Hey welcome! These Games are my first and I plan on making it great. I will write Training, and the Games of course.  

Quell Twist

These Games will have a twist, which is that there will be no traditional Bloodbath at the beginning of the Games, instead the Tributes will be divided into pairs and they will then be raised into a location in the Arena that is different then all other pairs. Between each of the pairs’ platforms will be three pedestals that each holds one item. The centre pedestal will always hold a weapon that varies between what two Tributes are competing. One of the side pedestals will also always hold a backpack that contains a Canteen of Water, a loaf of Bread, and one other item. And the final pedestal may contain anything, ranging from an extra weapon to more water/food or something entirely different. This is like a normal Bloodbath but with just the two-paired Tributes by each other, they may either fight, run for supplies and/or fight or simply run away depending on their personal preference.  


District Tribute Age Height Weapon User
1 (M) Elvis Alexander 18 6"2 Sword, Spear Supertomato
1 (F) Astrid "Astro" Bellla 17 5"9 Spear  
2 (M) Johnny Clare 18   Bow and arrows  
2 (F) Bethany Clarke 16 - Throwing knives  
3 (M) Noah Everest 13 5"4 Throwing Axe theman77
3 (F) Di "Danger" Thorne 12 4"11 Wire, Spear  write4523
4 (M) Flick Rivers 18 6"4 Trident hungergameslover
4 (F) Kaylay Netter 17 5"7 Trident katnissrox
5 (M) Trenton Powers 17 5"11 Mace hungergamelover
5 (F) Allie Costigan 12 4"7  Knife maybellrocks
6 (F) Belladonna Saware 16 5"6 Bow, Sword WC
6 (M) Cosmo Fyngelli 17 5"7  Sword Supertomato
7 (F) May-Ann Hunter 15 5´7 Axe WC1
7 (M) Edmund Everton 17 6"2 Axe Supertomato
8 (M) Nick Kobarg 17 5"10 None maybellrocks
8 (F) Coco Joansi 14 5"4 None maybellrocks
9 (M) Eli Dawn 18 6"9 Bowie knife, Crosbow  theman77
9 (F) Plasma Perimen 16 5"11  Machete dedejacob
10 (M) Morolith Dmitry 17 5"11  Mace YoungGuy5
10 (F) Gracie King 14 5"2  Whip thenarice 
11 (M) Wess Cornstob 17 6"1 Sword, Throwing axe hungergameslover123
11 (F) Mondi Bakerman 18 - None maybell rocks!
12 (M) Gogh Lizta 16 5"7 Knife Supertomato
12 (F) Amaryllis Silvermoon 16 5"4 Throwing Knives  dedejacob


  Careers: Elvis, Astrid, Johnny, Bethany, Di, Kaylay, Flick and Belladonna

District 7 Alliance:

District 8 Alliance: Nick (8) and Coco (8)

District 9, 3 Alliance: Noah (3) and Eli (9)

District 6, 9 Alliance: Cosmo (6) and Plasma (9)

District 11. 5 Alliance: Allie (5), Mondi (11), and Wess (11)

District 12 Alliance: Gogh (12) and Ameryllis (12)


  Flick (District 4)

I think the Careers have a good lot this year. Elvis (1) is our best fighter and has an air of confidence about him, which makes me not want to mess with him. His District partner Astrid (1) is pretty handy with a spear but she’s far too sweet. It’s almost like she’s trying to hard for us all to like her.

Then there are the siblings from District 2, Johnny (2) and Bethany (2). They don’t say much and just drift from station to station while occasionally laughing at the others Tributes as they go.

“What do you think about the recruits?” Kaylay (4) my District partner sidles up to me and points at Di from 3 and Belladonna from 6.

“Belladonna’s alright but I don’t know why we let Di in. She’s only 12 after all”

 As I finish I watch her over at the knot tying station, she seems extremely engrossed in whatever she is doing. Kaylay (4) shrugs and goes over to speak with Astrid (1) so I go over to practice with a trident.

 Soon I send one whizzing through the air and right into a dummies chest, when I feel someone tap me on the shoulder and I turn and see the 8 girl.

“Wow that’s amazing. Can you teach me how to do that?” I’m about to tell her how stupid she is for asking such a question when the boy from 8 barges up.

“Stay away from her!” he yells stepping between us. “She’s my girlfriend so don’t even speak to her!”

Whoa, is this guy nuts or what?

“Look pal,” I say trying hard not to give in and sock him right in the jaw. “She spoke to me! So get out of my face before I put a trident in you!” He steps forward but immediately training staff rush in and pulls us both away

I cant wait for the Games to begin so I can kill him!

Wess (District 11)

I watch as Training staff pulls the 4 boy and 8 away from each other and go over to my allies. Mondi (11) and Allie (5).

“What was that about?” Mondi asks me. I shrug and watch the 7 boy swing an axe and send a dummies head flying across the room. He’s extremely muscular but also hairy. I briefly wonder what would happen if someone set him on fire.

“He’ll be dangerous,” Allie (5) remarks. She must have been following my gaze. “Hopefully I’m not paired with him,” Mondi (11) says looking down at her one leg. Yeah, I don’t want to have to fight him to get some items either but I don’t say so. I can’t look weak here, not after I made a fool of myself at the Reaping. Great now I’m thinking about Tom and how he lied about volunteering for me. Well, one things for certain; If I somehow survive this Arena and get home he won’t be allowed in my new house!

Morolith (District 10)

I"m sitting at the  tables at lunch right now examining my competition: The Career alliance is large with 8 Tributes. They very well could dominate if everyone wasn’t going to be separated at the beginning. That rule could very well put these Games in my favour. Then there’s the 11 and 5 alliance. The boy could prove deadly but the other two don’t seem like much of a threat to anyone. Of the four groups of two the 7 pair seem the most dangerous; Edmund (7) is the biggest non-Career Tribute in the Games and May-Ann I learned, isn’t to be overlooked. Maybe I need an alliance? No…I can win these Games by myself. I know I can

Training Day 2

Plasma (District 9)

As  the elevator reaches the training floor I sleepily walk over to the tables and sit down. Ugh. Why does this have to happen so early? I need my beauty sleep! Soon Cosmo (6) who I allied with yesterday approaches, and sits down beside me.

“Where should we train first?” he asks me but I tune him out. I don’t feel like training right now, after all I’m already the best one in these Games!

“I hope we’re paired together at the Bloodbath” Cosmo (6) comments. I guess I can agree with that. I would rather not have to fight someone.

“Hey District 9 punk. This is our table!”

I turn and see the siblings from 2 glaring at us. How rude! Who interrupts someone’s one-sided conversation?

“This is our table,” I say. “Right Cosmo?” I turn to look at him but to my surprise he’s already gone.

“He left like we asked,” the 2 boy sneers. “So, follow him won’t you?”

Without any other choice I get up and walk away but then say over my shoulder.

"I only left because that table isn’t good enough anyways!

