would have.

“What did you say?” Marcio (3) asks looking up. “I didn’t hear you”

“I asked if you trusted Luna, because I don’t,” he looks at me blankly then I feel the need to elaborate. “I mean, I’m not going to betray her or anything like that, but I just wanted your thoughts”

“Oh. No, not really,” he looks back at his feet but then his gaze returns to me as if he just thought of something.

“You trust me though, right?”

Do I trust him? I look into his clear, honest blue eyes and realize that not only do I trust him, but I trust him more then I trust anyone else I’ve ever met, except my mother.

“Yes. I trust you completely Marcio”

“Good,” he breathes sigh of relief before taking my hand. “Because I trust you too”

Mark Haulk (District 9)

I’m beginning to regret my decision to not chase after the eleven boy yesterday. I didn’t feel the need to chase because I was fresh off a kill. But now the craving to kill is coming back stronger then ever before.

Where is everyone? I need to find them and sink my blade into their flesh or rip it off with my own hands or even burn it.

I begin to cut myself with my knife to relieve the stress when I see a large building in the distance.

A barn!

And standing on top of it is the form of a Tribute in an olive colored jacket. Perfect! My body urges me to run out there as fast as possible to kill them but my mind tells me better. They’re surely armed and I know it’s reckless to just go charging. No…I need to think of a clever way to kill them.

And when I glance into my backpack I find my answer.

Swift Twirpshkin (District 5)

Like yesterday, Cashmere (8) stands guard out on the roof while I stand at the door, knife in hand. And also like yesterday, no one comes and as the sun begins to set Cashmere (8) returns to the barn.

“Where do you think everyone is?” I ask as I help her shut the barn doors.

“No idea. Maybe on the other side of the Arena?”

I’m beginning to think that maybe we should leave the barn tomorrow. I don’t think the Gamemakers will like us hanging around in one spot too much.

I pitch the idea to Cashmere (8) and she thinks we should think it over in morning when are heads are clearer. I have no qualm with that and the two of us once again climb up to the loft.

I wonder if Natasha is watching me right now. Is she living in constant fear of me dying? I hope not. I love her and don’t want her to have to fear anything, but how can she not be afraid when I myself am terrified?

“Do you smell something?” Cashmere (8) suddenly asks me.

“Smell? Like what?”

I sit up and when I take a sniff I do scent an odd smell…kinda like…smoke.

Cashmere pokes her head over the edge of the loft and suddenly gives a shout.


Oh hell no! I look through the boards of the loft and see flames at the bottom, already spreading thanks to the hay.

“We’re trapped!” Cashmere (8) screams and I fear she’s right as flames begin to engulf the doors. But when I look up I see something that could save us.

A window.

“Quick!” I shout. “Climb onto my shoulders! I’ll boost you to the windows!” She nods and as I feel the barn get hotter she climbs onto my back and I struggle to stand and lift her.

“I got it!”

Thank goodness! “Pull yourself up!” I tell her and the weight lifts from my back as she begins to go over the window.

“Take my hand!” I turn and see her reaching her hand out to me. I move to grab it when I hear a loud crack! And the floorboards below me give away and I plunge into a fiery inferno.

Regina Victorious (District 12)


A cannon. That’s neat and all but it doesn’t do me any good. I’m absolutely starving and after a whole day of looking for food I don’t think I can continue my search. I’m completely exhausted and beat.

I sink back into the open grave and let out a low moan as I realize my problem is far from being resolved.

I’ll have to find food tomorrow but I don’t think I can even get my self out of here. If only I had a sponsor who could send me something to eat…

With my thoughts filled of food I drift off to sleep.

Perrie Grain (District 9)

I don’t know what to do. Ransom (7) always was the one in my alliance who came up with the plans and now that I’m in the forest with only a knife to defend myself and fourteen other Tributes out to kill me, what can I do?

Luckily, I have some water and found some berries that I recognized from training were safe to eat.

But that doesn’t solve the issue of what I’m supposed to do now.

Stay by myself? Look for another alliance and hope they let me in? Or do something completely different?

I just don’t know…

I snuggle myself into a crook in a tree and close my eyes, trying to get some sleep. Hopefully I’ll have an answer tomorrow.

Cashmere Prada (District 8)

I stare out at the burnt rubble of the barn with tears streaming down my face. Swift (5) is dead and I have absolutely no supplies at all. Everything was lost in the fire.

Who did this? Was it a Tribute? Or something the Gamemakers cooked up? Does it matter? Swift is dead and now I’m all alone.

While I sit crying I hear the Anthem and when I look to the sky I see the face of Pansy (2). Huh? What?! How’d she die? The girl who had an eleven in training and the odds of 3-1 was already dead. It must have took a really strong Tribute to kill her…

Next is Swift and fresh tears swim down my face until the boy from six replaces her. I can’t even remember his name. And lastly, Nastya from seven rounds it out. Another Career…I would be ecstatic if Swift’s face wasn’t up there with the rest of them.

