Welcome everyone to my fifth ever Hunger Games! My other games, The 325th Annual Hunger Games, are still going on but will soon end, and that is why I am making this right now. I hope you'll join as I plan on making these Games the best I can.


1: There will be twenty-eight Tributes

2: You may have up to three Tributes (number may change)

3: Each Tribute has $500 in sponsor money for their mentor (creator) to use as they see fit.

4: I will write Reapings, Group Training, and of course the actual Games

5: I will not accept any Tributes that have been in my previous Games

6: Reservations last exactly 48 hours

7: The Capitol is a Career district in my Games

8: Tribute Form:













Bloodbath Strategy:

Alliance: (can be filled out later)

Training Strategy: (how they will behave in training)


District Gender Name Age Height Weapon User
Capitol Male Olympic Oblado 18 5'7 Machete SuperTomato
Capitol Female Isolde Blair 18 5'8 Bow and Arrows, Scythe Hybrid Shadow
1 Male Warwickite Jewelly 16 5'11 Sword, Mace WiressFan21
1 Female Kate Willis 16 5'5 Throwing Axe, Knives Aerialchinook
2 Male Jeffrey Killheart 14 5'10 Knife Mistfire333
2 Female Ella Massey 17 5'10 Dagger, Throwing Knives MissRandomStuff
3 Male Rebel Groots 17 5'11 Sickle, Traps Mistfire333
3 Female Watt Chargy 13 5'1 Wire, Throwing Knives WiressFan21
4 Male Ryan Marine 17 5'10 Trident, Knives TheFireJay
4 Female Seafoam "Aqua" Majesty 18 5'8 Bow and Arrows, Throwing Knive Equestria Girl
5 Male Philo Ventus 15 6'5 Sickle Hybrid Shadow
5 Female Bonnie Cougar 17 5'9 Blowgun Aerialchinook
6 Male Train McBridge 15 5'5 Blowgun, Posion TheFirejay
6 Female Blondie Genesis 16 5'7 Katana Nommehzombies
7 Male Frade Spectrus 14 5'4 Dagger, Crossbow Mistfire333
7 Female Voolie Kelopi 15 5'6 Axe SuperTomato
8 Male Yuri Collins 17 6'3 Sword Socks6363
8 Female Odessa Garnetstone 17 5'2 Awl, Throwing Knives Andy1854
9 Male Tito Granso 17 6'0 Scythe SuperTomato
9 Female Vera Luchabra 18 6'2 Axe, Club Andy1854
10 Male Alex Lexys 18 5'9 Sword, Knife MissRandomStuff
10 Female Cassie Lexys 14 5'4 Crossbow, Blowgun MissRandomStuff
11 Male Zippy Oakster 12 5'1 Axe Socks6363
11 Female Flippy Twinmind 17 5'8 Dagger, Explosives Mistfire333
12 Male Charce Firre 17 5'11 Scythe, Fire WiressFan21
12 Female Steammie Pic 16 5'9 Crossbow, Dagger WiressFan21
13 Male Douglas "Doug" Biles 15 5'7 Wire, Spear Aerialchinook
13 Female Jenessa Whitten 15 5'9 Throwing Knives Socks6363


Careers: Kate (1), Ryan (4), Alex (10), Cassie (10), Olympic (C)

Hellraisers: Warwickite (1), Jeffrey (2), Ella (2), Rebel (3), Seafoam (4), Frade (7), Zippy (11), Flippy (11), Steammie (12), & Isolde (C)

District 8 & 9 Alliance: Odessa (8) & Vera (9)

District 3 & 12 Alliance: Watt (3) & Charce (12)

District 7 & 13 Alliance: Voolia (7), Jenessa (13) & Douglas (13)

District 5 & 6 Alliance: Philo (5) & Train (6)

Anti-Careers: Yuri (8), Bonnie (5), Tito (9)

Loners: Blondie (6)

User T1 T2

Douglas Biles


Hybrid Shadow

Philo Ventus



Ella Massey



Frade Spectrus



Train McBridge



Jenessa Whitten



Charce Firre


Watt Chargy



Antidote (cures poison): $125

Anti-Infection: $150

Awl: $100

Alcohol: $75

Axe: $150

Baton: $125

Battleaxe $175

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Camouflage Paints: $100

Chlorine: $75

Cookies: $25

Crossbow: $125

Crackers: $15

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $50

Dried Fruit: $50

Flail: $125

Flares x3: $125

Flashlight: $100

Hammer: $125

Instant Relief: $400

Iodine: $100

Knife: $50

Knife Glove: $100

Mace: $150

Machete: $125

Matches: $75

Gasoline $100

Hatchet: $150

Net: $75

Net Trap: $125

Night-Vision Glasses: $150

Piece of Plastic: $15

Painkiller: $75

Poison: $75

Quiver of Arrows (12): $120

Raft: $200

Rocks: $15

Rope: $25

Scythe: $150

Shield: $125

Shield (Spiked): $200

Shurikens (5): $100

Sickle: $125

Sleeping Bag: $50

Sleep Syrup: $125

Slingshot: $75

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spike Trap: $250

Spile: $75

Sword: $150

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Water: $100

Whip: $75

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $100

Wooden Club (Spiked): $150


District 1: Warwickite Jewelly

I join the large group of people out in the street and walk along with them as we begin to head towards the center square of District 1. Today is Reaping day and everyone in the district is excited and eager to see whom the two lucky tributes will be. I’ll be one of them. I’ll end up being the victor as well. The Games will be an absolute blast. I’ll be able to kill people, to make them suffer, without any penalty at all. In fact, when I return back to District 1, I’ll even be heralded as a hero! But even more important, I’ll finally be able to support the one person in life who I actually care for, my grandmother.

The road ends and I arrive at the square and get my blood taken and join the other sixteen year-olds in line. I have an advantage going into these Games. I have already killed. Sure, the other Career tributes have been trained to kill in the Training Academies, I was in one for twelve years before being kicked out for being too brutal, but one of them have actually killed someone before. They don’t have the experience I have and even if they somehow do, none of them have killed five Peacekeepers armed with guns and tazers, okay technically I only killed four and tazed the fifth but still, guns and tazers. If I can beat five adult men armed with those weapons what will some kids armed with swords and spears be to me? Nothing. Victory is almost assuredly mine. I look to the stage where the mayor is giving the opening speech and as he finishes he introduces District 1’s escort for the past twenty-odd years, Puffy Heglow.

“Hello District 1! Are you ready to see who are brave tributes will be this year?” The crowd roars with cheers in answers and she giggles like a little girl. “So am I! So am I! Well now, let’s get right to the fun part!” She heads over to one of the two bowls and pauses right in front of it. “First, we shall select the male tribute! But we all know there’ll be a volunteer so…let’s hear it!”

Myself and many other boys shout out their volunteers and my voice is by far the loudest so Puffy points to me and I ascend the stage.

“What’s your name?” She asks me.

“Warwickite Jewelly”

She repeats my name to the crowd and they cheer and applaud me as the Mayor shakes my hand and Puffy asks for some female volunteers. Several girls shout out and she ends up selecting a skinny girl with long brown hair that’s tied back in a ponytail.

“What’s your name sweetie?”

“Kate Willis”

She doesn’t sound happy or confident. Actually, she seems like she’d rather be anywhere but here. I don’t blame her. With me in these Games she’s guaranteed to be dead before long, even if she is going to start out as one of my Career allies. Only one tribute comes out as Victor. Except for last year of course, where four tributes won after the Gamemakers became weak-minded. Rumor on the street though is that the President wasn’t too happy about how things ended and was furious with the Gamemakers. Last years Head Gamemaker, Romeo Gallagher, and several others even got replaced. Good. They were too soft and weak to be in charge of something like the Games. Puffy announces the end of the Reapings and Kate and me are lead off of the stage and towards the Justice Building. No one shows up to speak with me and I’m not surprised. After all, I skinned by parents alive, amputated my sisters’ leg and have been living on the streets killing anyone who I see for the past year. After a time, I’m lead off towards the train station and aboard a train. In a matter of hours I’ll arrive at the Capitol.

District 2: Ella Massey

The usual large crowd begins to gather in the main square where the large stage has been set up where our Mayor, escort, and several Victors sit, waiting for the official beginning of the Reapings. Most of the people here in District 2 have extremely smooth lives and you’d think I’d have had one too, well, I haven’t. My parents were normal until one day my mother found a better man and decided to try and murder my father instead of divorcing him and having to split everything. I had always loved my father and absolutely detested my mother so when I found out about her plots, well; I needed to put a stop to her. I swapped her normal drink out with a poisoned one and she finally realized that I had figured out her plot. I had a nice little chat with her where I revealed exactly how I figured her out and then told her that everyone would think her death was a suicide and thus, protect me from having to face any repercussions. She died moments later.

I smile fondly as I think back to this moment. It was a hands-off approach to killing, but it brought me more joy then anything else in the world. I had another, more physical, kill the same day, just minutes after killing my mother. Jason, her boyfriend and accomplice, walked in to find me with my mothers body and immediately he chased me up to my room where I barricaded the door and removed the dagger I kept in my closet for emergencies. I slid a life-sized dummy down a zip line from my window and hid as he burst through the door. He saw the dummy go down the zip line and leaped out the window after it. Why he would do such a stupid thing is beyond me but who cares. As soon as he landed on the ground I moved over to the window and threw my knife straight into his skull, killing him. Ah. That wonderful sensation that comes with the knowledge that you’ve just taken a life…nothing competes with it, really. I only wish that I still had a reason to kill…

“Greetings District 2!” I snap out of my daydreams and look to the stage to see that the escort, Errol Flynch, as took over and is now getting the crowd excited before he selects the names. He does this for a while before moving over to the large bowls set up on the stage and digging his hand in and pulling out a pure white piece of paper.

“Let’s see who are female tributes will be!” He unfolds the paper and then reads the name aloud. “Sophia Murphy!”

Huh. Why does that name sound familiar? I think about it for a moment before remembering that the name belongs to my cousin. She isn’t the type who would do well in the Games, she’s no fighter. I can’t just let her go to her death and besides, wasn’t I just talking about how I wanted to kill again? The Hunger Games will give me the perfect opportunity to do that. Before I even finish thinking my hand is in the air and I’m shouting.


The crowd erupts into cheers and I take to the stage where I shake Errol’s hand.

“And what is your name, miss?”

“Ella Massey!”

Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s hear a round of applause for Ella Massey your female tribute in the 326th Annual Hunger Games!” The crowed, which had never stopped applauding since I volunteered, ratchets up the volume and intensity and I smile make myself look good.

“And it is now time to see who her district partner will be!” Errol places his hand into the bowl and pulls out a name and begins to read it when two guys shout out at the same time.

“I volunteer!”

Both boys are right beside each other and one begins to head for the stage before the other pulls him back. I can’t really get a good look at either of them as the crowd blocks most of it. I hear a shout and watch as the boys begin to scuffle and then one is pushed to the ground and the other, who is wearing a dark cloak, pounces on them and then holds a switchblade to the others boys neck.

“OKAY! I give! You can have the stupid spot!” The boy climbs off and then begins to approach the stage. No one reacts at first but once he gets closer some people gasp at his appearance, which is rather ghastly. He’s very pale and his eyes are large and wide, never seeming to close, dark rings surround them but the worst part is the long red cut across his face, making the appearance of a smile. People only stare at him as he slowly climbs onto the stage and stands beside Errol, who gives him a dubious look.

“Um. Eh. Your name?” Errol asks as the boy stops beside him. Peacekeepers gather around uneasily, as if they don’t know whether the boy will attempt to attack us or not.

“Jeffrey…Killheart,” the boy says softly, almost a whisper. Jeffrey. Usually I wouldn’t be able to take anyone with the name Jeffrey seriously but this guy is another matter. What the hell is wrong with his face? Why is it cut like that? He didn’t do that himself, did he?

“Well, er, give it up for your male tribute in the 326th Hunger Games!” Even the boy’s strange appearance can’t keep the bloodthirsty crowd from cheering and celebrating. Once they finish, Errol repeats our names once more and then the reapings officially end. As we’re being led off of the stage a boy screams after us.

“I hope you get your guts ripped out in the Arena!” Jeffrey spins around and stares murderously at the boy, who happens to be the same one who he threatened, and begins to move towards him but the Peacekeepers grab him and pull him along. For that boys sake he better hope that Jeffrey doesn’t win and come home.

District 3: Watt Chargy

When I wake up in the morning I realize its Reaping day. I’m not really afraid but…I’m a little nervous. Most people in District 3 are nervous on reaping day. For me, it’s a mix between the possible danger of being reaped and that fact that I’ll have to be in a crowd. I don’t like being in crowds because I am extremely shy and am always nervous someone will try and bully me again.

“Watt, are you ready? We have to get going soon,” the voice of Casidey calls from the other room and I respond that I am coming and being to move. Casidey is my guardian. She’s an elderly woman who used to have a husband and children of her own before they all perished in a fire. She found me hiding in my house after the Capitol came and murdered my parents for creating a machine that was designed to “overthrow the capitol”. I don’t know how or why they planned to do that. They hardly ever spoke to me, despite me being their only daughter, and often ignored me. Even when I was relentlessly bullied and after the teachers and principals failed to help me after the bully spun my own words around, they wouldn’t help. I haven’t really ever spoken much to anyone except for Casidey since then…

“Are you ready?” Casidey asks again as I enter the room. I can’t help but feel better as I see the kind smile on her face and the warm glow in here eyes.

“Yeah. Yeah I’m ready”

We leave the house and begin to walk down the deserted streets towards the place where the reapings will be held. Since we live close by it doesn’t take very long and as we reach the square Casidey hugs me goodbye and I get by finger pricked and shuffle into the thirteen year old line, trying not to get anyone’s attention.

“Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello!” the escort, Quinzel Quigley the man with electric blue hair and very dark black skin. “Are you all ready for the Reapings? I know I am! So you must be as well! Are you?! I think you are!” He’s a strange little man and speaks very rapidly, so fast that I eventually lose track of whatever it is that he’s saying until he wiggles over to one of the large bowls and swiftly pulls a name out.

“Rebel Groots!”

A boy slowly begins to emerge from the crowd and I can see that despite the rather warm weather that he is wearing thick black clothes. When he get onto the stage I notice that he always has blank gray eyes and…fangs? I shiver as I look at him. He’s a frightening and creepy looking boy. I don’t like him.

“Congratulations Mr. Groots! Ibetyouarefeelingveryluckrighthismoment!” Quinzel explodes and continues his words in a frenzy. Rebel doesn’t seem to pay him any mind and instead stares out into the crowd with his dull gray eyes. “Now lets see who his district partner will be!” Quinzel hops over to the second pull and swiftly pulls a slip out.


Wait! What? No. He didn’t…he couldn’t…did he just…say my name? No…he couldn’t have. I couldn’t have been reaped. No. I…its not…I didn’t think. No.

“Watt Chargy,” this time he says the name much slower and more precise. Me. It’s me. My legs begin to work themselves and I head towards the stage, my whole body shaking. I’ve been Reaped. I’m going to be sent in certain death. No…

“Congratulations Ms. Chargy!” Quinzel smiles as I reach the stage. “I bet you’re just exploding with excitement! I know I am!” He says more stuff, but I don’t listen, instead I move my eyes through the crowd trying to locate Casidey. I finally spot her as she collapses to the ground and begins to cry and scream. Instantly I move to run to her side but two Peacekeepers grab me before I can even get off of the stage.

“No!” I scream. “Let me go! Let me go!” They don’t. They pull me back and as Quinzel finishes the reaping procedures they drag me towards the Justice Building, where I will say my final goodbyes.

District 4: Ryan Marine

I listen to the sound of the waves softly lapping against the boat and breath a sigh of contentment. It was a nice morning of fishing. I captured plenty of fish and after the Reaping I’ll have the rest of the day off to do as I wish. On top of all that, the weather is perfect. The boat reaches the harbor and I land it and my father greets me as I step onto the dock.

“Seems like you got a good haul,” he comments observing my cache of fish.

“Yeah. Since hardly anyone else is out fishing today it was easier then usual”

“Quite right,” he begins to move the fish off of the boat and then turns to me. “You should get to the Reapings. Your mother and Brian are already there. I’ll catch up after finishing up here” I nod and say goodbye before jogging off down the dock. I hope Brian’s doing better now. Last week he fell ill and has been staying home for majority of the days since then. It doesn’t take long to reach the beach where the Reapings are being held and after getting my blood taken I join the other eligible kids in line.

On stage the District 4 escort Starkly Moor gives the standard speech on the Games and then goes over to the girls bowl but as usual, before she can eve pull a name out a girl shouts.

“I volunteer!”

An eighteen year-old girl takes the stage and she seems to be the typical female District 4 volunteer. Beautiful, strong, smart. She looks like she’ll do well in the Games. Maybe she’ll even win. The crowd goes crazy cheering for her and it takes quite a while before Starkly can quiet them down enough to move onto the boys bowl. She begins to reach into the bowl and I think about how odd it is that no one has volunteered yet. Maybe they’re just waiting to see who would have been picked.

“Brian Marine!”

My brother! He can’t go, he’s too weak from the illness! I begin to panic when I remember that someone is bound to volunteer. This is District 4 there’s always volunteers, right? Silence. I look around desperately and see that no one is moving. Brian slowly begins to head towards the stage when I jump in the air and wave my hands around.

“I volunteer!”

Brian gets a hopeful look but when he turns around and sees that I am the one volunteering he looks crestfallen. I smile calmly at him as I climb to the stage. This isn’t all bad. I’ve trained for the Games and know a lot about them. While I hadn’t actually planned on volunteering, it can’t possibly be that hard, could it? I climb onto the stage and Starkly has me shake hands with Seafoam who smiles and then looks away. “Come on District 4!” Starkly yells. “Let’s hear it for your tributes, Seafoam Majesty and Ryan Marine!” The crowd begins to cheer wildly as I think about how I’ll fare in the upcoming Games.

District 5: Bonnie Cougar

I exit the building and slowly make my way down the street, thinking about and reflecting on my life. Reaping day is today and that means that the lives of people in the District will be shaken and changed drastically. My life has change pretty drastically over the years. I used to have a normal life, no different from that of anybody else in District 5, but one day when I was at a part the boy I liked offered me drugs and wanting to look cool, of course I said yes but…. everything went downhill from there. I got addicted and my life was ruined. I stopped caring about anything but the drugs. I stopped attending school, I stole from my family and friends so I could buy more, I even sold myself a few times. I was lying on the streets, near death, when a kind woman who happened to run a treatment center found me and brought me in. I no longer had a place to live after my family kicked me out. And to be honest, I couldn’t blame them for that. I’d have kicked me out too. The woman helped me and after a while, I was completely off of the drugs. Live has been much better since then and I’ve been helping the woman fix up other addicts like me. It’s sad seeing people lying on the streets in such disrepair. The only thing that makes me feel better is knowing that they can be helped, like I was.

The sounds of voices reach my ears and soon I arrive at the main square of District 5 and join the large crowd. The Mayor is on stage introducing one of last years Victors and District 5’s very own, Missy Randos. She waves to the crowd and then gives s speech about how she appreciates the Districts love and how she would never have been able to win without them. I like her. She has a sense of honesty around her and she’s went on the record saying she’s regretful of having to kill in her Games. Naturally District 5 loves her because of this. She’s also much better then our last victor, an insane boy who after every kill etched a scar into his skin as a tally. Missy is much, much better then he is.

Her speech ends and Natrona Histlik, the escort, mumbles something to the crowd and then surprisingly quickly goes to pull a name out of the girls bowl. I haven’t really paid much attention to former reapings so I have no idea whether it’s supposed to move this quickly or not. She pulls a slip of paper out and after scanning it, shouts out a name.

“Bonnie Cougar!”

Me? I didn’t see this coming but it wasn’t completely out of the blue. My name is in that bowl a lot and the chances of me getting selected are much higher then some other peoples. When I reach the stage Natrona shakes my hand before swiftly moving on to the boys bowl. I don’t even have time to fully process what just happened when she’s already reading the boys name.

“Philo Ventus!”

A giant boy lurches out of the crowd and people quickly get out of his way as he takes to the stage. He’s giant, almost six and a half feet tall and wearing a long white hooded cloak. Natrona stares at him in amazement and I can hear several people in the crowd begin to murmur. He turns his head and I see that his eyes are creepy crimson color. He looks strange and is no doubt somehow involved in something messed up, but people have judged me before they knew me and I refuse to do the same to someone else.

“Hi” I greet him as Natrona turns back to the microphone. “I’m Bonnie”

He stares at me blankly, as if trying to decide if I’m trying to trick him somehow, before muttering a hello and turning away. I would normally consider this odd behavior but seeing as how the both of us just got Reaped and are being sent to fight to the death for the amusement of our dictators, I think it’s an acceptable response. The Reaping comes to a close and as I’m led towards the Justice Building I realize that I might be saying my final goodbyes today.

District 6: Train McBridge

Running along the deserted stretch of land that the rail follows, I stop beside a certain spot and simply stare at it. This is the spot, the spot where I nearly lost my life five years ago. Me and my friend Alissa, who I’ve known since I was five, were walking along the tracks when I wandered onto the track as a train was coming. I’d have been ran over if it weren’t for Alissa’s quick reflexes and pulling me out of the way. We’ve grown into even better friends ever since that incident. I owe her my life after all.

The tracks are decrepit and rusting. These rails were shut down a while ago and hardly anyone ever comes to this area. It’s so strange being here and seeing the spot where I nearly lost my life. It makes me grateful for everything I have, that’s for sure. The rails I take a closer look at the rusted rails and see that a piece of it seems to be coming off. Without realizing why, I bend down and rip it free. This will be a good reminder about how I could have died that day.

Heading back to the inner part of town I remember that today is Reaping Day and I would be expected to be in the square along with the rest of the residents of District 6.The square is as full as it usually is during the Reapings and I take my place in the crowd. The opening video begins to play and I move the piece of rail around in my hands. The video comes to an end and after giving the usual opening speech the escort, Valance Archer, takes the time to speak about last year’s tributes. There were four of them, but only one made it into the final arena, the others, two siblings with the last name Slaughter, and a little girl named Eleith Lightstorm, all died before the arena merge. The other, a boy named Wolbert Toonico, made it to the final day before being killed by a future victor. He placed 9th.

“I hope this years tributes fare even better!” Valance says as he finishes the talk. “And now let’s find out who those Tributes are!” He reaches his hand into the girls bowl and removes a name.

“Blondie Genesis!”

I look around for a bit before spotting the girl. I first thing I notice is that she’s not blonde. Okay that sounds weird. I mean, the only reason I noticed she wasn’t blonde was because her name was Blondie. It kinds gives the impression that the girl would be blonde. Instead of blonde hair, she has poofy jet-black hair and cream-colored skin. She doesn’t look very happy at all but I can’t really judge her considering the circumstances.

“Nice to meet you!” Valance smiles as she reaches the stage. “And I’m sure you’ll do fine in the Games!” She doesn’t answer; instead she glares off into the crowd at someone. I can’t see who.

“Let’s find out who our male Tribute will be!” Valance says and puts his hand into the bowl, removes a name and then reads it aloud.

“Train McBridge!”

Silence. I don’t react, I don’t move. I can’t believe it. The Games are a death sentence for all but the trained and prepared. And if you do somehow survive, you’ll face mental trauma for the rest of your life. I don’t want to be in the Games, but I don’t have a choice. My feet begin to move me up onto the stage and my hand tightens around the piece of rail. The reminder of how I escaped death before. Did I really survive just to die in the arena? No. I refuse to accept that. I won’t allow myself to die there.

“Nice to meet you!” Valance says shaking my hand as I reach the stage. “And don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll do fine in the Games!” I notice he says I’ll do “fine” but not that I’d win, which is the only thing that matters. Valance closes the Reaping and then we’re led down towards the Justice Building.

District 7: Frade Spectrus

Today is Reaping day. Today I am volunteering. Multiple reasons really. I want to kill some freaking stupid kids and avenge my brother Shade and give him the victory he deserved. I didn’t like Shade. Freak it, I hated his guts and always wanted to kill him but now that he’s gone, now that he’s dead. I actually kind of…this is hard to say, but I kind of miss the f---er.

I still remember that time when we got into a brawl and he scraped my face across the side of a building and gave me a scar on my eye, but I never really cared about it before and now I’m even fond of my scar. It’s a gateway.

As I walk down the deserted road and the sun rises behind me I think back to watching Shade in the Games last year. He allied himself with a much of wimpy s-its from outlying Districts and they called themselves the Anti-Careers and tried to combat the Careers. They fared much better then I thought they could do and most of them made it to the third arena when my idiot of a brother and his, “best friend” Mist Scorchil, decided to trust some former Careers. Needless to say, this didn’t turn out so well for him and all but three of them wound up either dead or betraying them. He somehow survived this on lasted until the final day when he and Mist were walking when that f—--- from District 13, Acheron Bane, snuck up behind them and decapitated my brother. I get beyond furious when I think about this and only wish I could get my hands on Acheron, rip his spine out and feed his guts to wild animals.

