Welcome everyone to my third ever Hunger Games! My other games, The 301st Annual Hunger Games, are nearly over and that is why I am making this right now. I hope you'll join as I plan on making these Games the best I can.


1: There will be twenty-eight Tributes

2: You may have up to three Tributes

3: Each Tribute has $500 in sponsor money for their mentor (creator) to use as they see fit. There may be certain bonuses to the sponsor money.

4: I will write Reapings, Group Training, and of course the actual Games

5: I will not accept any Tributes that have been in my previous Games

6: Reservations last exactly 24 hours

7: The Capitol is a Career district in my Games

8: Tribute Form:












Bloodbath Strategy:

Alliance: (can be filled out later)

Training Strategy: (how they will behave in training)


District Gender Name Age Height Weapon User
Capitol Male Avian Monté 12 4'8 Spear, Knife EHKnight
Capitol Female Cassandra Oracion 15 5'8 Trident, Axe EHKnight
1 Male Topaz Grace 17 6'1 Katana, Knife Junior ii
1 Female Raven Armor 18 6'5 Katana, Whip EHKnight
2 Male Drewsiff Bloodwonky 15 5'8 Throwing Axe, Sickle HungerGamesFanatic21
2 Female Onyx "Nyx" Eboni 12 - Spear, Scythe District1Obesessed
3 Male Courage Blitz 14 5'6 Sword, Fire Jabberjay78
3 Female Syren Song 17 5'7 Trident, Traps Jabberjay78
4 Male Trident Bekke 15 5'10 Trident, Net Junior ii
4 Female Swatty Lakeside 15 5'2 Trident, Sword WiressFan28
5 Male Tameo Arghus 14 5'7 Bow and arrows, Knife ViniciusDeAssis1999
5 Female Trick Treat 17 5'8 Anything Hybrid Shadow
6 Male Illegal Drugs 17 5'6 Weapons EffieLuna
6 Female Bluffy Silvestein 12 4'9 Slingshot, Dagger HungerGamesFanatic21
7 Male Wocky Oak 16 5'5 Axe, Throwing Knives WiressFan28
7 Female Willow Firethorn 17 5'8 Katana, Throwing Axe District1Obsessed
8 Male Dome Citadel 16 6'4 Hatchet, Knives Hybrid Shadow
8 Female Freya Prada 13 5'6 Crossbow mistymolla
9 Male Hunther Hayes 16 5'11 Spear Junior ii
9 Female Varina Tapora 12 5'0 Knives ViniciusDeAssis1999
10 Male Vlad Rockford 18 7'0 Spear, Axe Attackcobra
10 Female Amaryllis "Ellis" Blackberry 16 5'7 Throwing Knives, Spear District1Obsessed
11 Male Shimdt Raspberry 15 5'2 Dagger, Throwing Knives WiressFan28
11 Female Rasp Sourthen 18 5'7 Spear, Throwing Knives HungerGamesFanatic
12 Male Knight Castle 12 5'1 Sword, Bow Jabberjay78
12 Female Mina Ebony 15 6'2 Throwing Knives, Whip mistymolla
13 Male Aeron Ashkyn 18 6'1 Sword, Spear Happy Meadows
13 Female Kiara Mitchell 14 5'2 Throwing Knives mistymolla


Careers: Topaz (1), Raven (1), Drewsiff (2), Onyx (2), Trident (2), and Swatty (4)

District 7, 8 Alliance: Willow (7) and Dome (8)

District 12 & 13 Alliance: Mina (12) and Aeron (13)

Capitol, District 8, 13 Alliance: Avian (Cap), Freya (8), and Kiara (13)

Capitol, District 9, 10 Alliance: Cassandra (C), Hunther (9), and Ellis (10)

District 5, 6, 7, 9, 11 Alliance: Tameo (5), Bluffy (6), Wocky (7), Varina (9), Shimdt (11) and Rasp (11)

Loners: Courage (3), Syren (3), Trick (5), Illegal (6), Vlad (10), and Knight (12)


Topaz: $300

Courage: $400

Swatty: $10

Bluffy: $500

Wocky: $175

Dome: $250

Freya: $350


Anti-Infection: $150

Awl: $100

Alcohol: $125

Axe: $150

Baton: $125

Battleaxe $200

Beef Jerky: $150

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Camouflage Paints: $100

Chlorine: $150

Cookies: $50

Crossbow: $125

Crackers: $15

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Fruit: $50

Flail: $125

Flares x3: $175

Hammer: $125

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400

Knife: $50

Mace: $125

Machete: $100

Matches: $75

Gasoline $100

Net: $100

Net Trap: $125

Night-Vision Glasses: $150

Piece of Plastic: $15

Painkiller: $75

Poison: $75

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

Raft: $200

Rocks: $15

Rope: $25

Scimitar: $150

Sickle: $125

Shield: $125

Sleeping Bag: $75

Sleep Syrup: $125

Slingshot: $125

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spike Trap: $200

Spile: $75

Sword: $150

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Water: $50

Whip: $75

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $100


Topaz Grace (District 1)

“Please be careful, Topaz”

“I will mother,” I say as me, her and my sister make our way towards the square that is centred in the richest part of the city. I haven’t been here very much; being poor I don’t have any particular reason to, other when I come to train that is. Really though, its extremely weird being poor in one of the richest Districts, as hardly anyone else can symphonize with you and you’re considered weak because you’re not as well off as them. Of course I always show that part to be wrong. I’m stronger then everyone else I know in the District.

“I know,” my mother replies, her voice laced with sadness. “But I don’t want to lose you”

“You won’t,” I say staring at my feet as the voices from the square become audible. “Because I’m going to win. For the three of us” The reason I have to volunteer this year, while I’m only seventeen, is because I’m certain my mother and sister won’t last until next year.

We come to a halt in front of the square and they wish me luck as I climb into line and get my finger pricked, which doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

“Welcome, welcome District One!” Puffy Heglow, the escort, begins. She has a giant tower of hair that’s coloured bright pink. She looks odd, but I’m sure she has a perfectly valid reason for looking like that. “Welcome back to what will be yet another spectacular Reapings!” The crowd cheers wildly and she begins to read off a list of all our Victors. Ever. This takes quite awhile and gives me some time to worry about how my mother and sister will do while I’m in the Games. This will be the first time I’m not helping them out. Will they be able to cope? Will they survive until I come back? Yes. They have to.

“I won’t even bother picking a name,” Puffy says with a light laugh. “Because last time they just flew right at me!” They sure did. Last years Tributes were so eager to volunteer that one of them interrupted the opening speech for it. She wound up dead though so her eagerness failed her there.

“So…” Puffy begins. “What wonderful gentleman would like to volunteer?”

I’m on my feet before she is even finished with her sentence and shouting out “I volunteer” and then go rushing myself onto the stage.

By the time I reach her, Puffy is giggling in joy and passes me the microphone before asking me for my name.

“Topaz Grace,” I say into the mic and the crowd roars with cheers, causing a slight smile to form on my face. Even with the seriousness of me having to win, this moment feels awesome because its good to know your District supports you…okay, okay, I get it, its only because I volunteered for the Games…but still, I like it.

“What a remarkable young man!” Puffy exclaims and pats me on the shoulder. “Now lets see who his partner will be!…well? Go on and volunteer!” she addresses this last part to the crowd and waits for a response. She doesn’t have to wait long though.

“I VOLUNTEER!” A very tall girl shouts from the eighteen-year-old line and she quickly joins me on the stage. She has black hair and purple eyes and is rather muscular for a girl. I can tell she’ll be pretty formidable in the Arena.

“What’s your name?” Puffy asks.

“Raven Armor,” the girl replies and Puffy repeats the name out for the crowd to hear and they break out into cheers once more as I shake Raven’s hand. She looks like a nice girl and will be a good ally to have with me in the Careers.

“It looks like we may have yet another Victor this year!” Puffy cheers and the two of us are brought to the Justice Building, where I’ll say goodbye to my mother and sister. Of course this will only be temporarily. I’m coming home right after I win these Games.

Onyx Eboni (District 2)

As people finally begin to file into the square I look up to the stage at my father and trainer, Obsidian. He’s on stage because he is one of District Two’s former Victors, and in my opinion, the best one ever.

“Hey, hey everyone!” District two’s new escort known only as Diane shouts. Our former escort, Finch Filner, retired last year, and now we’re stuck with this annoying hag. Who is an ugly old woman who has the most annoying, screechy, voice I’ve ever heard. I wish someone would just kill her already.

“Today is Reaping day!” she screeches. Duh! “And that means we’ll rape our tributes for the 302nd Annual Hunger Games today!” What did she just say?! The mayor is on his feet and yanks the microphone right out of her hand. Thank god.

“We’ll reap our Tributes,” he corrects. “I swear, I’ve told you this many times before…” The two of them then have a short exchange, which unfortunately ends up with Diane being handed back the microphone.

“Hopefully the Tributes we REAP won’t be complete failures like the last few years’ batches!” she continues. Despite her horrible sentence structuring, I agree with her here and so does father. For the past three years our Tributes have failed to live past day three and father told me this years pair better wind up winning or they’ll forever be a shame to District Two.

“Time for our female Tribute!” Diane screams and walks over to the bowl, unfortunately once she reaches the bowl she stops to examine it. “Boy! This bowl reminds me of the time I went shopping with my sister Mary!” and then to all of District Two’s collected horror she begins to give a recount of that experience. The mayor tries to intervene but she dances around him for several minutes until father decides he’s seen enough and takes the microphone from Diane and they all have yet another wasteful talk.

Ugh! Those losers of Tributes dying so early must have made the Capitol angry! Why else would we get stuck with a moronic escort like her, instead of a horrible District like twelve or eleven getting her?

Finally, things get sorted out and Diane pulls a name out of the bowl and gives it a quick read.

“Onyx Eboni!”

Me. I’ve been training my whole life for the Games, I had originally planned to volunteer when I was eighteen but…I’m ready now.

I walk up to the stage and see my father staring at me with an unreadable expression on his face. I won’t be a failure. I’ll win these Games.


What? No! This is my year! I glare out at the crowd and see a girl much larger and older then me coming to the stage, a smug smile on her stupid face.

“Oh goody!” Diane says as the girl stands beside me. No. I lunge forward and slam my shoulder into the girl, knocking her right off of the stage and onto the cold, hard concrete floor.

“My arm!” she howls rolling around in pain. “I broke my arm!” Two Peacekeepers arrive and they begin to escort the girl away.

“I wish to remain as Tribute,” I say calmly turning to face Diane whose looking at the girl on the floor with a stupid grin on her face.

“Okay!” she grins and heads for the boys bowl, nearly tripping on the way there. “And Ohno Everybody’s District partner will be…Drewsiff Bloodwonky!…that’s a real fun name!”

A boy from the fifteen year olds line takes the stage and as he steps besides Diane, he pulls an axe out from his pants (What the hell, his pants?!) and uses it to slice her head clean off.

“A thousand!” he screams into the air as the mayor gives a little clap. I guess he really hated Diane. The Peacekeepers don’t find it as amusing and they immediately swarm the boy, jabbing him multiple times with tazers. Once down, they give him several vicious kicks and two of them drag him by his arms off of the stage, taking no precaution to avoid having him hit his head on each step.

“You will win” I turn and see my father standing beside me now, a cold smile forming on his face. “You must win”

Courage Blitz (District 3)

“Wake up Courage! Get your lazy butt down here this moment!” My eyes snap open and I’m staring at the ceiling of my room as my mother continues to shout at me to get up and get moving. I’m wondering why I would be needed to be up so early. Have they expanded by training even into the morning? I sure hope not. I hate the training enough as it is.

But as I climb out of my bed and begin to dress I remember what day it is. Reaping day. I hate this day. The day where two kids are plucked from the District to be brought to slaughter, all just for the amusement of the freaks in the Capitol! It doesn’t help that my parents both think the Games are a huge honour and have been training me since the age of six so I can compete when I turn eighteen. They even hired a personal trainer to try and get me in top condition. But I don’t want to train. I don’t want to be part of the Games.

Sighing, I look at myself in the mirror and try smoothing my reddish brown hair into order. I know if I don’t even try my parents will scold me for not taking the Reapings seriously.

When I get downstairs my father tells me that I should try to observe the Tributes who get Reaped this year and try scouting out their weaknesses. Apparently he thinks this is good practice for when I do volunteer. Then the three of us head off for the square.

When we arrive my parents wave me off to head for the fourteen year olds area. I get my blood taken and stand in line with the others, staring up at the stage as our overweight escort, Bozo Bernard, the mayor, and several others begin to file onto it.

I recognize one of the others as Marcio Redge, last years Victor. After he won by parents both told me that I should try to be more like him and if I succeed, I’ll become a victor as well. They talked about how great he was after he won, but I remember how they called him a stupid, weak, idiot every day before the finale.

Bozo is giving a speech but he’s drowned out by the crowd cheering for Marcio who only nods his head and smiles slightly before staring off blankly into the sky. This little act shows me that I’m right about the Games. Winning them is no honor. Eventually the cheering subsides enough for Bozo to continue.

“Boy am I glad that people are actually cheering this year!” he giggles into the microphone. Usually the Reapings here in District 3 are deathly silent, mostly because Marcio was our first Victor in this decade. “Now lets get to the fun part!”

The cheering stops automatically and Bozo looks confused. Duh! Did he think that just because we had a Victor last year that the people would now love the Games as a whole?

“…Okay. Let’s see who the female in this years games will be!” Bozo stumbles over to one of the large bowls set out on the stage and grabs a piece of paper from the very bottom of the bowl and takes one look at it.

“Syren Song!”

A girl with red and purple hair comes out of the seventeen year olds line and takes the stage. Bozo laughs giddily and I can’t help but notice his flabs of fat bouncing around every which way. Gross.

“District Three welcome your female Tribute for the 302nd Annual Hunger Games!” the crowd lets out a few claps and I do so as well because if I don’t show some sort of enthusiasm I know my parents will scold me for it when I get back home.

“Now lets get the boy!” Bozo goes to the other bowl and plucks out a slip of paper, which he gives a quick glance before shouting out the name.

“Courage Blitz!”

What? No! I look around desperately, hoping to see someone who wants to volunteer. But as I begin my ascent to the stage, no one moves and I know I’ll be the one going to the Hunger Games.

Bozo shakes my hand and then tells the crowd to shout their applause but they don’t and he mumbles about how he doesn’t understand people.

“Oh well!” he says cheerfully. “I’m certain that these two will be just as good as last years!” He orders us to shake hands and I see Syren glaring at me, like I’m some sort of pest to her. But I’m too preoccupied thinking about the Games to wonder what’s her deal. I can win…I’ve been training haven’t I? I don’t like the Games, but I know more about them then all the other Tributes, save the Careers, will. I can still do this.

I can win this!….at least I hope I can.

Swatty Lakeside (District 4)

I arrive at the square well after everyone else has, people are already getting set on the stage. I walk over to the table where they take our blood and the Peacekeeper looks at me gruffly.

“You’re late,” he scowls as he pricks my finger with the painful needle.

“I needed to ready myself,” I say and take my hand back as I strike a pose. “I’m not naturally this beautiful…Ha! Who am I kidding? I am naturally like this!” I flaunter off towards the proper of line and push past everyone to get to the front. Of course, everyone stops to stare at me as I pass. All the boys want me and all the girls want to be me.

“Hey Y’all!” Starkly Moore District Four’s escort shouts from the top of the stage. Hmph. I don’t like her, because some people consider her as good looking as me! Can you even imagine how ridiculous that sounds?! I am the most gorgeous person in the world. And that’s a fact.

“Let’s see our future Victors shall we?” Starkly shouts and the crowd roars in reply as she goes for the girls bowl and pulls out a name. This is it.


“I VOLUNTEER!” I shout out at the same time as several other girls. Starkly looks over the volunteers and then points at…me!

“Come on up!” she calls and I prance onto the stage, smiling smugly at the other girls who are staring viciously at me. Once again I am shown to be better then all of them.

“What’s your name?” Starkly asks smiling at me as I stand beside her. Of surprised she can still smile when I’m standing here, outshining her.

“Swatty Lakeside!” I shout out to the crowd and unsurprisingly they cheer wildly for me.

“Let’s see who Swatty’s District partner will be!” Starkly says as she plunges her hand into the boys bowl. She doesn’t even get to read it before numerous voices shout out “I volunteer”

Starkly points at a good-looking blonde guy and he jogs onto the stage, a confident smile on his face.

“I’m Trident Bekke!” he yells pumping his fists in the air. The crowd lets out whoops of celebration and Starkly begins to give a closing speech as me and Trident shake hands with the mayor and then each other.

“Don’t be afraid of all this masculinity,” Trident says with a wink.

I burst out giggling and soon the two of us are being escorted towards the Justice Building. Trident could be a useful asset for me in the Games.

Tameo Arghus (District 5)

I hear the sound of voices as I get closer and closer to the square but I never look up from staring at me feet. I don’t want to see anyone. I don’t want to be here.

Judging by the increased volume of the voices, I arrive at the square and try to hastily get into line before anyone notices. Of course this isn’t going to happen and a hand pulls me back and a Peacekeeper drags me over to a table to get my blood taken.

“Now get in line you skinny freak!” The Peacekeeper gives me a harsh shove and I stumble into line, taking extra care not to bump into anyone else. I wasn’t always skinny. In fact, I used to be a fat slob…I shudder as I think about how I once was. I looked like that boy who got reaped last year but worse.

I look up for the first time and see them across the crowd on the other side. The three boys that once viciously assaulted me. Two years ago, when I was still fat, they cornered be while I was on my way home and trapped me in an old factory where they tied me up, raped me, and nearly beat me to death. I hate them and wish I could get vengeance on them but I can’t. If I say a single thing about what they did I know they’ll only hurt me some more.

“District Five!” the voice Nampa Kumauni roars to the crowd. “The glorious Capitol welcomes you to yet another wonderful reaping where we shall find out who this years Tribute will be!”

I hear the sound of the old propaganda video begin to play and I stare at my feet once more. Trying to tune everything out. Trying to forget about everything that has happened to me in my life. I keep my stare up for several minutes when I begin to notice people around me staring about in confusion. What did I miss?

“I said,” Nampa calls out in frustration. “Tameo Arghus! Where is this boy?”

Did…did she say Tameo Arghus…? Me? What do I do? No…

“Tameo Arghus! Are you even here!?”

My feet begin to move and before I know it I’m up on the stage staring at Nampa’s neon green boots. Why me? Why couldn’t one of those boys who assaulted me get reaped instead? They deserve this! Not me!

“Are you Tameo Arghus?”

“Y-y-yes,” I stammer looking up for the first time and I see the frustration in Nampa’s eyes. The eyes of everyone in the crowd. Everyone hates me. I know it.

“Good. Sheesh kid, why didn’t you respond when I called?” I don’t answer. I don’t need to answer. Nampa sighs and then walks over to one of the large bowls set up on the stage.

“I guess its time to see who Tameo’s District partner will be!”  She reaches a gloved hand in and pulls out a name.

“Fermi Over-”

“No! Me! I volunteer!”

What? My head flies up and I see a ferocious looking girl with wild black and orange hair taking the stage. Nampa hands her the microphone and quickly backs off, evidently afraid. I’m scared too. This girl has eyes like a feline and tattoos all over her body, a particularly noticeable one on her forehead.