As the sky goes dark I think about how I won’t just win for myself or my family and friends. I’m going to win for Swift.

Day Four/ The Strong

Dragon Lord (District 1)

“Dragon! Dragon wake up! Ramon and Cody are gone!”

Diamond’s (1) shout wakes me from my slumber and I climb out of the Cornucopia to see her going over the supplies. I also notice a good amount of our food is missing and immediately know that the others deserted us. They must have been smart enough to notice I was planning on killing them soon.

“Look! There’s a set of footprints!”

Diamond (1) points at the grass that lies off of the shrine. Its bent and trodden and its definitely someone’s footprints.

“Get your weapons,” I order her. I was going to let them go without giving chase, but if those morons were too stupid not to even cover their tracks then they deserve to die.

Once the both of us are armed we head off after the tracks with me in the lead. They seem to be heading for the forest but before we reach it I step on something thick and I’m immediately entangled in some sort of net.

“What he hell is going on?” I scream pulling my dagger out and cutting on the ropes that bind me. I’m about to cut myself free when I see Diamond (1) raise her spear.

“What the hell are you doing?!” I scream just as she slams the tip down into my throat. The pain is intense and I try to scream but no noise comes out. Hot, sticky blood is pouring out from my wound and my vision is going black. No…how…could I be killed? I…am…invincible…Boom!

Luna Fern (District 6)

I’m not sure how much I can trust my allies, Marcio (3) and Bethunia (3). The two of them are obviously in love and that poses a major problem for me because now they really no longer need me around. So what am I suppose to do?

I guess I could try to kill them, I mean if I didn’t mind getting killed in the attempt, which I surely would. No. I can’t betray them but I fear sooner or later they’ll turn on me.

I come out of my thoughts and see the two of them walking ahead of me, they’re getting farther and farther in front and if I just stopped walking…

Suddenly I hear the sounds of footsteps and evidently so do the others as they duck behind a pile of rocks and I flip myself over a log.

Who could it be?

“Do you think they fell in our trap?” I hear a voice ask but I don’t recognize whom it belongs to. I think it might have been one of the Careers.

“I don’t know. Maybe” I peek my head out from behind the log and see the figures of Ramon and Cody. Both of them are facing the opposite direction of me, so they can’t see me.

“Even if they did,” Ramon (Cap) continues. “They wouldn’t have died. It was a non-lethal trap”

“Oh. Good point”

They both continue past me and I wait several more minutes before getting up. Where are Marcio and Bethunia? I can’t see them anywhere near me. This gives me a great opportunity to leave them! And if I ever do run into them again I can simply say I got lost when we were separated and couldn’t find them.

Turning, I run off out of the forest, glad to be leaving my old allies behind.

Josef Wilder (District 8)

I still haven’t seen a single Tribute since the Bloodbath, which is a very good thing. I knew they would all be turned off by the creepiness of the cemetery! Also, I still have tons of supplies that will last be at least two more days.

I grab my crossbow and tuck my machete into my belt before I start patrolling around like I’ve been doing for the last three days.

I don’t get too far down the path before I hear a moaning sound coming from one of the open graves.

Huh? It can’t possibly be a Tribute. I’ve kept watch since the start of the Games and there is no way anyone could have slipped past me without me seeing them. But then what’s making that noise? A mutt?

Gripping my crossbow tightly in my hands I slowly make my way towards the grave. If the Gamemakers are hoping to scare me then they’ll be disappointed I don’t fear anything.

But what I find in the grave isn’t a mutt. No. It’s Regina (12)!

She’s in terrible shape too. Lying limply on the ground, she looks completely exhausted and she doesn’t even react to me watching her.

What a fool. She probably failed to find any sort of food or water and now she’s dying because of it.

I raise my crossbow; aim it directly at her forehead and fire.

Ice Hunts (District 13)

Boom! The second cannon of the day! That means only twelve Tributes remain and things will start picking up soon. I wonder who died. It probably wasn’t a strong Tribute.


Almost immediately I bolt up a nearby tree and pull out my crossbow as Perrie (9) and Cashmere (8) emerge into the clearing. Drat! Why did I let my guard down?

“So, what do we have?” Perrie asks sitting down with her back towards me as Cashmere (8) opens up a bag.

“My crossbow, some water and your knife,” she replies.

Oh? So the two of them are barely armed at all? That’s good to know. I carefully aim my crossbow at the back of Perrie’s (9) head and get ready to fire.

But before I do as my foot slips and I jerk backwards as the bolts discharges. Damn!