Noah (District 3)

"Those District 12 Tributes are odd aren’t they?” I ask Eli (9) who nods slowly. He’s a good ally. He’s nice and I know I can trust him. Also he’s good at intimidating the other Tributes with his height; even if he’s really skinny and not all that muscular looking.

I go back to watching the 12 Tributes. They’re just sitting in the corner watching all of us.

“Will they be a threat?” Eli (9) asks nervously. I shake my head; I don’t believe they will be. But then again I never believed I would be in the Hunger Games allied with a 6’9 giant.

Trenton (District 5)

It's odd  how pretty much everyone in these Games have an ally. Only I don’t and the 10 pair. I tried to get into the Careers but they didn’t let me…I’ll make them regret that decision!

Right now I go over to practice with a mace and swing it into the dummies chest a few times and then right into its head.

I smile as the head falls off backwards and barely hangs there. I turn hoping to see the Careers watching and wishing how they had let me in but only the 10 boy is paying attention to me.

He then grabs his own mace off a rack and approaches a second dummy. He then swings it into the chest of the dummy then quickly follows it up with a shot to the head which knocks the head completely off. So, there’s two Tributes in these Games who are skilled with a mace. I don’t have to think too hard to know whom the Gamemakers will pair me with.

Training; Day 3

Di (District 3)

I climb  into the elevator with Noah (3) and think about how some of the Careers don’t seem to respect me enough. Flick (4) and Belladonna (6) are my biggest detractors.

Like Belladonna should talk! She’s not from a Career District either!

The elevator opens and I storm over to where the other Careers have gathered leaving Noah (3) behind looking curious.

“About time you got here,” Flick (4) grunts. “We’re about to pick our leader”

“And it obviously should be me!” Elvis (1) interrupts. Immediately Flick (4) protests. “We should decide by who has the highest training score!”

They all agree that this is a fair agreement and it also gives me an idea on how to show them just how dangerous I am…


Nick (District 9)

Once the Games begin, we need to find one another,” I tell Coco (8) who nods solemnly. We both need to be together if we are to survive these Games. I really hope we’re both at the same pedestals. Then we won’t have to risk looking for the other or getting killed by someone else. Whatever the case, I’ll do whatever I can to make sure Coco (8) comes home!

Gogh (District 12)

Group training  is coming to an end soon and in a few days the Games will begin and I’ll be thrown into a fight for my life with the other 23 Tributes. 

Amaryllis (12) sits down beside me and hugs her knees. She is a little odd. Who actually volunteers from District 12? She’s not even that strong looking! Maybe she’s hiding her true skills for the Games? I hope so!


I spin around and see the 10 girl beaming at us. Why is she so jolly? Doesn’t she know she’ll be dead soon?

“What do you want?” I demand. Amaryllis (12) just stares unhappily at her.

The girl stares in surprise before answering. “I don’t want anything. I’m just being friendly!”

I roll my eyes. Why would you want to be friendly with people who are eventually going to be trying to kill you?

“Well, we don’t need it. Not right now”

I get up and walk away. Some people are too nice for their own good

The Arena

The Arena contains a dense pine forest that surrounds a pristine lake, which is inthe exact middle of the Arena. There is a swamp in the northern part of the Arena, which borders the forest. A large wheat field separates the forest from a lone mountain that sits in the southernmost point of the Arena. There are also several mutts such as shark mutts, crocodile mutts, Tracker jackers, and bear mutts.

The twenty-four Tributes will be raised into twelve different positions inside of the Arena.

The Games

Day 1/ Bloodbath

Edmund (District 7)

I close my eyes as my platform rises up through the cylindrical tube right before the Arena.

This is it.

In few moments I’ll be in the Arena and then me and another Tribute will have the chance to fight for the items on the pedestals.

I take a deep breath and open my eyes and see the Arena for the first time. I’m in a forest with pine trees on all sides of me. Good! This place looks just like home.

I turn my attention to the pedestals and my paired opponent who is…Elvis (1)

Not that good for me. He got the highest score in training and he is the odd on favourite to win. But he won’t…not if I have anything to say about!

The countdown is about halfway through so I stare out at the pedestals; a sword rests upon the centre one, a backpack on the left and a dagger lies on the right one. No axe…this seems to be set up in Elvis’s (1) advantage. Of course the Gamemakers would do that for a Career! I brace myself as the countdown inches closer to completion…


We both sprint straight for the pedestals. I reach out and grab the backpack the same time he gets the sword. I turn quickly before he gets the chance to strike and swing the pack at his face and he falls but rolls to his feet almost immediately.

I jump backwards as he slashes his sword out and only hits the air. I snatch the dagger off of the last pedestal and back up as he carefully approaches me with his sword raised. I flick my wrist and the dagger flies towards him but he sidesteps it easily. But I’m already dashing off into the woods.

I had to flee. There was no way I can beat him as long as he has that sword and I don’t have a viable weapon!…for now at least.

Bethany (District 2)

I"m completly confident in that no matter whoever else comes up with me, that I can and will, kill them. Unless it’s Johnny (2) or another Career of course.

The first thing I notice when I emerge from the ground is that Gracie (10) is directly across from me. Great! This will be an easy kill! I’m practically jumping in anticipation as countdown gets lower and lower. I can tell by the girls’ expression that she is going to try and run, but she won’t escape from me!


I charge out to the pedestals and am disappointed to see that the weapon is a whip. But I don’t have time to look at the rest of the stuff. I have to catch that girl!

I take the whip and sprint off after her. I can see her weaving through the trees, but I’m much faster and when I get closer I leap off of a fallen log towards her and manage to snag her ankles with the whip.

She hits the ground hard and lets out a scream and attempts to crawl away as I unsteadily climb to my feet.

“Thought you could escape from me?” I snarl. She tries to get up but I kick her back down and laugh mockingly.

“Don’t kill me!” she begs. What a snivelling coward! She could at least face her death with some dignity! I pull her up by her hair savouring the screams she gives.

Wait a minute…how am I supposed to kill her? All I have is this whip?…Suddenly I get an idea and throw it around her throat and pull up.

She feebly attempts to get away but I hold still and soon she slumps to the ground, eyes dulled. Death by strangulation, how awesome can I get? Grinning I let go and give her one last kick to make sure she’s dead. </p>

I can’t wait to tell Johnny (2) about this!

Cosmo (District 6)

I can do this. No matter what, I will return home to my family. I won’t die here. I won’t!

As I come up into the Arena I wrinkle my nose at the horrible smell, and a quick glance around me shows that I am in a swamp.

Uh oh. I don’t think this place will be good for me, or anybody in fact. There are far too many possibilities of danger around any corner. Andsuddenly I see another as I look over to the pedestals and see Astrid (1) standing on the other side.

Why oh why did they have to put me with a Career!? This kills any chance of me getting some supplies; I’ll just have to bolt right out of here as fast as I can!


I turn and dash off through the murky knee high waters not daring to check if Astrid (1) is giving chase.

I continue my running for a few minutes before I finally have to stop and I lean over panting heavily. Is she still following? And what am I suppose to do from here? I look around notice the water is now waist-high and I think I can see some pine trees off in the distance.