Thinking of all the things I would do to Acheron and what I will do to the other tributes in the Games cheers me up as I begin to head towards the Reaping Square. I catch a glimpse of two of my siblings, Tiara and Lumina, as I arrive and unwillingly my mind flickers back to earlier today, when…when I acted like a stupid weak dastard and even CRIED. Me, Frade Spectrus, cried. It happened when I spoke with them about Shade and told them I’d give him the victory he deserved and then they told me about how he prevented me from having autism by making a deal with thedev.

The square quickly begins to fill up and then the Mayor and Escort, Ebla Helms, arrive on stage followed by…Mist Scorchil. The boy who got my brother killed. It was his fault he wasn’t paying attention and his fault for how he failed to take Acheron out earlier like he should have. He took Shade’s place as victor and I despise him for it.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” the Mayor speaks into the microphone on stage. “Let me introduce you to one of the Victors of the 325th Annual Hunger Games, Mist Scorchil!” The crowd cheers him while I fix him with a murderous glare. Mist then comes forward and gives a small speech about how he owes Shade his life and about how grateful he is to the people of District 7 for supporting him. Bleh. This f-----g pandering slobber is disgusting. Finally he shuts up and Ebla announces that its time to Reap the female tribute. She reaches into the bowl and removes a name.

“Voolia Keyopi!”

A girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes takes to the stage and she doesn’t look like any sort of threat whatsoever. I don’t even need to make a plan on how to kill such a weak person.

“Congratulations!” Ebla says to the girl who doesn’t respond and only stares off blankly. Ebla then begins to select the male but I don’t wait for that b—-ch to do it and shout as I begin walking towards the stage.

“I volunteer”

Ebla begins to clap as I reach the stage. Mist is staring at me with a befuddled expression, almost as if he recognizes me. He probably does since I was forced to stand on a pedestal with the rest of my family during the victory tour.

“What’s your name?” Ebla asks.

“Frade Spectrus”


Instantly Mist lurches forward and grabs me around the shoulders, shaking me.

“Why the hell did you volunteer man?! Shade wouldn’t want you to do it! Are you CRAZY?!”

I headbutt him and he falls back as the crowd gasps. I don’t know whether they’re shocked that happened or if they just realized I’m Shade’s brother, nor do I care. “Shut the f—-- up,” I growl at him as he stares at me wide-eyed. “You don’t know a thing about me or Shade. If you were really his friend you wouldn’t have let him die. In fact, the only reason you’re even a Victor is because of there were four of them! If it were a normal year Acheron would have killed you! He should have killed you instead of Shade. You’re the reason he’s dead”

Mist gapes at me and I coldly take my place beside Voolia as Ebla begins to speak to the crowd, evidently unfazed by our interaction. That loser has no right to tell me what Shade would have wanted. The Reapings end and my trip to the Justice Building is hazy and unclear. I’m too busy concentrating on how I will kill my victims in the Arena to pay attention. Voolia and me are led to the train station and board the train, where I am infuriated to see Mist waiting along with another former District 7 victor. HE’S my mentor? No freaking way!

“Look,” Mist says as he sees my face. “I’m sorry. It was my fault but I—”

“Sorry? You survived! You don’t get to be f---ing sorry!”

“Here he goes again,” Voolia mutters and she and the other mentor slide out of the room. I’m alone with Mist and begin to scream and shout at him until he cuts me off.

“Shut up okay? Just shut up and LET ME TALK!” I break off, red-faced and glare at him. He eyes me coldly and then continues. “You don’t have to listen to me, but I am your mentor and I have won the Hunger Games. If you want the best shot of surviving you’d best listen to me” he heads for the door but then stops. “And I agree. Shade should have come home over me and believe me, there’s not a day where I don’t think about how things would have been if he had gone home. I may not have known him for very long, but in the short time I did, he became my best friend. I’ll never forget him” And with that, he departs.

District 8: Odessa Garnetstone

I shuffle silently into the line after having my blood taken by the Peacekeepers. I have no desire to have eye contact with any person. There’s no reason to. I’m just here for the Reaping and then I can get out of this darn crowd. Up on the stage the Mayor, some former Victors, and the District’s escort, Mineola gives some speeches and talk about stuff that I have absolutely no interest in. The Games are not the great things they pretend they are. Most people in the crowd feel the same way and there’s this air of impatience as they continue to drone on and on.

Thankfully they finally shut their traps and Mineola heads for the males bowl and digs her hand deep into the bowl before removing a name.

“Let’s see which lucky boy will be going into the Games!” she holds the paper up and then reads it. “Yuri Collins!”

A tall boy with a serious expression on his face climbs onto the stage and Mineola tries to get the crowd to clap for him but she fails miserably at this. The crowd remains silent.

“You’re not very fun,” she pouts and then heads for the second bowl and removes another name.

“Odessa Garnetstone!”

Great. Just great. I walk onto the stage and don’t make eye contact with Mineola. She’s a moron. Yuri offers a handshake and I stare at him until he drops it and shrugs. There’s no point in trying to be his friend when only one of us can survive the upcoming arena.

“District 8!” Mineola shouts to the crowd. “Please applaud for your Tributes in the 326th Annual Hunger Games!” The crowd doesn’t react. Good for them. Mineola stares at them in surprise for a few seconds and then shrugs and applauds. The Reaping ends and as I’m lead towards the Justice Building I realize that my life will be on the line very, very soon.

District 9: Tito Granso

I emerge from the grain fields on the outskirts of District 9 and head towards the smallish house on the edge, the house where I life along with two kind old people who took me in when I was young. They weren’t and still aren’t rich, in fact, we’re very poor. But they still manage to help me with anything I need and in turn I help them. We’re not blood related in any way but I love them more then anyone else and they love me as their own son.

I enter the house where they greet me and then we all head off towards the inner part of District 9 where all the important buildings and most of the high-ranking people live. It’s also where the Reaping for the Hunger Games will be held. We’re silent the whole way. We all know that there’s a very real possibility of me being Reaped today. I’m seventeen and that means my name is in the bowl much more then some younger kids. I’m not worried though. I’ll handle whatever happens.

We arrive at the square and the large amount of noise and people is a huge contrast with the quiet and lonely countryside where I live. I think I much prefer the latter. I say goodbye and then after they take my blood I join the line of seventeen year olds as up on stage Mayor Price welcomes us all to the Reapings. He looks upset and I know why. Last year, his nephew, Jake, was Reaped into the Games. He joined the Anti-Career alliance and made it to the final arena where he was betrayed and killed by his ally and District partner, Hazel Dyer who wound up becoming one of the four Victors. Hazel herself is here and on stage and I don’t know how Mayor Price has the self-restraint to not strangle her to death for what she did to her ally and his nephew. Normally I don’t hold anything against the Victors, after all in the Hunger Games its kill or be killed. But this is different. She not only killed her ally, but her district partner! Everyone in the district would hate her if it weren’t for that fact that she’s the daughter of a famous singer and pretty darn good herself. As things stand, half of the District loves her and the other half hates her guts. I’ve heard that she’s absolutely adored in the Capitol and is one of their favorite Victors though. “Welcome District 9 to the Reapings for the 326th Annual Hunger Games,” Mayor Price begins sounding completely disinterested. “And I’d like you to…. welcome… one of last years Victor and District 9’s very own…Hazel Dyer”

Hazel steps forward and waves to the crowd as they cheer. Well, some of them do. The other half remains silent. If Hazel minds or notices this she doesn’t show it, instead she takes to the microphone and thanks the crowd for all of their support, during and after the Games, and says that she’s extremely thankful for all they’ve done for her. She’s about to say more when someone in the audience shouts and interrupts her.

“What about what you did to Jake?!”

She freezes and I can see the discomfort on her face as some members of the crowd murmurs their agreements with the mystery shouter. Before she can answer the escort, Grania Granada, rips the microphone out of her hands and speaks.

“Let’s get to the fun part! Shall we?” she skips over to the boys bowl and after shuffling around through the papers she selects one and reads it.

“Tito Granso!”

Damn. That’s all I think as I make my way onto the stage, trying to appear as calm as possible. I don’t want anyone to peg me as a weakling. Grania smiles at me as I climb onto the stage and then she quickly moves on to the girls bowl.

“Vera Luchabra!”

Vera is a giant of a girl and as she gets to the stage and stands beside me I notice that she’s at least two inches taller them me and I’m six feet tall. Wow.

“We have a nice pair of tributes here!” Grania smiles as we stand on the stage. “Please give them applause!” A few people in the crowd clap and then we’re hurried off of the stage. I’m already formulating a plan for the Games.

District 10: Cassie Lexys

“Come on Cassie, the Peacekeepers won’t be too happy if we don’t get to the square in time”

“I know Alex! I’m coming!”

I hurry out of the house and see my big brother, Alex, sitting on a rock checking his pretend watch. He looks very similar to me, with blonde hair, tan skin and brown eyes. He’s four years older then me and very protective.

“Ready to go?” he asks.


“Then let’s go!”

We head for the more urban part of the District and then to the square positioned right outside the Justice Building where a large crowd as gathered before a gigantic stage. We both get our blood taken and then head separate ways, I go to the fourteen year old girls line and he goes to the eighteen year olds guy’s line.

On the stage the Mayor is waiting for everyone to get in their places and then he starts the usual speech about how tremendously great the Capitol is and how we owe them everything we have. He doesn’t seem to pay much attention to his own words and when he finishes he passes it off to the District 10 Escort, Aelious Agrippa, a large muscle bound man who has large purple veins bulging on every single part of his body.

“ARE YOU ALL READY TO ROCK?!” he screams into the microphone so loudly that people in the audience, me included, have to cover our ears. “BECAUSE I AM!!!” he strikes several poses on stage and then stomps his way over to the girls bowl. “Let’s find out who…. THE FEMALE TRIBUTE WILL BE!!” He plunges his gigantic fist into the bowl and after scattering numerous slips of paper around he grabs one and rips it out. “And the Female Tribute is…. CASSIE LEXYS!”

Oh no. Oh no, no, no. Not me. Why me? What will Alex do without me? I look at my feet and slowly head for the stage. I don’t want to look into the faces of the crowd and see their pity and concern.

“HEY THERE!” Aelious plants a large hand onto my shoulder when I arrive. “Hopefully you’ll WIN-IN-IN-IN!!! YEAHHH!” For the first time I raise my head and look into the audience, in the eighteen year olds line. Where’s Alex? How is he taking this news? In a few seconds I spot him and see his stony expression as he stares up at me. He’s not thinking about…he can’t be? Right? But I know he is. I know he wants to protect me, no matter what. Even if it means both of our deaths. “Let’s find out who…THE MALE TRIBUTE WILL BE!” Aelious repeats the process he did before but this time before he can read the piece of paper Alex shoots his hand into the air and approaches the stage.

“I volunteer!” he shouts. “I volunteer!”

He climbs onto the stage and I give him a sad look to which he shakes his head slightly, as if to tell me he had no choice.

“What’s your name bro?!” Aelious asks.

“Alex Lexys”

The crowd murmurs as they realize what just happened. I feel like crying but I can’t. I can’t show any signs of weakness, at least not in public. I have to appear as strong as possible.

“So you want to die with your sister?” Aelious asks. “That’s cool bro”

Alex stiffens and fixes Aelious with a glare but he doesn’t pay him any mind and goes back to the microphone where he begins to wrap things up. “We’ll be okay,” Alex whispers and I let out a small chocking sound now that the cameras are no longer on us. “I know we will” We won’t be okay. We both can’t be okay. Maybe if we had been reaped last year we would have been, but not this time. This time there will only be one Victor in the Games and one of us will have to die. Why did Alex have to volunteer?! I would have felt much better knowing he was safe back home. But I know he could never live with himself if he had let me go into this alone and had died. He’s doing the only thing he can. Soon the two of us are lead off of the stage and into the nearby Justice Building where I will have to console my grieving parents.

District 11: Zippy Oakster

Big groups of people are here. I dunno or care why. Something about the Reaping. I wanna bite them but I told that’s wrong and not allowed. I hate that. I wanna bite them anyways. There’s a giant stage up in front of all the people and my dad is on there saying stuff that I don’t listen to. Doesn’t look like anyone is really listening to it. He’s Mayor and that means he usually talks for a long time while people ignore him.

I hate all these people being around me. I hate people altogether. The only thing their good for is dying and bleeding. The people on stage are doing something with bowls now but I can’t take the crowd anymore and explode in anger, yelling and screaming at all of them. Everyone stares at me in shock and then two men in white pull me onto the stage saying something about being a “volunteer”. What dat mean? Dad looks at me strangely and the other person goes over to another one of those giant bowls and pulls out a piece of paper and reads it aloud to the crowd. What is this? A giant storytelling session?!

“Flippy Twinmind”

A weird girl with long green hair and yellow eyes whose wearing a soldiers outfit walks onto the stage and I stare at her. She looks dangerous. And dangerous people are the funniest people to be around!

The escort on stage welcomes the girl who has a deranged look in her eye and then dad says something about the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games? I know what those are. It’s the fun thing that comes on TV every year where kids kill one another. I’ve always wanted to be apart of them and I think I might have just gotten my opportunity

District 12: Charce Firre

The sounds of voices wake me up from my slumber and I know it must be my mother and my siblings getting ready to head towards the square where my father, who is the Mayor of the District, will be.

I get myself out of bed and quickly get dressed before heading down to meet the rest where I am surprised to see that they have already left. Once again in the large amount of us kids, I was forgotten about again. I originally had twelve other siblings and I was the fourth oldest of all of them, but…I lost three of them to the Hunger Games. When I was eleven, my older brother Marc was reaped and he finished dead last, dying before even stepping off of his plate. Then four years later my younger sister Sammy was reaped alongside her twin. Both of them died in a forest fire. All of this heavily effected by father, not that he ever told me about it, in fact, I rarely speak to him or my mother at all. I don’t even think they know I’m around most of the time. They’re pretty terrible parents. But anyways, he stopped paying much attention to his mayoral duties and my oldest sisters had to help do the important work, lest he get replaced as Mayor. Since everyone has already left for the square I exit the house and head down the street, taking notice of how run down and beat up every single building looks. District 12 is in rough shape. Things have been terrible for the District since, well, since before I was born. People die on the streets daily and in recent years kids began volunteering for the Hunger Games just so they could get out of here and get some food to eat before dying. There’s even an extremely terrible part of town where my mother always told me and my siblings to never ever go into or risk being attacked by the starving people who live there. She said that after they attacked and killed you that they’d cook and eat you. I always thought that was just a story made up to scare us but after seeing the outskirts of the area a few times I’m beginning to think that might actually be the truth. My father being Mayor is the only thing stopping us from sharing the same predicament as the rest of the District.

I arrive at the square and stare out at the silent starving crowd. Their pitiful looking. I get my blood taken and then squeeze past them into the seventeen year old line while up on stage my father begins the annual speech. After he finishes he passes it off to Eiftina Grentson our escort, who after giving the crowd a look of absolute disgust skips all formalities and just heads to the girls’ reaping bowl. She pulls a name out and then reads it.

“Bonny Pic”

A girl lets out a loud, harsh scream and then shouts something; I think it was “I volunteer”. I try to see what’s going on but the crowd blocks out my view until a girl with neck length brown hair climbs onto the stage and Eiftina asks for her name.

“Steammie Pic” she answers emotionlessly, still staring out into the crowd. Oh. She volunteered for her sister. I feel bad for both of them. I know all too well what it’s like having a sibling compete in the Games. Eiftina just nods and then heads for the second bowl. I find myself silently hoping that one of my brothers’ names won’t be pulled out again. Well, I get my wish. None of my brothers are reaped.

“Charce Firre!”

I begin to walk towards the stage, only able to think about what this means. I am going to die, just like Marc, Sammy and her twin. I’m not going to be able to come back to my family. I’m going to die.

Shakily I climb onto the stage and stand beside Eiftina and my father, who doesn’t even look at me. Doesn’t he recognize me? See that yet another one of his children are begin sent to their death? As Eiftina begins to close the reapings he does turn to look at me but he makes no other reaction.

“Dad…” I croak out unable to say anything else. He turns and gives me a puzzled look.

“Are you speaking to me? Do I know you?” I open my mouth and close it again, unable to find any words that could express my disappointment. My father, my own father doesn’t even recognize me!

“Its me!” I stammer. “Charce. Your son”

Recognition flashes in his eyes and then he lets out a small noise and turns away. The reaping is over and Peacekeepers grab me and pull me towards the Justice Building. No matter what happens to me in the Games, no matter what pain is inflicted upon me, nothing will hurt as much as knowing that my own father couldn’t recognize me.

District 13: Jenessa Whitten

Everyone in the District files into the small area where the Reaping will be held and think about how lucky I was to not get reaped last year, when I was seriously ill. Well, okay, I’m lucky to have not been reaped any year but last year would definitely have been my death. I was so weak I could hardly move, I was like an eighty-year-old woman and had lost most of the weight that had defined me. I had always been bigger and heavier then most girls but since the illness I’ve been normal sized. The illness was pretty serious and after I thankfully recovered from it I realized how quickly your life could get ruined. I learned not to take anything for granted. For example, I could have been reaped last year along with the four other kids. One of which, Acheron Bane, became Victor and is on stage right now along with our Mayor, Adam Devils and escort, Escort. Yes, his name is Escort. He’s the only escort District 13 has ever had, dating back to the first Games they competed in, the 301st Hunger Games.

I don’t know how I feel about Acheron. I like him because he’s from home and him winning brought some wealth and food to our District, but on the other hand he’s a complete mystery and nobody in the District had any knowledge of him before he was Reaped. He’s a pretty big enigma and most of the District doesn’t know how to view him. The Capitol on the other hand, loves the mystery and intrigue he brings. I wouldn’t be surprised if they even made fan fiction about his back-story. That’s how devoted those people are to the Victors.

Mayor Devils is giving the annual opening speech right now and once he finishes the propaganda video plays and Acheron talks. Well, he sits on the stage holding a microphone while remaining silent. He never speaks so I don’t know whose wise idea it was to include this. I guess it must be tradition for the most recent victor to give a speech to their district or something. Eventually Escort pulls the microphone away from him and tells us that we’re about to find out who will be Districts 13’s male tribute to the Capitol and gracefully pulls a name out from the bowl.

“Douglas Biles!”

A dark skinned boy with black hair takes to the stage and Escort smiles deviously at him before saying that we will now find out who District 13’s female tribute to the Capitol will be. He pulls a slip out, slowly opens it and then reads the words that have just changed my life.

“Jenessa Whitten”

I take to the stage calmly and slowly, trying not to freak myself out. I tell myself not to panic and when I reach the top I even manage a small smile as Escort turns to the microphone and repeats Doug’s and mine names to the crowd. The Reapings and the Justice Building visit flash by in a blur and then I’m climbing onto the train heading to the Capitol.

I enter a plush room that’s much more posh then anything I’ve ever seen. The large chairs in the room seem to be made from soft velvet and the table is a fine mahogany. Doug crosses the room and then stares at the ground his hands over his face. He mutters something about “his fault” when the doors open behind us and Acheron enters the room. Right. I nearly forgot that he’d be one of our mentors this year. Without a word he sits himself down on one of the velvet chairs and stares at seemingly nothing. I take my own spot in the last unoccupied chair. Though we’re traveling nearly 250 MPH the train makes no noise and the only sound is the ticking of the clock on the wall. I glance at Doug and see that he is still staring at the floor. I think he’s trying to avoid looking at Acheron. Why though? No one moves and the silence continues. I grow sick of this and decide to speak.

“Do you have any advice for us?” I ask Acheron nicely. I figure that since he’s our mentor and won the Games before he’ll have some good pointers.

“Don’t get killed. Kill when necessary”

He doesn’t move his head while speaking but Doug slightly shifts at the sound of his voice.

“So…how about the bloodbath? What should we do there?”

“Get supplies, maybe a weapon and get out. Kill when necessary”

He falls silent again and this time I don’t ask any more questions. After a while he gets up and leaves the room. Once he’s gone I notice Doug lift his head up. “What’s with you?” I ask curiously. “Are you afraid of him or something?”

He stares at me in surprise and then speaks slowly. “No…well, I’m not afraid. I just…I…I was Gamemaker” What? I stare at him, trying to see if this is a joke or if he’s serious. A kid being a Gamemaker? Is that possible? “You probably don’t believe me,” he mumbles. “But its true. When I was young the Capitol realized that I was a genius. Much, much smarter then any normal kid my age. They trained me and groomed me and last year I was finally given the ultimate responsibility, being a Gamemaker for the Hunger Games, the 325th Annual Hunger Games. The Games billed as being the best and most dangerous Games yet. I helped design the arenas, set traps, I even helped construct some of the mutts. Only when it ended did I fully begin to realize how much I hated myself for what I had done. I had killed all of those kids. I had made them suffer. Even the Victors…especially the Victors. How can I stare them in the eye knowing that I was one of the reasons that they had gone through some much suffering, that I had helped kill their friends and give them mental trauma? I just pray that I never see the dead tributes families. I think it would destroy me…” He trails off and goes back to staring at the floor of the train. I’m shocked but I believe him. He has a strong sense of honest around him and I know what he says is the truth.

“Why are you here?” I ask. “I mean, why are you no longer a Gamemaker?”

“I quit and moved back to District 13, to my home”

“You quit? Just like that? And they let you?”

“I thought it was strange. They told me that contrary to what people in the Districts would say that they weren’t monsters and would let me leave if I wanted. I knew that wasn’t true. They are monsters. I knew that they would try and get back at me sometime. I just didn’t imagine that they’d put me in the Games. I bet that the Reaping was rigged. I’d also bet that they’re having a good laugh at the irony of a former Gamemaker having to compete in the Games”

He stops speaking and I stare silently at him, trying to process all that he told me. I don’t blame him for anything. Whatever his part in the Games were. Its not like he had a choice. I do see one good thing out of this though. Doug was a Gamemaker…that means he knows how they think, how they’d react to any situation. He’s a good person and he’d also be a great ally.

The Capitol: Olympic Oblado

Oh yeah! Today’s the day! I’m going to show everyone how much of a beast, how much of an unstoppable force I am! I’m volunteering for the Hunger Games and I’ll not only win, but I’ll absolutely demolish the competition! I would bet that I’d win at the Bloodbath if I didn’t know that most tributes are cowards who’d rather run away then face me!

Also, as things are, I already know who the other tributes are since the Capitol Reapings take place hours after the final District reaping. The reason for this is so everyone can watch the other Reapings and without having to worry about attending their own until later. Some people would say this gives the Capitol volunteers an unfair advantage because they know who their competition will be, but those people are idiot crybabies.

I’ve already marked down the tributes that I believe will be the biggest threats for second place. Second, because obviously they can’t win while I’m in the Games. I’m not going to be overconfident though. Once I’m in the Games I’m going to be taking each tribute very seriously. I look around at the Capitol citizens gathered around me and can’t help but notice how stupid they look. Seriously, why do they do all of that ridiculous surgery? Its only the common citizen too. You never see the members of the Capitol Council or President Striker looking like complete morons. Well, 81% of the world are morons…

“Greetings to the citizens of the glorious Capital!” On stage President Striker speaks and the crowd goes nuts, screaming and cheering as loud as they can. “I, President Tiberius Striker, welcome you to the reapings to what will be yet another entertaining Hunger Games!” He pauses for the applause and then continues. “And could this be the year when one of your very own citizens take over the Games and emerge as Victor?” Heck yeah! The Victor’s gonna be me! I begin stretching for the big moment when I make my way to the stage as he continues talking. I’m jumping up and down, prepping myself for when he finally begins to pick the tributes.

“Now,” he smiles as slowly the giant bowl filled with numerous names is pulled in front of him. “We shall find out who the brave boy who will compete in the Games will be!” He reaches his gloved hand into the bowl and I launch myself forward.


The crowd goes bonkers for me as I climb onto the stage and strike a intimidating pose. President Striker elegantly applauds me and then after shaking my hand he asks for my name.

“I’m Olympic Oblado and I will be the Victor of the 326th Annual Hunger Games!” The crowd roars in cheers and strike another pose. President Striker waits for the noise to die down and then motions for the second bowl to be wheeled out in front of him.

“Now, let’s find out who Mr. Oblado’s District partner will be!” He reaches his hand back into the bowl and pulls out a name when someone from the crowd shouts “I volunteer” and pretty soon an extremely beautiful girl with sky-blue hair is taking the stage. She has matching eye shadow on and her skin looks sort of like porcelain and has not discernible mark on it. That’s not particularly surprising. Her eyes, which are swiftly moving around and taking things in as she ascends the stage, are ice blue and have a strange snake like iris.

“Ah. Miss Isolde Blair,” President Striker speaks first and I look at him in surprise. He knows her? “It is an honor to see you here.”

