Welcome everyone to my fourth ever Hunger Games! My other games, The 302nd Annual Hunger Games, are still going on but will soon end, and that is why I am making this right now. I hope you'll join as I plan on making these Games the best I can.


1: This will be a Quell, and as such there will be some Twists, however, the only one currently known is that there will be twice the amount of Tributes, bringing the total amount of Tributes in the Games up to 56.

2: You may have up to four Tributes (number may change)

3: Each Tribute has $500 in sponsor money for their mentor (creator) to use as they see fit.

4: I will write Reapings, Group Training, and of course the actual Games

5: I will not accept any Tributes that have been in my previous Games

6: Reservations last exactly 48 hours

7: The Capitol is a Career district in my Games

8: These Games take place twenty-three years after my 302nd Annual Hunger Games

9: Tribute Form:













Bloodbath Strategy:

Alliance: (can be filled out later)

Training Strategy: (how they will behave in training)


District Gender Name Age Height Weapon User
Capitol Male Dexter Malon 15 5'9 Blowgun Aerielchinook
Capitol Female Flawra Moonshadow 18 5'9 Axe, Spear Mistymolla
Capitol Male Josool Wiranda 14 5'1 Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives SuperTomato
Capitol Female Amelia Puregold 18 5'5 Throwing Knives Mistymolla
1 Male Karma Blood 17 6'0 Spear, Shield Hybrid Shadow
1 Female Skylar Windbreeze 16 5'11 Shurikens, Whip XXToxicScreamxx
1 Male Cole Harrison 18 6'3 Mace, Spear Kman528
1 Female Artemis Grace 17 5'4 Bow, Knife junior ii
2 Male Hatch "Fright" Scright 16 5'9 Hatchet, Spear WiressFan21
2 Female Chloe Black 16 5'7 Sword, Throwing Knives CatoET
2 Male Yuki Kokyu 18 6'4 Spiked Club, Brute force Mistfire333
2 Female Teresa Silver 18 5'11 Throwing Knives, Sword MissRandomStuff
3 Male Elecc Commision 14 5'1 Wire, Throwing Knives WiressFan21
3 Female Electronny Watson 13 4'11 Wire, Crossbow HungerGamesFanatic21
3 Male Chip Parks 15 5'5 Mines, Knives MissRandomStuff
3 Female Vision Faith 16 4'11 ?? Hybrid Shadow
4 Male Wayne Defleckt 17 6'8 Trident Wiki Contributor
4 Female Fressa Saltie 17 5'11 Trident, Throwing Knives WiressFan21
4 Male Giller McFish 15 5'5 Trident, Sickle HungerGamesFanatic21
4 Female Nymph Meré 18 ?? Throwing Axe, Poison PumPumPumpkin :3
5 Male Kodai Hitogoroshi 17 5'9 Whip, Teeth Mistfire333
5 Female Allana Darkbloom 17 ?? Knife gloves Nommehzombies
5 Male Sebastian Hive 18 6'1 Butcher Knife Nommehzombies
5 Female Missy Randos 15 ?? Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives MissRandomStuff
6 Male Zak Slaughter 16 ?? Trident, Spear Nightlock Kryptonite
6 Female Mimic Slaughter 16 ?? Spear, Knives Nightlock Kryptonite
6 Male Wolbert Toonico 18 6'0 Sword SuperTomato
6 Female Eleith Lightstorm 13 5'5 Blowgun District3
7 Male Shade Spectrus 16 6'2 Dagger, Crossbow Mistfire333
7 Female Maple Leavestruck 16 5'7 Axe, Bow and Arrow HungerGamesFanatic21
7 Male Mist Scorchil 14 5'11 Axe, Dagger Mistfire333
7 Female Chumps Harvaria 16 5'6 Throwing Axe, Mace WiressFan21
8 Male Tot Tenham 16 5'4 Sword SuperTomato
8 Female Catalina Tweed 14 5'3 Spear Mistymolla
8 Male Jax Griffin 16 5'9 Throwing Knives, Sword Sgirl14
8 Female Galina Von Dover 14 5'3 Throwing Knives, Crowbar Andy1854
9 Male Jake Price 16 5'10 Sword, Knives TheFireJay
9 Female Layla Twozone 15 5'6 Mace, Club MissRandomStuff
9 Male Folly Rover 17 5'7 Axe SuperTomato
9 Female Hazel Dyer 17 5'5 Dagger Aerialchinook
10 Male Alec Cohen 14 5'4 Shurikens, Knives CatoET
10 Female Alecia Cohen 14 5'4 Shurikens, Bow CatoET
10 Male Kwartz Diodin 12 5'3 Scythe, Axe Kman528
10 Female Vivan Incomstanti 16 5'9 Knife, Throwing Knives Kman528
11 Male Seez Croppley 13 5'1 Throwing Knives, Crossbow HungerGamesFanatic21
11 Female Flora Sapsling 12 4'8 Slingshot, Knives WiressFan21
11 Male Trent Korey 18 ?? Spear, Trident MissRandomStuff
11 Female Eva Destiny 16 5'8 Mace Aerialchinook
12 Male Jack Cayman 18 6'6 Sword, Spear Mistfire333
12 Female Thalia Combe 16 5'7 Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives Nommehzombies
12 Male Julian 14 1-40? Knife, Bow Andredeleon19
12 Female Salem Calla 15 4'11 Poison Darts, Throwing Knives Foxface D5
13 Male Acheron Bane 16 5'11 Knife, War Scythe Hybrid Shadow
13 Female Violetta Nobel 14 5'4 Knife Mistymolla
13 Male Harley Swoop 14 ?? Bow and Arrow, Darts Nightlock Kryptonite
13 Female Piper Quinn 18 ?? Bow and Arrow, Sword Nightlock Kryptonite

Alliances (Male arena)

Careers: Cole (1), Karma (1), Hatch (2), Yuki (2), Giller (4), Trent (11), Jack (12), Josool (C)

District 3, 11 Alliance: Elecc (3), Chip (3), Seez (11),

Anti-Careers: Kodai (5), Wolbert (6), Shade (7), Mist (7), Jax (8),Jake (9), Folly (9),

Loners: Wayne (4), Sebastian (5), Zak (6), Tot (8), Alec (10), Kwartz (10), Julian (12), Harley (13), Acheron (13), & Dexter (C)

Alliances (Female arena)

Careers: Artemis (1), Skylar (1), Teresa (2), Chloe (2), Fressa (4), Layla (9), Amelia (C), & Flawra (C)

District 3, 5, 11 Alliance: Electronny (3), Missy (5), & Flora (11)

District 7 Alliance: Maple (7) & Chumps (7)

District 13 Alliance: Piper (13) & Violetta (13)

District 3 & 10 Alliance: Vision (3) & Vivan (10)

Anti-Careers: Catalina (8) & Hazel (9)

Anti-Anti-Careers: Allana (5) & Thalia (12)

Loners: Nymph (4), Mimic (6), Eleith (6), Galina (8), Alecia (10), Eva (11), & Salem (12)

Alliances (Third Arena)

Careers: Cole (1), Teresa (2), Amelia (C), & Josool (C)

District 13 Alliance: Piper (13), Violetta (13), & Harley (13)

District 4 & 7 Alliance: Fressa (4), Giller (4), & Chumps (7)

District 3 & 5 Alliance: Electronny (3), Elecc (3), Chip (3) & Missy (5)

Anti-Careers: Kodai (5), Wolbert (6), Shade (7), Mist (7), Jax (8), Catalina (8), Jake (9) & Hazel (9)

Loners: Vision (3), Nymph (4), Galina (8), Thalia (12), Acheron (13), & Dexter (C)

User T1 T2 T3 T4 T5

Hazel Dyer



Galina Von Dover



Mist Scorchil


Shade Spectrus



Missy Randos


Hybrid Shadow

Acheron Bane


Nightlock Kryptonite

Harley Swoop



Elecc Commision


Fressa Saltie



Wolbert Toonico



Anti-Infection: $150

Awl: $100

Alcohol: $125

Axe: $150

Baton: $125

Battleaxe $175

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Camouflage Paints: $100

Chlorine: $125

Cookies: $25

Crossbow: $125

Crackers: $15

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $50

Dried Fruit: $50

Flail: $125

Flares x3: $125

Hammer: $125

Instant Relief: $400

Iodine: $100

Knife: $50

Knife Glove: $100

Mace: $150

Machete: $125

Matches: $75

Gasoline $100

Hatchet: $150

Net: $75

Net Trap: $125

Night-Vision Glasses: $150

Piece of Plastic: $15

Painkiller: $75

Poison: $75

Quiver of Arrows (12): $120

Raft: $200

Rocks: $15

Rope: $25

Shield: $125

Shield (Spiked): $200

Shurikens (5): $100

Sickle: $125

Sleeping Bag: $50

Sleep Syrup: $125

Slingshot: $75

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spike Trap: $250

Spile: $75

Sword: $150

Sickle: $150

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Water: $100

Whip: $75

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $100

Wooden Club (Spiked): $150


District 1: Karma Blood

I look down at the battered human body, smashed beyond recognition and smile. Although I should have disposed of the body last night, I had gotten sidetracked and forgotten about it until now. Well, no time like the present.

I pick up the ruined body and bring it over to the boiler that resides in the basement, and casually roll it inside and turn it on. In a matter of minutes the body will burn to ash and the last piece of evidence from my latest attack will be erased and no one will be the wiser.

While this occurs I make my way across the room towards a large cabinet, which when I open, reveals rows of vials filled with dark crimson fluid. Blood. The true essence of life. Blood is common with life. Without blood, life does not exist. And all of this blood comes from my victims. Who are they? I don’t know. I don’t care to know. If I see someone who looks to have blood worth studying, worth preserving, I stalk them, waiting for the perfect moment of when no one is around to see, and then…I kill them. I then move them to a safer location, a place where I can meticulously drain their bodies of the precious blood and store it. Once this is finished, I smash their bodies beyond recognition with my trusty mace and throw them into the boiler to be burnt to ashes. No one will ever find out what happened to them.

I gently close the cabinet doors and check on the boiler. The body is gone now, turned into black ash, so I shut it off and make my way up the staircase and out into the streets. A foolish person may say that whomever it was that I just burnt was my final kill. But they would be wrong.

True, today I will volunteer for the Hunger Games and enter into the arena, but I will most certainly have more kills in there, and I will also become the Victor and head back to District 1, where more blood will be waiting for me.

My kills, incidentally, are the reason why I am volunteering this year. If someone where to somehow trace all of the killings back to me, I would need to find a way to make myself invulnerable to any and all accusations. And what better way would I be able to do that other then to become a Victor and bring pride and glory to District 1?

Yes, I am only seventeen and have another year before I am forced to volunteer or risk losing the opportunity to ever become a victor. Yes, I could use this year to continue my training, both inside the Career Academy and outside. But, I have chosen to do so this year for a very logical reason.

This year is a Quell, and with the twist adding twice the amount of tributes into the Games, it will also add twice the amount of glory and honour to the Tribute who wins. And when I win the most important, intriguing, and thrilling Games yet, I will become the most beloved figure in all of Panem, I will be a national hero and nothing could ever change that. Even if they were to find out about my...blood drives.

I am about to reach the square and I see the enormous crowds lining up, already cheering and screaming loudly even though it has yet to begun. Yes, my plan is perfect.

I get my blood taken and think back to all the times I have taken the blood of others. I, however, was not content with a drop only. I then take my place in line. Up on stage the mayor steps to the microphone. “Ladies and gentlemen, let me welcome you to the Reapings for the 325th Annual Hunger Games!” The crowd goes nuts for this and the mayor soaks in the applause like how I soak up the blood of my victims. “And as you all know, this year is a Quarter Quell!” If possible, the crowd gets even louder and crazier as he waves his hands over his head with a maniacal grin on his face. He then introduces District 1’s escort, Puffy Heglow, a lady with bright pink hair.

“Hello District 1!” she screams into the microphone with her annoyingly screechy voice. “I know you’re all as excited as I am for these reapings!” The crowd cheers loudly and the makes her way towards the large bowl that holds the girls name. She reaches her hand in but then pulls out and smiles at the crowd.

“Any volunteers?” she asks, obviously knowing full well that there will be many. And she’s shown to be right as a loud chorus of “I volunteer!” echoes through the square. It seems like almost every single girl under the age of eighteen is volunteering.

Puffy claps her hands excitedly then points at a brown haired girl in the sixteen year olds line.

“You! Come on up!”

The girl practically prances up to the stage and strikes poses and flutters her eyelashes and acts all sorts of pretentious. She may think she looks good now, but I’m certain she’d look better drained of blood and smashed beyond recognition. “What’s your name?” Puffy asks.

“Skylar Windbreeze!”

She then goes back to pandering to the crowd who is pathetically going wild for her. I want this nonsense to end and am thankful when Puffy asks for the second volunteer and all of the girls who had their hopes broken the first time shout out again.

She points to another sixteen year old, this time one with black hair who jogs up to the stage and takes her place beside Puffy.

“What’s your name, dear?”

“Artemis Grace!”

The crowd murmurs in surprise and then follows it up with a ridiculously loud cheer as they finally recognize her.

“Artemis Grace?” Puffy asks her face showing her absolute elation. “Why, you’re the daughter of Topaz Grace, aren’t you?”

“Yes. Yes I am”

The crowd continues their wild cheering as Artemis turns and shakes hand with Skylar. Huh. The child of a victor, just like me. My father, Vladimir Blood, won his own Hunger Games, in a spectacularly bloody fashion. Unlike Artemis’s father, Topaz. I’ve heard some people say he was a weak victor, that he was far too soft on his opponents. That’s not something the people will be saying about me when I win. I will give each and every one of my enemies a little taste of hell. I smile as I allow myself to envision the terror and destruction I will bring to the arena. Oh, the blood that will be spilt! Actually, it will be quite a shame to waste all of that blood. If only there was a way to keep it…

“Time for the boys!”

And just as she finishes her sentence I shout out my volunteering, louder and more dominating then all of the other voices that do the same. Puffy looks straight at me then nods her head.


Smugly, I walk past the other boys and head for the stage. When I reach it Artemis offers me a handshake but I ignore her. She may be from the same District as I, but she is not my ally. I have no allies. I care not for allies. All I care for is the blood of my enemies.

“What’s your name?” Puffy asks and I turn and smile slightly.

“Karma Blood”

Her eyes widen as she realizes who I am, who my father is. The crowd reacts loudly, cheering and screaming in excitement.

“Are you the son Vladimir Blood?”

“The one and only”

The crowd continues their cheering but I don’t wave or play to them like Skylar and Artemis. The only reason I care for their devotion at all is because it will save me from any sort of prosecution.

Puffy waits for the crowd to die down and I step to the back of the stage and notice Artemis approach me.

“You’re also a victors child?” she asks watching me with keen, alert eyes. She’s bright, this one. I can tell that she is already scoping me out, checking to see if I am a threat. And, of course, I am a threat. The biggest threat.

“Indeed I am. And since we’re both the children of Victors, I assume we have a special bond” I don’t mean this nonsense, of course. The only bond we might ever share is a killer-victim bond. But, I am a beautiful lie. I never let anyone know my true colors; never let them even get close to assuming what I have done or what I am going to do. So, I have this ridiculous charade of acting like a kind, caring person. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

“I suppose we do,” Artemis turns back to watch the reapings and I do so as well. A tall, brown haired boy is already taking the stage and Puffy asks him for his name.

“Cole Harrison,” he says and then turns to wink at Skylar who giggles like a little schoolgirl. “Future victor of District 1!”

Oh? Is that so? I admire his confidence but he will not be the victor of these Games. The victor will be non other then the one and only...Karma Blood.

District 2: Chloe Black

I stand in the ever-growing audience of District 2 as up on stage the Peacekeepers continue setting things up. I’ve been waiting here for hours now, readying myself to volunteer for what most people are calling the greatest Hunger Games yet. They talk about how there will be twice the amount of tributes, and how the greatest tributes from District 1, 2, and 4 are all pining to get a chance to compete, about the other as of now, untold Twists, about how the winner of these Games will be the greatest victor ever.

And I will be that victor. I’ve trained too hard for too long to give up now. I will win and bring pride and glory to my District. I will show them all my true strength. Yes, it will be difficult. After all, I will be competing against the strongest, smartest tributes that have ever competed in the Games. But I will emerge victorious, because I am the best.

“Greetings to the people of District 2!” The Peacekeepers have finished setting up and now the Mayor takes the stage and microphone. “Welcome to the Reapings for the 325th Annual Hunger Games!” The crowd explodes into cheers at this and the Mayor continues. “And as you all very well know, these Games is shaping up to be the greatest Hunger Games in the history of Panem!” The crowd continues to scream and cheer and I am unable to hear the rest of his sentence as the crowd drowns him out. Eventually, the noise dies down enough for him to become audible again. “And this year has many Twists! The first being the fact that these Games will contain Fifty-Six Tributes! Twice the amount as normal! That also means that District 2 will have four tributes competing!”

He then goes on to introduce our escort, Errol Flynch, who then goes to the girls’ bowls to pick a name. I’m readying myself to shout just as he reaches a hand in and pulls out a name. Before he opens it, me and dozens of other voices shout.


Errol’s gaze flickers over the girls who volunteered. He must pick me. Of all these girls here I am by far the most likely to win. His gaze passes over me and continues searching. I nearly scream aloud at his mistake. Who does he think he is? Passing over me?! Doesn’t he see—no. Keep your anger in check Chloe. Just…keep it in check. It would not look good for me to explode on that moron right now.


He doesn’t point at me. Instead, he points at an eighteen-year-old girl with long brown hair. I’m just about to snap when I remember that there are two female tributes. I still have a chance. And I won’t be passed over twice.

“Teresa Silver!” The girl says her name into the microphone and the crowd goes wild for the girl. Errol congratulates her and then goes to select the second name. I don’t wait for him to pull one out this time and just shout as loudly as I possible can.


He doesn’t hesitate this time. He points right at me and then smiles. “You!” I walk up to the stage confidently and smile. About time. “What’s your name?” He asks me.

“Chloe Black”

He nods then introduces me to the crowd who, appropriately, go nuts, cheering and screaming. I stand on the front of the stage, looking confident for a few more moments and then Errol goes towards the boys bowl and before he plucks out a name dozens of voices shout out that they’re volunteering.

Errol calls up a boy who has mostly black hair but with a red front. Honestly, he’s not that impressive looking. He’s at the most only two inches taller then me! District 2 should have intimidating tributes, not guys like this. “Your name?” Errol asks as he takes the stage.

“Hatch Scright,” he replies.

“Fright Scright,” I jerk my head around and see Teresa beside me, whispering into my ear.


“Fright Scright. I’m surprised you don’t know him. Pretty much everyone in the Training Academy does”

Well that’s why I don’t know him. I don’t train at the academy, but at a boarding school that took me in after my parents died in a mining accident. I was only two at the time and don’t remember them. Its not like that bothers me though, the school parented me just fine.

“Why is he so important?” I ask watching as he takes his place on the opposite side of the stage. “He looks pretty average to me”

Teresa shrugs. “Supposedly he once killed a boy who got into a n argument with him. Peacekeepers said it was the trainer who did it though. I guess no one really knows” Hmm. This Fright seems very interesting. I’ll have to keep an eye on him during training and the Games.

“Yuki Kokyu!”

I glance back to the front of the stage and see a tall, bulky boy with messy blonde hair standing beside Errol. He looks far more intimidating then Fright, but looks can be deceiving and can often lead to underestimation. One things for sure though, No one will be underestimating me.

District 3: Elecc Commission

A repeating beeping noise penetrates my mind and when my eyes flicker open I see the white ceiling of my room. The beeping continues as I sit up, rub my bleary eyes and look around the room.

Where is that sound coming from? I swing my feet out of bed and am about to go out the door in effort to further locate the noise when I glance to my right and see the source. My alarm clock.

Oh. Right.

I turn it off, yawn, and remember why it woke me up so early. Today is Reaping day. And unlike normal years, where only two kids from District 3 will be sent to their deaths, this year there will be four. I don’t get it. I don’t understand why the Capitol loves watching kids kill each other. Isn’t there already enough pain and misery in the world? Why add more? I’ll never understand this...

I quickly get myself dressed and then make my way down the stairs and into the kitchen where I see my mother sitting at the table, eating breakfast. When I sit myself at the table she looks up at me.

“Hi honey. Did you sleep well?”

“Yeah, I did. Thanks for asking”

We sit in silence eating for a few minutes before I look up and see her staring out the window with a rather vacant look on her face.

“Something wrong, mom?”

“What?” she looks at me and then gives a small smile. “No. Well, nothings wrong. Its just…days like this always remind me of your father”

I nod slowly. I feel the same way. Reaping day, a day associated with death, always makes me think about dad. As we continue to eat I think about him.

Back when I was only five years old, my dad was diagnosed with cancer. He got real sick, real fast. Mom had a part-time job at a store along with working on a new invention of hers, so I often stayed home to help him. After a year, I stopped going to school and just stayed home all day, helping dad, while mom worked extra hard on her invention. In the winter of that year we learned he had only days to live. This terrified me, because I knew what might happen to us if he were to die. My father knew what might happen as well, so he helped mother complete her invention but, sadly, just as soon as it was completed, my father passed away. The invention made mom and me rich though, so she no longer had to work at the store and instead became a full-time inventor. We were both saddened at the fact of losing father, but we both knew he accomplished his last goal by helping finish the invention and giving us a better life. So now we’re happy, knowing that wherever, he is that he’s also happy. We’re still sad, of course. But not the desperate, longing kind of sadness, I don’t let the sadness control me or dictate how I live my life, sadness is just something I experience when I think back onto the fond memories of my father, but with the sadness, the memoires also bring me happiness.

Except on reaping day, when any and all thoughts of death just makes me sad for the world.

I finish my breakfast and then mother tells me to head to the square while she cleans up. I insist on helping her, but she says she’ll go faster by herself and I figure she just wants some time alone before having to brave the crowds in the square.

I exit the house and make my way down the streets when I spot Mrs. Lewdman, an elderly woman in her early seventies, struggling to move a potted plant on her porch and I go over to help her.

“Oh thank you Elecc,” she smiles after I finish moving it to her desired location. “You’re such a kind boy. Always helping those in need, so unlike other boys. Why, just earlier today, a bunch of young hooligans were harassing poor Stephano!” I know Stephano. He’s a middle-aged man who wanders the streets of District 3, often acting very strange. People say he has some sort of brain disease and I feel bad for him. Unfortunately, Mrs. Lewdman has just proven that most people don’t feel the same way.

“I’m sorry to hear that, Mrs. Lewdman,” I say honestly and she smiles at me. “Of course you are, my dear boy. Now let’s be off, or we shall be late for those horrid Reapings”

We reach the already crowded square and I wave goodbye to Mrs. Lewdman as she heads for the spectator area and I get my finger zapped before joining the line of fourteen year olds.

The mayor is already in the middle of the opening speech and as he finishes he introduces our escort, a man named Quinzel Quigley, who has electric blue hair that resembles well, electricity and black skin that’s as dark as the night sky. He’s certainly has odd looks to go along with his odd hobby of watching kids murder each other.

“Hello, hello, hello!” He says as he takes the mic. “As Mr. Mayor just said, welcome to the 325th Annual Hunger Games!” A few people applaud and then Quinzel wastes no time and goes right for the girls bowl, pulling a name out and reading it so fast that’s hard for me to understand exactly what he said. Apparently, no one did because no one in the crowd heads for the stage. The mayor whispers into Quinzel’s ear and he nods before saying the name again, this time much slower.

“Elec-tron-ney Wat-son!”

I crane my head trying to locate the unlucky girl and see her as she begins to head for the stage. She seems to be in some sort of shock, as except for her feet, she’s as stiff as a board. I don’t blame her. I can only imagine how I would feel after finding out I would be sent to my inevitable death.

Quinzel tells us all to give her a round of applause and a few people clap, including me. Its not because I support the Hunger Games, rather, I want this girl to know that her District supports her and is hoping for her to return home. While I absolutely hate the Games and am usually trying not to root for anyone while I watch it, I often find myself subconsciously wishing that the District 3 tributes would survive.

Quinzel goes to reap the second female and this time it’s a girl named Vision Faith, she has brunette hair and bangs brushed back. Even though she comes from the sixteen year old line, she’s tiny, smaller then me and about the same size as Electronney. She twitches a lot and as she reaches the stage she meddle with the podium but Quinzel shoos her away as he goes for the boys bowl.

“Letseewhichtwofineboysgettojointhesegirls!” He speaks rapidly fast and then pulls a name out of the bowl and reads it aloud. “Elecc Commission!”

I freeze, my whole body becomes rigid and my mind begins to race in every possible direction. Did he just say…Elecc Commission? That’s…no. That can’t be true. But it is true and my mind finally begins to comprehend it and I feel my feet slowly begin to move me towards the stage.

On stage, Quinzel shakes my hand and I can feel the gazes of Vision, Electronny, and the rest of District 3 on me. They’re all watching. Quinzel tells them to give me a round of applause and at first it’s only a few people clapping but then more join in and eventually the most of the crowd is clapping for me. I’m awestruck. Why would they all clap for me? Is it what I do for my district? How I help the old ladies and the others who need it? It must be.

Eventually all the noise dies down and Quinzel goes to reap the second boy. I step back beside the girls and feel tears falling down my face as I think about my mother. She’ll be all alone now. Without father, without me…No. She will still have District 3, they’ll help her get through this. Wait. Why am I thinking like I’m already dead? I can still do this. I can survive.

“Chip Parks!”

The crowd murmurs in disappointment and I know why. Chip Parks is the younger brother of Kinsey Parks, a girl from District 3 who won the Hunger Games two years ago. I remember watching her Games, and in fact, I remember when she returned to District 3 and was greeted by Chip and her parents. It’s saddening to know that the Parks family is going to have to go through the horrors of watching another member competing in the Games.

Chip makes his way onto the stage and stands awkwardly beside the others and me. He seems very similar to both Electronny and me and could possibly be a good ally for me to have in the Games. Besides, he is my district partner and as cruel as this is to the other districts, I would want one of us four to win over someone else.

Quinzel has the crowd applaud us one more time and this time it’s louder then before. Its not rambunctious clapping but more respectful. They know exactly what dangers we will be facing and they want us to succeed. After this dies down we’re lead off of the stage and towards the Justice Building, where I’ll say goodbye to my mother.

District 4: Fressa Saltie

Reaping day. The day where I’ll get my first chance of showing the world how good I am, how strong I am, and how vicious I am. They may have kept out of the training academy, but there is no way of keeping me out of the Hunger Games. I make my way out of the beachside woods and towards the beach where the reapings will be held. I had trained in the academy from the age of eight to the time I was fifteen. By then, the trainers and staff were too “afraid” of me and my “wanton bloodlust” and had me expelled. Ha! Didn’t they see the irony in that? That they were training me to kill other kids and make their deaths as brutal and bloody as possible, yet were afraid of me because I was too good at it? Does that make sense? No? No. It didn’t. Luckily, I brought some…sense to those trainers. I brought it the best way I could. By giving them the gift of death.

One by one by one I killed them all off, retreating to my safe haven in the woods to avoid detection and arrest. The Head of the Academy knew what was coming and locked himself up in his house. Pah! As if that would keep me out! Needless to say, I got in and finished the job I started.

I hear voices and the woods come to an end and I step onto the soft, hot sand of the beach. A large crowd sits in front of an assembled stage and I indiscreetly slip in among them.

The Mayor is on stage and giving a boring speech that no one really cares about at all. I know I don’t. Eventually he gets to the important part and passes it off to the escort, Starkly Moor.

“Hey y’all! I know you’re very excited, so lets get right to the action!” she walks over to the girls bowl and pulls out a name. I volunteer before she even finishes reading it and I run up to the stage.

“Your name?”

“Fressa Saltie”

A hushed silence falls over the crowd and I can tell that they know my name. They’ve all probably heard about me and my expulsion from the academy. I wonder if they can put two and two together to figure out I committed all those killings. “Fressa…Saltie,” Starkly looks at me with an odd expression and then goes to select the second girl. Ha! They all fear me, I can already tell.

“Nymph Mere!”

I’m surprised by the lack of volunteers, numerous girls had shouted the first time, but now they’re all deathly silent. I know why. They’re all afraid of me, afraid of competing against me. I guess they have some brains after all. The girl called Nymph slowly makes her way onto the stage and she looks like the average District 4 girl, long silky blonde hair, sky-blue eyes, and perfect features. She makes me sick.

“What a beautiful young lady!” Starkly tells the crowd and I scowl at them all. Looks won’t help you win the Hunger Games, only talent and bloodlust will, and I have plenty of both of those.

Nymph smiles slightly as the crowd cheers for her but it doesn’t last long and then she’s back to staring blankly off into the distance. Her eyes seem to hold a disturbing, vacant look, like she’s…not normal. No. That’s ridiculous. She’s as normal as they come.

“Time for the boys!” Starkly shouts and the crowd cheers as she pulls out a piece of paper and begins to open it.


Its only one voice that shouts and I look into the audience and see a boy jogging onto the stage, a malicious smile on his face. Finally! Someone who doesn’t seem to fear me! He’ll be a good ally, and even better, good competition.

“What’s your name?”

“Giller McFish”

“Well, you’re a very brave boy Giller,” Starkly turns back to the bowl and removes a second name. This time no one shouts before she reads the name. “Wallace Defleckt!”

A small boy in the line begins to move but then someone lurches out of the seventeen year olds line.