At least it won’t be so wet over there.

I’m about to move when I feel something touch my foot and I look down, gasping in horror as I see a crocodile mutation, right before it drags me under.

Flick (District 4)

I"m raised up into the Arena andsmile to myself as I see the beautiful lake lying directly to my left. This place will be perfect for me! I look to the pedestals and am further delighted to see a silver trident resting on the centre one.

This couldn’t be any better if I had designed the layout myself!

Looking across the lake I think I can see two more Tributes on there platforms over there. Hopefully it’s one of the Careers!

Finally I decide to look at the other Tribute with me and I see Nick (8) staring intently at the trident. Is he really planning on fight me for it? This would be easy but…there’s a look of sheer determination in his eyes that shows he won’t go down easily.


We both dash right for the trident and I begin to pick it up when he flings himself over the pedestal and tackles me to the ground. I try to get up he lands several savage blows on my face before I manage to throw him off of me and climb to my feet.

He gets up and lunges for the trident but I swing a forearm at him and he falls once more. I quickly turn and pick up the trident and turn to see him leaping at me but he screams as I hold the trident up and he impales himself onto it.

I let him fall to the dirt and I remove my trident and go over to examine the contents of the backpack. A canteen full of water, a loaf of bread, and a flashlight; I take the knife that is on the last pedestal and stuff it into the pack and take off to the other side of the lake.

Morolith (District 10)

As I emerge into the Arena I stare out at Trenton (5) who’s on the other side of me. We’re both in a clearing, surrounded by wheat on all sides. It would be possible to quickly run off into it and he wouldn’t be able to find me.

But I’m no coward.

I’m going to fight for the items. Especially once I see the mace lying neatly on the pedestal. I’m better with that then him. Didn’t I prove it in training?


I run for the pedestals but he is there before me and I have to duck as he swings the mace towards my head. This isn’t good! I need a way to even things out!

I pop out and he tries to smash the mace onto my head but I jump sideways and collide with one of the side pedestals. I give a quick glance and see a small tin can sitting there.

What is it? Medicine I assume. But that won’t help me here- Trenton (5) is edging closer when I decide to grab the can and before he can react I beam it at his head and he falls with a shout.

Immediately I jump onto him and get my hands around his neck, but before I can get a good grip he head butts me and turns and before I know it he’s on top.

But to my surprise he jumps off and I roll backwards to my feet.

Why did he give up?

I see the answer as he swings his reclaimed mace into my chest and I can hear the crack of my own ribs being broken. I’m in immense pain and breathing in short painful gasps when I stare at the sky and see him slam the mace down towards my face. Then it all goes black.

Plasma (District 9)

Ugh. What’s with the Capitol making everything happen in the morning? I mean come on! Who actually wakes up before noon to watch us kill each other anyways?

I let out a groan as I come up into the Arena. A forest? How very original! They should hire me to design the Arena’s. I would do a much better job!

Belladonna (6) is on the other side of the Arena smiling wickedly at me. Oh I bet she thinks I’ll be easy to kill. Well, I guess I’m going to have to prove that Career-wannabe wrong!


I run up to the pedestals and stop to examine the items. A bow with arrows, Boring! A backpack. Ooh that could be filled with something good! And a machete.

I reach out to grab the backpack when something strikes me across the face and I fall to the ground suddenly remembering about Belladonna (6).

“You’ll regret hitting my beautiful face!” I shriek standing up and she smirks as she tries to load her bow from the other side of the pedestal.

Furious at her ignoring me I jump up and reach over the pedestal, grab her hair and smash her face into it. She screams and falls back with blood steaming out from her nose. Good.

“You broke my nose!” she wails clutching her face on the ground.

“Great!” I yell and grab the machete and climb onto the pedestal.

Bad idea! She kicks her leg at it and it wobbles over and I go crashing to the ground and lose my hold on the machete and I roll over to my back groaning and dazed.

Soon, she walks over and painfully pulls me to my feet by my Mohawk.

“Leave my perfect hair alone!” I scream as she throws me against another pedestal, which tips over, and I hit my back hard against it.

Belladonna (6) stands over me with a demented smile on her face. I notice she has picked up my machete and now I’m even more furious then I was before!

“I’m going to give you a nice painful death!” she hisses and moves in.

That’s when I shoot my leg out and kick her right in her ugly face!

She falls once more shouting and cursing, giving me time to get to my feet and pick up the machete in time to see her trying to crawl away, but I heave her up to her feet and scream:

“No one and I mean NO ONE messes with my hair!”

And with that I swing my machete forward and she falls down dead with a large red gash across her throat. Good riddance!

Coco (District 8)

Where's Nick? Will he be all right? Will he be with me? Will someone kill one of us? Will we both be dead by the end of the night? All these thoughts and more go through my head as I am slowly being raised into the Arena.

I squint in the bright light as I look out and see that I am next to a lake. It’s beautiful and mesmerizing and I can’t help but stare into its beauty.


What? I’m caught by surprise and snap my gaze to the pedestals where the girl from 4, Kaylay is picking up a dark blue trident.

I turn and run for the lake thinking that maybe I can get underwater to avoid her weapons.

But as I reach the shore something hits me in my back and I fall face first into the water and feel the life ebb out of me.

May-Ann (District 7)

I come up into the Arena, which is a swamp and I begin stare out at the pedestals and Eli (9) who looms out of the fog behind them.

Whew. I’m not with a Career. That means I should be able to get some items. Hopefully all of them!


Immediately I know that I will get everything as Eli (9) turns and lurches off into the swamp and disappears from my view. I proceed up to the pedestals cautiously, making sure that he’s truly gone and not just hiding.

Once I reach the pedestals, I’m certain he is gone so I look down and slide the axe off of the table and into my hands. I also take the box of matches and put it into the backpack, which contains bread, water, and a slingshot.

I want to go find and help Edmund (7) but I don’t want to wander aimlessly through this swamp just yet. So, instead I’ll stay here for a while. Maybe tomorrow morning I can try to find Edmund.

Wess (District 11)

I ready my legs to run away as soon as possible even before I come out into the Arena. It’s not worth it to try and get anything.

When I come up I’m happy to see myself in a wheat field, just like back home in 11; I can escape easily now!

But then when I see the other Tribute I learn all my thoughts of running were pointless.

Mondi (11) is across from me standing on her platform. She seems to be struggling to remain still and not fall off.


I step off of my platform and jog over to the pedestals while Mondi (11) hops over.

“Lucky paring!” she quips and I nod as I examine the sword that was on the centre pedestal. These Games are in my favour right now.

“Take that backpack,” I tell her sticking the knife that was on one of the other pedestals in my belt. “We need to find Allie and then we can make a plan”

She does as I say and we move off into the field.

Johnny (District 2)

I can't wait to see what Tribute I’m paired with and who I get to kill! I’ll be disappointed if I’m put with another Career and have to share the items with them. Unless it’s Bethany (2) of course.