“The honor is all mine, President,” she answers smoothly and President Striker turns to introduce her to the crowd who cheers in joy. This Isolde looks pretty strong. She’ll make a good challenge in the Games. The Reapings come to a close and soon I’ll be brought to the training center, which is not too far from where we currently are.


Day One

Voolia Kelopi (District 3)

I wake up and make my way out of my bedroom, which is so posh and fancy that it sickens me knowing that the Capitol has stuff like this but the Districts are all starving, and then make my way to the dining room where breakfast is being served. Frade (7) is sitting at the table with Mist and they’re talking in quiet voices about something. Probably strategy.

They don’t pay me any attention and I seat myself on the opposite side of the table and quietly eat my food. Training is today and it’ll be the first time I’ll get to see the other tributes besides for Frade on level ground. It’s a little worrying since Frade is so strong and he’s only from District 7. What will the Careers be like? What I’m most worried about though, is finding myself an ally. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from having to watch the Hunger Games, its that weaker tributes last much longer with an ally and they die early if they don’t. That means I need to find an ally.

When we finish hour breakfast Frade and me are led into the elevator and begin our descent to the training gymnasium. I try not to make eye contact with Frade. He doesn’t seem mentally stable and could snap at any minute. When the elevator comes to a halt we both exit and find ourselves in the gym, the rest of the tributes are lined up in front of us and I can see that we’re the last to arrive.

“You should all know just how important this training period is,” the Head Trainer, a man named Kassius, says as he appraises us. “These next few days will play a role in deciding who the Victor will be” Just as I thought. This is especially true for us tributes who have never trained before. We don’t even know how to properly use a sword! What I do know though, is plants. Being from District 7 I’ve studied them a lot and know most types from just looking. Of course, there are probably tons of types I’ve never seen before too but that’s what the Plant Identification station is for. “You’ll all want to rush and use the biggest weapon you can find,” Kassius continues. “But do not overlook the survival stations. Being able to find food and even more importantly, drinkable water, is what keeps you alive” Right. Weapons kill, food and water keeps you alive. Simple. “All stations offered here will provide you with everything you need to survive. After that, it’ll be down to the fighting” He steps back and then motions for training to start. Instantly the Careers go rushing for the weapons and I shuffle in place for several seconds before heading for the Fire Making Station. I receive instructions from the Instructor and then the pair from District 13 joins me.

“Hi!” The girl smiles offering her hand, which I shake cautiously, She looks like an normal girl with brown hair and eyes. Her nose seems to be overly large though. “I’m Jenessa! And this is Doug” she motions to the boy beside her. He doesn’t look up and only gives a small grunt. “Want to be allies?”

I gape at her. Whoa. Did I really find my ally already? I thought for sure that it’d take much longer but…its only minutes into training and I’ve already accomplished my main goal.

Kate Willis (District 1)

“Welcome to the Careers,” Ryan (4) shakes the hands of the pair from District 10 as they finish showing off their skills for us. They were pretty impressive. The boy, Alex (10), has great strength and really knows how to use a sword. His younger sister, Cassie (10), isn’t as good but is decent enough with a bow. Having someone skilled with a long distance weapon is always good.

“You’re a good replacement for those traitors,” Olympic (C) adds. The traitors he’s talking about is Jeffrey (2) and Isolde (C). As soon as training began Jeffrey (2) drifted off from us though it took us a while to notice he wasn’t here. We later spotted him conversing with Frade (7) and joining with several others. Rebel from 3, both tributes from 11, and Steammie from 12. Isolde (C) then went over and joined them and I’ve caught both Ella (2) and Seafoam (4) casting glances towards their way. I don’t trust nor like the two of them and feel they’d be better off out of the Careers. We begin to head off to the Gauntlet when I poke Olympic’s (C) shoulder and get his attention.

“What?” he asks turning around.

“It’s Ella and Seafoam. I think they’re both thinking of joining that large alliance”

“Eh? Are they? Well, let’s have a little talk with them”

We follow the group towards the Gauntlets and are surprised to see the large alliance already there. “Move it!” Olympic (C) orders them. “We’re claiming this for the Careers!”

“Oh? Is that so?” Frade (7) steps out from the group. “Seems to be like we’re the ones in control of it” Olympic lets out a growl and steps forward when the boy from 11, Zippy, leaps out and hisses at him. Olympic lets out a laugh and begins to say something when Ryan speaks.

“What are you guys? The new Anti-Careers or something?”

Frade smiles devilishly at him while slowly shaking his head. “No. No, no, no. Anti-Careers are far too tame for us. No, we’re more of…Hellraisers. All we want to do is kill and see the blood of our enemies. Now, if you value your filthy hides I’d recommend getting the hell away from us before we rip them off of you”

I expect one of us to say something, to step forward and challenge them but none of us do. We only stare at them in surprise until Warwickite (1) turns around and begins to walk away. Alex and Cassie follow him and Ella (2) moves to come as well when I block her path.

“Not you. You’re not a Career. And neither is salty over there” I jab my finger towards Seafoam (4) who lets out an angry snort and speaks.

“And why aren’t we Careers?”

“I saw how you were staring at that alliance. You’re either with them or with us and I don’t want you with us”

“You can’t prove anything!” She whips her head towards Ryan (4) and bats her eyelashes at him. “You don’t think I’m a traitor, do you?”

“I…uh…No. But—”

“You are traitors though,” I say.

“You’re not the leader!” Ella (2) snarls and tries to move around me but I step in her way. She narrows her eyes at me and opens her mouth to speak when Olympic interrupts her.

“You’re not with us anymore. Deal with it”

He turns and walks away and after casting a smug look at both Ella and Seafoam I follow after him. This might not have been such a great idea. After all, now I know they both will align with the Hellraisers and they both will be targeting me in the Games. But I just knew we couldn’t trust them so I must live with this choice.

Philo Ventus (District 5)

“Did you see that?” Train (6) asks me in an excited whisper.

“No. What was it?”

I had come into training not expecting to get any allies. I thought that everyone would immediately label me as a threat and a freak because of my abnormal height and crimson eyes. While most of the tributes have reacted that way, Train (6) didn’t. Almost as soon as training began he approached me and showing none of the aversion that most people do, he asked for an alliance. In the short amount of time I’ve known him he’s already become one of my only and best friends.

“The Careers tried to intimidate that large alliance but they ended up being the ones intimidated!” He seems almost giddy at the tables being turned and I look over and examine this new alliance. I don’t like what I see. They all appear as strong and capable as the Careers but have murderous glints in their eyes and faces. I don’t even think there all sane. The boy from 11, Zippy, certainly isn’t as he’s drifted from the rest of the group who are running the Gauntlets and is now ripping at a dummy with his teeth. “They’ll probably take out the Careers for us!” Train (6) continues.

“I don’t know whether that’s a good thing though,” I say quietly. “They might be a bigger threat then the Careers”

Train shrugs. “Maybe they’ll just take each other out. Who knows? All I care about is us not being anyone’s main target” That would be new and helpful. After years of being scorned and attacked by people for being different I’m glad that they have someone else to target. I tell Train that we should get back to training when the lunch bell rings and everyone heads for the dining area.

Vera Luchabra (District 9)

Everyone gathers for the lunch as my new partner-in-crime Odessa and me from the District 8 watch and examine them. It seems as if everyone is talking about the “Hellraiser” alliance that has formed. The Careers don’t say it but I can tell from their expressions that they fear them. Other then these two alliances there are several small groups. The girl from District 3, Watt I think her name was, aligned with the boy from 12, Charce. The girl from 7 is with the pair from 13. The giant from 5 joined with the boy from 6. They make a comical sight as the 5 boy towers a foot over him. And then there’s Yuri (8), Odessa’s District partner who joined with Bonnie from 5 and my District partner, Tito, in forming the Anti-Careers. This idea, I think, was inspired by the similar alliance from last year’s Games. They asked Odessa and me to align with them but we do not need their help. The only person I need to win these Games is Odessa and her only ally needs to be me.

“They are overlooking us,” Odessa (8) says to me as we watch the others from their tables as they, like us, examine their opponents.

“All the better for us,” I reply my gaze resting on the girl from 6, Blondie I think she is called. She is the only tribute in these Games not to have an ally. I do not know whether that will be to her benefit or downfall. “The hungry wolves always target the fattest cow”

“And while they are feasting,” Odessa speaks. “We shall smite them down from behind”

I nod. That is precisely what we shall do. The Hellraisers and Careers are not the ones that will pose the largest challenge to us. That will be the smaller alliances, the close-knit teams of friends. They shall be the real challenge.

Day Two

Seafoam Majesty (District 4)

That stupid little b—ch Kate! She completely ruined Ella’s and my plan! We were suppose to spend all of training pretending to be aligned with the Careers and then turn on them during the Games but she somehow figured it out!

“Don’t worry about it,” Ella (2) whispers to me as I glare at Kate (1) as she practices throwing knives. “We’re still with the Hellraisers and are stronger then them. We can easily kill her once the Games begin”

“I know. I just hate that she thinks that she outsmarted us!”

“Well, jokes on her. The Hellraisers outnumber them nine to five. She has no chance of out outliving us. Besides, there’s not much of a use of us hanging with the Careers. They don’t seem to be making any effort to hide their strengths right now”

That makes me feel slightly better but I still want to shove something sharp into Kate’s skin right now. If only I could do that and not get in serious trouble. We both turn our attentions back to the other Hellraisers. Frade (7) is swinging an axe around like a madman and dismembering dummies left and right. Isolde (C) is firing arrows at targets and I feel a twinge of jealousy as she hits the bull’s-eye on every single target. Steammie (12), Rebel (3), and Flippy (11) are building a shelter, Zippy (11) is running around growling like a loon and Jeffrey (2) is in the dark corner of the room, whispering to himself while running his fingers up and down the side of a dagger.

“Come on,” Ella (2) says to me. “Let’s get more practice in”

Blondie Genesis (District 6)

I pick up the sword and turn my attention to the practice dummy set out in front of me. My experience with swords, and katanas in particular, will be the one thing that can make sure I emerge from these Games alive. And that’s the only option I have. I can’t die and leave my sister stuck at home at my disgusting monster of a father. I’ll come home and extract my vengeance on him and the wrongs he’s committed.

As I face the dummy I imagine it as my father and suddenly furious I swing my sword straight into its neck and am surprised to see it go clean through and sever the head. I use the sword to continue hacking at the dummy and don’t stop until its just a mess of…stuff on the ground. The trainer gives me a bewildered expression as I drop the sword and walk off.

Charce Firre (District 12)

“This is confusing,” I complain as I examine the many different kinds of plant at the Plant Identification Station. How am I supposed to remember the difference between them? Remember: One has a light red stripe and the other has a dark red stripe! The light striped one is edible but don’t eat the dark one or painful red blisters will begin forming on your skin and eventually will kill you! Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be eating any plant that has a red stripe on it.

“It sort of is,” Watt (3) my ally agrees. “But you just need to remember the small differences. Like, Sporeshade gives off a faint, foul smell but is slightly different from the smell Youstlin gives off. One smells more like rotten garbage while the other is closer to wet dog” I shake my head as she explains this stuff that I had completely forgotten about. I know that the Trainer had told me the differences only twenty minutes ago but it melted together with everything else after a while. I didn’t even know that most of these plants exist. Maybe they’re things the Capitol made? I don’t know.

“You’re really smart,” I say to Watt while leaning back. I’m giving up. I’ve learned as much as I can handle for one time. “I’m glad you’re my ally”

Watt looks uncomfortable and lowers her head. “I’m not that smart really…I just like learning things…”

“You’re not giving yourself enough credit,” I say. “I bet that you’re smarter then all of the other tributes here”

She manages a small smile but shakes her head. “No. I’m sure they’re just as smart as I am. Maybe smarter” Its probably because she’s shy and insecure, much like I am. One of the reasons that I allied with her was because she seemed very similar to me and reminded me of my sisters. My chest flutters as I think of my family back home. My father didn’t recognize me, but the others surely had to. Yes, I know they did. And I also know that they’ll be rooting for me during the Games and hoping that I emerge as Victor. Thinking of which…I glance at Watt (3), she’s gone back to studying the plants and is no doubt making useful notes in her head. I like her and don’t want to see her die, but only one of us will be able to live. Twenty-seven of us will die.

Well, I guess I don’t need to worry about that yet. For all I know we both could wind up dead at the Bloodbath.

Alex Lexys (District 10)

“I don’t like this,” I growl taking my seat beside Cassie (10) at the lunch table. On the other side of the dining area the Hellraisers and sitting down at their own tables and I can’t help but notice Seafoam (4) and Ella (2) throwing murderous looks in the Careers direction. “We shouldn’t have forced them out like that. Now we know they’re against us instead of merely speculating about it”

Cassie shrugs. “Its better then having them turn on us during the Games. At least now we know we need to worry about them”

“We need to worry about everyone regardless,” I remind her. “Even our allies. No, especially our allies”

“You think they’ll betray us?” Cassie (10) asks her voice laced with surprise.

“No. Well, not in the usual sense. But only one person can win this Cass and everyone wants that person to be their self. We can’t trust anyone but ourselves here if we don’t want to wind up with a knife in our backs”

We go silent as Ryan (4) and the others sit themselves down at the table. Kate (1) is watching the Hellraisers intensely while Olympic (C) continues prattling on about how great he was during the first part of training and how much of a beast he is and how he’ll win these Games easily. I give Cassie (10) a knowing look and she nods. Olympic is a good example of how everyone is only in this for themselves. Not that I blame them for that. If Cassie wasn’t here with me I’d be thinking the same way, hell, I am thinking the same way. Everyone has to die for us to live. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not plotting my allies’ downfall or anything stupid like that, I’m just preparing myself for when our alliance inevitably falls apart and it becomes a free for all. No one can say that it won’t happen as I’ve seen it happen in every single Hunger Games I’ve ever watched. And when it does happen, I’ll be ready.

Day 3

Rebel Groots (District 3)

I ride the elevator down to the gym and then join my fellow Hellraisers as they gather around the ropes course, talking about the Private Training Sessions that will take place tomorrow. I don’t care what the pathetic Gamemakers think of me or what score I’ll receive. I only wish to show off my skills and make them fear what I can do.

It’s plain to see that us Hellraisers are by far the biggest threat in these Games. The other smaller alliances and the Careers will all be targeting us. Frade believes the Careers are even trying to make deals with the other alliances in a plot to eliminate us. He’s beyond furious and is snarling and threatening everyone he sees. While it may sound dangerous, it does not concern me. I know we can deal with all of them just fine. What does concern me though, is my own allies. There are nine of us and of that nine; four of them are from Career Districts, Isolde (C), Jeff (2), Ella (2), and Seafoam (4). I am not afraid of them turning on us and backing the Careers again. They’ve been insulted and berated by them too much for that, but I do believe that sometime in the middle of the Games they’ll break off from the rest of us Hellraisers and form a splinter alliance. I am aware that it’s still away off before that could possibly come true but I will remain vigilant, just in case. I’ve always heard Frade speaking about another ally joining us during the Games.

“Good job soldiers!” Flippy (11) speaks as Steammie (12) finishes the ropes course and drops beside the rest. “That was good work! Take two” She is peculiar. She dresses, looks, and acts like a soldier and this makes her a very good leader, which is why Frade (7) made her co-leader. Their leadership styles are very different. Frade is good at giving orders and laughing about how he’ll kill them all while Flippy (11) does the pep talking and organizing. That, incidentally, is another reason why we have an advantage over the Careers. I am not sure whether they even have a leader. I’m tired of all this speculation and talk. I want the Games to begin already so I can kill and see the blood of my victims.

Douglas Biles (District 13)

“You’re pretty good at making traps,” Voolia (7) notes as she watches me finish setting another snare at the snare setting station.

“I was taught a lot,” I reply staring at my handiwork. Physical strength is not our alliances strong suite and I know that for us to win we’ll have to rely on subterfuge and our brains. If I’m even given the opportunity to win. I’m terrified that the Gamemakers will be targeting me especially. I know them all personally and several would probably find it hilarious to try and kill me in the most horrifying ways. I can only hope that they have better things to do…

“What do you want?”

I spin around in surprise and see Jenessa (13) on her feet challenging the approaching Kate (1). Uh oh. Did we do something to anger the Careers? I’m pretty sure we didn’t. We haven’t even gone by them during the entire training period! “I’m here to make a offer from the Careers,” she replies. Voolia (7) shoots me a curious glance and I shrug. I have no idea what this is about.

“What kind of deal?” Jenessa (13) demands.

“A Bloodbath deal. I’m sure you all noticed the Hellraisers and their large number. We Careers want to make a deal where we won’t fight one another at the Bloodbath, the only target would be the Hellraisers. What do you say?” Wow. Well that was unexpected. But I notice that it’s only for the bloodbath and once its over we’ll be fair game to them once again. But…not having the Careers trying to kill us during the opening moments of the Games will be a great benefit. “Okay,” Jenessa (13) says. “We accept”

“Great!” Kate (1) begins to turn away but then stops. “Oh right. The Anti-Careers might be apart of this too. So don’t attack them either” She then turns and walks off.

“What do you think about that?” Voolia (7) asks once she’s out of earshot. “I don’t know,” Jenessa (13) shrugs. “But at least we know they won’t be targeting us at the Bloodbath”

“The Hellraisers might be though,” I point out.

“Yeah, they look pretty strong. I’m actually afraid of them,” Jenessa (13) says. “This deal might be enough to weaken them significantly”

“But then we’d have to worry about the Careers again,” Voolia (7) mutters.

“At least one of the Careers isn’t the daughter of a Gamemaker,” I mumble.


“Isolde is the daughter of the Gamemaker,” I turn around and point at her father as he sits with the rest of the Gamemakers above us. “Mortimer Blair. He’s a monster, always coming up with the most heinous and despicable things. Some things are so horrible they even disgust the other Gamemakers. And that’s saying a lot” I shudder as I think back to those horrible sessions as a Gamemaker, when I had to sit through all of the talk and had to watch kids die by my hand. No. I won’t think of it anymore. It can’t help me it can only make me feel worse. Jenessa (13) and Voolia (7) continue talking about the Hellraisers and I begin to concentrate on setting my snares.

Yuri Collins (District 8)

The Games are getting close now. Tomorrow there will be the Private Training Sessions and then the day after that the Games will begin. I’m slightly concerned that I didn’t get more tributes in my Anti-Career alliance. I watched as the Anti-Career alliance performed admirably but they did it with numerous members. I only have myself, Bonnie (5), and Tito (9). And then there’s the deal the Careers made it us, that our alliances won’t target one another at the bloodbath, only the Hellraisers. Bonnie (5) and Tito (9) liked the idea so much that I had to agree but I wonder if that changes our name. I mean, what kind of Anti-Careers make deals with the Careers? Does this make us Anti-Hellraisers? Or is that the Careers and are we just irrelevant? I don’t know, but at least we’re going to have less people coming after us during the Bloodbath.

“Trainings coming to a close soon,” Tito (9) comments as we watch other tributes begin to file towards the elevators. Kassius hasn’t officially ended training yet but he’s getting close.

“What’s our plans for the Games?” Bonnie (5) asks.

“Don’t know yet. We’ll have to figure it out soon though” Kassius calls for the end and then we make our way towards the elevators. I don’t know what our plan will be during the Games yet but I know that people are overlooking us, which is decent enough for me.

Training Scores & Odds

Tribute Name Training Score Odds
Warwickite Jewelly (1) 11 4-1
Kate Willis (1) 8 15-1
Jeffrey Killheart (2) 10 7-1
Ella Massey (2) 10 6-1
Rebel Groots (3) 9 11-1
Watt Chargy (3) 5 42-1
Ryan Marine (4) 8 14-1
Seafoam Majesty (4) 9 10-1
Philo Ventus (5) 9 9-1
Bonnie Cougar (5) 4 54-1
Train McBridge (6) 5 39-1
Blondie Genesis (6) 7 25-1
Frade Spectrus (7) 11 5-1
Voolia Kelopi (7) 5 39-1
Yuri Collins (8) 8 16-1
Odessa Garnetstone (8) 7 26-1
Tito Granso (9) 8 16-1
Vera Luchabra (9) 8 18-1
Alex Lexys (10) 9 12-1
Cassie Lexys (10) 8 19-1
Zippy Oakster (11) 6 33-1
Flippy Twinmind (11) 8 18-1
Charce Firre (12) 7 25-1
Steammie Pic (12) 7 26-1
Douglas Biles (13) 7 25-1
Jenessa Whitten (13) 6 34-1
Olympic Oblado (C) 10 5-1
Isolde Blair (C) 12 2-1


Steammie Pic (District 12)

I’m woken up in the morning and head down to the dining room where my Stylist and mentors are waiting along with my district partner Charce (12). He makes no effort to greet me and I sit myself down at the table where I go over last minute strategy details with my mentor. When we finish they load Charce and me onto the elevator and then wish us luck as we begin our descent. It’s only a little while longer before the Games begin and my life is at risk. I can’t die though. I need to come home for Bonny. I can’t afford to lose.

Train McBridge (District 6)

The elevator comes to a halt and Blondie (6) and me step out and into a long, dark hallway. Two Peacekeepers are waiting for us and they lead us down the hall, one in front and one behind. I’m guessing that they’re here to stop any tributes from attempting to flee but I don’t see where one could run. The hallway eventually opens up into a large room where a hovercraft sits; I can see the tributes from the other Districts filing out from their own corridors. I spot Philo (5) and he nods at me as the Peacekeepers order us to enter. I climb on and take a seat where they then quickly implant the tracker into my arm. I’m placed beside Voolia (7) and Tito (9). The Careers are laughing about something and I think I can hear someone singing softly about “little piggies” whatever that means.

Tito Granso (District 9)

The hovercraft lands and as all of us are ushered off me and my district partner Vera (9) are led down a hallway with a giant white “9” written on the wall over it. The hall soon splits into two separate paths and we’re each told to go down a different one. I follow the hall down to a door, which I open and find myself in the Launch Room with my stylist waiting. He hands me the Arena wear. A smooth slippery body suit that’s the same color that District 9’s tributes always wear, lavender, a pair of boots and also some sort of weird bracelet thing that has a small screen on it.

“This is strange,” I say as I quickly put all the clothes on.

My stylist shrugs. “I can’t be sure, but it looks like your outfit was specially designed to protect your skin from the sun. Your open skin will still be affected though”

Sun huh? So the Arena will be a bright place? I can dig that. The intercom voice tells me to enter the pod and I shake hands with my stylist and climb in, watching as the doors shut behind me. The tube slowly begins to rise and I take a deep breath. I have no idea what the Arena will look like or how things will go. I only have my plan and my two allies.

Suddenly I rise above ground and I feel a hot blast of air sting my skin and a very, bright light blinds me. Where is this? My mouth slightly opens and the hot air burns my throat as my eyes adjust. The light is coming from the large yellow sun overhead and around me, on every single side, is nothing but empty desert. Oh boy…Already I can tell that retrieving water will be a priority here. “Greetings ladies and Gentlemen!” the voice of Herter Templesmith sounds off. “Let the 326th Annual Hunger Games begin!”


The arena is set up in a desert. The cornucopia is in the exact middle of the arena.  Slightly to the north is a small oasis and is a natrual source of water. To the far east is a series of ruins set up on a staircase with three different levels. To the south is a small plateau filled with obelisks. To the west is a dead forest. There is a large pyrmaid in the desert and a series of underground tunnels throughout the arena.

The Games

Day 1/ Bloodbath

Flippy Twinmind (District 11)

The countdown starts and immediately my body begins twitching as flashbacks from the war begin to appear in my mind. No. No. I was told to let it take over but I don’ think I want to. I don’t know what I’ll do once it has control. I shake my head and try to fight it off. I don’t want to turn now. Not here. My allies will be running about out there and I know that if it happens, if my dark side takes control, then everyone will be in danger from me. Including my allies. It’s no use though. I can feel it taking over and I stop moving as I give into it. My hand slides my hat down low over my head and I let out a laugh much deeper then my normal one. My dark side has emerged.

Douglas Biles (District 13)

I slip my token, a small wooden ball, out of my pocket and look around for Frade’s platform. I see it, but unfortunately it’s all the way on the other side of the cornucopia and there is no way I can heave it that far. My plan was to throw it at the mines at the base of the pedestal and blow him up but that looks unlikely now. Instead I try to find Flippy (11) or even Rebel (3) and am disappointed to see that only people who are even within range of my throwing arm are my alliances and temporary alliance member’s. Shoot.

Alex Lexys (District 10)

Where’s Cassie?

I crane my neck as I peer down the line of tribute-laden platforms. Ryan (4) and Warwickite (1) are both close by, already readying their selves to sprint for weapons once the gong sounds off. I don’t see Cassie. I check and then double check before realizing that the only place she can be is directly ahead of me, behind the cornucopia. Damn. Its’ just my luck that she’d be as far from me as possible. I ready my feet for running I’m about to do. I need to get to her as quickly as possible, before someone else does. I need to protect her.