The boy is tall, standing over six and a half feet tall. And he’s also very muscular and brawny. He stomps his way to the stage and Starkly asks for his name. “Wayne Defleckt”

He must have volunteered for his brother. What a wimp. He should have let the brother go in and fight his own battles, instead of letting his big brother take them on for him. Starkly wraps up the reapings and then we go to the Justice Building but I don’t have anyone to talk to so I just wait until they take us onto the train. On board, Wayne sits himself down in silence and watches as I approach Giller.

“Those two are weak,” I scoff and he nods.

“Yeah. I thought this was suppose to be the hardest Games yet?” He laughs coldly and then points at Nymph, who’s sitting in the darkest corner of the room, talking to herself. “She doesn’t look like she’ll last a day” I agree. She looks far too weak. Its not like it matters though. What’s the difference between dying on day one or dying on the final day? Either way you’re dead. I won’t be dead though. I’ll win. I look out the window and watch as we speed towards the Capitol.

District 5: Sebastian Hive

“Sebastian, you’re turning into such a handsome, charming man. I’m very proud of you,” my mother tells me as I come down the staircase, dressed in my finest formal wear.

“It was yours and fathers parenting that made me so, mother,” I respond. “I couldn’t have better parents”

She smiles at this and just then, my father walks in and tells us that it is time for us to get moving. Today is reaping day and everyone is expected to be there. We exit our house and as we live in the centre of District 5, we do not have to travel far before coming upon the square where the reapings will take place. Just seeing the stage is getting me excited. Excited for the prospect of me getting into the Hunger Games and being the catalyst for bloodshed. Nobody knows this about me. Oh, they know I’ve been trained for the Games, after all my parents were the ones who decided to begin and foster my training, but that’s not what they don’t know. What they don’t know is my ever-increasing want to kill, to maim, and to see the rich, red colour of blood. The thrill of running a blade against skin will be the greatest feeling possible.

As we reach the square and stage, my parents say goodbye, my mother gives me a hug and I shake my fathers hand, and then I get my finger zapped and take my place in the crowd, taking care to not get to close to the grungy filth of society who also occupy it. Honestly, you’d think some of these people have never seen a bar of soap in their lives. On second thought, maybe they haven’t.

“District 5,” the Mayor on stage speaks now, stopping all chatter in the crowd. “Welcome to the reapings of the 325th Annual Hunger Games!” He continues speaking and I listen intently to every word. As he finishes, he passes off to District 5’s escort Natrona Histlik who immediately goes for the girls bowl without even speaking. I’m disappointed at her lack of protocol. An escort represents the class and dignity of the District and seeing ours have such a clear disrespect for rules, deeply offends me. She reaches her hand into the bowl and pulls out a name, which she quickly reads.

“Ella Randos!”

I can’t see who it was that got reaped due to all the people around me but it doesn’t matter as a few seconds later someone shouts out “I volunteer!” and a brown haired girl wearing a purple headband takes the stage. I’m very interested in why she would volunteer. Is she like me? Does she crave bloodshed? No. When she says her name I learn why she volunteered.

“Missy Randos,” she says, answering Natrona. She seems to be rather shocked at this turn of events. How quaint. Natrona nods and then quickly moves on and pulls out another name.

“Allana Darkbloom!”

A seventeen-year-old girl with dark brown hair takes the stage. Unlike the last one, she actually looks formidable and has an air of…the word best suited is menace, around her. She doesn’t say anything and only stares at the crowd in silence, letting her appearance speak for itself. Well, well, well, it looks like District 5 will have two strong tributes this year.

“Time for the guys,” Natrona says and then moves over to the second bowl and quickly snatches a name out.

“I volunteer!” I call out before she finishes reading the name. The crowd murmurs amongst themselves as I take to the stage, a confident smile on my face.

“My name is Sebastian Hive,” I say into the microphone and then turn to shake the mayors hand. “Its an honour getting to meet you sir,” I tell him. “Both me and my parents absolutely love your work. You run the District perfectly” A broad smile breaks out onto the mans’ face and I can tell that my flattery has placed me into his good graces. “Why thank you Mr. Hive. Its such a pleasure having a brilliant, well-mannered young man like yourself representing District 5” “Kodai Hitogoroshi!”

We both start in surprise and I see that Natrona has already moved onto reaping the second male tribute. I see him in the audience now, howling and yelling like a maniac because he got reaped, everyone else gets as far away from him as possible. Most intriguing.

The crazed boy runs right up to the watch towers on the edge of the stage and with his bare hands begins to bend the bars. The Peacekeepers on top of the tower begin to shout as it shakes and rumbles and the ones on the ground begin to converge on the boy. He attempts to fight them off and manages to do so…until one of them gets a tazer to him and then he goes limp and the rest of the Peacekeepers swarm over him and drag him off. The Mayor, Missy, and the entire crowd are staring in shock as they move him but I’m smiling. That little brawl evoked my bloodlust and I’m already imagining how it will be in the Arena, when I get to take my blade and press it against he soft, delicate, flesh of my enemies. However…in the meantime, I have an audience to win over.

District 6: Mimic Slaughter

“Today is Reaping day. You both know what that means. Today will be the day where you two volunteer for the Hunger Games. It will be the start of our dynasty that will propel District 6 to the glory and riches that come from winning the Games. You two will not fail. You are not permitted to fail. Do you understand?”

“Yes, we do”

“Good. I know you two won’t disappoint. You’re by far the best students we’ve ever had” The District 6 official leans back into his chair and rubs his chin thoughtfully as he stares at me and my twin brother, Zak. Today the both of us will volunteer for the Games, and when we win we will bring the glory of victory back to the greatest District in all of Panem, District 6. Zak and me have been trained are entire lives for this moment. District 6 officials deemed us worthy of being apart of the program to make District 6 one of the wealthiest and the most favoured District, by creating a dynasty of victors.

“You know,” the official continues. “I’ve been thinking…”

“Don’t strain yourself now,” I say. “We wouldn’t want you to get a headache” Zak breaks into laughter and the official gives us both a sour look.

“Quit laughing. This is serious,” Zak controls himself and he continues. “I know you’re both deadest on winning these Games, and that’s the attitude we want you to have, but…say…if it comes down to the two of you. Will one of you attempt to…kill the other?”

I feel Zak stiffen beside me and I glare at the official as my anger begins to rise exponentially.

“You told us that—”

“Yes, yes!” he interrupts me with an impatient wave and my anger snaps instantly at this show of disrespect and am about to leap at and strangle him when Zak squeezes my arm reassuringly and just like that, my anger evaporates. For a few moments at least. “I know what I said! And by all reports that will be the case…but say our insiders are wrong. Say only—”

“We will NOT harm each other,” Zak says through gritted teeth and this time it’s me who squeezes his arm. He gives a deep breath and then nods at me. The official is staring at us nervously.

“Um. Never mind what I said. Just go out there, slaughter the other Tributes and come home Victors”

He quickly dismisses us and we’re lead out of the building by a pair of Peacekeepers. Once we’re out in the street we walk towards the District Square, where in a few hours the reapings will commence.

“What a pompous fool,” I growls as we sit ourselves down onto a bench in the square. “How dare he even imply...”

“He’s a moron,” Zak agrees. “But let’s not dwell on him right now” I nod my head but I still think about how stupid that prick was for even thinking that me or Zak would kill each other just to become a victor. We’ve been together our entire lives and have never, ever been farther then a few dozen feet from one another. If, in the Games, it came down to Zak, and me well, the Gamemakers better either take us both on as victors, or have no victor. Still, I think back to what the man told us yesterday, about the Games and how—

“Look Mimic, they’re setting the stage up”

I lift my head up and see Peacekeepers arriving in the square and begin to assemble the stage and such.

“Reminder,” Zak says as we watch. “I’ll volunteer first”

“No! I go first!”

“I am older, remember?”

“Only by two minutes!”

We arguing about it but don’t get very long before a Peacekeeper rushes over and blows a whistle at us. “Cut it out or I’ll be forced to have you detained!” I stand up immediately and about to strike this fool when Zak grabs my hand and pulls me back down.

“Don’t do anything that’ll ruin our chances of getting into the Games,” he whispers and I reluctantly nod as I watch the Peacekeeper head back towards the others.

We wait for the crowds to come and then we both get ourselves into our respective lines. I don’t like it as me and Zak have to stand on complete opposite sides of the square. Zak likes it even less. I can see him squirming and pushing the others next to him, always craning his neck to get a look at me.

The opening video and speech go by and I don’t start listening until the escort, Valance Archer, starts to pick the names for the boys bowl. Ugh! Zak is going to get to go first…AGAIN!

“Derrence Bowl—”


It’s Zak, obviously. He walks to the stage and stands beside the escort who asks for his name before moving onto the second male tribute.

“Wolbert Toonico!”

A tall, blonde haired boy takes the stage and stands beside Zak. I’m impatiently waiting as Valance moves over to the girls bowl and pulls out a name.

“Sendra Silverstei—”


I spring forward and push all of the stupid girls not of my way as I charge the stage. Valance asks for my name and I give it. “Mimic Slaughter” I hear the crowd murmur in some surprise at the fact that two siblings volunteered but I ignore them and walk over beside Zak.

“I was first,” he grins.

“Shut up”

I turn and spot Wolbert watching the both of us. As soon as he sees me watching he spins his head around and acts like he wasn’t. Moron, he deserves to suffer a cruel death in the Games.

“Eleith Lightstorm!”

A small girl in the thirteen year olds line gives a small squeal and I watch as she shrinks away from the stage. Valance continues to repeat the name as the girl continues to squirm away. Eventually some people point her out to the Peacekeepers and they corner her and drag her up to the stage. She cries all the way.

“Aw, what a cute little baby lamb!” Zak laughs.

“All ready for slaughter!” I add and we laugh even harder.

“What the hell is wrong with you two?” We turn and see Wolbert staring at us with a bewildered expression on his face. “Don’t you have any feelings at all?”

“I don’t know,” Zak turns to me, a wild grin on his face. “Do we, dear sister?”

“I am not sure about you, dear brother,” I smile. “But I get oh-so happy when I slaughter useless fools. Rather like the one standing in front of us right now” Wolbert steps back from us with a concerned expression on his face and we continue laughing at him. It will be so fun getting to “slaughter” all of the other Tributes. So fun indeed!

District 7: Mist Scorchil

Todays reaping day and that will mean I won’t be able to train in the forest today and instead will have to stand in a large crowd in the sweltering heat. That doesn’t sound fun, now does it?

I reluctantly head off down the road in the direction of the reaping place. Unlike what most people might think, I am in fact, not training for the Hunger Games. I am training so that I may one day, become an assassin. Who would I assassinate and why? I dunno. I mean, I’m only fourteen; I still have some things to work out.

I arrive at the crowded area and some Peacekeepers take my blood and then I’m shoved into line. As I sit, I imagine what it would be like if I needed to assassinate the mayor on stage. Hmm. First, I’d need to get onto the stage. Obviously, I couldn’t just stroll on up, no, I’d need to have a better way. I stare at the large iron watchtowers on the edge of the stage and how close they are to the trees that sit behind them. Interesting…I could climb up the tree, leap onto the tower, take out the Peacekeeper up there and from there I could either use the Peacekeepers dropped gun to eliminate the mayor OR I could opt for a much flashier kill by zip lining down the cable and sending an axe flying into the mayors head in the process. Once I reach the end of the line I could disappear into either the shadows of the forest on my left, or the maze of buildings on my right. Either way I could outrun the Peacekeepers and successfully complete the mission.

“Everyone, welcome to the Reapings for the 325th Annual Hunger Games,” The Mayor who I was just imaging killing breaks into my thoughts and gives a thoroughly uninteresting speech that I can hardly pay any attention to. It’s hard to take someone seriously when they’re just spewing propaganda that someone ordered them to say.

He introduces the District 7 escort, Ebla Helms, who then takes over the speech and drones on about how brilliant the Capitol is. She’s just another of the Capitols’ many sheep. The people who cannot lead themselves, who must be led around.

“Let’s see who the lucky boys will be!” she reaches her creepy brown hand into the gigantic bowl and fishes around for a while before finally grasping one of the pieces of paper.

“Mist Scorchil!”

Whoa. That came out of nowhere. I make my way onto the stage, hearing my footsteps echo off of the wooden staircase because it’s so silent. Ebla grabs my arms and pulls me close as she introduces me to the audience. All I can think about is how much this lady feels like tree bark. Its just plain creepy. She lets go and I back off in the back of the stage.

I’m in the Games. Fifty-six Tributes go in and only one comes out. It sounds impossible for me to be the one who comes out, but I know I’m capable of doing so. It will require killing, but I’m willingly to do that. I’ll kill all fifty-five of the others if that’s what it takes to come home.

I break out of my thoughts and am surprised to see another boy on stage me with, he’s taller then me and has long dark red hair and eyes are two different colours. One is purple and the other is green.

“What’s your name?” I ask as I see that Ebla is prattling on about the glory of the Capitol again.

He turns his cold gaze towards me and looks me up and down. “Weren’t you listening?”

“Uh. Honestly…no. Being Reaped for the Hunger Games isn’t something that happens everyday, you know”

The boy makes a small noise that I guess could be a laugh and nods. “Guess so. Name’s Shade Spectrus”

“Nice!” I smile and shake the guys hand. He seems strong and smart, which is the perfect qualities for a prospective ally. “My name’s Mist, ‘course you already know that” The boy nods and I decided to capitalize on our conversation. “So…you looking for an ally in the Games?”

He looks at me with a weird expression; I guess I may have came off too strong. “An ally? You’re making alliances at the reaping?”

“Yeah! I mean, why not? Need to get a head start on the competition!” He makes a small smile and nods.

“You’re right. So, we’re allies I guess” Great! My skills are already paying off! Now I only need to…

“Let’s see who the girls will be!” Ebla shouts and digs her hand into the large bowl. She pulls a name out but before she even gets to read it a sing-song of “I volunteer!” rings out and two girls instantly charge the stage. The two girls stop right in front of Ebla and smile like little devils. They seem...insane is the only word that I can think of.

“Oh my! Volunteers!” Ebla claps her hands together excitedly. “What are your names?”

“Chumps Harvaria!”

“Maple Leavestruck!”

They both speak at the same exact time and I get an eerie feeling coming off of them. It was pretty obvious something was wrong with them when they volunteered, I mean, why would a normal person volunteer for the Games?

The reapings end and all four of us are lead onto a train. Maple and Chumps, who has a ridiculous name by the way, immediately start terrorizing the boy servants while me and Shade start discussing Games strategy. There’s one thing we completely agree on; the Careers must be taken out as swiftly as possible.

District 8: Catalina Tweed

“Come on Catalina, we must get to the reapings or we’ll be in a lot of trouble”

“I’m coming mother”

I make my way down the hall, my legs shaking like jelly the entire way. I’m nervous. Beyond nervous, I’m terrified of what I’m going to do today. But not matter what, I must go through with it. Its been effecting me for far too long. I’ve been kept awake at night for too long.

I reach my parents and we leave the house and make our way through the poverty stricken neighbourhood and towards the better part of the District, where the square is. They’re not my real parents though. I was born in District 4, with my real parents, but one day, when I was playing on the beach outside my house, a large tsunami hit and I was washed away. Luckily I had a life vest on so I didn’t die and found my way to shore but…I was no longer in District 4, I somehow found my way to District 8 and my new parents, my adopted parents, found me and brought me in. I was lucky. If someone hadn’t found me who knows what would have happened? But…I still wonder where my parents are, my real parents, the ones in District 4. They’re still alive I can feel it. But there’s no way I can find them…no wait. There’s one way.

My adopted parents hug me and reassure me before departing for the crowd and I get my finger zapped and stand in the line. I haven’t told my parents yet, and I feel bad for it. This will probably take them by surprise and fill them with terror. But I couldn’t have told them or they would have attempted to stop me somehow. I need to do this. I need to volunteer for the Hunger Games.

I watch the opening video and quiver in both anticipation and fear. The Games are deadly, dangerous, and filled with death. These Games are doubly so as they have twice the amount of kids in them. I should wait for next year, when I’ll be older and it won’t be a Quell, but I can’t. The thoughts of my parents have been eating at me for too long and I know I must find them...and the only way I know how to do that is by competing in the Games.

Mineola, our escort, is talking now and after speaking for a few seconds goes to the boys bowl and reaches in. She pulls out a slip of paper and reads it aloud.

“Tot Tenham!”

Slowly, a boy with shaggy blonde hair makes his way onto the stage and awkwardly stands on the stage, hands in his pockets and staring at the floor. I feel bad for him. He probably didn’t deserve this. Mineola repeats his name to the crowd but no one cheers so she shrugs and pulls out the next name.

“Jax Griffin!”

A boy in the audience stirs and I watch as he approaches the stage. He’s a rather cute boy, with dark brown hair and green eye. Mineola claps for him and then positions him on the stage next to Tot, who’s still staring at the floor. “Let’s have a round of applause for these fine gentlemen!” She shouts and then looks around in surprise as nobody claps. “Oh well. Let’s reap our female tributes!”

I tense my body as she heads over to the girls bowl and slowly begins to remove a name. This is it. Once I volunteer…there will be no going back. Do I really want do this? Yes. I do. I raise my hand in the air and shout.

“I volunteer!”

The crowd gasps in surprise and I slowly make my way towards the stage, worrying that my feet will give out the whole way. On the outside, I remain calm, but inside I’m churning with doubt and worry. Did I do the right thing? Or did I just send myself to a grisly death?

“Bravo!” Mineola claps. “Bravo! What an amazing young girl! Do give her a hand!” No one applauds. In fact, some people even boo! Why? What did I do to them? “What’s your name?” Mineola asks me.

“C-C-Catalina T-tweed,” I stammer nervously and as I get it out I finally see the faces o my parents in the crowd. They look both shocked and horrified, causing my heart to wrench. I didn’t want to hurt them by doing this…Mineola positions me beside Jax and Tot and then goes to pick another name.

“Galina Von Dover!”

A girl with curly dark hair walks onto the stage and pushes past Mineola to stand beside the others and me. She has an angry look on her face. Mineola shrugs and the mayor begins to give the closing speech.

“Why did you volunteer?” Jax whispers to me. “Why would someone like you want to be in the Games?”

I sigh and close my eyes, thinking of my parents, real and adopted. Oh, please let me have done the right thing. I know nobody else would have done what I just did. I open my eyes and turn to Jax.

“You wouldn’t understand”

District 9: Jake Price

I stare up at the stage as Mayor Price gives the annual opening speech. Most people usually attempt to tune this out of their heads, but I always pay close attention. Mostly because Mayor Price is my uncle and I don’t want anyone thinking the nephew of the Mayor doesn’t take the Games seriously. Well, I guess I don’t take them as seriously as some people do. I mean, its not like I’ll ever have to compete. My name is only in the bowl a few times and even with double the tributes I’m not in any danger of being reaped…. I hope.

“So without further ado, let’s meet our tributes of the 325th Annual Hunger Games!” Mayor Price turns and introduces our escort, Grania Granada, who’s dressed in a large outfit made out of real grain stalks. I guess she likes getting into character or something. I don’t know nor care what goes through the mind of that crazy woman.

“Hello District 9!” she smiles and waves to the crowd. “I bet you all cannot wait to see this years Tributes!” Silence follows this and Grania frowns. “What’s wrong? I mean, I know last years pair got devoured by starving animals but that’s not something to be upset about! I’m sure they were just honoured to compete in the Games at all!” She’s not doing herself any favours here. The crowd just glares at her and remains silent. This doesn’t seem to affect her though and she merrily goes to pluck a name out of the girls bowl. She looks at and reads it aloud.

“Hazel Dyer!”

Hazel Dyer? I think her mom’s a real famous singer or something. I know she usually sings at all of District 9’s celebrations so I guess she must be important. A girl with long blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes takes the stage. She must be Hazel and wow is she beautiful! She’s probably the best looking girl I’ve ever seen. It’s a shame she’s going to die in the Games. Hopefully she doesn’t get eaten by wild animals too…

Uncle must recognize her as well because he makes sour face and shakes his head, a telltale sign of disappointment. Grania congratulates the girl and then goes to select the second girl.

“Layla Twozone!”

A brown haired girl climbs onto the stage and I notice that she looks quite strong. Maybe she can last awhile into the Games? I don’t want to be pessimistic here, but odds are she isn’t going to win. No one from District 9 will win, especially not with double the amount of tributes this year. “What a momentous moment for you!” Grania grins and pats Layla on the shoulder. “Now let’s see who the lucky boys will be!” she walks over to the second bowl and removes a name.

“Folly Rover!”

A black haired, blue-eyed boy takes the stage. He looks a little chubby, not fat, but still, he’s not in perfect shape. He always looks rather…I don’t know, confused? Not that I blame him or anything, I’d probably look like that too if I got reaped. “Now let’s find out who the other male tribute will be!” She pulls a name out and when she reads it I freeze.

“Jake Price!”

No! That’s not possible! My name was only in there a few times! No way could it have been picked! No! I stare up at my uncle on stage and see him staring back at me; his face must be a mirror of mine. We’re both utterly shocked. My feet bring me up onto the stage and stare blankly at Grania as she tells me how lucky I am. How…

The rest of the Reaping and my time in the Justice Building is a blur. I don’t remember any of it and the next thing I know I’m being boarded onto the train along with Hazel, Layla, and Folly.

I sit down in an elegantly plush chair and think about my current predicament. Death is closing in on me, that much is certain. But that doesn’t mean I have to die, does it? No. I can fight to survive. Sure, the odds aren’t exactly in my favour, but I’m not just going to lie down and die!

I look up and watch the other three Tributes, my new enemies…or is it possible for them to be my allies? Layla is looking out the window and Hazel and Folly are talking so I scoot over to them and join the conversation. If I want to survive I better get to know more about the people competing with me.

District 10: Vivan Incomstanti

When the morning comes I wake up and wish I could spend the morning working with the animals. Unfortunately, today is Reaping day and that means I have to show up at the town square along with the rest of District 10.

I dress myself in nicer clothes then I usually wear. When you work with farm animals all day there’s no point in wearing anything fancy, besides, I prefer being comfortable to fancy. But today is different.

I make my way into the kitchen and after having quick breakfast; my brother Oak and I leave the house and head towards the square. There’s a rather large age gap between us, ten years, but we have a very strong bond. He’s somewhat of a parental figure to me now, since I barely knew my parents who died in a cow trampling when I was two. It may seem ridiculous, getting killed by a few cows, but if you know anything about farms and how they work you know that the threat of it happening is very real. Afterwards, we went to live with our grandmother and once I got old enough I started working on local farms helping herd the animals. A few years later we bought our own house and farm. I still herd the animals.

Voices from the square become audible and pretty soon I have to go join the other sixteen year olds in line.

Oak gives me a hug and wishes me luck as I go get my blood taken and join the line. Two years. After today there will only be two more years before I age out and am no longer eligible for the Hunger Games, when I will no longer have to worry about this at all. But right now the possibility of me being reaped is very real.

Usually I try not to worry about it, after all, there are thousands of girls in District Ten and only one will be reaped, but this year is different. This year there will be two female tributes from each District, which means my chances of being reaped increase by fifty percent.

The chatter in the crowd begins to die down and I look up at the stage and see the mayor readying himself for the usual opening speech. He talks about how the Games are a penance and how we should be thankful for the Capitol showing us mercy and how great and wonderful they are. He then changes from the norm and speaks about Quells and their origin and tells us that there will be twice the amount of Tributes as usual this year along with further unknown surprises. After he finishes he introduces District Ten’s brand new escort Aelius Agrippa. He’s a large man who stands over six and a half feet tall and has obscenely large muscles. They’re so large it’s just flat out gross, giant, bulging purple veins run down his arms, shoulders and even his face. I would say I was shocked, but nothing about the Capitol shocks me anymore. After all, the sole reason why we’re all gathered here is so we can see which kids have to go try and murder some other kids.

“Are you all ready to rock?!” Aelious screams into the microphone much louder then needed. “Because…I AM!!!!”

He strikes a pose and then has the giant bowl rolled out in front of him. He informs us all that the boys will go first and then reaches a giant hand into the bowl and pulls out a slip of paper that looks ridiculously small in his hands. “Alec Cohen! Come on up brother!”

A boy with reddish brown hair makes his way out of the audience and onto the stage. His face is unreadable as he ignores Aelius who had held his hand out for a high-five. Aelius shrugs and then gives himself a high-five before turning back to the bowl. “Okay! And now for the second male tribute!” he reaches into the bowl again and pulls out another name. “Kwartz Diodin!”

A boy emerges the twelve-year olds line and the crowd lets out a small sigh of disappointment as he climbs the stairs to the stage, staring at his feet the entire way.

“Nice to see you, little dude!” Aelius bellows as he takes his place beside Alec, whose face is still devoid of any emotion. I wonder what he’s thinking right now. The mayor shakes both of the boy’s hands and then Aelius announces that the girls will now be reaped. He reaches his meaty hand into the next bowl and I close my eyes and pray that it’s not my name that’s drawn.

“Alecia Cohen!”

My eyes blink open just in time to see a faint look of shocked appear on Alec’s face but it only lasts a split second and then his poker face is back in place. Alecia must be his sister, if their names weren’t enough to give it away; his reaction and her appearance prove it. She has the same reddish brown hair and eyes. She even has the same scar on her left cheek. In fact, now that I think about it, they both came out of the same age lines…they’re twins. I watch as she approaches the stage with the same blank face that Alec had. Oak and me were too far apart in age to ever have to worry about being reaped into the same Games, but I allow myself to think about how it would be if it could have happened. It would be terrible, heartbreaking; knowing that at the very best only one of you could come home alive.

“Vivan Incomstanti!”

What? I snap out of my mind and look up at the stage to see Aelious holding a piece of paper in his hands and moving his gaze over the audience, looking for the girl who just got reaped. That girl is me.

I stand in a shocked silence as Aelious repeats the name several more times. I don’t move until someone behind me gives me a gentle shove and I mindlessly stumble up onto the stage, my gaze shifting through the audience, attempting to locate Oak.

“DISTRICT 10!” Aelious booms as I stand beside the three others. “MEET YOUR TRIBUTES OF THE 325TH ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES!!!!!”

As the crowd lets out some quiet claps I finally locate Oak watch as he stares at me with a serious expression on his face. I can’t die. I can’t. I can’t. This is the only thing that fills my mind as me and the other three tributes are lead down from the stage and towards the Justice Building.

Once I’m led into a room Oak enters and comforts me and tells me that everything will be fine, that I can do this, that I have to try my hardest. Then, just as quickly as he came, a Peacekeeper comes in and takes him away.

No one else visits me and the Peacekeepers come and lead me to the train station. I try to keep my face clean of any emotion, like both of the Cohens, who still are as expressionless as ever, but struggle at it.

I ignore the plush surroundings of the train and sit down, surveying the other three, the three who will be my opponents in the arena. Alec and Alecia both move to the far corner of the room and talk in hushed voices as Kwartz stares out the window at the terrain whipping past.

I try to concentrate on what Oak told me. I can do this. I only need to clear my mind and concentrate on the task at hand. I take a deep breath and lean back. I can do this.

District 11: Trent Korey

“Get moving mother!” I shout backwards. “We need to get to the square!” She immediately picks up the pace and showers me with praise and stuff like she usually does when I yell at her. She’s afraid of me, terrified actually. I don’t know why. She’s just always been this way.

I take notice of the horrible condition of all the buildings that surround me and can’t help but wish that I were still back in District 4. It would be helpful to me certainly, because they have a training academy, something District 11 is missing. My stupid father is the reason I’m not in District 4 right now.

He was always an overbearing jerk but one day he just started whipping me for no reason and cut off my food supply. It wasn’t anything I did; I mean I don’t think it was. I grew tired of this and one day I brought a sword home from the training academy and stabbed him in the leg. It didn’t kill him, though some days I wish it did. Eventually Peacekeepers found out about it and me and mother were exiled from District 4 and told that if we were ever to come back that we would get executed. My father, on the other hand, was moved to a life of luxury in the Capitol. Thinking of this makes me wish I had killed him, but I know if I had I would have been executed and not exiled.

We’ve reached the square and mother tries to wish me good luck but I ignore her and get my finger zapped before standing in line next to all of the scrawny and underfed people of District 11. I’m volunteering for the Games because the whole time I was in District 4 I trained for it and I’m not going to give up on my dream now. The only thing that has me worried is that maybe the Careers won’t accept me because I’m from such a weak district, but it won’t matter if I show them all my strength.

The Mayor on stage gives a small speech and shows a video before passing it off to the escort who says she will reap the boys first. I don’t bother waiting for her to select a name and just shout out that I volunteer and take to the stage. The escort congratulates me and I shake my fists in air. The crowd doesn’t cheer though and I’m disgusted with them. The escort goes to select the next boy.

“Seez Croppley!”

Seez is some small, weak looking thirteen-year-old boy who can barely make his way onto the stage. He’s just going to be cannon fodder in the Games, I mean; I could snap his neck as easily as I snap a twig, he won’t be a threat to anyone. The escort gives him a weird look and then goes to pick the girls.

“Eva Destiny!”

A girl with curly brown hair, green eyes and light skin climbs onto the stage. She looks a little stronger then Seez but still weak. Maybe she could swing a weapon at you but she doesn’t look like she’s skilled at it. In fact, the only thing she looks like she would be good at is cooking and cleaning.

“Flora Sapsling!”

A small girl in the crowd begins to cry as she makes her way up onto the stage. Really? That’s what District 11 has? Me and a bunch of weaklings? They should be glad I’m here or they wouldn’t even have a tribute last past the first night! The reapings end and we’re taken away.

District 12: Salem Calla

The icy rain falls from the sky as I run down the backstreets, heading for the town square. Its windy too, so the rain keeps getting whipped into my face. Its summer, but its still freezing cold and I’m so small and starved that it’s even worse. At least my mom and sister, Violeta, don’t have to face this. They can stay home, even during the Reaping, because my mother is dying.