“I’m Trick Treat,” the girl growls into the mic. “And I’m going to kill ALL of the other Tributes” She drops it and then I back off from her. She’s completely insane.

Nampa cautiously edges forward and then snatches the microphone. “Um. Well, I guess that concludes our Reapings?”

Bluffy Silvestein (District 6)

“I hate the Hunger Games!” my friend complains us two and her parents arrive at the square. <

“Shh!” her dad hisses. “Keep quiet! Especially out here!” My friend immediately covers her mouth with her hands, nodding. I know how she feels. I hate the Games too, but we can’t do anything about it.  As the both of us make our ways to the crowd I think of about my short life so far and how I wound up here.

Years ago, my sister died in the Hunger Games and this sent my parents into a downward spiral. They both became alcoholics and began drinking heavily, often times ignoring me altogether. This carried on until earlier this year, when I discovered my mother attempting to blow our house to pieces. I stopped her from doing so and in retaliation she attacked me with a knife, stabbing me repeatedly. Somehow, I managed to survive this and my father eventually reined my mother in by giving her drugs. After this, they both became addicted and soon enough Peacekeepers hauled the both of them off to prison. I had no other family left and I was forced to go live with my best friend and her parents. So here I am…

Valance Archer the escort for my district is one stage right now and I think about how he doesn’t look as weird as people say all capitol guys look. Other then his whitish skin and purple hair, he looks just like everyone else around here.

“Let’s see who our Tributes for this year will be,” he says indifferently with a bored look on his face. “And the male tribute is…Illegal Drugs. Yay. Hooray”

A boy who I suppose is Illegal Drugs comes out of the audience. He looks like a mean selfish brat dude.

“Oh great,” Valance moans as the boy gets on stage. “He looks…” he trails off and then shrugs as he picks a name from the girls bowl.

The next name he says puts me in shock and I stare up at the stage in absolute horror. That’s my friends’ name! My friend! My best friend in the whole world just got reaped! And now she’s going to be heading to her death. No, no, no! I can’t allow this! If she dies…if she dies I’ll have no one left. I’d be alone with her parents…

“I VOLUNTEER!!!” I scream and immediately begin to head for the stage but my friend grabs my arm.

“No! You can’t go!” she cries as tears stream down her face. “You can’t!”

“I have to!” I say sadly and she lets go of my arm as I make the ascent to the stage, aware of the disappointed and sad looks from the audience.

“A twelve year-old,” Valance groans. He says some more things but I can’t pay attention. I’m too busy crying and staring out at my friend who looks absolutely devastated. I can’t believe this… I can’t believe this…I can’t believe this…

I don’t notice anything else as the reapings begin to finish. All I’m aware of is that I’m going to be fighting for my life in the Arena with twenty-seven other kids…the odds are not in my favour.

Wocky Oak (District 7)

“Hey, so who do you guys think will be Reaped this year?” one of my friends ask as the three of us make our ways through the streets towards the main square. I don’t like going to the square very much because its much more urban and has less trees then everywhere else in the district.

“No clue,” my other friend replies. “But I’m fine as long as it isn’t one of us” they laugh slightly at this but I don’t. There use to be four of us. But…my best friend in the whole world was Reaped three years ago. He went into the 299th Hunger Games and ended up dying in there. His death devastated me and ever since I’ve took to training alone in the forest, just in case I ever have the misfortune to get Reaped.

We arrive at the square and get our blood taken before getting into the crowd. Our escort, Ebla Helms, is on stage and begins to give a speech. I don’t like her because her skin gives me the creeps. It’s a brown muddy colour, meant to resemble tree bark, but not only does it look like bark but it also feels like bark as well. I know this because she boasts about this fact every year.

She finished the speech and introduces Edmund Everton, the District seven Victor of the 300th Annual Hunger Games. The crowd cheers for him, but I don’t. Its not because I have anything against him, I actually like the guy. No. I don’t cheer because seeing him just reminds me of my best friend and how he failed to win…

“Hopefully we’ll find another Edmund this year!” Ebla says and then says she’ll pick out the female tribute. She then pulls out a slip of paper from the bowl.

“Willow Firethorn!”

Someone moves from the girls line and I don’t get a good look at her until she reaches the stage. It’s a seventeen-year-old brunette girl with blue eyes. I don’t recognize her and I know I haven’t seen her before.

“What a lovely girl!” Ebla then heads right for the boys bowl and doesn’t hesitate before plucking another name out.

“Wocky Oak!”

What…my two friends look at me in horror and I slowly make my way through the crowd towards the stage. Unbelievable. First my best friend gets reaped now me…

“What a nice boy!” Ebla grins before turning to face the crowd and give the closing speech.

“Do you think you can win?” Willow asks me and I turn to look at her, unsure of what she hops to gain by asking this..


She just gives me a searching look and turns away as Ebla tells me its time to head for the Justice building and tell my family and friends goodbye.

Freya Prada (District 8)

Reaping day. Last year by sister Cashmere was Reaped and sent to the Hunger Games. I loved her, despite the fact she usually ignored me and pretended I didn’t exist, I loved her more then anything. When she was Reaped I tried to volunteer for her but my friend stopped me from doing so.

I was absolutely crushed and cried and cried, knowing I was going to lose my sister. I thought she stood no chance at all when the training scores came out and saw she received a one. A one. That was the lowest score anyone can get and she was the first person in fifty-years to get it.

But…somehow she managed to survive until only eleven tributes remained and I finally believe she had a chance of coming home.  Then on the next day, she was the first person killed and I fainted right after witnessing it.

Waking up a week later I was told the boy from District three won but I couldn’t believe it…

I scrunch my eyes up in sadness as I exit my large house and begin to head for the District square. My parents are already there and I know I have to get moving.

Arriving at the square people say hello to me and several cheer when they see me. My family use not to be liked at all, mostly because we were all rich snobs, but things changed after Cashmere died, when I found out that some people in the District had a slave factory set up and kidnapped people to bring in there. I killed their leader and saved the people, becoming a hero to everyone in the district…well okay, maybe not everyone but a lot of people think of me as one.

The propaganda video begins and finishes before Keenly Kellogg, our escort, takes the stage, welcoming us all back for another year before striding over to the girls bowl and getting a name out of the that gigantic bowl. Its hard to believe it’s already been a year since Cashmere was reaped…I miss her so much.

“And your female tribute for the 302nd Annual Hunger Games will be…Freya Prada!”

What? Did she just say my name? I’m stunned but I head for the stage regardless as people in the crowd begin to shuffle around and talk amongst themselves in confusion.

“I volunteer!” a girl shouts out suddenly. I don’t even know her, but I do know she must know me as the girl who saved those people from the slave factory.

“No,” I say turning to the crowd and girl. “This is my hill to climb. I’ll remain as Tribute” the girl looks crestfallen, but she steps back into the crowd regardless.

“Its good to see someone so eager to be in the Games!” Keenly rubs her hands together and grins, before heading to the boys bowl.

I can’t believe I’m going into the Games…I know I could have let the girl volunteer for me but then I’d be letting an innocent person die for me. And I just couldn’t live with that. Not after I let Cashmere go to her death last year. No, I’m going to have to deal with this on my own. Maybe I can win. Cashmere managed to make it to the final eleven and I know she wasn’t trained or good at surviving. So why can’t I?

Keenly has a name in her hands now and calls out for a boy named “Dome Citadel” who turns out to be a handsome blonde boy who has a dusty old baseball cap on his head.

“What a lucky young man!” Keenly smiles as he shakes hands with her.

“You don’t know the half of it!”

Dome then turns and smiles at me. Great. Now I feel even worse because I know only one of us, that is if we both don’t die, can live.

“So you’re that girl who saved all those people, huh?” he lifts his cap to scratch his head and then gives another one of his smiles. “You’re a good person. Most people would have let that girl take their place”

He turns to talk to our mayor and I can’t help wondering if this is part of his strategy, to try and make everyone like him so it would be harder for them to kill him. No. He seems too honest and kind for that. Maybe he really is just a nice guy with a big heart. Just like me.

Too bad nice people don’t do well in the Hunger Games….

Hunther Hayes (District 9)

“I have to get going soon,” I say softly staring out at the rolling amber waves of grain. “So be safe” I give Marcie, one of my cows, a pat on the back and head over to the nearby flock of sheep and begin to herd them back towards their pens.

“I know, I know,” I coo as they slowly enter. “I’ll be back to let you out again later today” Eventually all of them get in and I quickly check on the pigs before dropping the spear I’ve been carrying off in a shed.

I can’t be too careful nowadays; the wolves that live around District Nine have been extra aggressive recently. Possibly something happened in the woods surrounding the plains that affected their natural prey. I don’t care what their reason is though: if they try to kill my animals, I kill them. It’s that simple.

When I get back to the house, I find my parents waiting and then the three of us head for the square.

We all remain silent until we arrive, where then they wish me luck and I head into the line with the other fifteen year old kids. I hate Reaping day. It drags me away from the fields and makes me have to hang around in the town, with all these people who don’t quite get along with me.

Well, I do have one friend. I see her now and give a quick wave, which she returns with a smile, causing my chest to flutter. I’ve known her for and in love with her ever since I met her. Hmm…Maybe I should finally tell her how I feel.

“Umm. Greetings…District Nine,” Mayor Grain is speaking and I feel a twinge of pity when I look at the man and the sadness on his face. Last year his daughter was reaped for the Games and sent to her death. That showed me that no one is safe from the Capitol. No one.

“As…you all know,” he continues. “The Hunger Games are a punishment to all of the Districts for…questioning the Capitols loyalty or something equally as ridiculous”

Whoa! I didn’t think he would pull something like that out! Also, I’m fairly certain the Capitol won’t take too kindly to his words. Poor man…

Silva Rica, our escort, is now speaking and her sparkling silver skin distracts me from her words. Why someone would want skin like that is beyond me. Eventually she reaches into the bowl placed in front of her and we find out whose going into the Games. And when I hear the name I gasp in shock.

Hunther Hayes.

I stare blankly ahead and Silva has to say the name several more time before I begin to head for the stage. Unbelievable! How could I be reaped?! Who’s going to help my parents with the animals? When I reach the stage I stare out at my parents in the crowd. My mother is weeping into her hands and my father is hugging her, sorrow in his eyes.

Despite being shocked and sad at this turn of events I try top make myself look confident. Being from District nine, I’m already a huge underdog and if I want any sponsors at all I can’t look weak.

“You look like a strong boy!” Silva grins and pats me on the head before taking a name out from the girls bowl.

“Varina Tapora!”

It turns out Varina Tapora is a small, twelve-year-old, blonde girl who is oddly covered with little red bumps. The crowd lets out sighs of disappointment when they see her take the stage. No one ever likes seeing a twelve-year old get reaped.

Silva and Major Grain begin to give the closing speech as Varina and me shake hands. She looks terrified and I can’t blame her. I feel the same way on the inside just unlike her I can’t show it.

They finish the speech and the two of us are herded toward the Justice building, which lies off in the distance.  I can’t lose these Games. My parents and my animals are counting on me!

Ellis Blackberry (District 10)

I step back from the wall and admire my handiwork. It isn’t my best work but I was short on time and had to get it done quickly. I have to eventually actually get to that damn Reaping even though I hate it beyond belief.

I chuck the can of spray paint I just used to graffiti the Peacekeepers HQ into a dumpster and take off, laughing to myself. With all the Peacekeepers at the reaping, I have plenty of time to vandalize pretty much every major building in District ten.

As I make my way down the street I can imagine what my parents would say if they knew I what I was just doing. They would scold me for being so reckless and disrespectful, that I was just begging for trouble and I’d probably tell them what I always say to them “If you can’t life your life and have fun then you can’t live your life at all”. What a pair of fools the two of them are! They’re just the tools of the Capitol! Listening to everything they say, letting them get away with anything and everything. They make me sick.

Turning a corner I stop abruptly as I come face-to-face with a uniformed Peacekeeper.

“Why are you not at the reaping?” he snarls eyeing me with a suspicious glint in his eyes.

“Why aren’t you there?” I challenge backing up slightly. I don’t want him to see any of the graffiti I put up and put two and two together.

“It’s just down the next street,” he growls taking a few steps closer to me. “And I was looking for latecomers like you”

He takes another step forward and I spin on my heels and sprint down the corner…and straight into another Peacekeeper. Shoot.

I’m grabbed and brought back to the first Peacekeeper. I should have been more careful! These damn Peacekeepers always works in pairs.

“What’s your name?” one of them asks me.

“Aren’t you a little old to be hitting on me?”

I get a hard punch to the stomach for this, and slump to my knees in pain but still, it was totally worth it to see the look on his face.

“What’s your name bitch?” he demands using my shirt collar to pull me to my feet. “Answer NOW!”

“Ellis Blackberry,” I grunt and the two of them pull me along the street towards the reaping. Once there, they make me get my blood taken and then I’m shoved into line.

“Thanks for the escort, guys!” I shout sarcastically at them before pushing my way towards the other side of the line. Stupid pricks, thinking they can control me.

My friend, Jamie, whose standing in the fourteen-olds line is staring at me with a concerned look on her face. Obviously she saw me get brought in by the Peacekeepers.

She mouths, “What happened?” and I shrug in reply. Really, other then me not being here early enough I have no idea what set those bastards off.

She gives a quick nod before turning her attention back to the stage. Hmph. She’s the complete opposite of me. Always trying to please everyone and never stepping out of line. I have no idea why I’m friends with her but…well I like her for some reason.

“It is now time to Reap our female Tribute for the 302nd Annual Hunger Games,” our escort Schindler Vyborg drones as he reaches a hand into the bowl. Whoever is unlucky enough to their name drawn won’t have the “odds in their favour” as in the last two years, all of District Ten’s Tribute died in the Bloodbath.

“Amaryllis Blackberry!”

Damn. I didn’t see this one coming.

As I climb onto the stage I notice the Peacekeeper who assaulted me watching with a satisfied look on his face. I bet he won’t be so happy when he watches me win the Games.

“Ah!” Schindler smiles at me as I approach. “Please take your place on the left of the stage” He turns to pick the males name and I purposely move as far right as I can. Does that loser really think I’ll listen to him? He’s just another one of the Capitols lapdogs.

He pulls out the name “Vlad Rockford” and a giant beast of a boy, who must be at least seven feet tall, lurches out from the crowd and climbs onto the stage, towering over everyone else on it.

“What a great pair of Tributes!” Schindler shouts, clapping his two metal hands together. “I’m sure they’ll actually survive a day this year!” He then tries to get the crowd to cheer but they remain deathly silent, staring ahead blankly.

Hey! I guess they aren’t as spineless as I originally thought!…But they’re still a bunch of sheep who are too frightened to fight back.

Schindler orders Vlad and me to shake hands, which I refuse to do. And then the both of us are whisked off towards the Justice Building where I’m sure my parents will come to me, crying their eyes out like the saps they are. Acting like they like me.

Humph. Listening to that may be the most painful part of the whole Hunger Games.

Shimdt Raspberry (District 11)

The pattering of hooves on cobblestone, the clinking of my handcuffs bouncing off of each other, and the sound of wagon wheels. All of these noises create a rhyme of music that envelops my ears as I sit in the dark, contemplating my fate.

This all started last year. When my sister Flow’r was reaped for the Hunger Games and was later killed, most of the District started an uprising. Flow’r was so kind, so innocent, and she was being sent to her death. Of course, as with any and all prior uprisings, it didn’t last long and soon, after the deaths of the instigators, it ended. Things went back to normal, but only for a few more days. When Darker Horrfi, Flow’r’s District partner, was killed, it reoccurred but this time it was even bigger. Some people thought the Capitol was favoring District Three in the Games; others simply wanted the Capitols reign of terror to end.

I started my own group at this time; we killed Peacekeepers, took their guns and then used them to kill even more. We killed most of the Peacekeepers in the District before more were sent in. My group lasted longer then all of the rest; we had secret hideouts beyond the fields that they could never find. But…one day when we were outfighting in the main part of the District, we fell right into an ambush. Bullets flew everywhere and despite us putting up a valiant effort, we were completely and utterly wiped out.

I was the only one left alive. When they came to me, I was on my knees, defeated and unarmed.

“You’re found guilty of treason against the Capitol!” the Peacekeeper had told me as he raised a gun to my head. “And six dozen cases of manslaughter. Your sentence is death” He then pulled the trigger and…nothing.

The gun was empty. They were all out of ammo.

I guess they could have found some more then shot me. But they didn’t. They came up with some new idea, and I was whisked away to a prison, never let out until now. What are they planning? Are they going to torture me to death? Whatever it is it can’t be good…

Suddenly, the wagon comes to a halt and I hear voices before the doors are swung open and a Peacekeeper drags me out. It takes my eyes awhile to adjust to the sudden brightness, but when they do I notice that we’re on the edge of District Eleven’s main square and that dozens of people have gathered around.

“Do you realize what’s going on?” a Peacekeeper sneers as I’m pulled to my feet. Oh god…Yes, yes I do. There’s a stage set up…the people on it…this…is a reaping for the Hunger Games.

“That’s right!” he laughs as he sees the expression on my face. “Your name is going to be plucked out of that bowl. Better get in line!”

I’m shoved towards the group of people and as I take my place, I notice how different everything is. The people in the crowd are gaunt, and horribly underfed. I can see the ribs of mostly every single person. They all have misery in their eyes, and none of them even bother looking at me.

Not only that, but the nearby buildings are broken and desecrated, Peacekeepers dot the rooftops, and there’s even two machinegun nests set up on the corners of the stage. I wonder what all the other Districts watching on their televisions think of this.

No time is wasted, after the propaganda video finishes the escort goes right to picking the names. My name is pulled and I climb onto the stage, getting an even better look at the miserable faces of the people of the district.

Maybe I should shout something to them. Give them the hope that, perhaps they can continue the fight. Sure I’d take a bullet to the head, but maybe that’s better then facing the horrors of the Arena.

The next name is picked and a girl called “Rasp Southern” comes onto the stage. For some reason she has blood on her cheeks and begins screaming to Juvus, whoever that is, and keeps crying out that she was sorry. I have no idea what she is sorry for.  The escort gives her a weird look before they repeat our names and the two of us are grabbed by Peacekeepers and taken directly towards the train station.

Whatever is going to happen in the Hunger Games won’t be good for me…

Knight Castle (District 12)

The Hunger Games. Despite everyone in the district talking about it recently I have no idea what they really are. What I do know is that they’re a game, and games are fun! At least they are to me. Some other people don’t like games all that much, I’m always being told that they’re a waste of time and that I should be trying to help my parents and siblings instead.

I try not to listen to those people too much. I like having fun more then working hard.

I listen to my brothers’ talk as I follow behind them on our way towards…the town square I think. I’m a little excited because I rarely ever comet his far away from home.

“Knight,” I turn to lookup at one of my brothers who point at a Peacekeeper sitting at a table. “You need to go over there and get your blood taken” He goes on to say some more things but I get sidetracked looking at the crowd again. I didn’t know District twelve had this much people! When he finishes talking I walk over to the table he indicated and have my blood taken. Whatever that means. It doesn’t really hurt and its over quick, soon I’m in the audience with some other kids.

A funny looking lady is on the stage and she begins to give a speech about how great the “Games” are. I still don’t really know what they are but this lady makes them sound awesome! She then goes on to say that she will reap our “Tributes” who will compete in the Games. Tributes? Are they the people who play the Games?