Odessa Garnetstone (District 8)

I turn to face Vera (9) who is on the plate right next to me and she nods her head towards a pair of backpacks that lie not far from our plates. Her meaning is obvious. I’ll get us supplies while she goes deeper into the battlefield and retrieve weapons. It is a good plan.

20…. 19…. 18…. 17…

The countdown is reaching its conclusion. I prime myself to run, ignoring the glare of the sun that comes off of the sun. I cannot allow myself to get distracted. Not here. I will do as I must.

Train McBridge (District 6)

I’m panicking. I can’t make anything out, the bright light reflecting off of both the sand and the cornucopia keeps on distracting me and this horrible heat is almost unbearable. Already large beads of sweat are trickling down my face and I’m getting itchy.

Oh no, no, no. I can’t do this! The countdown ticks closer to the end and looking around at the determined faces on my fellow tributes fills me with dread. I don’t see Philo (5).


I feel the whoosh of air pass me as everyone leaps off of his or her plates and charges towards the cornucopia. I stumble forward and spin around aimlessly, unsure of what my goal is. Find Philo? Get supplies? Run away? I can’t remember what my mentor told me. I’m about to shout in desperation when I see a small duffel bag lying not far from me and decide to grab it. I’m halfway to it when something large and heavy jumps onto my back and I fall face first to the ground, the sand flying into my open mouth. I feel something sharp begin tearing into my back and I shout out in pain and using all the power available to me, roll over. My assailant comes rolling off and I get a short glimpse of the deranged face of Flippy (11) before he lunges at me again. Her hands fly for my face and nails slash down. I feel the hot, sticky blood come pouring from the new wounds and shut my eyes tight to prevent damage to them. I feel Flippy land another blow and scream. So this is how it ends. Ripped to threads by someone’s bare hands. I open my eyes to witness my own death when suddenly Flippy (11) is plucked into the air and he gives a scream before being silenced by a menacing snapping sound. Her body drops back to the sand, dead.

What…what the heck just happened? Did aliens come to my rescue?

“Train?” No. Wiping the pouring blood from my face I recognize Philo (5) as his large hands pull me to his feet. “Are you okay?”

“I-I’m fine. Thanks.”

He nods and then gives a worried glance behind us, towards the cornucopia where I can hear the sounds of kids screaming and the sound of metal on metal. “We should go. Now.”

“Right” I quickly snatch up the duffel bag I was initially going for and we turn and run off into the large, menacing desert.

Kate Willis (District 1)

My hands slide over the crate and onto the rack of throwing knives just behind it. Already the first fatalities are happening. Just behind me Olympic (C) is hacking and stabbing the screaming form of Steammie (12). The girl didn’t even have time to get a weapon before he got to her.

I tuck two knives into my belt and hold two more in my hands before turning around. Doug (13) and Ryan (4) are inside the cornucopia rummaging for weapons and I can see the alliance of two, the girl from 8 and the girl from 9, sprinting off into the desert with only a few items. Okay, so far our plan is working. I call Ryan (4) to my side.

“What’s the plan?” he asks.

“Kill Warwickite, Seafoam, and Ella,” I answer. Those three are our main targets, well, my groups main targets. The temporarily members are splitting themselves up into two separate groups right now. I begin looking our for our targets when I hear a shout and spin around to see Yuri’s (8) head coming off of his shoulders. Blood squirts out rapidly and his body crumples to the sand where it twitches before going still.


He stands over the body of Yuri, a sneer etched on his face. Instantly I send a knife whizzing towards him but it deflects off of his sword and before I can throw another one an arrow comes shooting from behind him and I’m forced to dive out of the way.

“Get up!” I feel someone pull to me feet; I look to my left and see Ryan (4) throw a trident at Warwickite, making him dodge behind a crate before grabbing me and steering us towards the outskirts.

“What are you doing?” I screech at him. “We need to kill them!”

“It’s three on two,” He replies as we hit the outskirts and Olympic (C). “And two of them have long ranged weapons. We need to escape with our—” He breaks off as an arrow shoots over his head, giving his words extra emphasis. I don’t like it, but he’s right. We need to get out of here right now.

Jenessa Whitten (District 13)

From our vantage point atop the cornucopia I watch as Kate (1), Ryan (4), and Olympic (C) go fleeing into the desert, leaving us, their temporary alliance, behind with the Hellraisers. Geez thanks guys! First they make us climb this scalding hot cornucopia, which gives us several burns, and then they abandon us here!

“Where are they going?” I ask Bonnie (5) who despite from being from a different alliance is non-threatening to me thanks to our truce.

“I don’t know. But I have a clear shot on Seafoam!” she stands up and with the blowgun and dart she has in her grasp, takes aim at the district 4 girl below us. Just as she’s about to fire I see something glint from the corner of my eye and an arrow flies out and embeds itself into Bonnie’s (5) chest. She gasps several times, drops the blowgun and then takes several steps back and goes falling backwards off of the cornucopia to the ground twenty feet below.

“Oh hell no.”

I turn and back off towards the opposite side of the cornucopia and see my allies, my true allies, Voolia (7) and Doug (13), standing below me. I need to get down to them and I begin to climb down but when my bare hand touches the heated golden surface I shriek and lose my grip. I expect to hit the hot sand at full force but I’m surprised to feel it’s softer then I thought it would. Its’ not soft, but it’s not as hard as I thought it would. When I stand up and feel people under me I see why. Voolia and Doug had attempted to catch me.

“You’re heavier then you look,” Voolia mumbles as Doug pulls her up.

“We need to get out of here!” I say ignoring her remark. “Before the Hellraisers find our position” They both nod and we go running off into the hot desert.

Charce Firre (District 12)

I snatch a backpack off of the ground and turn to run. As I turn I bump straight into a running figure and we both go sprawling to the sand. Adrenaline fills me and I quickly bounce to my feet to try and fend off an attack but only see Bonnie (5) clambering to her feet and running off towards the desert. I don’t have any weapon so I leave her be. Besides, I don’t want to kill. I’ll only do it when necessary.

I sling the backpack onto my shoulders and begin to run when I spot Watt (3) on the outskirts, a bag in her hands. I reach her just as a purple-outfitted figure slams into her. I let out a surprised shriek and Watt screams as the figure, who I now recognize as Blondie (6), stabs a dagger into her shoulder. I react instinctively. I pull the backpack off of my shoulders and swing it with all my force straight into Blondie’s head. The blow isn’t fatal, not even close, but it knocks her off of Watt who I pull to her feet and watch as Blondie (6) turns and goes running off.

“Charce. My shoulder!”

I turn back to Watt and see that the dagger is still in her shoulders. Blood is oozing out from the wound behind the weapon. It looks very painful but it won’t be fatal.

“We need to get out of here Watt,” I say and I have to pull her along as we run away from the bloodbath and the death.

Alex Lexys (District 10)

I see her. Cassie. She’s standing on the outskirts of the battlefield, a crossbow in her arms as she surveys the fighting behind me. I don’t know whose still fighting or who has died and I don’t care. All I care about right now is getting to Cassie and protecting her. I did pick up a sword while I was running but that’s because I need a weapon to fend off any attacks. Cassie fires and arrow off at some faraway target and is reloading when I see a tan dirty blonde head slinking about behind her. Tito!


She heeds my warning and drops to the sand just as Tito’s (9) scythe slashes through the air. I’m heading straight for her at a dead sprint and don’t slow down. He barely has enough time to even see me before I slam in him and we go tumbling down. Surprisingly he somehow reacts faster and is on his feet when he kicks the hilt of the sword and knocks it free from my grasp. I climb to my knees and throw a punch at him but he dodges and with an angry grunt he plants a foot into my chest and the force pushes me back to the ground. He moves forward for another attack when he stiffens and blood flies off of him and splatters onto my face. He sputters and as more blood starts pouring from his throat I finally see the small silver arrowhead sticking out. Cassie. Tito (9) continues gagging on his own blood and falls to his knees, and then to his side, the blood pooling on the hot sand around him. Cassie (10) runs towards me as I pick up my sword and savagely kick Tito in the skull.

“Thanks sis,” I say making sure he doesn’t move anymore.

“You’re welcome”

“Why did the attack us anyway? I thought Kate made some sort of deal with them?”

“She did. But I saw both of his real allies die and I think he saw it as well. It must have pushed him over the edge and…”

“And what?”

“I think I overheard Kate telling the others that she wanted you dead”

“WHAT?! Why?”

“I don’t know. I’m not even sure if I heard correctly But…”

“We don’t have time to talk here. We need to go,” I say grabbing Cassie by the wrist and pulling her with me. “If the Careers have ditched us then we’re on our own now”

Day 1/Aftermath

Ella Massey (District 2)

Seafoam (4), Isolde (C), Warwickite (1), and me are the last remaining tributes at the cornucopia. The pair from 10 runs off in the distance. I’m disappointed with myself for not having any kills but I comfort myself with the fact that the Games have just begun and there’s still plenty of time to kill people.

“Where’s Frade?” Warwickite (1) asks suddenly as he takes a look around the empty area. “And Rebel, Zippy and Jeff?”

“They said they’d flee and come back at night for a sneak attack,” Isolde (C) replies. “He probably thought we weren’t strong enough to win this fight. Maybe he isn’t but I am up to any fight. However I digress”

“Someone should see who the other dead bodies were” Seafoam (4) comments nonchalantly, picking up arrows and examining their points.

“You and Ella can do that,” Isolde (C) says and though Seafoam glares at this suggestion she comes along with me as we get all of the bodies and drag them to the center where we recognize two of them as Flippy and Steammie.

“Now there’s only eight of us,” Warwickite (1) comments as he goes through the items on the dead bodies, taking anything he finds of value.

“That’s still more then the Careers,” I point out. “Or any other alliance for that matter”

“But we’re split up right now,” Seafoam (4) mutters.

“Frade and the others are coming back at night,” Isolde (C) doesn’t seem concerned in the slightest as she goes through all of the available arrows, selecting the sharpest and best for her quiver. “You don’t have to wet yourselves” Seafoam (4) glares at her but no one responds, instead we all begin to busy ourselves by selecting the best weapons and supplies from the cornucopia.

Watt Chargy (District 3)

The desert is endless…or so it seems. Charce (12) and me have been moving since we fled the bloodbath and that was…I don’t know how long ago. Once we got far enough away we stopped and Charce tended to the knife in my shoulder. He had to forcefully remove it and that hurt a lot. I couldn’t stop myself from screaming as the blade was torn from my skin.

Thankfully, inside the backpack Charce retrieved was some water, which despite the heat of the desert and the knowledge that water sources will be hard to come by, we used to clean the wound. Also inside was a tube of anti-infection and we put about half of it onto my shoulder. I remember from training Kassius telling us all that an infection could quickly lead to death out here and we both didn’t want to take a risk and not put enough on. This didn’t stop the pain though and my shoulder has been throbbing ever since.

“Does this desert…ever end?” I pant as I trudge behind Charce (12). My eyes are halfway shut thanks to the bright sun in the sky. I can’t even look down at the sand as the light reflects off of it.

“I…don’t know,” Charce (12) answers. His voice sounds horrible and I know mine must sound just as bad. Usually tributes aren’t this bad off just hours after the opening gong but we’re in terrible shape right now. We do have the remaining water from Charce’s bag and whatever is inside of my bag, which as to now we haven’t opened. We don’t want to risk just leaving ourselves in the open while we check. I slide my tongue over my dry cracked lips and can’t help but wish that we could just stop and take a drink right now. Oh I wish I were back in the mild temperature of District 3 with Casidy right now…


I raise my head at Charce’s (12) outburst and in the distance I can just make out a formation of rocks ahead.

“Cover?” I ask hopefully then wince as the pain from my shoulder hits due to my sudden movement.

“Maybe. Let’s check it out”

When we reach the formation we see that it has a small overhang, which has just enough room for both of us to rest under in the shade. I want to just go jump under it but Charce reminds me of the dangers of being impatient and we circle around it several times, making sure there is no concealed mutts or traps before ducking under it.

“Thank goodness,” I murmur as I lie myself down on the, comparatively, cool sand. Its’ much, much better under here then it was out there and I already feel better. Now that we’re out of the open and in cover we open my pack and find a two canteens of water, a loaf of bread, and a piece of plastic that looks like could be used to cover yourself from rain or sun. We take some sips of water but don’t drink too much. I don’t know when we’ll get more so rationing our current supply is the best course of action to take. If there was one good thing from me getting stabbed it was that we now have a weapon to use. Maybe things aren’t so bad…for now.

Voolia Kelopi (District 7)

“Am I seeing things?” I wonder as the shapes of palm trees and rocks suddenly shows up on the horizon. It’s not possible. Is it? Is that really an oasis? Could we have been that lucky?

“If you are,” Jenessa (13) replies her voice showing just how hot and exhausted she is as she walks through this desert. “Then we’re seeing the same thing”

“Be careful,” Doug (13) suddenly speaks walking past the two of us who’ve come to a halt. “This is just the sort of trap the Gamemakers would set up. Put the tributes in a sweltering hot desert and then give them the faint outline of what looks like water and shade only for when they arrive, its not actually there is really a pit of vipers or quicksand, or something worse”

“But…how are we suppose to tell if it’s real or not?” Jenessa (13) asks. Doug shrugs. “We need to get a little closer. And then I’ll figure something out” We carefully and slowly approach the outline and the closer we get the more visible and clear the trees become, I can now see a pool of water as well and I feel like running for it but I resist. I know what might happen if I get too reckless. When we get close enough Doug (13) pulls a spile out from his backpack and hurls it towards the closest palm tree. It hits the tree in the center and bounces off, rolling on the sand before coming to a halt.

“Well?” Jenessa (13) asks after a moment of silence. “Is it real?”

“It looked pretty real to me,” I say and Doug slowly nods.

“Yes…it seems as if it’s real. But keep your eyes open. There could be any manner of danger around”

Heeding his warning we all approach the oasis but find nothing dangerous. Just palm trees, a few rocks, and that wonderful pool of water, which after a few minutes of observing we decided is safe enough to drink. We don’t suffer any sort of damage from this and it must be real. Doug reasons that they wouldn’t have wanted to make the water dangerous for several reasons, ranging from there needing to be a water source in the arena to not wanting to have it kill too many tributes. Whatever the reason, I’m glad it’s safe and drinkable as it gives us a free source of water along with a way to cool ourselves down.

“We’ll sit tight here for the day,” Doug decides after we’ve all finished quenching our thirsts. “And see who died in the anthem” Just as he finishes speaking the first cannon sounds off and its closely followed by four more, signifying that five tributes have fallen in the opening bloodbath. Game on.

“It’s too bad your explosion plan didn’t work,” Jenessa (13) comments idly after Doug finishes relaying why he couldn’t kill Frade at the bloodbath.

“Yeah,” Doug (13) agrees. “But I still believe those mines could be of good use to us if I can get my hands on them” That sounds good. But right now we don’t have them and we just need to lay low.

Philo Ventus (District 5)

“Ruins. Just the sort you’d expect to find in the desert” Train (6) and me come to a halt and stare up at the ruined buildings before us. They’re built against a mountain that seems to stretch as far north and south as I can see. Several flights of debilitated stairs lead up to higher and it seems as if there are three areas of buildings on each level, the lowest, the middle, and the highest.

“Think there’s any dangers up there?” Train (6) asks me.

“Of course there is. This is the Hunger Games”

“I mean, do you think there’s any immediate danger?”

“No. Least I don’t expect there is. We should still be cautious” We stand staring at the ruins while the hot sun beats down onto our backs. I am not too affected by the heat. I can stand it for a while longer, but I fear Train (6) might be another matter. He isn’t as strong or muscular as I am and might succumb more easily.

“We should head up,” I say. “And get into the shade one of those ruined buildings offer”

Train nods. I’m on guard as we ascend the staircase and then step off on the first level and walk along the rampart of the wall. We have a decent view of the desert from here and I’m sure if we went higher our view would increase as well. If there were more of us I’d suggest that one of us go up they’re to keep watch but with only two I don’t want to split us up. We duck inside of one of the many buildings and the place is rather bare except for a table made entirely out of stone, a chair also made from stone, and a bed that’s you guessed it, also made of stone. But at least there is some sort of soft quilts on it. One for covering the stone and the other I assume for the person.

“What sort of supplies do we have?” Train (6) asks lying himself down on the bed with a relieved sigh. It’s nice and cool in here. I take a seat on the chair, and unzip the duffel bag Train retrieved from the outer part of the cornucopia. “Let’s see what we have” I reach into the pack and after examining each object I lay it on the table for Train to see. A canteen of water, a packet of dried fruit, a pair of night-vision glasses, and a rolled up sleeping bag.

“Decent haul,” I comment after setting down the sleeping bag. “We can do with these items for now” Train nods and after we eat some of the fruit and drink a little bit of water I put the stuff back into the bag and stare out the doorway into the desert below. The other tributes are out there right now, fighting for survival. I wonder how they’re all coping with this heat….

Vera Luchabra (District 9)

“That is a forest, is it not?” Our footsteps falter and we stare at the large forest that now sits before us. There are many, many trees but none have leaves. They’re all bare and dead looking. The sand from the desert stretches into the forest.

“It is,” Odessa (8) replies. “It is indeed a forest. A desert forest”

“Do those exist?”

“In the Games they surely do”

The sun has begun to set and it is not nearly as unbearably hot as it was earlier today but that forest looks as if it will offer some sort of shade to rest in for when the sun’s heat picks back up.

“We shall enter the forest,” I tell Odessa (8). “And see what await us there” We both swiftly move over the sand and walk into the forest, marveling at its strange appearance. If we get attacked we have weapons to defend ourselves, thanks to my own work at the bloodbath. I have quite the deadly club and Odessa has an awl. Nothing attacks. We find a decent enough camping site and sit ourselves down.

“Other tributes will come here,” Odessa (8) says cautiously. “This place looks very inviting”

“Let them come. We shall kill them when they do” She nods and I look towards the way we came. I do not fear the other tributes. They are threats yes, but not something I am afraid of. They are just like us, only not as strong.

Ryan Marine (District 4)

Inside of the large pyramid we just found it’s surprisingly cool and damp. It’s also dark and since the sun has set the only light comes from the torches inside. We wandered through the desert for hours before coming upon this large golden pyramid. We found a tunnel that led inside and right after the tunnel was an empty antechamber where we’re now resting. Another tunnel is at the way back of the pyramid and we can see that its path splits into two but we haven’t gone down it as we don’t see the point of doing so right now. I look at my two allies, Kate (1) and Olympic (C) and can tell that neither of them are very happy at all. They’re furious that the Hellraisers got the better of us at the Bloodbath and that we were forced to retreat. I don’t like it much either but there’s not anything we can do about it now. We just need to focus on surviving and fighting off any attacks. I don't know why Alex and Cassie are no longer with us but I think Kate believes they were going to leave us or something.

“At least this place is easily defensible,” I say optimistically breaking the long silence that had pervaded for most of the day.

“Defensible? We’re Careers! We’re not some suppose to be playing defense like some sort of outlying district!” he spits on the ground dramatically and then begins sharpening his machete on the wall, grumbling angrily. Kate doesn’t look up from where she’s staring at the ground.

“A large group of people couldn’t get at us,” I continue ignoring their bad attitude. “The tunnel is too narrow. They’d have to come two at a time and we could pick them off with ranged weapons while they did so” Kate (1) looks up with a look on interest on her face but doesn’t say anything. I’m about to say some more when the muffled sound of the anthem plays and then the screens on our bracelets light up. Whoa. We stare at the things in amazement when the face of Bonnie appears on the screen. This thing must be for the tributes that are inside like we are! That makes me wonder how much inside places there are here…. The face of Bonnie is replaced by Yuri’s and then his by Tito’s. None of these revelations does much to help Kate’s mood, as all of them were apart of our truce to take out the Hellraisers. Thankfully, the final two faces are Hellraisers. Flippy and Steammie.

“Their co-leader is gone,” I say quietly.

“Good,” Kate (1) mutters. “At least they lost something” Olympic (C) doesn’t say anything and I sit myself down and go through my items. Things aren’t looking so good for us right now but in the Games things change quickly. And right now we need things to change quickly.

Day 2/ Schemes

Douglas Biles (District 13)

The trap is set and along with Voolia (7) and Jenessa (13) I step back from the oasis and examine it for any weaknesses. I just know that the Hellraisers will be coming soon and we can’t be here when they arrive or its games over for us. Luckily my mentor had sent me some wire and I’ve used it to booby-trap the oasis where, hopefully, some stupid Hellraisers will wander into it.

“Are you sure it’ll work?” Voolia (7) asks staring at the oasis skeptically. The wire is too well hidden amongst the small bushes to see but it would be impossible for anyone to get to the water with them around. Unless they somehow knew the traps are there.

“I hope it will,” I answer honestly. Will it work? I don’t know. Maybe. But I have more to my plan then just this. “We need to get moving,” I tell them. “Before the sun rises”

Moving through the open desert isn’t nearly as difficult as it was yesterday, mostly because the sun has yet to rise and that makes things much cooler then before. I guess doing this plan early had two benefits to it. The sun doesn’t stay down for long though and by the time hundreds of dead trees come into view its back in the sky, sending its rays of light down onto us.

“I never thought I’d see a forest in the desert,” Jenessa (13) breathes her face creating a look of wonder.

“Its all dead though,” Voolia (7) replies in a hushed voice. “It must be due to the lack of water” Could be. But this is the Hunger Games and I know from first hand experience that the Gamemakers can make any thing they want. They could make a frozen tundra that’s freakishly warm if they wanted.

“We need to head into there,” I tell them and begin walking towards the woods, my spear at the ready just in case the Gamemakers decided to throw some mutts at us. They don’t and we get into the forest without incident. However, once we’re inside we discover how easy it is to get lost. Every single tree looks almost exactly the same and the sand on the ground doesn’t offer any help either.

“I don’t like this,” Jenessa (13) begins to speak when two girls step out from behind a tree ten feet ahead of us.

“Drop your weapons!” I hiss to the girls and immediately drop my spear to the sand, my hands going straight into the air in a sign of peace. Voolia and Jenessa share an uneasy glance before following suite. The two newcomers quickly bound over and one of them pulls our weapons away from us while the other, larger one, circles us, a large menacing club in her hands.

“Don’t kill us! We want an all—”


I shut my mouth. These girls mean business. The smaller one, I recognize her as the girl from District 8, Odessa, looks far nicer then the other one, the District 9 girl, Vera.

“Now,” Vera (9) asks stopping right in front of me with an angry glare. “Why are you here?” I resist the urge to roll my eyes. I was just about to tell her why before she interrupted me!

“We want an alliance,” I say and quickly continue as she opens her mouth to speak. “The Hellraisers will be coming this way. We can either get killed separately or ally and possibly survive” I look into the two girls faces and try to see what they’re thinking. Vera’s face is a mask of disgust and anger but Odessa is showing signs of worry, pity, and nervousness. Maybe we can get her to agree…

“Is that true?” she asks. “Are they really coming?”

“Yes,” Voolia (7) replies for us. “They are”

“They are coming for you,” Vera (9) says. It’s not a question but a statement and a true statement at that. They are coming for us. I nod and Vera looks pleased. “It is good to see a truth teller. Especially in the Games. Come Odessa, we must discuss this” They turn their backs to us and begin talking in fierce whispers. “They don’t seem to fear us,” Jenessa (13) comments. “Because if we wanted we could easily grab our weapons and kill them while they talk”

“True,” I nod. “That’s a good thing. If they trust us enough not to kill them then they can trust us enough to ally” We go silent as they turn back to us. Odessa looks pleased and I hope that means good news for us.

“We have reached a decision,” Vera (9) speaks, giving each one of us a through look through before continuing. “And while I would have no qualms but leaving you here to be killed by those Hellraisers, Odessa does not feel the same way. We shall align ourselves with you”

Yes! I feel like celebrating and shouting in joy but know that doing so would be unprofessional and could possibly ruin our agreement. Instead, I smile and thank them.

“ Remember: This is not kindness,” Vera (9) snaps at us with an annoyed look. “It is strategy. Now pick up your weapons. We have much to discuss”

Frade Spectrus (District 7)

“See anything?” I ask. The oasis is only a mere twenty feet away. I can see the leaves on the palm trees, the bright flowers that grow on the bushes and the ripple of water as it is blown by the faint desert wind. But I don’t see any people. Pity. I would have liked nothing better then to disembowel someone right now but I’m a patient guy. I can wait.

“I don’t,” Warwickite (1), one of my two new leaders. While I am obviously the unquestioned leader of the group he suggested that him and Isolde (C) become two more leaders making us a three-leader hierarchy. I saw no problems with this and gave them leadership. “I don’t see anyone”

“Neither do I,” Isolde (C) speaks up from my other side her keen eyes searching the oasis up and down. “The place looks deserted”

“Hah! Deserted! Get it? We’re in a desert and she said deserted!” The other alliance member who has accompanied me on this mission, Zippy (11) bounces up and down as he cackles gleefully at this. Isolde (C) gives him a dirty look but I merely smile. I like Zippy. He even reminds me of how I was when I was slightly younger. So eager to kill, to see the color of a person’s blood, to rip their eyes from their sockets…if only amusement was the only reason I was doing this! No. I’m not here to simply feed my blood lust. I am here to avenge my brother Shade. And that means I can afford no mistakes.

