I woke up with a start,cold sweat soaked my body.I sat up on my sleeping mat and look across the room at my 10 younger sibilings sleeping near my father.I sighed this wasn't a dream this was the reaping but my name would be in that jar 96 times even though I'm only 14."Those peacekeepers are so cruel."I whispered to myself.I remember the day they found out I had been taking food from the harvest I've been picking for 2 yrs.At first I thought it was over,and that they'd just kill me,then I thought hopefully they'd just give me a public whipping like with most.But no they did something far worse they entered my name in the reaping 96 times. Yes, I Maylee Brooks is more than likely going to be the next District 11 Tribute.Great, just perfect now how was I going to help my father feed those 10 mouths that have always known what it's like to starve."May are you awake?"A quiet voice of a child asks.I open my eyes to see little Maymay looking at me with big innocent hazel eyes."Yes Maymay I'm awake."I answer in a gentle voice."May I'm scared."she whispered, "Oh Maymay it's ok your not old enough to go to the reaping silly there's nothing to be afraid of."I replied trying to reassure her."No I'm scared for you."Maymay replies.And that's when I don't know what to say, I mean I couldn't tell her I wasn't going to get reaped because I could."Oh don't worry about!"I tell her trying to sound light hearted.Then she flashs me a big happy smile and crawls over to me and curls up on my sleeping mat,falling a sleep soundly.Well I might as well try to go to sleep only 2 more hours before the reaping,I thought.So I close my eyes I drift off into a peaceful sleep.BANG!!BANG!!"May wake up!!May!!"A voice coaxs me to get up and since it refuses to go away I finally get and abide to the voices wishes.So I opened my eyes to see Darin,a fellow peacekeeper of District 11 the only difference he's laid back and caring and kind unlike the other peacekeepers the ones that entered my name in the reaping 96 times."What is it and why are you here and wheres my family?"I ask him still drowsy."I can't tell you where they are but they're some where safe and faraway from here."He tells me."Please tell me where they are!!"I almost shout. why is Darin doing this??And wheres my family!!??,I think franticly.Then tears began to sprout in my eyes,"Oh no please don't cry!!Listen I'll tell where they are when I get you out of here ok??"Darin says in a pleading voice."Ok but explain why I have to leave District 11??"I ask him.My only answer is a moment of silence,when Darin suddenly grabs my wrist and pulls me put the door of my house and towards the gate in the orchards we go to every morning.We pass by vineyards and trees bearing fruit from mangos to oranges."You there halt!!"Someone from behind yells and we come to a immediate stop."What's she doing here??she's suppose to be at the reaping!!"A very unhappy voice asks and that's when Darin and I turn to see the head peacekeeper Joshan Fetchit whose eyes like daggers were pin pointed on Me and Darin."Hand Maylee Brooks over to me so I can escourt her to the reaping it's about to start!!"He orders,theres a long silence when Darin says"NO!!"."What did you say??"Joshan asks him with alook of bewilderment is paint on his face."I said No!!IWill not let you send her to her death!!"He yells back.Thats when Joshan just smirks an evil smirk and pulls out a gun.BANG!!BANG!!I feel the grib on my wrist loosen and turn to find Darin lying on the ground lifeless with a hole right through his chest."No."I whisper to myself and kneel down to his body and cradle his head in my lap.Tears are now running down my face,He tried to save me and my family, he was my bestfriend!!,I think heart broken."Come you."Joshan orders and I feel a harsh grib on my shoulder lead me to the justice building just in time for the reaping.I'm jostled into to a pack of girls my age when the escourt a woman with candy pink hair with a elaborate dress crosses the stage to the 2 big glass jars.She then heads to the microphone."Hello and happy HungerGames and may the odds be ever in your favour!!"Shes says in a false cheery voice."As you all know this is a quell so there will be six tributes!!Six boys and six girls!!"She explains.Yeah yeah whatever just get on with it!!,I think."Alright now lets get our tributes.Ladies first!!"She says as she walks over to one of the large glass jar and reachs in pulling out 3 names."Ok our 3 female tributes for district 11 are Miana Shirewood,Valentine Roads,and Maylee Brooks!!"She says with excitment.I am then shoved to the stage along with the other female tributes."Alright now for the boys!!"She says while reaching into the other glass jar and pulling out 3 more names."And the male tributes of district are Shane Hanison,Klye Fillmore,and Mica Roads!!"She practically shouted.Wait a minute Mica Roads!!Oh no this can't be happening!!Why him of all people,I've been in love with him for 3 yrs!!!Not that he noticed me or anything but why!!??,I think.....

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