I come out of the ground and notice how high up I is. A ledge sits just a few feet away from my platform and I can see some sort of field and just beyond that a forest. Am I on a mountain or something?

I shrug it aside and turn to the pedestals and my victim.

Amaryllis (12) is behind the pedestals and a bow lies in the centre with a quiver off on one of the sides. This shouldn’t be too difficult.


I practically fly out and snag the quiver and throw it over my shoulder and turn to grab the bow but Amaryllis (12) slaps it off the pedestal and it flies over to the edge of the mountain.

Growling I punch her and she staggers backwards and I run over to collect my bow. I grab it and pull it up quickly and reach for an arrow when I see Amaryllis (12) running towards me and before I can send an arrow off she collides with me and I fall backwards, not to the ground but straight off the ledge!

I scream in terror as I fall and see Amaryllis (12) watching me from the ledge. "venge me Bethany!” I scream. Those are the last words I ever say as I smash into the ground.

Noah (District 3)

I already know who the Tribute that will be paired with me is. I spent all of last night thinking over all of the things the Gamemakers would put into account and I came to the conclusion that I will be with either Elvis (1) or Gogh (12), Elvis (1) because he is the highest scoring Tribute and they might want to put him with me; the lowest scoring male Tribute. And Gogh (12) because we’re both extremely similar, we both have low scores, both of us are of small stature, and we just might have an excellent fight.

So, of the two of them I believe Gogh will be on the other side of me.

When I come up I’m shown to be right. Gogh is they’re staring intently at the pedestals, which hold from right to left, a backpack, three throwing axes, and a small dagger.

I’ve already made up my plan when the gong rings out and I charge for the pedestals and pull the pack down onto my side. Gogh (12) grunts angrily and snatches the dagger up and runs off into the forest that surrounds us.

Well, that was easier then I thought it would be.

I place the pack onto the centre pedestal and rummage through it finding, a canteen, bread, and some Wire.

Excellent! Now I only have to find Eli (9)!

Allie (District 5)

Once I get up there I need to quickly get supplies and dash away to find my allies. It sounds so simple in my head but I know it will be anything but once I need to actually do it.

I emerge in a field filled with towering stalks of wheat that tower at least two feet over my head. I’m torn over whether this helps or hurts me.

I can see Di (3) across from me and figure the Gamemakers thought two twelve year olds would make a good pair.


I run to the centre pedestal which holds a knife, but stop in confusion when I see Di (3) calmly walking up to me. Didn’t she join the Careers? Shouldn’t she be all screaming and trying to kill me?

“Please,” she says sweetly finally reaching the pedestals. “May I have some of the items? We can share!”

This isn’t right. I must be missing something…Suddenly I see her hand fly out to grab the knife and I jump to the left just as she stabs it into the air just missing my arm my an inch at most.

She growls in anger but I don’t want to stick around for her to get a second chance to kill me. I grab the backpack and sprint off into the wheat hoping she won’t dare follow me when she can’t see me.

I keep running for minutes and then suddenly I collide with something and bounce to the ground and scream expecting death.


I look up in surprise and Wess (11) and Mondi (11)!

“I got a pack!” I say excitedly and rip it off my shoulder and put it in front of them. “And I escaped from Danger!”

Soon they recount their tale and we decide to go find a place to make camp and figure it out from there.

The Hunger Games don’t have anything on me!

Day 1/ Aftermath

Elvis (District 1)

I didn’t have to wander for long in the forest before I found Bethany (2) who eagerly recounted her kill of the 10 girl then the both of us found the lake where Flick (4) and Kaylay (4) were waiting and now all four of us are sitting beside the water planning our next move.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom1 Boom! Boom!

Kaylay (4) jumps in surprise as the cannons signalling the end of the Bloodbath ring out. So, seven people died. Interesting. Hopefully some of the biggest threats are among them.

“We need to find Johnny (2),” Bethany (2) says.

“And Di (3), Astrid (1) and Belladonna (6)!” Kaylay (4) adds. True.

We’ll look tomorrow,” I decide. “For now let’s sort out all our stuff”

Plasma (District 9)

Nights fallen and I’m sitting on a log picking things out of my hair. Ugh. I absolutely HATE nature! How am I supposed to sleep out here! At least I have a flashlight to brighten up this dreary darkness…

Suddenly the Anthem begins and I forget about my qualms for the moment.

Maybe Cosmo (6) survived? I doubt it though. He has horrible fashion sense.

The Fallen

Johnny Clarke (District 2)

Belladonna Saware (District 6)

Cosmo Fyngelli (District 6)

Coco Joansi (District 8)

Nick Kobarg (District 8)

Gracie King (District 10)

Morolith Dmitry (District 10)

Day 2/ "I'll kill you all if you want to fight!"

Di (District 3)

The morning sun wakes me up and I look around the clearing. The three pedestals still stand from where me and Allie (5) fought yesterday. I really wish I had managed to kill her, because I’m sure I’m going to regret failing too later on in the Games.

I get up, collect my knife and wire and head off. I go for a good ten minutes before I stop as I suddenly hear voices.

“I’m sure we can trust him,” I think that’s the 11 boy! I start moving again but much quieter and slower.

“You defiantly can trust me!”

I peek out through an opening in a wheat stalks and see both Tributes from 11 and 5 in a clearing speaking. Are they allied? If so I need to hurry up and find the other Careers because they could be dangerous.

“Alright your in,” the one legged girl from 11 says and goes over to give him a hug.

I shake my head and look up to see the wheat field ending and a forest beginning.

I have a feeling I’ll find the rest of the Careers very soon.

Astrid (District 1)

I'm moving through this horrible swamp, while trying to find someone to kill. I’m still angry about the 6 boy getting away from me, even if he did still die later that day.

I bypass a bubbling pond filled with some horrid green liquid and smile as I see what seems to be a forest up ahead.

I’m about to break into a run when I see the freakish boy from 9 walking ahead of me. It seems like he is trying to get to the forest as well.

I slowly sidle up behind him and raise my spear ready to impale him from behind.


The boy and me both turn around in surprise to see the boy from 3 running out of the woods.

“Eli behind you!”

I throw my spear and it lands right into the 9 boys chest and he falls down dead and I run off as the 3 boy screams in anger at me for killing his friend. Boom!

Gogh (District 12)

I'm attempting to find Amaryllis (12) right now walking through the forest when I hear someone stumbling through the bracken and I fly to the nearest tree that isn’t pine and start climbing when I hear someone loudly complain about flies.

I know immediately that it’s Plasma the diva from 9. Who else would risk making so much noise about some stupid flies?

I begin to think about maybe sliding down and just running away as she probably wouldn’t want to give chase anyway, when I hear running and four Careers break out fro the bushes.

Plasma (9) shrieks and grabs a bow and clumsily shoots an arrow, which only goes a foot or two, and then she has the sense to drop the bow and pull up her machete.

“Come on!” She shouts. “I’ll kill you all if you want to fight!”

The 4 girl throws her trident which whizzes through the air and slams into her leg and she drops to her knees screaming, then the 1 boy charges up and swings his sword and takes her head clean off.