“Let’s see who the male Tribute is!” she walks over to a large bowl that’s filled with paper. Whoa! You could fit a lot of soup into that bowl! She pulls a name out and smiles as she begins to read it. “And the male Tribute in the 302nd Annual Hunger Games is…Knight Castle!”

Huh? Me? I didn’t sign up for this game! At least I don’t think I did…the lady repeats the name several times before someone behinds me whispers that I need to go onto the stage.

I nod and begin to push through the crowd to the stage, wondering what kind of game this will be.

When I get onto the stage I wave to the crowd and am surprised when they begin to murmur disappointingly. I guess they wanted some other boy to play in the Games.

“What a sweet little boy!” the lady exclaims and ruffles my hat and hair before heading for another gigantic bowl. “I’m sure he will do great!”

Yeah! I’m sure I’ll do great! I know I’ll do much better then my brothers would, after all: I’m an expert at Games.


A large, angry looking girl with curly brown hair storms out of the audience and onto the stage. She’s scary looking so I back away from her. I don’t like her already.

“What’s your name, honey?”

“Mina Ebony”

Mina glares at the funny lady who then starts talking to the crowd. I hear her call Mina my “district partner” Hmm. What does that mean? Are we teamed together or what? I don’t want to be around Mina any longer. She’s too scary.

The crowd once again murmurs amongst themselves and I have to wonder why they and Mina act like if the “Hunger Games” are something horrible. Uh oh. Maybe they are. Maybe this won’t be as fun as I originally thought.

Kiara Mitchell (District 13)

Today is going to be the day. I’m sitting in the crowd, waiting for the reapings to begin and for the opportunity to arise. It’s the only thing I can think of doing now…not a day goes by that I don’t think about her. My sister Beth, she was the sweetest, nicest person I knew and she died. Because of me. Because I failed to save her. My memories begin to resurface but I push them back. I don’t want to remember what happened. I just want to remember Beth. That’s all.

Like the rest of the District, I pile into the center used for the reapings and look up at the stage where man dressed entirely in black named, “Escort” is giving us a speech about how we failed to fight against the Capitol and now we must pay for it. Kind of like Beth and me. Adam Devils, our mayor, is also up on stage. He’s sitting on a chair with two large huskies next to him. I feel bad for the man, because this speech must feel like a slap to the face, but also because he was friends with last years male Tribute, Ice Hunts, who finished third after getting killed by the District 3 Male. The poor guy is reminded of that every time he sees someone mention the Hunger Games. Just like how I keep getting reminded of Beth…

“It is time to reap our Tributes for the 302nd Annual Hunger Games!” Escort says. “Let’s start with the females, shall we?” I tense my body as he begins to pull a name out of the large bowl set up on the stage. I’m going to volunteer for the Games. If I win, I’ll have won it for Beth, and if I lose…I’ll finally be with Beth again.

“Casha Barns!”

A girl lets out a muffled squeal in the audience but luckily for her, my hand shoots into the air and I scream. “I volunteer!” before making my way to the stage.

Escort gives me a firm looking over before nodding and going to the boys bowl. Adam simply gives me a curious glance. I bet he’s wondering why I volunteered. I bet everyone is.

“Aeron Ashkyn!”

Looking out into the audience, I see my district partner is a good-looking, eighteen-year-old boy who looks pretty strong. Right now he’s having a long hug with another boy which I think is odd, but then he gives a curt nod and jogs up to the stage, determination on his face but sadness in his eyes. Is that how I look like right now?

“Ah!” Escort says as the crowd begins to murmur among themselves. “Maybe this district can scrounge up a victor! I doubt it though” For some reason this angers me and I have to keep myself in check. Bad things happen when I get angry…

I’m told to shake hands with Aeron and then the both of us follow Escort down from the stage towards the train station. Are we heading out already?

I guess so…

Cassandra Oracion (Capitol)

Everyone around me is excited. Everyone is cheering wildly as people begin to file onto the large stage step up right outside of President Strikers’ mansion. This will only be the second time in the history of the Hunger Games that the Capitol will compete. Last year was the first.

I’m going to have to be this years female Tribute. I don’t have a choice. Not after what happened…it’s been a long road that led me here.

Back when I was seven and I still lived with my parents, both of whom were poor, I was playing in the sewers by myself when my vision suddenly went all white and the next thing I saw was my parents handing me over to some people I had never seen before in a part of town I had never been to before. Then, just like that, the vision vanished and I was back in the sewers.

Of course, I ran right to my parents and told them everything. Little did I know that me telling them about it was what made my vision come true. The both of them immediately sold me off to the Capitol, where I was held for years while they experimented on and tortured me. Things were terrible and I can’t bring myself to even think about those days. They’re too terrible.

But one day, when I was ten, a man named Caspian snuck into the facility and broke me out and took me to his home and I finally began to have a normal life. But it wasn’t to last. One day, Caspian led me down to the basement where I saw a cage just like the one I was held in when the capitol had me. I tried to run right after that but he threw me inside and I was once again someone’s personal crystal ball.

Three years. I was trapped inside of there for three long years. Then, then I found a piece of glass inside of my cage and used it to pick the lock. When I made my way upstairs I found Caspian sleeping on the couch and I knew I only had one choice. I took a knife from the kitchen…and plunged it straight into his skull.

I got away and lived by myself for two years. But once again it couldn’t last. Peacekeepers found me and I was tried for not only avoiding every single reaping but for killing Caspian as well. I was supposed to be executed but when I begged for mercy they decided that I would, instead, have to compete in the Hunger Games.

And here I am now. In the crowd, waiting for my chance to volunteer so I have a fighting chance of staying alive.

“Great citizens of the Capitol I welcome you to the 302nd Annual Hunger Games!” I look up and see President Striker himself standing in the centre of the stage, dressed as usual in his black suit and blood red dress shirt. Does he know about my powers? He must. There’s no way the President himself wouldn’t know. Is there?

He talks some more before someone rolls the females bowl out in front of him and he delves his hand in and pulls out a slip of paper.

“And the Capital’s female tribute for the 302nd Annual Hunger Games is…”

“I volunteer!”

I walk shakily to the stage and take a deep breath as President Striker shifts his gaze to me and asks for my name.

“Cassandra Oracion,” I say nervously. Is he going to recognize me? Force me out of the Games so the Capitol can experiment on me some more? No. He only gives a slight nod then focuses his attention on the boys’ bowl, which was just wheeled in front of him.

“And Miss Oracions’ partner will be…Avian Monte!”

A small boy with a cheerful smile on his face comes up onto the stage and reaches his hand out to shake President Strikers hand but the President obviously doesn’t wish to shake hands and instead waves him off before repeating our names to the crowd.

“Hi there!” Avian says turning to me with a cheerful smile on his face. I don’t like him. He’s too…happy. Why is he so happy? I want to get away from him but I’m told to shake his hand and as I reluctantly do so my vision suddenly flashes white.

I’m no longer on the stage…I’m on a hill of some sort and can hear screaming and shouting. Where am I?  Just then Avian falls down to the ground and he is screaming as a black haired girl I’ve never seen before raises a sword over his head and…

My vision flashes once more and I’m back on the stage, shaking hands with Avian. What did I just witness? Was I in…the Arena? Did I just see how this boy is going to die? Avian smiles and waves to the crowd and I get a horrible feeling in my stomach as I realize this boy has no idea what fate awaits him.


Day One

Aeron Ashkyn (District 13)

Training. It’s the first time we really get the chance to see the other Tributes up close. It’s also my first time I can start evaluating them, scouting out their strengths and weaknesses. I do this now as the Head Trainer Aulus gives us a rundown.

As expected, all of the Careers look like big threats, particularly the girl from 1. The girls from 5 and 7 also look pretty tough. And there is no way I can overlook the giant boy from District 10. I mean, he towers over me and I’m one of the tallest guys here!

Aulus finishes talking and starts the training. I don’t move right away, instead I hang back and watch where the others go. Predictably, the Careers head for the weapon stations while most of the other Tributes spread out amongst the other stations. I really don’t feel like having to deal the Careers right away so I head over to the plant identification station where the District 12 girl is already analyzing the plants they have on display.

“Hey!” I say warmly as I sit myself down beside her. It’s a good idea to try and get people to like me, and who knows, maybe I’ll get an ally.

“Hey,” the girl gives me a quick nod and then goes back to examining the plants.

“I’m Aeron!” I continue. “From District 13”

“Mina. District 12”

We sit in silence for a few minutes then I decide to speak again. “So…want to be allies?” she probably thinks this is pretty random but I really have nothing to lose here.

“Sure. Why not?”

Yes! Having an ally will surely make my chances of winning go up, especially one like Mina, who appears to be strong dark horse contender.  Things would be good if there wasn’t the threat of my possible death hanging over my head…

Raven Armor (District 1)

“So, will it just be the six of us?” I ask the others as we crowd around, finished with our initial weapon training, which was mostly just to show off our skills to the weaker Tributes. I became our leader because, really, I am the only one here capable of leading. My district partner Topaz (1) is more of a follower then a leader, Nyx (2) is too young, Drewsiff (2) is completely insane, Trident (4) doesn’t look like he would want to be a leader and Swatty (4) spends all her time flirting with the guys.

“Yep,” Trident (4) smiles lazily. “Just us six”

“You’re leader, Raven,” Topaz (1) says nodding his head. “You decide”

“Good,” I say. “It’ll just be the six of us then. Make sure to kill everyone else” They all nod and I stride over to the sword training station. Time to show off my skills to everyone else again.

Dome Citadel (District 8)

“Hey!” I call out cheerfully to the District 7 girl, I think her name was Willow, as she joins me at the climbing station. She has beautiful, wavy brown hair and her eyes are just as beautiful and sapphire blue. I’m pretty stoked that she decided to come over here by me.

“What?” she looks up at me, where I’m perched in the tree. “Oh. Hi” Well, that wasn’t the response I was hoping for. Then again, I guess it’s a little unsettling for someone in a fake tree to call down to you. I watch her begin to climb the tree and I admire her great reflexes and cat-like agility.

“You want something?” she asks turning to stare at me sharply. I guess she saw me staring.

“Umm. I just wanted…” I trail off stare stupidly at her unsure what to say, which is odd. I never got this nervous when speaking to people before. But I’ve also never spoke to a girl this beautiful before though.

“I was going to ask if you could climb,” I say with a grin on my face. “But obviously you do”

“I see”

“Have you made any allies yet?” I ask as the boy from District 6 walks up to the station and begins to climb the adjacent tree.

“No,” she says slowly also watching the other boy. He’s not skilled at climbing and has problems even making his way up the first branch. “But I guess you could be a useful ally” I take this in for a minute before I realize she just asked me to be an ally, sort of.

Just then, the 6 boy slides off of the branch he just managed to reach and hits the ground hard. He springs back to his feet and stalks off, muttering about how he will kill “that stupid tree” I break out laughing at this but Willow must not find it as funny as I do and drops herself from the tree and begins to walk towards a weapon station. Hmm. I’ll finish climbing this tree and meet up with her later.

Syren Song (District 3)

Its lunch and all of the Tributes and their alliances are gathering themselves around the tables. Oddly enough, the Careers is only tied at being the largest alliance because the district 11 boy formed himself his own alliance consisting of the boy from 5, the girl from 6, the boy from 7, the girl from 9, and his district partner. They seem to be the complete opposite of the Careers.

Where all the Careers are among the oldest and biggest tributes here, they are all young and small, with not a single one of them looking like any sort of threat. Actually, they may be a threat to tributes that have no allies, like me. But to the Careers, they’re just a big group of weaklings, waiting to be killed, which will certainly help me, because while the Careers will want to target them I’ll go right under their radar.

After the Careers the next strongest alliance has to be the one consisting of Ellis (10), Hunther (9) and Cassandra (Cap), because two of them could end up doing well in these Games. I can already tell by looking at all of them that I am by far the smartest and most cunning. And because of this, I’m confident in my ability to win.

Day Two

Trident Bekke (District 4)

While I stand around the other Careers I catch a glimpse of the girl from 5 fighting with a dummy. Normally, this wouldn’t be odd but…after she knocks the dummy over she rips its throat open. With her teeth!

“Hey!” I nudge Topaz (1) who is standing beside me and point at the strange girl. “Doesn’t she just give you the creeps?”

He turns and watches the girl, who is now kicking the dummies prone body. “Why? What’s she done?”

“Dude! She just used her teeth to rip that dummy’s throat!” Topaz (1) shrugs and turns away from me. He obviously hasn’t been watching her very much, because yesterday she ate her spaghetti with her hands, got naked and swung a mace around, and I kept hearing her whispering about how she would rip out peoples’ intestines and taste them. I’m not usually fazed by anything but…that girl has something seriously wrong with her.

I turn my gaze away and pray that someone will kill her at the Bloodbath, because I really don’t want to risk having to deal with her in the middle of the Games…

Rasp Southern (District 11)

I’ve been trying to stay well under the radar during the training and I think it’s working so far. Not even one of my many allies seems to be paying attention to me.

“So, who wants to go throw spears?” Shimdt (11) asks suddenly and everyone agrees so we begin to make our way towards the spears. Up until this point we’ve been just hanging around the stations like knot tying or fire starting. I sucked at making knots but I picked up few new skills with fire. But now it’s about time I got my hands on an actual weapon.

It turns out that most of us suck at throwing spears. Varina (9) and Bluffy (6) can’t even hold one, let alone throw it. And Shimdt (11) and Tameo (5) are unable to get the spear to their targets. Wocky, at least, is decent.

“Your turn!” Wocky (7) says as I step up and the trainer hands me the spear and I get into position.

“Good luck!” Varina (9) smiles and my stomach tightens as I think of how similar she is to my dead sisters. Soon she’ll be dead like them as well.

As my sadness comes flooding back to me I let the spear fly and it hits the edge of the target before clattering to the floor. That was a disappointment.

“Good effort,” Wocky (7) tells me and our group begins to head of again. Good effort isn’t going to keep me alive when I’m in the Arena.

Vlad Rockford (District 10)

I step back from the target I just demolished with my axe. It good. Its what I will do to all the other tributes that stand in my way of victory. They will all fall when they go against me.

“Hey! Tall freak!”

I turn and see the boy from district 6 approaching me, a smug look on his face. He is puny. He is not a threat. “I bet you think you’re pretty impressive huh?”

I don’t answer. This boy is too far below me to even bother speaking to. Maybe I will use him as an example to the others.

“Are you even listening to me?” he demands and its then when I clench my hand into a fist and slam it straight into his jaw. He falls over backwards and hits the ground hard, his eyes rolled up into the back of his head. He is unconscious. He is defeated.

Mina Ebony (District 12)

That giant boy from 10 just absolutely clocked Illegal (6) and the training staff quickly get themselves into the mix and check on him while the rest some pull the complying Vlad (10) towards the elevator.

“Did you see that?” I ask Aeron (13) who is beside me practicing a difficult knot.

“No. What happened?”

“The 10 boy just punched Illegal” The staff put him on a stretcher and he’s rolled out, the gaze of every single tribute, save for Aeron, on him. I wouldn’t want to be him. The others are probably branding him as weak right now.

“I did it!” Aeron raises his head and proudly shows off his now completed knot.

“Good. Every little skill helps,” I slide my gaze around the room. Aeron and me are one of the smallest alliances in terms of members but we’re two of the strongest non-Careers here. Hopefully that doesn’t mean they target us first.

Avian Monte (Capitol)

“Nice throws!” I tell Kiara (13) as she steps away from the knife throwing station. Every single one of her knives landed right where she aimed it. I’m glad I have her as an ally, and I’m glad to have Freya (8) too.

“Where did you learn how to throw like that?” Freya (8) asks her.

Kiara mumbles something about being a quick learner before turning her back to us. I have a feeling that she is hiding something from us but I don’t really care. As long as I can trust her, which I do, then I’m perfectly fine.

“Hey wait a minute,” I say turning to Freya, a thought suddenly popping into my head. “Your last name is Prada, right?”

“Yes. And what you’re thinking is true. My sister Cashmere was reaped last year”

Oh wow. That must be terrible for her parents. Two daughters being reaped in two years? Horrible.

“Your sister died?” Kiara (13) asks turning back to us, surprise on her face.

“Yeah…even though I don’t think she liked me very much I loved her. More then anything,” Freya (8) looks wistful as she speaks. “Now I have to win. For her”

Kiara nods and turns her gaze towards the ceiling. Is that a tear coming out of her eye?

“Your right. We have to win. For our sisters”

Day Three

Drewsiff Bloodwonky (District 2)

I’ve killed a total of one thousand people in only fifteen years. I must be the favourite to win these Games. No one else has the experience I do. No one else is as strong as I am.  I am the ultimate killer. I am the bloodhound.

“Hey Drewsiff!” I turn and see Nyx (2) staring at me from her position by the other careers.  “Are you actually going to train? Or are you just going to gawk?”

I glare at her and make my way over to the axe station. When the Games start I’ll show that little brat a lesson. She may be my “ally” right now but when you’re in the middle of the Games who knows what might happen…

Imagining the wooden black placed in front of me is Nyx, I slam the axe down and slice it clean in two. Ha!  I’ll kill every single one of these stupid Tributes.

Willow Firethorn (District 7)

When I first allowed Dome (8) to be my ally I had expected that I would eventually grow to hate him, like I did with most people, but…for some reason I can’t quite understand the more I am around him the more I begin to like him.

Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s that stupid grin that seems to always be on his face.

“Nice job man!”

I spin around and see Dome high-fiving the boy from district 9 as he finishes throwing spears. Why in the world is he fraternizing with our enemies? I make my over to him and roughly pull his arm.

“What are you doing?” I hiss. “You don’t talk to people who are trying to kill you!”

“Why not?” he scratches the side of his head, obviously perplexed by such a simple concept. “I mean, its not like I’m telling them our strategy for the Games. And maybe if they like me they won’t want to kill me?”

I want to stay angry with him but I can’t. His smiling face just makes it too hard…and it doesn’t help that he has a point.

“Fine! But if you talk to a Career this alliance is over!” he nods and begins to go back to what he was doing before I interrupted him. But something must have come to his mind because he turns back around.

“Does this mean you’re not trying to kill me?”


“Because you told me not to talk to people trying to kill me…but I’m allowed to talk to you!” He has such a stupid grin on his face that I feel like punching him. “Wrong!” I say turning my back on him. “I will kill you if I have to. Its just that I’m not trying to” I stalk off towards the dining area where lunch is just starting to be served.

I would kill him…right? I would kill anyone to win these Games wouldn’t I? Yes…but for some reason my stomach feels queasy when I think about having to kill Dome. No! That’s ridiculous! I will kill him if I have to. Thankfully though, I’m certain I won’t have to, with twenty-six other tributes in the Games he’s bound to get himself killed off before I’ll have to do it.

Varina Tapora (District 9)

“Our individual training sessions are later today,” Shmidt (11) says as we all sit around eating our lunch. “What scores do you guys think you’ll get?”

“Who knows,” Wocky (7) grins as he wolfs down his food. Out of all of us he seems to be the strongest and most confident.

“Probably something low,” Tameo (5) mutters staring bleakly at his plate. He always looks upset and I can’t really blame him for that. Not when we’re days away from being sent to our deaths. But I don’t get why he never seems to eat. The rest of us are always stuffing ourselves full of food because we’re so hungry. Yet he just stares at. Huh. Maybe that’s why he’s so skinny.

