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I don't know anymore

Lily! October 6, 2012 User blog:Lily!

Wow... where do I begin? Lets just say: Shits gone down lately. People have been leaving this wiki like crazy. And to make a long story short..... it sucks. I came here in April, and I was as naïve as that main girl in romantic comedies. And I left in April and came back on in July, I made more friends than I did in April. And when I came back in July, my friends loosened me up. And I will seriously cherish that forever. So, so many of my friends are leaving. It's just unbareable. I miss those times when I was back on in April and July and it was so great. Now, people are leaving and trolls come on and spam, curse, and threaten people. I am seriously upset about everything that has went down in these couple of months. I want the old chat back where people weren't leaving, unneccessary drama wasn't being created, and trolls weren't coming on and doing really bad stuff. I miss those times where people weren't being mean to others or betraying them. I really feel like I really don't know anymore.

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