“Take all her stuff!” he orders and the 4 boy and 2 girl do so. This isn’t good…they could decide to camp out here and then I’ll be stuck up here all day until they leave!

But luck is in my favour as the 1 boy tells them all to head back to the lake.

A lake? I haven’t seen any source of water all day and I’m getting thirstier the longer the day goes on.

After they leave I wait a few minutes then climb down. I’ll continue looking for Amaryllis (12) and hopefully she has some water.

May-Ann (District 7)

I finally reach the forest and move over to a climb a tree so I can move around off of the ground when I sense something behind me and I spin around with my axe at the ready.

“It’s me”

Edmund (7) doesn’t seem fazed at all about me almost attacking him and instead he emphatically recounts his time in the Arena and I tell him about mine.

“So you don’t have any extra weapons?” he asks me disappointedly. I shake my head and he grunts irritably and sits and rests against a tree stump.

He may not be happy but at least we found one another.

Kaylay (District 4)

We back to the lake at night and find Di (3) sitting on a rock staring out at the lake.

“How’d you find us?” Flick (4) demands striding forward to confront her. “I didn’t! I mean I just found you now!” she exclaims standing up. “Do you have any food?”

Elvis (1) throws her some bread and the rest of us begin to settle down and I go to sit beside Flick (4).

“I don’t trust Di,” he whispers and I glance over at her where she is speaking with Elvis (1). “Why?” I ask. She doesn’t seem dangerous or anything. In fact she seems rather harmless.

“I don’t know,” he answers. “But I just don’t”

Suddenly the Anthem starts and soon we’re all standing and watching the skies. I wonder who the second death was. I guess I’ll find out soon.

The Fallen

Eli Dawn (District 9)

Plasma Perimen (District 9)

Day 3/ "Go!"

Gogh (District 12)

It's just a little after dawn when I poke my head out of the trees and see the lake where the Careers have made their camp.

Water…Just the thought of being able to drink something soon makes me want to just run out there but I know that’ll result in me getting killed. Instead I’ll have to be careful and observant.

All of the Careers are lying asleep on one side of the lake besides for the girl from 4 who apparently from her position beside a large rock near the centre of the field, is suppose to be on guard. Instead she’s sleeping.

I quietly move over to the far side of the lake and approach the shore looking up to make sure no one has spotted me. Once I’m sure I’m not being observed I cup my hands and drink.

I take as much as I can handle for now and get ready to go. I briefly consider going over and slitting the 4 girl’s throat but the ensuing cannon would probably wake the rest.

Instead I head off towards the mountain that looms in the distance.

Wess (District 11)

"Where should we go?” Allie (5) asks Mondi (11). We’re still in the wheat field for now and I don’t even know if it ends. I mean I assume but what if this is the whole Arena? I shrug it aside as it really doesn’t matter. I’m in good shape no matter what.

“You hear something?” Trenton (5) asks stopping and looking around. The rest of us stop and try to listen. Soon I hear it too…sounds like voices and footsteps.

“Go!” I scream and dive to the right as an arrow zooms out and slams into Mondi’s (11) forehead. Boom!

I grab Trenton’s (5) arm and pull him along with me into the wheat. We hear another cannon ring out but we don’t stop running. Suddenly the wheat ends and I trip and roll over and suddenly see a bunch of trees.

“Forest,” Trenton (5) pants helping me to my feet. “What now?”

I look around at the woods, which in contrast with the wheat field behind us looks dark and deadly and then back to Trenton (5).

“We have to go further in,” I say grasping my sword tighter. “And hope the Careers don’t- Oh!”

Before I can finish something slams into me from behind and I fall forward as Trenton (5) shouts in surprise.


It’s not a Career? I roll over and see sure enough that Allie (5) is here looking exhausted, and before I can ask a question she starts speaking at a rapid pace.

“They were all there! Or at least I think. The 2 girl was the one with the arrows but I killed her good. Stabbed in the heart, then the 4 girl blundered out but I managed to escape into the wheat and now-“

“Slow down!” Trenton (5) interrupted. “You say they follow you?” I get up immediately and shout to the two of the as I walk towards the forest. “Come on! They could still be following us!”

We all take off deeper into the forest.

Edmund (District 7)

May-Ann (7) and me are walking through the forest when a gentle beeping alerts us and we both look in surprise to see a silver parachute falling to the ground.

“I think it’s for you,” May-Ann (7) says and I nod and go over to open it.

I smile as I hold up an axe for her to see. Finally! Now that I have this, the Games will be in my favour!

“We should go that way,” May-Ann (7) suggest pointing west towards the setting sun.

"No,” I say immediately. “We’re going north” I’m in charge and she shrugs and follow me as I walk on.

Noah (District 3)

I give a sigh of relief as I watch the sun set from the mountaintop. It took all day to get here but it was the right decision.

I’m setting up my stuff to make camp here when I suddenly notice the girl from 12 watching me nervously from a wall. I go to grab my axe when I think of a better idea.

“We can team up!” I say and I can see the girl is surprised. “We’ll both stand a much better chance of surviving as a team!”

She stares at me uncertainly for a minute before speaking. “Okay. You’re right”

Yes! I smile and she walks over and sits down watching me nervously. Why is she so cautious? I mean sure only one of us will survive but this just makes the chance of her being the one to live go up!


I turn and see the 12 boy running up to us with a knife in hand and it looks like he’s going to attack me! I lunge for my weapons but when I get them and look back Ameryllis is between the both of us.

“Gogh this is my new alliance member Noah” I’m a little surprise she remembered my name from training and it makes me feel a little bad that I forgot hers.

Gogh (12) nods but he looks a little uncertain. I wonder if he completely trusts me? And do I trust him?

Flick (District 4)

We're all in a bad mood when we once again return to the lake. Bethany (2) got killed today after she killed the one legged girl. I wouldn’t mind losing her of we had gotten her killer but we didn’t. We let a 12 year-old escape from us!

I mean that’s kinda embarrassing for us Careers!

“There you all are!”

Astrid (1) emerges from the darkness and jogs up to us.

“Where’ve you been?” I demand standing up. “If you had found us earlier today then maybe we could of gotten the others!” She just stares at me in confusion and I just throw my hands up and walk over and sit on a rock beside Di (3).

“Go get my canteen!” I order her and she nods and goes to retrieve it.

At least she does what she’s told. Maybe she’s better then I originally thought. Soon the Anthem plays but we all know who the two people who died today are; wow the end of today is extremely similar to yesterdays.

The Fallen

Bethany Clarke (District 2)

Mondi Bakerman (District 11)

Day 4/ "What the hell was that?"

Allie (District 5)

“There’s only thirteen of us left,” Wess (11) comments from behind me. We haven’t seen the Careers at all since yesterday but we’re still making our way deeper into the forest to put as much distance between them and us as possible.

“One of us are going to win,” I vow. No way am I going to let some stupid privileged Career go home and act like some big hero! Especially not after I let them kill Mondi!