“I don’t think it really matters,” Bluffy (6) says and I tell the rest I agree with her. Bluffy, of all of my allies, is the one I like the most and I’ve become quick friends with her. I guess it helps that we’re both around the same age and have similar personalities.

“As long as we’re able to get sponsors I guess,” Rasp (11) grunts. “Because I don’t know if we’ll be able to survive without them”

Trick Treat (District 5)

I can’t wait for these damn Games to begin already. Just sitting here looking at all of these people just waiting to be killed is getting me excited and giving me ideas on how to kill them. Smashing their skulls open, ripping out their intestines and strangling them to death, cutting their limbs off and watching them bleed to death, feeding them to wild animals, the possibilities are endless!

I feel a sharp prickling feeling in my arm and look down to find that I’ve been digging a knife into it and blood is pouring out of the wound. These Games can’t come soon enough.  I lick the blood up and savour the taste. Nothing can quite compare to the excellent taste of blood.

I look up and spot the tribute I’ve been keeping an eye on since training began. They keep appearing in my head, even when I’m nowhere near them. I’ve taken this as a sign that He wants me to kill them, and make it as painful and drawn out as possible. And i'll make sure I do so.

Training Scores & Odds

Name  (District) Score Odds
Topaz Grace (1) 9 7-1
Raven Armor (1) 10 5-1
Drewsiff Bloodwonky (2) 8 11-1
Onyx Eboni (2) 9 8-1
Courage Blitz (3) 6 23-1
Syren Song (3) 5 32-1
Trident Bekke (4) 8 11-1
Swatty Lakeside (4) 8 12-1
Tameo Arghus (5) 4 37-1
Trick Treat (5) 10 5-1
Illegal Drugs (6) 4 40-1
Bluffy Silvestein (6) 4 40-1
Wocky Oak (7) 6 22-1
Willow Firethorn (7) 8 12-1
Dome Citadel (8) 7 15-1
Freya Prada (8) 6 22-1
Hunther Hayes (9) 7 18-1
Varina Tapora (9) 3 48-1
Vlad Rockford (10) 10 6-1
Ellis Blackberry (10) 7 16-1
Shimdt Raspberry (11) 5 30-1
Rasp Southern (11) 5 31-1
Knight Castle (12) 2 55-1
Mina Ebony (12) 7 17-1
Aeron Ashkyn (13) 7 20-1
Kiara Mitchell (13) 7 18-1
Avian Monte (C) 3 48-1
Cassandra Oracion (C) 5 29-1

The Arena

The Arena is located upon an island. The Cornucopia is situated at the very center, atop a hill; the rest of the island continually slopes downwards from there. The platforms are at the bottom of the hill. A forest surrounds the hill from all sides and makes a circle. To the north of the forest is a marsh, to the east is an open plain where four small buildings and a lookout tower reside. To the south of the forest is an area with a bunch of rocks and small bushes. To the west is a beach and is the only area where the island touches the water. On all other sides there is a seven-foot drop off into the ocean. And finally, there is a small cove on the beach.


Courage Blitz (District 3)

Today is it. The Games will begin and I’ll be thrust into a fight for my life. I got no sleep last night and now I’m completely exhausted. I’m lead to a hovercraft and taken away along with the other tributes. I don’t bother looking at any of them because I know I’ll be seeing them all very shortly.

The ride is short and when we disembark I find myself in a long winding tunnel that leads to the Launch Room.

“Are you ready for this?” my stylist asks as he hands me my Arena wear. Cargo pants, leather shoes, a long sleeved shirt and a jacket to go over it.

“No,” I grunt staring at the tube that will soon be bringing me to the Arena where the killing will commence. “Not really”

“Can’t say I blame you”

We sit in silence for a few moments and then a voice instructs me to climb into the tube and I do just that.  I begin to get slowly raised up and I take a deep breath. This is it. The Games will be beginning soon.

I emerge from the ground and the bright light blinds me for a few seconds before I get my bearings. The Cornucopia is the usual forty feet away, but this time it is on a sloped hill. A few items and packs litter around at the base but I don’t see any decent weapons. They must all be at the top.

“Ladies and gentlemen!” the voice of – yells out. “Let the 302nd Annual Hunger Games begin!”

The Games

Day One/ Bloodbath

Onyx Eboni (District 2)

I keep my gaze focused solely upon the Cornucopia, which is glittering the bright sunlight. I need to my hands on a weapon as soon as possible. I can tell that the other Careers all underestimate me but I’ll show them. I’ll show them all what a huge threat I am.


I hurtle off of the platform and sprint up the side of the hill until I reach the top. A knife is lying at my feet and I pick it up as several other Tributes begin to arm themselves with weapons. One of them, Illegal (6), runs over to the mouth of the Cornucopia where he begins to pick up a sword.

I’m not letting him get out of here alive! I dive onto his back and as he begins to fall forward due to the sudden weight, I slam my knife into his neck. He falls instantly and I remove my knife.

One down, twenty-six to go!

Aeron Ashkyn (Disrict 13)

Everything is happening so fast that I can’t focus on any one thing! Around a dozen Tributes are up on the hill fighting, while at least six of them have already fled into the woods the surround us. I have no idea where Mina (12) is but I do know I have to get myself a weapon or at the very least, some supplies.

I charge up the hill and arrive just in time to see the district 1 boy run his sword through Knight from twelve. I feel bad for the kid, but he had to die sometime.

I pull a backpack off of a crate and snatch a spear from a nearby rack before turning around to see Courage (3) fleeing off into the woods. I should do the same and am about to do so when something catches my eye.


She’s grappling with the girl from 5 near a large crate. They seem to be evenly matched, when the other girl gets the upper hand and grabs Mina by the neck and proceeds to slam her head into the corner of the crate several times.


I start to move my legs but before I can, I hear a whistling noise and a trident comes flying towards me. I dive to the ground and start rolling down the hill. When I reach the bottom I regain my items and flee off into the woods. There’s nothing I can do for Mina. She’s dead.

Shimdt Raspberry (District 11)

I pick up a small dagger off of the floor and as I do so I can hear Wocky (7) shouting for our alliance to get out of here. I have no problem with doing that!

I sprint over to my gathered allies and we wait for Rasp (11) to come bumbling over, her hands wrapped around a blanket, before we all take off into the forest, leaving the sounds of battle behind.

Dome Citadel (District 8)

From my position inside of the Cornucopia, I can witness all of the carnage going on. I hope Willow (7) is okay. I would get out of here but right now Drewsiff (2) has parked himself right in the mouth. This might have to come to a fight.

I tighten my grip on the hatchet in my hand, preparing to charge, when a spear tip appears in Drewsiff’s (2) throat and he falls to the ground with Vlad (10) standing over him.

Oh shoot. Now I'll have to fight him! There is no way I can defeat him with just a hatchet!

But I don’t have to. Vlad (10) removes the spear and then lumbers out of view. Wow. I really am the luckiest guy in the world!

I exit the Cornucopia and sprint down the hill when something slams into my back and I fall forward. When I turn myself around I see Trident (4) staring at me right before his fist smashes into my face. Stars zoom into my vision and I can feel a sticky liquid covering my face. I think my nose is broken but that’s the least of my worries.

I just managed to make out the form of Trident (4) holding a trident over his head ready to bring it down onto me. I close my eyes and wait for my inevitably death.

But it doesn’t come. Instead, I hear a muffled shout and I’m being pulled to my feet. What’s going on?

“Dome! Get up”

Willow! I’m pulled to my feet and get dragged away, the blood still clogging my vision. “Don’t stop moving!” she yells. “Or we’ll both be dead”

Raven Armor (District 1)

“Where did everyone go!?” I ask as me and Topaz (1) come back onto the hill. We tried to catch that freakishly tall boy who killed Drewsiff but he somehow got away. It’s a real problem that he did, because killing him would surely have increased my odds of winning. Now when we come back we find only Swatty (4) and Onyx (2).

“They all fled,” Swatty (4) replies sheepishly. “And…one of them killed Trident”

What? No way…no way did we just lose two Careers at the Bloodbath!

“How many of them did we kill?” Topaz (1) asks.

“Uh. Three”

I can’t believe this. There has been only five deaths and two of them were Careers?! Swatty begins to say something else but I stop listening. There! I can just make out the figure of the small boy from the Capitol crawling out from behind a crate!

I waste no time in getting over there and when the boy sees me he lets out a scream before my katana slices into his head.

“Make that four”

Day One/ Aftermath

Syren Song (District 3)

I collapse to the ground and begin panting hard. I’m still alive, that’s a good thing. But now I’m stuck out here in these woods with only the items in my small bag. I’m a sitting duck if anyone decides to attack me.

I crawl behind a large log and check what I have inside of my bag and find a loaf of bread and some sort of cream that’s probably meant for burns. Well that’s just great! None of that will help me! I don’t even have any water!

A cannon sounds off and I look to the sky as five more follow it. That must mean six Tributes died at the Bloodbath. Huh. That’s one less then the last two years.

I’m not going anywhere else right now. I’m too exhausted. I lie down and close my eyes, imagining being around a cool body of water.

Hunther Hayes (District 9)

“Can we rest?” Cassandra (Cap) asks quietly from behind. Me, her and Ellis (10) all managed to escape safely from the Bloodbath and now the three of us are making our way through the quiet woods.

“You want to rest?” Ellis (10) grunts turning around and glaring at her. “Really? With at least a dozen people out there trying to kill us?”

“We need to stop eventually,” I say stepping between them. I really don’t want my allies to state squabbling with each other now. “Plus we can take this opportunity to check out what we got”

Ellis agrees with this and we all sit ourselves down and check our packs. Mine holds a canteen full of soup and a rolled up sleeping bag. That’s disappointing. I was hoping I’d managed to get much more then that. At least I have my spear.

“What do you all have?” I ask looking up. Ellis (10) is still rummaging through her pack and Cassandra (C) doesn’t have one so she’s just watching us.

“I only have some bread, water and rope,” Ellis (10) says quickly zipping her pack back up. Great. At least she managed to get some good stuff.

“So, all we really have is some food and water then?” Cassandra (C) murmurs. She seems to be talking more to herself then to either one of us.

“Yes,” Ellis (10) sounds annoyed as she climbs back to her feet. “And our weapons. Now let’s get moving before the Careers are upon us” We all get up and start walking deeper into the forest.

Bluffy Silvestein (District 6)

“Everyone stop moving!” Wocky (7) orders and immediately we all come to a halt. Really, I was surprised that everyone in my alliance stayed alive. I was afraid that we would get killed…but none of us did. I guess it helped that most of us fled instead of fighting for supplies.

We don’t have much in the ways of weapon either. Shimdt (11) somehow managed to acquire a dagger, I myself have a slingshot and I picked up some rocks in the forest to sling and Wocky (7) has an axe, which makes him by far the most formidable of us and our leader.

“What is it?” Shimdt (11) asks stepping up beside Wocky (7) who has stopped near the edge of the trees. I think I can see some sort of building out there.

“I don’t know. I think there’s a town or something”

Really? Wow! I stand beside Varina (9) and Rasp (11) as the other three cautiously begin to emerge into the open. Eventually they call us out to join them so it must be safe.

Coming into the clear I see four small buildings arranged in a sort of square and one giant lookout tower. Shimdt (11) then leads us into one of the buildings and I’m happy to find out its some sort of grocery store, filled with items!

“This is pretty cool!” Wocky (7) woops as he begins to rip open packages of food and shovel it into his mouth.

We all break off into separate groups so I follow Varina (9) behind the counter.

“Have you noticed that the whole Arena seems to be sloped?” she asks.

“It is?” I haven’t noticed that at all and I don’t think any of the others have either. But somehow Varina (9) did. I always thought she was the smartest of us. “Does it mean something?”

“I don’t think so,” she glances out one of the windows and I follow suite, seeing for myself that the ground is actually indiscreetly sloping away from the Cornucopia. That must have been why it was on a hill. “Its just something I noticed”

I wonder if the Gamemakers actually designed the Arena like this on purpose. I mean, they would, wouldn’t they? Don’t they make everything exactly how they want it to? But this could very well mean nothing. Actually, it probably is nothing.

Varina (9) and me head back over to the others.

Freya Prada (District 8)

Kiara (13) and me found a beach and that can only mean that the Arena is an island. I don’t know how this will factor into the Games but it’s a nice thing to know. Also on the beach we came upon a little cove where we are now hiding out.

“That sunset is beautiful,” Kiara (13) murmurs staring out at the sun, which is setting over the ocean. It really is beautiful and it’s funny, how beauty can exist inside of something so awful, like the Hunger Games. The both of us stare at the beauty for a few more moments the Kiara (13) speaks.

“When it gets dark I’ll test these out,” she holds up a pair of night-vision glasses for me to see. Those will certainly come in handy later in the Games, and they’ll make it hard for anyone to sneak attack us. Well, at least Kiara (13), I still won’t be able to see in the dark.

Kiara (13) sits at the front of the cove so I make my way to the back and lie down. I know the bloodshed will pick up tomorrow so I’m going to take this opportunity to get some much-needed sleep.

Courage Blitz (District 3)

I wanted to get as far away from the Cornucopia as possible, but now I can’t really go any farther then I have. I’m at a Cliffside and right below me after a seven-foot drop is a rowdy ocean filled with a bunch of jagged rocks.

A quick look around me shows that the water stretches all around and it doesn’t take long for me to figure this out. The Arena is on an island, and my guess would be that is circular, with the Cornucopia being located at the exact center. Well, if that’s true then I can’t head back the way I came, I’d run straight into the Careers. No, I have to stay around here, at least for today.

I sit myself down onto on of the many rocks in the area and begin to zip open my bag to see what I have in terms of supplies.

In the bag I find some fruit, water, a box of matches and…a gallon of gasoline. Combine all of that with my sword and I’m in good shape. Probably better shape then some of the other people out here.

I find a nice crevice between some rocks and decide that this will be my camp for the night. Already plans for tomorrow are forming in my head. Usually, on the second day of the Games between one to four Tributes die. But if I want the Games to end as quickly as possible, which I do, then I might want to do something very risky…

Willow Firethorn (District 7)

“How are you feeling?” I ask Dome (8) as I hand him our small canteen of water. We don’t have very much so after he takes a few sips I pull it back from him. Who knows how long this might have to last.

“I’m feeling better then before, that’s for sure!” He grins at me and I notice that his nose is misshapen and encrusted with dry blood. He doesn’t look so handsome right now.

“You should clean your face,” I tell him drily and put the water back into my bag.

“With what? That marsh water? No thanks! There might be a toad in there”

“A toad?”

“Yeah. You must know about them. They’re all…” he stops suddenly and shudders. He must really hate toads, but I can’t fathom why anyone would even mind them. He begins to say something else but just then the Anthem starts up and both of our heads snap to the sky.

The first face to show is Drewsiff (2). He seemed like a threat so I’m glad he’s dead. He’s followed by the by I killed, Trident (4). Ha! Two Careers dead on day one! I wonder how those stupid people in the Capitol are reacting to this? Illegal’s (6) is third. I actually forgot that kid was even in the Games. And the two Tributes from District 12 and the boy from the Capital round out the fallen.

“Three strong Tributes and three weaklings,” Dome (8) muses. “I wonder how all the other Tributes are reacting to this”

I really don’t care how they’re reacting. All I care about is making sure they die and I can go home.

“I’ll take first watch,” I tell Dome (8). “And don’t worry. I won’t let any toads eat you while you sleep”

Day 2/ "Peek-a-Boo!"

Syren Song (District 3)


I jerk my head up and look around. The sun has just begun to rise and everything is in between being dark and light. This isn’t good…I don’t even have a weapon to defend myself!

I carefully crawl out from underneath the bush I was resting under and take a look around. Everything seems normal and those footsteps have receded…Time to make a run for it! I get to my feet and almost as soon as I do so I hear a girl give a shout and several others respond.

Careers! I bolt off and go flying through the woods, branches clawing at my face and hands, slowing me down. This is bad! If those Careers catch me I’m as good as dead.

I explode into a small clearing and immediately slam into someone else and fall to the floor. Shoot! It’s the District 1 boy, Topaz, and he stands over me with his katana raised. No! I do the only thing I can, use my best and only weapon. My voice.

“Stop! Please don’t kill me!”

My voice is melodic and even I can appreciate the beauty and allure of it and thankfully, so does Topaz (1). He’s still holding the katana over me, but now there is a look of confusion on his face. I take a breath to say something else when the bushes rustle and his district partner walks into the scene.

“What the hell are you doing Topaz? Finish her off!”

“No! Wait! I—I can help you!”

Now two people are standing over me, weapons raised, but neither makes a move. They’re too busy contemplating my words.

“Help us? Help us how?” Raven (1) asks glaring suspiciously at me and just then the bushes rustle again and two more girls enter the clearing and stand behind the district 1 Tributes.

“I can…” I trail off. What can I do? “I can…. join you guys! I know there is only four of you left and it’ll take more then that to kill off those other Tributes” They both share a glance and I know they must at least be thinking about it. This is my only shot. If they decide not to let me in…then I’ll die right here right now in this stupid forest!

“Fine,” Yes! I feel like shaking my fist in victory but if I do that those morons will probably change their minds and kill me.

Topaz (1) pulls me to my feet and Raven (1) begins to give orders out and soon the five of us are walking off deeper into the forest, looking for other Tributes to find and kill. Ha! My voice saved me! And now that I’m with the Careers, I’m even more confident in my abilities to win these Games.

Courage Blitz (District 3)

I look at the match in my hand and for the first time I wonder if this is a good idea. Maybe setting the forest ablaze won’t help me at all. Maybe it’ll just signal to the others where I am. It’s far too late to change my mind now though. I’ve already spread the gasoline around and the only thing left to do is drop the match and watch it burn.

<I take a deep breath, light the match, and drop it.

A large “whoosh” sound emits and then the fire starts and the trees, branches, and bushes all begin to burn, the flames easily spreading from one tree to the next. Already I can feel the heat from the fire and it has barely started yet! I back off slowly towards the rocks of the scrub behind me as one of the trees explodes into a shower of sparks.

That’s when I sense it. I don’t know how, maybe a disturbance in the air or something. I press myself back against the rock as a spear flies right into front of me.


He’s on the edge of the now blazing forest, coming towards me with an axe in his might hands. Oh, no. No, no, no! Despite my years of training there is no way I can defeat this guy! He’s too tall! Too strong!

The axe comes swinging towards my head and I drop to the ground and receive a kick to the stomach from Vlad’s (10) boot.

I inhale in shock and roll over. I can’t breathe, that single blow knocked the wind out of me. I feebly strike at Vlad (10) with my sword but he easily knocks it away with his axe. It goes rolling to the right and then comes to a halt. I’m now weapon less. I’m finished.

I try to stand but he kicks me back down and I fall square on my back.

Vlad (10) stands over me, grim determination set on his face and axe raised. Behind him I can see a large tree that is on fire and it seems to be coming closer and closer to me. Huh. Optical illusion.

Wait…that’s not an illusion! That tree is falling down! I roll myself away and Vlad’s (10) axe strikes the grass just as the tree comes crashing down onto him.


Sparks go flying and several burn my shirt and face. I did it. I survived! Clumsily, I regain my sword then go slump against a boulder, watching the forest burn. I should probably go find better cover but I can’t right now. I’m too exhausted. The only good thing I can think about is how I’m lucky not to be trapped in that inferno.