It flies through the air and instead of hitting Perrie in the head and killing her instantly, it slams into her lower back, causing her to fall forward.

I slide down from the tree as Cashmere (8) gives a scream, grabs their bag, and runs off into the forest, leaving Perrie (9) bleeding out on the ground, mumbling something about missing her father.

I take my sickle and stand nearby as her breathing becomes ragged and shallow, eventually she stops breathing altogether and a cannon booms through the forest. Boom!

Now there’s only eleven left. I don’t know how much longer these Games will last but I do know I’ll win these Games and kill anyone who tries to stop me.

Cody Freshwater (District 4)

Ramon and me sit beside a clump of rocks and talk, as the night gets darker. The numbers of Tributes have really been shrinking lately and pretty soon something big will happen. We just need to figure out what that will be.

“Do you think Dragon and Diamond are still alive?” Ramon asks.

“I hope so,” I reply taking a sip of water from my canteen. “But I doubt they did” It was probably the weaker remaining Tributes who died today,

Ramon nods and starts pacing around as I begin to examine my bow. If we are to encounter someone, we’d need to strike them down before they got close because neither of us have good melee weapons. But then again…I never miss a shot so I doubt I’ll have to worry about that ever happening.

Darker Horrfi (District 11)

I’ve been camped out in this tree all day. Just waiting for someone to come by but no on ever did. I guess that’s a good thing, because I don’t have to fight anyone, but at the same time I was kinda hoping someone would come.

The Anthem begins and I stare at the sky, wondering whom I would see.

The first face to show up completely shocks me. Dragon! Wow! I didn’t see that one coming. I have a feeling just about everyone in the Arena is happy about his death. The next two faces to show aren’t surprising at all. Perrie (9) and Regina (12).

The sky goes dark again and I take this opportunity to think about who’s left. There’s the Diamond, Cody and Ramon who were all Careers but since Dragon is dead I don’t think they would still be allied.

Then there’s the pair from District 3, I’m not too concerned with them, and the girls from Six and Eight are still around as well. I don’t think either of them will be a threat to me though.

Both Ice (13) and Mark (9) are strong. I remember my previous fight with Mark where I wound up fleeing. If I see him again I’ll make sure I come out the victor. Ice, however, I don’t think I can defeat. Hopefully someone else takes him out.

How many is that…? Nine. I know there’s another person left but I can’t for the life of me remember who it is. Eh, I’ll figure it out in the morning.

Just as I’m about to settle into a comfortable position, the sound of trumpets echo throughout the Arena followed by the voice of the announcer, Herter Templesmith.

“Congratulations to the eleven Tributes who’ve managed to make it this far! However, there is still a ways to go before you emerge victorious and tomorrow there will be a Feast that may very well put the odds in your favor! Yes! Tomorrow at noon there will be a Feast at the Cornucopia! Each of you will have a backpack containing a very special item! Think long and hard before you decide whether or not you’ll participate…and may the odds be forever in your favor!”

Day Five/ Feast

Darker Horrfi (District 11)

I stand in the shadow of a large tree, waiting for the Feast to begin. I won’t attempt to do anything in it unless someone comes right up to me though. I’m merely here to see who lives, who dies, and who gets injured.

Judging by the sun, I’d reckon its less then fifteen minutes before it begins. Its weird thinking about how people are watching this right now, tense and nervous about what’s about to happen. Wondering what I’ll do.


A crossbow bolt slams into the tree right beside my head. Oh shit! Cashmere (8) is right behind me, fumbling to reload her crossbow. No way am I about to let her do that. I whip two of my knives at her. One cuts her hand while the other slices into her throat. Her hands fly to the wound, trying to stop the blood flow but to no avail. Boom!

She falls to the ground and I quickly loot her body but the only useful thing I find is some water. I did my part, I guess. Now its just time to watch the others fight it out.

Ice Hunts (District 13)

As soon as I heard about the feast I made my way to the outskirts of the grass plains that surrounded the Cornucopia and climbed into a tree. Whoever steps into my gaze will get a crossbow bolt to the brain.

So far the clearings empty but I don’t let that fool me. I have a feeling that someone may be hiding inside of the Cornucopia, out of my sight.

But I know someone will eventually make a move when the bags arrive. And when they do, I’ll make sure they don’t survive long enough to reach them. Suddenly, I hear the sound of footsteps and when I look around I spot Ramon (Cap) and Cody (4) walk up to edge of the treeline and crouch down. Do they have the same strategy as I do? Or are they merely observing?

“We’ll make our runs as soon as the bags appear,” Ramon tells Cody who nods in agreement. They then both ready themselves to run.

I set my aim on him and have a faint sense of déjà vu. Didn’t I do a similar thing to two girls yesterday?

I fire and the bolts whizzes through the air and slams right into the back of Cody, causing him to fall forward. Boom!