“Who else is left beside for us and the Careers?” I ask. I haven’t been keeping a good enough track of these things…

“The 12 ones,” Trenton (5) says pushing through some bracken. “And 3 boy”

Oh right. But that only makes eleven. “Who are the last two?” I ask following him through now and see him staring up at a tree in dismay.

“What?” I ask looking up and not seeing anything unusual.


“Watch out!” Wess (11) screams tackling me to the ground just as an axe slices through the air where I was formerly standing.

I look up in horror and see the boy from 7 standing over us with Trenton’s (5) dead body at his feet.

May-Ann (District 7)

I jump out of the tree I was hiding in and join Edmund (7) who has the 11 boy and 5 girl cornered on the ground.

“Don’t kill us!” the boy exclaims. “We can team against the Careers!”

Edmund opens his mouth to reply but I’m quicker.

“Why do we need your help for that? You’d just kill us after we killed them!” Edmund (7) nods and move in for the kill when a bloodcurdling roar rips through the forest and we both pause.

“What the hell was that?” I say and look back and notice the bushes rustling and another roar. I don’t like the looks or sound of that…

“Time to go!” Edmund (7) shouts and we both take off running the opposite direction of the roars.

Di (District 3)

Elvis (1) decided that we shouldn’t go hunting today so we’re all relaxing by the lake and enjoying the warm weather. It would be enjoyable if I didn’t know that this is still a fight to the death and ether all or most of us will be dead in a few days.

“I don’t like this,” I lift my head up from the ground as I hear Flick’s (4) whisper and I see him sitting next to Kaylay (4). “We should be out killing someone. I don’t think Elvis (1) is a capable leader,”

I turn my head away and pretend to be staring at the lake while I really concentrate on their conversation.

“The only Tributes we’ve killed since the bloodbaths were two of the weakest ones out there! I say we need a change of leadership!”

I can’t hear Kaylay’s (4) response but I’m still unsettled. I know Astrid (1) will support Elvis (1) and if Kaylay (4) supports Flick (4) that’ll put two on each side with me in the middle!

I chance a look at them and see Flick (4) get up and stare out at the forest. I briefly wonder if I should tell Elvis (1) about Flick’s (1) thoughts but quickly decide against it. No need to stir up trouble.

Wess (District 11)

“Do you see anything?” I ask Allie (5) as she peers out from the large oak tree we’re sheltering in. As soon as the Tributes from 7 ran off we ran too, just a different way.

“No,” she replies. “Nothing. I wonder what that thing is?”

I don’t answer. It’s obviously a mutt of some kind and a big one too, but what I need to know is if it can climb. Because if it can…

“How long will we stay up here?” Allie (5) asks turning to look at me. “We’re already low on supplies on were not going to find any more up here”

I grunt something non-intelligible and turn to look out at the forest. We would have plenty of supplies if she hadn’t dropped her bag while running!

“Let’s just wait the night out, okay?” She nods and I lean back against a branch and think about home.

Gogh (District 12)

“Are you sure we can trust him?” I whisper to Ameryllis (12) while keeping an eye on Noah (3) who is staring off the cliff at the rest of the Arena. I don’t trust him at all. I have a bad feeling he is just waiting for an opening to kill me.

“Of course we can!” Ameryllis (12) grunts. “He would have killed me already if he wanted to!”

“Maybe he’s just trying to use us then when we’re no longer useful he’ll kill us? Have you thought of that?” Doesn’t she realize no one in these Games isn’t planning on killing you and you can’t trust anyone? Especially not someone you just met in the Arena!

“Aren’t we planning on doing the same?” she demands. “Just let it go for now, okay?” she moves away and sits beside the ledge hugging her knees. I watch as Noah (3) moves over and begins whispering something to her. No matter what she says I won’t trust him. I still remember how he was placed with me at the pedestals in the beginning, and I know he would have killed me if I hadn’t ran. Yes, I don’t trust him and if given the opportunity I’ll kill him.

The Fallen

Trenton Powers (District 5)

Day 5/ "The Careers live on!"

Edmund (District 7)

“The Careers are camped out by the lake,” May-Ann (7) reports from up in the tree she is in. Once we both woke up we headed out of the swamp and before long we reached the edge of the forest and beyond that was the lake.

“What are they doing?” I demand thinking hard over a plan to kill them. If we can get them all out then there will be very few threats left. “I think they’re moving out,” she calls back down. Hmm. The lake is their base so they’ll have to return at some point…

“Come down!” I call. “I think it’s time we made things a little hotter”

Astrid (District 1)

“We’re going back,” Elvis (1) grunts irritably. He’s in a bad mood and I understand why; we spent hours combing the woods for someone to kill but haven’t managed to get anywhere! The Careers haven’t been doing well this year and I blame the stupid Quell twist!

“What then?” Kaylay (4) asks sullenly. I can tell she is in a terrible mood too. Elvis (1) stares at her like she’s an idiot before answering. “We rest and get ready for tomorrow”

“But the Gamemakers will want to add something new,” Flick (4) says. He has a point. They’re probably dying to see something more exciting happen. “We’ll deal with that when if it happens!” Elvis (1) barks. “For now just follow me or face the consequences!”

We’re all ready to follow when an unbelievably loud roar emits from deeper in the forest.

“Run!” Di (3) shouts and we all do.

May-Ann (District 7)

I hear shouting and yelling and peek over the rock I’m hiding behind to see the Careers running right for the lake. This is it.

I take a match out and look at the trail of gasoline that Edmund (7) has doubled layered in a circle around the lake, if all goes right the Careers will be caught between two walls of fire. I scrape the match against the rock and drop it.

A loud whoosh happens and then the gasoline starts on fire and the trail lights up at an alarming speed.

I see the Careers scream and try to stop their forward momentum as the wall of fire appears in front of them, most of them succeed but one, the 4 girl I think, runs straight into the fire and immediately becomes a human torch and I look on in bizarre fascination as she runs screaming for the lake but trips and falls to the ground. Boom!


I spin and see Edmund (7) motioning for me from the forest. “Come one!” I nod and speed off towards him sick to the stomach over what I just caused.

Elvis (District 1)

Damn it! Whoever set this up had to have been watching us for a while!

“We’re trapped!” Astrid (1) wails as a second wall of fire blocks our path back to the forest. Crud. I spin around trying to see a way out of this and notice Flick (4) raising his trident and for a moment I think he’s going to kill me but then he sends it flying at the 7 girl who we can see running into the woods. Unfortunately his trident misses and she escapes.

“I don’t want to die!” Di (3) yells when suddenly I feel something soft land on my head and look up to see rain pouring from the sky.

“Yes!” I shout triumphantly as the rain gets heavier and begins to extinguish the fire. “The Careers live on!”

Noah (District 3)

From our vantage point from the mountaintop we watched as the large fire started and was promptly put out by the rain, which now has us sheltering against the cliff wall.

“This stinks,” Gogh (12) grunts. Boy is he right. There’s hardly any cover from the rain and we’re getting completely and utterly soaked.