Ellis Blackberry (District 10)

I hate being trapped in infernos. “Keep moving!” Hunther (9) shouts to Cassandra (Cap) who has been lagging behind us this entire time. This smoke and heat is beyond terrible, I have to keep my jacket covered over my face or risk suffocating.

A large flaming tree comes crashing down and blocks the path we were headed. Dman it. “Skirt around it!” I shout to the others but I find out that we can’t. We’re completely surrounded by flames on every which side.

“We’re trapped!” Cassandra (Cap) wails.

“The hell we are!” I back off several feet andgo sprinting right towards the flaming tree. Several feet before I collide with it I jump and give a shout of joy as I go flying right over it. The crash to the ground is pretty painful but hey! At least I’m not charred.

“Come on!” I scream back to the others who I can only barely make out through the thick smoke. “Jump already!”

Several moments pass and then Cassandra (Cap) comes flying over and hits the ground hard. I pull her up and wait as Hunther (9) sails over and the three of us take off sprinting. Flames flick out at us from the trees as we run and I’m terrified at the thought of burning to death. I don’t want to be known as that loser that died in a fire!

Eventually I trip over a loose stone and go rolling forward, right into some sand. Sand!

Yes! A beach! We’re on a beach! I see the glistening waves casually going back and forth and smile. I’ve never been this happy to see water before!

“Get to the water!” I scream and hurl myself towards it. Only after my boots step into the cool water, do I notice the others aren’t following me. The both of them are still on the edge of the forest. Hunther (9) seems to be pleading and trying to pull Cassandra © but she remains steadfast in her place. What the hell is wrong with her? Does she want to burn?!

“Get your butts over here!” I scream and Hunther (9) flings Cassandra (Cap) over his shoulder and comes running towards me before diving into the water.

She begins to scream immediately and frantically begins to churn in the water before dragging herself and spins in circle screaming frantically.

Everyone in the Arena can probably hear her!

Thankfully, she eventually drops motionless to the ground and when Hunther (9) goes to check on her, he says she passed out. Sheesh. If only she had done that sooner!

Sheesh. If only she had done that sooner!

Dome Citadel (District 8)


I look up and see that Willow (7) is right. Smoke is billowing over the tops of the trees, and there’s a lot of it. Either some Tribute has caused a fire that got out of hand or the Gamemakers have started something big.

“What do we do?” I ask her as we observe.

“Nothing we can do. We’ll just wait it out”

I nod. Makes sense to me. Its not like I have any other suggestion anyways. I am also glad for the medicine my mentor gave me for my head wound. We both collect our stuff and make our way deeper into the marshy swamp.

Wocky Oak (District 7)

“You sure she’s in there?” Schmidt (11) asks me as we ready ourselves outside the door to the Laundromat.

“Positive,” I reply. I know Trick (5) is in there, because my mentor told me. We have her trapped now. Bluffy (6), and the others are already on the roof, now all we need to do is go in and either kill Trick or flush her out.

“On my signal we’ll open the door,” I tell Schmidt (11) and he nods. “One…Two…Three!”

We kick the door in and see…nothing. Well, nothing out of the ordinary. It’s just an empty Laundromat.

“How’d she get out?” Shimdt (11) asks nervously and I shrug. She couldn’t have…we’ve been watching the place all day!

“Look around,” I order him as I tighten the grip on my axe. “She’s hiding somewhere”

I slowly make my way through the room, looking everywhere where she could possibly be hiding. But I don’t see her. I’m about to tell Shimdt (11) that its time to go when I turn around and see him standing beside an old locker of some sort. Something’s not right…

“Shimdt! Get away from there!”

The door suddenly bursts open and I scream as Trick (5) emerges with a heinous grin on her face.


In one swift motion she slashes her dagger across Shimdt’s (11) throat and he drops to the ground, dead. Boom!


I get ready to charge her but its too late. She’s already speeding out the door, dodging rocks as she runs straight for the forest.

She got away.

Freya Prada (District 8)

We’re not in a good position right now. Yesterday I had thought that the cove was the most defensible position we could get, but it turns out I was wrong.

An alliance of three, the one with the Nine boy, Ten girl and Capitol girl, have camped out on the beach, right in front of our cove. We’re practically trapped inside until they leave.

“We could attack once night falls,” Kiara (13) suggests as we stare out at them. We could. It’d certainly be risky, but Kiara has night-vision glasses and I don’t think any of them do. It might give us an edge. Or it could get us both killed.

“Or we could sneak away,” I suggest. Under the cover of night it wouldn’t be too hard to make a run for the forest. “But maybe we should just stay here”

“We have a lot of options,” Kiara (13) concedes. “We just need to figure which one to take”

Which one? Any of them could lead to our deaths…but not doing anything might lead to the same thing…I don’t know what we’re going to do.

Topaz Grace (District 1)

“That was one large fire,” I comment as us Careers, me, Raven (1), Onyx (2), Swatty (4) and our new ally, Syren, stare out at the now burnt remains of at least a quarter of the forest. That fire must have been a Gamemaker trick. Or something.

“It was,” Swatty (4) agrees. “We can see the plains out there now”

“We need to be prepared for everything” Raven (1) speaks. “Topaz, Syren, you two take first watch”

The thers go get into there sleeping positions and I take my watch beside Syren as the anthem begins to play and the faces of Vlad (10) and Shimdt (11) are shown. I’d be surprised to see Vlad there, but I am more then certain he was taken out in the forest blaze.That’s good for us Careers.

“Why didn’t you kill me earlier today?” Syren (3) suddenly asks, interrupting the silence that started after the anthem.

“I don’t kill girls,” I reply truthfully. “Its…like…I just can’t do it”

She nods and then turns away for a moment before looking back at me. “What do you think about the others?” she asks quickly.

Huh? “I like Swatty,” I answer wondering why she would ask this. “But the other two kind of creep me out to be honest”

“Interesting” I follow her gaze and see her watching Raven (1) as she gets ready to sleep. What’s she planning? Does she intend on betraying the others? I don’t know how that’ll end out…

Day 3/ Betrayal

Swatty Lakeside (District 4)

I don’t trust Syren (3). She’s too cunning, too smart. I can already tell she has a big plan for the Games. A plan I won’t let happen.

I’ve already told both Topaz (1) and her to go hunting and they both left to do so. The both of them are complete morons. Did they really think us Careers would need food when we have a whole stash of food here at the cornucopia? Anyways, I call Onyx (2) and Raven (1) over.

“We need to kill Syren,” I murmur as they reach me. “I don’t trust her and am almost positive that she plans on betraying us”

“I knew I wasn’t the only one who didn’t trust her!” Raven (1) growls and I nod.

“Topaz is weak also,” I continue. Maybe I can get rid of him as well. We can’t afford a weakling in our alliance. “So maybe we kill him too”

“Wait, wait, wait” Nyx (2) interrupts me and we both look at her surprised. “We’re going to kill them both? Bad idea. I don’t know if you two geniuses realize this but there are twenty of us Tributes left. If we kill both of them then there’ll be three of us against fifteen of the others. Do the math”

“We’re stronger then all of them,” Raven (1) scoffs. “I could beat them all singlehandedly”

“Just listen to me,” I interrupt, annoyed at Nyx’s attempt to find flaws in my plan. My plan is perfect! Just like me! “When they come back, we’ll disarm them and kill Syren. Topaz too if he tries to interfere. This’ll work. Trust me”

Willow Firethorn (District 7)


“Yes?” I turn to look at Dome (8), who’s leaning against a tree stump, examining me. “What is it?”

“I…I want to tell you something”

My heart begins to pound and I think I know what he’s about to say. Its what I’ve been thinking recently, no matter how hard I’ve been trying not too. Its stupid and irrational, especially out here in the arena!

“You love me” He jumps in surprise, but I quickly continue. “I…also…” I cut myself off. No! I cannot fall in love out here! Not during a battle to the death! Only one person out here can come home alive and if I…if I love Dome, then what does that mean for us? Only one of us will be able to live.

“I love you Willow”

I turn and see him rising to his feet and crossing over to me, stopping only when his face is inches from mine. “I have ever since I first saw you in training”

I look into his eyes and know I can no longer deny my true feelings either, no matter how extremely stupid they are and no matter how much I’ll hate myself for it.

“I love you too, Dome”

And then he leans in to kiss me.

Syren Song (District 3)

The Hunger Games aren’t so hard after all. My plans working perfectly!I know I have Topaz (1)working with me and all I need now is another Career to join in and I can take out the other two. I’m not sure which one it should be; right now I’m leaning towards Swatty (4) because Topaz trusts her the most.

“Well, we haven’t seen a single animal” Topaz (1) sighs as we make our way back to the Cornucopia. Earlier this morning we were sent out to hunt for some animals but we haven’t had much success in this regard. I’m not upset at this, because we have loads of food back at the cornucopia.

“Don’t worry about it,” I say and just then the forest ends and the cornucopia comes back into view.

Almost immediately the others all snap their heads to look at us and I get an uneasy feeling. Why are they so interested?

“We got nothing” Topaz (1) calls to them and Swatty (4) walks up to him as Onyx (2) positions herself right beside the mouth of the cornucopia. Something’s not right…

I watch as Topaz (1) hands his katana over to Swatty and she immediately hands it to Raven, before walking towards me.

“Hey Syren!” she says stopping a few feet from me. “Your trident looks pretty banged up. How about I get you a better one?”

Huh? Why wouldn’t I be able to get my own weapon? I look straight at her and get the sense that she’s…excited? All at once I understand what’s happening.

It’s a trap!

As quickly as I can, I lift my trident and throw it towards Swatty’s (4) chest but she’s much faster then I anticipated and sidesteps it as it goes flying straight into the clueless Onyx (2).

Boom! The force of the throw knocks her to the ground and alerts the others. “Topaz! Run!”

I turn and to run but a something sharp slams into my back and I feel myself falling to the grass as all goes black.

Topaz Grace (District 1)

I drop to my knees beside a tree, my mind reeling from the events I just witnessed. What happened? Did Swatty (4) and the others betray Syren? Or was it the other way around? All I know is that now both Onyx (2) and Syren are dead. Is this the end of the Careers?

I sit down and realize the only thing I still have is my knife. I gave Swatty (4) my katana for cleaning. What an idiotic move that was. I hope that I haven’t disappointed my mother and sister back home.

But I’m not done for yet. I’m still the District one male. I’m still stronger then everyone else out here. I’m also bound to have tons of sponsors, just waiting to send me new stuff. Yes. I can still win. I don’t need either Swatty’s nor Raven’s help to do so either.

Still…they will be my biggest threat in the Games and I’ll need to be prepared for when I inevitable encounter them.

I get up and head off in a random direction, hoping to find a better place to rest.

Kiara Mitchell (District 13)

“Time to move, Freya,” I say and she nods as the both of us make our way over to the cove exit and take a look out. The alliance of three is still on the beach, they have hardly done anything today and I fear it won’t be long before they come over here and find us, which would be disastrous. So, me and Freya (8) are going to slip out under the cover of night.

We take one last look at the prone figures of the alliance, lying asleep on the beach, and I pat Freya (8) on the shoulder, giving her the signal to run for the tree line. I watch her as she goes and am glad to see the alliance doesn’t notice. So far so good!

With my knives in hand and night-vision glasses on my face I head for the trees, cringing as my feet kick a pebble. Thankfully, it doesn’t wake them though.

I let out a loud sigh of relief as I burst through the undergrowth and emerge into the woods. We should be safe in here, because even if we were spotted there’s no way they’d risk following us into here. But as I think this I notice that Freya (8) isn’t by me.

“Freya. Where are you?” I spin around and thanks to my glasses I can see perfectly. But I don’t see Freya. I’m beginning to panic and think that, maybe she’s got jumped and killed, when I remember the cannons. She can’t be dead or one would have gone off by now. She must be somewhere nearby.

I decide to risk calling out louder and try again.

I walk a little ways deeper into the woods when I hear the sound of moving followed by a voice.

“Freya! Its me, Kiara!”

“Kiara! Over here!”

Freya! She’s alive!

I see her now, standing beside a oak tree with a worried expression on her face. I begin to move toward her when something from the corner of my eye catches my attention. A moving shape…

“Freya! Watch out!”

Heeding my warning Freya (8) steps backwards just as a knife slams into the tree, exactly where Freya’s head was positioned a few seconds ago.

“Run Freya!” I spin and finally spot our assailant, cautiously walking into the clearing, obviously unable to see properly, unlike me. I raise my knives and in doing so the person’s gaze snaps towards me and I see their face clearly.

Ellis (10)! How’d she find us?!

We both go for our knives but she’s faster and sends one whizzing towards me, luckily she has terrible aim in this darkness and it sails harmlessly past me.

All of a sudden my other side takes over. All I know is that I send a knife whizzing back at her and it strikes her shoulder. Seconds later I plow into her, taking us both to the hard ground.

I recover faster and before she can even grunt I’m on top of her and send one of my knives plunging into her heart.


Numerous thoughts begin to swirl in my head but the only one that registers is that her allies, the nine boy and capitol girl, will be woken by the cannon. I rip the backpack from her body and take her remaining knives before running off after Freya (8), trying hard not to compare this incident to the one that happened back in District 13.

Varina Tapora (District 9)

Shimdt’s (11) death must have really shook Wocky (7) up. This morning he woke us all and then started preparing for…something.First, he discovered that his mentor sent him a net trap and then after discovering that Aeron from District 13 has hidden himself up on the lookout tower, we set it up at the base of the stairs, effectually trapping him up there. We then set up several traps inside of the Laundromat and then grabbed as much food and water from the grocery store as we could. Tameo (5) also found some nails and Rasp (11) got a pipe. I guess they intend on using them as weapons but I don’t know how effective they would be against swords and bows.

After doing all this, we checked out the last two buildings remaining. One was a large restroom of sorts, filled with toilets and sinks and the other, the one we’re in now, seems to be a jailhouse of sorts.

“Why didn’t we just go up there and kill Aeron?” Rasp (11) asks Wocky (7) as he checks the windows to make sure they’re secure.

“Too dangerous. We don’t know what kind of weapons he has”

I think Wocky’s right. It’d be far too risky to try and fight him head on. He’s probably going to walk into our trap soon anyways.

Soon we hear the Anthem starting and we all head up to the jailhouse roof to see who died today.

Aeron Ashkyn (District 13)

As the Anthem blares up, I look to the sky, which seems larger and more ominous due to me being camped out on this large lookout tower I hope to see some big threats in the sky. I’m not cruel. I won’t be happy to know their dead; it’s just that if they are in fact dead, it’ll increase the odds of me coming home alive. And anything that does that is a good thing.

The face to show is Onyx’s (2).A Career. I’m not sure what happened to her but its good for me. Syren (3) is next and the Anthem is closed up by the face of Ellis (10).

The arena goes back into silence and I begin to get ready for sleep when I hear voices and looking over the edge of the tower I can see a group of Tributes gathered on top of one of the buildings below me.

I recognize them immediately. They were the alliance that I saw clustered at the bottom of the tower stairs in the morning. I think they set a trap of some sort but I wasn’t completely sure.

But now I am. Because if they’re still nearby even though they know I’m here then that must mean they have some sort of trap or plan. I back up from the edge and try to get into a comfortable sleeping position, the gears in my head already churning as I try to think of a way out of this predicament. Things get worse when it begins to rain, slowly at first, but then it begins to pick up and eventually becomes a downpour. Something bad is going to happen tomorrow. I can sense it. What it is, I don’t know. But I just have this feeling the Gamemakers have something planned…

Day 4/ Rain & Pain

Wocky Oak (District 7)

“I-I really d-don’t think this was a g-good idea,” I hear Bluffy (6) whimper as we all shelter under the trees that lie nearby the four buildings. When we woke up in the morning we immediately set up some more traps, this time in the jailhouse, before exiting for the grocery store to resupply ourselves. Once we finished that we went to go rest nearby the buildings. Things are pretty great if I do say so myself. Except for one thing: The massive amount of rain that’s pouring from the skies. It makes our visibility drop by a huge amount and I think the smaller kids, Varina (9), Bluffy (6), and Tameo (5), may be suffering a lot. I at least, have a nice amount of clothes from the Laundromat to protect myself.

“Yeah,” Rasp (11) agrees from somewhere to my right. I can hardly see her through the rain even though she’s only a foot away. “We should head back for the store”

I guess we should. I begin ordering the others to get moving when something stops me. A howl! Oh no! I begin to panic and turn to the others.

“Everyone! Run for the store! NOW!”

Chaos erupts as we all begin to run, I sense someone tripping but I have no idea who it was.

“Get moving!” I grab the person closest to me, Varina (9), and shove her forward. “Don’t stop until you’re in the store!” Already I can see shapes moving in the distance and terror finally invades me. How many of them are their?! There’s no way we can fight off more then a few, not in this weather.


I spin around and see Rasp (11) running right towards me, Tameo (5) in tow. Just as she reaches me a dark shape lunges out of the rain and knocks me to the ground.

I hit the muddy ground hard and as I struggle to my feet I can hear screaming and snarling, followed by a sound that almost stopped my heart. A cannon.


When I get to my feet I see who its for.

A large wolf-like monstrosity, with red eyes sits staring right at me, Tameo’s body hanging from its jaws. No…

I don’t even bother reaching for my axe. There’s no way I could defeat this thing. I simply stare blankly ahead and await my imminent death. But it doesn’t come.

Instead, the mutt drops Tameo (5) and hurtles off into rain. I don’t wait for it to return. I scramble to my feet and run for the forest, hoping my allies are doing the same.

Bluffy Silverstein (District 6)


“I-I’m here”

I don’t know where we are other then we’re in a building, sitting in a corner huddled as the horrible howling continues. Already a cannon has sounded, already one of my friends are dead…

“We’ll be okay,” Varina (9) says. “The others will be fine” I know she’s just trying make me feel better. The truth is the others won’t be fine. They’re out there with those…those…those things…

I scrunch my eyes shut and huddle closer to Varina (9) as a horrible screaming sound fills my ears. I recognize the voice. It’s Rasp (11).

“Cover your ears,” I hear Varina (9) whisper, her voice laced with fear. “Don’t listen…don’t listen”

I try, but I can still hear the howls and screams, which sound even more pained now. I can’t take it anymore! My emotions flood out all at once and I’m sobbing and crying, I hear Varina (9) doing the same. I don’t know how long the screams go, but eventually they stop and a cannon signals the death of Rasp, my friend. Boom!

Swatty Lakeside (District 4)

“You hear that, right?” Raven (1) stares at the sky with a curious expression on her face as the furious howling continues. Two cannons just sounded off in conjunction with the howling and that can only mean one thing: Mutts are now in play.

“Yeah, I hear that”

I’d have to me either a moron or death not to! And if one of is the moron here, it’s her. Suddenly, the howling comes to a stop and leaves an eerily silence, broken only by the sound of rain falling against the trees.

“What now?” Raven (1) asks just as something shakes the bushes in front of us and a large, shaggy haired canine-like animal strolls out. A mutt!

“Don’t move!” Raven (1) hisses as it slowly turns its head to look at us. Saliva drips from its large, yellow fangs and it has blood red eyes. This defiantly is some sort of mutt, probably a wolf of some sort. Its not something we can’t handle though. I’m already lifting my trident, getting ready to throw it, when two more of the mutts emerge from the bushes, followed by several more.


Not what I expected. The mutts begin slowly walking towards us and an idea pops into my head. One that can have me escape these animals unharmed.