Ramon (Cap) is on his feet immediately and sprints out from the cover of the woods and onto the plains, heading for the Cornucopia.

I reload my crossbow and slide down from the tree. I’m going after him.

Diamond Coman (District 1)

This is it. The Feast is beginning. Right now a large circular table is rising from the shrines floor and I see the eleven backpacks on it. My brown bag with a giant white “1” on it, is only a few feet away from me.

I step out of the Cornucopia and see Ramon (Cap) sprinting towards the bags.

“We’re still allied right?” I ask as he approaches the table. Him and Cody left me but I have no problem realigning with them.

Ramon looks at me like I’m crazy but then he nods his head. “Sure. But we have to get out of here quickly”

We both open our bags and I remove a shield that’s obviously designed for blocking arrows.


“Look out!” Ramon’s shout causes me to look up and see Mark (9), sword in hand, approaching us.

I get ready to throw one of my spears but before he even takes a step closer to us Ramon (Cap) has knocked an arrow and he sends it flying into his heart. Boom! The boy drops dead and I grab his pack off of the table as well, because he surely won’t need it anymore.

When I stand back up with the pack I see Ice (13) standing at the edge of the shrine, crossbow in hand.

I scream a warning as he fires a bolt straight at Ramon (Cap). But the bolt misses. It misses Ramon and instead hits the bag marked with an “11”

Then the world explodes.

Josef WIlder (District 8)


What the hell just happened?! I was standing in the corner of the shrines pillar watching the action unfold then just out of nowhere a large explosion occurred, destroying the table and knocking everyone to the floor! Did it kill them all too?

No. Ice (13) rises to his feet and takes a look around the charred shrine. I watch him move over to Ramon’s (Cap) prone body and he nudges it with his foot before moving. Obviously he was dead.

Ice (13) then picks up his backpack, which looks horribly burnt, and runs off leaving me alone.

Well, well, well. Things just got better for me! I casually begin rifting through the damage and eventually find my backpack. Its black and a little ripped but I’m sure that the item inside is still fine.

I begin to head off when I hear a low moan and turn to see Diamond (1) beneath the rubble of the table, black with char and covered in small burns, moving a little.

>Aha! So that explosion didn’t kill her! I unsheathe my machete and walk over to her. She’s completely unarmed and I know this will be an easy kill.

“Wh-what happened?” she moans to herself. Ha. She doesn’t know!…Actually I don’t know either but that doesn’t matter. I stand over her and I smile when her eyes widen in shock at my sudden appearance.

“I’ll tell you what happened,” I grin holding my machete over her chest. “You lost”

Luna Fern (District 6)


The feast must be over by now. There have been five cannons and that means there is only seven Tributes left in the Games. Cradling my axe close to me, I stare out at my trap. It’s pretty simple but probably effective. I found some vines lying about the forest and created a few snares and placed them around me. Hopefully someone fleeing from the Feast will get stuck in it.

I wonder if Marcio (3) and Bethunia (3) are still alive. This may sound cruel, but I hope they aren’t because despite me ditching them, I don’t want to be the one to kill them.

I wait thirty more minutes and still nothing happens. Maybe I should move to another location.

Just as I finish thinking this the sound of running becomes audible and I ready my axe as the boy from eight bursts onto the scene. Almost immediately he runs into one of my snares and he goes to the ground.

Now! I leap out of my hiding spot and he stares at me in shock as I slam my axe down into his chest.

Blood sprays from the fatal wound and covers my weapon and hands. I…did it! I actually did it! There’s no time to waste celebrating though. Someone could have been chasing him.

He had two bags, a standard gray one and horribly charred one that looks like it has some number painted on it. A quick look into it and I see some sort of padded clothing. Well, I have no use for that. I pick up his standard bag but leave the other lying on the floor. I’m one step closer to saving my mother.

Day Five/ Aftermath

Marcio Redge (District 3) “What do you think explosion we heard earlier was?” Bethunia (3) asks me in a hushed voice as the both of us sit in a tree.

“No clue,” I reply. “Maybe the Gamemakers stirred something up at the feast?” That’s a definite possibility and the thing I prefer to think it was because the other possibility wouldn’t’ be good for us.  The possibility that the Gamemakers have started randomly setting off explosions. What would happen if they set one off right now? Oddly, the thought of me dying doesn’t scare me the most. No…it’s the thought of Bethunia (3) dying that scares me.

“There’s not many Tribute left,” Bethunia (3) mumbles. I sense the meaning in her words. That soon enough there will be only one Victor. That one of us will have to die and end this peace.

“I know,” I begin sadly contemplating out fate. “But let’s take things one at a time”

She nods and closes her eyes as the birds begin to sing. I stare blankly off into the mist rising from the lake. Contemplating what will happen next.