My feet splash through the muddy puddles as I continue on my way. Not only is my mother dying but…Violeta and me will die as well if we don’t get more to eat soon. We’re starving, living off of just about anything we can get our hands on, and even then I hardly eat any of it. I give it all to my mom and Violeta. Things have been terrible since…well, since I’ve been born. My mother was a young mom and my father died in the Hunger Games. I’ve practically had to do everything for my family since I was young. It doesn’t help that District 12 is in such rough shape. Pretty much everyone is starving and people drop dead every day. And on top of all that, this entire day I’ve experience a weird sensation I’ve never felt before. At first I thought I had contacted some sort of illness but then I learned what it was. Fear. For the first time in my life I am experiencing genuine fear. I’m volunteering for the Games today. I don’t have any choice any more. Its either that or face the slow death of starvation. I just can’t handle that. If I win…if I win I’ll become rich and can help my mother and Violeta…if they’re still alive by that time. I turn a corner and come face to face with one person I never thought I’d ever see again.. My father.


I stare speechlessly at him and he smiles at me. How…this isn’t possible. It can’t be possible. He’s dead. I’ve seen him die when they show the repeats of his Games! How can he…

“Salem,” he speaks and I can’t help it. I begin to cry.

“Dad! I…I-I thought you were…”

“Dead? I am,” I stare at him in shock. Huh? But then how…

“Salem, don’t worry about it. You know what you must do. I know you can do it” “But…I can’t dad!” My voice rises to a semi-shriek. “I can’t! I’m…I’m afraid. I fear I can’t…I can’t…”

“You can. I know you can,” I let out a sob. How can he be so sure? “Fear is good,” he continues. “Fear will make you stronger. As long as you can control it. Fear will drive you to be able to do things you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. Those who do not fear are fools”

I nod slowly. He’s right. I…can do this. I won’t allow fear to control me. I will master my fear. I can survive and win the Games if I do so. I will not fail. “Salem,” I look up and see that my father’s form is flickering, like he’s made out of mist. “Remember one last thing…I love you”

And just like that, he disappears.

I sit in silence, the only noise being the sound of the rain hitting the cobblestone. My father…he was here. He told me to win. He said I could do it. Slowly, I rise to my feet and then after giving one last look around, go sprinting off to the square with a renewed strength. I won’t allow anyone to stand in my way.

By the time I reach the square the rain has stopped. I get my blood taken and join the line as I watch the escort on stage, Eiftina Grentson, is giving a speech. Most of the people in the line look just as bad as I do. Life really has been rough for all of us. In fact, it’s been so hard some people have been saying that those who get Reaped are lucky because they won’t have to starve to death. The only downside, they say, is that they’ll get killed, as District 12 hasn’t had a Victor in over seventy-five years. That streak will end if I have anything to say about it.

Eiftina goes to the boys bowl and reads a name of some boy. He begins to hobble onto the stage when someone volunteers. What? Are people really so desperate to get out of this hellhole that they’re volunteering? No, that’s not the reason. As the boy takes the stage he says that his name is Julian and explains that he volunteered for his brother who has bad knees. A few people in the crowd clap for him but most remain silent. Starvation will do that to you. Eiftina then quickly goes to select the next name. I don’t think she likes being out in the wet, windy weather that the rest of us face perpetually. Poor her.

“Jack Cayman!”

Silence. I crane my head around and then see the boy. Or should I say man…or monster…or stone thing. Whatever he is, he most certainly doesn’t look like a boy. He snaps a toothpick between his fingers and slowly walks up onto the stage. He has to be at least six and a half feet and is the biggest, bulkiest looking person I’ve ever seen. I feel like crying. How am I suppose to compete with that? It’s impossible! But just as I’m about to give up on the idea of volunteering, my father’s words come back to me. I can do this. I’ll find a way to beat everyone, including that boy, monster, stone thing named Jack.

He stands on the stage and in comparison Julian looks like a dwarf. I can only imagine how small I’ll look compared to him. Eiftina goes to select the girls name and I quickly interrupt, “I-I volunteer!”

I take the stage and tell them my name before standing beside the others. Julian gives me a curious look but Jack doesn’t even look down on me. As I expected, I’m as small as puppy when compared to him. How did he get so big? I wonder? Everyone in District 12 is starving yet he looks as well fed as you can get. It’s not fair, but life is never fair.

“Thalia Combe!”

A girl with wavy, hazel hued hair walks onto the stage and I know she’ll be a fan favourite already, just judging by her looks. Along with her perfect hair, she has beautiful blue eyes and dappled porcelain skin. I feel inferior compared to her, but I know can still win…but I’m feeling a lot less confident then I was before I arrived at the square. How can someone like Julian and me compete against people like Jack and Thalia and expect to win?

Just as I’m about to lose hope I recall my fathers words. If he says I can win…then I can win. Eiftina closes the Reapings and then we’re lead not to the Justice building but to the train. Once on board I go sit by myself and watch as a man comes in. Since we haven’t had a victor in seventy-five years there is no living victor to mentor so instead this guy is doing it. He tells us that he never actually competed in the Hunger Games and is just a guy, a guy named Stuart. Thalia glares at him but the rest of us don’t mind. Stuart sit besides Jack. “You! You’re pretty big. How do you feel about being in the Games?”

“It’s a mad world…I’ll fit right in”

I’m sure he will. Me on the other hand…if I hadn’t seen my father today, I don’t think I’d be able to continue…but as things stand, I’m determined to win

District 13: Harley Swoop

“Come on Harley, stop staring at that dead bird and get a move on! We’ll be late for the Reapings if you don!” My best friend, Piper Quinn shouts at me. “Yeah, yeah. I’m coming” I turn and jog over to her, leaving the carcass of the bird behind. “Did you see it? How it so stupidly flew itself right into that wall?” “Of course I saw it! It was awful”

“Funny though”

“No it wasn’t. Honestly Harley, sometimes you’re really weird”

I shrug. Watching a bird fly into a wall is pretty hilarious to me. I don’t get why Piper thinks that’s so awful I mean, I once watched a man fall down two flights of stairs to his death and I laughed. A dead bird in comparison is nothing.

We reach the reaping zone and look around at the large assembled crowd in front of the stage. It looks kinda like when people round animals up for slaughter. “Its nearly beginning!” Piper tells me. “You nearly got us killed for being late!” “Really? When have you ever actually seen them kill someone for being late? Imprisonment would be far more likely”

Piper gives me an annoyed look. She’s my oldest friend; I’ve known her for years. Our bond is made even stronger, because I once saved her life. She and Tim, a boy who was both of our friends, were on a cliff edge when it broke and they both had to grab onto the edge to avoid falling to their deaths. I came running to help, but once I got there I realized I could only save one of them. Piper or Tim. It was a tough decision and I don’t remember what went through my head, but in the end I chose to save Piper and Tim fell to his death.

Yeah, I realize that was a rather jerky to Tim, but what else was I going to do? I was running out of time and had to save one of them. What’s better? One friend or no friends? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Piper and me go get our blood taken and then go into separate lines as up on stage our District escort, a man named Escort (Yep. Escort.) And our elderly Mayor, Adam Devils, begin to give their annual speech about us defying the Capitol and yada, yada, and how the Capitol is great, and yada, yada, and how the Capitol is a bunch of crybabies and yada, yada. Really, it’s just a bunch of whining.

“It is time to find out who will be District 13’s first male Tribute to the Capitol!” Escort shouts dramatically and then plucks a name out of the bowl.

“Acheron Bane!”

The name sinks into the crowd for several seconds and then a boy almost completely covered in cloth pushes past the boys around him and heads for the stage. The boy is very pale, so pale; it almost looks like lives in a cave or something. He has long dark hair and has it tied in ponytail. Heh. That’s funny, a boy with a ponytail. Anyways, he also has these creepy dark lavender eyes that dart around, looking at everyone as if he expects them to attack him or something. What a creep.

The boy, Acheron, finally reaches the stage and the crowd hardly reacts at all. Escort, however, narrows his eyes at him and has a weird expression on his face. I don’t know what to call it but it seems weird, almost as if seeing Acheron made him think of something. Eh, it doesn’t matter to me anyway. I zone out and begin to think about what my family will have for dinner. Usually we always have something good in celebration of surviving another reaping. I really hope its— Before I finish my thought Escort calls out the next name. A name that cause me to freeze instantly, the name of my brother.

What the…I open and close my mouth several times as I see him begin to move his feet, a terrified expression on his face. I try to shout, but nothing comes out. He’s just about to reach the stage when I finally find my voice. “I volunteer!” I scream. “I volunteer!”

My brother turns and smiles, but once he sees whose volunteering for him his smile changes into a look of horror. I had to. I couldn’t let him get sent to his death, I just couldn’t. I stand there dumbfounded for a few moments before a Peacekeeper grabs me from behind and drags me up to the stage. Escort examines me with his cold, calculating eyes before asking for a name.

“Uh. Harley….um… Swoop”

He narrows his eyes at me then nods. “Very well,” he turns to the crowd. “Uhharley Umswoop!” Dope. Now I just made myself look like an idiot! Or Escort made me look like an idiot…what kind of name is Escort anyways? I drift to the back of the stage and try not to drown in my own misery and despair when I notice Acheron watching me with his creepy little lavender eyes.

“What are you staring at Archy-on?” I demand and notice for the first time that he’s almost completely covered in cloth. I begin to wonder why, but then I notice the large scar on his face. Ouch. That looks like it must have hurt. He sighs, shakes his head at me, and then turns to watch Escort pull a name out of the girls bowl.

“Kiira Korp—”

“I volunteer!”

A girl with curly blond hair and green eyes takes the stage. She’s smiling, but it looks rather forced. Almost as if this was a last resort tactic of hers. Eh, once again, it doesn’t really matter to me.

“Your name?” Escort asks.

“Violetta Nobel”

He nods and she walks over to Acheron and me. “Hey,” she says timidly. Neither of us responds to her and she looks crestfallen. She then turns to Acheron and looks at his scar. “How did you get that?” she asks.

Acheron lets out a long, loud sigh and turns his head away from us. I want to make some sort of sarcastic joke, but as I try I remember that I just got reaped and let out a sigh of my own. Man, knowing that you’re only days away from having to fight fifty-six other kids to the death can really put a guy down.

“I volunteer!”

I turn to see who the new volunteer was and as I do I nearly faint when I so who it is. Piper! What the cripes! Why is she volunteering?! She takes the stage, and says her name and then once Escort turns away I charge towards her.

“Why’d you volunteer?!” I ask confusedly.

“I volunteered for my sister!” she says and then I feel dumb. Oh. I really should have been paying attention…Well, great. This is just great. First, my brother gets reaped and I volunteer, and now Piper’s sister gets reaped and SHE volunteers! Eek. Maybe I should have saved Tim instead, at least he wouldn’t be going to the Hunger Games right now…Piper reassures me that everything will be fine even though I don’t think she actually believes that herself.

We’re led off of the stage and I get ready to say goodbye to my family at the Justice Building.

The Capitol: Amelia Puregold

This is it, As me and the rest of the large crowd make our way towards the square outside of President Striker’s mansion I think about the upcoming Games. Four tributes will be sent into them. The people of the Capitol are super excited for these Games and I know they will be fully behind the four who go in. One of them will be me.

The reasoning for me volunteering is this. I use to be a nerd and loser at school who was picked on by everyone, but once I went to the training academy and got strong, I also got popular and joined with all of the other popular people. I liked it, but I didn’t like having to bully all of the other nerdy, loser kids who I once was. It just wasn’t right. One day, I was told to beat up a little twelve year old and I refused and was excommunicated from the popular circle. I was once again a loser nerd.

I want to get back at all of those jerks that I used to call my friends. I want to show them all what mindless morons they really are. So, I’m going to win the Hunger Games. That’ll show them! I’m not worried about it at all; my father is a huge fan of the Games and knows practically everything about them.

The crowd filters itself into the square and I get into my place in line as President Striker himself walks out onto the stage to massive applause. He’s a truly great President. He welcomes the crowd and then gives a speech about how great and rewarding the Hunger Games are to everyone in Panem and how our ancestors would never have expected it to become so popular. He then goes to select a name but before he can read it I shoot my hand into the air. “I volunteer!”

The crowd cheers wildly as I walk up onto the stage and I smile as I think about how my former friends will react when they see this. President Striker shakes my hand as I reach the stage and then asks me for my name. “I’m Amelia Puregold,” I reply and smile at the crowd who continues their cheering. President Striker lets this play out for a few more minutes and then steps in to get the second name.

“Flawra Moonshadow!”

Flawra is a girl with pink and purple hair, and she comes up onto the stage and stands next to me. The crowd cheers wildly for her too. President Striker shakes her hand as well and then repeats our names to the crowd to a smattering of applause before going to reap the boys. He reaches an elegant gloved hand into the bowl and pulls out a name.

“Josool Wiranda!”

The audience stirs as they look for the boy and finally a short, fat boy with thick eyebrows and black hair waddles up onto the stage. He keeps looking out into the audience like he’s expecting to see something. Maybe he ‘s searching for a volunteer? If so, tough luck, because nobody steps forward and soon he breaks out into tears and starts blubbering. President Striker gives him a disdainful look and quickly pulls out the next name. I guess he thinks Josool is marring the good name of the Capitol.

“Dexter Malon!”

A boy with dark skin and wild hair takes the stage and twitches as he glances around nervously. President Striker also gives him a disdainful look before going on to give the closing reaping. Since we’re already in the Capitol, we won’t have to travel very far before we reach the Training Center and start getting ready for the Games. I smile as I think about how much the Capitol will love me if I win. I’ll show my friends too!


Day One

Jax Griffin (District 8)

“Come on get up Jax! Its breakfast!” I groan and roll over on my bed. It’s far more comfortable then it was before. I begin to drift off to sleep once again when voice shouts for me once more. Ugh. I don’t want to get up, if I do I know I’ll have to go get dressed and then get ready school and...


I bolt up and take a long look at my surroundings, at the plush furniture and regal paintings on the wall. This isn’t my room. All the memories and thoughts of yesterday come flooding back. I’m not home in District 8, but in the Capitol at the Training Center. I throw my legs off of the bed and stare at my feet, disappointed. Why couldn’t it have just been a terrible dream? Why couldn’t I be in my bed right now? I sigh and get myself dressed before exiting the room and making my way down the elegant hall and into the large dining room, where Mineola and the other three tributes, Tot, Catalina, and Galina, sit. I seat myself down into an open chair beside Tot and Mineola tells me that I shouldn’t have taken so long because she didn’t allow anyone to eat until I arrived.

“You didn’t need to do that,” I mumble, noticing that Galina has a ferocious glare fixed on me. I don’t want Mineola to get the others to dislike me. Thankfully, Tot and Catalina don’t seem to mind too much.

“I didn’t want you to feel left out!” Mineola explains and then we’re allowed to eat. The Capitol may be a bunch of bloodthirsty barbarians but they sure know how to cook their food. It’s probably the most delicious meal I’ve ever had. Once its finished Mineola tells us to go get ready for training and we all get up and head for our rooms. Training will be the first chance I get to really get a look at the Tributes of other Districts, and to get to practice. And I’ll need the practice.

Electronny Watson (District 3)

I stand in line with the other fifty-six tributes as the Head Trainer, Kassius, gives a speech.

“You all know how important training is,” he says while walking down the line of us. “And for those of you who don’t…listen well. For these next few days could be what determines whether you live or die in the Arena” I swallow nervously. That’s a bold statement to make, and the thing is, its probably true. These days of training might just decide who comes out as Victor. “Knowing how to use a weapon is important,” Kassius continues. “But having the skills to use, say, a sword, spear, or mace won’t be of any help to you if you’re lying in a mud pit, dying of starvation or dehydration. You need to learn how to live in any type of environment. All training stations offered here will provide you with the skills needed to survive” he keeps moving down the line and my heart races as I think about this. It’ll be impossible for me to learn everything here in a few days. I’ll need to decide what’s important to me…but what’s important? “Even something as small as making a knot or lighting a fire could be the difference between life and death out there” Kassius stops in front of boy who had let out a contemptuous laugh and stares at him for a few seconds. “This applies to everyone…even District 1”

Kassius steps back and then signals for everyone that training has officially started. Immediately the Careers head straight for the weapons. Already trying to show off their skills, trying to intimidate the weaker tributes. Well, it’s working, because I feel intimidated. All of the other tributes spread themselves out and I begin to feel lost when I spot Elecc (3) and Chip (3) heading across the gym and I follow after them. During breakfast the three of us talked and Elecc posed the idea of us making an alliance with some other tributes, which Chip thought was a great idea. They go to the knot tying station and after receiving some instructions from the trainer we begin to work. Pretty soon two small dark skinned kids from District 11 join us and when Elecc (3) talks to them they tell us that their names are Flora and Seez.

“So…want to join our alliance?” Elecc asks as he finishes introducing Chip and me. “We…uh…yeah…sure” Seez (11) mumbles and Elecc shakes his hand. Flora just stares at us with big brown eyes and though I myself am rather small, she seems to be much lighter and frailer then me. The two of them may not be the strongest tributes, but I think we can trust them more then anyone else out here.

Yuki Kokyu (District 2)

“I say I should be leader”

“Ha. Why should I let you order me around?”

I sigh and sit back on the steps leading to the gauntlet as Cole and Karma argue over which one of them would be the male leader of the Careers. Even though Wayne and Nymph from District 4 had decided not to ally with us, the Careers were still ridiculously large, containing Skylar, Artemis, Cole and Karma from District 1, Fright, Chloe, and Teresa and me from District 2, Fressa and Giller from 4, Amelia, Flawra, and Josool from the Capitol, and the three recruits, Layla from 9, Trent from 11, and that giant stone guy from 12. That makes sixteen and since there’s too many of us for one person to lead, they decided to have both a female and male leader. Chloe (2) was picked as the leader of the females and nobody really complained, but for the male leader we’re having quite a bit of trouble deciding.

“Why don’t we put it up to vote?” I suggest casually. It doesn’t really matter to me who our leader is. What’s the difference? Either way its just one person telling you what to do…in fact I sorta wish we were more like a democracy in our leadership, a voting would help with that.

“Well, I choose Cole!” Skylar (1) says while wrapping herself around his arm. Voices get raised as several more people attempt to voice their opinion and it begins to get rowdy when Artemis steps forward.

“You don’t have to choose now, you know. We have a few more days before we have to decide” Some people murmur their agreement as Artemis continues. “And we shouldn’t be arguing like this. We don’t want the others to think we’re weak. Do we?” Everyone agrees though some seem to do it reluctantly and I think our fighting is over when Chloe (2) addresses Artemis.

“What do you think you’re doing?! I’M the female leader!”

They immediately begin squabbling and I sigh and close my eyes. Oh boy. Here we go again.

Alec Cohen (District 10)

“The Careers seem to be upset,” Alecia (10) comments as we work on the shelter we’ve been building at the Shelter Station.

“Is that so?” I turn and see for myself. The Careers are in a large group beside the Gauntlet, arguing with each other in loud voices. Alecia and me aren’t the only ones watching as I notice that others, including the two girls from 7 and the other pair of twins from District 6, are watching with amused expressions on their faces. Dissention among the Careers is a very good thing for the rest of us.

“What do you think they’re arguing over?” Alecia (10) asks.

I shrug. “Something petty”

We continue working on our shelter and when we finish the trainer congratulates us on making one of the finest he has ever seen. Making this shelter was simple. After our parents died Alecia and me had to live on our own, and we made our own hut to live in and had to get our own food and practiced with weapons in our spare time. Winning these Games shouldn’t be too hard and I’m not worried at all. Except…only one Tribute can come out of these Games and I’ll be doing all I can to make sure Alecia (10) stays alive but I know she will be doing all she can to keep me alive. I am thinking about this when Alecia nudges my shoulder.

“Come on. Let’s go to another station”


Shade Spectrus (District 7)

The bell signalling lunch rungs and Mist (7) quickly heads for the largest table that’s set up and begins to invite people to join him. Ever since the Reaping he has been speaking about making an alliance of underdogs or “Anti-Careers” to fight and compete against the Careers. It’s a very good idea. Once he has gathered everyone he sits himself down on one end of the table and I stand on his right side and look at my potential new allies. Kodai, a boy from District 5 who is quickly devouring a chicken that’s on his plate, Wolbert from 6, three tributes from Districts 8 and 9, a girl from eleven, and a boy from 12, the one who didn’t join the Careers.

“As you all know,” Mist (7) begins. “The Careers usually dominate the Games like a pack of ravenous wolves, while the rest of the Districts scatter themselves in groups of two to three and hope that the pack won’t come after them. Obviously this doesn’t always work as they want, now does it?” Mist’s (7) words are captivating his audience, though some of them are looking around uneasily, as if they expect the Careers to attack them right now. “Simply put, the Careers are the wolves and we are the sheep”

“You gathered us up to tell us that?” the boy from 12 interrupts, an irritated look on his face. “We all already knew that!”

Mist (7) raises his hand for silence and the boy grumbles slightly but doesn’t say anymore. “You’re right. We all know that. But…. nobody has ever told the sheep that they outnumber the wolves” Mist (7) breaks off and looks to the ceiling before turning back to his audience. “Until now”

“What are you saying?” one of the District 9 boys, Folly, I think his name was, leans in with interest.

“Its rather simple really. We all must come together as one alliance and fight the Careers. Become…Anti-Careers”

Silence falls over the table as they all begin to think Mist’s idea over. If they have any brains they’ll realize that this is their best opportunity in overcoming the odds and surviving. If they don’t have any brains...

The boy from 12 lets out a loud laugh. “You’re kidding, right? You want us to challenge the Careers? Place a big red bulls-eye on our backs? I bet that once the bloodbath begins that you and your little lackey standing at your shoulder, will desert us and let us get slaughtered!”

Fool! He’s an idiot! Unable to see past his own nose! His ignorance angers me, but Mist remains calm. “I will not dessert you. You have my word”

“But what good,” the girl from 11 speaks up now. “Is the word of a man marked for death?” A few others mumble agreements and I clench my fists. Can’t they see that this is the most logical decision? That the Careers will continue to dominate as long as nobody challenges them? I’m beginning to think that the plan was a failure but then notice that some of them are still looking at Mist intently, as if they believe in the possible alliance.

“Those who don’t want to be apart of this alliance can—”

“Hey! Move it wimps!” We all turn to see the Careers striding towards us. I knew. I knew our talk could only go for so long before being interrupted. “Get moving!” Trent, the boy from 11 who joined them snarls as he plants his hands onto the table. “This table belongs to us Careers!” Immediately several of the tributes that were listening to Mist get up and dart away. The boy from 12 is the first to do so. Only Kodai (5), who has bits of chicken hanging from his mouth, Wolbert (6), the two from 8, and the three from 9 remain.

“Really?” Mist climbs to his feet and casually examines the table. “I don’t see it written on here”

Trent glares at him and then someone from the Careers tells him to teach that punk boy a lesson. Immediately Trent (11) throws a fist and Mist doesn’t have any time to block it. Luckily though, I do. I shoot my hand out and grab his wrist and land left cross to his jaw. He falls backwards and then Training Staff swarm out of nowhere and grab me.

Dexter Malon (The Capitol)

I had just finished eating and was about to get back to the training when I noticed the large throngs of tributes gathered at a table. I think a punch was thrown and now I watch as Shade (7) gets dragged off by some staff members. I wonder what caused that semi-brawl. At least nobody will be concentrating on me with all of that commotion going on. I head over to the Gauntlets and wait in line as Allana (5) goes. She’s impressive, hoping from place to place and finishing with a flourish.

That doesn’t exactly make me feel confident in my abilities to win. She’s not even a Career! She’s only some girl from District 5 and she seems to be stronger, and more skilful then me! What can I do? I’m great at running and hiding, because I’ve done it my whole life, but you can’t kill anyone by running or hiding from them. I sigh and begin to run the gauntlet. I’m about halfway there when I see something at the top of my eyesight and look up to see Salem (12) sitting in the rafters. What is she doing up there? Suddenly I forget what I am doing and I misplace my foot and go tumbling off of the gauntlets. As I fall I hit my head and hear a sickening crack as I black out.

Day Two

Wayne Defleckt (District 4)

Since I decided against joining the Careers, both Giller (4) and Fressa (4) ignore me while we’re in the apartment. I don’t exactly mind, but it’s a little disheartening to see your district partners treat you like dirt. Nymph (4) isn’t much better, ever since we came back from training she has just sat herself down into the corner of the main room and started drawing. Last night, before we all went to sleep, she randomly began screaming her head off and rushed to the oven to burn the drawing. Needless to say, I was a little creeped out. I finish my breakfast and head into the main room and see Nymph (4) sitting in the same corner, but this time she’s whispering to herself.

"I lost, I lost, I lost the game. It’s coming for me. But I won’t let it have my little teashop for itself. I love you mom, and I always will" Uh. What? She keeps on repeating this and I nervously approach her. “You all right?”

Her head whips up and she stares at me with a horribly creepy face…and then she lets out a bloodcurdling scream.

I backpedal away from her just as Starkly and some white-coated men come in. I guess they think she’s gone nuts, which probably is the case. While they try to comfort her, I head off for training.

Hatch "Fright" Scright (District 2)

When I arrive at the gymnasium I find out from the other Careers that only fifty-four of the Tributes are here. The Capitol boy, the one who hit his head while running the Gauntlets, is still in the infirmary, though they say he’ll be fine soon, which is a shame. I was hoping he’d be the first death to take place before the Games even begin And Nymph (4), the girl from 4 who most of the others refer to us a traitor for not joining with us, just didn’t show up. I don’t exactly think she’s a traitor seeing as me, Fressa (4) and Giller (4) are planning on deserting the Careers after the bloodbath. I approach the two of them right now. The Careers seem to have small groups of cliques. There’s Cole (1), Skylar (1), Trent (11), and Jack (12) who seems to be Cole’s right-hand man now, the two Capitol girls, Flawra (C) and Amelia (C) seem to be friends as do the rest of the girls, Artemis (1), Teresa (2), Chloe (2), and Layla (9). The other two guys, Karma and Josool, don’t seem to be close to anyone. I, obviously, am with Giller and Fressa. The three of us head over to throw tridents.

“So,” Fressa (4) speaks as soon as we’re away from the rest. “What do you two think about the Anti-Careers?”

“They’re weaklings,” Giller (4) laughs and sends a trident into a dummy. “We’ll probably kill’em all at the Bloodbath!” I don’t know about that. They seem to have a few strong tributes on their side. But that’s actually a good thing, as all of the other Careers will be completely focused on them and not on us, making deserting a much easier option. Things are turning out my way so far!

Piper Quinn (District 13)

I go with Harley (13) and Violetta (13) over to the throwing knives station and get ready to throw. We formed this alliance on the train ride to the Capitol, and while Harley (13) initially didn’t want Violetta to be a part of it, he eventually relented and now we’re a three-person alliance. I wanted Violetta as an ally, because I don’t think I can win the Games and I want to make sure that either Harley or an innocent girl who still has her whole life ahead of her wins.

We each take turns throwing some knives. Violetta is pretty bad, being barely able to even hit the edge of the target. Harley and me both consistently hit around the middle of the target, though I’m slightly better then he is. When we finish we step back and I thought we had done pretty well, but then we watch as Chloe (2) goes and I watch in awe as she sends several knives straight into the center of the target, less then an inch apart from one another.

When she finishes she turns and smirks at us before going to rejoin the rest of the Careers. I bite my lip. She’s good. Real good. And its not just her, all of the Careers have one, maybe two, weapons that they are absolutely fantastic with. When we’re in the Arena, just staying alive will take everything we have.

Vision Faith (District 3)

My two allies, Vivan and Kwartz from District 10, and me sit at the edible plants station, listening as the trainer tells us everything there is to know about the plants. Back in District 3, I didn’t get many opportunities to examine plant life and that was one of my weak points heading into training. Well, not anymore because I already recognized each and every one of these plants that have been placed in front of me. I know which ones will kill me, and which ones are safe to eat. I know which ones can grow in a water deprived location and I know which ones are the most common and I know—

“Can’t we go train with the weapons now?” Kwartz (10) interrupts my thoughts. “This is boring. Besides, I’m not learning anything”

“You didn’t learn anything?” I quip, surprised. “But weren’t you listening? He said that this one here was—”

“I know! I know!” Vivan (10) interrupts me. “You and the trainer have told us several times!” I look at her in surprise. I have? I don’t think I have. In fact, I think I was telling them about a different kind of plant the— “And I agree with Kwartz,” Vivan continues and breaking my train of thought. “We haven’t touched the weapons at all yet, and it seems like something we should try at least once” I nod. “Oh goody! What weapons? I’m not very good with weapons. What weapons do you like? I bet you use knives! You look like a knife thrower!”

“How about we go to the axes?” Kwartz (10) interjects. “I really wanna use an axe” I shrug and Vivan says that is a good idea so we begin to head towards the axe station. I’m so small that I don’t even think I can lift an axe. Even though Kwartz is four years younger then me, he is much stronger and taller. I guess me being small and weak is another one of my weaknesses. Some people might say I can’t concentrate either, but they’re wrong. I can concentrate just fine when I want to, its just that there’s usually so much stuff around me that I just want to tinker with all of it and— I bounce off the back of Vivan (10) who had come to a halt and see that we’ve reached the Axe Station. Kwartz (10) moves to go use an axe and I go to sit down when I see a station that looks fun and head over towards it.

Chumps Harvaria (District 7)

I send my axe hurtling through the air and towards the dummy. It hits it in the chest with so much force it falls to the floor. Not that it’s surprising. Two other dummies behaved the same exact way when I drilled them with an axe. Dummies are nothing compared to a living human, and I’ve killed many of those. Once I target you, nothing can save you. I never miss and you will not be able to avoid it. No one can. Except…for the girl standing beside me, my best and only friend, Maple (7).