“Don’t move…” Raven (1) repeats and I notice that she is in front of me, keeping her eyes on the mutts. “Don’t move a muscle”

I nod and then after taking one look at the mutts and then back at Raven (1) I leap forward and with all my strength I push Raven forward, towards the mutts. She shouts in surprise as she hits the floor and I turn to run in the other direction, seeing the mutts leap forward with menacing howls. As I crash through the muddy forest I hear the mutts howling in rage followed by the agonized screams of Raven (1). I keep going, not feeling bad for her in the slightest. This is the Hunger Games, its kill or be killed and you can’t trust anybody.

I keep on running for several more minutes before the screaming and howling finally stops and a smile crosses my as a cannon sounds. Boom! Another tribute down!

Cassandra Oracion (The Capitol)

Hunther (9) and me both sit in the darkness of the cove as the rain pounds away outside. Several cannons have gone off in the last few hours and I don’t know how safe we are. We still don’t even know what happened to Ellis. One moment she was laying beside us, and the next a cannon was signalling her death. I blame myself for not seeing it. For not using my powers to help her…maybe I should change that. Starting now.


“Yeah?” he looks up from where he was sharpening his spear against a rock and stares at me curiously. “What is it?”

“Can I tell you something?”

“Of course. What?”

I take a deep breath and then tell him what I’ve been hiding from everyone since the reaping. I tell him about my visions, and how my parents sold me to the capitol and about how they experimented on me, and how Caspian saved me only to use me as his own crystal ball.

When I finish, I collapse against the wall and nervously watch Hunter. Will he blame me for Ellis’s death? Be afraid of me? No. He only stares at me with a concerned look on his face. Only after I tell him I’m fine does he talk.

“Can you control it?” he asks. “The visions I mean. Can you control them?”

“No. I-I means I don’t think so. They just sort of happen.” “When was the last one?”

“At the reapings. When I shook hands with Avian I…I saw his death” I shudder as I think about this, about his horrible death at the hands of a Career. “Can you trying seeing my future?”

Huh? I look at him suspiciously, afraid I’d see the same greedy looks I saw on my parents and Caspian. But I don’t. He has the same, kind look on his face that he always has.

“O-okay. Reach out your hands” He does so and I take a deep breath, terrified of what I might see.

“You don’t have to do this, you know” Hunther says gently. “I won’t be upset” “I want to Hunther. This might save both of our lives” he nods and stares calmly ahead. I let out an enormous shudder and then take his hands.

Freya Prada (District 8)


“What is it, Freya?” she looks over from where she’s standing.

“Did you take our stuff? The water and rope?”

“No. Why?” she crosses over to me and sees that where our stuff was previously is now devoid off anything. Where did it all go? Someone took it…

“Get your weapons!” Kiara (13) tells me, a worried look on her face. “And let’s go!”

Trick Treat (District 5)

The rain has stopped but I don’t care. It never bothered me. Nothing bothers me. What’s more important, is what I’ve just come upon.

A tower.

Its sit nearby some buildings and a poorly disguised trap blocks the staircase. Whatever moron set this up did a horrible job. I might have to just kill them for their idiocy. Hell, I’d kill them anyways.

I grin as I grab the edge of the staircase and pull myself up, effectively bypassing the trap. Ready or not here I come!

I make no effort to hide the sound of my foot steps as slowly make my way up the stairs. It’ll feel so good to have killed again. Already a full day has passed without one and I don’t like it. I must kill this person.

When I reach the top I see the person. Aeron, the boy from 13, sits on the far edge of the tower, a spear lying next to his hands. He has his back to me and appears to be clueless of my presence.

Good. Surprise kills are always the funniest!

Quick as a snake, I dart across the tower and grab his head with both of my hands and slam him across the ground, pressing my steel sickle against his throat. “Hello!” I smile devilishly. “Had a nice day?”

The terror in his eyes delights me to no end and I know I’ll have tons of fun slowly killing him.

“Let’s get started, shall we?” I begin to move the sickle down his body, looking for the best place to cut, when he shoots his hands out and a sharp pain strikes my hand and I see a flash of blood as I fall backwards in pain. Damn it! I underestimated his strength!

He clambers to his feet amazing quickly and since my right hand is completely wrecked, a large gash that is pouring blood covers it, I pull out my dagger with my left as he removes his own.

“You!” he snarls, his face contorting in rage. “You’re the one who murdered Mina!” “Mina?” I have to think about this one. “Oh! You mean the girl from twelve! The one whose skull I bashed open. Pity there was nothing in it. I bet it would have tasted great”

He bellows in anger and takes a wild swing at me but I easily dodge it and laugh as he spins around clumsily to keep me in his vision.

“Aw. How cute. You think you can hurt me?” I slash my dagger out at him but he dodges it and before I can stop it, he sends his fist straight into my jaw. I go careening to the ground and my dagger skitters out of my hand and slides off the edge of the tower.

“You will die!” he goes charging at me and in one swift movement I snatch up my sickle, which was lying beside me, and leap to my feet. I can see the surprise in his eyes as I slash it forward. The steel rips through the flesh around his neck and he drops the knife, both hands flying to his neck in an attempt to stop the geysers of blood that is now pouring out.

“You lose!”

He falls to the ground, gurgling hilariously, a pool of blood already developing around him. Blood, sweet, succulent blood! How long has it been since I’ve tasted it? Save my own? Too long. Much too long. He gives one last twitch before stiffening and a cannon booms to signal his demise. Boom!

One thing is for sure. I’ll be able to gorge myself on blood tonight!

Courage Blitz (District 3)

The faint sound of the Anthem playing wakes me from my sleep and I immediately wish it didn’t. All day I’ve been crouched under a small rocky overhang of some boulder, shivering as the torrential rain drenched me to the bone. I’m cold, wet, and hungry. My last supply of food ran out this morning and the rain has prevented me from looking for any more. At least it has stopped now.

I crawl out from my shelter and shiver as freezing wins blow at me. I knew the Games would be hard, but I didn’t think the elements would be the hardest part. I always thought it would be the Tributes who I’d have to worry about, but other then Vlad (10), I haven’t seen a single ne since the bloodbath.

Speaking of tributes…I look to the sky just in time to see the face of Raven (1) being replaced by Tameo’s (5). Rasp (11) and Aeron (13) swiftly follow and then I try to think about who is left.

Two Careers, me, the freaky girl from five, the little girl from six and both from seven, eight and nine, the girl from thirteen and the girl from the capitol. That makes thirteen. I don’t know what my odds of winning are, but surely they must be good. I mean only two Careers are left!

I’m about to go back to cover when the sounds of trumpets boom into the Arena and nearly give me a heart attack.

“Helllloooo Tributes” the voice of Herter Templesmith booms. “We’ve seen that most of you are without food, a real pity that is, so in our everlasting kindness we have decided to throw you all a feast! Tomorrow at noon there will be a grand table, brimming with all sorts of food awaiting you at the Cornucopia! But wait! That’s not all! There will also be four backpacks, yes you heard me! Four! No more, no less! These four backpacks will be of various sizes and contain several different items, which may be of very good use to you! Think long and hard about whether or not you can pass up this opportunity, because it may very well put the odds ever in your favour!”

The trumpets sound once more and then I am in silence with the Arena. A feast…with food and items, important items, this could be big, no…it will be big. If I learned one thing from being forced to learn from the Hunger Games it’s that the Feast is always an important, pivotal moment in the Games. It could make or break my chances of winning. Some Games have even ended at the Feast before, but with thirteen tributes left I find the chances of this happening this time unlikely. Still…tomorrow will probably be the most important day in the Games so far. I crawl back under my rock and lie down, trying to get some rest for tomorrow.

I’ll need to be prepared for whatever happens.

Day 5/ Feast

Kiara Mitchell (District 13)

I leave Freya (8) up in the tree she has chosen to hide in and position myself amongst some thick bushes on the edge of the forest that surrounds the Cornucopia. She’s pretty nervous and understandably so. At last years feast her sister died. She must be thinking about that a lot. Wondering if she’ll meet the same fate. Soon the feast will begin and I’ll show everyone watching what I’m truly capable of. I’ve been trying to hold back my dark side up until now but I realize now that this isn’t working. These other Tributes in here, they’re not humans. They’re monsters. Willing to kill me, kill Freya, kill everyone, they don’t want me to come home.

Well, I’ll just have to change their plans.

I see something moving out of the corner of my eye and I watch as two tables rise out from the ground. Ones a large, long table, brimming with all sorts of food and drinks, they may look tempting for some of the other tributes, but I’m not here for food. The second table is much smaller and is closer to the cornucopia; it’s almost directly in the mouth of it. Four backpacks sit there, just waiting for someone to go and grab them.

Almost as soon as the tables finish moving, a shape shoots out from the cornucopia and rips one of the medium sized backpacks off of the table.

A bolt comes flying out from the direction Freya (8) is hiding but it misses by at least a foot and the tribute disappears into the forest on the opposite side of us.

I step out from the bushes, ready to head out and find a tribute to kill, when I sense something moving towards me and a dagger goes whizzing past my skull, missing by only an inch. Turning, I see the girl from district five walking towards me, a sinister smile on her face.

“Most people cower after I throw something at them,” she comments as she pulls a long, curved sickle out from her belt. It shines menacingly in the early afternoon light and I can tell by her demeanor that she is an expert with it. My hands tighten around the two throwing knives in my hands as I plan out my move.

“I’m not like most people”

The knives are already out of my hands before I finish talking and I’m racing towards the girl. She deflects the knives with her sickle but she isn’t fast enough to block the third knife, which I rake across her face.

She shouts in pain and falls to the floor, a large crimson gash running across her right cheek.

She touches it and looks at the blood on her fingers in surprise.

“You’re right. You’re not like most people,” Faster then I thought her capable of, she leaps to her feet and her swings her sickle out at me, but I manage to dive out of the way before it touches me.

Trick (5) is on her feet now and slowly approaching me, a wicked smile on her face. I climb back to my feet and whip out my last two knives as she nears. She’s stronger then anyone I’ve ever faced, yet I don’t fear her in the slightest. She stops a few feet away and stares at me.

“You just might be my funniest kill yet”

And then our fight recommences.

Hunther Hayes (District 9)

The Feast has begun.

Already someone has run off with one of the bags and now I can make out the shapes of two tributes battling away on the edge of the forest. No cannons have sounded yet but it’s only a matter of time.

I grab my spear and get ready to make a run for the bags and table full of food when I hesitate, remembering the vision Cassandra (Cap) told me about. She said I would die out at the feast, killed by a boy with a sword.

Should I really be going out here? She begged me not to go but I didn’t listen. I insisted I’d be fine now that I know what I’m facing. But maybe I was wrong. Maybe I’ll get killed just like how she described.

No. I’ll live. I know what to expect, I know I’m strong enough to face whatever happens. I can do this.

I burst out of the forest and go sprinting straight for the backpack table. While the food looks tempting I’m not willing to grab any of it.

I reach the table and am about to grab one of the bags when something silver comes out from the side and strikes my spear, cutting through the wood at the top. The spear tip drops to the grass at my feet and I when look up to see whom my attacker is, I gasp.

It’s a boy with a sword.

Courage Blitz (District 3)

Hunther (9) is just sitting there, gaping at me in utter shock. Evidently, he’s startled by the fact that I just took out his only weapon. Well, time to capitalize on that fact.

I slash out with my sword but am surprised by the speed of Hunther (9). He dives right over the table and knocks over all of the backpacks in the process. I slide over after him, but as I do so he swings at me with the wooden shaft of the spear and I take a blow to the stomach.

I drop to my knees and he reaches down to grab one of the packs but I kick out and strike him in the head with one of my boots. He goes falling backwards and I struggle to my feet, my heart pounding in my ears. This is my first fight since I battled Vlad (10) on day two. But unlike that battle, I’ve come into this one prepared.

I slash out with my sword once more and he ducks under the blade and dives into the shelter of the cornucopia. I follow him inside and am greeted by a bag of apples that he swings at me.

I drop to my knees and the bag zips over my head and before he can recover I slam him into the side of the cornucopia and then throw him down on top of a crate. He lies defeated and I grimly approach him, sword in hand. I don’t want to kill him, but I really don’t have any other choice. Its either him or me. I lift the sword in the air and get ready to bring it down onto him when his pulls out a bag of flour and throws it right at me.

My hands instinctively fly to my face as the white cloud envelopes me and I feel the sword drop from my hands to the ground below.

No! I fumble around uselessly, rubbing my eyes, trying to locate Hunther (9). Finally, I do see him as he comes hurtling at me.

I scream as he slams into me and I hear the sickening crack of my own head as it slams into the wall of the cornucopia.

And then it all goes black.

Trick Treat (District 5)

This girl…she’s stronger then anyone I’ve ever faced. How is that possible? How could such a frail looking weakling possibly give me a challenge? How?!

I drop to my knees as the Kiaras’ (13) knife slashes across my right forearm. Its painful, but I’m not dropping due to one blow. Already I’m covered in several cuts and the battle is still going.

“You won’t win you know,” I grunt as the girl stands over me, knife in hand. No matter how good she is, she can not beat me!. “I’m…too strong for you”

“Doesn’t look that way”

I laugh. This girl actually thinks she can beat me! What kind of moron is she? Still…she is the one standing tall with the knife. How could I let this happen? I’m about to spring to my feet when something out of the corner of my eye catches me. A tribute!

It’s a girl, wearing a olive green jacket and holding a crossbow. She must be with that stupid bitch!

No problem. I can beat two of them. In fact…I know just how to do it.

I look up just in time to see the girl plunging her knife down towards me; I drop my sickle and grab her wrist with my hand and throw her to the ground before giving her a savage kick to the stomach.

She rolls over and I get ready to mount her and beat the living hell out of her when she flicks her knife towards me and I am forced to sidestep it. Ok, that’s it. Now I’m pissed!

She jumps to her feet and I grab her shoulders and we struggle to get a hand over the other one when I see the girl with the crossbow taking aim at me.


Just as the girls finger reaches for the trigger I throw my full weight to the right and we spin around as the crossbow goes flying.

I grin as the bolt slams into Kiara; s (13) back. Blood bubbles out from her mouth and I let go of her hands, stepping back to watch as she falls to her knees. The stupid little punk isn’t surviving that!

I turn and wave at Freya (8), whose staring out us with a wondrously horrified expression her face.

“Thanks for your help!” I call out merrily as I step away from the dying girls body. “I’ll make sure to call you if I ever need your help again!”

Cackling gleefully as I run I wonder why I ever doubted myself. I’m just too damn good to be beaten! Boom!

Dome Citadel (District 8)

Where are we?” I ask as Willow (7) and me come to a halt in what looks like some sort of clearing. We are both trying to get as far away from the feast as possible but I don’t know where the heck we are.

“I dunno. Forest maybe” She wanders away to go look through some bushes and I wonder if maybe we’ve just been going in circles. I mean, I’ve seen that same bush at least ten times…

“Willow, I think we’re –“

A sound interrupts me. A sound I’ve heard before, back at the beginning of the Games, during the bloodbath, the sound of metal sinking into flesh. I spin around just in time to see Willow (7) falling to the ground, a silver trident sticking out of her chest.


I run across the clearing and drop beside her. No. I stare at the trident and then her face, which is expressionless. No. This can’t be happening. This didn’t happen.


Her eyes flicker open and she opens her mouth, but words don’t come out. Instead a small trickle of blood slides from the corner of her mouth and then her body gives one last shudder before stiffening.


“No…no…no…” I cradle her head in my lap as the cannon sounds. “No…NO!” Why…how…why didn’t I…How did this happen? I lie her head gently down onto the earth as I rise. Willow’s dead…

Why did it have to be her? Why couldn’t it have been me? I know why…

I’m the luckiest person in the world.

The very title that I once held close and praised now seems to taunt me, to laugh at me as I live and the love of my life died. My luck…my damn luck. I think back to reaping day, where I thought my luck would save me from death. Well, maybe it has so far. But today that luck has betrayed me. It has taken the person I cared for most.

I can feel myself shaking with anger now. Who did this? Who decided it was Willow’s time to die? I look down at the blood-drenched trident, still sticking out of Willow’s body and get a very abstract answer. Only one district is skilled with tridents. And only one tribute from that district is still in these Games.

Swatty Lakeside.

Wocky Oak (District 7)

I drop beside the edge of the clearing and look out at the seemingly empty clearing. I attempted to follow Topaz (1) as he ran off with one of the four bags but I lost him in the dense forest and I decided to cut my losses and return to the feast. It’s been hours since the last cannon and I think the fighting may have subsided for the day.

But…only two deaths? That’s low for a feast. Especially one that took place with thirteen Tributes still out and about. The Gamemakers can’t be pleased about this and I’m sure they’re already concocting another plan to drive us all together. I don’t have time to worry about that right now though. I need to see what remains from the feast.

I cautiously emerge from the trees and jog across the clearing towards the two tables, my axe at the ready in case someone was lying in wait for me. But by the time I reach the golden horn no one jumps me and I relax a little. I’m safe…for now.

I begin stuffing my bag full of food from the large table and after putting as much in as possible I turn to leave when my foot touches something on the ground and I see a small backpack lying there, a few feet from the empty backpack table. Whoa. Did everyone really leave one of the packs here? Were they really that careless? I pick the bag up but I don’t look inside right away. I need to get somewhere safe.

I leave the cornucopia and through the forest, not stopping until the trees begin to thin out and large rocks take their place. I stop beside an especially large rock and finally open up the feast bag and find a small hypodermic needle that seems to contain a purple liquid.

Huh? I stare at it in confusion for a few moments before recognizing it from a previous Hunger Games. I don’t know what its called, but I know if someone is injured and injects themselves with it, they’ll be cured of almost any wound they may have.

Yes! I feel like standing up and shouting gleefully but I know that will just draw unneeded attention to myself. Instead, I gather my stuff and head further away from the forest. I can’t get too excited yet. There are still many more tributes out there.

Cassandra Oracion (The Capitol)

“Hey Cassie! Miss me?”

Hunther (9) enters the cave with a broad smile on his face and I nearly faint at the sight of him. After my horrible vision last night I had expected him to die at the hands of the boy from District 3. But here he is, alive and well.

“How…how did you—”?

“How did I survive?” he drops the backpack he was carrying down onto the floor and grins at me. “Easy. After he had me down, lying on a crate and was ready to drive a sword into my chest, I grabbed a bag of flour and threw it at him” He plops down next to the bag and grins at me.

Impossible! Or is it? Is the future really that easy to change? I sit down next to him, my hands rubbing my head as I try to contemplate what this means. Hunther (9) didn’t die at the feast. He’s alive, here with me, a backpack from the feast in his hands. He changed the future. I didn’t think he could. I had begged him not to go in fear that his death was imminent. But he had gone and he came back alive. That means…that means I can use my power…I can use my ability to see the future…to ensure our safety! Suddenly I’m not afraid anymore. I don’t fear the other tributes. I can see the future. They can’t. I can see where we’ll be in danger and we can use that knowledge to save ourselves. One of us can win. No. One of us will win.

“Is the district 3 boy dead?”

“What? Oh. No. I mean, I don’t think so. I didn’t hear his cannon”

“What’s in the bag?” I ask turning my head towards him and seeing that he’s still on the ground grinning like a goof.