“There’s less then half of us left,” Amaryllis (12) murmurs seemingly unaffected by the rain. Yeah, and I’m getting so close to coming home…I look back to my allies and see Gogh (12) watching me but when he notices me staring he quickly looks away. I’m still not sure if I can trust him, but I have to. We all just stare off into space for a few more minutes then I hear a quiet rumbling. “Do you guys hear that?” I ask moving away from the wall and looking around. It sounds like something scraping against something else…

“Yeah,” Amaryllis (12) says also moving from the wall and joining me in my search for the noise. “I wonder what it is?” I begin to say something but am interrupted when a rock falls just pass my head.

I jump backwards in shock and Amaryllis (12) bends down to examine it. “Where’d this come from?” she wonders poking it. I loo up see exactly where it came from. Up on the mountain I see dozens of rocks rolling down the slope.

“GET TO COVER!!!” I scream and dive to the right as they all come crashing down.


Blinking my eyes through the dust I can just make out a large pile of rocks laying a few feet of me and a pool of blood seeping out from underneath them.

“Oh no…”

I stare in horror at the scene and start to remove some of the rocks hoping that Gogh (12) is the one who died and not Amaryllis (12). But when I finally remove the last rock I see her body lying there bruised and cut and bloody all over. I back up and sit against the cliff wall bleakly. I have no more allies. There is no way I can trust Gogh (12) without Amaryllis.

Suddenly trumpets blare and the voice of Edwin Templesmith speaks:

“Congratulations to the final ten Tributes! Good job on surviving for so long! But it isn’t over yet! You’ll all be transferred to a brand new Arena where this time you will all start at a traditional Bloodbath! May the odds be ever in your favour!”

I stare in shock at Amaryllis’s body as a hovercraft appears above us. Another Arena?!

The Fallen

Kaylay Netter (District 4)

Ameryllis Silvermoon (District 12)

Day 6/ Bloodbath

Elvis (District 1)

I can’t believe this! Another Bloodbath is simply going to be awesome for us Careers! I stand still as I raise up slowly into the Arena and when I reach it I look around and see the golden Cornucopia sitting on some sand and see that all of the items are inside or just outside the mouth. Man, I wish this had happened at the beginning of these Games! I look to the side to see an ocean there and to the other side is a stretch of grass and then a forest.

But that doesn’t matter to me right now; all that does is killing those other Tributes. The girl from 5 and Astrid (1) are besides me and I know I’ll be the first one to the Cornucopia.


I sprint straight for the horn and see the 7 boy running off into the forest as I grab a sword off of a rack and turn around to see the 5 girl grabbing a backpack but I lunge forward and stick my sword into her back. Boom!

Wess (District 11)

From my position inside of the Cornucopia I see the girl from 1 pick up a spear and hurl a\it into the back of the fleeing 7 girl. Boom! I grab an axe and get ready to run when I see Allie (5) lying dead on the sand and I gasp in horror. No! I turn and run off towards the forest sensing someone following me I put on extra speed and soon I’m in the woods. All my allies are dead!

Gogh (District 12)

I’m still on my platform and watch as the Tributes from 1 chase after the boy from 11 so I dart in for a canteen of water that is the closest item. My hands close around it when someone tackles me to eh ground and I roll around in the sand and look up to see Di (3) sitting on me with my hands pinned down under his knees.

“Get off me!” I scream trying desperately to wiggle free.

“You’re gonna die!” she screeches holding a knife up that she’s about to plunge it into my chest when I manage to free one of my hands and punch her in the face and she rolls off of me and I stand up turning to run when I see a trident fly straight into my chest. Boom!

Day 6/ Aftermath

Astrid (District 1)

“How many are dead?” I ask Flick (4) as me and Elvis (1) return from where we chased away Wess. “Three,” he answers pulling his trident out of the 12 boys body. “Where’d the rest run off to?” Di (3) speaks and I see her coming out of the Cornucopia with a bloody face. What happened to her?

“The seven boy is in the forest,” Elvis (1) says gruffly. “And so is the 11 boy” That means only one other Tribute is unaccounted for and that also means the forest will be the first place we look!

Edmund (District 7)

I don’t have any supplies and I don’t know where May-Ann (7) possibly she’s dead. I sit behind a tree and think over how many cannons I heard. I think it was three. I really hope May-Ann isn’t dead but I know I can win without her. But I’ll I need a plan. There’s a good chance that no Careers died today and that means I’m in a disadvantage again. It doesn’t help that I once more don’t have a weapon…but I know I’ll be coming home. No matter what.

Noah (District 3)

At nightfall I peek out from the group of rocks on the beach I’ve sheltered among and look out at the Cornucopia in the distance and see the Careers gathered around it, all of then still alive and In control of an abundance of supplies. If me or another non-Career wants to win these Games something big is going to have to happen or they’ll just pick us all off one by one.

The Fallen

Allie Costigan (District 5)

May-Ann Hunter (District 7)

Gogh Lizta (District 12)

Day 7/ "Behind you!"

Elvis (District 1)

When I wake up this morning I get a great idea and call all of the other Careers together.

“We’ll split up to look for the other Tributes,” I decide. “There are only three of them left anyways, so it’ll be easy and at evening we should all return here”

I was sort of expecting someone to disagree with me but no one does and instead they all nod and begin to move out towards the forest. I myself head off further down the beach hoping maybe someone is hanging around over there.

Noah (District 3)


The boy from 1 is making his way over towards my beach! Just my luck! I’ve just received a knife and bread from my sponsors and am about to move out when he shows up! He’ll surely find me if I don’t move…

Quickly I spring out and dash straight for the woods hearing him shout in surprise. I make it into the forest and duck into a fallen log and hear running.

Did it work? Did he go right past me?

I carefully crawl out and see that he’s nowhere to be seen. Whew. I head off further into the woods but the opposite way he went.

Wess (District 11)

I’m hunting through the woods searching for Edmund (7). He’s a big threat and I need to take him out as soon as possible.

I come out into a clearing and there he is! He’s standing at the far end staring straight at me. I slowly begin moving towards him knowing he’s weapon less when suddenly I hear a beeping and we both look up as a parachute floats down and lands right between both of us.

“Behind you!” he shouts suddenly and I have to wonder how stupid he thinks I am. I’m about to stride forward when I feel a sharp pain pierce into my back and I look down to see a spearhead poking out of me. I gasp once and begin to fall as everything blackens.

Astrid (District 1)

Boom! I pull my spear out of the 11 boys back and smile to myself. Elvis (1) had a great plan! Now there are only two non-Careers left!

Speaking of non-Careers…who warned that kid I was behind him anyways?

Too late I see my answer; Edmund (7) leaps forward and I give my final shout of surprise as his axe embeds itself in my head.

Flick (District 4)

I’m the first to return to the Cornucopia and I’m sitting on a crate eating an apple when Di (3) arrives.

“Kill anyone?” I ask and she shakes her head and sits besides me.

“We need to get rid of Elvis and Astrid before they kill us,” I tell her. And we won’t be able to do it in a straight fight. They’d cream us! She nods solemnly and we both look up as Elvis (1) comes trudging over.