Darker Horrfi (District 11)

I haven’t moved since the Feast. I’ve been too preoccupied thinking over how it changed the course of the Games. Diamond, Cody, Mark, and Ramon all died in it. All four of them were huge threats and now they’re gone.

How does that affect my odds of winning? Positively I guess. But I know Ice (13) is still out there and right now he has the odds in his favour. I need to find a way to take him out. But how? He’s excellent in both melee and ranged combat! I don’t know how I can match up with that.

I guess if someone else kills him first then I won’t have to. But what are the odds of that happening?

I take a long drink of water and think about what it would be like to return to District Eleven. I don’t have anything back there I would be returning to though. Everyone I loved is dead.  But…if I win…I can make them proud. Even though they’re gone I’ll be fighting for them. Yes. I’ll fight for them. And I won’t fail.

Ice Hunts (District 13)

As I make my way through the dark forest I begin to notice the gathering mist. If this keeps up visibility may become a problem for me and any other Tribute who uses a ranged weapon.

I stop beside an old oak tree and finally open my feast bag to find some slightly burnt chicken food. Great.

These Games will soon be over and someone will be going home. It has to be me. I have to win and go home to Fang and Fur. And even Adam. Everything he’s done was to protect me, even if it was misguided. It seems like it was ages ago when I last saw the three of them but I know it wasn’t really that long ago. Well, I’ll be seeing them again soon enough. I make myself a small camouflaged shelter amongst the bushes and wait for the Anthem.

Luna Fern (District 6)

I don’t like this mist. Its already gotten so thick that I can hardly see more then a few feet in front of me. How am I suppose to know when someone is around? But then again I guess it would be difficult for them to find me as well.

I hear the beginning of the Anthem to see the death toll. First to appear is the face of Diamond. Good! She was a Career and a real threat! I gasp in surprise when Cody’s (4) face shows up next. Wow…two Careers dead?! Who killed them? Cashmere (8) then appears and I’m not too surprised. She was a snob in training and refused to do anything. How did she even last this long?

Mark (9) then shows up and I shudder as I remember how he cut himself in training and used his own blood to spell the word “Die” And finally the face of Ramon (Cap) shows in the sky and I gasp in shock. All three of the remaining Careers died today! I…I really can’t believe that! I begin to settle myself in for sleep when I suddenly think of something.

Where was the boy from eight? The one I killed when he fell in my trap? Why wasn’t he in the sky? Realization hits and I know the only reason he wouldn’t be up there would be if he wasn’t dead.

But…I know I killed him. I hit him right in the chest! He should be dead! At the very least he would have bled to death later in the day! Wait. A memory comes back to me. In training, I remember someone mention an item called “Instant Relief” they said it would heal any wound, no matter the severity.

Argh! How did I not notice he was still alive?! How did I not notice there was no cannon? Now instead of their only being four Tributes left before I win there is five of them.

Marcio, Bethunia, the eight boy, the boy from eleven, and Ice (13) from District Thirteen. All of them stand in my way of saving my mother. All of them will have to die for me to win. Even Marcio and Bethunia, my old allies. But that doesn’t matter to me anymore. I don’t care who any of them are, because I will kill them all if I have to and I will save my mother.

Day Six/ Finale

Bethunia Underium (District 3)

In the morning, or at least I think its morning the mists is so thick I couldn’t see the sky any longer. Anyways, in them morning both me and Marcio (3) climbed down from our trees to find a silver parachute resting at the bottom. Obviously we must have missed this come down in the mist.

“Open it,” Marcio (3) tells me as he glances around to make sure no one is sneaking up on us. I go ahead and open the package and nearly squeal in delight as I find two pairs of night-vision goggles. These must be able to let us see in the mist!

Sure enough, when I try them on everything becomes clearer. Not perfectly clear but I can at least see past my nose.

“What now?” I ask handing Marcio (3) his pair. “Do we hunt down the others?”

“Sure. I don’t think these Games will last much longer anyways”

The both of us begin to head off when we hear a loud splashing sound from behind us. Instinctively I spin around, sword at the ready, to stare out at the empty lake. What was that? Was a Tribute wandering around and accidentally stepped into the water?

I don’t see anything by the lake though…I sweep my gaze past the lake one more time and as I do so something rises out of the water and slowly begins to wade out.

Marcio (3) gives a shout and I shriek when I notice the slimy moss covering it, the decayed body, and the horrible face.

“Its some sort of mutt!” Marcio (3) screams readying to throw his spear but before he sends it flying, another one of them emerges from the lake and another…and another. Soon the entire lake is covered in the rising people. No. Mutts.


We both take off running from the lake. I don’t know where we’ll go but I do know one thing. The Gamemakers are trying to drive us together.