“Circle around,” I order Warwickite. “Make sure none of those dastards is hiding on the outskirts” He nods and heads off. I watch as he gets up and goes about a quarter the way around before turning to Isolde and telling her to go the opposite way. “Meet him at the center and then come back here” She nods and moves off, her bow firmly clenched in hand.

“What about me? What about me?” Zippy (11) asks excitedly hopping between feet.

“Wait. When they come back we can plan more”

It doesn’t take long. The two of them come back and inform me that the oasis is completely empty and deserted but that they found some footprints on the far side. Good. We then proceed to move closer to it but when we’re mere feet away from the bushes I hold a hand out and signal for them to stop.

“Wait” They all listen and I point a finger at a small, almost invisible wire sticking out of the bush and connecting to another.

“How cute. A trap” A wire. It stirs up vague memories but I don’t remember what they do exactly. I turn to the others and see that they also seem to be thinking. Finally, Isolde (C) speaks.

“It’s electrically charged”

“I knew that,” Warwickite (1) answers before I can. “But how are we suppose to deactivate it? It looks like it goes all the way around the oasis”

“We could just step over it you know,” Isolde (C) says it like it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

“But I want to deactivate it,” I say the gears in my head already churning out a plan. “And then find the fools who placed it and rip their f--king skin off” We talk over how it would be possible and we can’t find a plan until Isolde (C) suggests pouring water onto it. It would fry the circuit and deactivate the wire. The downside would be we couldn’t use it for our own purposes but we can’t otherwise change it off without someone skilled with wire being here. We back off and have Zippy (11) our water from one of the canteens onto the wire and instantly it sends sparks flying into the air and then a bright burst of light before going silent. Oh, and one of those bushes start on fire but Warwickite (1) stomps it out. We don’t want the oasis burning down.

“Zippy,” He smiles as we walk towards him. “Grab all of the wire and bring it to me. I have a plan” Zippy does this with much gusto and then once I have it all we follow along the footprints, burying the wire under it and effectively making a trail. When the wire runs out we follow it back to the oasis

“What was that for boss man?” Zippy (11) asks.

“It’s a trail. After we regroup with the rest we’ll follow it, find those f—king losers and smash their brains in. But for now let’s head back to the cornucopia”

Rebel Groots (District 3)

My tool shifts through the sand and once the mine underneath becomes visible, Jeff (2) pulls it out and stuffs it into the bag with the other mines we have dug up. While Frade (7) took three of the others with him on his trip to the oasis and Ella (2) and Seafoam (4) sit on their butts doing absolutely nothing, we have to sit in the hot sun digging up mines for…something. I don’t think we have agreed on we we’re doing with them yet. Whatever we do with them the bag they’re in better not be used for anything but transporting them. Mines can only be activated when they’re planted in the ground and not while in a bag. Everyone should know this already but I am the alliances trap expert and I need to remind them just in case. We move onto the next platform and mine and I grumble to myself while we dig. I hate this arena; it is far too bright and sun-shiny. I prefer operating in darkness and I can’t really do that here. Our work is done without saying a word. Jeff (2) isn’t really one idle talk and I prefer only speaking when I have something to say. We continue our work until we’ve finally uprooted all twenty-eight of the mines and have put them into one large bag, which is extremely heavy and lugging it around is difficult. We head back towards the cornucopia and the shade it offers.

“Finished?” Ella (2) asks as Jeff and me place the mine bag on the floor. I nod and then take a swig from a canteen. The water is refreshing. I offer it to Jeff (2) who shakes his head and whispers to himself.

“Sleepy…sleepy…they’re so sleepy”

“Who is he talking about?” Seafoam (4) asks staring at him curiously. I shrug. “I don’t know. He just babbles things. I doubt half of it has any meaning” I go to the far back of the cornucopia insides, where it’s darkest, and sit in a corner. Now we just have to wait for Frade to return.

Kate Willis (District 1)

With all of our weapons and items gathered about we head into the tunnel at the back of the antechamber and stare down the two paths available to us. We feel pretty safe inside this pyramid and despite how terribly things went yesterday I still think we could win these Games as long as we play it smart. And the best thing to do right now is explore this pyramid and discover its secrets.

“Which way?” I ask the two guys with me. “Left or Right?”

“Left,” Olympic (C) replies instantly.

“Right,” Ryan (4) says at the same time.

Great. I get the deciding vote. I look down both of the paths and since they both look almost identical, I choose left because I know Ryan (4) would be less upset. The path goes on for a while before turning into a bridge over two dark pits on either side of us. Ryan (4) shines his flashlight into one of them and immediately we all gasp. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of tiny black beetles scurry around in gigantic piles on either side of us. They have large pinchers that I have no doubt would be able to rip the skin right off of us.

“Gross,” Ryan and me wrinkle our noses at the sight of the bugs but Olympic (C) looks more intrigued then disgusted.

“Think they would eat a person?” Olympic (C) wonders aloud.

“You want me to push you in and see?”

“No. I’m thinking of strategic possibilities here. Say someone gets past the narrow opening tunnel; we could lure them here and attacked while they cross the walkway. Maybe even push them in” While I have to admit that’s a good idea I shudder at the thought of anybody being eaten by those bugs. No one would deserve that.

“We should continue,” Ryan (4) reminds us. The bridge converges back into a tunnel and then leads into another large open room. This time its circular and a coffin lies in the middle.

“Awesome!” Ryan (4) jogs up to the coffin and runs his hands over it. “They have one of these back in the museum in District 4! Think this one contains a mummy?”

“Get away from there Ryan!”

“Chill Kate. It’s not alive. We don’t even know if there’s anything in it!”

“This is the Hunger Games! Anything can be alive?! Or did you forget where you were?” The excitement drops off of his face and he quickly backs off from the coffin. I brace myself, expecting it to burst open and reveal a dry, disheveled walking corpse but nothing of the sort happens.

“There’s another path,” Olympic (C) points at the opening on the other side of the room. “Could lead somewhere useful” We continue our exploring and go through the passage and are greeted by the spectacular sight of gold! Gold items of all sorts line up the walls and I spot enormous jewels amongst the gold as well. There’s so much gold I don’t even know how to describe it! I wander through the room in awe as Ryan and Olympic do the same. I marvel at the size of the gems and wonder how much this would be all worth, if its real at all, when I remember that we’re in the Games and gold is worthless here.

“Come on guys. Gold won’t help us”

“No,” Ryan (4) murmurs his eyes wide with amazement as he spins around the room. “It won’t. But just imagine how much this could change my life…”

“I’ll have all the money I want when I win these Games,” Olympic (C) grunts. He seems to be the least effected by the find. “More importantly, it looks like there’s a tunnel leading into the ground here!”

What? I go over to him and see he’s crouched by a decent sized hole in the back of the wall. It looks like it leads underground somewhere. Like a secret tunnel.

Cassie Lexys (District 10)

“You okay Cass?” Alex (10) asks me as I lean against one of the many large obelisks that dot this plateau.

“Y-yeah…. just…hot…and thirsty…” The heat is unbearable. I don’t have the words to describe how terrible it is. Added to this, we don’t have any water. None at all. All day we’ve been sitting in the small amount of shade the obelisks offer. “I know. Just try to hang in there. I’m sure sponsors will be fighting each other over who’ll send us water. I just know it” I wish I could be as confident as he is, but the Careers have abandoned us and does that mean so have the sponsors? With all of the other strong tributes out there who’s willing to spend their money on us? Alex did get a 9 in training though…. shouldn’t the mean something? “Don’t worry,” Alex (10) says firmly, his voice still showing no sign of worries or thirst. “Nothing bad will happen to you. I promise”

“What about you? I don’t want my big brother dying either”

“I’ll be fine. We both will. Now let’s stop this talk before everyone watching thinks we’re weaklings” I sigh and close my eyes, wishing the sun would set already. Alex is right. We can’t talk like that or we’ll definitely be branded as weaklings when we’re really anything but. Alex (10) gets up to go scout around the edge of the plateau again and I wonder what we’ll do if we don’t get water tomorrow. Obviously we’ll have to attempt to find a source in the arena but that will be hard for multiple reasons. The least not being the fact we’ll be dehydrating. Ugh. I should really stop worrying about things I can’t control. Just try to get your rest…just try to rest…

Train McBridge (District 6)

I scuffle along the top level of the ruins, picking up anything that would fit in my slingshot that I just received from my mentor today. I’m glad that I even have any sponsors. I thought they would all flock to the stronger tributes but I guess some are rooting for me. Philo (5) is still down on the first floor in the building we camped in yesterday. This is a bit of strategy on our part. Since the desert is so wide open and I am up so high, I can see anyone coming towards the ruins and I’ll be able to both attack them and warn Philo (5). This place is pretty nice. If only it wasn’t so dang hot… I finish gathering up the rocks and rubble and stand beside the rampart and stare out into the desert. Oddly enough there hasn’t been a single cannon today. Where are all of the other tributes? The Hellraisers? The Careers? The smaller alliances? What are they doing? Apparently not killing and fighting…I mean, I’m no monster. I don’t want kids dead but its not like I have a choice here. The only way I can live is if all of the others die. I try not to think of this as I head back down the stairs and to the first level. Philo (5) greets me as I enter the ruined building we’ve been staying it.

“Anything happen?”

“No. It’s all clear”

He nods and sits back down onto the stone chair his hood covers most of his face but I think he’s looking at the ground. I drop myself down onto the bed and sigh. I don’t know how much longer I can take this worry. The thought that any moment someone could appear and kill me is terrifying. Then there’s the worry of eventually running out of food or water and dying a slow death…it’s too much! I try to get some sleep but it doesn’t come easily. I lie there for an hour before I feel myself begin to drift off and the last thing I think is that I hope I have no nightmares…

Charce Firre (District 12)

I breathe a sigh of relief as up in the sky the sun finally begins its descent. Neither me nor Watt (3) thought it would be a wise idea to move from the rock formation today and since I knew our water supply wouldn’t last forever I began digging into the desert to try and find another source. It was a long, grueling process but I did eventually reach a small source of water and after purifying it we drank some and refilled our canteens. There’s still plenty of water left in the hole though so things are good for us right now.

“There hasn’t been a single death yet,” Watt (3) says quietly as we lean against the rock formations and watch the sunset.

“No. There hasn’t been” That worries me. I know from watching the Games that there’s usually always a death on the second day. But there hasn’t been one so far. Why? My only guess would be that the heat is preventing Tributes from going out and murdering one another but then I’d think someone would have died from dehydration by now. Watt (3) doesn’t say anything more so I lean my head back against the rock and as soon as I do I hear a loud rumbling noise.

“What’s going on?” Watt (3) shrieks jumping away from the rock formation, which has begun to shake. I don’t answer. I’m too busy staring at the formation has it continues shaking and then splits apart, revealing a set of old, time trodden, stone stairs leading deep into the ground. What the heck?

“It’s a tunnel…” Watt (3) whispers her eyes wide with apprehension. It is indeed a tunnel. But to where? My hand goes to the dagger on my belt and I scan the darkness of the tunnel. Could it be that this tunnel goes throughout the entire arena? I take a cautious step forward and then begin to descend the stairs. At the bottom I find myself in a long tunnel light up by some unseen light. Weird…

“Charce?” I hear Watt call me from atop the stairs and I continue walking along the tunnel. The walls are a cracked stone with strange hieroglyphs inscribed on them. I look down the tunnel path and see that it goes far along. I want to continue exploring when I hear Watt call me again but this time her voice is more desperate.

“Charce! Someone’s coming!”

That does it. I turn and go sprinting down the tunnel and thunder up the steps, back into the now darkened desert. The sun has set and as I look around I don’t see Watt anywhere.

“Watt?” I call out attentively. “Watt?”

“Over here on the other side. Someone is…Charce it’s…Blondie”

Her voice shows no more fear or surprise and I don’t know or care why. Dagger in hand I fly around the formation and find Watt crouching over what appears to be a body.

“Charce she’s in bad shape…”

I finally get a clear look at Blondie (6) and see that she’s right. She isn’t in good shape. Her hair is disheveled, her skin is a blotchy red from what I can only fathom is overexposure to the sun and her face is twisted in a painful expression as she drags herself forward on the sand croaking pitifully.

“Wa…. wa…” she crawls past Watt’s feet and straight towards the small pool of water we unearthed. She doesn’t seem to have the strength to use her hands and instead plunges her face into it, drinking it like an animal.

“Charce…” I feel Watt beside me and I know the unasked question she poses. Its: Do we kill her? It would be easy. So easy. She can barely crawl let alone fight us off. All I would need to do is flip her over and plunge my dagger into her heart…. it would be so easy…

But I can’t. I can’t kill her. Not like this. Not in cold blood. When she attacked Watt, I could have, in the heat of the moment when I’m fighting for my life I could. But not now. I can’t bring myself to outright murder a weak, starving, defenseless girl. I know the people in the Capitol will brand me a weakling, that my mentor will be angry, that District 12 will be angry, that my sponsors will be speechless, that I’ll get called a coward. But I can’t. I just can’t.

“No,” I say quietly. “We can’t. I can’t. We can leave her. Go through the tunnel. See where it leads”

Watt doesn’t question me. She just nods. Blondie is still oblivious to us, drinking the water. I see the glint of a dagger on her belt and wordlessly I go over and pry it free. She doesn’t notice and Watt doesn’t speak as I hand it to her. I won’t kill her and in payment I receive her dagger. We leave her there. We gather our supplies, enter the tunnel and we never look back.

Seafoam Majesty (District 4)

“Think they went in there?”

“Where else would they have gone?”

“Dunno. But a dead forest doesn’t look very inviting”

“Does a hot waterless desert look better to you?”

“Maybe. I don’t know”

Me, Ella and the rest of us Hellraisers stand by as our three leaders discuss our next move. After Frade (7) and the others returned to the cornucopia we gathered our weapons and put as much supplies into three crates and carted it off with us back to the oasis where we followed the wire all the way to this dead forest. Now they’re debating whether or not that’s where they went.

“It’s obvious that’s where those dastards went,” Frade (7) speaks turning to address all of us now and not only Warwickite and Isolde. “Prepare yourselves. Tomorrow will be a big day and I expect you all to be ready. I will not accept anything less then your best. If someone is unprepared then you’re not fit to be a Hellraiser, and if you’re not fit to be a Hellraiser then you’re as good as dead to us. Understand?”

His words hang over all of us and then we nod and murmur our understandings. I’ll be ready. I will always be my best because I want to win and extract vengeance on Kate. That stupid little b--ch thinks she’s better then me! No one is better then me! I can’t wait until I dig my knife into her flesh and she cries for mercy that she’ll never receive. This thought has been driving me ever since training…

“We will camp here tonight,” Frade (7) continues. “So deal with it” When he finishes everyone breaks off into groups. Rebel (3) and Jeff (2) head over to one of the crates, Frade and his two fellow leaders, Warwickite and Isolde, go examine the forest, Zippy (11) goes off by himself like the little freak he is, and I join Ella (2) as she removes two sleeping bags from one of the crates.

“We should be going after Kate and her allies,” I grumble as she hands me one of the bags. Who knows what she’s doing right now? We can’t allow her to garner any more strength.

“I know that’s how you feel,” Ella (2) says in a low voice rummaging through the crate, removing a basket a fruit and tossing me an apple, which I catch and take a bite out of. “But Frade and the others feel differently. We need to listen to them right now” I scowl but don’t answer, as I know she’s right. The problem is if we fight the district 13 alliance and lose some members we’ll be weakened when we finally fight Kate. I know I can best her in single combat but that little weasel will find a dirty way out. I finish the apple and then chuck the core out into the desert before wrapping myself up in the sleeping bag and try to get some sleep.

Olympic Oblado (The Capitol)

We return to the main antechamber just outside the entrance to the pyramid and I drop to the ground and begin to sharpen my machete. That tunnel we found lead to what we discovered was a series of tunnels under what appears to be the entire arena! During our exploration we only found one other exit, which led out into the middle of the desert with nothing else in sight, but there were several other passages that we didn’t go down and could conceivably lead to anywhere. This is a big discovery.

“Man I’m exhausted,” Ryan (4) yawns stretching himself down on the pyramid ground.

“We discovered some interesting things,” Kate (1) says as she slides herself down against the wall. “And that could be very helpful to us”

Yeah, yeah, yeah, this could help us fight off the Hellraisers yada, yada. Is that all she talks about? The Hellraisers wouldn’t even be so angry with us if it weren’t for her! Yeah I helped her kick Ella and Seafoam out but whatever.

“Could be a big day tomorrow,” Ryan (4) adds as he closes his eyes. “We should get our strength back”

“Pah. The Big O doesn’t need to get his strength back! He always has it!”

“The Big O?” Kate (1) giggles and I swivel my head around to glare at her as continues. “Is that what you’re calling yourself?”

“Yeah! All great Victors have nicknames. Take Edmund “The Hairy One” Everton for example!”

“Do people actually call him that?” Ryan (4) asks from the floor, his eyes still shut.

“Yes! I didn’t just make that up!” Kate just laughs some more and Ryan doesn’t speak so I get to my feet and walk towards the tunnel entrance. “Fine. You two get “your strength back” I’ll take first watch”

Vera Luchabra (District 9)

“The Anthem shall be trumpeting in the sky in a matter of mere moments,” I say to Odessa (8) and the three newcomers. They give me confused look and I glare. “Anthem. It will happen soon. Yes?”

“Oh. Right,” Their leader, Doug I believe his name is, speaks. “Yeah. But since there were no cannons we won’t see anyone up there”

“Ah yes. The bombs did not thunder today. Perhaps these Hellraisers were busy searching for you, no?” I notice the two girls with Doug, Voolia (7) and Jenessa (13) give each other the “is this girl crazy?” look and I get very annoyed. I am not crazy. If it not for Odessa’s kindness they would be dead right now instead of on cusp of great victory over these “Hellraisers”. They are not actual Hellraisers. I do not witness them raising any hell. That is impossible. Hell cannot be raised! But they are very good fighters. It will be hard fight defeating them. Maybe it will need to take more then just brawn to best them. It takes brains too. And this Doug, he seems to have lots of brains. We can use him to him to help Odessa and me win.

I tell the three newcomers that Odessa and me will take first watch and they nod their heads and move over to a group of trees as Odessa and me sit on log. “What do you think?” I ask her. “After they tell us of these Hellraisers is it still a good idea to stick with them? We are putting ourselves in a good amount of danger”

“We can’t just ignore them,” she says. “The Hellraisers are a threat to everyone in this arena. Not just them. If we help them take them out then we’re closer to winning” I nod. Odessa always makes sense.

“Then help them we shall”

Day 3/ Death

Alex Lexys (District 10)

I’m so thankful for our sponsors who have not just sent us much needed water, but food and poison as well! Cassie (10) may have doubted them but I knew all along that they would pull through for us. I begin laying out our plan for the day when Cassie points at something off in the distance and I turn and see the Careers, lead by Kate (1) climbing the plateau and heading towards us, their hands in the air.

“Oh? So they expect to parlay with us after leaving us for dead? Not bloody likely!” I’m already moving towards them, my sword ready for a fight, when Cassie places a hand on my shoulder.

“Come on Alex. Let’s just see what they have to say”

I grunt. I don’t want to hear anything they have to say but Cassie’s right. Instead of fighting, we watch as they stop right in front of us and Kate speaks. “Uh. Hello Alex and Cassie. We need your help”


“The Hellraisers. They’re going around picking off the smaller alliances and we want to put a stop to that”

“You want the smaller alliances to stay alive?”

“Ye—No! We just don’t want the Hellraisers getting any stronger!”

“True. That’s not good for us”

“We have a plan to completely annihilate them but we need your help to do it” She falls silent and I cast a sidelong glance at Cassie. Do we help them? I don’t trust them at all, not after that stunt they pulled at the bloodbath, but I want the Hellraisers dead. There’s really only one choice at this moment and I can tell that Cassie agrees with it.

“Fine. We’ll help you fight the Hellraisers”

Douglas Biles (District 13)

We sit on the edge of the forest as, barely visible through the large tangle of dead branches, we can see the Hellraisers. Well, the shoulder of one at least. We don’t want to get too close until its time for the plan. The plan is good. It will certainly bring about the death that was lacking from day 2 but it’s also risky. It could spell the death for all five of us if we do it wrong.

“I don’t like this,” Voolia (7) mumbles clutching her axe close to her body. She’s upset with the fact that she’ll be apart of the group that goes into melee battle with the Hellraisers best fighters. All of us will be doing that except for Jenessa (13) who will be standing back picking off Hellraisers with her bow and arrow she just received from a sponsor.

“We’ll be fine,” I tell her and I can tell by the look on her face that she doesn’t believe me. I know there’s a good chance we could all wind up dead, but it’s better to die fighting then die hiding. What I feel worse about though, is if they all die it will be on my hands. I know only one person can win, but I don’t want my allies dying because of me. I already have enough blood on my hands.

“I, for one,” Vera (9) speaks. “Will be happy to smash open some skulls. Those Hellraisers deserve death” Odessa (8) nods and backs her up but I don’t say anything. I’m not going to say anyone deserves death. I don’t think they deserve it but they still need to die for us to survive. I take a deep breath and stare at the vicinity of the Hellraisers. Soon a battle will begin and it may not end with me winning.

Rebel Groots (District 3)

Frade (7) is organizing us Hellraisers right now for the upcoming fight. He somehow knows that both Mr. Gamemaker Doug’s alliance and the Careers are both going to be attacking us soon. Because of this he stopped us from setting up any mines. The wire plan is still a go though and I’ve already fixed the wire all around our backs. If someone wants to attack us it’ll have to come from our front. Unless they don’t mind sending some to get shocked to death for the others to go through.

“What’s the plan?” Ella (2) asks as Frade (7) makes sure each one of us is armed to the teeth with weapons

“We wait for them to come and then kill each and everyone of them. They think that we’re the arrogant ones, but in reality it’s them. They’re the ones who think they can do anything. It's time for us to teach them a lesson”

He finishes his speech and then most of the group all goes on the other side. Warwickite (1) approaches Frade and they begin to converse in low tones. I’m too far away to hear what they’re saying but I can see Frade clench his jaw and shakes his head several times. Whatever Warwickite is suggesting he doesn’t like it. Warwickite glares once Frade turns and walks towards the others. I am wondering what that was about when he comes over to me.

“I have this brilliant plan,” he says in a low voice and I raise my eyebrow. Does he? Was this “brilliant plan” the thing Frade just shot down? “We need to find the underground tunnels and set up mines in them then blow it sky-high”

“What did Frade think about this?”

“He was against it. But we’re co-leaders and I say we still do this” I don’t answer right away. He may think they’re co-leaders but I know that Frade (7) is the true leader.

“If Frade said no then I’m not doing it”

He glares at me and for a moment I think he’ll attack but he just lets out a loud snort and walks away. That arrogant little…Eh. We have more important things to worry about then him right now.

I move towards the wire. My job is too watch and see if anyone attempts to attack us from behind. I stare out at the desert for around an hour when someone rushes past me. Zippy! Where’s that moron going?! He’s running straight into the wire!


I run forward and with no other options I tackle him to the ground. He screeches at me and before I can explain he stabs his dagger into my shoulder. I shout and he slips out of my grasp and goes sprinting for the desert, but then steps onto the wire and receives the shock of his life.

He lets out a short scream as he begins shaking violently before falling to the ground, charred like an overcooked beef patty. Moron. I tried to warn him. I climb to my feet, my hand pressed over the dagger wound in my shoulder. I can feel the sticky blood pouring out but its not a serious wound. Boom! Zippy’s cannon fires and I’m about to turn and explain what happened to the others when I see something silver shooting out from the desert. I don’t even have time to shout a warning before an arrow rips into my eye.

Ella Massey (District 2)


What the hell is happening?! Has the battle started? I rip two of my knives out and turn just in time to see a throng of tributes rushing out of the dead forest straight towards us. Isolde (C) is the first of us to react and she fires an arrow straight at the boy leading the group. I recognize him as Mr. Gamemaker, Doug. The arrow misses him by a hair and instead plunges itself into the shoulder of the girl behind him, Odessa (8) who goes tripping into the sand. Huh. When did she and Vera join with him? I guess it doesn’t matter. They’ll die all the same.

They’re closing in and I send one of my knives out, towards the biggest threat, Vera. The knife hits right where I aimed it, her throat. She goes down immediately and then the others smash into our line. Boom! I duck a swing from Doug’s (13) machete and then bump into someone behind me. I’m about to strike them when I’m savagely thrown to the ground and I see the face of Alex (10).

Alex! When did he get here?! He raises his sword but I never see what he’s about to do with it as just then a hand grabs him from behind and drags a knife across his throat, cutting a red smile into his flesh.