“I think Astrid (1) is dead,” he grunts sitting down. That means we’re down to three Careers only…I look to Di (3) and she nods slightly and gets up from her spot moving behind him.

“We should have had a better plan!” I bluster and Elvis (1) looks at me in confusion but my plan worked and I gave Di (3) the opportunity she needed and before he can react she springs forward and sticks her knife into his neck.


He falls limply to the ground and I smile at Di (3). It’s the final four now but whatever happens I know I will be going home.

The Fallen

Elvis Alexander (District 1)

Astrid Bellia (District 1)

Wess Cornstob (District 11)

Day 8/ The Finale

Flick (District 4)

I wake up before the sun even rises and notice Di (3) is still asleep. I really don’t want to do this but I don’t really have much of a choice…if I want to go home to my family, which needs me, then Di (3) must die.

I ready my trident and stealthily approach her. I raise it over my head an am ready to bring it down onto her when suddenly her eyes open and she rolls out of the way!

Damn it!

I spin and see her diving for her spear but I throw my trident and it slams into the spear snapping it in two.

She pulls a knife out from her belt and charges me as I fumble to remove mine. I get it out just as she slams her shoulder into my gut and we both fall to the sand.

I see her climbing to her feet once again as I crawl backwards…so this is how I’m going to die…

No! I can’t die! My family depends on me! I snatch the knife off of the sand and beam it right towards her.

Even though it isn’t even weighted properly for throwing it spins and sticks right into her heart. Boom!

I’ve done it. I’ve killed her. I shakily get up and collect as much tridents as I can find which, disappointingly is only two, and climb up onto the Cornucopia.

I’ll wait here for either Noah (3) or Edmund (7). No matter which one comes I know I’ll have what it takes to defeat them.

Noah (District 3)

I’m going to run as far away from everyone else as possible! I collected some throwing axes my sponsor sent me and I then head off in a run, going deeper and deeper into the forest. I see a large tree that looks good to hide in and is about to run for it when I notice a leaf I kick up suddenly burn and I realized I’m running straight at a force field! I can’t stop and my momentum throws me right into it. Boom!

Edmund (District 7)

I’ve been travelling through the woods all day heading to the Cornucopia, prepared to battle anyone who may be there. Only one other Tribute remains now and I know I will win.

I stop at the edge of the forest just before the Cornucopia and look out. Flick (4) is out there standing on it holding two tridents in his hands. So, it’ll be trident vs. axe.

I fasten one of my axes to my belt and grip the other one in my hands as I charge out of the forest and towards the Cornucopia. Flick (4) gives a start of surprise but then throws one of his tridents straight at me but I have quick reflexes and knock it out of the air with my axe but I lose control of it and it swings out of my hands and I dive into the mouth of the Cornucopia as his other trident flies over my head barely missing.

Flick (District 4)

I grunt in annoyance as my trident flies right over the head of Edmund (7). Now I’m trident less and I have no idea where Edmund (7) has disappeared off too!

I pull my knife out from my belt and cautiously turn the other way thinking he may have somehow gotten around me.

Suddenly I hear grunting then footsteps on metal and I turn to see him charging me with an axe!

He lifts it up to slash me but I dive under his feet and he awkwardly stumbles as I get to my feet behind him and ready my knife.

But I didn’t count on his reflexes and he backhand punches me in the face and kicks me right off of the Cornucopia and I crash to the ground and roll to the water breathless and dazed.

Edmund (District 7)

I climb down from the Cornucopia and approach Flick (4) who’s laying face first in the water from the ocean and I ready my axe to bring it into his back when he gets up and dives further into the water and I clumsily follow him before realizing this may not be the best idea.

Where is he? All I can see is the ocean and the small waves rolling in. I turn around to go back for land when I see him right behind me! He throws his fist and I stagger back and realize my feet don’t touch the ground anymore! My head disappears under the water and I let go of my axe and struggle to emerge when I feel something smash down onto my head and I disappear into the deep.

Flick (District 4)

Emotionlessly I watch as Edmund (7) disappears into the water and I swim to shore and drop my knife onto the beach.

I did it! I’ve won the Hunger Games!

I can hardly believe it! I bend over panting and imagine how my family is reacting right now. They’re probably ecstatic with joy and celebrating. I smile to myself as I think this. It’ll be good to go home!

I straighten up when I suddenly realize something. Where are the trumpets? The announcement of me winning?

I spin around and stare in horror as I see Edmund (7) behind he and me stabs my fallen knife into my chest.

I gasp in pain and fall to my knees and stare up at him in dismay. “You should have waited for the cannon” he says softly.

Edmund (District 7)

Boom! Once the cannon booms I step back from Flick’s (4) body and listen as trumpets sound and the Templesmith guy begins to announce me, Edmund Everton as winner of the 300th Annual Hunger Games.

I should be happy, but I’m not. Why aren’t I happy? I’m going to be going home…

But my mind lingers on the thoughts of the other 23 dead kids and the three that I myself killed, the 5 boy, the 1 girl and now Flick…No I can’t think like that, I’m stronger then that. I only did what I had to. I’m coming home to the District that I love. And that’s what really matters!

Tribute District Allies Items Location
Di 3 Flick Anything she wants Cornucopia
Noah 3 - Knife, Bread Forest
Flick 4 Di Anything he wants Cornucopia
Edmund 7 - Axe 2x, Water Forest

Death Chart

# Tribute Day Killed by Killed how
24th Gracie (10) 1 Bethany (2) Strangled to death
23rd Cosmo (6) 1 Crocodile Mutt Mauled to death
22nd Nick (8) 1 Flick (4) Impaled in the chest
21st Morolith (10) 1 Trenton (5) Head smashed
20th Belladonna (6) 1 Plasma (9) Throat slashed
19th Coco (8) 1 Kaylay (4) Speared in the back
18th Johnny (2) 1 Amaryllis (12) Knocked off a cliff
17th Eli (9) 2 Astrid (1) Speared in the chest
16th Plasma (9) 2 Elvis (1) Decapitated
15th Mondi (11) 3 Bethany (2) Arrow in the forehead
14th Bethany (2) 3 Allie (5) Stabbed in the heart
13th Trenton (5) 4 Edmund (7) Axed in the abdomen
12th Kaylay (4) 5 May-Ann (7) Burned alive
11th Ameryllis (12) 5 Rocks Crushed
10th Allie (5) 6 Elvis (1) Stabbed in the back
9th May-Ann (7) 6 Astrid (1) Speared in the back
8th Gogh (12) 6 Flick (4) Speared in the chest
7th Wess (11) 7 Astrid (1) Speared in the back
6th Astrid (1) 7 Edmund (7) Axed in the face
5th Elvis (1) 7 Di (3) Stabbed in the neck
4th Di (3) 8 Flick (4) Knifed in the heart
3rd Noah (3) 8 Force field Ran into force field
2nd Flick (4) 8 Edmund (7) Stabbed in the chest
1st Edmund (7) - - Victor!!!

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