aka Jade

  • I live in District 11 or Dauntless Faction
  • I was born on September 16
  • My occupation is Enjoying Life
  • I am Female
  • Lil'Rue11

    164th Hunger Games

    June 5, 2012 by Lil'Rue11

    Hey there!!!Lil'Rue11 here with my very 1st Hunger Games!!These games are gonna be epic!!Anyways for those of you interested in submitting a tribute just leave them in the comments in this format:









    Interview angle

    Strategy for games



    Ok if your interested in submitting a Stylists or Mentors just simply send them in this format:




    District(you want to design for)

    Description of Chariot outfit and Interview outfit





    Training Method

    Ok Now for the rules!!!

    1.More than one Tribute can win,they can even be from different districts,BUT they can only win if their district #s are close together. Like For example …

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  • Lil'Rue11

    The Victor Games

    May 30, 2012 by Lil'Rue11

    The Hunger Games has a one simple rule:

    1. Kill each other till there's ONLY ONE TRIBUTE STANDING

    But what happens AFTER the Games??

    Easy the Victor games!Each district chooses 3 Victors to represent them in the Victor Games.

    Then as soon as they are choosen they are put in the arena.

    And the rest up to the game makers and Victors. And so there's only one question left,will you be the last one standing in the Victor Games??

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  • Lil'Rue11

    I woke up with a start,cold sweat soaked my body.I sat up on my sleeping mat and look across the room at my 10 younger sibilings sleeping near my father.I sighed this wasn't a dream this was the reaping but my name would be in that jar 96 times even though I'm only 14."Those peacekeepers are so cruel."I whispered to myself.I remember the day they found out I had been taking food from the harvest I've been picking for 2 yrs.At first I thought it was over,and that they'd just kill me,then I thought hopefully they'd just give me a public whipping like with most.But no they did something far worse they entered my name in the reaping 96 times. Yes, I Maylee Brooks is more than likely going to be the next District 11 Tribute.Great, just perfect …

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  • Lil'Rue11

    I wonder how the 74th Hunger Games would have turned out if Prim did go and Rue didn't die. Would Prim and Rue have made a alliance??I've Always wondered about those what ifs.Haven't you?? Just think of all the possibilies.

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