She’s just as skilled as I am, but while I prefer to throw my axes, she often gets up close and personal. It doesn’t matter though. Either way, once one of us is coming after you, you’re as good as dead.

“Pretty good,” Maple (7) says as finish.

“Pah! Pretty good? Lets see you do better!”

She walks towards the other dummies and I watch as she zips among them, slashing and wrecking havoc on them all. After 30 seconds, they all lay on the floor, utterly annihilated. I knew she would rise to the challenge. It’s why the two of us are so strong; one of us is always pushing the other. This is also the reason why we waited until this year to volunteer, so the two of us could compete together. One of us could have volunteered in past years, but what would happen if the volunteering one died? What would the other one do? They would weaken, for sure. And besides, we’d rather not have to be separated from one another. “How was that?” Maple (7) challenges as she steps back from the dummy carnage. “Good,” I smile. “But I can do better”

Folly Rover (District 9)

At lunch, us Anti-Careers all sit at the same table again. The Careers don’t approach us this time, though they do keep staring at us. They view us as their biggest threat because not only did we challenge them ourselves by choosing the name ‘Anti-Careers’ but also we’re the largest alliance after theirs. The next largest after is contains six Tributes, and none of them look very strong or threatening, so it would make sense for the Careers to target us. “Hey, do you see those three?” Jake (9) nudges me and points at a table where three people are sitting. Sebastian and Allana, from 5 and Thalia from 12. They’re probably among the strongest non-Career tributes here. “Do you know what they’re calling themselves?”

“No. What?”

“The Anti-Anti-Careers”

“What?! You have to be joking!”

“I’m not. They seriously named themselves that,” I continue watching the three as they eat. I don’t care how weird their name sounds, what bothers me is what it implies. We’re Anti-Careers, and they’re Anti-Anti-Careers, so does that make them anti us? It worries me to know that we’re drawing the attention of the other Tributes, even the ones who aren’t with the Careers.

Shade (7) and Mist (7) sit themselves down on the opposite side of the table and are greeted by the rest of us. Huh. I hadn’t noticed they weren’t here. “Where’ve you guys been?” Hazel (9) asks them.

“Talking with Yuki,” Mist (7) replies as he begins to eat. What? Yuki?

“The guy from District 2?” Jax (8) asks sounding as confused as I feel. Why would they need to talk with him? He’s a Career! “Why were you doing that?” Mist has his mouth full so Shade answers for him. “We were making plans. Now be quiet. I can’t tell you about it now or someone may overhear” Sounds good enough for me. I shrug and continue eating.

Day 3

Missy Randos (District 5)

The elevator comes to a halt at the gymnasium and I exit and make my way towards my alliance, Elecc (3), Electronny (3), Seez (11) and Flora (11). The four of them are gathered around the Ropes course.

“Hey Missy!” Electronny (3) greets me as I join them.

“Hi Electronny! What’s new?” Its odd to be acting this normal when I think about my current circumstance, I mean, I’m only a few days away from being in a fight for my life and here I am acting like its just another day in my life. But maybe that’s how I should be acting. Maybe I shouldn’t thinking about the dangers ahead. It can’t possibly help me in anyway.

“Nothing much,” Electronny (3) replies. “But the Capitol boy is finally out of the infirmary” Well, that’s good for him. He at least has one more day to train before we all get judged and scored by the Gamemakers tomorrow. Eva (11) falls off of the ropes and Elecc (3) gets ready to go. I turn and look at Seez (11) and Flora (11). The two of them don’t speak very much and prefer to stand at the back of our group, watching the other tributes train. I know I can trust them though, and that makes them good allies to have. I turn and watch as Elecc (3) attempts to make his way across the Ropes course. He doesn’t get very far, only getting a few feet before losing his grip and falling to the mat. “Nice effort!” Electronny (3) offers and he smiles at her as he makes his way back to us. Both Electronny and me try the course but neither of us fare much better then Elecc (3) and after we finish we head off to find another station to try.

Acheron Bane (District 13)

I’ve gone unnoticed by everyone so far. Not that this is a new experience; people have been ignoring me ever since I disappeared several years ago. No one has paid any attention to me until the Reapings, where even then, I was just another tribute in their pathetic Games.

I look down at the snare I was setting and know that it’s a good one. Back in District 13, I had to hunt for my own food and I’ve set up numerous snares in that time. I needed to only make a few minor adjustments to these snares to make them excellent for taking down human targets. I leave the station and catch a glimpse of the Gamemakers, up above us, watching everyone. My hands feel the pendant around my neck, my only memory of my parents, as I glare at them. They may not have been the ones to authorize the attack on my family, and they may not even know about it at all, but they’re still from the Capitol. They still kill numerous children every year. I can feel my anger rising so I turn away from the Gamemakers and walk away.

Eleith Lightstorm (District 6)

I use the camouflage paints, making my arm the same dark brown as bark on the example tree beside me. It’s good, only slightly different from the bark. I feel a glimmer of hope rising in my chest but it shatters as I realize the fact that being able to hide won’t make me win. I could out live some people, but at the end I’ll have to kill to win. I feel like crying. Every single one of these kids here are trying to kill me, I can’t possibly trust any of them. The huge group of Careers makes me terrified and the new Anti-Careers are even worse, because when my sister was in the Games she formed her own group of Anti-Careers and one of her allies ended up killing her.

I feel tears begin to fall from my eyes as I think about this. If she couldn’t win do it, how can I? I have to out live them. Let them kill each other and starve to death. That’s my only hope…I can’t trust anyone or they will kill me. I can’t trust anyone at all.

Allana Darkbloom (District 5)

Both the Careers and Anti-Careers are moronic idiots. They think the biggest threats are each other but they’re both stupidly overlooking us, me, Sebastian (5), and Thalia (12), the Anti-Anti-Careers. There may be less of us then there are of them, but we’re much, much deadlier.

Both Sebastian (5) and Thalia (12) look like normal, attractive people that aren’t prepared to go out killing, but that’s all an act. Both of them are cold-hearted killers, eager to see the sight of blood. Heh. I’m pretty eager myself. I watch as Thalia (12) practices with a bow, striking each target with pinpoint accuracy. Julian (12), the only other tribute at the station, turns and watches in amazement as each arrow hits exactly where she aims it. His own arrows barely managed to hit the middle of the target. Compared to Thalia (12), he’s nothing. Tomorrow during our private training sessions, he’ll probably get a low score. Thalia (12) drops the bow and walks towards Sebastian (5) and me as the lunch bell rings.

Tot Tenham (District 8)

The bell rings out lunch and everyone begins to make their way towards the dining area when Kassius, the Head Trainer arrives, and tells us all to sit onto two large pairs of bleachers instead. What’s going on? I can tell by the confused expressions on the faces of the other Tributes that I’m not the only one confused here.

Kassius instructs us all to be silent and a large television screen begins to lower down from the ceiling. It flicks on and we’re greeted by the sight of President Striker, sitting in a plush chair stroking an orange cat that sits on his lap.

“Greetings to all of Panem!” he says. “And more importantly, to the Tributes of the 325th Annual Hunger Games!” The tributes around me begin murmuring and I myself am getting anxious. What could he possibility have to say now? Our private training sessions haven’t even happened yet!

“As we all know, this years’ Games are a Quell and we promised you many Twists. The first, which you already know about, was the fact that there would be twice the amount of Tributes competing. I believe, it is now time for a second Twist to be revealed” He stops for a dramatic pause.

Oh god. What could it be? The murmuring around me grows louder as I imagine how of the things that could possibly be the Twist.

“You all believed,” President Striker continues. “That all fifty-six of the Tributes would be competing in one Arena. However, this will not be the case. There will be two Arenas!”

What?! Several tributes begin to shout at the television. Two Arenas?! What does that mean?

“Yes, there will be two Arenas,” President Striker raises his voice now, as if he knew we would react this way. “In one arena, there will be the twenty-eight males, and in the other, there will be the twenty-eight females! To the tributes of the 325th Annual Hunger Games, I say…May the odds be ever in your favour” And with that, the television clicks off.

Immediately, everyone begins talking at once and I nearly get shoved off of the bleachers as people push past me in an effort to get to Kassius and bombard him with questions. I’m shocked beyond words. Two arenas? A male and female arena? Should I be happy or shocked? The amount of tributes I need to outlive has just decreased from fifty-five to twenty-seven but is that actually a good thing? Or does that just mean I’m more likely to be targeted now?

The tributes around me are even more confused then I am. The two twins from District 6, Mimic and Zak who until this point appeared emotionless, are staring at the blank television in shock. The other small alliances are also shaken at the fact that they’re now going to be separated. All this confusion and that Private Training Sessions haven’t even happened yet! I may not know much, but I do know one thing: The whole landscape of the Games has just taken a drastic turn.

Training Scores & Odds

Tribute Name Training Score Odds to Win
Skylar Windbreeze (1) 8 15-1
Artemis Grace (10 9 11-1
Karma Blood (1) 10 7-1
Cole Harrison (1) 11 3-1
Chloe Black (2) 11 5-1
Teresa Silver (2) 8 15-1
Yuki Kokyu (2) 8 15-1
Hatch Scright (2) 8 16-1
Elecctronny Watson (3) 4 57-1
Vision Faith (3) 5 46-1
Elecc Commision (3) 5 42-1
Chip Parks (3) 6 38-1
Fressa Saltie (40 10 8-1
Nymph Mere (4) 3 68-1
Wayne Defleckt (4) 9 12-1
Giller McFish (4) 8 15-1
Allana Darkbloom (5) 8 18-1
Missy Randos (5) 5 42-1
Sebastian Hive (5) 11 3-1
Kodai Hitogoroshi (5) 9 12-1
Eleith Lightstorm (6) 3 69-1
Mimic Slaughter (6) 8 14-1
Zak Slaughter (6) 8 14-1
Wolbert Toonico (6) 7 26-1
Chumps Harvaria (7) 8 19-1
Maple Leaveshade (7) 8 18-1
Shade Spectrus (7) 7 24-1
Mist Scorchil (7) 8 17-1
Catalina Tweed (8) 4 57-1
Galina Von Dover (8) 5 49-1
Tot Tenham (8) 4 50-1
Jax Griffin (8) 6 34-1
Hazel Dyer (9) 4 50-1
Layla Twozone (9) 8 16-1
Folly Rover (9) 7 29-1
Jake Price (9) 7 29-1
Vivan Incomstanti (10) 6 38-1
Alecia Cohen (10) 7 27-1
Alec Cohen (10) 7 27-1
Kwartz Diodin (10) 5 46-1
Flora Sapsling (11) 2 90-1
Eva Destiny (11) 4 51-1
Seez Croppley (11) 3 66-1
Trent Korey (11) 9 12-1
Thalia Combe (12) 11 5-1
Salem Calla (12) 6 37-1
Jack Cayman (12) 10 8-1
Julian (12) 4 50-1
Piper Quinn (13) 8 17-1
Violetta Nobel (13) 5 47-1
Harley Swoop (13) 5 46-1
Acheron Bane (13) 8 16-1
Flawra Moonshadow (C) 8 19-1
Amelia Puregold (C) 9 13-1
Dexter Malon (C) 6 40-1
Josool Wiranda (C) 7 35-1


Chip Parks (District 3)

The Games are only a few hours away. Who knows what’ll happen when they start? The thought of what’ll happen to me has been churning in my head all night and I haven’t gotten a bit of sleep. Instead, I’ve simply been staring at the ceiling, thinking.

The two arenas…I had expected to go in with my full alliance and we already had some plans on what to do. But now that the tributes have been divided my only allies will be Elecc (3) and Seez (11). I hadn’t expected that and I’m sure the Gamemakers still aren’t finished with the surprises. I don’t know how I can win this…I know my sister Kinsey did, but she didn’t win a Quarter Quell, she didn’t have to compete against all of this uncertainty. I sigh and close my eyes. I need to at least get some sleep in before the Games begin.

Wolbert Toonico (District 6)

All four of us District 6 tributes are taken into the elevator and we go down further then we’ve ever done before. I can only assume that we’re going beneath the gymnasium, far underground somewhere.

Once we reach the bottom, we exit out into a dark corridor and Peacekeepers tells us that the Mimic (6) and Eleith (6) need to head down the left corridor while me and Zak (6) go down the right one.

“No,” Zak (6) growls. “You’re not separating us!”

He attempts to push past them but they throw him back and one of them whips out a tazer. “Get moving!” he orders. “Because we have no problem sending your unconscious body into the Arena!” Zak yells and screams at them but gets moving anyway. I try to stay are far away from him as possible. He wasn’t very sane to begin with, but now I think he’s gone completely bonkers.

Hazel Dyer (District 9)

Layla (9) and me follow the Peacekeepers down the long hallway. It’s kinda awkward, as she’s apart of the Careers and I’m with the Anti-Careers. I can only assume she wants to kill me as soon as possible.

The hallway comes to an end and we step into a large circular, hangar like room where a hovercraft sits in front of us. I can see the girls from the other districts coming out of various corridors. Peacekeepers instruct us to board the hovercraft and we all comply.

Eva Destiny (District 11)

I take my seat on the hovercraft between Galina (8) and Salem (12). The three of us were probably affected least by the Twist as none of us have any allies. In fact, I’d go as far to say that this Twist has benefited us because there are now less tributes competing against us and thus, less people trying to kill us. I’m really happy it was such a great Twist.

Alecia Cohen (District 10)

They implant the trackers on us during the hovercraft ride and then we’re lead off us it and into another dark tunnel with our District partner. Eventually the tunnel reaches two doors with our names on it and I enter through the one with mine and sit in the launch room with my stylist. He hands me the Arena outfit and I put it on. Its nothing special, just a jacket colored dark red for District 10, and a shirt, pants, and boots that are the same color. It gives me no indication to what the Arena will be. A voice orders me to enter the tube and I climb in, my thoughts switching between Alec and what I will face on the other side of the tube. The tube begins to rise and the sudden appearance of sunlight burns my eyes as the voice of Herter Templesmith rings out.

“Let the 325th Annual Hunger Games begin!”


Female Arena: The Arena is almost entirely made out of candy. The Cornucopia is in the middle of a large sugared field. To the east is a chocolate river and the only way of crossing the river is via a bridge. On the other side of the bridge is forest filled with giant candy canes. To the west of the cornucopia is a sugar forest. To the south is a gingerbread house and to the north is a orchard of gummy bear trees and past that lies a field of candy corn.

Male Arena: The Arena is in a jungle. The cornucopia is on a beach and to the direct north of it is a long suspension bridge, which leads to a small island, which holds a waterfall. The jungle surrounds the cornucopia on all other sides (except for the west, where the ocean is) in the far east of the arena is some old ruins. To the far south is a circle of large stones and to the north is a pond. In the exact center of the arena sits a giant tree, much bigger then all other trees.

Third Arena: The Arena is a grassy plains with forests, rivers, and lakes. The Cornucopia is situated in the middle of the plains. To the west is a grove of trees which conceals a pond. To the east is a river which stretchs from the far north of the arena where the 'North Lake' is all the way down to the southernmost point of the arena where the 'South Lake' is. A dam sits behind the South Lake. There is a bridge across the river where the East Plains are. Forest surrouend both the South and North Lakes and are named accordingly.

The Games

Female Arena

Day One/Bloodbath

Missy Randos (District 5)

I look around my surroundings, Mimic (6) and Hazel (9) are on my left and right respectively. The golden cornucopia is only forty feet away and numerous items litter the open field between here and there. I look down the row of lined up tributes, desperate to see my allies. I eventually spot both Flora (11) and Electronny (3), on the other side of the clearing. I’ll need to run to catch up with them…


The countdown continues. I nervously glance down the line of tributes; a lot of them have eager looks on their faces that show that they’re ready to kill. The arena seems…odd. The grass beneath the ground looks rather…sugary? And I swear, I think I can see some giant candy canes just behind a chocolate…river. Whoa. Is the arena made entirely out of candy?! That’s unexpected…


The sudden sound of the gong takes me by surprise and I stumble off of my platform and onto the sticky grass. Yes, it’s definitely covered in sugar. I scamper to my feet, snag a nearby backpack, and see both Flora (11) and Electronny (3) running for the candy canes so I follow suite.

Thalia Combe (District 12)

I reach the cornucopia and grab some knives off of a nearby crate and just as I do so I feel something coming towards me and duck and roll as a sword goes swinging over me. I climb to my feet and smile a Skylar (1) tries to regain her balance. “Aww. I thought District 1 was suppose to have good fighters?” I smile as her face twists in anger and she slashes her sword at me again and I dodge this one just as easily as the first. As she turns back around I strike. She doesn’t have any time to dodge and my knife sinks itself into her right eye socket. She screams and drops to the ground, thrashing her arms about wildly.


Layla (9) shouts in anger and comes charging towards me, mace in hand. I take my second knife and send it spiralling through the air and it slams into her throat. She falls and blood squirts out from the wound. Heh. Two bitches down.

Chloe Black (District 2)

I watch as Thalia (12) goes running off towards the woods, weapons in hand. That sneaky little bitch just killed both Skylar and Layla! I send one of my knives whizzing after her but I know it’ll miss. She lives to fight another day. I turn back to the action and see both girls from 13 running off towards an orchard in the distance. They’re both gone too! Damn.

I spot Salem (12) rummaging through a crate and quickly send a knife into her skull, knocking her back to the ground, dead. I walk over, retrieve my knife and look around for more people to kill.

Chumps Harvaria (District 7)

Throwing axes in hand, I watch as Maple (7) rummages through a crate and pulls two backpacks out.

“Get moving!” I order her as I watch the tributes that remain at the cornucopia. Mimic (6) is bashing Flawra’s head against a crate and most of the other Careers are chasing Allana off towards the woods. I don’t see anyone else around. Maple (7) nudges me and points at Alecia (10) who just came sprinting out of the cornucopia and runs for the edge of the clearing. Instinctively, I grab my axe and throw it. It smashes into the girls back and she falls to the ground as me and Maple (7) start running. I stop along the way to rip my axe out of the girls back, taking some of her flesh along with it. Eh. Its not like she has a use for it anymore.

Mimic Slaughter (District 6)

I let my hands slide off of Flawra’s neck and smile at her head, which has a giant bloody hole in it from me smashing it against the crate. She was no match for me. I hear a shout and spin around to see the rest of the Careers running towards me from the edge of clearing. Damn. There are far too many to fight. I pick up a backpack that lies by my feet and take off sprinting in the opposite direction of the Careers.

Day One/Aftermath

Teresa Silver (District 2)


Amelia (C) lets out a shrill shriek and runs towards the prone body of her friend, dropping to her side. Shoot. Three Careers dead?

“That psycho from 6 killed her,” Chloe (2) growls as the remaining four of us gather around Flawra’s body. That much was obvious. We saw her standing over her body before she ran off.

“Count the bodies,” Chloe (2) orders Artemis (1). “And make sure they’re dead” She nods and heads off. Chloe (2) tells Fressa (4) to go make sure no one is lurking around the clearing and I go rummage through the supplies looking for as much medicinal items as I can find. After I do this, I head back to the others, where Artemis (1) is reporting back to Chloe.

“I counted five bodies,” Artemis (1) is saying. Layla, and Flawra are among them, with one of the girls from 10 and the 12 girl you killed” Chloe clenches her jaw and I can tell she’s not happy about this. I’m also upset. Only five deaths and three of them were Careers? That’s very bad news for us. Now instead of being eight, there are only five of us.

“Those Anti-Anti-Careers are good,” Artemis (1) says. “They could be our biggest challenge”

“No, you don’t say!” Chloe (2) growls sarcastically. “Next you’re going to tell me that in order to win, we need to kill everyone else!”

Artemis narrows her eyes but doesn’t otherwise respond. I’m about to step in and put this fighting to rest when Chloe orders us all to get our weapons and supplies ready so we can start hunting.

Galina Von Dover (District 8)

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

I stop walking and look around as the cannons sound off. Five deaths. That means there are still twenty-three girls running about in the arena. Well that’s just brilliant isn’t it? II sit down on a rock that borders the river of chocolate and stare into the brown swirls. Would the quench my thirst, I wonder? I think it would…yeah. Yeah, I think it will. And since this entire stupid arena is made out of candy, I have both food and water, and I didn’t even need to get anything from the Bloodbath! Ha! Stupid Careers, thinking all of the good stuff is theirs. I have everything I need…except for a weapon. I’m not worried about that though, I’m sure I’ll get my hands on one sooner rather then later.

Electronny Watson (District 3)

My feet finally give out and I collapse to the dirt. “Dirt” being a loose term here. The stuff is the right colour for dirt, but it feels and looks more like brown sugar. Missy (5), who had been running behind me with Flora (11) in tow, stops running and leans back against one of the large candy canes that surround us on every side.

“Where. Are. We?” she asks in between pants.

“No idea…I think it’s a forest of candy canes though” I pull myself to my knees and take a better look around. No matter which direction I look, all I see is a wave of giant candy canes and the same brown ground.

“Are we safe?” Flora (11) asks, still lying on the ground and looking completely exhausted.

“You’re never safe in the Hunger Games,” Missy (5) grimly notes. Unfortunately, that’s true. We may have gotten away from the cornucopia and the bloodbath, but I’m certain that there are many more traps just waiting around the bend. After we regain our composure, we move over to two candy canes, which are rather close together and shift through the backpack Missy got.

A sleeping bag, a small knife, and a flashlight are all that is inside. “Disappointing,” I murmur. I was really hoping for something better. I know all of the good stuff is in the center and none of us went very far but…I was hoping we’d get lucky.

“Its better then nothing,” Missy (5) points out, tucking the knife into her belt and handing the flashlight to Flora (11). “We need to try and find better cover. Come on”

Vivan Incomstanti (District 10)


Vision (3) and me both come to a halt as the shape of a house made entirely out of gingerbread looms in front of us. Vision (3) immediately starts towards it but I pull her back.

“Don’t go in there!”

“Why not?”

“You want to go in there? Are you insane?! Do you want to be eaten?!” She gives me a blank look and then slowly nods. I think she has finally understood but then she bursts out laughing.

“Vivan, that’s just a story! There aren’t any real witches. We’ll be fine” Witches aren’t my concern. Well…okay, that’s why I was first wary of this building but…you never know with the Gamemakers. If they wanted a real life witch, they’d make themselves one.

“Vision…I don’t know…”

“Come on! We’ll be fine! Don’t you want to see what’s inside? I do! Maybe I can even figure out how to make my own house like this!” She starts towards the house and I reluctantly follow her, taking my only weapon, a knife, out. Just in case things go…haywire.

As it turns out, my suspicions we unfounded, we push the door open and just emerge into a normal looking living room. Well, as normal looking as room made out of candy can look. Nothing jumps out at us and after rummaging through the stuff we managed to get from the bloodbath, Vision (3) uses a rope to seal the door shut and effectively protect us from any sneak attacks. Unless someone where to sneak through one of the two windows that is. Vision (3) starts to examine almost everything in the room with kidlike glee and I lean against wall next to the fireplace, knife still in hand. I won’t let my guard down, no matter how safe things seem.

Hazel Dyer (District 9)

Me and Catalina (8) have found a rather nice place to cover for the day. Under the bridge that leads across the chocolate river! If anyone were to come across we’d be alerted to their presence and we might also be able to set up an ambush for someone. It’s a good thing we both have weapons. I have my dagger, and Catalina (8) has a spear.

“Do you think the others are alright?” Catalina (8) suddenly asks. I know by the “others” she means the other Anti-Careers. Kodai (5), Wolbert (6), Mist (7), Shade (7), Jax (8), Folly (9), and Jake (9), all of who are in the male arena. It would certainly be helpful having them with us right now…

“I don’t know,” I reply. “I hope so” The odds are against it though. The Careers will most certainly be gunning for them and they might have the attention of the loners and smaller alliances as well. The only reason I’m not worried about everyone targeting us is because we’re only a pair and neither of us received very good training scores. Plus, neither of us killed anyone, which is rather disappointing, as I had hoped to take a Career out. I guess I still have the opportunity to do so later. The sky begins to darken and the both of us try to get comfortable, as we’ll be spending the night here.

Eva Destiny (District 11)

The sun has set and darkness has covered the arena. It’s odd, because usually when it gets dark you can hear the sounds of wildlife, bugs and animals and stuff. But, there is absolutely no noise here except for when the undergrowth occasionally blows in the wind. It’s pretty darn creepy.

Does this mean that there is no wildlife in the arena at all?

Bummer. I was hoping to spot an animal eating the candy, which would prove that it is in fact edible and not poisonous, as I fear it may be. It would be just like the Gamemakers to put us in an arena made entirely out of sweets just for us to find out that it’s all poisonous. Hopefully that’s not the case but…I’m not going to try and risk it until I am one hundred percent certain. Its better to be safe then sorry after all…though I’m beginning to think that the candy is perfectly fine, otherwise, I’d have heard more cannons by now for certainly some other tributes have eaten some already.

I position myself among some of thick foliage under a tree and wrap my blanket around me. This generates a lot of noise in the otherwise silent sugar forest and I hope that no one is close enough to hear it. I close my eyes and try to get some sleep, plans for tomorrow already forming in my head.

Violetta Nobel (District 13)

Its dark as Piper (13) and me continue making our way through what seems to be an orchard of trees that grow gummy bears. Neither of us has said a word since the bloodbath. We’ve been too busy trying to find a safe place to rest. We finally come to a stop and rest under a particularly large tree. We have some good stuff with us. Piper (13) has a sword, dagger, a flare and some bread. I have knife.

As the day inches closer to its end, I can’t help but wonder how Harley (13) is doing. Him and me may not have gotten along very well, but I know he’s Piper’s best friend and hope he’s not dead. On a sudden whim, I begin to ask Piper about the details of her life back home in District 13 and I tell her about mine. I don’t know how long we talk for, but eventually the sound of the anthem cuts in and we both turn our attention to the sky to get a look at the fallen. Skylar (1) is the first to appear, followed by Layla (9). Two careers? I smile but Piper keeps a serious look on her face as the rest of the fallen appear. Alecia (10), Salem (12), and finally Flawra (C). Another Career! What happened at the Bloodbath? Who took them all out? My first thought goes to the Anti-Careers, but there are only two of them in this arena and I don’t think they did it. The Anti-Anti-Careers? Maybe. The two girls are strong...

“I don’t know how to feel about this,” Piper (13) murmurs as the sky darkens again.

“Shouldn’t we be happy?” I ask quizzically. “After all, three Careers are dead”

“Yeah, three are dead. But think of what this will do to the survivors. They’ll be both frightened and angry, which will make them that more dangerous and unpredictable,” she sighs and then turns to look at me” Get some sleep Vio. I’ll take first watch” I do as she says and make myself as comfortable as possible under the tree. The last thing I see before drifting off to sleep is Piper (13) positioning herself against a tree, sword in hand.

Day 2/ Surprise

Teresa Silver (District 2)

In the morning Chloe (2) wakes as all up and after we gather our weapons and items we begin to head towards the outline of the sugar forest because we figure that’s where most of the tributes would have fled.

“Keep your eyes open,” Chloe (2) instructs as we walk. “You don’t want to get yourself ki—”

Two figures appear about fifteen feet ahead of us. One lifts a bow and shoots an arrow, which barely misses me and smashes into Artemis’s (1) face. Instinctively me, Chloe (2) and Amelia (C) all whip our knives towards the figures. The one with the bow rolls out of the way and into the foliage but the other isn’t so lucky. Chloe and Amelia’s knives hit her in the shoulders and mine strikes her right in the forehead.

Boom! Boom!

And all of that happened in less then ten seconds. “After her!” Chloe (2) screams but no one moves. We all saw how accurate that girl was with a bow and none of us want to get an arrow to the face like Artemis did. Artemis…

Her body is lying on the ground, crimson blood pooling around the arrow still embedded in her. Its rather gross to look at and I swiftly turn away from the scene. “You stupid little…If you want give chase then at least check the body of the one we killed!”

Amelia (C) and Fressa (4) both head for the dead tribute, their own bodies tensed and ready for an attack. None comes though and after checking it they walk back over.

“Well?” Chloe (2) asks impatiently.

“It was Allana,” Amelia (C) responds. “So, it must have been Thalia who killed Artemis” Damn, that girl is good! Already she has killed three of us Careers!

“And you let her get away,” Chloe (2) snarls before bending down and ripping Artemis backpack off of her.

“Excuse me? We did?” Fressa (4) sounds both annoyed and angry. “I didn’t see you chasing her down either”

Chloe (2) opens her mouth but I step in before things escalate any further. “Stop it! We can’t afford to argue amongst ourselves! We’re not the enemies here!” “Teresa is right!” Amelia (C) backs me up and I flash a grateful smile at her. “We need to stay united if we want to survive”

“We shouldn’t be surviving!” Chloe (2) explodes, turning to both of us. She wasn’t calmed by our words in the least. “We should be dominating! And does it look like we’re doing that right now? NO! We have ONE kill ONE KILL! And who got that one kill? ME! The rest of you nitwits haven’t done a SINGLE THING!!”

She slams one of her knives into the bark of a tree and then takes a deep breath I guess shoe forgot that I just killed Allana like a few seconds ago. “And for all of our sakes, we’d better rectify this situation” She storms off deeper into the woods and after sharing an uncomfortable look with Amelia (C) before we follow her.

Electronny Watson (District 3)

“There! Its Nymph!” Missy (5) whispers as the two of us spot the girl eating some of the brown sugar off from the ground. Me, her, and Flora (11) weren’t travelling through the candy cane forest for long before we came upon her. She looks unarmed and this should be an easy kill all we have to do is line up a shot with the crossbow I received from my sponsors.