Josef Wilder (District 8)

Damn this infernal mist! I can’t see anything at all! How am I suppose to kill those other wimps if I can’t see?

I continue moving through the cemetery when I hear an odd moaning sound coming from somewhere nearby. Hmm. That sounds a lot like how Regina (12) did before I found and killed her. Is another Tribute somewhere nearby?

I raise my crossbow and am ready to start investigating the graves when I hear a shuffling sound and something lurches out of the mist and into my line of sight

What the hell?! It’s some sort of zombie thing! It lets out a ear piercing scream and begins to run towards me but I send a bolt into its brain and it flips over backwards, stone dead.

Ha! Is this what the Gamemakers have resorted to? Cheap scare tactics? I thought they were suppose to be good at this sort of thing? I reload my crossbow and turn around when I see two more of those mutts in front of me. They both scream and charge much like the first one, and also like the first one, they both die when I put a bolt in their brains.

I keep moving through the mist and despite my best efforts I am unable to find my way out of the cemetery. In fact, I think I’m going further in. Walking up to a gravestone I give it a savage kick and turn around. I need to get out of this stupid place, now!

But when that’s when I notice that I’m completely surrounded. Those mutts have formed a large circle around me! Shit! I quickly use my last two crossbow bolts to take two down as the rest let out screams and growls before they charge me.

Immediately my machete is out and slashing away at them. Their claws and teeth bounce off of my body Armour, giving me ample time to cut them down. But no matter how many I kill, more just keep coming.

I raise my machete to slash at one that’s biting at my armor but as my arm goes back, a cold grip catches it and yanks my only weapon right out of my grasp.

“No! Damn it! No!”

Luna Fern (District 6)

My plan should work. There’s no reason for it not to work. Mixing the gasoline and poison I got from my sponsors will make a poisonous fog that should kill anyone who breathes it.

I think. I mean, I’m not a expert on this stuff but it’ll defiantly hurt someone who breathes it.

A horrible scream pierces the air and I freeze in my tracks as the Boom! Of a cannon quickly follows it up. What happened? Who died? I have no way of knowing who it was.

A faint glow appears in the mist and I recognize the signs of a fire.

That can only mean two things. Either someone out here is a complete and utter moron. Or it’s a trap. I realize it doesn’t matter which one it is because I need to kill every Tribute who remains in this Arena and that includes whoever started that fire.

I grab my axe and my poison and slowly begin making my way towards it.

Darker Horrfi (District 11)

My fire is crackling gently down in the small clearing where I started it. Of course I’m not down there as well. That would just be plain stupid. No, I’m sitting high up in a tree where, thanks to the fire, which seems to keep the mist away, I have a perfect view of the clearing below me, while I’m concealed from view by the mist. It’s a win-win situation for me.

Something on the edge of the clearing catches my eye. I don’t know what it was…it looked like movement though. Whoa! A barrel comes flying out of the thicket and I immediately send two knives in the direction it came from. A cry of pain tells me that I must have hit someone but didn’t kill them.


Mist is coming out of that thrown barrel now and it’s obscuring my view of the clearing. I take two of my three remaining knives in my hands and slide down. My plan failed me and now I have to find a new one.

Ice Hunts (District 13)

I hear someone moving through the forest and as soon as they come into my view I send a crossbow bolt whizzing through the air. It slams into their bag and they fall to the ground as I jump from the tree with a sickle already in hand. If they survived the bolt they won’t survive this.

But when I flip the body over and look into the person’s face I find out it wasn’t a Tribute at all. It’s some sort of mutt!

<A loud growl causes me to spin around and see a group of the same type of mutts standing a few feet away from me with blood dripping from their mouths and hands.

“This just sucks,” I turn and bolt off into the woods, the sound of the mutts footsteps indicate that they are following me, hunting me.

Branches snag on my clothes and rip at my skin but I don’t stop running, because if I stop for even just a moment those things will be on me and…

Suddenly I erupt from the forest and find myself on the plains surrounding the Cornucopia and shrine. But when I turn around I see that those mutts are no longer chasing me. Or at the very least they’re hidden in the forest, away from my view.

A loud thunderclap roars overhead as rain begins to pour down from the dark sky. This must be it. This must be the grand finale.

Marcio Redge (District 3)

“Are they still chasing us?” I ask Bethunia (3) as the both of us finally reach the shrine. Those mutts chased us the from the lake and through the woods but once we got past the tree line they seemed to disappear altogether. Where could they have gone?

“No,” she answers. “I don’t see them anywhere”

I glance at the shrine and Cornucopia and see that they’re both completely devoid of Tributes and mutts.

“We should get under the shrine,” I suggest. We’ve only been out in the rain for a few minutes and already we’re both completely drenched. And not only will it protect us from the rain but it may as well protect us from the other Tributes, who surely are being drove to this location right now. Why else would those mutts stop chasing us once we arrived here?