Alex crumples to the ground and Jeff (2) helps me up and points at two more newcomers, Ryan (4) and Olympic (C), whom are dueling with Isolde. Boom!

“What’s going on?” I demand absolutely bewildered by this. I knew Frade said the Careers would be attacking with Doug but I didn’t think it would actually happen!

“Careers,” Jeff (2) replies in a low voice. “They attacked from behind. Killed Rebel. Frade went to get the two girls with bows.”

“By himself?”

“He knows what he’s doing” I hope so, because if he doesn’t then he just signed his own death warrant.

Odessa Garnetstone (District 8)

From my position lying on the hot sand I can see the fight occur. Voolia (7) is swinging an axe at Seafoam (4) who continually dances around, trying to load an arrow into her bow while dodging but having no luck. The two remaining Career reinforcements, Olympic (C) and Ryan (4), are now fleeing like babies the combined might of Isolde (C), Ella (2), and Jeff (2) chasing after them. And Vera…poor Vera. She’s lying dead on the sand as her blood pours from the gash in her neck. This is my fault. If I had not pushed her into joining with this alliance she would not have died like that. My fault…

“Get up!” Someone’s hands wrap around my arm and pull me to my feet. Doug. I grimace as he pulls me towards the cover of the dead forest. Once there we see Jenessa (13) her bow in her hand as she frowns staring out at Voolia (7) and her combatant.

“Jenessa! Vera’s dead and Odessa’s hurt. We need to go” Doug (13) says sitting be down on a fallen log.

“Not yet. We need to help Voolia”

“Just shoot Seafoam!”

“What do you think I’m trying to do?!” Her face is a mask of frustration as she watches the two spin around. “I can’t get a clear shot!” Doug (13) grabs his spear and begins to head out there when the other Hellraisers come back.

“Oh no…”

As Voolia (7) misses yet another swipe with the axe and then Isolde (C) quickly pulls her bow up and fires. The arrow finds a new home in Voolia’s (7) skull. Jenessa (13) immediately fires her own arrow and it hits Isolde (C) in the lower abdomen.

“Go!” Doug (13) and Jenessa (13) quickly turn and each grab one of my arms and begin to tow us further into the forest as the Hellraisers shout in alarm and Voolia’s cannon sounds. Boom!

Frade Spectrus (District 7)

There they are. My quarry. Kate (1) and the girl from District 10, Cassie. They both saw the two Career guys go running past, screaming about how Alex was killed and the Hellraisers were routing them. I smiled at this. My minions did their task well. Now it’s my time. I slip my crossbow firmly into my grasp as I slowly crawl along the sand towards them. With not cover whatsoever in the vicinity my only chance of getting close is by sticking to the ground.

“Al…Alex…He,” Cassie (10) breaks off into a long sob as Kate (1) simply looks furious at the cowardice of Ryan and Olympic. Now.

I leap up and fire an arrow straight at Kate who dodges to the left but doesn’t manage to avoid the arrow as it sinks into her left thigh. She shouts for Cassie to help but she shakes her head and goes sprinting off into the desert. Hah! Her own allies don’t even have her back! I don’t waste any time. I drop my crossbow, which would take too long to reload and pull out my axe as I stride over to where Kate (1) is feebly attempting to crawl away. Time to end this. I raise my axe to plant it into her skull when the ground suddenly rumbles and I’m forced to stumble backwards. What the hell? I look around confused when suddenly the ground implodes.

Philo Ventus (District 5)

The ground beneath my feet begins to churn and suddenly I’m thrown forward into the wall of the building. I bounce off of the smooth stone and roll to the ground as Train (6) desperately tries to remain on his feet.

“What’s happening?” he cries as the ground gives another spectacular rumble. “I don’t know!” The ground continues shaking violently and I can’t think of any reason for why this would be happening other then it being something that the Gamemakers created. I look around and see the corner of the building begin to crack. Not good…

“Go!” I shout and make a dive out the doorway as Train (6) dives out the window on the opposite side. Dust gets into my eyes and I begin coughing as I hear a collapsing sound and several stones and pebbles bounce off my back as the building behind me collapses. I slowly climb to my feet and look over the rampart into the desert and what I see makes me gasp. Giant holes dot the entire desert and in several places small canyons have formed. The ground is no longer rumbling as much as before but the dust is more prevalent then ever.

“Train?” I call out weakly and begin coughing as I get a mouthful of the dust. The entire ruins are now more…ruined then before. I carefully pick my way through the debris and begin searching for Train. He can’t be far, I saw him jump through the window. He must be on the other side. Circling around the building, I find that I am right. Train is lying on the ground coughing and hacking and covered in small bruises and cuts but otherwise he’s fine.

“The desert…it’s wrecked. Large holes everywhere”

He slowly lifts his torso from the ground and rubs the large cut on his arm. “Gamemakers?” he croaks.

“Looks like it. Could be something else though…”

We sit here for a few minutes, getting our energy back, before moving out and finding the staircase and heading up to the higher levels of the ruins, which were less effected by the quake. I’m glad we both survived that but I wonder if this was what caused all of those cannons we heard…or did something else happen? Who knows…

Watt Chargy (District 3)

Even though we knew what caused the shaking and rumbling, thanks to our mentors, it was still terrifying seeing large holes open up only a few feet away from us. I was afraid we’d fall to our deaths but thankfully we avoided them all and made our way to the cornucopia where we discovered the golden horn was missing! We didn’t have to look far to find it though, it was lying deep in a hole created by the mine blast and along with it down there and out of reach was most of the supplies. There was still some decent stuff though. Charce (12) found a deadly looking scythe, which is a much better weapon then a homely dagger, and he also found what looks like a first-aid kit of sorts. Among the wreckage I pulled out some wire, a flashlight, and what I think is a flare. It’s not as much as we had hoped for, but it was good enough for us.

“I wonder who all of those cannons were for…” Charce (12) murmurs as we walk off back into the sun beaten desert. Charce’s original plant was to burn the supplies we didn’t take with us but since we have nothing to start a fire and there’s hardly any items left anyways, we’re just leaving.

“Could be anyone…” I say wiping the grime and dust from my glasses.

“Yeah…” he trails off and we both stare out at the emptiness of the large desert. Who died? Who’s still-hunting us down? Who is our biggest threat? We won’t know until midnight when the Anthem plays.

I’m still worried because even if all five of the cannons today belonged to strong tributes, there would still be plenty of other tributes left who could find and kill us. I’m terrified of what could happen in the next day or two…

Ryan Marine (District 4)

By the time Olympic (C) and I arrive back at the pyramid the sun has gone down and the desert is dark. The large chasms opening in the desert was frightening but we have a pretty good guess as to what caused that. The Hellraisers. They had control of the cornucopia and the mines under the platforms too. Put two and two together and its obvious they had a hand in what just happened.

“We should never have attacked them,” I say as we sit ourselves down inside the main antechamber of the pyramid. “It was a bad idea. We should have allowed them to fight the smaller alliances and weaken themselves”

“Why? None of us died!” Olympic (C) shrugs as he rips a piece of bread off and shoves it into his mouth.

“We left Kate! We ran right past her and Cassie! And Alex did die! That could mean three of us died!”

He gives another shrug. “Alex and Cassie left us earlier. If they’re dead its not skin off my back. Kate…well she should of strategically left the battle just like we did” “strategically left the battle” is his words for “fleeing like cowards” because that’s just what we did. We fled like a pair of cowards and left Kate (1) to fight off of the vengeful Hellraisers on her own! I feel terrible about that. I know Kate wouldn’t have just left us. I hope she’s still alive…I don’t want to be the one responsible for her death. But on the other hand, I know that I did what I had to do. If I had stayed there fighting I would have been killed by the Hellraisers; just like Alex and those other tributes.

“Do you think the Hellraisers want vengeance on us?” I ask Olympic (C) as he puts the remainder of his bread into his backpack.

“Sure they do. They can’t get it though. This pyramid is the best defensive position in the arena and now that the tunnel past the gold room is destroyed, there is only one way in. No way they could even get at us without being flayed” That’s relieving to know. But I’m still worried about Kate. If she’s alive she’s out in that desert, not in here. She’s exposed to the Hellraisers and might be an easy target now. I want to go help her…but then I might be putting myself at risk. Uh…I’ll talk with Olympic about this tomorrow. Right now I need to rest.

Isolde Blair (The Capitol)

“Are you sure you’re okay? We don’t need another leader passing out”

“Yes! I’m fine! Now get out of my face!” I push past Ella (2) and struggle over to where we have set up our temporary base, the oasis. The explosions didn’t affect it at all and the water is still there, giving us a clean supply, something we really need after losing all of our food and most of our weapons to the giant trenches that opened up. We nearly lost Frade (7) as well. We found him lying on the edge of one of the trenches, unconscious and not moving and transported him to the oasis. He still hasn’t regained consciousness and is lying near the water with Jeff (2) watching over him. And since Warwickite fled and I took an arrow to the gut, our two best fighters are now injured.

I glare at Ella (2) and Seafoam (4) as they talk quietly under one of the many palm trees. Did she really think a single arrow would slow me down? I’m not some wimpy little b-tch that can’t handle getting shot! I bet she even thinks that the only reason I received a twelve in training was because of my father! Hmph. As if he would do that! He doesn’t heap out praise to people who don’t deserve it. No, I earned my twelve, fair and square.

“Frade is waking up”

Heeding Jeff’s (2) call I struggle to my feet and walk over. The pain from the arrow still stings and I can feel the small hole it created. The wound is painful and annoying but I won’t allow it to slow me down. Ella (2) and Seafoam (4) join me and then Frade slowly lifts his head and stares at our faces in shock.

“What the f-ck are you all doing to me?!”

We all back off in surprise and he pulls himself to his elbows and gives a long look around before turning back to us. “What happened? Where did those meathead Careers and Mr. Gamemakers alliance go? How did we get to the oasis?” We all start explaining what happened, about how Mr. Gamemaker and his surviving lackeys ran away, how the Careers similarly fled, and about the large tremors that shook the arena.

“Warwickite!” Frade (7) growls as we finish telling him what happened. “He caused the explosions! He told me about a stupid “plan” of his and I told him off! So…he must have stolen the mines and done the plan by himself! That backstabbing weasel…when I get my hands on him he’ll learn his lesson!” He continues his triad against Warwickite, cursing and growling about how the same thing that happened to Shade is now happening to him, and once he finishes he gets to his feet and stalks off. These Games have been dominated by the thought of revenge. Seafoam (4) wants revenge on Kate, Frade on Doug and now Warwickite. I smile to myself and head towards the water from the oasis. Things may not be going the way Frade or the others wanted it to, but I think things are right on track.

Blondie Genesis (District 6)

I lean back against the rock formation, which saved my life and breath a sigh of relief. I survived the terrible shaking without a single scratch. The only thing that affected me was that the tunnel that led underground is now blocked off about halfway down the path. That’s fine by me as I wasn’t planning on using it anyways. I am worried though, about my lack of food or a weapon. All I have is the water from the small hole that I found yesterday. I don’t exactly remember much about that. All I know was I was terribly thirsty and burning all over and then I saw the water and…

I frown as my memory shows the figures of two people. Tributes? I don’t remember anyone being there…but maybe I’m wrong. Was it possible that two people were there and they didn’t kill me? They only watched as I drank and then left me alone? But why? Did…they feel sorry for me? That’s the only thing I can think of…I sit there, thinking long and hard when suddenly it comes back to me. The girl from 3 and the boy from 12! They were the ones there! They didn’t kill me, but they took my dagger. I’m not going to complain about that though, when they spared my life. The sky is getting even darker now and the anthem should come soon. I sit waiting for it when I hear a strange sound, like…a moan?

I sit up and stare out at the dark desert. Is someone out there? I see nothing but sand...Suddenly I see someone lurching out of the darkness and I squeal in horror and fall against the rocks as the new figure drops to the ground and begins to pant heavily.

Huh? I cautiously lean forward and recognize the figure as Kate, the tribute from District 1. She looks exhausted and has a cloth tied around her left thigh, which is encrusted with dry blood. A quiver filled with arrows rests on her back and a bow is clenched in her right hand. I’d kill her but…I need an ally.

“Hello?” I call out nervously approaching the fallen girl. “Are you alright?” She lifts her head and stares at me before speaking.

“Who…who are you?”

“Blondie. From District 6.”

She nods and I come over and help her regain her balance. She thanks me as I bring her over to the water, which she drinks thirstily without hesitation. She’s a Career and might not be trustworthy, but I need an ally and she’s the only one available to me. I only hope that she doesn’t want to kill me….

Warwickite Jewelly (District 1)

Frade is a moron. He was too obsessed with revenge to see the brilliance behind my plan. Well, now I “borrowed” the mines and used them to blow the underground tunnels to oblivion. I watched as the entire arena shook and churned and I knew that tributes would be running in fear. The only bad thing about this plan was I heard no cannons after the first explosion, which means it didn’t kill a single tribute. Still, it was a success. The other tributes are now afraid and unsure of what will happen next. This is a good thing for me. I stop my walking and take a rest in the middle of the desert, numerous large holes in the ground surround me and I wonder if it would be possible for someone to get back into the tunnels. I don’t think the explosion destroyed all of it, most of it definitely, but maybe ten percent of the tunnels would still be operational. The sudden blaring of the anthem interrupts my thoughts and I look to the sky as the first face shows up. Rebel (3). Huh. Guess it wasn’t so wise for him to stick around with the Hellraisers. Voolia (7) shows up next and she’s followed by Vera (9) and Alex (10). The Hellraisers got three kills it seems. The final face is that of Zippy. So, the Hellraisers lost two members, and the alliances fighting against them lost three. Seems like it was an even battle. Of course, the Hellraisers also lost me, so now they’re only five. Five tributes died on day one, none died on day two, and now five more died on day 3. The Games are picking up steam now.

Day 4/ Annihilation

Warwickite Jewelly (District 1)

I spot the large formations of rocks in the distance and slowly begin walking toward it, my weapons securely placed in my belt and my hands in the air. I saw the two girls hanging around this rock yesterday and with the Hellraisers out looking for vengeance I know I need some new allies. I’m just about to reach the formation when Kate (1) jumps out from a crevice, her bow pointed right at me. “Stop!” I shout before she has a chance to fire. “I’m not with the Hellraisers anymore!”

“You aren’t? Good. That’s a big relief.” Her face shows that she actually is relieved but she doesn’t lower the bow yet. I see Blondie (6) come slinking out from behind the rocks with a worried expression on her face.

“They wouldn’t listen to me so I betrayed them. There are only five of them left and they’re weak. We can take them now” She thinks over my words for a few seconds before lowering her bow and beckoning me over.

“Fine,” she says as I take a dagger out from my belt and hand it to Blondie (6) who nods her head appreciatively. “You’re now our ally. But only because we’re from the same District and the Hellraisers are still too strong” I nod. I knew she would accept, as she really doesn’t have any chance right now. If she declined then it would just be her, and I can tell by the bandaged leg that she’s wounded, and an unarmed Blondie (6) against five Hellraisers. But now that I’m here, things are far more even.

“What’s the plan?” I ask deciding that it would be better to have her act right now. It will make her more comfortable and more willing to trust me. I sit myself down in the shade that the formations of rocks offer.

“We should go looking for Olympic and Ryan. If we reunite with those two then we’ll be up to five people and our number will be even with the Hellraisers” Ha. Seeing that our numbers now equal his will really piss Frade off.

“What about Cassie?” I say remembering that the two from ten helped them in their assault yesterday. “Where’d she go?”

“I don’t know and I don’t care. She left me when Frade was attacking and I hope she gets the death she deserves” I don’t say anything as Kate (1) talks to Blondie (6) and then the two of them tell me that its time to move.

“Where too?”

“The Pyramid. Ryan and Olympic will have gone back there for sure” Nodding I follow after them. We move slowly first because Kate keeps limping along but I eventually get tired of this and I help support her and our speed picks up. The Hellraisers better be ready, because we’re coming for them.

Charce Firre (District 12)

Arriving back at the ruined remains of the cornucopia Watt (3) and me circle around the edge of the big hole trying to find a way down. I was thinking all of last night and decided that it would be safest if we could somehow get ourselves down into that hole, because that way it would be exceedingly difficult for someone to attack us.

“See anything?” I ask Watt.

“Yes! There’s some jumbled rocks jutting out of the edge. We could climb down that way” I look over at the ledge she pointed at and see that it would indeed be possible for us to not only climb down, but to climb back up as well.

“Great. Let’s get down there”

The climb down isn’t hard at all and soon our feet touch the cold, smooth rock at the bottom. Compared to the hot windy desert we just left, this hole is cool and quiet, nothing moves.

“It’s kinda creepy,” Watt (3) mumbles as her eyes sweep over her surroundings. It is, but at least the sunlight shining in from overhead lights the place up somewhat. I suggest that we head to the sides of the cave and try to find a crevice or something to sit in so that if on the oft chance that someone were to look into the hole that they wouldn’t spot us. We begin walking along the sides of the wall and soon enough we find a decent sized cleft in the wall to rest in. Its large enough for me to lie down and I take a deep breath as I begin thinking over what will happen next. The two of us are safe in here for the moment, no one is after us, they have no reason to be, but the Gamemakers might be a different matter. Who knows what they could do? If no one dies today they might start something up. No. I shouldn’t worry about that right now. I can only concern myself with the present and not worry about things that might happen. I glance at Watt (3) who is using her dagger to carve the face of a woman into the wall and I close my eyes. Right now we can rest. Later, if needed, we’ll fight.

Ella Massey (District 2)

I sit against a palm tree, casually flicking a knife between my hands watching the other Hellraisers. Jeff (2) is pacing back and forth mumbling to himself, Seafoam (4) is sitting by the pond, admiring herself in its reflections, and Frade (7) is having a discussion with Isolde (C) about something. I wish he would hurry about and finish that stupid conversation already. I have something important to say. They continue speaking for several more minutes before Frade (7) turns and I immediately spring up and approach him.

“What is it?” he asks.

“I’ve been thinking and…we need to get that girl from 10, Cassie. Her brother died yesterday and we need to help her. Maybe she’ll even be a useful ally” He stares at me for a few seconds and I think that he may believe that I’ve gone crazy. That isn’t good. “Just remember how you felt after Shade died,” I say quickly before he can speak. “That’s how she’s feeling”

His eyes briefly flicker with what could possibly be sadness before his steely expression returns. Aha. So Frade does have a heart. It may be a warped, deformed, crusty heart but a heart it is.

“Fine. We’re not going anywhere anyway. Go find Cassie and if she wants she can join us. But keep this in your thin little skull. If she tries to harm anyone of us we will kill not only her, but you as well. Understand?” I nod and begin to head off when I suddenly remember the other thing I wanted to ask.

“Oh, speaking about killing…I think we need to “take care” of Seafoam. She’s obsessed with killing Kate, has nothing to really offer, and is more of a hindrance then a help. If we don’t kill her she’ll get one of us killed”

Once again Frade (7) goes silent as he thinks over my suggestion. He glances at Seafoam (4) who is still staring in the pond and then nods.

“Fine. Take her out if you want. I don’t care” He walks away and I see him whisper something to Jeff, probably telling him that I’m about to kill Seafoam. I shrug and head towards Seafoam. She may have been my best friend in training and during the Games but I don’t care for friends that are weak. In the Hunger Games it’s kill or die. She’s not useful to me any longer and that means she needs to die. I’m only a few feet away from her and begin to slip a knife out of my belt when she suddenly turns around.

“Hey Ella. Did Frade say what we’re doing?” I nod and step a little closer. “Well? What are we doing?”

I smile and as she frowns in confusion, I strike. My knife flies forward and buries itself in the center of her chest. She gasps and I smile wickedly at her as she looks at the knife and then back to me, her mouth twitching.

“He said we’d kill you,” I whisper and pull the knife out of her chest. She falls to her knees as the blood spreads along her shirt. She looks up at me and her mouth moves as she attempts to speak. She makes a small sound and then falls face forward into the sand. I couldn’t properly hear her, but I think she asked “Why?” Boom!

Her cannon rings out and I step back from her body as the others watch from a distance with emotionless faces. I nod to them and then jog off into the desert. The next thing on my list, finding Cassie.

Olympic Oblado (The Capitol)

“Olympic! Kate’s back…and…she brought some allies…”

Instantly I grab my machete and sprint towards the pyramid entrance as Kate (1) limps past Ryan (4) and is closely followed by Warwickite (1) and Blondie (6). What? Why is that former Hellraiser with her?

“What’s going on?” Ryan (4) asks confused.

“Blondie found me when I was injured. She helped me. Then Warwickite showed up after deserting the Hellraisers” Ryan and me share a glance. Seems a little suspicious to me but I don’t care. I’m strong enough to kill all three of them if I needed to. I lean back against the wall as Kate (1) and the others sit on the ground, getting their breath back and relishing the shade and comfort the pyramid offers.

“What’s your plan now?” Ryan (4) asks.

Kate (1) raises her head but Warwickite is the one who speaks. “We find Charce (12) and Watt (3). The two of them are allied together and if we add their might to ours then we become almost unstoppable” Unstoppable. Hah. Don’t make me laugh. We already are unstoppable! At least, I am. I don’t know about those weaklings but I don’t need any more allies.

“Know where they are?” Ryan (4) continues his questions.

“Pretty much. We should go collect them before the day gets any later”

“But first,” Kate (1) interrupts him and fixes me with a strange glance. What? Does she fear me or something? “I need your Instant Relief Olympic”

“What?! Why?!”

“My leg. Look at it! Its’ pretty banged up”

“Yeah, but it’s not going to be fatal unless you reopen it somehow. Just find some more medicine or something” Sheesh. She really thinks that a wound like that is worthy of being healed with Instant Relief? Well…maybe.

“You don’t need it anyways,” she continues and I start in anger before hearing her next sentence. “I mean, you’re already gonna win. Why not let me have it?” Hell yeah! These Games are already pretty much wrapped up. No one could possibly defeat me!…unless they had Instant Relief. I’m about to outright deny Kate when I notice Warwickite (1) standing near my shoulder. Oh, I see how it is. If I refuse she has him kill me, huh? I glance at Ryan to see his reaction but he’s only staring at the ground, mumbling something to himself. Damn.

“Okay, okay,” I grumble and wince at the joy on Kate’s (1) face. “I’ll give it to you. After we find Charce (12) and Watt ”

“What? Why not now?”

“Because one of them might be uh, injured. And if they are then we need to be able to heal them. Your leg that last that long, right?” She frowns and then slowly nods. Yeah! I got out of that one…for like thirty minutes. Once we find Charce and Watt I’ll have to hand it over…still, that wound is nowhere near fatal… Kate (1) orders us all to gather our weapons and gear and then we head off into the sweltering desert. Warwickite (1) leads us straight towards the cornucopia, or at least what’s left of it, most of it has fallen into a hole thanks to what we just learned was a ploy created by Warwickite.

“What now?” Blondie (6) asks speaking for the first time since she joined with us. “Wait. I’m going down into the hole,” Warwickite (1) descends into the hole and the rest of mill around, not really knowing what to do. Its ten minutes before Warwickite reappears and this followed by both Charce (12) and Watt (3).

“Awesome dude!” Kate (1) says fist-bumping Warwickite before turning to Charce. “You two fine with joining us?”

“Uh. Yeah. I mean…why not?” he stumbles on his words and doesn’t look Kate in the eye, obviously slightly uncomfortable with the situation. I’m sure he’ll get use to it soon. If he doesn’t die by then.

“Are either of you hurt?” She asks and he shakes his head.

“No. But we have a first-aid kit in case one of you are”

“Excellent!” I blurt out and everyone stares at me in surprise. Oh yeah! We can heal Kate with this and I can keep my Instant Relief. Woot Woot! I make cannon fists as they do just that. It doesn’t take long for them to fix her up and when she stands back up she looks fine.

“The next part of our plan is…?” Ryan (4) asks.

Kate (1) smiles deviously as she flexes her leg, testing it. “We’re going after the Hellraisers. And this time, we’re gonna finish them off for good”

Isolde Blair (The Capitol)

I pace back and forth along the oasis, feeling…uneasy. I have a perfect sense of danger and can almost always tell when something is wrong. And right now it feels like something is very wrong. Ella (2) still hasn’t returned and since she killed Seafoam (4) there are only three of us still here.

“Something wrong?” Frade (7) asks as I pace past him.

“Something’s amiss. Expect trouble”

He smiles. Of course he would love for some trouble. All of us do. That’s why we’re the Hellraisers. That title hasn’t been kind to us however. Every single one of those filthy squalor living rats has targeted us due to it.

“Frade…. He’s coming…”

I whip my head around and see Jeff (2) on his feet his face blank as he points at the horizon where the figure of a male in a brown outfit is approaching. Warwickite. So, the traitorous snake shows his face does he? I grab my bow and load my sharpest arrow into it. If I have the opportunity this arrow will go right into his brain.