Missy (5) purses her lips together and concentrates as she stares out at the girl, still eating some of the sugar. She won’t be that immobile for long though. “How should we kill her? Knife or crossbow? And who’ll do it?”

“I’ll do it,” I whisper. My chest tightens as I realize I’ll be responsible for ending someone’s life, that I’ll have killed in cold blood. But…it has to be done if I want to come home to my family.

“Are you sure? I could—”

“No. I’ll do it” I don’t want the girls death to be on Missy’s hands. I’ll do it. She and Flora (11) nod at me as I set myself onto one knee and slowly take aim. I won’t have an opportunity for a second shot, so I need to make this one count. I aim it at the girl’s head and slowly move my finger to the trigger…one shot…


The sudden sound of a cannon startles me and I jerk the crossbow up just as my finger hits the trigger and ejects an arrow. It sails harmlessly over Nymph’s (4) head and the girl turns to look at me before screaming and running off. Darn…

“Electronny! Watch out!”

Missy’s (5) scream alerts me and I drop to the ground as silver blade swipes over my head. I roll onto my back and see Mimic (6) standing over me, sword in hand. “Ready to die?” she asks, raising the sword over me. Oh god no…Please. Not now! Mimic (6) begins to bring the blade down when out of nowhere Missy (5) comes flying and slams into her. The two of them fall to the ground and then scramble to their feet as I do so as well. Mimic (6) regains her sword and then faces off against me and Missy (5). Where did Flora…

I spot her before I finish the thought. Or at least, I spot her body. She’s lying on the ground motionless, and her head…Oh no…her head is lying a few feet away, detached from her body. I notice for the first time that Mimic’s (6) sword is stained red.

“You…” I trail off, lost for words.

The girl only gives a devilish smile and begins to walk towards us when something completely unexpected happens.

A thundering roar shakes the arena and I hear a rumble and see, in the distance, candy canes toppling over. Oh…my…

Mimic (6) glances in that direction…and then goes sprinting off, leaving me and Missy (5) alone. Another roar shakes the candy canes around us and I back up slowly. What the heck is that?!

“Electronny…Time to go!” Missy (5) grabs my arm and pulls me. I snap back into survival mode and we both go sprinting off in the opposite direction of the roars.

Nymph Mere (District 4)

I pull myself out of the chocolate river and lay face first on the ground. That girl with the crossbow…I was nearly killed. I would have been if it weren’t for that cannon…It wouldn’t be too bad if I was killed though…I’d get to see mother again and we could share some Assam tea… But…the nymphs don’t want me to die. I lie on the soft ground and close my eyes as the nymphs whisper to me, giving me advice.

“Later,” I tell them tiredly. “Later…” And then I feel myself drift off to sleep.

Maple Leaveshade (District 7)

Chumps (7) and me finally reach the candy cornfields just as night falls. I say we should go hunting through the fields but Chumps (7) says it’d be too risky to go through the tall stalks in the darkness and that we might not see if a mutt or something if one were to appear. I don’t argue and the two of us begin to eat some of the arena candy, opting to save our bread for later. You never know when something dramatic will shake the Games to its core and its much better to be prepared for when it happens. We both make ourselves comfortable and begin to talk about how we will kill all of the other tributes as we wait for the anthem to start.

Vision Faith (District 3)

“I think the Anthem should be starting soon,” Vivan (10) comments as she checks out the window for what must be the five hundredth time today. She’s paranoid and continually thinks that someone will barge in and kill us. While I have no doubt that some tributes out there would actually do so, I don’t see how constantly peeking out a window would help in the slightest.

“It will,” I reply. “There's only five minutes till midnight” “How do you know that?” she turns and gives me a curious look.

“The clock,” I turn and point at the small cuckoo clock hanging on the wall. I’m surprised she never noticed it before, but then again, I’m always noticing things other people don’t. She nods and the two of us cautiously untie the rope around the door and exit. The anthem soon starts and we watch for the first face to be shown.

Its Artemis (1). Wow. That now means half of the Careers are dead in only two days. These Games aren’t going well for them. Allana (5) is next and then she’s followed by the little girl from 11, Flora. I feel bad for her.

The sky goes dark and we begin to re-enter into the house when out of the corner of my eye, I think I spot two moving figures. I don’t say anything though, until we’re back inside and put the rope back in place.

“Are you sure?” Vivan (10) demands as soon as I finish telling her.

“Yes. No. Yes. Well…I definitely saw something. And it looked like two people” “Damn. Help me block these windows!”

We use objects to block out the two windows, only leaving a small hole which we can use to peak out.

“Do you think they’ll attack us?” I ask Vivan as we finish the task.

“I’m not certain. But you can never be too careful. Especially in the Hunger Games” I nod. Even if there were only two tributes out there and they don’t have any plans of attacking us, we still can’t afford to be careless. We both take our sleeping positions, though I’m thinking too much to actually fall asleep, and I know Vivan (10) will stay vigilant all through the night. I wonder what tomorrow will bring…

Day 3/The Power Shifts

Chloe Black (District 2)

A strange smell rouses me from my sleep and as I sit up it begins to burn my nostrils. What the hell is that smell? I look around and notice for the first time that the forest is bathed in a soft orange light and thick dark clouds hang in the air.

The forest is on fire!

I grab my stuff and shout for the others to get up when I notice that they’re gone. Those bitches deserted me! Wait a minute…could…could they have been the ones who started this fire? The more I think about this, I realize it must be true. They couldn’t cope with me, they knew they couldn’t hope to defeat me, so they’re trying to kill me! Well, they’re about to learn that no one betrays Chloe Black and gets away with it.

I bound off through the flaming trees and notice for the first time how hot the forest is. They must have had planned this last night while I slept. A raging inferno suddenly blocks my path and I have to turn and run in an opposite direction. I leap over a fallen log and go rolling to my feet when I hear someone screaming bloody murder, shortly followed by the boom of a cannon. Boom! I can only hope it was one of those traitorous bitches. I hear voices and can tell by the thinning undergrowth that I am near the end of the forest. Voices…its time for payback! I emerge into the edge of the forest and spot all three of them, Fressa (4), Teresa (4) and Amelia (C) standing there, weapons at the ready. “There you are!” I smile pulling two of my knives out as they gape at me in shock. No doubt they thought that I was that unlucky sap who died. “Its time for your comeuppance, you filthy little—”

A loud cracking noise distracts me and I swivel my head up to see a large flaming branch breaking off of the tree and falling to the ground, right towards me.

“Oh hell no…”

Amelia Puregold (The Capitol)

The flaming branch comes crashing down, right onto the Chloe (2) who barely has time to scream before she disappears in a shower of branches and sparks. Boom! We don’t stick around to watch the rest of the forest burn. Our task is done. Chloe is dead.

“Well, now what?” Teresa (2) asks as we come to a stop on the plains that separate the sugar forest from the cornucopia. I can tell that she’s not very happy with what we just did. When I initially suggested it to Fressa and her, she seemed reluctant, and only agreed to it once she realized it was the only choice left. Chloe was too much of a loose cannon. We couldn’t possibly trust her enough keep her around. That just goes to show you, that even in a game of life and death that trust goes a long way.

“Honestly, I don’t know,” I admit. My plan only went so far. I never thought about what to do after killing Chloe. “Maybe we should hunt down Thalia. She’s already killed three of us”

“Sounds good enough for me”

Teresa (2) and me start walking off and I then notice that Fressa (4) isn’t here anymore. Before I can comment on it, something sharp slams into my shoulder and I flail to the ground.

There’s shouting and the sound of running and then I feel something get pulled out of my shoulder and Teresa (2) pulls me to my feet.

“Fressa! She hit you with a trident!” she pants as she begins to drag me away. I try to see around me, but the pain in my shoulder prevents me from turning my head too much. “Just hold still,” Teresa (2) orders. “I’ll fix you up once we reach somewhere safe. For now, try to stay still”

Chumps Harvaria (District 7)

I motion for Maple (7) to be silent and she nods. Through the thin gap between the stalks that hold candy corn, I can just barley make out the Eleith (6), who is standing there completely weapon less. This should be an easy kill. I motion for to Maple that she needs to circle around and she nods and starts moving while I keep an eye on Eleith (6), trying to make sure she doesn’t move. She doesn’t and I wait for Maple.

She explodes through the stalks on the opposite side and Eleith (6) lets out a scream and turns to run but I leap out and send an axe hurtling into her chest. It hits her hard and the force of the impact knocks her to the ground. Boom!

“Easy kill!” Maple (7) calls out lazily as I rip my axe out of the girl. “It was easy,” I agree. “She didn’t stand a chance against us” Suddenly we hear movement behind us and spin around and come face to face with Fressa (4)! I’m about to throw my axe when she puts her hands in the air.

“Stop! Allies!”

I lower my axe. I don’t need another ally. Maple (7) and me are perfectly capable of destroying the rest of the competition by ourselves, but…if this girl did join with us…we’d be unstoppable. “Okay. Allies”

Missy Randos (District 5)

We’ve been waiting on the edge of the river for a while now. Since dawn actually. A few hours ago we watched as the sugar forest across from the gingerbread house burnt down and eventually the fire died off. There were plenty of cannons in between this, three I think, so there’s now only seventeen tributes left in this arena. I wonder how Elecc, Chip, and Seez are doing…or even if any of them are still alive. I hope so. I mean, me and Electronny (3) managed to last this long, shouldn’t they have as well?

She nudges me and I look towards the house to see a silver parachute descending towards it. A sponsor gift! The tributes in the house will most certainly have to come out of there now. Electronny (3) readies her crossbow as the door slowly opens and two girls step out. I recognize them as Vision from District 3, and Vivan from 10. I really don’t want to see either of them die but…

Electronny (3) fires and the arrow strikes Vivan (10) in the back as she’s bent over picking up the parachute. Vision (3) lets out a shrill scream and her friend falls towards her as Electronny (3) begins to reload. But crossbows aren’t easy and I watch as Vision grabs her friend and begins helping her behind the house. Electronny (3) reloads the crossbow and then casts a look at me that says what now? I shrug. I don’t know. Do we risk trying to get behind the house with them? We might be walking right to our deaths if we tried that.

“The girl is gone for,” Electronny (3) suddenly speaks. “The arrow hit her in such a place which pretty much guarantees she’ll die”

“If that’s so…then we should get going”

She nods and we both collect our stuff and move off.

Hazel Dyer (District 9)

As Catalina (8) and me walk down the side of the river we quickly spot Galina (8) running.

“Stop her!” I shout and she spins around and sends a knife whizzing towards us. It goes past me and I see Catalina’s (8) spear shoot past Galina. It misses and she keeps running. I go charging after her and dive, trying to grab the girls ankles. I miss, but my dagger slashes her thigh and as I hit the ground I hear her fall too. I climb to my feet and go charging her. It doesn’t work though, as she shoots her leg out and it slams into my jaw. I go rolling to the ground and I lie dazed on the ground for I don’t know how long and then Catalina (8) comes over and pulls me to my feet.

“You okay?” she asks.

“I…think so…What about Galina?”

“She got away”

Great. I received a boot to the face for absolutely no reason. We decide to stop hanging around the river and we head off for a new location.

Vision Faith (District 3)

My strength finally gives out and I drop to the ground with Vivan (10). I’ve been lugging her around for…how long has it been? I don’t know. I pray that we’re not still being followed, because if anyone were to attack us now, there’s no way I’d be able to fight back. I lie on the grass for several minutes before sitting myself up and looking at Vivan. She’s not in good shape. Blood is still coming out of the arrow wound in her back and her breathing is very shallow. I do my best to try and stem it and try to fix her up but there’s not much else I can do.

“Vis…ion…” her eyes flicker open and I lean in closer.

“Don’t worry. You’ll be fine,” I lie and she slowly shakes her head. “I…we…need…instant relief” Her eyelids flicker and then shut and I know what she said is true. That’s the only way we could possibly heal her now. I really hope she has a good mentor and sponsor…

Teresa Silver (District 2)

“This sucks,” I grumble as Amelia (C) and me sit in the remains of the now burnt sugar forest. A lot of burnt remains of trees and bushes remain, but not much else. It’s hard to see if anyone else is around still though. “This really, really sucks”

Amelia (C) mumbles her agreement. At least she’s completely healed from the wounds that Fressa (4) gave her. My medicines and bandages really came to use here. The Careers are almost utterly annihilated now that there’s only Amelia and me left after Fressa’s (4) betrayal. I don’t know where she went after she attacked Amelia, but good riddance. I hope starving animals devour her. But there are still many of threats left out there other then her. The Anti-Careers, who use to seem so small and weak when we were a large group, are now our size and perfectly capable of defeating us. Then there’s Mimic (6), the two from 7, and of course Thalia (12). All of them are genuine threats. These Games just got much more dangerous.

Violetta Nobel (District 13)

The anthem will be starting soon and I sit myself down besides Piper (13), and our new ally, Mimic (6). Earlier today she stumbled upon us and instead of killing, she offered to become allies. Piper (13) instantly took that deal up and now she’s our new ally. I don’t trust her, but I do trust Piper and she trusts her so I’m fine with it. The Anthem starts up and I look to the sky and am greeted by Chloe’s (2) face. Wow. She had one the highest training score and odds of the girls. Eleith (6) comes next and I murmur in sadness. I hardly knew the girl, but knowing that she’s now dead…it hurts me. It really does. Eva (11) rounds out the faces and then the sky goes dark.

“Not bad,” Mimic (6) grins. “Not bad at all. Especially about Chloe. She was a big threat” Piper (13) murmurs an agreement and then the three of us get ready to sleep. Piper (13) takes the first watch and I’m glad for it. I still don’t completely trust Mimic despite Piper saying she’ll never betray us. That may be true, but she’s just don’t someone I could ever trust. I eventually drift off to the darkness of sleep.

Day 4/Unexpected news

Hazel Dyer (District 9)

I spot two figures, one lying on the ground and the other crouched beside them, and motion for Catalina (8) to be quiet. I recognize them as Vision (3) and Vivan (10). “Get your spear ready,” I tell Catalina (8). “And aim it for Vision…” She nods and slowly moves her spear into throwing position. Vivan (10) seems like she is dying and if we take out Vision there will be nothing stopping from killing her as well.

Catalina (8) is just about to throw the spear, when Vision’s head snaps towards us. She screams and then for some inexplicable reason, Catalina (8) screams.

“Throw it!” I screech. “Throw it!”

Vision turns and runs and Catalina (8) regains her composure and lets the weapon fly. It misses by a mile and Vision runs off into the distance, disappearing from view.

“Why didn’t you throw it?” I ask as we pick up the spear. There’s no need to hurry and finish off Vivan. By the looks of it, she’s bleeding to death anyway.

“I panicked,” she mumbles. “I’m sorry Hazel”

“Its not that bad…at least we’re both still alive”

We approach the fallen Vivan and I have Catalina hand me her spear and I hold it over Vivan and bring it down into her heart. Boom!

I feel bad for doing it but this is the Hunger Games and its kill or be killed.

Electronny Watson (District 3)

Missy (5) and decided that for today we’ll just stay low and try not to get ourselves into any sort of danger. We’re not the strongest tributes in the arena, not by a long shot, so it makes sense for us to try and keep away from any and all dangers. At least for now anyways.

“Where should we go?” Missy (5) asks, flexing the string of her brand new bow, which she received from her sponsors today. We’re both pretty well armed, well, with long ranged weapons that is. I don’t think a bow or crossbow would serve too well in a close quarters battle.

“I don’t know,” I reply. “Defiantly not back to the candy cane forest. That thing is still lout there”

“Right. Let’s just stick close to the river”

“Good idea” The two of us set off.

Thalia Combe (District 12)

You can tell that I terrify all of the little bitches out there because of the simple fact that none of them have dared approach the cornucopia after I made it my domain. I’ve made no effort to hide myself. I’ve been lounging around, purposely looking myself look off guard in the hopes that some little prissy with a subconscious desire to meet death would come over and fight me. Obviously that hasn’t happened yet.

I’ve already killed three people and it felt great each time, but I am disappointed that I have yet to make someone face a long, slow death. I want to make them scream, to beg for mercy and when they get shown none, to beg for a quick death. This is what I want. I may still get my opportunity, since there is still plenty of time left in the Games.

Piper Quinn (District 13)

“Violetta, get moving, find somewhere safe to stay,” I order her as me and Mimic (6) outfit ourselves for the battle ahead. We just spotted the trio of Fressa (4), Maple (7), and Chumps (7), walk past and we planned the impromptu plan to ambush them.

“But Piper—”

“Please Violetta, find somewhere safe. I don’t want to watch you die” “I don’t want you to die either!”

I sigh and then look straight in her eyes. “Violetta, I am not going to die. I’ll be fine. Plus, I have Mimic with me, and she’s a great fighter!” “Okay…but please be careful”

“I will. I promise.”

I watch as she heads off and then turn to Mimic (6), who was watching the whole encounter with a lazy expression on her face.

“Time to go?” she asks and I nod. As we make our way to the ambush position, I can’t help but think about what Violetta would do if she knew that I had no plans on winning this. That I will sacrifice myself for her if I have to. I also think of Harley (13), and if he’s still alive. It pains me to think that he may be dead right now, lying in a coffin on his way back to District 13.

We finally reach our destination, a small ridge that overlooks the place where we figure the trio will come from. Our plan is simple. Once they appear, Mimic (6) and me will use our bows to open fire on them and hopefully kill all three. We duck down and soon we see the three approaching. I notice that one of the girls is carrying a bow and I make her my first target. If we kill her, they lose there only effective long rang weapon.

“Ready?” I whisper. Mimic (6) nods and then we both pop up and fire. My arrow finds the neck of the 7 girl and she falls down as blood spurts from the wound. Mimic’s aim is less accurate and her arrow strikes the shoulder of the other girl from 7. I put my second arrow to the bow when Fressa (4) spots us and sends a trident whizzing right at us. I duck and hit the ground and a second later, I hear Mimic (6) do the same.

Boom! The 7 girls cannon sounds and I wiggle around to tell Mimic that we should get going now when I see something that disturbs me. A trident is sticking out from her skull. I gasp and roll away from the sickening sight. Boom!

Keeping my body ducked, I turn and run.

Galina Von Dover (District 8)

Three cannons, three deaths. So far so good. I stop my walking and take a rest on a nearby rock. I’m thirsty, but there’s nothing to drink so instead I satiate my hunger by eating some of the sugary grass. Its weird, but really tasty. Once I finish I get ready to move on when trumpets sound and the voice of Herter Templesmith booms through the arena. Huh? What’s going on now? A feast or something?

““Greetings to the tributes of the 325th Annual Hunger Games! Now, we all know you thought this Arena would last until only one of you remains, however, this is not the case! Now that half of you have died, we’re taking you out of this Arena and putting you into a brand new Arena where you will be joined by the fourteen survivors of the male arena!” What the heck? Another arena?! Wow. I survived this arena, but now I’m just going back into another!

Male Arena

Day 1/Bloodbath

Elecc Commision (District 3)

The first thing I notice when I rise up onto my platform is all hot it is. It’s extremely humid as well and already I begin to feel myself sweat. The cornucopia is the standard forty feet away and a stretch of sand separates me from it. I begin to think that maybe we’re in a desert but then I notice the ocean behind the tributes on the far side. We must be on a beach. And then when I turn, I see a dark jungle looming behind me.

The countdown reaches thirty and I spot Chip (3) standing on the platform right next to me. Awesome! Now we only need to find Seez (11)… Chip motions to the jungle behind us and I nod and point at a coil of wire that is lying only fifteen feet away from my platform. I know that either of us could put it to real good use.


I rush forward, snag the wire, and then turn and run for the jungle along with Chip while everyone else begins the fight for supplies.

Cole Harrison (District 1)

Its Game time!

I run straight to the mouth of the cornucopia and grab the deadliest looking mace there is and turn to see both Karma (1) and Trent (11) grabbing weapons. “Spread out!” I order. “Don’t let anyone escape!”

I see Julian (12) attempting to drag a crate away. I swing my mace at him and it hits him right in the stomach. He spits out blood and falls to the sand below and I take my mace and smash it onto his head, cracking his skull wide open. Folly (9) comes charging Karma (1) with an axe but before the boy can even swing it, Karma (1) uses his spear to slash the boys feet and as he hits the ground he takes the spear and skewers him right in the heart.

“Good job,” I bark and then get right back into the action.

Sebastian Hive (District 5)

I stand on the edge of the beach, knife in hand as I watch the tributes fight one another. A small boy goes running for the woods and I immediately spring into action, sprinting across the sand and tackle him to the ground. I can now see that it’s Seez, the boy from 11.

“Don’t kill me!” he cries as I pin him. “Please don’t!”

I ignore him and plunge my knife into his soft belly, enjoying the screams he emits. I stab him again, and again, stabbing everywhere I can place my knife. I don’t stop stabbing until he is an unrecognizable bloody pile on the sand. I stand up and smash my boot into his skull before running off into the woods.

Zak Slaughter (District 6)

I pick a sword off of the sand and go attack the closest tribute. Yuki (2). He has his back turned to me and doesn’t see it when I slash my sword at him. He turns at the last moment and instead of striking a killing blow, my blade slashes into his arm. He shouts in pain and then calls out for Jack. Damn it!

I spin and see Jack (12) coming towards us and am readying myself to fight when Wayne (4) suddenly comes running out of the cornucopia and spears him to the sand, where they begin to wrestle. Well, that problem took care of itself. I begin to turn when something grabs my ankle and pulls me to the ground.

Yuki! He’s climbing back to his feet, a knife in his one good arm. Before he can make a move, I drive my foot straight into his chest and he falls backwards. I climb to my feet and as he gets onto his knees I swing my sword down onto him. The blade sinks itself into his skull and I kick his body over. I’m one step closer to being reunited with Mimic! Now, I must attend to the other tributes…

Mist Scorchil (District 7)

Yuki! No!

Using one of my two axes, when Zak turns around I send it spiraling towards him. He hits him directly in the chest and he tumbles over backwards, certainly dead. “Mist! We need to go! Now!” Shade (7) is at my side and pulls me by the arm. Right. We need to get out of here. I spot the rest of our alliance, Kodai (5), Wolbert (6), Jax (8), and Jake (9), standing at the edge of the jungle, waiting for us. I take one last look at Yuki’s (2) body and then Shade (7) and me go sprinting for the safety of the jungle.

Josool Wiranda (The Capitol)

I watch as two boys go running for the jungle and take aim with my bow. Even after scoring a 7 in training none of the other Careers take me seriously. Its time to prove them wrong!

The two are about to reach the end and I know I’m running out of time. I release the arrow and watch as it sails through the air and then, just as the boy is about to enter the woods, it strikes him in the legs and he goes tumbling into the undergrowth.


I wave my bow in the air in celebration and turn around to see that the grappling match between Jack (12) and Wayne (4) is still going on. No other non-Career remains in the vicinity so I plop myself down onto a crate and watch the brawl along with the other remaining Careers. Unlike me though, they’re on their feet and have their weapons drawn as they watch.

Jack (12) gets himself on top and gets his hands around Wayne’s (4) neck. Wayne seems to have tired out and he doesn’t move as Jack gives his neck a savage twist, snapping it and killing him instantly.

“Good job Jack!” Cole (1) shouts as he rises to his feet and nonchalantly dusts off his jacket. “Group up everyone!” Cole orders and I struggle to pull myself off of the crate and walk over.

“I want you all to—“ he breaks off mid sentence and looks at all of us. I have no idea what he’s doing, but when he continues, I find out. “Where are Giller and Hatch? I didn’t see either of them die” He orders us all to search the area for all bodies and after we find them all, totaling six, including Yuki who was one of us, neither Giller (4) nor Hatch (2) are accounted for.

“Where the hell did they go?” Trent (11) grumbles irritably.

“Its rather simple to figure out,” Karma (1) replies as he sits on the sand examining a dark red substance…wait…is he looking at blood? Whoa. Creeper alert! “They betrayed us”

“Damn it!” Cole (1) slams the butt of his spear into the ground. “I knew we couldn’t trust them!” Really? I don’t recall him ever saying we couldn’t trust them, I heard him say it about me, but never them. I don’t think it would be wise for me to point that out though. “Get everything you need now!” he continues. “We’re going hunting, and we’ll kill everyone we see. Even those two traitors”

Day One/Aftermath

Tot Tenham (District 8)

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! I run across the rope bridge and once I reach the other side, I dive into some bushes. I know for a fact that another tribute ran across the bridge, though I’m not certain as to whom it was. It doesn’t matter who though, when everybody is out to kill you. I can hear the chirping of insects and other animal noises as I lay on the ground, thinking. I don’t have any supplies of any sort, and I’m not entirely sure on how to get food out in the wild. Back in District 8, you’d be hard pressed to find a tree, yet alone a jungle. The only way of getting supplies, or at least the only way I can think of, is hoping for a sponsor gift. It’s unlikely though. Who’d want to sponsor a nobody from District 8 like me? I climb back to my feet and look around and pick a random direction and begin walking. Hopefully something good happens.

Chip Parks (District 3)

Elecc (3) and me have found a pretty good place to rest. In a large clearing, circles of giant stones sit, some stacked on top of one another. It looks a little like a giant sundial. Or maybe it’s something that would be used in an ancient ritual. I don’t know. “Where do you think Seez is?” Elecc (3) asks quietly. I don’t answer. I have horrible suspicion that I know exactly where he is, but I don’t want to jump to any conclusions just yet. I’ll wait for the Anthem tonight and see if I’m right or wrong. And this is one of the few times where I want to be wrong.

Jake Price (District 9)

“I’m telling you, I’m fine!” Shade (7) impatiently waves Wolbert (6) and Mist (7) off as they attempt to have another look at his leg. Just as we thought we’d gotten away from the Bloodbath with only losing Folly (9), an arrow came out of nowhere and struck Shade in the leg. It wasn’t easy, dragging him through the thick jungle, but there were many of us so we managed to do it. We managed to get to some sort of ruins before stopping and trying to fix his leg. We pulled the arrow out and cleansed the wound with some water and then luckily Wolbert found some painkillers in his backpack. This whole thing was rather luck actually. “I need to make sure it’s not infected,” Wolbert (6) tries to explain but Shade shakes his head.

“And if it is, you’ll do what exactly? I mean, thanks for cleaning it and giving me painkillers, but we can’t just worry about me. The Careers will be hunting us and there’s other tributes and mutts to worry about as well”

Makes sense to me. Mist (7) orders us all to check or packs and then tells Jax (8) and Kodai (5) to go investigate the ruins behind us. He begins to converse with Shade (7) and I draw images into the dirt with my sword. I’m not certain how many tributes are dead, or how many of them are from the Careers, but I think we have to be the strongest alliance left at this point. And that’s worrisome. I know that usually all of the loner tributes and the smaller alliances target the Careers, but what do they do, if we’re stronger then them? Will they target us instead? And what if we’re the same strength as the Careers? What then? Maybe I’m just over thinking this, because we’re going to get attacked by someone anyway. “You okay?” Wolbert (6) asks crouching down beside me.

“What? Oh…yeah. ‘Course”

“Good. Just keep an eye out. That jungle is thick and god knows what is lurking around in there, human or otherwise”

I nod. That jungle is probably the biggest threat in the arena right now. Anything could be concealed in there, be it a trap, mutt or tribute. We’re going to have to stay extra vigilant.

Kwartz Diodin (District 10)

I hate this stupid jungle! No matter where I go, everything looks the same! I’ve been walking for hours but I’m not even sure if I’m far away from the cornucopia or close to it.

I stop walking and sit down on a fallen tree. I look around but don’t see anything remarkable. Just more jungle. I wish that either Vivan (10) or Vision (3) were here. I’m sure they’d be better at this then I am. Its getting dark so I find a tree that looks fairly climbable and climb it as high as I dare to. I don’t want to fall off during the night and fall to my death. That’d be a stupid way to die.

Trent Korey (District 11)

Us Careers aren’t in a good mood. After we entered the jungle on a hunting patrol we didn’t find anyone and pretty soon it began to rain. Hard. Even though we were under the thick canopy of leaves the rain manages to drench us and we’re all pretty angry.

We come into a clearing and spot a gigantic tree sitting right in the centre. A large opening sits under it and we all rush into it, where we’re protected from the rain. Josool (C) collapses to the ground and I sit down and lean by back against the side of the tree. Its nice to be out of that rain.

“At least there’s one good thing about this rain,” Cole (1) growls as he sits beside me.

“What’s that?”

“The other tributes have to put up with it as well”

I didn’t think of that. That’s a very good thing then. It certainly makes me happier, knowing that everyone else out here is just as wet as I am. Well, actually maybe I’m drier now that I’m under this tree.

“Karma, Jack, you two will have first watch,” Cole (1) says and the two of them nod. The other three of us begin to find comfortable sleeping positions. There’ s no need to stay awake to watch the anthem when we already know who died at the bloodbath.

Dexter Malon (The Capitol)

I can’t believe my luck! The Careers have left the cornucopia completely undefended and I quickly moved in to grab all of the supplies I could carry. I was going to dash away then, but the fierce rain deterred that idea and now I’m just going to wait for the morning and then come up with a plan. People may have been underestimating me during training but now its time for me to show them all my skills.

As I sit in the shelter of the cornucopia, I examine all of the stuff. I can’t carry it all with me, but as long as I’m here its all mine. The stuff I can carry with me is a blowgun, twelve darts I found, a knife, a net trap, and plenty of food and water. I hear the sound of the anthem starting and exit into the rainy weather to look up into the sky as the seal is replaced by the face of Yuki (2). A Career, He deserved to die here, just like all of the Careers. Wayne, the freakishly muscular boy man from 4, follows him. Zak (6) and Folly (9) then come and I’m surprised by the amount of strong tributes being shown. The next two faces aren’t surprises though and were expected, Seez (11) and Julian (12). I go back into the cornucopia and go to the way back, where it’s warmest. I close my eyes and try to get some sleep.