“I dunno. Haven’t checked it yet. But it sure is heavy,” he pulls the bag closer to him and glances at me. “Let’s open it now”

I nod brightly. Whatever is inside will be a real boon for us. Hunther (9) unzips the bag and surprise lights up his face, as he looks in. “Is that…?”

Suddenly a horrible screeching noise erupts from the bag and something small and furry leaps out at Hunther’s (9) face. I scream as it begins to tear at him with sharp, deadly claws. Why didn’t I see this coming?!

I try to move but stumble backwards and hit the wall as the creature spins around and I get my first clear look at it.

It’s a monkey, or at least an imitation of one. A mutt.

Blood drips from two large fangs and its claws as it leaps off of Hunther (9) and I see his now disfigured face. He’s done for.

“Please…stay away!” I whimper as it begins to make its way towards me. “I…I don’t wanna die…”

The mutt stops and for a moment I think it might actually not attack me when it lets out a shrill shriek and leaps at me, claws outstretched.

Topaz Grace (District 1)


The second cannon in the same amount of minutes goes off and I’m surprised to learn that the fighting must still be going on at the feast. I’d of thought for sure that it’d have ended hours ago. But hey! I’m not complaining. The more Tributes that die just makes things easier for me!

I grab the bag I got from the feast and now that I’m fairly certain I’m safe from attack, I open it up and look inside.

I pull out a loaf of bread, some water, a box of matches and a rubber thing that looks like it’s suppose to be an inflatable raft of sorts. Is that all? Well, I’m really upset at the lack of—hang on!

My hands touch two other things and when I pull them out I’m happy to see that there are much more valuable then the rest.

A round diagonal vial engraved with the words, “Poison” and a long smooth red stick. A piece of dynamite!

Whoa. Dynamite. That’s not the sort of things Gamemakers usually give out, but then again, there was that explosive backpack in last years Hunger Games. Still…dynamite!

I smile as I realize that my find may very well have put me on the top of the food chain. The other Careers may have betrayed me but how did that turn out for them? Onyx (2) and Raven (1) are both dead and who knows where Swatty is or what she’s doing.

I throw the stuff back into the pack and look around for a place to sleep as night begins to fall. I need to save my energy for tomorrow.

Courage Blitz (District 3)


My eyes flicker open and at first all I see is darkness. Where am I? I try to sit up but the pain in my head causes me to fall back down with a moan. Right. I fought the 9 boy and…why aren’t I dead? He won, didn’t he?

Ignoring the immense pain, I unsteadily climb to my feet and see that I’m just inside the cornucopia. Judging by the silver moonlight that barely illuminates me, it must be nighttime.

I lurch out of the horn but as soon as I do my legs give out and I fall to the cool grass below my feet. I’m not dead. That much I know. Why I’m not, I’m not sure, but I am. I use the side of the cornucopia to pull myself to my feet and gaze around the clearing. Everything is quiet and nothing moves other then the shape of an owl fluttering amongst the trees. Did no one see me while I was unconscious? If so…wow. I was really lucky. I turn my attention to the two tables and poking out from under one of the two’s tablecloths I see the large backpack lying there!

I quickly pull it out and realize that it must have been knocked down during my fight with Hunter. Good thing no one else found it. I retreat back into the shelter of the cornucopia and slowly begin to unzip it. If I know as much about the Games as I think I do, then I know that the Gamemakers aren’t above putting something horrendous in these. Luckily it’s not the case here.

Bread, Soup, crackers, fruit, beef strips, its all in the pack along with a very thick, odd feeling net. I pull this out and lay it on the floor. Its more then meets the eye, I’m sure. Some kind of remote control thing comes with it and I ogle the On/Off switch with immense interest. Just exactly what kind of net is this?

I move the pack and myself away from the net and dubiously flick the switch onto “On”. At first nothing seems to happen but then I can hear a faint buzzing sound and recognize it almost immediately.


A broad smile breaks out onto my face as I realize what I now have in my possession. I’ve been around electricity my entire life. Already several ideas on what to do with this is churning in my mind. My fortunes have really turned today. I change the net to “Off” and begin to put it back into the bag when I notice there’s another item in it. Puzzled, I pull it out and see that it’s a sword, but not a normal sword. A sword that seems to be made out pure gold…

Just like with the net, I don’t think its very special but when I wave it around I realize how lightweight it is and I experimentally touch my finger to the blade and drop it in surprise as it cuts my finger.

Ouch. That’s one sharp sword. I put the rest of my items away and for the second time I find something in the backpack. A note. I take it out and read it.

When the Sun rises on its Seventh, so will the horzion.

Huh? What's that suppose to mean? Sun? Horizon? Seventh? I try to comprehend this but give up and make my way to the back of the cornucopia, thankful for how lucky I was today.

Varina Tapora (District 9)

“The anthem will be starting soon,” Bluffy (6) quietly notes as the two of us sit in the tree that we’ve spent the majority of the day in. Cannons sounded off sporadically through the day and I couldn’t stop thinking about all those innocent kids dying out there. I feel bad for all of them, even the Careers. I know they’re bloodthirsty and cruel, but I can’t blame them for that. It’s just how they’ve been raised. “Do you think Wocky survived?”


Honestly I had forgotten all about him. I wonder if he’s all right… The anthem begins and I watch the skies nervously as the faces of the now dead kids begin to appear. The girl from 7 shows first, followed by my district partner, Hunther. Sadness overtakes me as I see his face in the sky. He was such a nice, sweet boy…now he’s dead. All for some stupid game! Kiara (13) and Cassandra (Cap) come next and then the sky goes black.

Bluffy (6) and me sit in silence for a few moments and then we climb down and make our way back towards the Grocery store. We’ve been here the whole Games so far and we wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving it. Besides, all of our food is here.

We block the door after we get inside and then try to get to sleep. I don’t look forward to sleep because I know the faces of the dead kids will haunt my dreams tonight.

Day 6/ Sorrow

Bluffy Silvestein (District 6)

This beach…its beautiful. I didn’t think the Arena was capable of producing anything that even gets close to pretty, let alone beautiful. But this beach is beautiful. I lived in District 6 for my whole life and have never seen such a sight. Varina (9) must feel the same way because she is staring at it in complete awe.

“Let’s go touch the water!” she suggests and the both of us head down the sand and towards the water. Despite its beauty, I’m a little nervous. For one, this is the first time we’ve left the row of buildings and I have no idea what lurks out here. And two, ever since my mother attempted to flood my house I’ve always been uneasy around water.

But my uneasiness fades once we approach it and for the first time for a long, long time I begin to enjoy myself as we play in the water, splashing around. I know this moment will only be fleeting, the Hunger Games are brutal, cruel, and inhuman, and able to change at any minute. But I don’t care right now. I push it out of my mind and laugh as Varina (9) and me splash each other. We play around in the water for a few more minutes before heading further back up onto the beach, laughing.

“Too bad life can’t always be like this,” Varina (9) murmurs as we sit down onto the warm sand. I agree. Too bad that’s impossible…

“We need to keep moving,” I tell her and the two of us gather our stuff and begin to head off of the beach and towards the forest. We walk in silence, because unlike with the beach I can feel the presence of dangers. I’m walking ahead of Varina when I hear her give a squeal and see her falling to the ground, entangled in a rope.


I run towards her, ready to help, when I see the flames of a fire spreading from the edge of the rope towards her. No! I pull my dagger out and try to cut the rope off of Varina who is thrashing around and crying out miserably. “Hold still!” I order as I try to cut the rope. But my hand is shaking too much and I’m hardly making any progress. I can’t let her die! Not here! Not like this! I focus my mind and concentrate. The fire is getting closer. Soon both Varina and me will be charcoal if I don’t hurry.

“Bluffy! Please! Help!”

My hand stops shaking and I breath in relief. I can do this. I move the blade towards rope and when something zooms out of the undergrowth of the forest and slams against the dagger, sending it flying out of my grasp.


I dive to the ground as another arrow comes flying, this time aimed at my head. No! I have to save my friend! But I can’t. Another arrow screams towards me and I’m forced to back towards the other side of the forest, away from Varina.

“Bluffy! Save yourself!”

The flames reach the rope that traps Varina now and as it begins to catch fire I turn and run, her pained screams filling my ears. Boom!

Courage Blitz (District 3)

For the first time since the Games started I feel comfortable. Not safe though. You can never feel safe in the Hunger Games because the minute you do it begins to rain poisonous vipers, or trees come to life and rip you apart. I’ve seen both of those things happen in previous Games. No. I don’t feel safe, but I do feel comfortable, thanks to the great items I received from the feast.

I’m resting in the back of the cornucopia, my golden sword in my hands and surrounded by crates and boxes full of food and an abundance of water. I don’t even need to worry about someone sneaking up on me as I’ve set up my electric net right in the mouth of the cornucopia. If someone wants to get at me, they’ll have to go through that.

Yes, things are comfortable right now, but if my years of being forced to study the Hunger Games have taught me anything, its which whenever you think things will slow down, something big happens.It won’t happen today though. The note I found in the feast backpack pretty much guarantees it. Whatever it’s hinting at, is going to take place tomorrow, on the seventh day of the Games.

I don’t know what it means exactly. I’ve been studying the note since I’ve found it and have yet to figure it out. I can already tell that my parents are yelling at the television screen, urging me to…do something. I don’t know what they would want me to do, but they always have something to critique me about so I’m sure they do this time.

Well, I’m not going to do anything but rest here, enjoying the small comfort I have. Because tomorrow I know I’ll have to fight for my life against the remaining tributes. And it’ll be the toughest fight yet.

Swatty Lakeside (District 4)

I’m on high alert as I make my way through the forest, armed to the teeth with the weapons I received from my sponsors. I have to be aware, because Dome (8) is most certainly out searching for me after I killed his little girlfriend. Its not that I’m trying to avoid fighting him, its just that I’d much rather take him by surprise then just get into a straight up brawl with him.

And its not just Dome either. Topaz (1) is still running around as long with Trick (5) and Courage (3). Those four are my only real competition left. The other three are far too weak to even be more then a minor annoyance to me. Ah. It’ll be so great when I win and come back to District 4 as a hero. I can already hear the crowds cheering my name! The guys will want me even more then they already do and the girls will be even more jealous! It truly will be spectacular!

I’m so absorbed in my thoughts that I almost don’t see the katana lying on the ground right in front of me. Huh?

I stare at it blankly for several seconds before diving behind a tree and raising my trident into a defensive position. It’s a trap! It must be! No way would someone just leave a perfectly good katana lying out here! And who in these Games uses katanas? Topaz.

Nice try, but he’s going to have to do better then that to beat me. Suddenly I hear the snap of a branch and spin around and send my trident flying, expecting to see Topaz (1) falling to the ground dead but I don’t. Instead, I see my trident slam into the bark of a tree as Trick (5) slinks out of the bushes, a devilish grin on her face and a deadly sickle in her hands.

So the nutcase has come.

I don’t wait a second longer, I hoist my trident up and send it right at her. She must have expected such a move because she lithely dodges rolls out of the way as it sails harmlessly into the bushes. By the time she regains her feet I’m already swinging by sword towards her neck, but she somehow manages to get her sickle up and instead of hearing the satisfying sound of my sword ripping into her flesh I hear the clash of steel.

She backs off and I give another swing, this time two-handed. She gets her sickle in the way but the force of my blow is too strong and it gets ripped from her grasp and drops right beside the discarded katana.

Her eyes go from me to the sickle and back to me. She’s weapon less now, and completely at my mercy. Unfortunately for her, I don’t have any mercy for savages. I slash forward with my sword and she doesn’t have time to fully dodge it. She screams as the sword slices completely through her left arm and it drops to the floor as blood begins to gush from the wound.

“I guess you’ve been disarmed!” I chuckle as she rolls on the ground, shrieking. “Its only a flesh wound!”

Suddenly she rolls towards her sickle, scoops it up in her remaining hand, and faces me. I ready my sword to finish her off but before I can move she does something I never expected.

She raises the sickle to her neck and in one swift movement slashes her own throat wide open. Boom!

Wow…what a strange death.

Freya Prada (District 8)

I killed two people. Innocent people. Not people, who are monsters themselves, not people who would kill all others, but two good people. My ally, Kiara, and a twelve year old, one who looked like she couldn’t hurt a fly, both are dead now, and at my hands no less. I was supposed to show the Gamemakers that I was not a piece in their games, but Freya Prada.

I don’t know how well I fared in that regard.

But its not over yet. I can still show them. I can still win, not just for me, not for District 8, but for my sister, my loving sister who died last year in the Games, my sister, Cashmere. I will win for her!

Dome Citadel (District 8)

I still can’t believe it. That Willow’s gone. Dead. I couldn’t save her. I failed. But I know she wouldn’t have wanted me to beat myself up over it. She would have wanted me to keep on fighting, to stay alive. She wants me to win. And no one, and I mean NO ONE, will stop me from achieving this goal. I WILL win, not for me but for Willow.

Its dark and I know the Anthem will begin soon. Somehow I know I won’t see the face of Swatty, Willow’s killer, up there. She’s alive. I can feel it.

It took all of the willpower I had not to give into my primal instinct and rampage through the arena hunting her down. But I can’t and won’t do that. I’m better then that. I’m not some monster, I’m not a freak like the Gamemakers, I’m a human being and I won’t give in to the monstrosity.

I’ll kill Swatty though. I have to. It’s the most direct way to avenge Willow. If someone else were to kill Swatty, that’d be fine as well. But I don’t think that will happen. I just have this feeling that either I kill her, or she kills me. Our destinies are intertwined now. One of us dies and the other…heck, the other could wind up dying too. Man, I’m getting all sorts of philosophical here.

The sudden sound of the anthem starting up causes me to look into the sky and watch as the face of Trick appears. She was a monster, a true monster. I wonder who killed her. The next face to show is Varina (9), she was the complete opposite of Trick, a nice, caring human being. Suddenly, I’m remind that Willow wasn’t the only one who suffered here, at the hands of the Gamemakers. All of us are here against our own wills…except for Swatty. She volunteered for this. She wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her own choosing.

The anthem stops and the night goes deathly silent. Tomorrow will mark the seventh day of the Games. I’ve been out here for only one week yet it seems like a lifetime…I met the love of my life and then watched her die… I go back to my resting place and close my eyes, hoping that I’ll see Willow in my dreams.

But just as I think I’ll drift off to sleep, I hear the sound of footsteps. Immediately I’m on alert, both of my throwing axes in hand. Whoever it is they won’t be able to see me, I’m camouflaged and it’s dark. They might not be able to see me, but I’ll see them.

As the figure steps into my line of sight, I get ready to send an axe hurtling into their skull when I see who it is. Freya (8).

I don’t want to kill her…suddenly she spins around and apparently sees me as she gives a shriek but thankfully doesn’t shoot me with her crossbow which she has in her hands.

“Dome! Its you!”

“Yes. Its me,” I step out from my cover and regard her carefully. She’s my district partner. In fact, our District, district 8, is the only one who still has two tributes alive. Guess that makes us lucky.


I look at her in surprise as she enthusiastically offers me her hand. Allies. Do I want another ally? One of us will have to die. I know that, she knows that. Yet, we both know we’d never kill each other. But one of us will have to die, and I don’t want it to be me and I’m sure she’s thinking the same thing. Still…having an ally in the next phase of these Games could be an enormous benefit…I quickly make my mind up.

“Yes. Allies”

Day 7/ Finale

Wocky Oak (District 7)

Dawn has come and with the dawn comes the possibility of this being my last day of my life. But there is also the possibility of me winning these Games and coming home alive.

I finally finish laying the gasoline and step back, matches in hand. I spent the entire night setting this up and I know it won’t fail. Once I drop this match the forest will go up in flames and start the chaos.

I light the match and then drop it. The fire starts fast and I stumble backwards from the already large flames and towards the beach behind me. I purposely selected this location because if someone is to come running for the safety of the water I can strike them down with my knives or axe.

I stand close to the water and watch the forest burn as the sun rises behind me. The seventh day has begun.

Just as I finish thinking this the ground beneath my feet begins to shake and I stumble around before falling to the sand. What’s going on now? Have the Gamemakers started an earthquake? I climb to my feet as the shaking continues and look out at the ocean and the horizon in amazement.

At first glance, it seems like the sky is rising higher, but when I look around I notice the sky isn’t the one rising. I’m rising, or at least the arena is. “Shoot. Didn’t expect that”

The water on the edge of the beach begins to froth as the island rises away from it and into the sky. I feel the sand beneath my feet begin to move and then realize exactly why. The Arena is sloped. All of the sand on the beach is on a slope, and as we rise…it’ll all slide into the ocean!

I turn and run against the tide of the sand that is rapidly moving faster and faster toward the ocean, which is getting farther down by the second. When I get close enough, I make a dive for the end of the beach but as I do so my axe slips out of my grasp falls into the sand, which immediately pulls it away towards the ocean. No! I needed that!

I’m off of the sand now and crawl away as I watch the sand continue to slide off of the island like a waterfall. But I don’t have anytime to admire the view. I struggle to my feet once more and find myself on the edge of the forest, surrounded by fire. Out of the collapsing beach and into the fire.

Swatty Lakeside (District 4)

I run around the forest as the fire rages on all sides. It looks like hell. My only thoughts right now are on surviving, everything else can wait. A tree suddenly comes crashing down and blocks my path and I have to turn and run the opposite way. I won’t die here! A fire will not be what takes out Swatty Lakeside! The shape of another person emerges from the smoke and begins to run towards me but my reflexes kick in and my trident slams into their chest before they get very far. The person falls straight to the ground and I now see that it’s Wocky (7).

Huh. Sucks for him.

I turn and sprint off in the direction he was headed. There can’t be anything good the way he came from. I only hope there’s something good the other way. Suddenly the ground begins to shake just like it did shortly after the fire first began. I sway and stumble and am suddenly fearful that I might fail into the fire. The ground behind me begins to shake faster and more violently and I notice that the trees are falling down backwards.

What…what’s going on?

The trees continue falling and that’s when I notice that it’s not just the trees. The ground itself is caving in! I stare at the sight in horror and then take off running for my life.

Dome Citadel (District 8)

The ground is shaking, the forest that surrounds the cornucopia clearing is on fire, and Freya (8) and me have Courage (3) trapped inside of the cornucopia. A lot of things are going on right now.

“Come out and face us like a man you coward!” I scream as Freya (8) fires an arrow between the electric net that separates us from him. He’s smart. He has blocked the only entrance off with the net and despite Freya’s attempts at shooting arrows through the holes in the net, she can not hit him when he’s safely hidden behind the crates in there.

“You think you’re smart but you’re not!” I continue screaming. “You’re just a weak, sad, pathetic boy who is afraid of fighting us!”

Freya fires another arrow but to no avail. He’s not showing himself. My taunting was useless. He’s not going to fall for it.

“What now? Freya (8) asks. She sounds nervous, maybe even a little scared. “I can’t continue shooting at him. I’ll run out of arrows. And we still have four others to worry about. They won’t—”


She stops talking and stares at me in shock and to be honest, I’m a little shocked myself. I’ve never lost my temper like that before. But things here are much different then they’ve been any other time in my life. The only way I can stay alive is if I kill the other six people in this arena. And that includes Freya. Suddenly the ground gives a particularly large shake and I’m thrown to the ground onto my backpack. And finally find a way to get at Courage.

“He’s on the edge? Right?” I ask Freya (8) who looks at me in confusion.