We begin to move when I catch movement out of the corner of my eye and a figure begins to stagger out from the forest.

“Luna!” Bethunia (3) shouts and raises her sword defensively and looks to me, expecting me to do the same. But I don’t. because as Luna (6) gets closer I can tell she’s unarmed and in no condition to fight. One of her arms swings uselessly around her while the other holds her stomach, where a large gash is bleeding heavily. God. What happened to her?

“Don’t take a step closer!” Bethunia (3) growls and Luna (6) complies, dropping to he ground and letting out a strangled sob.

“She’s done for,” I whisper and Bethunia (3) nods but doesn’t move her gaze from Luna. “She’s not a threat to us anymore” She’s not a threat to anyone.

“Please,” Luna (6) moans from the ground her head rising slightly up her eyes shining pitifully. “My…my mother. If I don’t win th-they w-will k-ill her”

“Don’t believe her,” Bethunia growls. “This is a trick to kill us” I don’t think so. I believe the poor girl. What would she get from lying to us now?

“If…” Luna begins to talk but she coughs for several seconds before speaking again. “You…win. T-try t-to save my m-m-mother…” her eyes close and then she goes still. Boom!

“She’s dead,” I whisper softly to Bethunia and she nods slowly, hostilely no longer in her eyes. Instead they’re filled with sadness.

“Come on,” she says turning and marching towards the shrine. “Let’s continue on”

She walks up the steps to the shrine and just as she’s about to past the pillar someone steps out and a piece of metal erupts out of her back. Boom!

“No! Bethunia!”

Ice Hunts (District 13)

I remove my sickle from the girl’s body and she falls backwards, rolling down the staircase before coming to a rest at Marcio’s (3) feet.

“I’m sorry,” I grunt as I see the shock and pain register in his face. “I truly and honestly am. But this is how it has to be”

The boy raises his face and stares at. Hatred and hostilely fill his eyes and I think he may have completely snapped.

“You bastard!” he roars pulling up his spear. “You murdered her!” he throws the spear but I have the sense to duck behind the pillar and it goes flying harmlessly past me. Marcio has picked up Bethunia’s fallen sword and is now stalking up to me.

“It had to be done!” I say and strike out with my sickle but to my surprise the boy has good reflexes and blocks it with a parry before retaliating with a strike of his own, which I manage to deflect.

“And I have to KILL YOU!!!” he begins a series of relentless strikes that I can barely block before delivering a savage kick to my stomach and knocking me to the ground. Damn. This kid is strong! Pulling my second sickle from my belt I get up and start swinging with both, sure that this will defeat him.

He manages to block the first sickle but the second one catches him in the shoulder and he falls to the ground, defeated.

“I told you I’m sorry,” I say lifting my sickle for the deathblow. “But either I die or you die”

I begin to send it down when the he rolls out of the way and my sickle crashes uselessly into the stones and squirts out of my hands. No! I stare up at the boy who is now on his feet, sword in hand, and look into his eyes which no longer containing hostility or malice but sadness and despair.

“I’m sorry,” He murmurs holding up his sword. “I truly and honestly am” Then he brings the sword down onto my head.

Darker Horrfi (District 11)


The fourth cannon of the day. That means its down to the final two now. The wet wind whips at my face as I finish my ascent to the top of the shrine. I know who my final opponent is. I witnessed the whole spectacle of Marcio and Ice’s battle. I saw Bethunia and Luna’s deaths. And as I climbed the ladder to the top I saw the mutts pour in from the forest, driving us to the very top where we can have the ultimate battle just to entertain those freaks from the Capitol.

I grip my final two throwing knives in my hands and blankly stare at my new surroundings. There are four spires on the corners but there is nothing blocking the rest of the roof if someone where get knocked that way they would fall to their death.

Just as I expected, Marcio’s (3) head appears from the side opposite from me. There were two ladders and he must have had the same thought I did. That we were meant to climb up here and fight to the death.

“I’m sorry for your loss,” I tell him as he fully pulls himself up and stands before me. “But we all lose something in our lives” I’ve already lost everything I have…except for my own life.

He doesn’t respond and only stares blankly at me, a sword clenched in his right hand and a dagger in the left. Blood seeps from a wound on his left shoulder and I know that it will hamper his fighting abilities.

Just as I’m about to throw one of my knives thunder booms in the sky and a lightning bolt suddenly strikes one of the spires. The entire shrine shakes and I’m thrown forward to the floor, both of my throwing knives slide from my hands and drop over the edge. No!

Marcio (3) is slowly rising to his feet from on the other side. Both of his weapons are gone as we. His sword went flying off the edge much like my knives. However, his dagger has only slide to the very centre of the platform. Right in the middle of the two of us.