Day 2/Anticipation

Wolbert Toonico District 6)

In the morning, Mist first gathers us all up and gives us ranks. He’s leader, of course. Shade is the second-in-command, I’m the Sergeant at Arms, Jax (8) and Jake (9) are soldiers, and Kodai (5) is our Special Operative. I guess this technically means Jax (8) and Jake (9) are at the bottom of our hierarchy order but they don't seem to mind. After he finishes this, Shade (7) sends Kodai (5) and Jax (8) to the top of the ruins to serve us lookouts and has Jake (9) come with him to set traps up in the forest. As he leaves I notice that he still has a slight limp in the leg where the arrow struck him. We didn’t receive any medicine today and I’m worried that it might have gotten infected, which would be pretty terrible for all of us.

Mist (7) has me help him craft some wooden armor. It isn’t easy and I think the stuff looks pretty shoddy, but Mist tests it out and it appears to be pretty good at deflecting slashes and light weapons. It won’t stop an axe, mace or heavy weapon stab, but its better then just wearing our plain clothing. We don’t have enough supplies to make it for everyone though, and we settle for just him, Shade and me. We then go back into the shelter of the ruins and wait for the others to return.

Tot Tenham (District 8)

I come upon a large river and follow it to a waterfall and spot an opening to a cave beside it. Its pretty well concealed and I figure most people would overlook it. Seems like it could be good shelter. That’s the only thing I’m really missing now, after my awesome sponsors sent me a sword, some dried meat, and water. I hadn’t expected to receive anything, but with all the stuff I got, I think I must be pretty popular back in the Capitol. Unless every other tribute got more stuff then me…

I enter the cave and wrinkle my nose, as the sudden smell of old shoe hits me. Its terrible smelling but…the smell will most certainly keep other tributes way. I continue cautiously, my sword at the ready. You never know when a mutt will spring out and attack you.

The cave eventually starts spiraling upwards and I enter into a larger cavern and can see that I am behind the waterfall now; an opening shows the water thundering past. Wow. That’s an awesome sight.

Suddenly a small silver object comes hurtling out of the shadows and strikes my sword. I drop it in surprise and as it clatters amongst the rocky ground a shape comes sprinting out of the darkness and tackles me to the ground.

Alec (10)!

He raises a fist and I can see a small silver star in his hand. A shuriken! He begins to stab towards me when I jerk my knee up and strike him right in the groin causing him to gasp and roll off of me.

I climb to my feet and pick up my sword. Alec (10) continues to roll around the ground in pain and I know I can finish him if I want but…my moral conscience stops me. I can’t kill a boy in cold blood. I just can’t. I turn and begin to run for the cave exit when something sharp hits my shoulder and I stumble the ground. I skin my knees as I fall and then I’m pulled to my and spun around. I just see the face of Alec (10) before he punches me in the face and throws me to the ground I roll for a few feet and then come to a halt right beside the waterfall window.

I desperately crawl to my feet and watch as Alec (10) comes towards me again. He begins to throw another punch and I duck it and the momentum of the punch carries him forward and I give him a shove and he goes flying down the waterfall. I drop to my knees and start panting heavily as the boys cannon sounds. Boom!

Giller McFish (District 4)

Fright (2) and me walk through the jungle, weapons at the ready. We have a large target on our backs, because both the Careers and Anti-Careers will be gunning for us, the Careers especially, after all we deserted them. I’m not worried in the slightest though. I know the two of us are stronger, faster, and smarter then all of them. The two us are heading out of the jungle though. It’s just not smart to stay here when it’s probably jam packed with tributes out to kill us. We exit the jungle and see that we’re on the beach where the Games started and can see the cornucopia shining in the mid-morning sun. We ignore it though, and instead head across the suspension bridge that leads towards what appears to be a small island. We cross it without any trouble and then quickly explore the island. There’s not much to see though and eventually we just decide to take a rest and wait.

Kwartz Diodin (District 10)

The jungle is extremely hot and humid. Already the rain from yesterday has died down and seemingly dried up. Exhausted, I continue through the jungle. The bushes grow thick and wild and I begin to use my axe to cut a path. It’s just too much hassle to try and push through everything. My axe slices through some particularly thick vines and…something else. I frown as I see what seems to be a brown vine and rub it between my fingers. It feels funny, though I’m fairly certain it’s just a normal vine. I give it an experimental yank and as I do so I hear a creaking and look up to see a net hanging over my head, holding several large rocks. I drop the vine in shock and the net drops. I have just enough time to open my mouth and scream before they smash into my skull. Boom!

Jack Cayman (District 12)

“Where the hell is everyone?” Cole (1) growls as the five of us approach the large stone circle. “The Arena isn’t that large. How can’t we find them?” No one answers and we stop to rest once we reach the circle. I ain’t too upset about not finding anyone today. If things get too boring and stale the Gamemakers will find a way to shake things up. Most of the others are eager to stick their weapons into the Anti-Careers, but truth be told, I ain’t too excited for that opportunity. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not a softie who fears a brawl. I just like people with guts and those Anti-Careers showed a lot of guts by just naming their alliance the "Anti-Careers". ‘Course they all need to die for me to live, but I’d rather it be later rather then sooner.

“They have to be out there somewhere,” Josool (C) says while biting into a bit of beef he had pulled out of his pack. That fatso is always eating.

“Figured that one out on your own did you?” Trent (11) growls glaring at him. “Its not like you do anything anyway you’re—”

“Just shut up!” Cole (1) interrupts. “There were two cannons today and that means that two tributes died. Neither of them were killed by us, so if it was the Anti-Careers who killed them…then they know we haven’t gotten any kills today”

“And that means…?” Trent (11) asks.

“They’ll be thinking that we’re weak!” Cole (1) snaps at him. “And they will be underestimating us”

“Isn’t that a good thing?” Josool (C) asks with a confused look on his face. “Why do we want them to target us?”

Trent (11) turns to state at like he’s an idiot, though I think he has a fair point in this case. It might be better for them NOT to think we’re strong. That way they won’t be paying us any attention and we can catch them unawares. I doubt anyone would actually be underestimating us though. We’re trained and deadly. Oh, and I’m an unstoppable monster. People don’t tend to underestimate those.

Harley Swoop (District 13)

Its dark and the only thing I can hear is the constant chirping of bugs. I don’t like them. Not only do they make those horrible noises, but they also drown out almost every other sound, making it difficult to know if someone is sneaking up on me.

I’ve been hiding in the thick undergrowth around the pond for the entire day. If someone were to come I’d shoot them with my bow, but I’m not going to go out looking for them like a moron. That’s a sure-fire way to get yourself killed. The anthem starts up and I look to the sky. Hopefully some Careers or Anti-Careers died today…

Unfortunately that’s not the case and the only two faces to appear are both of the boys from 10, Alec and Kwartz. Two loners dead. That doesn’t bode well for me in any way, as I myself am a loner. I climb back into the undergrowth and hold my bow close. I will not allow myself to be killed. Not today, not ever.

Day 3/Change

Josool Wiranda (The Capitol)

Under Jack’s (12) and Cole’s (1) instructions we leave the stone circle and begin to head back towards the cornucopia. I think this is a good plan, as it’ll give us a chance to resupply ourselves as well as being able to see whether or not somebody else is hanging out the beach. I don’t think Trent (11) fully agrees though, as he’s glaring at both Jack (12) and Cole (1) whenever they’re not looking.

We arrive at the cornucopia without any incidents and everyone begins to go over the weapons while I poke around one the edge of the clearing. Maybe there will be some nice items that aren’t weapons lying around. Winning these Games will take more then just brute strength. Not that any of those imbeciles would ever understand that though. I hear shouting and spin around to see Trent (11) falling to his knees, his hands clutching his throat as he gags and coughs.

“What the hell happened?” Jack (12) shouts and rushes to help him as he falls to the ground and begin to roll around as his skin turns purple and large blisters begin forming.

“Did you see anything?” Cole (1) asks me I shake my head no and judging by my horrified expression on his face, he knows I’m telling the truth. I turn back to the grisly scene and watch as Trent (11) gives one last twitch and then goes still, his skin a deep shade of purple and the large blisters covering him from head to toe. Boom! “How did this happen?” Cole (1) asks walking over, I follow behind him.

“He was eating an apple,” Karma (1) replies, pointing to the fallen fruit which lay just beside the now dead Trent’s body. “Someone poisoned all of the food we left behind at the cornucopia”

Everyone falls silent and looks over at the large piles of food that still remain. We can’t eat any of it, as it could all be poisoned. This isn’t good. This really isn’t good.

“Don’t touch anything you didn’t already have!” Jack (12) orders. “And lets go. Now” He walks for the jungle and after a few seconds the rest of us follow him, still in shock over what just transpired.

Jax Griffin (District 8)

Jake (9) and me finish laying the net trap we were instructed to set and head back to Kodai (5), who is overseeing this “operation” as he likes to call it. I don’t think he’s altogether sane, as he often mumbles to himself and talks about how he urges to kill. In fact, I was initially a little worried that he’d turn on us and kill us, but Jake (9) reminded me that he’s completely loyal to Mist (7) and wouldn’t go against his orders. That put my worries to rest…until I wondered what would happen if Mist (7) decided he wouldn’t need us anymore. I try not to dwell on that though. Mist (7) gave us his word that he wouldn’t abandon us and I believe him.

“Set the trap?” Kodai (5) asks as we approach where he stands beside a tree. “Yeah,” Jake (9) answers. “Its all ready”

“Good, good, good,” He chuckles and examines the dagger he holds in his hands. “Soon it’ll be time to carve up those Careers. And the others” He lets out another long chuckle and I feel myself get a little more uneasy.

“Let’s get moving,” Jake (9) interrupts his laughter. “We’ve set all the traps and need to report back to Mist” He heads off and I begin to follow but I sense Kodai (5) isn’t moving and I turn to him.

“Aren’t you coming?”

“Yes, yes. But…we didn’t kill anyone yet,” Jeez. Can you sound anymore insane then that?

“The traps will do that”

He lets out a disappointed sigh then walks past me, following Jake (9). Well, he may be insane but…I still think he’s a good ally. He’s like an attack dog. You don’t want to pet or play with him, but when you need to take care of your enemies he’s probably the best ally you could have. Feeling marginally more upbeat, I follow after the two.

Sebastian Hive (District 5)

The sound of footsteps causes me to freeze. Someone is nearby…someone who will need to die. Now.

I hide myself amongst them bushes and watch as the figure emerges from the undergrowth. Its one of the boys from 13, and he’s lugging a huge war scythe with him. That weapon is most likely why I heard him coming. I don’t remember much about this boy, and that’s odd. I watched almost every single tribute during training, trying to learn about their weaknesses and strengths. But I don’t remember this kid. I can’t even recall what his name was!

It is a little worrisome, but I can still eliminate him. I grip my knife in my hand and watch as the boy walks past my hiding place, still unaware of my presence. He may have a much stronger weapon then I do, my I have the element of surprise.

I leap out and jump onto the boys back. He collapses under my sudden weight and his hands slip off of the scythe as I dig my knife into his shoulder. He lets out a loud scream and with shocking strength, he turns and throws me right off of him. I hit the ground and quickly get back on my feet. His shoulder is bleeding heavily, way to heavily for the wound I inflicted upon him. Its almost like I cut open an old scar…

The boy climbs to his feet and whips a knife out before lunging at me. I use my free hand to grab his wrist but his body slams into mine and we both fall to the ground. His free hand grabs my knife hand and we both struggle to our feet, attempting to break the others grip. The first to do so will most certainly be victorious. His hands begin to waver and I am about to break free when he pushes forward and my back slams into a tree. My spine screams in pain and I drop my knife. The jumps backwards though and doesn’t finish me off. What the hell is he doing? I struggle to get to my feet and as I do so I spin around, trying to spot the boy. Where’d that little head go? I hear a noise and spin around to see the boy, swinging the war scythe straight towards my neck.

Oh fu—

Hatch "Fright" Scright (District 2)


“That’s the second cannon,” I remark a few moments after it sounds. That’s good. Lots of people are dying and we don’t even have to do the killing. Giller (4) mumbles something and we get off of the shore of the island and begin to investigate further. We come upon a waterfall and Giller (4) quickly manages to spot what looks like a cave opening beside it.

“Think anyone’s in there?” I ask quietly.

“One way to find out”

He raises his trident and then sends it hurtling into the opening of the cave. We wait, expecting to hear a cry of pain, a cannon, or something. Nothing happens though. Giller (4) frowns and then motions for me to cover him as he stealthily begins enter the cave. I hold my spear, waiting for a signal. He turns and gives me a thumbs-up.

“Nothing in here?” I ask joining him in the cave. I notice that there’s a tunnel, which seems to spiral upwards. “We gonna follow that?” Giller (4) nods and we both head upwards and enter into a much larger cave. We can see the waterfall thundering past and we much be behind it.

“Its empty,” I note as Giller (4) approaches the far wall. “Though, it looks like someone was here before…” Several small silver objects litter the floor and they look vaguely like stars. Shurikens perhaps?

Suddenly Giller (4) gives a shout and I spin around to see a boy with a sword leaping out of the darkness towards him. Giller (4) ducks and the boy’s sword smashes into the cave wall. I use this opportunity to take my spear, and send it hurtling towards the boy. He doesn’t even see it coming and it hits him in the back. He falls and Giller (4) quickly pins him to the floor but then gets off as he sees that he’s dead. Boom!

“Who was it?” I ask walking over and removing my spear from the boy’s body. I’m not good at recognizing people.

“Tot. From District 8,” Giller (4) replies picking up the boys fallen sword. “Nice kill by the way”


We search the boy’s body and find some dried meat and water. Eh. He didn’t have very much with him, but then again, he was a weakling from district 8. We dump his body down the waterfall and decide that this cave will be a good place to spend the rest of the day.

Chip Parks (District 3)

From our position, hidden amongst a group of rocks on the beach, we watch as the Careers leave for the jungle. One of them died, Trent (11), I think, but it wasn’t due to the trap we set up in the mouth of the cornucopia earlier this morning. In fact, none of them even managed to go that far in and active it before he dropped dead.

“What do you think happened?” Elecc (3) whispers as the last Career disappears from sight.

“No idea. Poison, maybe?” it’s the only thing I can think of. Also, I think I heard one of the Careers mention it as they walked off.

“If that’s so, then the whole cornucopia just became a death trap,” Elecc (3) says. He’s right. All of the food is poisoned and the trap we sent up is still active, meaning that the cornucopia is effectively useless to everyone now. I’m glad we didn’t take any food from it while we were there. Elecc (3) suggest that we stay on the beach for the remainder of the day and I agree.

Mist Scorchil (District 7)

“The Anthem will be starting soon,” Shade (7) tells me as we sit on the edge of some ruins, discussing our plans for tomorrow. I was a little worried that the wound in his leg would seriously hurt or even potentially kill him soon, but thankfully his mentor sent him some disinfectant today and now it seems to have almost completely healed. Its remarkable really. The anthem begins to sound off in the sky and the others come towards us as we wait to see who died today. I’m extremely surprised by the first face to show up, the face of Sebastian! Wow. I hadn’t expected him to die, at least not this early. Who killed him anyway? I expected it’d have to be one of us who’d take him out. Hmm. The next face to be shown is Tot (8) and he’s not surprising compared to the first. The final face to show up is Trent (11) and I’m surprised but happy. Another dead Career is very good for all of us. Soon as the anthem ends everyone begins speaking at once.

“I didn’t think Sebastian would die so early”

“I guess he wasn’t so tough”

“But who killed him? The Careers?”

“Our traps, maybe”

“Or another tribute…”

They continue talking and Shade (7) and me walk a few feet away from them. “What’s your thoughts?” he asks me.

“Well, obviously its good news that those three are dead but…"

“But what?”

“I’m worried about the Gamemakers and what they’ll do. They might want to shake some things up. Plus, there are still six Careers out there. We have to be wary of them” Shade nods. He understands my concerns perfectly. We may be sitting pretty right now, but it wouldn’t take much to send us all to our deaths in a matter of moments. That’s why we must always be prepared.

Day 4/The End?

Jake Price (District 9)

As the sun rises, Mist (7) gathers all of us and tells us that for the first time since the Games started, that we’d be relocating from the ruins. As we begin to walk, I try to formulate an opinion on the matter. I’m not sure how I feel to be honest. The ruins were pretty great shelter but I know the Gamemakers would intervene at some point, so we had to leave eventually. Our walk through the jungle is eventless and we reach the beach and cornucopia.

“Okay guys,” Mist (7) turns to address us all. “Its time I revealed some things to all of you” He goes on to tell us exactly why he was talking to Yuki (2) during training and why he was so upset when he died. He was supposed desert the Careers and join up with us later in the Games. I guess this is news? Honestly, I had always thought that was the reason. I had never thought Mist was conspiring against us…but now…the way he’s trying to cover his tracks seem a tad bit suspicious.


A shout interrupts our meeting as Wolbert (6) examines a nearby tree. What’s happening? We all walk over and Shade (7) asks him what’s up and in answer he points at the bark of the tree where words have been written.

"I would like to join the anti-careers, do not attack me when I appear. Leave a check on this message if you are ok with this. Jack Cayman, D12"

“No way!” Jax (8) blurts out first. “No freaking way are we letting that guy in! He’s probably going to rip our spines out or something if we do!” I agree. I don’t want that murder loving capitol tool to ally with us. However, when I turn to look at Mist (7), he appears to be taking this proposal seriously.

“You’re not actually thinking of allowing him to join…are you?”

“We need to keep all options open,” comes his response. I groan inwardly at this and I can see Jax (8) clench his jaw slightly. Neither of us are too fond of this. Mist (7), Shade (7), and Wolbert (6) talk it over for a few minutes and then Shade (7) goes over and carves a checkmark into the tree, right next to the message. “Now,” Mist (7) speaks and draws my attention towards him. “We need to send out a hunting party, to kill off some of the others. Jax, Jake, you two will go do this” Sheesh. Am I selected to do all of the dangerous stuff? I reluctantly gather my stuff and Jax (8) and me set off.

Josool Wiranda (The Capitol)

“Wake up!” A sharp kick hits me in the back and I roll over and groan.

“Ow. That hurt”

“You’ll be dead if you don’t get your fatass up right NOW!” I think its Cole’s (1) voice and I open my eyes and see him angrily glaring at me, weapons in hand. Whoa! “What are you doing?!” I demand crawling back from him. He takes a step closer to me and I think he’s going to kill me, but instead he grabs me by the collar of my shirt and pulls me to my feet.

“Look around!” he snarls throwing me back to the ground where I shakily climb to my feet and give my surroundings a look. What? All I see jungle. Nothing looks out of the ordinary here…

“Do you see them? No? That’s because they’re NOT HERE!”

It finally begins to dawn on me. Jack and Karma…. neither of them are here. Where did they go? Why’d they abandon us? Cole (1) glares at me as if he thinks I’m stupid for taking so long to figure it out. What? How’d I know they’d leave? Cole (1) tells me to get my weapons ready because we’re going to hunt those traitors down, and when we find them, he says he’ll make their deaths as painful as possible. We begin to move when he turns to give me a glare.

“Don’t eat any of the food. I have a suspicion that it was poisoned…”

Elecc Commission (District 3)

“Do you hear that?” I ask Chip (3) suddenly. I hear it again and this time I can tell it’s…a growl? No…no. That isn’t good…

Chip (3) freezes and then we hear rustling followed by the sound of an animal screech. “Climb a tree!” Chip (3) suddenly bellows and we both turn and run towards the largest tree as the forest comes alive with screeches and howls. Some of the animals sound like they’re in pain and I’m confused until I remember that the jungle is filled with traps me and Chip set up. They’re probably accidently activating them all. I reach the tree and pull Chip up. I hope these animals can’t climb or we’ll be in big trouble….

Giller McFish (District 4)

Hatch (2) and me leave the cave and head back down to the beach on the island when I hear a loud growl. What the hell? I begin to ask Hatch (2) for his opinion when something large and black emerges from the jungle. It looks like a panther or jungle cat.

Hatch (2) reacts immediately and sends his spear hurtling towards the beast and I follow suite by throwing my trident.

The animal dodges both weapons in an amazing show of agility and we stare dumbfounded as it charges towards us. It slams into Hatch (2) and he screams as its claws sink into his flesh. I turn and run towards the bridge. I’d try to save him, but he’s as good as dead now. I thunder across the suspension bridge and turn around to see the creature climbing off of Hatch, who now looks more like a pile of red jelly then a human. Boom!

Suddenly it whips its head around and stares right at me. I slowly begin to pull out my sickle, my only weapon left, as it slowly begins to pad towards me. The length of the bridge is the only thing that separates us…the bridge!

The mutt begins to run towards me, when I smile confidently and with one swipe of my sickle, cut the rope holding up the bridge. It causes the bridge to collapse and I grin as the mutt goes down into the ocean and begins screaming and snarling as it tries to stay afloat. Too bad it never learned how to swim. I turn and walk away.

Karma Blood (District 1)

I deserted those Careers. They weren’t much of Careers anymore There was only Cole (1) and some stupid fat boy who somehow was considered a career. I saw Jack (12) as he left this morning and decided it was also time to ditch. I poisoned their food and water before leaving though.

As I think this I hear the snap of a twig and turn just in time to see a black animal jumping form the trees. I scream as its teeth sink into my neck.

Mist Scorchil (District 7)

“What was that?” Wolbert (6) asks as we hear another cannon boom throughout the arena. We’re all on edge, especially because of the sound of howling beasts that have been going for the last few minutes.

“I don’t know,” Jack (12), who had joined with us only thirty minutes ago, replies. “I didn’t see nothing when I was out there”

“The Gamemakers are doing something,” Shade (7) murmurs. I know he’s right. Whatever is going on out in the jungle, it was made by the gamemakers.

“We should get to higher ground,” I say. “Like the cornucopia. We should climb to the top of it” The others murmur their agreements and we’re about to head off when out of the jungle emerges a panther. No. A panther mutt. And its followed by another, and another, and another, and—

“Goddamn. How many are there?!” Shade (7) whispers as more continue to emerge. This…I…I hadn’t planned for this.

“No one move,” I order in a whisper. “Don’t even twitch!”

The mutts continue to emerge from the jungle and my hopes of us getting out of this alive begin to drop. There is no way we can fight off this many. No way. Suddenly, Kodai (5), who is standing on my right, twitches, and then turns and goes sprinting for the cornucopia.

“No! Don’t move!” Wolbert (6) bellows after him. Too late! The mutts come charging forward. Jack (12) sends a spear into one and Shade (7) takes several down with his arrows before I grab his shoulder.

“We can’t beat them! Get to the cornucopia!”

We turn and sprint after Wolbert (6) whose climbing the golden horn. Kodai (5) is already perched on the top. He whips a knife towards us and I think he’s snapped when I hear the squeal of a mutt and the sound of something hitting the sand. A mutt must have been close behind us.

Shade (7) hits the cornucopia and slowly begins to climb; I go over and boost him up as Wolbert (6) pulls. I then climb and join them.


Huh? I spin around and see that Jack is still down on the beach, fighting the mutts! “No! Jack! Get up here!”

He doesn’t hear. Or he doesn’t listen. I don’t know which. He slams an axe into the skull of one of the mutts and then whips out a sword and slashes them away as they begin to surround him. They slash and bite at him, but he shakes them off and lands blows from his sword. He’s making kills, but the mutts keep on coming. One lands a blow to his right arm and he drops his sword, only to pull out his spiked club.

“Jack!” I begin to slide down the cornucopia and rush to his aid. Even though I know its futile, know that’s he’s going to die. But hands grab me from behind and pull me back up.

“Don’t throw your life away,” Shade (7) growls. “Stay alive” He then pulls out his crossbow and fires off a few arrows, taking some mutts out. But it’s pointless. One mutt leaps into the air and lands on Jack’s back, and as he tries to knock it off, several more charge in and tackle him to the ground. They begin to pile onto him and I can hear him scream. I turn away from the grisly scene.

Wolbert (6) looks pale and is practically hugging his sword. Shade (7) continues to fire arrows and Kodai (5) simply watches as the mutts rip Jack to shreds. The screams and howls continue for several more minutes before a cannon finally sounds. Boom!

Its now official. Jack is dead.

“They’re leaving!”

What? The mutts are climbing off of the body of Jack and slinking back into the woods from whenst they came. But why? Have the Gamemakers decided we’ve had enough? That they’ll spare us for another day? Suddenly I’m angry, beyond angry. I’m furious. The Gamemakers…they have the power to kill us whenever they want wherever they want. Its not right. I should have control of my own fate. Not them. I’m about to turn and give the others a speech, something that’ll lift their spirits, when the sounds of trumpets interrupt me.

“Greetings to the tributes of the 325th Annual Hunger Games!” Herter Templesmith crows. “Now, we all know you thought this Arena would last until only one of you remains, however, this is not the case! Now that half of you have died, we’re taking you out of this Arena and putting you into a brand new Arena where you will be joined by the fourteen survivors of the female arena!”

His voice fades out and then the sounds of a hovercraft start up. I…don’t even have words. Another arena? Rejoining with the girls? This is unbelievable.

Third Arena

Day 5/Bloodbath

Piper Quinn (District 13)

I wait in the Launch Room with my stylist. This twist…I didn’t see it coming. I don’t know how I feel about it. Just when I thought the Games were getting close to the end…they take us out and are now going to put us into a brand new arena with fourteen more tributes. The only good thing is that I’ll be reunited with Harley (13) but even that isn’t so good because now only one of us can win, when before two of us could win our separate arenas. Now? One of us will face certain death. It’ll be me, of course. I don’t want to live over someone who still has more life ahead of them. That’s why I volunteered for my sister in the first place. But…after I volunteered…I met Violetta (13), and while in the female arena, I made a pact with myself to make sure she wins, no matter what. But now she and Harley are in the same arena. Which one will win? Maybe neither. Maybe we’ll all die… That’s a depressing thought, isn’t it?

Wolbert Toonico (District 6)

The disembodied voice tells me to go into the tube and after a handshake with my stylist I follow the order and enter the tube. This is it. This time, there will be no leaving the arena unless twenty-seven other kids are dead. That, or I’ll be leaving in a coffin. I’d prefer the former but…anything can happen.

The doors slide shut behind me and I take a deep breath. The Anti-Careers are the largest alliance left in the Games. Over both arenas, the only person who was aligned with us who died was Folly everyone else is still alive. That sounds like good news for me but…this is the Capitol’s Games. Would they really want someone from an alliance calling themselves the “Anti-Careers” to win? I’m not so sure they would, but like I said…anything can happen.

Chip Parks (District 3)

The tube begins to go up and I squint as bright sunlight hits my eyes. It only takes a few moments and then my eyes adjust and I can see the other tributes circled around me. The cornucopia is only forty feet away; a small stretch of green grass separates it from me. A quick glance around shows me that grassy plains surround us on almost every side, though I can see a small bunch of trees off to the west. The countdown begins and I look around anxiously for my allies. Elecc (3) and Electronny (3) are only a few places down my right and Missy (5) and Vision (3) are around the same length to my left. I need to join up with them as quickly as possible…

Cole Harrison (District 1)

The countdown reaches thirty and I prime myself for a sprint towards the cornucopia. Us Careers were terrible in the male arena and the girls weren’t much better. Only Amelia (C) and Teresa (2) managed to survive this far. Well, technically Fressa (4) did as well but since they showed us the highlights from the other arena before putting us in this one I know that she betrayed them. She’s no better then that loser Giller (4). I plan on introducing them both to death soon. The countdown reaches zero and the gong rings out. I sprint as hard as I can for the mouth of the cornucopia and snag a spear from the rack. I throw it at the first person I see, who happens to be Jax (8), and it pierces into his chest and brings him to the ground. One Anti-Career down, seven to go!

Electronny Watson (District 3)

The bloodbath is chaos. Tributes are running every which way, some running to get in the fight and some running for their lives. I noticed that both Galina (8) and Nymph (4), the two tributes positioned beside me, ran away as soon as the gong rang out. I should do the same but…a crossbow lies not far away, just sitting there on a nearby crate. I have to go for it.

“I’m going for the crossbow!” I tell Elecc (3) who’s beside. He gives a frightened nod and I take a look around me and see only the Anti-Careers on the edge, gathering supplies on the opposite side of the cornucopia while some others battle deeper in. Time to make my move. I run forward and grab the crossbow. No one attacks me and I turn to run when I feel a sharp pain pierce my shoulder and I fall to the ground.


I hear Elecc’s (3) scream as I’m flipped over and see Thalia (12) standing over me, a twisted smile on her face and a sharp knife in hand. “Run Elecc!” I scream. “Save yourself!” And then Thalia (12) brings the knife down into my skull.

Fressa Saltie (District 4)

I spot Catalina (8) reaching for what seems to be some anti-infection and am about to strike he with my trident when a sword appears and slices into her neck. The girls’ falls down and Teresa (2) pulls the blade out.

“Hello,” I grin at her, my trident poised and ready. “Having fun?”

She glares at me then quickly slashes forward with the sword. I have just enough time to deflect the blow with my trident and follow it up by slamming it into her chest. She falls down backwards and I turn to run when a knife clips my shoulder and I stumble but keep on my feet.


Amelia (C) comes running out of the cornucopia and readies another knife. I don’t have time to deflect this one and am planning on how to dodge when an axe comes spinning out and slams into her head, causing an explosion of blood.