“He’s coming right towards us,” I whisper to Frade (7) as the three of us gather together. “Obviously it’s a trap”

Frade (7) gives another small, devilish smile. “I know. Watch this” He grabs his axe and immediately feigns to throw it, almost instantly an arrow comes flying out from the edge of the desert. I can’t see who fired it as the sun reflects off of the sand, obscuring my vision but it hardly matters at this point. Honestly, I expect the arrow to lodge itself into Frade’s skull but he sidesteps it with ease. Hmm. Mayhap he did have a plan. I let my own arrow fly now and then drop to the ground as another arrow comes towards us but goes flying through the sky causing no harm. The same cannot be said, however, for my arrow, which strikes Warwickite (1) right in the center of the forehead. Before his body evens touches the ground several figures come running towards us. I recognize my buffoon of a district partner Olympic, Ryan (4), Blondie (6), Charce (12), and Watt (3). Frade (7) sends his axe hurtling through the air and it slams into Blondie’s chest, taking her down in an eruption of blood. Another arrow flies towards us and we dive behind separate palm trees as the two cannons sound. Boom! Boom!

I load my bow again and leap out of my cover, firing at Watt (3). I expect my shot to be true but Charce (12) tackles her to the ground just before it hits its mark. Damn. I don’t have any time to think over this as Olympic (C) and Ryan (4) both come barreling towards me. I don’t Olympics machete swipe and kick him in the butt. He slides to the sand and I load my bow and get ready to put an arrow into him when I feel three points of pain in my lower back and I scream.

Ryan Marine (District 4)

My trident drives Isolde (C) to the ground, two of my prongs stick out of the side of her back and the third is lodged in one of the vertebra in her back. I give the weapon a savage twist and hear the crack of her spine as it distorts and breaks. I drive the trident in further and then when I pull it out, it brings half of the bloody mangled spine along with it. She’s dead. I back off from her body and take a deep breath, dropping the trident to the ground. That…was disgusting. I’ve seen worse things happen in old Games do this myself, with my own hands. I shudder and turn away from the grisly scene. Isolde…she received a 12 in training didn’t she? The first person to get a 12 in fifty years…and her father was a Gamemaker…I wonder how he felt watching me rip her spine out and instantly I feel terrible for what I just did. I feel a hand on my shoulder and turn to see Olympic (C) standing there, staring at the mangled remains of Isolde. Boom!

“Good job bro. She was a little bitch”

I nod my head but don’t say anything, not wanting to appear weak. Man, I don’t think I’ll ever forget this awful scene. I look around and don’t see the other Hellraisers anywhere. They must have fled. Charce (12) and Watt (3) shakily climb to their feet but as soon as Watt sees the body of Isolde she turns around and vomits. I don’t blame her. I feel like vomiting right now too. Kate (1) comes walking towards us from the edge of the desert. I begin to walk towards her when suddenly someone leaps out of the small bushes near her. I scream a warning as Jeff wraps his hands around Kate’s throat.


I leap forward as he lets out a long sinister, disturbing laugh. Kate tries to wiggle free but his grip holds firm and I see the glint of a dagger press itself against her throat. He turns towards me and gives a demented smile.

“Go to sleep”

He rakes the knife across Kate’s (1) throat and she drops to the ground, instantly dead. Jeff (2) throws his knife to the ground falls to his knees laughing manically. I gape at him in shock when Olympic (C) comes sprinting across the oasis and slams into him before driving his machete into his chest. Boom! Boom!

No…what…how… I turn and look at Charce (12) and Watt (3) both of whom are looking as equally shocked as I am. Where did Jeff come from? How long had he been hiding in that bush? Olympic (C) stands up and then walks towards the three of us. “I wonder if Kate could use some Instant Relief now,” he quips and then breaks out laughing at his own morbid joke. He laughs himself out and then goes around collecting fallen weapons as the rest of us stare blankly at nothing. Kate and Warwickite were our leaders but now that they’re dead…what do we do now?

Cassie Lexys (District 10)

Ella (2) and me sit at the base of the obelisk, doing nothing but thinking. I trust Ella; she’s the reason why I’m still alive. After Alex died I thought I had nothing left to fight for, to live for. I had wanted him to come out of these Games as the victor but then Ella came along and told me that he wouldn’t want me to die, he would want me to live. Her words reminded me of what, deep down, I always knew. I’m not going to mourn him he wouldn’t want that. No, I’m going to celebrate his life and when I win I’ll make everyone in the entire country remember him….


Ella (2) jumps to her feet as the guy comes lurching out of the darkness and over to us. He looks extremely angry and a little…sad? “What happened?” she asks as he nears us.

“Kate and her f---ing allies. They came and attacked. Killed Isolde and Jeff. We got two of them but…Damn! Why am I so weak?! Why can’t I fight?! Why can’t I avenge Shade?!” he breaks off, breathing heavily and smashes his fists into the side of one of the obelisks. I feel bad for him. I know exactly how he feels, how he’s felt since Shade was decapitated.

“Settle down,” Ella (2) scolds him. “Your brother wouldn’t want you going nut-so bonker crazy…er” Frade clenches his jaw but doesn’t say anything. He knows Ella is right. “We need to keep moving,” Ella continues. “Before they find us again” She walks off and the both of us follow her silently. We walk for a while before coming upon what looks like a tunnel and though we initially think its going to be blocked, when we check we see that its in fact open and leads down a path! We follow the path for quite a long way before coming upon some stairs that lead up into…a pyramid. We quickly explore the place and realize that we came from a passage that splits from a main antechamber. Down the other passage are several rooms and another tunnel at the end that’s blocked off by rubble.

“We’ll stay here for the night,” Frade (7) says taking back his sense of control over the situation. I nod and go lie down in a corner, trying to get some sleep.

Jenessa Whitten (District 13)

“It’s odd that no on has come close to us today,” Doug (13) comments as I descend from the tall, spiny tree and rejoin Odessa (8) and him in the small clearing we made camp. We have four more of these fake camps spread out through the forest to confuse anyone who may try to find us.

“Yeah, but I prefer having everyone else fight,” I say as I sit down beside Odessa (8) whose shoulder is still hurting her. We pulled the arrow out of her shoulder and cleaned the wound but its still red and patchy and though she says its okay I always see her wincing.

Doug (13) begins talking about his job as a Gamemaker and things they may start doing soon. Its interesting insight into the inner workings of the Games and once again I’m reminded of how big an asset Doug really is. Without him I don’t think we’d have made it this far. The biggest thing I get from his talk is that he thinks something big will be happening soon because it around the time where they implement something new into the Games. He doesn’t know what it could be though and neither does Odessa or me. We’re sitting around guessing when the Anthem lights up the sky and we go silent. The deaths are about to be revealed. The first face is Warwickite (1) and Kate (1) closely follows him. Both tributes from District 1 and two huge threats. It’s a relief knowing that the two of them are no longer in the arena. The third face is Jeff (2) and the fourth is Seafoam (4)! Nice! Two Hellraisers! This is awesome! The final two faces to appear belong to Blondie (6) and Isolde (C) and Odessa and me high-five when we realize that there is only a few Hellraisers remaining.

“A lot of huge threats died today!” I cheer pumping my fists in the air. “And now there’s only twelve tributes left including us, that means there’s only nine people still out to kill us”

“Who are they?” Odessa (8) asks. “I’ve lost track of who’s alive and whose dead…”

“There’s Frade and Ella,” Doug (13) begins. “Cassie, Ryan, and Olympic…”

“Charce and Watt” I add helpfully. “And two more I can’t seem to remember…”

“Philo and Train,” Doug says. “That makes nine” Now that that’s settled we all settle down into comfortable position and get ready to sleep. I’m just about to drift off when I feel something cold and wet land on my nose and then several land on my head. What? I wiggle around and looking up into the sky I see something I never thought I’d see in a desert.


Doug (13) gets up and we all stare into the sky as the snow continues to rain down, fast and hard. I glance at Doug and he nods his head. This isn’t good. The outfits we were supplied with at the start of the Games weren’t designed to be worn in cold weather…that means if we don’t want to freeze to death, we need to find warmth soon.

“We need to start a fire,” Doug (13) orders in a low voice. “Don’t worry about the smoke. No one is hunting at night” I nod and I go to collect some of the dried wood that litters the forest. The snow is coming down fast and I know by morning that the entire desert will have become a snowfield. This must be the big thing Doug was talking about. I only hope we’re ready for this.

Day 5/ Flaming Snow

Frade Spectrus (District 7)

In one night the burning desert has transformed into a freezing tundra. The icy wind blasts us as we trudge through the snow that has already reached our knees, our destination, the dead forest, is coming up ahead. When I woke up in the morning I told Ella and Cassie that we obviously couldn’t just sit in the pyramid twiddling our thumbs and waiting for someone to find us, that we had to be proactive and kill them now, so I told them we’d go to the cornucopia and then the forest in an effort to find and kill tributes. Well, we stopped by the cornucopia remains and rummaged through it to find some supplies but there was hardly anything there. Someone had taken everything except for a small gasoline can and a few matches. So then we left and headed for the dead forest as planned. If only I had anticipated how hard it would be traveling through a blizzard...

“I hate this!” Ella (2) screeches from behind me as another blast of ice slams into our exposed bodies. The bodysuits don’t get wet and the ice slides off but the same isn’t true for our hands and faces, which are covered in ice.

“Just shut up,” I growl ill temperedly. I’m in no mood for her complaining. Right now we’re weak and everyone else in the arena knows it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they all formed together in their own happy fun times alliance to kill us like they’ve tried in the past. Well, we have no time for that.

“The forest…” Cassie (10) whimpers clutching her bow close to her body as Ella’s blanket is wrapped around her head, protecting it from the wind. I briefly wonder why she has it instead of Ella but then push it aside. It doesn’t matter. “Gather some wood,” I order Ella (2) as I place the oilcan in a strategic position beside a large clump of dead wood. It doesn’t take long for us to get the wood and then we step back from the forest in trepidation.

“Doug is still in there,” Ella (2) comments a cheshire-like grin forming on her face.

“He must be cold. Well, let’s warm things up for him shall we?” We chuckle to ourselves as I pull a match out and approach the oil.

Charce Firre (District 12)

I watch Ryan (4) move through the snowy forest ground below me, flashlight in one hand, and trident in the other. Watt (3) is beside me in the tree and on the opposite side in a separate tree we can just barely make out the form of Olympic (C) as he travels parallel to Ryan, much like we’re doing. It's very early in the morning and the sun hasn’t risen yet making the forest dark; the only source of light comes from Ryan’s flashlight. I know he isn’t happy with us at all. He had wanted to go attack the pyramid but the three of us had outvoted him and chose to head here instead.

“I’m nervous Charce,” Watt (3) whispers as I help her across to the next tree. Good thing these trees are so closely placed together that getting from one to the next isn’t very difficult.

“I know you are,” I reply crossing to the tree myself after her. “And so am I. It wouldn’t be normal if we weren’t” I look back towards Ryan who has faded from view somewhat, disappearing into the slowly falling snowdrops. I can still see the light he’s making though and if he encounters the alliance we suspect is in here, we’ll know it. We continue along the trees, trying to be as quiet as possible. Warning the other tributes that we are coming is not an option. Suddenly Ryan gives a shout and a dark figure leaps out from behind a tree and tackles him to the snowy ground. The flashlight drops to their feet and shadows dances around in the backdrop.

“Do something!” Watt begs and I pull out my dagger and get ready to throw when Ryan heaves the figure off of him and as it slips on the snow on and falls back to the ground. Ryan (4) lifts his trident into the air and then slams it down into the figure’s chest. It gives a loud, feminine, scream and then one last twitch before going still.


“It was Jenessa or Odessa,” I say cautiously moving to the next tree as Ryan bends down to pick up his flashlight. The girl’s cannon sounds. Boom!

“No, Charce, look!” she sounds afraid but I don’t have the time to look, I need to keep my eyes on Ryan in case someone sneak attacks him again. He picks the flashlight up and begins to head off when he gives a shout of pain and falls to one knee. At first I’m bewildered at what he’s doing and then I see the arrow shaft sticking out from his knee.


At the urgency in Watt’s voice I turn to see her gazing fearfully out into the forest, a strange orange light glinting off of her glasses. I slowly turn my head towards it and see a raging inferno ahead of us, behind the snow-capped trees. “Oh no…” I see Olympic (C) slide out from his own tree and go running for Ryan as smoke begins to pour into the area. The fire must be getting closer…

“Charce. The gasoline”

Watt’s words remind me of the gasoline we received from our sponsors, the gasoline we were going to use to burn down the forest after our plan. I turn to move it when my foot kicks the jerry can and it goes falling to the ground below where it spills out.

“That’s going to make the fire huge. We need to get out of here” I grab Watt’s hand and begin to pull her when the branch we’re on snaps and I hit the ground hard. I bounce and roll, getting a mouth full of snow. I spit it out and Watt (3) pulls me to my feet. The fire has spread unbelievable fast, already is has reached the trees across from us, its flames flickering and rippling like snakes.

“Go! Go!” I scream at Watt pushing her forward. We run along the path the flames hissing and shooting sparks towards as we go. Where’s the exit? How did we enter this forest again? I look around hopelessly at all the trees that look almost exactly alike, more so now that half of them are on fire.

“What do we—“ I begin to speak but break off coughing as I inhale the thick dark smoke. Watt fearfully points behind me and I spin around and rip my scythe free from its belt as a large, broad shouldered figure comes sprinting down the path. I raise my scythe and about to strike when I recognize Olympic!

“Where’s Ryan?” I demand as he comes to a halt besides us.

“How the hell should I know man?! He was running with me but tripped and I kept—”

“You left him behind?!” Watt (3) asks incredulously.

“It was that or die! Now get out of my way!” He barrels forward and throws Watt to the ground as he goes sprinting forward when suddenly a tree explodes in a cloud of sparks and a large flaming branch comes dropping down. I give a shout of alarm as I dive to the snow alongside Watt. I lift my head and peer through the smoke that stings my eyes and pull Watt up as well. Olympic is barely visible underneath the branch, only his hand, still clutching his bag feebly is free from the weight of the branch. Boom!

I rip the bag free from his grip and then nod to Watt. “We need to keep moving!”

Jenessa Whitten (District 13)

The flames flicker around us and we go sprinting towards…anywhere that isn’t on fire. This whole fiasco was unexpected. First Odessa (8) battles that boy from 4 and then loses and receives a trident to the chest and then I put an arrow into his knee when this inferno came bearing down upon us from nowhere. We were supposed to leave the area and head for the ruins but this all happened before we were even ready to do it!

“We need to get out!” Doug (13) hacks, his eyes steaming with tears caused by the smoke from the fire. “Before its too late!” I nod but I don’t see anyway out. We’re in a large clearing and the trees on every side of us are alive with cackling, blazing fire. No...please no. This can’t be how it ends! It can’t end like this, not now! I look to Doug (13) and see that he’s gazing intensely at something. I follow his gaze and see…a small-undamaged tunnel resting just on the edge of the flames!

“We can get out through there,” he speaks quickly. “But we need to do it before the flames spread” We both go sprinting towards the tunnel and just as we reach it a tree goes toppling over and it sends a flaming branch down. It strikes my arm and I leap back, crying pain as it leaves a large, stinging burn on my arm. I recoil and step backwards when Doug slams into me and we both go rolling and tumbling into the tunnel, the sound of flames and falling trees echo above us.

“Get up and get moving!” Doug (13) orders helping me to my feet. “This whole tunnel could come down on us. We need to get to its end!” I nod and we go sprinting down the long, dark tunnel. I don’t know how long we run for or how far it is, I just notice when a bright light appears in front of us and we hurtle up a set of stairs into the still dark morning.

I immediately fall to the snowy ground and notice that stone sits underneath it. Taking a look around I see that we’re in ruins of some sort. So, we got to our destination after all. What a coincidence. Doug (13) crawls to the side of the ruins and rests against it, giving a long sigh of relief. We may have lost Odessa, but at least we’re still alive.

“That was close,” I breathe pulling my backpack off and dropping it to the snow beneath me. “I hope…that there’s no more infernos”

“Me too,” Doug grunts. He raises his head and then after taking a look around turns back to me. “We’re an alliance of two now. We need to stick together until the end. We’re the final two. Agree?”

I nod, not even needing to think about it. Doug has been my best ally since day one and I’ve never even considered the thought of betraying him. “Yeah. Final two all the way.” I grab a handful of snow and press it on my burning my arm as Doug (13) nods and smiles. “Good. Now lets’ make sure we’re ready”

Watt Chargy (District 3)

I blast through the smoking thicket and emerge out into the open. The sun has just begun its ascent into the sky and morning light is pouring into the arena. I bend over panting heavily. Charce (12) and me were both running through the forest when he heard a cry of help and spotted Ryan (4) limping and went to help him. He ordered me to keep running and I did so. He should be catching up any minute… I raise my head and let out a squeal as I spot a figure staring at me. Cassie! She quickly pulls up her bow and I wildly send one of my knives flying towards her. I don’t aim it and expect it to miss as it sails right past her neck. It doesn’t. Somehow it catches the side of her neck and must have sliced through an important artery has blood immediately begins to spill and she drops bow and her hands attempt to quench the blood flow to no avail. She falls to her knees and then falls over sideways into a mesh of bloody snow. Boom!

I take a step back, a strange sensation building inside of me. I...I...just killed a girl. I murdered her. I think of how Casidey would feel if that girl had been the one to kill me and I know that she has family back in District 10 who now feel the same way. Tears begin to slide down my face and I turn to run, to run away and escape this horrible, horrible place. But when I do, I run straight into the arms of Frade (7). A steel dagger glints in his hand and I can only offer a small gasp as he drives it forward into my chest. My eyes widen and I fall to my knees when he pulls it out, the blade now drenched in my blood.

“Be lucky I’m merciful,” he growls as I stare at the newly formed hole in my chest and blood stains my shirt. “This could have been very painful for you” He turns and begins to walk off into the icy tundra, Ella (2) who until now I had not noticed is crouching beside the body of Cassie, turns and follows him.

I’m lightheaded. I fall to my side and watch as the two of them disappear from sight and I’m left alone on the cold ground. The snow saps all of the warmth from my body and the edge of my vision begins to turn black.

“Watt!” A voice. Filled with pain and desperation. Charce. He’s finally come. I smile weakly to myself, happy knowing that he still lives. He still has a chance to make it home to his family. I hear someone drop beside me and an unzipping sound. He’s going to try and revive me, but its’ too late. Already I can feel myself passing. I know I’m done for when a cannon sounds throughout the arena. Boom!

And then I black out.

Train McBridge (District 6)

Neither Philo (5) nor me speak as we separate and go to our places in the ruins. We don’t have anything to say. Another day is passing and we haven’t seen a single tribute. That’s good. As long as no one sees us they can’t kill us. Four more cannons have sounded today and that means its down to only eight. Eight tributes. Seven more people have to die before I can go home. But Philo (5) is certain that today we will encounter someone, he even received a pair of sickles from his mentors which added to his immense physical strength makes him a very, very big threat to just about everyone in this arena.

I climb a circular staircase to the highest point of the ruins. From here I have the ability to see just about everywhere and notice if someone is trying to sneak up on us or not. I spot Philo (5) moving around below me and I load my slingshot and watch his back as he goes to a nice concealed area and places himself there. Now we wait to see if someone comes.

As we wait I can’t help but think about how close to the end we are and how I may come home to my family and Alissa soon. Alissa…I know I’ve thanked her many times for saving my life but…I haven’t ever told her just how much she means to me. If I come out of this, I’ll have to change that. I glance back down towards Philo (5) and wonder what he’s fighting for. Despite being his friend I know basically nothing about his past at all. All I know is that people disliked him for his height and red eyes. Does he have a family? Or anyone he cares about? I don’t know. I shiver in the cold wind and remember how just yesterday I was too hot. Ha…man I bet the Gamemakers find this ironic and hilarious. Stupid monsters.

No one has appeared yet and I think they probably won’t today, but I settle myself down in a good position and wait it out.

Ella Massey (District 2)

Majority of the day has flown by and already the night has begun and the moon is in the sky. Frade (7), my only surviving ally, and me are both sitting at the frozen oasis. We lost Cassie to that weak little girl from 3 and then Frade finished her off shortly after. I tried to help Cassie, and I think I did. She died trying to win, not what she was doing before I had met her.

I glance at Frade (7) as he patrols past the iced over oasis water. He’s been silent ever since our attack on the forest, probably already trying to scheme up a new plot. With only eight tributes left alive it has to be coming to an end soon. I think the two of us have an advantage, we’re trained fighters and killers who fought to get ourselves here while most of the rest are a bunch of weak, frightened, kids who got here on luck and people’s stupid mistakes. Also, probably unlike the other remaining alliances, if the final two comes down to us, we won’t have any qualms over killing on another. We both came into the Games expecting this and want to win over everybody. The's coming, I can sense it. And when it comes I’m going to make sure that I give the Capitol one hell of a show.

Watt Chargy (District 3)

My eyes blink open and I am staring into a dark sky. Huh? Am I dead? I must be. I don’t feel any pain besides for a throbbing headache but I still feel cold. I guess that’s better then feeling hot because I don’t know how I would be reacting if I had died and then woken up in a fiery inferno.

“You’re awake”

What?! I recognize that voice! I spin my head around, which I quickly regret as it makes my head hurt ten times worse, and am utterly shocked to see Charce (12) crouched right beside my shoulder!

“What…how…did you die too?” I don’t know how to feel about that. On one hand, now Charce is free from that terrible arena, on the other hand, now he can’t reunite with his family. He lets out a small laugh and then shakes his dead.

“No. I’m not dead. And neither are you. Look around”

I follow his suggestion and look at my surroundings. I’m lying propped up against a backpack, at the edge of the dead forest, which is now more dead then ever. Nothing remains but piles of ash and toppled trees. The fire has totally eradicated it. But…

“Why aren’t I dead?” I question Charce. “Frade put a knife in my heart. I was dying I could feel myself dying. Why am I not dead?”

“Would you rather be dead?”

“No! But I want to know that the heck is going on Charce!”

He offers a small smile before unclenching his hand and showing me a small hypodermic needle. I’m confused until I see the small printing on its side. “Instant Relief”

“How…where…when…did you get that?” I ask slowly. He didn’t get it from sponsors, that much I know.

“Olympic,” he answers simply. “I found it in his backpack after I picked it up. And then when I found you bleeding out in the snow I knew I had to react fast and I…used it on you. That’s why you’re still alive”

“But…my cannon. I also heard a cannon when I was dying. If it wasn’t mine then whose was it?”

“Ryan’s. I tried to help him but a tree fell between us and then a wall of flames surrounded him. I…I couldn’t do anymore so I ran…” So, both Ryan and Olympic are now dead. Once again my only ally is Charce.

“What now?” I ask.

“We need to stay warm and wait for tomorrow. Let’s gather some wood. Everyone will think the smoke is still from the fire so we should be fine” I nod slowly and do as he says. I’m wondering how Cassidy felt watching my near death and then quickly stop. Thinking about that will only bring me pain. Right now I just need to focus on staying alive.

Douglas Biles (District 13)

“The anthem will start soon,” Jenessa (13) comments quietly as we sit in the darkened ruins. I nod. It will. The fifth day is coming to an end. There have been four deaths. And now we’re going to see who they are. The anthem comes and lights the sky up. The first face belongs to Ryan from 4. I expected his death. He was wounded inside of a raging fire and I knew he couldn’t get out. Next up is Odessa our ally. I feel a slight twinge of regret as I see her face up there but I know there was nothing I could do for her. Third is Cassie from 10, joining her brother in death. I feel bad for the duo’s parents. The final face is Olympic, the cocky boy from the Capitol. I didn’t see his death coming.

The sky darkens and I think of the eight tributes remaining: Ella, the Career turned Hellraiser and experienced killer. Philo, the giant boy who has a knack for staying out of sight and out of peoples minds. Train, Philo’s ally and unassuming but still dangerous boy. Watt, the small girl from District 3 who lacks physical strength but more then makes up for it with intelligence. Charce, the boy from 12 whose just an average guy forced into an unnatural situation. Jenessa, my best ally and a true friend, someone I know I can trust with just about anything. Frade…the boy from District 7 who’s out for vengeance against the Games and myself for wrongs he perceives I’ve done him. He’ll stop at nothing to see me dead. And of course, there’s myself. The boy turned Gamemaker, turned tribute.

“We’ll need to find the other tributes and finish them off,” Jenessa (13) says quietly but I shake my head slowly.

“No. We won’t have to find them”

“Why not?”

“The Gamemakers will drive us together. I can feel it coming. Tomorrow will be their grand finale with seven tributes dying and the other one emerging as Victor”

Day 6/ Finale

Watt Chargy (District 3)

“Is it ready?” I ask Charce trying to keep my voice level but failing to stop it from shaking with the nervousness that I feel, today will be the final day, I can just tell it. While that’s good, I want to get home as quickly as possible, it also comes with much danger and the possibility of us both dying within a few hours.