We both glance at one another and then dart for the weapon. He’s faster then me and is about to claim the dagger when I kick my foot out and catch him right in the face. He rolls towards the edge and I pick up the dag. This is it. Its time to end this all.

Marcio Redge (District 3)

My lip is bleeding as Darker (11) slowly begins to stride towards me, dagger in hand. I can’t beat him now. I’m good at hand-to-hand combat but there’s no way I can beat him wounded and without weapons.

Goodbye. I think silently. Goodbye world and goodbye to my family. He’s nearly here now and is about to strike when I get one last ditch idea. As he begins to bring the dagger down towards my heart I swing both of my legs up and catch him under the armpits, this causes him to shout in surprise and the dagger drops from his hands. This is my final chance I roll backwards, sending Darker (11) and the lower half of my body off of the shrine.

My hands catch onto the slippery edge and I pray my grip won’t fail. I can hear Darker screaming as he falls to the ground below, then all of a sudden. Silence.


I use the last bits of my strength to pull myself up and I crawl to the centre where I drop to the ground and begin to shake uncontrollably. I did it. I won the Hunger Games. Trumpets sound and are then followed by the voice of Herter Templesmith.

“Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce the Victor of the 301st Annual Hunger Games- Marcio Redge!”

I may have won but I’m no Victor. I may have won fame and wealth but I know that no matter how hard I try, that I will never get the memories of this place and these kids who died here, out of my mind. That they will forever haunt me. Bethunia…who I failed to save, Luna, whose dying wish was for me to save her mother, that will never happen I’m sure. Ice and Darker, the two boys who may have been the ones coming home if I hadn’t killed them. No. These people will always be in my head.

A hovercraft is coming down over by head and I notice that the skies have cleared and the rain has stopped. My old wish, the wish I wished back before I was Reaped. Where I wished things would go back to how I was on top and no one bullied me. Well, I guess that wish came true because…no one will be bullying or messing with me anymore.


Marcio returned to District 3 a hero and superstar to its people. However, he no longer cared about being popular and realized that as long as his friends and family loved him, he was popular. He used his money to help out Bethunia's, the love of his life,family. He also managed to save Luna’s mother from execution and she was instead turned into an Avox and forced to serve the future Tributes from District Six. Marcio never married and became a great mentor to future District Three Tributes, even mentoring a few to Victors.

Death Chart

Place Tribute Day Killed Killed By Killed How
28 Seeker Amaryllis (10) 1 Dragon Lord (1) Neck Snapped
27 Saidy Dauntless (13) 1 Ice Hunts (13) Throat slashed
26 Bronco Bagwell (10) 1 Ramon Constancy (C) Arrow to the chest
25 Watt Powers (5) 1 Wari Oceani (4) Trident to the skull
24 Wari Oceani (4) 1 Mark Haulk (9) Stabbed in back
23 Flow'r Raspberry (11) 1 Pansy Costella (2) Stabbed repeatedly
22 Shervert Wonkalandia 1 Dragon Lord (1) Stabbed in face
21 Exolian Dynamite (12) 2 Luna Fern (6) Axed in skull
20 Damian Weatherby (2) 2 Ice Hunts (13) Stabbed in the head
19 Ransom Overman (7) 2 Flower Mutt Eaten alive
18 Nastya Gushkin (7) 3 Diamond Coman (1) Speared in the skull
17 Pansy Costella (2) 3 Dragon Lord (1) Stabbed in the chest
16 Xavier Woods (6) 3 Darker Horrfi (11) Knifed in the back
15 Swift Twirpshkin (5) 3 Mark Haulk (9) Burned Alive
14 Dragon Lord (1) 4 Diamond Coman (1) Speared in the throat
13 Regina Victorious (12) 4 Josef Wilder (8) Arrow to the skull
12 Perrie Grain (9) 4 Ice Hunts (13) Bled to death
11 Cashmere Prada (8) 5 Darker Horrfi (11) Knifed in throat
10 Cody Freshwater (4) 5 Ice Hunts (13) Arrow to back
9 Mark Haulk (9) 5 Ramon Constancy (C) Arrow to heart
8 Ramon Constancy (C) 5 Ice Hunts (13) Blown up
7 Diamond Coman (1) 5 Josef Wilder (8) Stabbed in heart
6 Josef Wilder (8) 6 Zombie Mutts Mauled to death
5 Luna Fern (6) 6 Darker Horrfi (11) Bled to death
4 Bethunia Underium (3) 6 Ice Hunts (13) Stabbed in chest
3 Ice Hunts (13) 6 Marcio Redge (3) Stabbed in head
2 Darker Horrfi (11) 6 Marcio Redge (3) Knocked off tower
Victor Marcio Redge (3) ------------- ------------------------- Victor!!!

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