“Get on your feet,” she growls pulling me up. “We need to get out of here!” I place my hand onto my shoulder and feel a rather large cut across my shoulder. Its still bleeding and hurts, but it won’t slow me down. Giller (4) joins us and we’re about to run off when we notice that we’re completely surrounded by the Anti-Careers.

“Damn,” Giller (4) growls and readies his trident when a boy from 7 lurches out from the group.


Mist Scorchil (District 7)

“We don’t need to fight!” I say hastily and the three tributes stare at me in surprise and shock.

“This is the Hunger Games you moron!” Giller (4) snarls and lifts his trident even higher. “You have to fight. Even if you’re a coward like you are”

“We don’t need to fight if we’re allies,” I say quickly and the two girls look at one another in surprise. Obviously they didn’t expect that offer from me.

“Why should we align ourselves with the likes of you?” he demands.

“I’m sure that you can see that you’re surrounded,” I reply trying to sound casual, even though I am silently priming myself to dodge if the boy were to attack. “And if you don’t align…” I trail off, my implications clear.

“We’ll join,” Chumps (7) says quickly.

“So will I” Fressa (4) joins in.

Giller (4) grumbles but then tells us he’ll join as well. This is great news as we lost both Jax (8) and Catalina (8) in the bloodbath but now we have three new recruits. “Everyone, listen up!” I address my alliance from a crate. “Hazel, Jake, Fressa, & Chumps I want you to go over all of our supplies. Shade, I want you to take Kodai, Wolbert, and Giller to go secure the perimeter” They begin to break off into their groups and I make my way over to Shade and pull him away from the others.

“Keep an eye on Giller”

“Don’t trust him? Neither do I”

“We can trust him once he shows us his loyalty…but for now, keep a close eye on him” Shade nods and then I watch as they head off.

Day 5/Aftermath

Harley Swoop (Distrcit 13)

My feet give out and I collapse to the soft grass. Cole (1) chased us pretty far. All the way across a river! It was exhausting and the whole time I was worried I’d trip and get killed…but I didn’t and eventually he gave up. I don’t know where we are now.

“You okay?” Piper (13) asks dropping to the ground beside me. She must be just as exhausted as she ran with Violetta (13) on her back. I have no idea how she managed.

“I’m fine,” I mumble. “Just…so very tired”

She nods and then rolls Violetta (13) off of her shoulders; the girl looks shaken, but otherwise fine. She was lucky and didn’t even need to run!

“Where are we?” I ask and shakily try to stand. My feet quiver and then give out and I collapse back to the grass. I’m still too exhausted.

“Some sort of plains,” Piper (13) replies. “We should be safe for now” That’s a relief. I don’t think I could stand right now if my very life depended on it. Piper begins to examine the items we received from the bloodbath and I try to relax.

Galina Von Dover (District 8)

I duck behind a tree and wait. I’m in some sort of forest that sits to the north of the cornucopia. I ran as soon as the countdown ended and I think I’m safe for now. None of those other stupid morons should be able to catch up to me, at least not for a few more hours.

I climb up the tree and find a suitable perch. I don’t have the strength to fight most tributes head on, so I’m going to have to rely on stealth and subterfuge to win. I lean back and keep an eye out.

Acheron Bane (District 13)

I stoop down beside the lake and cup my hands into the water, bringing it to my face to drink. I don’t know how many of the other tributes even know about my existence. In the first arena, the only tribute who ever saw me was Sebastian, and he isn’t alive anymore. This wasn’t unexpected. I have been overlooked and forgotten about for a very long time now. I wonder how much longer the other tributes will continue to overlook me. Sooner or later they will learn that I am a viable threat to them and they will begin to target me…

I finish drinking and take a good long look at the lake I am at. I’d assume that I am pretty far south from the cornucopia. A forest filled with oak trees surround the lake and what appears to be a large dam is on the far side of the lake. A river leads out of the lake and down the plains. I wonder just how far it goes…

Missy Randos (District 5)

We decided to try and make temporarily camp beside the river. One reason is because otherwise we’d have to run through the large plains towards the woods, and the other is because it’s a free source of water and without it we wouldn’t have anything to drink.

“Poor Electronny,” I murmur staring in the swirling water of the river. She quickly became a good friend to me and now, she’s dead. It’s just not fair. Why are we dying just for the capitols amusement? And we have to consider how this affects us in Games. She was an ally and losing her just after gaining Vision (3) is pretty upsetting. We just can’t seem to have anything go too good for us.

“She was a nice girl,” Chip (3) agrees.

“She would have had a happy life if it weren’t for these Games…” Elecc (3) sighs. We sit in silence for a few moments and then I go over what items we have. Each of us managed to snag a knife, and Chip (3) got some bread and Vision (3) got fruit, which we’ll be sharing. Elecc (3) also found some wire and I managed to get myself a bow, but no quiver or arrows. All in all, we’re not that well off, but it could be worse. Much worse.

Josool Wiranda (The Capitol)

These Games have changed so much since they started. Before, there were sixteen Careers and now there are only two, Cole (1) and me.

“This is hell,” Cole (1) growls pacing from one side of the grove to the next and then back again. “Those damn Anti-Careers are still out there. And I bet there are tons of them. How am I supposed to kill them now? My only ally is you, and you’re a fat slob!” Gee, thanks for that insult! Sheesh. I don’t even know what I did to make him angry with me. I don’t recall saying or doing anything. He must just be an angry fella…. or he’s like me and afraid that those Anti-Careers are going to slaughter us like sheep. Its pretty ironic actually, how they now threaten us like we used to threaten them. That doesn’t make me feel any better though. I don’t want to die. I want to live. But there are twenty-two other tributes that want the same thing…

“We’ll need to try and avoid them,” Cole (1) continues. “And if they come for us…we’ll need to take them by surprise!” Sounds good in theory, but it will be hard…

Dexter Malon (The Capitol)

Night has fallen and the arena, at least the forest, is extremely dark and eerie looking. I just remain in the tree that I climbed early and huddle myself as close to the trunk as possible. I’m completely defenseless right now. The anthem starts up and I look through the branches towards the sky and see the face of Teresa (2). She’s a Career so her being dead is good for me. Electronny (3) follows her and I don’ have much of an opinion on her as the only time I ever really saw her was during training. Two from District 8, Jax and Catalina, then appear and that weakens the Anti-Careers, which is good. Anytime someone is weakened is good for me. The final face is Amelia (C) and I don't even know how many Careers are left. Two? Three? Four? I know there can't be more then that. The Anthem ends and I cushion myself against the tree trunk. Tomorrow seems like it will be a big day and I need to get some rest.

Day 6/Flames of Change

Hazel Dyer (District 9)

Once we’re all awake Mist has us fill three crates up with as much stuff from the cornucopia as possible. He warns us all not to take more stuff then needed and says that all of the food we leave behind will be poisoned and traps will be set up in and around the cornucopia. I’m getting really sick of Mist (7) and his overconfident, pompous attitude. It’s about time someone took him down a notch, and who better to do it then me? Especially right now, when everyone’s attention will be on the three new recruits trying to see if they’ll betray us. No one will expect me to be the one starting the trouble.

We’re divided into pairs and told to go set up some snares, I get paired with Jake (9) and I feel slightly upset over this. Jake (9) is my district partner and the only Anti-Career that I really like. I don’t want to kill him but…this is the Hunger Games. We reach the southern edge of the cornucopia and Jake (9) bends down to start setting up the snare. I quietly slip my dagger out from my belt after making sure that no one was around to see it. I’m creeping up on him when he suddenly looks up.


He turns to run but as he does so I strike. My dagger punctures his chest and goes straight to his heart. Blood squirts from the wound and covers both my dagger and hand as he falls to the ground, dead. Boom!

I watch his body for a few seconds and then look up to see several dark shapes streaking out from the burning forest. Wolves.

Heh. Let’s see the Anti-Careers try to fight them off! Giddily, I collect my stuff and run off in the opposite direction of the mutts.

Shade Spectrus (District 7)

“The forest is on fire Mist,” I say as all of us Anti-Careers gather around. After hearing the cry of “Fire!” Mist (7) shouted for everyone to gather around.

“I know,” he says quietly and then begins to count he assembled tributes. “Where are Hazel and Jake?” He asks as he finishes. Huh? I quickly count them myself and after double-checking, I find that he’s right. Neither of them are here.

“They were both ordered to set up snares on the southern—”

Before I can finish a large dark shape comes leaping off of the cornucopia and lands right on the back of Chumps (7). Everyone screams and several people trip as the animal, which I now recognize as a wolf, howls and moves in to deliver the deathblow to Chumps (7).

Just as its about to bite her, Mist’s (7) axe goes hurtling through the air and slams into its side, taking it to the ground.

“Defensive positions!” he yells pulling Chumps up to her feet. “And don’t run into our own traps!”

I whip my crossbow out and as another wolf appears from around the cornucopia, I plant an arrow between its eyes. Wolbert (6) grabs his sword and backs towards Mist and me. “Kodai!” Mist shouts at the boy who had just whipped out his weapons with an eager grin on his face. “Try to find Jake and Hazel!”

Giller McFish (District 4)

I knew it. I knew the Gamemakers didn’t like these Anti-Careers and now this mutt attack proves it! Now all I have to do is slip away while they get devoured! I wanted to desert them after we finished the Careers off but this mutt attack forced my hand.

“Where are you going?” Fressa (4) asks as I begin to run towards the outline of a forest.

“I’m ditching,” I reply coming to a halt and facing her. “Do you think staying with those numbskulls is the way to win? I don’t”

She hesitates for a moment then nods. “You’re right. But we can’t leave without Chumps”

“Why the hell not?”

“We just can’t, okay?! You wait here, I’ m going to retrieve her!” she runs around the side of the cornucopia, where the others are and leaves me alone. Stupid girls and their friendships! Now is not the time to wait! I can still hear the howling of the wolves, their cries when they get killed, and the shouts of injured and panicked tributes. Right now we should have been halfway to the safety of the forest!

“What do you think you’re doing?”

I turn and see Kodai (5) coming around the bend of the cornucopia, the opposite way of which Fressa went.

“What does it look like?” I growl trying to nonchalantly move my trident into a throwing position. “I’m looking for Jake and Hazel!”

“Mist told me to do that!” Kodai (5) answers and I can tell by his expression that he doesn’t believe nor trust me. I can also see something else on his face…the irresistible urge to kill. He’s been cooped up for too long and now he wants to fly.

“Think you can beat me?” I ask in a low, menacing tone.

“Hell yeah!”

My trident is flying towards him before the words even leave his lips. He rolls to the left and I pull my sickle out as we face off again. I jump towards him and slash but he dodges and then with a crack of his wrist he lashes the whip out towards my weapon. It snakes itself around it and with a mighty pull, he rips the sickle right out of my hand. Shoot this guy is good. My hands go flying to my belt for my dagger but his whip goes forward and strikes me in the face. I literally see stars and stumble backwards as I feel blood coming dripping off of my face. Through the crimson mask, I see him dart forward and then feel immense pain from my thigh. It feels as if someone planted a handful of blades into me. I drop to the ground and I see him standing over me, a bloody knife glove on his right hand and his whip in the left.

“I beat you,” he grins and raises his knives to finish me off when I see a flash of silver and the next thing I know, I’m being pulled to my feet and I see him sprawled on the ground with a trident sticking out from his chest.

“Why the hell did you fight him?” Fressa (4) demands ripping the weapon out from Kodai’s (5) body. Boom!

“That psycho attacked me!” I retort and then gasp as my thigh begins to throb. “Let’s just get out of here!” Chumps (7) growls and she goes running off with Fressa (4) supporting me, we follow.

Piper Quinn (District 13)

“I’m thirsty,” Violetta (13) complains as we trek through the plains, the hot sun beating down onto our backs.

“We all are!” Harley (13) angrily retorts back. The hot sun and lack of water must be getting to him. To be honest, it’s getting to me as well. I’m extremely thirsty and tired from all this walking. It doesn’t help that I have two people I need to protect along with me.


My head instantly snaps up and I see that Violetta was correct. We have found the river again! Before I can stop them, both Harley (13) and Violetta (13) go rushing towards it. I yell and run after them. Do they have no sense?! We can’t just go rushing into things without checking to see if it’s safe!

Violetta (13) reaches the side of the river and plunges her hands into the water. Harley (13) is about to join her when he suddenly gives a loud shriek and I spot four figures standing on the opposite side of the river.

One of them, a girl from 5 I think, has a bow and she quickly pulls it up and knocks an arrow. Without thinking I dive forward and tackle Harley (13) to the ground as she releases. Boom!

I hear the sound of someone falling into the water and quickly I grab Harley around the waist and roll myself forward into the same river. I will not allow them to harm him! We hit the water and then surprisingly strong current pulls us forward.

Cole Harrison (District 1)

“There have been a lot of cannons,” Josool (C) comments a few minutes after hearing the third cannon of the day sound off.

“The more the better,” I say. Josool (C) isn’t the perfect ally, far from it. He’s fat, slow and rather moronic, but he’s the only ally I have. I’m still wondering how of all the Careers, he was the one who survived this long. I guess survival is something he’s good at.

The rustling of bushes alert me and I spin around, spear in hand, and watch as Hazel from District 9 comes blundering into the grove. “No! Wait!” she drops to her knees just as I am about to throw the spear. “I deserted the Anti-Careers! I even killed one!”

Is this a trap? A ruse to confuse us while the rest attacks us from behind? I’m about to go through with throwing the spear when she throws a pile of food onto the ground.

“I took this from their crates! You can have it”

Josool’s (C) eyes light up at the prospect of all this food. While we already have some, having this much more would certainly be helpful. That is, if it isn’t poisoned.

“Eat some,” I order. “Show us that it isn’t poisoned”

She looks confused for a second, but then complies and rips a slice of bread off and shoves it into her mouth. She chews and swallows and shows us that the food isn’t poisonous.

“Looks like we have a new ally,” I say snatch up the dropped food and put it into my own backpack. I don’t trust anyone else with holding onto it.

“I recognize you,” Josool (C) says to Hazel.

“Of course you do you moron,” I growl. “You’ve seen her during training!”

“No! I mean, I know her from outside the Games. She’s the daughter of some famous singer. The Capitol absolutely adores her. Though, in my opinion she’s a pretty average singer” Hazel (9) glares at him then confirms that she is in fact the singers’ daughter. Interesting. The daughter of someone who is adored by the Capitol? She’ll certainly have a lot of sponsors, which will be very helpful to us.

“How many Anti-Careers are dead?” I ask her.

“I’m not sure. Jake certainly is and there’s possibly one or two more” One to three dead Anti-Careers? That’s a nice amount. Plus, it also levels the playing field. Us Careers might once again have a shot of winning this thing.

Nymph Mere (District 4)

Things have been strange so far. I’ve barely had any contact with any other humans and have mostly been hungry and shelter less for the whole time. I’ve survived thanks to the nymphs, who continually give me advice when I need it most. It wasn’t altogether…unpleasant. But it wasn’t good…it was…living. But now I’ve found this lake and I feel…content. I’ve been swimming while the nymphs keep watch and feel at peace. I wish it could always be like this. Peaceful and quiet, with no worries…

I hear a loud splashing noise and see two figures emerging from where the river meets the lake. They crawl out onto the shore and I silently swim towards the opposite side. Did the river bring them here? I reach land and hide myself amongst the reeds that border the water. I don’t have anywhere else to run. Majority of the forest that surrounded the lake burnt down earlier today and now only a few bushes and trees on the shore remain. I’d be safe but…what if someone begins to explore these? Then what? I watch the two figures as they lie on the ground, coughing and spluttering. Night is falling and I decide that I’ll just stay here for the night.

Harley Swoop (District 13)

“Y-you okay, P-piper?” I ask through the chattering of my teeth. I can’t believe how earlier today I was hot and thirsty and now I’m cold and soaking wet.

“Fine…I’m…fine” She lies beside me on the ground panting. She sounds sad and I can tell it’s because of Violetta. The river…it took us…where? I try to lift my head up but don’t have enough strength so I lay it back onto the ground.

“Where are we Piper?”

“I…looks like a lake,” I feel movement and soon she’s standing on her feet. “There’s a burnt looking forest close by…Come on, let’s get to some cover” She helps me to my feet and we make our way over to a large oak tree that is growing close to the water where we collapse.

“Do…we have any food?” I ask. I’m starving. I haven’t had anything to eat since this morning…

“No we lost our bread in the river…” Nervously we both check our supplies to see what we have. I lost my knife but Piper managed to hang onto her sword and the two flares, which luckily, were waterproof.

“What now?” I ask tiredly.

“We wait for tomorrow. Then come up with a plan”

Sounds good to me. I close my eyes and lay my head back, eager to find the blissful peace of sleep.

Mist Scorchil (District 7)

“What now Mist?”

“I…I don’t know”

We all fall silent. The dark starless sky hangs over our heads as we sit in the plains. Today was a failure. The new recruits, Giller, Fressa, and Chumps. They abandoned us, but not before killing Kodai (5). We know it was they, by the telltale marks of three stab wounds in his chest. The signs of him getting hit by a trident. And who uses tridents? District 4.

“We never should have trusted them,” Wolbert (6) says bitterly and I can’t say he’s wrong. Not after what happened today. Maybe we shouldn’t have been so trusting. There are not many of us left now, only me, Shade (7) and Wolbert. Jake died at the cornucopia, with some sort of blade to the chest and Hazel (9) ran off. Seeing as the two of them were paired together, we’re assuming she killed him before fleeing. That means we were betrayed be four allies. We successfully managed to fend the wolves off. Shade had expert aim with his crossbow and Wolbert and me kept them away from him. After the battle, we found out about the betrayals and then gathered the crates of supplies and left. Since the cornucopia is loaded with traps and poison we reckon no one will be able to get any of the stuff that remains there.

“At least its not raining,” Shade (7) grumbles and I hope the Gamemakers didn’t hear that. It would be just like them to start a downpour to add more trouble to our problems.

The sound of the Anthem causes us all to look to the sky and we’ll finally see who the third death was. Kodai (5) is the first face to appear and Jake (9) follows him. My chest tightens in grief as I see their faces. I failed them. They trusted me and I failed. The final face is shown and its Violetta (13). I’ve had no interaction with her during the Games and training but since she’s so young, I hoped her death was quick and painless.

“Get some sleep men,” I say as the sky darkens and the seal disappears. “We have a long day coming up. We’ll need all the rest we can get”

Day 7/Vengeance

Shade Spectrus (District 7)

Mist (7) wakes Wolbert (6) and me up just as the sun begins to rise. He wasn’t lying when he told us we had a long day head of us. He’s angry. He wants to make the traitors and Careers pay for what they did. I want that as well, but I know blindly rushing out for revenge isn’t the smart option. I think he knows that as well, that’s why we’re taking this opportunity to plan our next move. The shock we received yesterday jolted us all into action and reminded me that I’m not just fighting for myself. I have my five siblings back home who I need to reunite with. I can’t be reckless.

“We should take out some loners,” Wolbert (6) suggest as we go over our possible plans.

“Good idea” I agree. “Loners are dangerous. Especially at this point in the Games, when alliances are turning on one another” Mist (7) opens his mouth to speak when he frowns and stares into the sky, where smoke has suddenly appeared, wafting into the blue sky.

“Who do you think that is?” Wolbert (6) asks.

“Could be anyone,” Mist (7) grunts. “Probably a trap though. I don’t think anyone whose still out here is stupid enough to start such a visible fire”

“Well, the Careers are pretty stupid,” I say and Wolbert (6) breaks out laughing. It’s true though. I don’t think any of them are anywhere close to being geniuses. Odds are a smart loner started the fire. Loner. Ah, maybe we should investigate this development but then again, I have a strong feeling that Acheron (13) who until this moment had gone under the radar, has positioned himself to the south, which is in the complete opposite direction of the smoke. There will only be enough time in the day for us to go one way…

Fressa Saltie (District 4)

We can clearly see the smoke wafting up into the sky but we don’t need to bother trying to hunt down some tribute when we’re setting the forest on fire. “All set?” I ask Chumps (7) as she walks back from where she was pouring the gasoline. She nods and Giller (4) hands her the box of matches. We’re all prepared to run because we have no idea how fast this fire will spread, it might go slowly or it might automatically erupt into an inferno. In either case, we want to get as far away as possible. Giller (4) and me turn and get moving as Chumps starts it. We both hear the noise of the first flames and can already feel the heat.

“Go!” Chumps (7) shouts running past us and I turn to see that the fire is spreading quickly. Once it catches onto one tree, it begins spreading to the next and then the next and the next. We both break into a run and we go for a few moments when I hear a thud and turn to see that Giller has tripped.

Right. His thigh is still injured from where Kodai plunged his knives into it. I run back and pull him to his feet, he grumbles a thanks and I pull him forward as the forest crackles with the sounds of fire. Its really moving much faster then we thought it would. We’re about to catch up to Chumps (7) when something comes shooting into her shoulder. She shouts in pain and goes rolling to the ground. She shakily climbs to her feet and groans in pain. Damn it! We didn’t think we’d get attacked during the fire! I spin around looking for the source of the attacks and spot Thalia (12) just as she fires another arrow.

I hear the sound of it sinking into flesh and the thump of something hitting the ground but instead of turning to see what happened, I hurl my trident straight towards the girl who somehow sees it and rolls out of way, dropping her bow in the process. I get ready to throw my second trident when she whips a knife towards me and it slashes past my shoulder, creating a large gash.


Thalia (12) goes running straight towards me causing a collision and knocking us both to the ground.

“Get on your feet Fressa!” I hear Giller (4) shout and I spring up just as Thalia (12) does. I stab the trident towards her and she tries to dodge but I manage to hit her shoulder and she cries out in pain as she stumbles backwards. I leap forward, eager to land the finishing blow, when she uses her other hand to slash at me with a knife. It rakes across my face and I trip over something as blood begins to pour from my face. I see Thalia (12) striding towards me with a furious expression on her face. Then suddenly her head gets separated from her shoulders.

Her body crumples and in its place stands Giller (4), a victorious smile on his face. He reaches down and pulls me up. The fire has finally caught up to us and everything seems to be bathed in an orange glow.

“We need to go,” he says.

“Where’s Chumps?”

“You tripped over her”

I look down and see that her, well, her body. Hey eyes stare blankly into the sky and she has an arrow embedded in both her shoulder and forehead. Thalia…Boom!

“Again. Let’s get the hell outta here!”

“Wait!” I hobble over to Thalia’s headless body and pull her backpack off of her. “Okay, now lets go!”

Wolbert Toonico (District 6)

“Another fire? Is the arena full of pyromaniacs?!”

We stare out at the blazing forest in…well, not surprise but more like confusion. Is someone trying to destroy all cover in the arena? That’s what it seems like.

“I’m not sure,” Shade (7) answers. “Possibly. Or two different groups started these fires”

Now that the north forest is also burning to the ground there’s a heck of a lot less hiding places. Which is good for us since we’re trying to hunt tributes down. But in all honesty, we’re not likely to find anyone over here right now. Anyone with a brain would have left the forest before this fire start—

Shade (7) shouts a warning and I see a boy sprinting out from the flaming forest. He doesn’t seem to see us and charges straight ahead. Mist (7) immediately pulls up his crossbow and fires. The arrow strikes the boy, who I can now see is Dexter (C), in the knee and he crumples to the ground as Mist (7) stalks towards him. I follow. Dexter (C) is holding his leg and moaning when he looks up and sees us, letting out a panicked shout.


Mist (7) responds by slamming this axe down into the boy’s head. It makes a sickening sound as his head cracks. Mist hits him, once, twice more. The skull is shattered and it’s a bloody mess. I turn away from the scene and try my best not to vomit. Boom!

“If the Capitol wants brutality, they’ll get brutality. Take his supplies”

As Mist (7) stalks back towards our crates Shade searches the bloodied, disfigured Dexter. If searching the pockets of a dead boy with a bloody split skull appalls him, he doesn’t show it. He eventually returns to the crates and deposits a knife some bread and a canteen into it. “That all?” Mist (7) asks.


“Let’s get moving then”

Josool Wiranda (The Capitol)

The three of us make our way towards the large lake and when we get there we spot the form of Galina (8) on the edge. I pull my bow up and fire an arrow but she moves and goes running for the woods. I fire another arrow after her, which also misses, then Cole (1) orders me to stop.

“No point in wasting anymore arrows,” he says and I nod. She escaped into the woods and I turn and sit myself down onto a rock. It was Hazel’s (9) idea to head towards this lake. She said she had a plan and would tell us more about it later. That seems a little suspicious to me but Cole (1) seems to be okay with it so I guess its fine. As I think this he comes over and I ask him again if he completely trusts her.

“Of course not! This is the Hunger Games! I don’t trust anyone!” That includes me. I would feel nervous, after all, Cole could turn on me at any moment, but I don’t right now because I know he’d need me to deal with Hazel if she were to try and turn on us. I don’t see that happening though. She seems nice enough and despite not telling us her plan, she doesn’t look like she’d betray us.

“Just keep your eyes open,” Cole (1) tells me. “And if you see anything suspicious, tell me” He walks off and I nod and then sit back and day dream about food. Man, I miss the days of being able to eat whenever I wanted…

Acheron Bane (District 13)

I survey the area from my perch in the tree. I have placed many traps around the area and I know it will be almost impossible for anyone to approach this area without setting some off. Which is precisely my plan. I am no longer under everyone’s radar. I’m being targeted. The Anti-Careers are whom I’m most worried about. I have a feeling that they want to eliminate me and my only course of action is to eliminate them.

I wait, and wait, and wait some more. My body begins to hurt from remaining in one position for so long but I don’t dare move in case someone is around. That would almost guarantee my death. But no one comes and I begin to think that I won’t be attacked today. I’m not going to let my guard down though, I’ll remain here until midnight and then I’ll reevaluate the situation. \

Piper Quinn (District 13)

“I’m hungry”

“Shh! Do you want everyone in the arena to know where we are?”

“No. But I’m still starving…”

Harley (13) falls silent and I stare out at the lake. We need to find ourselves some food soon. I’m not sure where we’d look though. I’d guess there would be fish in the lake though I have no idea how we’d get them out. Maybe some berries will be growing in the thickets close to the shore as well, but I also don’t want to risk wandering straight into another tribute. I guess we’ll just have to tough it out for the day and try something new tomorrow. I mean, its not like we’ll starve from not having a meal for a day or two. We can still last quite awhile. I tell this to Harley (13) and though he looks miserable, he agrees that it’s the safest thing for us to do right now.

Galina Von Dover (District 8)

I’m tired. I’ve been running all day. I know someone is after me. They have to be. But I’m not going to sit there like some princess and wait for them to kill me! No, I’m far smarter and stronger then that. If someone wants me dead, they’re going to have to work for it.

I’m in some sort of grove now. I vaguely recall this place being close to the cornucopia and wonder if I should go over there and get some supplies before deciding against it. It’ll either be guarded or picked clean by now. Instead, I sit myself down and begin to eat some of my bread. I haven’t eaten in a while and it takes all the willpower I have not to eat the whole thing. I might need it to last awhile. The arena has gone dark and I know the anthem can’t be too far off. How many cannons were there today? I don’t remember. It was around the same amount as yesterday though. Oh well. I’ll see how many when the faces come.

Missy Randos (District 5)

“We haven’t see much happen,” Vision (3) comments as we sit beside some large rocks by the riverside. Today was rather uneventful, for us at least. We set up some traps and watched as the forest burned, hoping someone would come running for water and entangle themselves in one of our traps. No such thing happened though hand instead we just sat here watching. I’m not complaining though. The numbers are still dwindling down and if we don’t have to do anything and can just watch it happen, then fine by me.

“That’s a good thing,” Chip (3) responds. “We don’t want to be involved in anything”

Elecc (3) gives a noncommittal grunt. I know that he has been talking about sponsors and how gifts are now getting much more expensive the further into the Games we get and about how he needs a kill to increase his sponsors. I understand that but…killing someone isn’t easy. I’m the only one in this alliance who has killed and its much, much harder then it appears. I killed a girl, a small, and frail looking girl. She probably had family and friends back home who loved her and now hate me for taking her life. Her face haunted my dreams last night and I can’t stop thinking about it, even now. But I know I made the right decision in killing her. I need to do whatever it takes to get home to Ella and if that means killing…then so be it.

The Anthem starts and we all gather around and stare into the sky. None of us speak, but I can feel the anticipation. We all want to know whose dead and now longer a threat to us. Chumps (7) is the first. We murmur in surprise and then our surprise turns to shock as the face of Thalia (12) replaces her. Whoa…I had her pegged as being the victor of these Games…the final one isn’t a shocker, Dexter (C).

“That was interesting,” Chip (3) comments, breaking the long silence. “At least we know now that—”

The sounds of trumpets interrupt him and my gaze automatically looks to the sky. What’s going on?

“It’s a feast,” Vision (3) says calmly and I flash her a surprised look.

“How do you know?”

“I just have this feeling…”

“Greetings tributes of the 325th Annual Hunger Games! I’ve been saying this a lot, haven’t I? Well, we have some news for you! Tomorrow at noon, a Feast will occur at the cornucopia! Each of you will have a backpack that contains a special item. However, I should warn you that the backpacks will only remain there for thirty minutes after they first appear and then they’re gone! Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!”

The trumpets play again and then we’re left in silence. A feast…it certainly sounds appealing but we’ll have to do a lot of thinking before deciding what we’ll do.

“I guess it’s too much to wish that all of the other tributes were sleeping and missed the announcement?” Chip (3) asks. No one answers. A feast…what will we do?

Day 8/Feast

Fressa Saltie (District 4)

“There’s the cornucopia,” Giller (4) whispers as we approach the large golden horn. We don’t get too close yet. The cornucopia is rigged with numerous traps and we need to find a safe way towards the table, which holds the bags, which usually is inconveniently positioned right outside the mouth of the cornucopia. We’ll need to get ourselves to the center if we want to get to our bags before the fire does.