“Yes. The wire’s set and the gasoline is poured over the snow. If someone comes we’ll set it on fire” I nod slowly as he steps back from the trap we just set up around the cornucopia. It looks good to me. I’m about to tell Charce (12) that we should find some cover when the ground beneath our feet begins to rumble and I’m thrown forward into the snow.

“What’s going on?” Charce (12) screams as the rumbling intensifies. I scramble back to my feet, knowing full well what’s going on. It’s the Gamemakers. They’ve decided to create something that will drive us all together. I begin to tell Charce this when a spectacularly loud crash sounds throughout the arena and when we turn towards the direction of the dead forest we see something that stuns us silent. A gigantic hole is opening up and the ground is crumbling off and falling as it moves towards us. The snow begins to slide towards it and I slip to the ground.

“Get up!” Charce grabs me by the back of my shirt and yanks me back to my feet and we both go sprinting away from the widening crater and in the complete opposite, towards the ruins.

Philo Ventus (District 5)

I can hear what sounds like rumbling and crashing as I silently make my way through the ruins, searching for the two tributes I know lurk nearby. Train (6) is up at the highest point of the ruins, covering me with his slingshot while also keeping an eye out for any other tributes.

My eyes scan the area, a deadly, sharp sickle in my right hand and the spiked shield In my left. The pair from 13, Douglas and Jenessa, I know they are nearby. Train spotted them in this vicinity right before I left and they couldn’t have gone far. The sound of snow crunching under a boot alerts me and I spin around to see the two of them emerging from behind a large stone pillar. Jenessa (13) fires an arrow from her bow and it slams into the blade of my sickle, ripping it free from my hand. Doug (13) launches his own arrow at me but I block it with my shield as he comes hurtling towards me, his spear out. I dodge his measly swipe with ease and as he staggers I swing my shield into his spear and it goes spinning out from his grasp and over a low hanging wall behind him.

“Shoot,” he mutters and turns to look at me as I begin to raise my shield for the deathblow. I don’t get to land it. Another arrow strikes the tip of it and just like my sickle; it gets knocked from my grip.

I’m now weaponless but far from defenseless. Doug is scrambling to his feet and I grab him with my right hand and lift him into the air where he kicks his feet futilely. Using my vast strength, I send him flying over the same wall his broken spear went. I’ll finish him off later. Right now I have to deal with Jenessa. She loads a third arrow into her bow and fires. It doesn’t directly hit me, but it zooms past my shoulder and rips off some of my skin near it. I grimace but go charging towards her anyways. She lets out a small shriek and drops her bow and turns to pull her sword up. Too late. My hands grab her from behind and I whip her to snowy stoned ground. Before she can get back to her feet, I give her a savage kick and can hear the crack of several ribs as she rolls, grunting in pain. I walk over to her, pick her up and place her against the building wall, and then slam my elbow into her throat. I can hear the pop of her windpipe being crushed and I loosen my grip, allowing her to slide to the ground, stone dead. One down, five to go. Boom!

I calmly collect my fallen sickle and shield and look at the wall I chucked Doug over. Time to finish him off.

Ella Massey (District 2)

“The ruins? This is where they’re driving us?” I ask incredulously as we come to halt just at the foot of the staircase leading up. We were on route to the cornucopia when we felt the ground begin to shake and shortly after a gigantic hole opened up behind us and the earth began to get sucked into it like sand in a sinkhole. From here I can still see the hole as it continues to grow, eating more and more of the arena as it does so.

“Seems like it,” Frade (7) mutters darkly. He thought for sure that the cornucopia would be the final battle area but turns out he was wrong. “The other tributes must already be inside” I nod. Only two minutes ago, while we were running for our lives, we watched the pair of Charce and Watt go sprinting for cover inside of the ruins. It would only make sense for the other four to be here also.

“One cannon has sounded. Only seven tributes remain,” I remind him as I whip out two of my throwing knives. I’m ready for a good brawl. Frade (7) nods and we both go running up the stairs and exit on the first level as the ground beneath our feet continues to quake and shudder. I turn to ask Frade a question when I spot a large, yellow object moving from the corner of my eye and when I spin to get a closer look, I recognize Doug!

“Look!” I scream pointing with my knife at the boy who turns to look at us, shocked. He’s on the other side of the area besides the staircase that leads up; a large open stretch of ground is the only thing that separates us.

“Doug,” A sinister smile forms on Frade’s face as he turns to look at the boy who quickly turns and begins to hurtle up the stairs. “After him!” Frade fires an arrow from his crossbow then bounds off after the boy and I quickly follow. Finally, after these whole Games, we might finally get our vengeance.

Charce Firre (District 12)

“Keep your head down and watch out,” I tell Watt (3) as we navigate our way through the twisted pile of rubble. I’m guessing that Warwickite’s tunnel explosion did a huge number on the ruins and these new quakes aren’t doing it any favors. Rubble falls from the higher tiers and dust stirs up as large chunks of buildings come crashing to the ground. This place is in desecration.

I pull Watt back as a huge piece of a nearby building comes loose and slams into the ground directly in front of us. It kicks up a large cloud of dust and we both cover our mouths, trying not to inhale it. I point at what appears to me a fallen chimney stack and begin to head over when I hear a whizzing sound and something flies over my head, ruffling my hair. I take a look behind me and see up on the highest point of the ruins, a head ducking down behind a wall.

“Watch out!” I turn to warn Watt (3) whose still running for the chimney. “Someone is taking shots at us!” She turns a 360 turn and chucks one knife towards our assailant but the knife bounces uselessly off of the wall the person is ducked behind. Watt (3) goes hurtling for cover as the attacker emerges again and this time I get a good look at them. It’s Train (6), and he has a slingshot in his hands as he launches rocks towards us.

A rock goes zooming past my cheek and as it does so it create a long, thin gash across my face. I stumble backwards, my hands flying to my face and trip over some fallen rubble.

“Charce!” Watt (3) stands up from behind her cover and begins to run for me. No! “Watt! Stay in cover!” I struggle to my feet in an attempt to get to Watt and get her on the ground but I’m too late. A whizzing sound and then a rock comes flying in and slams into her face.

“No!” I reach for her when another rock comes flying and smashes straight into my jaw. The force is staggering and I fall to the snowy ground below me, feeling it as it shakes uncontrollably. I feel dizzy and everything is blurry as I crawl forward, closer to the fallen form of Watt. As I get closer I see the wound the rock has inflicted, the deadly wound.

The right lens of her glasses is missing, smashed and knocked away. The rock, which is around the size of a baseball, is lodged inside of her eye socket, blood pouring out from behind it and bits of Watt’s eye hanging off of it. I feel bile begin to rise to my throat as I stare at the gruesome scene. No… Boom!

No! She died! That wasn’t supposed to happen! I can only stare blankly at her body, the Instant Relief in my bag feels like a hundred pounds. I could have saved her, if I had been faster. Another whistling sound and another rock goes flying over my head.


I turn to look up at the boy calmly slinging rocks towards and my eyes harden. It’s down to me now. I must win. I grab my scythe and begin to dodge and weave through the rubble as I make my way towards the boy who killed Watt.

Train McBridge (District 6)

My rock goes sailing over Charce’s (12) as he ducks under the wall and out from my line of visibility. Shoot…He’s going to be coming up the staircase now and I only two rocks left. I spent most of them trying to hit me as he crossed the large plaza towards the stairs but now…

I duck behind the corner of the tower, on the edge of where he will come up. He has a scythe and I only have a few rocks. I’ll need to be extremely careful…I can hear his footsteps below me as he climbs the stairs. Soon he will emerge and… He comes up just as I’m thinking this and walks past me, looking around confusedly at my absence. I quickly launch myself onto his back and drive him to the ground. His scythe skitters out from his hands and I pull one of his two daggers out from his belt. Aha! Now things are even!

He shakes me off and I roll over my back and back onto my feet. He’s staring at me with a look of pure desperation and sorrow in his blue eyes. He’s not going down without a fight.

I feign a stab and as he moves his own dagger to parry the blow that never comes I step to his left and slash his shoulder open. He screams and drops to his knees, leaving me the perfect opportunity to plunge my dagger into his chest. My blade sinks through his bone and flesh and he lets out a horrendous scream. I push him backwards with my foot and he goes rolling down the staircase, where he will surely bleed to death.

That was...not pretty. I look at the blood on my hands and dagger and shake my head slowly. I didn’t think it would feel this bad to kill someone…no! Stop it Train! You don’t have time to feel bad for these kids. Only one guy can win and it has to be me. I whip out my slingshot and load a rock into it as I go back to aiming over the edge of the wall.

Far down below me I can see Doug (13) running up a spiraling and weaving staircase. A little ways behind him is Frade (7) and Ella (2) in hot pursuit. Noting Jenessa’s absence I can only assume the other surviving tribute is Philo. I quickly aim and send a rock hurtling down towards the running tributes. I aimed for Frade’s skull but due to his moving nature I miss and the rock instead hits Ella in the back, knocking her to the ground. It won’t adversely affect her in any real way only slow her down. I shake my head and begin to turn around. I only have on rock left and the three of them are leaving my range of shot. It’s time to reunite with Philo.

“I'm not done yet”

My jaw drops as from down the staircase, walking up, comes Charce. No visible wound on his body. How…No time! I pull up my slingshot, ready to fire. A rock to the skull from point blank range will be enough to kill him. But Charce is faster, he sends a throwing knife zooming forward and it strikes me in the shoulder, the force of the blow sends me reeling backwards and I go tripping over the edge of the wall and to the ground fifty feet below me.

Douglas Biles (District 13)

I duck behind a building as a loud, terrible scream echoes through the ruins. It sounds like its Train but I can’t be sure and then just as quickly as it came, it ends abruptly. Boom!

The third cannon of the day. That means there are now only five tributes left in the arena. And two of them are chasing me right now. I get a good grip on my machete and begin to slink around the edge of the building, going in a complete circle around while keeping my back to the wall. The only way I can take out both Frade (7) and Ella (2) is by surprise and subterfuge.

I’m about to turn the corner and come full circle when a hand grabs me by the shoulder, slams me back into the wall and then throws me to the ground. I hit the ground hard and before I can get back up, a boot stomps itself onto my chest and knocks the breath out of me. Frade stands over me, a crossbow loaded and aimed directly at my forehead.

“Hello Doug,” he says quietly his dark eyes showing nor remorse, no anger, no…anything. They’re completely blank and emotionless.

“Killed by a monster,” I grunt coughing. I can’t get out from this one. If I make a single move his finger will press the button and an arrow will put itself into my brain. No. I’m at his mercy now and I know he has none.

“Monster? Me?” Frade smiles cruelly and then shakes his head. “And what are you? Do you presume that you are better then me? That you are not also a monster? You? A former Gamemaker who killed kids for the fun of it? You have much more blood on your hands then I have on mine. Much more”

“I don’t pretend to be something I’m not. I helped kill those kids. All of them. But at least I have the dignity to admit it. I’m a monster…but at least I’m a monster who feels remorse” As I finish my fiery speech I stare into his eyes and see a faint flicker of recognition. Maybe he knows what I’m saying is right, but I doubt it matters to him.

“Maybe. Maybe you’re better then I thought. I forgive you, you know. For helping kill Shade. But I still hate you; I’ll always hate you. Now I need to get this over with. Before your Gamemaker buddies come to your rescue” His finger twitches when suddenly I break out laughing. I actually laugh!

“Seriously?” I ask finding more glee in his utterly shocked expression. “You think the Gamemakers will help me? You don’t realize why I’m in the Games…do you?” He doesn’t answer, only staring at me with a stone cold expression. “The only reason I’m even in these Games if because of them! I quit being a Gamemaker and went home and they refused to let me live in peace. They rigged the reaping to select me so I could die in the Games. An ironic death. So no. They won’t stop you from killing me. In fact, I bet that they’re staring at their monitors, urging you on right now. So do it. Do them a favor and kill me NOW!”

I look up at the boy and see for the first time, that he’s unsure of what to do. I’m thinking that maybe he will spare me, to show up the Gamemakers, but if he doesn’t’ I don’t care. I’d rather die as myself then live as a coward. Frade (7) slowly shakes his head and then moves for the trigger once again.

And then he’s plucked into the air.

I gape in surprise as he gives a shout of horror and drops his crossbow. Philo (5) stands over me, Frade dangling from his grasp like a ragdoll. It’s a strange sight to see. Frade, the boy who I thought was the strongest threat in the arena is now helpless in the arms of a giant who until now, was sleeping.

“LET ME GO!” Frade (7) screams and Philo (5) slams him forward into the stone wall of the building. I see several teeth fly out and Philo throws him savagely to the ground and kicks him square in the gut. I can’t believe it. I slowly begin crawling backwards as Philo picks Frade up again and places his hands around the boy’s neck, ready to snap it, when his eyes widen in shock and his grip slackens. Frade slumps to the ground and rolls as Philo staggers forward. He drops to his knees and I’m confounded. What’s going on?

Philo’s (5) head then jerks forward and he falls face first to the snowy ground and now I see why. Three knives stick out of him. Two lodged in separate shoulder blades and the third in the back of his head.

“That was a close one,” a feminine voice chuckles and Ella (2) comes strolling over, ripping one of the knives out from Philo’s back. “Phil here nearly saved your life Mr. Gamemaker. Too bad I came along” Boom!

No…I escaped Frade, only for his lackey to come along and finish me off! Why?! I continue crawling backwards as a broad smile breaks out on Ella’s face.

“This was good luck,” Ella (2) continues stalking toward me. “Once I kill you, I can finish Philo’s work and kill Frade. After all, he’s no use to me anymore. I’m betting that he thought I was loyal to him! Hah! As if!” She stops, pretending to think before continuing. “Hmm. Maybe I should make his death slow and painful, show the Capitol what wimp he truly was. He never was a threat. He was just a scared little boy upset that his big brother died.” She breaks out laughing hysterically and resumes her movement towards me as I crawl backwards.The ground suddenly gives a shake and I can hear the sound of ruins falling over and see a pile of bricks placed on top of the nearby building, in between me and Ella, shake and quiver, almost falling down.

“Anyways,” Ella continues when the shaking subsides. “Once I finish off you two, there will only be one more tribute left for me to kill…and since all of the threats are here, dead. I’m guessing that these Games are pretty much wrapped up,” she stops a few feet from me, directly under the brick pile and flashes a smile. “I guess I have you to thank for that. Frade would never have been so reckless otherwise. Now, shall I win these Games?” She begins to step forward when suddenly the arena gives a particularly savage rumble and as Ella stumbles around, trying to keep her balance, I see the brick pile begin to come tumbling down and I turn and cover my head as it falls.

I hear Ella give a scream, which is quickly cut off, and a cloud of dust surrounds me. Boom! I hear a cannon sound and it’s pretty obvious whom it belongs to. It’s confirmed when I get to my feet and see that Ella has practically disappeared underneath a large pile of bricks, only her hand sticks out, still clutching her knife.

“The Games are wrapped up huh?” I grunt as I back off from the scene, the ground beneath my feet still shaking. The entire ruins are shaking and I’m afraid that pretty soon it will come down entirely. With my machete clenched firmly in hand, I turn and run up the staircase, heading to the higher parts of the ruins.

Frade Spectrus (District 7)

My head…what the hell just happened? I slowly and unsteadily climb to my feet, my hand nursing my chest where I think I’ve broken at least three ribs. My two front teeth are missing and my mouth is bloody. Oh, and I have a head splitting headache.

Some falling debris sails past my head as I stagger forward and nearly trip over the body of Philo, knives stick out of his back and I now have my answer for why he didn’t kill me. I pick up my fallen crossbow and look around. A crushed body lies not far off but I know it’s not the body of Doug. The skin is far too light. So…he still lives. Well, not for long. I’ll find that little dastard and finish him off once and for all. I run up a nearby staircase and now that I’m higher up I can see that the lower levels of the ruins are now falling into the large gaping hole that has already devoured the rest of the arena. The only remaining path for me to take is up. I hurry onwards, taking the steps two at a time, until I reach there end and emerge into a large clearing. Rocks and other various debris fall from the smallish tower from the side and the mountainside on the far side of the clearing.

I only take a few steps forward when I spot another person moving on the other side of the clearing. I recognize the yellow body suit easily enough. It’s Doug. I smile to myself. That boy has had a streak of luck that has carried him far too long. I would have finished him off earlier if it had not been for my stupid arrogance taking over and making a speech. This time there will be no monologue. Only death.

“Games over Doug!” I shout as I shoot an arrow towards him. He ducks behind a pillar and the arrow misses but I have him cornered. There’s nowhere left for him to run now. He has to face me like the man he claims to be. I reload my crossbow and when I finish Doug (13) pops up with his own bow and fires the same time I do. My shot misses. His doesn’t. I scream in pain as the arrow rips into the flesh of my thigh and I fall to one knee as Doug (13) leaps out from behind the pillar and comes charging with his machete out. I use my crossbow as a last ditch defense to block his strike but it breaks my bow and he plants a foot into my chest, driving me to the ground.

“I’m sorry Frade,” he says standing over me, his machete out and ready for the kill. “I’m sorry for what’s happened to you and what made you into this, but you’re a delusional, angry, psycho and deserve to die”

“You’re right,” I say and as he looks at me in surprise as I strike. I pull my dagger out from my belt and sitting up, I slam it into his lower stomach. He falls back to the ground and I use my remaining strength to climb to my own feet. This is it. It’s time to avenge Shade, and my remaining siblings back home, its time…to END THIS!

I leap towards Doug, dagger out, when I notice that he has his crossbow loaded and aimed. Before I can stop my forward momentum he places his finger on the trigger and fires.

Douglas Biles (District 13)

My arrow rips into Frade’s chest and I know that at this close range that it will spell death for him. He falls backwards and the ground offers another shake and he goes rolling to the edge of the staircase, which is breaking apart and falling into the hole below. I climb to my own feet and wincing at the pain from the wound inflicted from Frade’s dagger, watch as he somehow pulls the strength to climb to his knees on the precipice of the ruins.

“Wh…. why…couldn’t…I…avenge…him?” he coughs violently expelling thick dark blood from his mouth and onto the snow before him. “Why….? You were weak! I…damn you Doug! This…isn’t over…not yet” He continues to hack out blood and I watch him silently. Despite what he’s done, despite his hatred for me, I’m sad for him. He only wanted to avenge his brother yet couldn’t. He couldn’t do the one thing in the world that he wanted to accomplish the most. That’s what made him fight this hard, for this long. To avenge his brother he had to kill everyone else in this arena. Can I really fault him for the things he’s done then?

“D-doug. Doug,” Frade (7) continues to speak and I turn to him slowly. What now? “I have one last thing to say to you…”


“See you in hell”

And with that the ground beneath him gives away and he goes plunging down with the rest of the rubble into the swirling hole, laughing all the day while screaming about finally meeting Lucifer. I back off from the scene as Frade’s cannon sounds. Boom!

The boy who so mercilessly hunted me down may have died, but the Games aren’t over yet. There is one last tribute left to fight and he’s nearby. I saw him right before Frade came and started his assault.

“Charce. Come out. I know you’re here” I hear the sound of footsteps and soon Charce (12) comes walking down the last standing tower, a scythe in one hand and a throwing knife in the other. He appears to have no visible wound or mark on him and that will certainly give him a physical edge as I feel myself slowly bleeding out. If this battle isn’t quick…I won’t last long. I need to end this as quickly as possible.

Charce Firre (District 12)

Doug (13) is in terrible shape. Cuts and bruises mark almost everywhere on his body and he’s bleeding heavily from his lower stomach. I’d look the same if I hadn’t used Instant Relief earlier, but as things currently stand, my in better condition.

We stare at each other from across the plaza as the ruins continue to crumble and collapse around us. This is the Gamemakers ideal final battle. Neither of us move but I know he will be the one to make the first move, because if he doesn’t, he’ll simply bleed to death and I’ll win.

Suddenly he does it. He moves his arms and I have just enough time to move my scythe and deflect the arrow he shoots. My knife is already spinning towards him before he can reload and he’s forced to drop his crossbow to avoid it. I begin moving towards him when a boulder comes crashing down from high up and smashes into the ground between the two of us, throwing dust and snow into the air. I feel myself lose grip on my scythe and struggle through the cloud of dust. I need to finish Doug off; these Games need to end now.

I spot him lying on the ground, weaponless and slowly crawling away. A pit forms in my stomach as I realize what I must do. I begin walking towards him when he leans forward, grabs my ankles, and flips me to the ground. His hands for my neck and I gasp as he uses his surprising strength to cut off my breathing. I struggle to break free but somehow he holds fast.

He has grim determination on his face. My hand pats around the area near me, looking for a weapon. Black dots begin to form in my vision when my hand wraps around something and instantly I smash it into the side of Doug’s (13) head. His hands move from my neck and the tables turn as I use my body to flip him off of me. I can now see that the thing I smashed into the side of his face is a brick. Doug doesn’t move. The side of his face is bloody and dented. I lift the brick up and then smash it down, straight into his face. I can hear the crunch of the cartilage in his nose breaking and blood seems to ooze from every part of his face. I lift the brick and smash it down again, and again, making sure that he won’ get up. Making sure that these horrible, terrible, Games will finally come to an end.

Finally, my hand shaking and drenched in blood, I drop the brick to the side and look at what remains of Doug’s face, if you can even still call it that. It’s smashed beyond recognition and is now just a pile of blood and flesh. Pieces of his brain are visible and I can’t take it anymore. I turn away from the sight and vomit my guts out. Boom!

It’s…. over. Its’ finally over…I’ve won. I didn’t think I could, didn’t think I would. I never thought I would be the one to win.

I roll onto my back, staring up into the blue sky. I’m coming home to my family. I wonder if my father will actually recognize me now…I know the rest of them will; my siblings and my mother. I smile as I picture their ecstatic faces when I arrive home.

“Ladies and Gentlemen!” the voice of Herter Templesmith bellows. “Let me introduce to you the Victor of the 326th Annual Hunger Games…CHARCE FIRRE!” I can hear the sound of an approaching hovercraft and breath a small sigh of relief. It’s actually over now.

I’ve won.


Charce returned to District 12 and helped his family lead a better life. He worked on a forging a better relationship with his father and he no longer was unable to recognize him. Charce’s biggest goal was to help District 12 recover from the poverty and despair it found itself in. He worked tirelessly, using his newfound wealth and fame, to bring food and money to the District’s poor, starving people. The District never became rich but it recovered from the depths of horror of which it had sunk into. Charce eventually settled down and had family of his own. While he wasn’t particularly well liked in the Capitol or most of the other Districts, save for District 3, the people of District 12 admired and respected their Victor.

Death Chart


Tribute Day Killed Killed By Killed From
28 Flippy Twinmind (11) 1 Philo Ventus (5) Snapped Neck
27 Steammie Pic (12) 1 Olympic Oblado (C) Machete in chest
26 Yuri Collins (8) 1 Warwickite Jewelly (1) Decapitated
25 Bonnie Cougar (5) 1 Isolde Blair (C) Arrow in chest
24 Tito Granso (9) 1 Cassie Lexys (10) Arrow in throat
23 Zippy Oakster (11) 3 Rebel Groots (3) Electrocuted
22 Rebel Groots (3) 3 Kate Willis (1) Arrow in eye
21 Vera Luchabra (9) 3 Ella Massey (2) Knife in throat
20 Alex Lexys (10) 3 Jeffrey Killheart (2) Throat slit
19 Voolia Kelopi (7) 3 Isolde Blair (C) Arrow in skull
18 Seafoam Majesty (4) 4 Ella Massey (2) Knife in heart
17 Warwickite Jewelly (1) 4 Isolde Blair (C) Arrow in skull
16 Blondie Genesis (6) 4 Frade Spectrus (7) Axe in chest
15 Isolde Blair (C) 4 Ryan Marine (4) Trident in back
14 Kate Willis (1) 4 Jeffrey Killheart (2) Throat slit
13 Jeffrey Killheart (2) 4 Olympic Oblado (C) Machete in heart
12 Odessa Garnetstone (8) 5 Ryan Marine (4) Trident in chest
11 Olympic Oblado (C) 5 Tree Branch Crushed
10 Cassie Lexys (10) 5 Watt Chargy (3) Knife in neck
9 Ryan Marine (4) 5 Frade Spectrus (7) Burnt alive
8 Jenessa Whitten (13) 6 Philo Ventus (5) Crushed windpipe
7 Watt Chargy (3) 6 Train McBridge (6) Rock in eye
6 Train McBridge (6) 6 Charce Firre (12) Fell to death
5 Philo Ventus (5) 6 Ella Massey (2) Knife in back
4 Ella Massey (2) 6 Bricks Crushed
3 Frade Spectrus (7) 6 Douglas Biles (13) Arrow in chest
2 Douglas Biles (13) 6 Charce Firre (12) Brick in face
Victor Charce Firre (12) --- --- Victor!!!

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