“In the cornucopia! He’s hiding near the wall, right?” She looks past the net, which is still buzzing menacingly and nods, giving the affirmative. “Good. Then I have a way to get at him”

The ground has stopped shaking so I pull myself to my full height and stand in front of the net. “Courage Blitz! This is your final chance! Come out and face us like a man or die where you cower!”

No answer. So be it then. I feel Freya’s curious gaze on me as I rummage through my backpack and pull out the water that I received from my mentor earlier today. This plan better work.

“Back off,” I tell Freya. “This…could get dangerous” She does as I say and then I grab the water, face the electric net, and splash the water right onto it. Sparks go flying and I fall backwards to the ground and a second later I hear screaming and shocking and all manners of strange electrical noises.


I carefully climb back onto my feet and see that the electrical net still stands but is smoking heavily.

“What did you just do?” Freya’s (8) shaken voice asks me.

“The net was touching the metal of the cornucopia,” I reply. “And Courage must have been touching the cornucopia”

Bluffy Silvestein (District 6)

When I woke up today my plan was to move from tree to tree from the grocery store to the cornucopia. But when I had made that plan I hadn’t factored in that fact that the forest would be on fire or that the Arena would be rising into the sky, or that the ground would be collapsing!

I zip out from the flaming trees and stumble over my own feet and fall onto flat, non-sloped ground. I can only be in one place. The cornucopia.

Two figures in matching olive green jackets stand in front of me, talking. Luckily they have their backs turned and don’t see me. I try to move towards the side of the cornucopia and hide behind it as cover but as I move one of them spin around and shouts something. Immediately they both come towards me and I do the first thing that pops into my head.

I drop to my knees and cry.

The people stop in front of me with confused looks on their faces, I now recognize them as the District 8 pair, Dome and Freya.

“Please don’t kill me!” I cry, tears streaming down my face. “I don’t wanna die!” Instantly Freya’s (8) expression softens and I think they both might fall for my charade when I see that Dome (8) is looking at me coldly and is reaching for his axe.

“No! Don’t kill me!”

He has his axe but before he can move it I jump to my feet and slash out with my dagger. The blade misses his arm but manages to knock the axe out of his had. Freya (8) shoots an arrow but I dodge it and turn to run for the blazing forest. But before I can get even halfway there another arrow rips into my thigh and I fall to the ground in pain.

I try to crawl away but Freya (8) catches up and flips me over and aims her crossbow directly at my head.

“I’m sorry,” She whispers. “You were so brave in making it this far” So…this is where it ends. I guess…I’ll never see my home again.

“Don’t kill her” Dome (8) struggles up beside Freya (8) an odd expression on his face.


“What?” Freya (8) echoes my thoughts and sound just as confused as I feel. Why does he suddenly want to keep me alive? To give me a slow death for disarming him? “What do you mean?”

“I have a plan…”

Swatty Lakeside (District 4)

I burst out into the clearing and am greeted by the sight of three Tributes. The two from District 8, Freya, and Dome, and in Dome’s grasp, stuck in a headlock, Bluffy (6), the innocent twelve-year-old. What’s going on here?

“About time you showed up,” Dome (8) speaks, his voice icy and cold, so different from how I remember him from training. I guess me killing Willow (7) messed up pretty bad, or maybe he just realized you have to be cruel in these Games.

“Why were you waiting?” I ask making sure my voice stays level and calm. I don’t want him to think he has me on edge, even though he does. I can’t help but stare at Bluffy (6), sitting there limply as he has her in a headlock. I like her and don’t want to see her die. In fact, I might even rather she win over me. She’s just an innocent little girl…

“I want to kill you,” Dome (8) states matter-of-factly.

Of course he does. I killed his girlfriend after all. But…what does Bluffy have to do with it? “And if someone other then me showed up?” I ask casually raising my trident in a defensive position. If only I can hit him in the head and save Bluffy…

“Freya would have shot them by now”

I remember the girl by his side and notice for the first time that she has a crossbow pointed directly at me. If I try to kill Dome…she kills me, and then Bluffy. I can’t strike now without putting Bluffy and myself in danger.

“Why her?” I demand pointing at Bluffy. I can see tears coming from her eyes and my heart gives twist. Dome is a monster for doing this. “Why not just face me like a man? Or are you just too scared of me?”

I see his eyes flash and realize that he doesn’t want to hurt Bluffy at all; he’s just using her as a ploy to get at me. The little…

“Put the trident down and we’ll fight,” Dome (8) says. “And I’ll show you who’s scared of who”

“Yeah right! Put my weapon down? No thanks!”

The ground beneath our feet rumbles and I suddenly remember that the arena is still collapsing. Or is it? Will it affect the cornucopia at all? Or has it done its job in driving us all together? Wait. Not all…

“There’s still one other person out there you know,” I remind them.

“Oh? So you killed someone as well? Who?” he sounds surprised, which, is surprising to me.

“Wocky. And you got?”


That means Topaz (1) is the only remaining tribute other then us four here. And if the entire arena except for the cornucopia really is collapsing then he might not be in the Games for much longer.

Freya Prada (District 8)

“What about you?” Swatty (4) turns her attention towards me, the one person preventing her from putting a trident in Dome’s skull. “What do you think will happen if he kills Bluffy and me? He’ll kill you next!”

I don’t answer. I know Dome would never kill me and I would never kill him. At least not as long as there are more then two of us left…

Bluffy (6) gives whimper and I feel my own heart ache at what we’re putting her through. I didn’t want to do this. I wanted to kill her as quickly and painlessly as possible. Why do we need to do this? To make Swatty feel the pain Dome did when she killed Willow? That’s not right.

I can end this whole fiasco right now. I only need to move my finger and I’ll send an arrow straight into Swatty’s heart, killing her instantly. But Dome wants to be the one to end her life, and if I hit her anywhere that doesn’t cause instakill, then she’ll throw the trident and kill Dome. Maybe I should do that. That way I don’t’ have to worry about killing Dome and Swatty, the biggest threat, would be dead...

The ground rumbles ominously and I look over Swatty’s head at the shape of trees sinking into the ground and falling hundreds of feet, it’s a disconcerting sight and reminds me that if we don’t end this stalemate soon, the Gamemakers will

Topaz Grace (District 1)

I run through the fading flames of the forest while jumping from place to place to avoid the ground collapsing around me. My run is frantic and the only good thing is that my backpack hasn’t yet caught fire.

I see the cornucopia clearing about ahead and sprint for it as fast as I can. I’m just about to get there when the ground gives the largest shake yet and I’m thrown backward as a fissure appears between the clearing and me.

Oh god no. The fissure is expanding and I struggle to my feet. There’s only one thing I can do now. I run backwards, and then turn and run straight to the edge of the fissure and just as I’m about to plunge to my death...I leap.

I hit the ground hard and go rolling. I roll for a few feet before stopping and thankfully noting that the ground beneath me is no longer shaking. I breathe a sigh of relief and lay my head down on the soft grass. I may have survived the collapse, but I still have the other tributes to worry about.

I get my back off of the ground and watch as the remaining pieces of forest that surround the cornucopia collapse and fall. It’s a disturbing sight that’s made even worse when I think about how that I was almost falling with it.

I climb to my feet and turn around, wondering where the other Tributes are. And am surprised to see all four of them standing in front of me.

None of them are aware of my presence and instead seem intent on staring at each other. Swatty (4) has a trident pointed at Dome’s (8) skull while Freya (8) has a crossbow pointed at her, and Dome has an axe pointed at Bluffy (6) while she sits limply in a headlock. What the heck is going on?

I stare at them all in confusion. I don’t understand! They all seem to be waiting for someone else to make the first move. There are bunched so close together that if something fell from the sky it would crush them all. Wait!

I might just be able to eliminate them all at once…

Careful not to draw any attention to myself, I open my backpack and quietly pull out my dynamite and matchbox. My arms are quivering in anticipation. This could be it. I could kill them all and become Victor right here…

I take out a match and strike it against the box. I gently move the flame over to the fuse of the dynamite and as soon as it’s lit I hurl it over my head and right into the middle of the four tributes ahead of me. Its effect on them is instantaneous.

They all scream in shock and then they all start to move. Dome (8) shoves Bluffy (6) to the ground as another person goes running when the flame reaches the end of the stick.

And then the entire world explodes.

Dome Citadel (District 8)

What…Where…. am I? My whole body hurts and I can’t hear anything. My ears are ringing and I have the worst headache I can imagine. I blink my eyes open and see the blue sky hanging overhead. What happened? I can’t remember…

I lift my head up; ignoring the excruciating pain it causes and see wreckage surrounding me on all sides. Wherever we are, it’s not in the sky anymore. Broken pieces of earth and the littered pits of what looks like the supplies from the cornucopia lie strewn about everywhere and I notice some of it even lies in the water that floats around.


I climb to my feet and look around. Water surrounds the wreckage and me and when I look out at the horizon on all sides all I see is endless water. Are we in the ocean? How did I get here? We must have fell from the sky…or the island just lowered itself. I don’t know which.

I make my way through the wreckage, the water occasionally lapping at my shoes. I avoid going into the deeper end of water out of instinct though.

Eventually I come across the broken, bent shape of the cornucopia and sit down on a shattered crate that sits in front of what once was the mouth. I wrack my brain, trying to remember what happened and all at once it comes flooding back. The dynamite. It exploded and I remember flying backwards and then feeling the sensation of following as cannons rang out. How many…? Two? Or three? I…don’t remember.

Suddenly I hear a low moaning and jump in surprise. Someone is still alive! I follow the noise behind the broken cornucopia and am shocked to see a bloody, cut figure lying under some crates. I rush forward and waste no time in pulling the items off and when I do I recognize the person. It’s Freya.

“Freya! Are…are you okay?”

Her eyes flicker open and she moves her horribly burnt face towards me, smiling feebly. “D-dome. Y-you’re alive”

“Yes. I’m fine”

“Great…” her eyes flicker and I feel terrible seeing her like this while I'm perfectly fine. This shouldn’t have happened at all. “Bluffy’s dead. The…explosion killed her”

I take this piece of news silently. If I really had heard three cannons while I was falling then that means…

“Are we the final two?” I ask quietly.

“I…don’t…know,” Freya’s (8) body gives a tremendous shudder and then a coughing fit strikes her. She doesn’t have much time.

“Freya…I’m sorry,” I say and her eyes look at me in surprise. “You deserved to win over me”

Freya smiles again. “Can…you do something for me?”


“When you sister…Cash...mere...”

And then she gives a large sigh and her eyes flicker shut for the final time. Boom!

I stare at her body for a few seconds, processing what just happened. Freya’s dead. Bluffy’s dead. Everyone’s dead. Except me. I stumble away from her body and walk out to the water that surrounds the new island and the wreckage. I wonder when they’ll announce my victory and take me back to the Capitol.

I hear a splashing sound and spin around and see a hand grab onto a floating plank, followed by another hand, this one is holding onto something though. A silver trident. The hands pull up the person and I’m looking directly at Swatty Lakeside.

Swatty Lakeside (District 4)

Ugh. Could this get any more cliché? I mean, why did it have to be Dome standing there? Why not someone else? Well, I guess I’ll just have to kill him. And once I do, I’ll finally accomplish my lifelong goal and become Victor.

He has no weapon on him. I have my trident. This should be easy. I plunge into the water and begin swimming right towards his land space. I emerge from the water and almost as soon as I do Dome (8) swings a pipe towards my head. I deflect it with my trident and he takes another swing, this time I roll out of the way.

“Really?” I jeer. “A pipe? Is that the best you got?”

He growls but doesn’t respond otherwise. He swings again but this time I swing my trident towards it and knock it right out of his grasp. His eyes bug out and backs off towards the dented in cornucopia, completely at my mercy now.

I charge him with my trident but right as I’m about to skewer him he sidesteps and my weapon sinks into the sun-softened metal. Damn it.

Something comes swinging towards my head and I jump backwards as Dome’s pipe smashes into the metal. Now that he has reclaimed his weapon and I have lost mine, he’s in control. Great.

He comes at me once more and I dance out of the way every time he swings but I’m tiring out quickly. Soon he’ll land a blow and...No! I will not be defeated! I’ll find a way...

As we circle around the land I see Dome (8) has his back to the water and I go charging towards him. He doesn’t expect this and I slam into his stomach and we both splash into the water.

The water splashes around and gets into our eyes and ears but I don’t care, I’m used to it. Dome, however, is not. He loses his grip on the pipe and he begins to go under, I swim after him. He tries to punch me but I deftly avoid it and grab his throat. He struggles but fails to escape. He may be stronger on land but under water I have the advantage. He thrashes and churns, trying to get loose, but to no avail. I keep my grip tight and watch as he fails to breathe. Eventually he goes limp and his mouth opens. He’s dead.

I let go and watch as he drifts deeper into the water. He was a worthy adversary, but ultimately, I was the victor. I swim to the top and let out a breath of relief, thankful for my years in District 4. I climb to land and let out a joyous cheer as his cannon sounds. Boom!

I’m a Victor! District 4 must be so proud of me!

I shout and scream my head off in victory. I won! I survived! I was better then all of the other tributes! I’m so happy I feel like bursting!

And then I stop as a sharp pain strikes my chest and I look down to see the silver tint of a sword sticking out. What…. The sword is pulled back out and I fall to my knees, in total shock. What…happened…I thought I won…No. I couldn't have lost! I was the last one! I look down at my blood draining out of me and then towards the sky.

“I’m sorry…District 4”

Topaz Grace (District 1)

Grimly I watch as Swatty (4) falls face first into a pool of her own blood. I didn’t want to kill her, but I had to. It was the only way. But I still feel absolutely horrendous about it. I wonder why she and Dome forgot I was still alive. Maybe it was all the sounds that took place after my dynamite exploded? That would make sense as I heard a bunch of things that sounded like cannons while I fell. Swatty and Dome must have assumed they were cannons. But now that they’re both dead...

With my katana in hand I march out into the cleanest area of the island that remains. Time to end these Games once and for all.

“I know you’re still alive!” I shout into the sky as I spin around, expecting an attack from any direction. “So come out and face me!” There’s only one person left. I saw what remains of Bluffy after the explosion (not much), and I saw Dome talking to Freya as she died. I feel terrible that I was the one responsible for both of their deaths but I can’t dwell on that now. I have a job to finish. I hear a noise and spin around. A figure steps out from behind the shape of the cornucopia and slowly walks towards me. Wocky Oak.

“I’m surprised you made it this far,” I say honestly with no malice in my voice at all. I don’t know how he survived this day with everything that happened. He wasn’t even there when I threw the dynamite!

“You and me both pal,” he says and I can see he has two throwing knives clutched in his hands. “When Swatty put a trident in me I thought I was a goner. But…Instant Relief can do some remarkable things”

“How’d you survive the collapsing ground?” I ask.

“I made it to the cornucopia and hid behind it as everyone else had that stalemate,” he replies while stepping a little closer. He’s only ten feet from me now. He looks to be in bad shape though. He has a slight limp and a long cut on his right arm. I guess he got those from the fall.

“One of us has to die,” I say and he nods slowly.

“Yes. And I’ll prefer if it wasn’t me”

“Same. Well then...let the best man win”

We both then leap into action. I move towards him but he whips both knives towards me. The first one narrowly whips past my head and I deflect the second with my katana. He’s weapon less now and I lung towards him when I see him pull out a third knife. Everything seems to move slowly. He throws it towards my head and I swerve, trying to save my life.

The blade slams into my right shoulder and clutch at it, dropping my katana. I rip the knife out of my shoulder and notice that the painkillers I took today must still be working because I feel no pain.

Wocky moves in to grab my katana and I jump onto his back. We fall to the ground and wrestle for control of the weapon. I grab onto the hilt but he manages to get both hands onto it as well, we stand up, still fighting for the weapon.

We both pull for it and then I jerk my whole body sideways and he falls to the ground, having lost his grip. I don’t waste this opportunity. As he climbs to his knees I swiftly raise the katana and bring it down into his head.

His death is instantaneous.


I drop the katana and stumble away from the now gruesome sight. I fall to my knees in the grass and finally begin to feel the throbbing pain in my right shoulder. The painkillers must be wearing off. Good thing they hadn’t done that sooner or I may have been the one with a katana lodged in my skull.

Trumpets begin to play and that must mean its over, it’s finally over. It’s further confirmed, when Herter Templesmith’s voice roars into my ears.

“Ladies and gentlemen! Let me introduce to you the Victor of the 302nd Annual Hunger Games! Topaz Grace!!!”

A smile forms on my face and I look up into the sky, knowing a camera is trained on my face right now.

“Mother! Sister! I did it! I won!”

I drop my head and begin to half cry, half laugh hysterically. I did it! My family won’t starve! I can already imagine them back home, laughing and crying as they celebrate my victory along with the rest of District 1. It’s been a long, hard journey, and during it I’ve done some things I’m not proud of,  but I did it. I won.

I survived the Hunger Game!


Topaz went home to District 1 and earned himself, his mother, and his sister, a happier life. He eventually got married and had children, who, thanks to his newfound wealth, had a much better childhood then he had. Topaz was not considered one of the flashiest or greatest victors from District 1, but he was perhaps, one of the humblest and most humane.

Death Chart

Place Tribute Day Killed Killed By Killed From
28 Illegal Drugs (6) 1 Onyx Eboni (2) Knife in neck
27 Knight Castle (12) 1 Topaz Grace (1) Stabbed in stomach
26 Mina Ebony (12) 1 Trick Treat (5) Head smashed
25 Drewsiff Bloodwonky (2) 1 Vlad Rockford (10) Spear in neck
24 Trident Bekke (4) 1 Willow Firethorn (7) Axe in back
23 Avian Monte (C) 1 Raven Armor (1) Sword in head
22 Vlad Rockford (10) 2 Tree Crushed
21 Shimdt Raspberry (11) 2 Trick Treat (5) Throat slashed
20 Onyx Eboni (2) 3 Syren Song (3) Trident to chest
19 Syren Song (3) 3 Swatty Lakeside (4) Trident in back
18 Ellis Blackberry (10) 3 Kiara Mitchell (13) Knife in heart
17 Tameo Arghus (5) 4 Wolf Mutts Neck snapped
16 Rasp Southern (11) 4 Wolf Mutts Ripped apart
15 Raven Armor (1) 4 Wolf Mutts Ripped apart
14 Aeron Ashkyn (13) 4 Trick Treat (5) Throat slashed
13 Kiara Mitchell (13) 5 Freya Prada (8) Arrow to back
12 Willow Firethorn (7) 5 Swatty Lakeside (4) Trident to chest
11 Hunther Hayes (9) 5 Monkey Mutt Mauled to death
10 Cassandra Oracion (C) 5 Monkey Mutt Teeth to neck
9 Varina Tapora (9) 6 Freya Prada (8) Burnt alive
8 Trick Treat (5) 6 Trick Treat (5) Throat slashed
7 Courage Blitz (3) 7 Dome Citadel (8) Electrocuted
6 Bluffy Silvestein (6) 7 Topaz Grace (1) Blown up
5 Freya Prada (8) 7 Topaz Grace (1) Bled to death
4 Dome Citadel (8) 7 Swatty Lakeside (4) Drowned
3 Swatty Lakeside (4) 7 Topaz Grace (1) Sword in back
2 Wocky Oak (7) 7 Topaz Grace (1) Sword in skull
Victor Topaz Grace (1) - - Victor!!!

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