“ I see a path,” I say, spotting a trap less route towards the table.

“Good!” Giller (4) rubs his formerly injured leg in anticipation. I used the Instant Relief we found in Thalia’s bag on his wounds and how he’s good as he ever was.

We carefully pour gasoline all around the cornucopia, well mostly. We need to leave ourselves an escape route. After we finish laying the gasoline, we move ourselves through the open path of traps and arrive at the mouth of the cornucopia just as the ground begins to rumble and a table laden with seventeen different backpacks emerge. A large cylindrical clock is built into the center of the table and it begins to count down from thirty minutes. Right. The feast has a time limit. I reach out and grab my backpack, the one with a white “4” on it and Giller does the same when something shoots out of the mouth and the next thing I know, Giller is falling to the ground with an arrow sticking out of his head. I drop myself behind the table just as another arrow comes shooting out from the cornucopia and someone shouts.

“Time to die filthy traitors!” Cole. It must be the remaining Careers! Damn! We haven’t even started the fire yet! Giller’s cannon sounds. Boom! I quickly pop up and try to throw my trident into the mouth but am forced to duck down again when Josool (C) fires an arrow towards me.

“Quit hiding coward!” I scream. “Come and face me like a man!” I didn’t think this would work, but I am surprised when Cole (1) comes leaping over the table, mace in hand.

“You want to die painfully? Okay then!”

He smashes his mace towards my head but I roll out of the way and snag Giller’s fallen box of matches as I do so. Cole (1) pulls his mace out of the table with a growl and begins to stalk towards me. I get on my feet and go running for the outskirts of the cornucopia as he follows. Once I past the point, I spin around and see him charging towards me, I light a match and then drop it to the gasoline soaked grass. Instantly the ground below him catches on fire and then he too catches fire. He screams as he turns into a living inferno and goes uselessly running. Idiot. I smirk and then go running off, my job complete.

Josool Wiranda (The Capitol)

Maybe Hazel (9) was right and we shouldn’t have gone to the cornucopia. I just watched Cole (1) finally succumb to the fire and drop to the ground; his cannon will sound any minute now. I also watch as every single bag at the cornucopia goes up in flames, except for Fressa’s and mine of course. Luckily I got away from there while Cole chased after Fressa. What should I do now? I could go try and reunite with Hazel, I think she said she was going to set the grove on fire or something, or I could go break off on my own. That’s probably the safer thing, after all, Hazel is trying to anger a bunch of wild animals and if I try to find her I’ll just get myself killed. So, off on my own it is. Boom!

I go running off in the opposite direction of the grove, towards the river. I’m about to reach the water when I suddenly trip and fall. A trap! I look and see my foot entangled in a rope. Oh no… I can hear shouting and look up to see several figures running towards me. I panic and raise my bow and fire two arrows at separate figures. I see them crumble to the ground just as one of the figures sends a knife whizzing towards my neck.

Elecc Commission (District 3)

Boom! The boy from the capitol slides down to the grass, dead. Yes! I got my needed kill! I turn and smile at Missy (5) and am surprised to see her staring at the ground in horror.

“What’s wrong?”

Boom! Boom!

I follow her gaze and see, just behind us, Chip and Vision, lying on the ground. Chip as an arrow embedded in his chest and dark blood is quickly spreading from the fatal wound. Vision has an arrow in her throat.

“Oh god…”

They’re both dead. One tribute, one trapped tribute, killed them both in mere seconds. I thought the four of could take on a single tribute without any casualties…obviously I was wrong.

“How…” Missy (5) trails off, lost for words.

“He came from the Feast,” I note pointing to the bag lying beside the dead capitol boy’s body. “Looks like he was successful”

“Where are the other Careers?” We both share a nervous glance. Where are they? They can’t be to far behind him.

“We should move,” Missy (5) says skirting around our fallen allies bodies and picking up the feast bag. “Before they arrive”

“Right,” She walks past me and I stare down at my dead friends. “I’m sorry…I’ll make sure your deaths weren’t in vain” I then turn and follow after Missy.

Hazel Dyer (District 9)

Four cannons have sounded already and I know my assumptions were right and that the feast is extremely deadly. Stupid Cole and Josool, refusing to listen and going off on their own. They’re probably dead by now because of their idiocy. That really makes me angry…

I start the grove on fire and then quickly run back towards the north lake, waiting for the sounds of angry wolves. But nothing happens. Huh? Where are they? They have to be in the grove, where else could they be? Unless…. unless they were all killed when they attacked the anti-careers…. Great. I just wasted all that time for nothing! I turn and fiercely kick a nearby tree. I separated from Cole and Josool for a plan that didn’t even work! Well, I guess it could be worse. I could be lying dead at the cornucopia right now…still, I’m beyond furious at this turn of events.

Piper Quinn (District 13)

I’m returning back to the lake, empty-handed. By the time I arrived at the feast everything had burned to ash and there wasn’t even anything left to scavenge. I can only assume it was the work of a well-supplied tribute. Possibly the Careers or Anti-Careers. It doesn’t matter whom though. All that matters is that all of the bags are gone and before the time limit the Gamemakers set up too! I reach the location where I stashed Harley (13) and quietly call.

“Harley? It’s me, Piper. I’m back”

“Already? That was quick!” He hops down from a tree and walks over to me. “Please tell me you got some food?” “No. I didn’t get anything. Someone burned it all”

He stares at me in shock and I go on to tell him about my whole journey and how I didn’t see anyone else there. That either means no one else was going to show up, or they already did and left after they saw the burnt wreckage. “I’m still hungry,” Harley (13) complains and I tell him we’ll find something to eat soon. That is, unless someone burns it. There has been far too much fire in these Games. Suddenly we hear the sound of running and seconds later Nymph (4) bursts through the bracken, babbling incoherently and screaming.

Harley (13) screams and falls over as I dive forward and drive my sword into the girl’s chest. She lets out a shrill shriek before crumpling to the ground. I remove my weapon and back off, eyes scanning the area intently.

“Is she dead?” Harley (13) asks, climbing back to his feet and wiping his shoulders off.

“I-I think so…”

“Man that was so hilarious! She was all like “Wah! And then you stabbed her and she fell, and now she’s lying a pool of blood and—”

“Harley! Be quiet!”

“Ooh. Right” He immediately shuts up and ignoring his creepy sense of humor, I give Nymph a closer look. The wound in her chest is pretty large and blood is coming out the sides of her mouth. Odds are she’s dead. - “Yep,” Harley (13) says after I say so. “Dead as driftwood” Boom! The girl’s cannon goes off and confirms our suspicions.

“Good fighting by the way,” Harley says. “She really took me by surpr—” He lets out another shrill shriek as something slams into the tree beside his head. An arrow! Oh god, not another attack!

“Run Harley!”

“What?! No! I want to stay!”

“Go! And don’t look back!” Harley (13) gives me a nervous glance as another arrow fires, this time sailing over my head, “NOW!”

He gives me a frightened look and then turns and run just as two people emerge from the bushes, crossbows pointed directly at me.

“You’re not Acheron,” one of them says. I recognize the pair as Shade and Mist from District 7.

“No,” I say. “No I’m not”

They take a few steps closer and I raise my sword into a defensive position. I only have two options here. Fight or flight. But even if I run there’s the chance they’ll still kill me and then catch Harley…My left hand slips into my pockets and wraps itself around one of the two flares. Maybe…

The two boys are watching me nervously. Obviously they don’t want to risk shooting when they’re so close to me. I take a deep breath and then whip the flare out and pull the tab that fires it. They both let out shouts of surprise as the flare hits them and causes an explosion of light. I begin to head towards them when I feel a sharp pain in my back and everything begins to go black.

Mist Scorchil (District 7)

My ears are buzzing and I see stars. Literally. Oh, and my head hurts like you wouldn’t believe. I can hear Shade (7) groaning on the ground next to me and then the sound of a cannon. Boom! I moan and sit up when a hand grabs my arm and I’m pulled to my feet and see Wolbert (6) staring back at me, a bloody sword in his hands.

“That was a surprise,” he says. “I had no idea someone would use a flare like that”

“She dead?” I ask dazedly as next to us, Shade climbs to his feet.

“Yeah. Took a sword to the back. Too bad Acheron wasn’t here”

“Yeah. Yeah…that is too bad”

We sit around trying to get our bearings for a few minutes and then, once we’ve recovered from the effects, we loot the dead girls body. She didn’t have much on her, only her sword and another flare.

“Looks like she was the one who killed our attack dog,” Shade (7) remarks studying the blood on the girl’s sword before handing it to Wolbert.

“Guess she was”

I frown at the two bodies, Nymph and Piper. Our plan didn’t work as we planned this morning. We headed out towards the cornucopia for the feast, but by the time we arrived the whole place was on fire and several cannons had already rang out. We were too late. We then headed out here, to the south lake, where we found several traps, which Shade managed to successfully disarm. We then came upon Nymph, sitting on the ground talking to “nymphs” and making plans for tea. Weird. We easily captured her as she was weapon less, but she screamed and screamed and we had to shove a rag into her mouth before we released her in the general vicinity of where we assumed Acheron (13) was hiding. As soon as we did she ran off screaming like a loon and we followed her sounds. Eventually she fell silent and a cannon boomed. We’d thought that meant Acheron killed her, but apparently it was Piper who did it.

“What now?” Wolbert (6) asks.

“We make camp and continue our hunt for Acheron tomorrow. That guy needs to die.”

Harley Swoop (District 13)

Please be okay Piper…please. I don’t know where I am anymore, in the plains I think. I’m crouched amongst them rocks and its dark. It must be around midnight now and I can’t help but think of the cannon that sounded after Piper had me run. Was it for her? Is she…dead? No! It can’t be! She must still be alive. I hug my knees and wait as the anthem begins to sound. I’m a nervous wreck. Please don’t be up there Piper, please.

The first face is Cole (1) and he’s followed by both Vision (3) and Chip (3). Good so far…the girl Piper killed, Nymph, is next and then Giller (4). He was strong. Next up is…Piper.

I stare at her face in shock and then its disappears to be replaced by Josool’s. My emotions bubble out and I begin to cry. Piper was my best friend and my only friend out here in the arena. Now she’s dead. I don’t know how long I cry, but eventually my tears begin to fade and I realize that now I have to win. Not just for me, but for Piper. Just as I finish thinking this, the sound of trumpets blare through the arena. What now?!

“Greetings Tribute!” the voice of Herter Templesmith says. “As you all know, there are many twists in these Games! Well, now its time to reveal the final twist! That’s right! And it is…there will not be a single victor from these Games!”


“Instead,” he quickly continues. “There will be FOUR. Yes! You heard me! There will be four Victors from these Games! However, there is a catch…there must be two male victors and two female victors. No more. No less. I will repeat this. Four Victors, two will be male and two will be female. There will be no other way. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!”

The noise clicks off and I stare at the ground. This twist…it came too late for Piper and me…but I’m sure the other tributes are rejoicing or bemoaning right this second…

Day 9/Finale

Mist Scorchil (District 7)

“Okay guys,” I say to Shade (7) and Wolbert (6) after we finish collecting the sponsors’ gifts we received this morning. “We need to find and kill all of the other guys in the arena and it’s my belief that the best way we can do that is if we split up”

Wolbert (6) opens his mouth to protest but then shuts it again. He understands. Thanks to the twist, only two of us can win and that one of will have to die at the least.

“We’ll go after Harley,” I continue. “You hunt down Acheron. Finish the job we started. Okay?”

Wolbert (6) frowns and then slowly nods. “Yeah. Yeah I’ll do that. Good luck” He turns and trots off into the foliage that surrounds us and I watch him leave. He’s a good guy. One of the best allies I had, only behind Shade.

“”Will we kill him?” Shade (7) asks in a low voice. “If we need to?”

“We will. We won’t have any other choice” He nods.

“Think he’ll kill Acheron?”

“Maybe. If anyone can do it its him” If he doesn’t kill Acheron and gets himself killed instead, we’ll have to finish the job and do it ourselves. That would be hard. Acheron has evaded us so far and I know finally putting him down will be no simple task.

“We’re going after Harley and Elecc?”

“Yep. They’re the only guys left besides for us, Wolbert, and Acheron”

“Then let’s get moving”

We start walking and head towards the plains, reaching a clump of boulders when I see a flash of yellow moving and order Shade to be quiet.

“What is it?”

 “I saw something moving. It wore a yellow jacket, so it’s District 13. Harley probably”

“Draw him out. I’ll then finish him with an arrow”

I nod and then take out my throwing axes and begin to carefully approach the boulders. No one moves and I reach the rocks and then quickly spring over them and see Harley (13) crouched on the ground. He gives a scream and then slams his boot into my face. I go falling back and he scrambles over the boulders when I hear a whistling noise and then the sound of impact. He then falls backwards, an arrow shaft sticking out from his chest.

“Mist? You okay?”

“Yeah…Just. Ow. My face” I stand up, hands on the right side of my face. I can already feel a bruise forming. I’m lucky though, if he had aimed better, he might have broken my nose. Boom!

Shade (7) comes over and we talk for a minute before heading off on the hunt again. This time, our quarry is Elecc.

Wolbert Toonico (District 6)

I understand what Mist was trying to say when he had us split up. Only two of us could win and he wants it to be him and Shade. Obviously that doesn’t bode well for me because they may be against me now.

I carefully make my way through the bushes and spot a wire leading around a bush. Another one of Acheron traps…is he nearby? A thought suddenly strikes me and I now might have a way to counter the alliance of Mist (7) and Shade (7).

“Hello?” I call out nervously, keeping my sword at the ready. If this doesn’t go as I plan then I’ll need to defend myself. “Acheron? You there? Well, if you’re listening, I’d like to propose an alliance”

Silence. I wait a few seconds and then follow myself up. “You might be thinking this is a trap, but its not. My two allies, Mist and Shade from 7, have decided to “split up” from me and I know what that means. Two guys can win, and if we align…”

There is a rustling in the trees above and then a knife comes flying towards me. It slices through the skin on the side of my shoulder and I gasp in pain, dropping to the ground and rolling into the shelter of the bushes.  Ah. Ignoring the pain in my shoulder I climb to my feet and cast a nervous look around. Where is he? In the trees? He has the advantage, but there’s one thing I have over him. He’s still expecting Mist and Shade to be with me. I hear the sound of something hitting the ground and turn just in time to see the blade of a scythe coming straight towards me. I give a shout of surprise; hear the sound of the blade striking, and then all goes black. Boom!

 Galina Von Dover (District 8)

“She should be coming soon,” Hazel (9), my new ally whispers as we crouch behind a large log on the edge of the river. I don’t trust or like Hazel after all, she attempted to kill me back in the female arena, but I don’t have any choice now. Only two females can win and it’ll either be us, or Fressa (4) and Missy (5). Obviously we need to take those two out as quickly as possible.

I peek my head over the rock and watch as Missy (5) and Elecc (3) come walking in towards the direction where we are hiding. We need to strike fast and hard. I ready my throwing knives, which have been dipped in the poison Hazel (9) received from her mentors, and get ready to throw.

“Fressa’s coming!” Hazel (9) fiercely whispers and then begins to sneak around to the other side of the camp, using the boulders as cover. This is the cue for me to attack. I jump up and send a knife whizzing towards Missy’s (5) head.  Elecc (3) somehow sees it and lets out a shout before slamming into Missy (5), the knife slashing into his head instead. They both hit the ground hard and then a cannon sounds off just as a trident comes flying towards me. Boom!

Hazel Dyer (District 9)

Elecc falls down dead and Missy (5) turns straight towards me and fires an arrow. Its aimed towards my feet and I’m forced to dive out of the way, unable to block it with my shield.

“Hazel! Help!”

Galina (8) is backing away from Fressa (4), who is bearing down on her with a trident in her hand and a savage look on her face. I turn and ready my blowgun, aiming to put a dart straight into Fressa, when something hits my leg and the burning pains causes me to collapse to the ground. Missy! Dang it! No!

The arrow is lodged into my thigh and while its not a fatal shot, the pain it causes is immense. I pull myself behind the boulder I initially was hidden behind and with shaky hands; I pick up my blowgun and insert a dart into it. I didn’t get this far just to get killed now. I won’t allow it.


Galina! I forgot about her! Quickly I prop myself over the boulder and fire a dart towards Missy. She ducks and it flies over her head, but this distraction gives me enough time to turn towards where Galina (8) is lying, disarmed, on a boulder as Fressa stands over her, about to land the deathblow.

I shoot the dart just in time and before she can strike, the dart hits her in the neck. She stumbles backwards and her hands fly to her neck and pull the dart out. She gives it an odd look when the poison kicks in and her body begins to shake and quiver and her eyes roll back into her head and she collapses to the ground, where she gives one last twitch before going still. Boom!

I watch her body lying there with grim satisfaction. I bet the Gamemakers never thought that a girl with the training score of 4 would kill the girl who got a 10!

“Hazel watch out!”

Galina’s (8) warning alerts me to Missy, who has her bow pointed straight at me and has an arrow notched and ready to fire. No!

Just as she’s about to let the arrow go, Galina (8) comes out of nowhere and slams into her, taking her to the ground. The two of them begin to wrestle for control of the bow, the only weapon beside them, as I use the rocks to get myself to my feet but the pain from the arrow knocks me back to the ground and the blowgun goes rolling from my grasp and slips into the river behind me! No! I can’t help Galina without it! But…there’s only three girls left and with those two fighting one of them will have to die and that means that I would…. win. I put my hands over my wound and try to prevent the bleeding. All I need to do now is wait for their fight to finish.

Missy Randos (District 5)

I pull the bow one-way as Galina (8) attempts to pull it the other. I twist my shoulders and we both roll but as I do so my grip slips off of the weapon and Galina uses her feet to kick me away and climbs to her feet and aims the weapon right atm. Then she fires.

I expect to feel searing pain as an arrow rips into me but then me and her notice something at the same time. The bow isn’t loaded .The quiver, which holds all the arrows lie a few feet away. We both glance eat each other and then make a dive for the quiver.  I reach it first and pull an arrow out as Galina (8) comes diving towards me. I hold the arrow out in front of me and she screams as she realizes that she’s about to impale herself on it. Its too late though, and she lands right on the tip. I roll out of the way and climb to my feet as she lies in the grass, the arrow in her stomach.

“I’m sorry,” I whisper as she rolls over and stares blankly into the sky, her wound bleeding non-stop. “I didn’t want to kill anyone. But I had to. I needed to if I wanted to come home” She doesn’t answer and I didn’t expect her to. I walk away from her body and crouch beside the dead Elecc. I owe him my life as he gave his so I could live. I can’t ever repay him for that. Boom! Galina’s (8) cannon goes off and then I see Hazel (9), pulling herself over the boulders and limping towards me. My arrow is still in her leg and she looks defeated. I wonder if she’s going to attack me when I realize something. We’re the only two females left in the Games. We won! I won!

Mist Scorchil (District 7)

Shade (7) and me followed the sounds of battle and found a very surprising scene. The bodies of Elecc (3), Fressa (4), and Galina (8) all lay nearby and Missy (5) sits on the ground, crying and shouting to Ella that she did it. Hazel (9) is there too, but she’s just sitting on the ground holding her leg, which is bleeding pretty badly.

“What happened here?” I ask Shade and he’s about to answer when trumpets suddenly sound out and the voice of Herter Templesmith speaks.

“Congratulations to the two female Victors of the 325th Annual Hunger Games! Missy Randos from District 5 and Hazel Dyer from District 9!”

“I guess that answers your question,” he murmurs and I nod. So, the girls have won. The Games are over for them. But what about us? How many still have to die before we win? I try to count how many cannons I’ve heard today and reach five. Five, plus the four of us here, that equals nine. That means that there is only one more tribute out there, a guy. But who? Not Elecc or Harley, so it must be…either Wolbert or Acheron. I turn to Shade to tell him that we have to go find the final guy when his head suddenly lifts off of his shoulders and his body crumbles to the ground.

Acheron Bane (District 13)

Mist (7) lets out a small choking sound and backs away from me, his eyes bugging out of his head as he stares at me and my bloodstained scythe. Boom! Shade’s cannon rings out and I take a step toward Mist, my scythe ready, when I once again her trumpets and Herter Templesmith speaks once again.

“Hold it! Hold it! Hold it! The Games are over!”

I lower my scythe in surprise. They are? A quick look around shows me that Missy (5) and Hazel (9), the two girls Herter announced as the female victors, are here as well as Mist. The…Games are over? I won. I guess I’m expected to feel, I don’t know, happy, excited or something. But I don’t. I feel just as I did before he interrupted me, angry and read to kill.

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Let me introduce to you, the Victors of the 325th Annual Hunger Games, Missy Randos, Mist Scorchil, Hazel Dyer, and Acheron Bane!” 

I step back and observe the others. Missy is on the ground, crying tears of joy, Hazel is trying to stop her leg from bleeding while panting heavily, and Mist is staring blankly at me. I won the Capitols Games. I didn’t think they would let me. I thought for sure they would recognize me as the boy from the experiments and make sure I died. My hands feel for the pendant around my neck, my token and my last memory of my parents who were slaughtered by the Capitol. The Capitol failed to kill me once before, instead opting to experiment on me and they failed to do so now, they failed to kill me even in their own game. I survived.

Mist Scorchil (District 7)


I drop down beside his headless body and stare. He was not only my closest ally, but also the best friend I could ever hope for.  Without him, I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t have managed to win these Games.

“I owe it to you,” I say softly. “You and the others. The other Anti-Careers. All of them. I wouldn’t have made it this far without you guys” I turn my head to the sky and speak in a louder tone now. “Kodai, Folly, Jake, Catalina, Jax. Thank you. Thanks for helping me survive. For helping me live. Wolbert. I don’t know what happened to you after we parted, but thank you as well. You were a good friend and I’m saddened that you had to die. I’m sad that you all had to die. But your deaths’ were not in vain” I look down, back at Shade’s body. “Shade. You were my best friend. Out of everyone you were the one who helped me the most. I’m sorry I couldn’t have saved you. I should have been more alert; I should have noticed that he was sneaking up on us…I’m sorry Shade.” I close my eyes and turn away from his body as the sound of the hovercraft fills my ears and I briefly wonder if my final speech angered the Capitol. Are they furious at me? Maybe. I doubt that anyone in Panem managed to hear my speech, but that doesn’t matter. I’ll be able to thank all of my allies and their families during the Victory Tour.

I open my eyes and see Peacekeepers loading Hazel onto the hovercraft. They need to attend to her wound quickly as it looks bad. I can’t help but hope that they’re unable to heal her and she dies. After all, she’s a traitor and caused us a lot of pain.  I watch as Missy slowly stands and Peacekeepers escort her towards the craft. I like her.  And finally, I turn and stare at Acheron, Shades’ killer. I can’t believe that I’m winning with him, that I’m unable to touch him. He murdered my best friend and there’s not a thing I can do about it. We should have stayed with Wolbert and finished him off together. He walks towards the hovercraft but stops midway and turns to look at me and I stare into his eyes. Is…is it possible? It looks as if he’s… sorry. But then the moment fades and his eyes are dark and emotionless once again and he pushes past the Peacekeepers and climbs onto the hovercraft.  I stare at the blue sky and then quietly follow suite, climbing in. Soon, I’ll be coming home.

Victor's Interview

Interviewer: Please welcome, the Victors of the 325th Annual Hunger Games, Missy Randos, Mist Scorchil, Hazel Dyer, and Acheron Bane! *audience goes wild*

Victors: Thank you

Interviewer: So, Hazel, how does it feel to be a victor?

Hazel: Amazing! It’s spectacular! I feel like I’ve conquered the world! The Capitol absolutely adores my mother, but I think that they now have a new idol! Don’t worry mom. I’m joking.

Interviewer: Do you four feel as if you have a special bond now that you’re all victors?

Missy: Well…yes. We all survived the Games; we all went through it together, so obviously we’re all now connected. Whether we like it or not.

Interviewer: Does it feel weird sitting by Hazel when she was attempting to kill you on the final day? This question goes to you too Hazel.

Missy: Sort of. But I was trying to kill her as well so I can’t really blame her for that.

Hazel: It’s weird, yes, but like Missy said, we can’t be angry at one another for it as we had no other choice.

Interviewer: Mist, Acheron, how about you guys? Is there any tension among you? You both wanted the other dead as well. Also, Acheron killed your best friend.

Acheron: …

Mist: To answer your question. Yes.

Acheron: …

Interviewer: Well that got awkward. Switching tracks, Mist, what was the hardest part of the Games?

Mist: Watching my best friend die and knowing I could do nothing to avenge him.

Interviewer: What about you Acheron?

Acheron: …

Interviewer: This next question is for all of you. What was the best part of the Games?

Missy: Easy. When I knew I had won and was coming home to Ella and my parents.

Hazel: I’d have to agree with Missy. When I learned I had won…it was the best moment of all.

Acheron: …

Mist: I…I don’t know. Same as the rest I guess…

Interviewer: Well thank you all very much for your time. Audience please give it up for our Victors!

Death Chart

Place Tribute Day Killed Killed By Killed From
56 Skylar Windbreeze (1) 1 Thalia Combe (12) Knife in eye
55 Layla Twozone (9) 1 Thalia Combe (12) Knife in throat
54 Salem Calla (12) 1 Chloe Black (2) Knife in skull
53 Alecia Cohen (10) 1 Chumps Harvaria (7) Axe in back
52 Flawra Moonshadow (C) 1 Mimic Slaughter (6) Head in crate
45 Artemis Grace (1) 2 Thalia Combe (12) Arrow to face
44 Allana Darkbloom (5) 2 Teresa Silver (2) Knife to forehead
43 Flora Sapsling (11) 2 Mimic Slaughter (6) Decapitated
40 Eva Destiny (11) 3 Amelia Puregold (C) Burnt Alive
39 Chloe Black (2) 3 Tree Crushed
38 Eleith Lightstorm (6) 3 Chumps Harvaria (7) Axe in chest
34 Vivan Incomstanti (10) 4 Hazel Dyer (9) Spear in heart
33 Maple Leaveshade (7) 4 Piper Quinn (13) Arrow in neck
32 Mimic Slaughter (6) 4 Fressa Saltie (4) Trident in skull

Male Arena


Place Tribute Day Killed Killed By Killed From
51 Julian (12) 1 Cole Harrison (1) Skull Crushed
50 Folly Rover (9) 1 Karma Blood (1) Spear in heart
49 Seez Croppley (11) 1 Sebastian Hive (5) Disembowled
48 Yuki Kokyu (2) 1 Zak Slaughter (6) Sword in head
47 Zak Slaughter (6) 1 Mist Scorchil (7) Axe in chest
46 Wayne Defleckt (4) 1 Jack Cayman (12) Neck Snapped
42 Alec Cohen (10) 2 Tot Tenham (8) Pushed off cliff
41 Kwartz Diodin (10) 2 Shade Spectrus (7) Rocks to head
37 Trent Korey (11) 3 Dexter Malon (C) Poisoned
36 Sebastian Hive (5) 3 Acheron Bane (13) Scythe in neck
35 Tot Tenham (8) 3 Hatch Scright (2) Spear in back
31 Hatch Scright (2) 4 Panther Mutt Mauled
30 Karma Blood (1) 4 Panther Mutt Teeth to neck
29 Jack Cayman (12) 4 Panther Mutts Ripped apart

Third Arena


Tribute Day Killed Killed By Killed From
28 Jax Griffin (8) 5 Cole Harrison (1) Spear in chest
27 Electronny Watson (3) 5 Thalia Combe (12) Knife in skull
26 Catalina Tweed (8) 5 Teresa Silver (2) Sword in neck
25 Teresa Silver (2) 5 Fressa Saltie (4) Trident to chest
24 Amelia Puregold (C) 5 Chumps Harvaria (7) Axe in head
23 Jake Price (9) 6 Hazel Dyer (9) Dagger to heart
22 Kodai Hitogoroshi (5) 6 Fressa Saltie (4) Trident to chest
21 Violetta Nobel (13) 6 Missy Randos (5) Arrow to neck
20 Chumps Harvaria (7) 7 Thalia Combe (12) Arrow to head
19 Thalia Combe (12) 7 Giller McFish (4) Decapitated
18 Dexter Malon (C) 7 Mist Scorchil (7) Axed in skull
17 Giller McFish (4) 8 Josool Wiranda (C) Arrow to head
16 Cole Harrison (1) 8 Fressa Saltie (4) Burned Alive
15 Josool Wiranda (C) 8 Elecc Commission (3) Knife to neck
14 Vision Faith (3) 8 Josool Wiranda (C) Arrow to throat
13 Chip Parks (3) 8 Josool Wiranda (C) Arrow to chest
12 Nymph Mere (4) 8 Piper Quinn (13) Sword in stomach
11 Piper Quinn (13) 8 Wolbert Toonico (6) Sword in back
10 Harley Swoop (13) 9 Shade Spectrus (7) Arrow to heart
9 Wolbert Toonico (6) 9 Acheron Bane (13) Scythe in chest
8 Elecc Commission (3) 9 Galina Von Dover (8) Knife in head
7 Fressa Saltie (4) 9 Hazel Dyer (9) Dart in neck
6 Galina Von Dover (8) 9 Missy Randos (5) Arrow to stomach
5 Shade Spectrus (7) 9 Acheron Bane (13) Decapitated
Victor Missy Randos (5) --- --- Victor!!!
Victor Mist Scorchil (7) --- --- Victor!!!
Victor Hazel Dyer (9) --- --- Victor!!!
Victor Acheron Bane (13) --- --- Victor!!!

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